SOAR Analysis Templates

Soar Analysis

These SOAR Analysis Templates Are Perfect For

  • Organizational Strategy Planning: Use a SOAR analysis template when crafting your strategic plan to leverage your organization's strengths and opportunities.
  • Team Development: If you're a team leader, a SOAR analysis can identify team strengths and opportunities for improvement, guiding the creation of team development plans.
  • Project Management: Project managers can use SOAR analysis to understand the strengths and opportunities a project presents, and plan for desired results.
  • Non-Profit Organizational Planning: Non-profits can use SOAR to identify their strengths in delivering value to their cause, opportunities for funding or partnerships, align their aspirations with their mission, and define the results they hope to achieve.
  • Business Expansion: Use a SOAR analysis template when planning to expand your business to leverage your strengths and recognize the opportunities in the new market.
  • Career Development Planning: Individuals can use SOAR analysis to identify their personal strengths, seize opportunities, define their career aspirations and evaluate the desired results.
  • Marketing Strategy: SOAR analysis can be used to identify marketing strengths and opportunities, set aspirational marketing goals, and measure results for future marketing campaigns.
  • Change Management: Use SOAR analysis to understand the strengths of your current organizational culture, identify opportunities during change, and set aspirational goals to guide the change process.
  • Performance Improvement Planning: SOAR analysis helps in identifying the strengths that can be leveraged for performance improvement and pinpointing opportunities that may yield better results.
  • Start-Up Planning: For start-ups, a SOAR analysis can identify strengths to build upon, market opportunities to exploit, align aspirations with their business model, and determine the results to aim for.