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How to Find a Brandable Business Name in Less Than 10 Seconds

The Most Powerful 10-Second Business Name Creator

Founderjar offers the best brand name generator for finding unique business name ideas for your online business. You can’t build a successful brand without choosing a brandable name for your business.

Founderjar’s free AI-powered business name generator helps you generate a list of catchy business names suitable for your business model and auto-checks domain availability.

What Makes Our Business Name Generator Unique

Every business name generator claims to help you find the best business name idea that appeals to your target audience. However, in practice, they provide generic name suggestions that hardly express your brand identity.

Let’s be real. There’s no way you can get a great brand name from entering 1-2 keywords about your business.

Even if you get brandable names that fit your target audience, many business name generators don’t even check domain name availability. When you want to buy the domain name for your online brand, that’s when you discover the name is unavailable.

You now have to repeat the process from scratch and get a domain name generator to cross-check the domain’s availability.

Here’s what makes our business name suggestions better.

  • Better and More Relevant List of Suggested Brand Names: Instead of entering 1-2 relevant keywords about your business, we require you to provide multiple keywords that present a detailed description of your business model (4-15 words). The result? You get relevant brand name ideas that are great for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and appeal to your target audience.
  • Advanced AI-Powered Business Name Generator: We use advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology to generate names that are relevant to your business and attractive to your potential customers.
  • Auto-Checks Domain Availability: Our company name generator goes beyond offering you high-quality brand name suggestions. We auto-check the domain name availability of every suggestion to ensure you get a list of unique business name ideas you can register instantly.

With Founderjar’s business name generator, you spend less time and energy finding a unique, brandable, and readily available business name.

We offer this service for free! You don’t have to spend around $500 hiring business naming consultants to do what we can do for free in five seconds.

Other Business Name GeneratorsFree or PaidDomain Name Availability CheckAI-Powered ToolQuality of Business Name Suggestions
Founderjar Business Name Generator FreeYesYesSupports detailed description of your business (4-15 words) for better and more relevant names
Shopify Business Name GeneratorFreeNoNoKeyword-based suggestions
Wix Business Name GeneratorFreeNoYesKeyword-based and industry-specific names (1-2 keywords)

How to Come Up with a Business Name for Your Brand

Finding the ideal business name for your brand can be difficult. However, with our business name generator, you can find hundreds of catchy business name ideas with a few clicks.

Step 1: Consider Your Brand Identity and Values

Before you use our company name creator tool to pick a new business name, it’s essential to know your brand’s identity and values. What does your business stand for? What’s the value proposition that separates you from competitors? What are your future goals and objectives?

Step 2: Know Your Target Audience

A business name that doesn’t resonate with your target audience puts your brand at a disadvantage. Knowing your target audience will help you pick names that they can easily relate to and remember.

Step 3: Know Your Competition

Research your target market, find out your top competitors, and check their strengths and weaknesses. Compare your business with your competition to find out what separates you from them. Use this information to eliminate name suggestions that don't give you an advantage.

Step 4: Think Forever, Not Now

If you are looking for a great name for your small business, pick one that will remain relevant as your brand expands. Except you don’t intend to grow your business, always think of the future when naming your brand.

Step 5: Check Availability

Getting a business name suggestion for your brand is useless unless you confirm there is no existing business using it. Founderjar’s business name generator auto-checks the domain availability of its suggestions.

Step 6: Test! Test! Test!

Congratulations, you have found an available business name for your brand. Before you use it, share the new name idea with your friends and potential customers. Ask for their honest feedback on your anointed choice.

How to Choose a Business Name

Although our company name generator provides many great business names that make the creation process easier, you still have to pick the best option.

Here’s how to choose the best business name for your brand.

  • Pick a Memorable Business Name: Your business name should be easy to remember by your potential customers. A memorable business name attracts loyal buyers and makes it easy to market your brand to others.
  • Think Branding: The foundation of your brand’s identity is your business name. You can easily change your business logo, slogan, and value proposition without weakening your online brand. But changing your business name weakens it. Picking a business name that covers your brand’s long-term plans and visions is necessary.
  • Choose Clarity over Being Clever: Looking for catchy business names is amazing but don’t sacrifice clarity for this goal. The best business names are simple and direct. Your customers will easily remember a simple and clear name that doesn’t require much explanation than a clever name that is difficult to understand.
  • Pick a Unique Business Name: Your branded business name should set you apart from your competition. There’s no better way to achieve this advantage than picking a cool and unique business name idea.
  • Check for Availability: Before you celebrate your business name choice, check online to ensure no other business is using the name. Let’s skip the lecture on the legal consequences of this action. The real cost of using a business name already in use is that your customers will struggle to separate you from the other brand.

Choosing a business name doesn’t have to take your time and mental effort. With Founderjar’s brand name generator, you can provide a detailed description of your business and get tons of great brand name suggestions.

50 Catchy Business Name Ideas For Your Inspiration

Here’s a foretaste of the kind of business name ideas our online company name generator provides for new businesses. These brandable names are unique, memorable, clear, and long-lasting.

Beauty Business

The Everyday Chic

Hair & You

Spa Paradise

Bloom Salon

Angel Touch


Vegan Food Club

Burger O’Clock

Tasty Pizzas

Perfect Cuisine

Hot & Spicy Food Mart

Clothing & Fashion Brand

Vintage Wears

XXL Heaven

Elegant Closet

Royal Boutique

Luxury Fashion Square

Consulting Company

Wealth Magnets

Biz Boost Consulting

High Credit Advisors

Magic Touch Consultants

Entrepreneurs Clinic

Photography Business

Perfect Pictures

Clean Photos

Diva Photography

Quicksilver Lens

Love & Magical Moments

Tech Company

Instant Pay

Easy Coin

Mega Blue Chip

Urban Electronics

White Flame

Travel Agency

Oceans Voyages

Dream Vacations

Sandy Travels

Sky Voyages

Evergreen Adventures

Health and Wellness

Alien CBD

Green Delights

Pure Health Streams

Flaming Yoga

Everyday Therapy

Art and Design

True Craft


Paint Cannon

Color Impressions

Celestial Deco

Marketing and Media

Yield Media

Space Creative

Lightspeed Media

Ad Street

Liberty Marketing

Business Name Generator FAQ

How Does the Business Name Generator Work?

Founderjar’s free business name generator works in three steps. Type a 4-15 word description about your brand, hit the search bar, and get over 100 brand name suggestions. 

How Much Does the Business Name Generator Cost?

The business name generator is free! There is no limit to how many searches you can do. You get catchy, creative, and memorable business name ideas for your brand for free.  

How Do I Come Up with a Catchy Business Name?

Catchy business names are easy to remember by your potential customers. There are different ways to find a catchy name for your brand. You can use acronyms, alliterations, rhymes, puns, and symbols. 

How Do I Choose a Good Business Name?

A good business name allows for expansion, is easy to pronounce, and is readily available for use. Avoid using specific names that limit your brand growth, are difficult for your target audience to pronounce, and are already in use.

What Should I Name My Business?

Your business name is usually the first point of contact your target audience has with your brand. A good business name will cover your brand identity. Pick a business name that describes what you do and is deeply rooted in your brand’s value. 

What Are Some Cute Business Names?

Cute business names are easy to remember. But that doesn’t mean it will be a perfect fit for your business. Here are some cute business names to get inspiration from to create yours: Yummy Foods, Fluffy Wears, and Sweet Doodle.

How Do You Check Domain Availability for a Brand Name?

Our brand name generator automatically checks the domain availability of every suggestion we provide. We check with top domain providers to ensure you get brandable names you can use instantly. 

Should I Consider Funny Business Names?

Funny business names should not be your priority. Depending on your business type, using a funny name can pass across a sense of unprofessionalism and affect your brand identity. Always choose clarity over funny. If your business model supports it, you can use funny names.

How Do I Come Up With Creative Business Names?

ou can brainstorm to find creative business names and spend hours with little progress or use our company name generator to instantly get hundreds of great suggestions. 

Can a Business Name Be Trademarked?

Yes, you can trademark your business name. The reason why brands trademark their business names is to get exclusive rights of use. Nike, Apple, McDonald’s, and Disney ate examples of notable trademark business names. 

Why Is a Business Name Important?

A business name can give you several advantages in your industry. Setting your business apart from your competitors is one advantage. Picking your business name can be a strategy for attracting more customers. For example, a food company will choose a name that evokes the feeling of hunger in their customers. 

What Are the Features of a Good Business Name?

A good business name should be memorable, clear, authentic, unique, evoke emotions, distinctive, and available. 

What If My Business Name Is Already Taken?

You can ask the brand using your ideal business name to transfer ownership to you. But that can cost you lots of money and it’s no guarantee you will get the business name. If your business name is already taken, use our company name generator to find a better alternative.  

What To Do After You’ve Found Your Business Name

Congratulations, you have found a unique, memorable, and available business name. But that’s just the beginning.

Register Your Domain

Our domain name generator helps you check the availability of your chosen domain. After finding an available domain for your business name, register it with the best domain registrars like Bluehost and You can get a free domain name and still enjoy the perks of the paid one.

Set Up Your Website or Online Store

Securing your domain name is great, but you need to create a website for your target audience to easily find you online. Designing a website from scratch is tasking and expensive. You can use the best website builders to create the best sites for your business goals.

If you want to start an online store, the process is similar. Choose the best online store builder to help you create a professional online storefront without needing any design or technical knowledge.

Congratulations on building your website or online store. Now, you need to host your website to make it easily accessible on the internet. Hosting your website on your own is a highly technical and expensive adventure. Use web hosting services like SiteGround and Bluehost for a better experience.

Register Your Company

Registering your company is the final step in securing your business name. The requirements vary from country to country and state to state.

Consult with the body in charge of company registration in your business environment to find out what you need to register your company.