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Welcome to FounderJar! You are not born to live an average life.

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A Simple Path From Idea to Profitable Business

Step 1: Launch Your Business

Step 1: Launch Your Business

Download the 9 most lucrative business ideas you can start with less than $500 (and which customers are craving for right now).

Step 2: Grow Your Audience

Step 2: Grow Your Audience

Download the 3 most effective list building strategies to grow your email list & build a ready-to-sell audience fast.

Step 3: Make Money Online

Step 3: Make Money Online

Download the 5 most lucrative monetization strategies that help you earn the most $$$ from your engaged audience.

"Normal" People Who Had A BIG Dream

Does life feel like you are getting nowhere right now? Like trying to create the life you deserve but still working crazy hours in a dull job that sucks life out of you? Like many of you probably feel… When we started, we were sick of our jobs, sick of chasing the weekends and always being at risk of getting laid off no matter how well we performed, and sick of always feeling like there was more month than money. Feeling unfulfilled. Running endless circles on the hamster wheel of life. It doesn’t have to be like that. Start building a blogging business can change your world just like it changed ours. You can read more in our full story: From consultant to $20,000 per month blogging business in 5 years (as a side-business).

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