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Good Examples of Cooking Blog Names

Vegetarian Cooking Blog Name Ideas

  • Veggie Voyage
  • Plant Plate
  • Green Gourmet
  • Herbivore Haven
  • Leafy Lunches
  • Garden Grub

Baking Blog Name Ideas

  • Sugar Scrolls
  • Pastry Prose
  • Bread Bakes
  • Oven Odyssey
  • Sweet Sourdough
  • Cake Chronicles

International Cuisine Blog Name Ideas

  • Worldly Eats
  • Global Grub
  • Continental Cuisine
  • Planet Palate
  • Spice Sojourn
  • Taste Trek

Seafood Cooking Blog Name Ideas

  • Ocean Offerings
  • Seafood Stories
  • Prawn Pages
  • Fish Feast
  • Marine Meals
  • Briny Bites

Barbecue Blog Name Ideas

  • Smoke Signals
  • Grilled Goodness
  • Charcoal Chronicles
  • Flame Feasts
  • Sizzle Stories
  • Pitmaster Pages

Healthy Cooking Blog Name Ideas

  • Nutritious Nibbles
  • Wellness Whisk
  • Fitness Feast
  • Calorie Conscious
  • Vitality Vittles
  • Healthful Harvest

Dessert Blog Name Ideas

  • Sugar Spun
  • Decadent Delights
  • Sweet Symphony
  • Pudding Prose
  • Confection Chronicles
  • Pastry Parables

Cocktail and Beverage Blog Name Ideas

  • Liquor Lore
  • Cocktail Chronicles
  • Beverage Banter
  • Spirit Stories
  • Drink Diary
  • Brew Bulletin

Gluten-Free Cooking Blog Name Ideas

  • Glutenless Gourmet
  • Wheatless Wonders
  • Celiac Savvy
  • Free-From Feast
  • Sans Gluten
  • Allergy Aware

Budget Cooking Blog Name Ideas

  • Frugal Feast
  • Pennywise Plates
  • Budget Bites
  • Thrifty Thyme
  • Savvy Suppers
  • Economical Eats


What should I consider when choosing a cooking blog name?

Consider your cooking style, targeted audience, and unique selling point. Ensure the name is easy to spell, memorable, and keyword-rich for SEO.

How can I make my cooking blog name unique?

Incorporate your personal touch, maybe your name, favorite ingredient, or cooking technique. The uniqueness can make it memorable and stand out.

Should my cooking blog name include specific food terms?

Yes, if it suits your content. Names like ‘Baking Bliss' or ‘Vegan Ventures' instantly communicate your blog's focus.

How can I ensure my cooking blog name is SEO-friendly?

Use keywords related to cooking, recipes, and food in your blog name. It can help in search engine visibility.