We Help B2B SaaS Companies Dramatically Grow SEO Traffic and Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Updated Oct 19, 2022.

We are different than other digital marketing agencies. We are a team of experienced freelancers and online entrepreneurs with an obsession for data-driven marketing, customer lifetime value optimization, and ROI-focused SEO marketing. And we go the extra mile and use all our own entrepreneurial know-how and minds to get you results.

We partner with ambitious B2B SaaS companies to help them become or stay market leaders in their niches. As we want to provide the biggest value possible, we only serve a very limited number of customers.

We Help B2B SaaS Businesses That Meet These Requirements

  • B2B SaaS company targeting small or medium-sized businesses or freelancers with a focus on English-speaking countries,
  • At least $3 million in annual sales,
  • High growth ambitions despite a fierce level of competition,
  • You'll provide us with all necessary info, data, and access (of course, we sign an NDA) for us to be impactful,
  • You have full authority to make a BUY or NO-BUY decision because we value time and do not want to waste your time or ours.
  • You have the resources and management commitment to change things in your company (because only by doing things differently or other things, you will be able to increase your CLV)
  • You already track CLV and CAC throughout your organization

So, let's get down to business and explore our two services that will put your B2B SaaS business on steroids.

1. Customer Lifetime Value Booster

Goal: Increase the Lifetime Value of a Customer and Thus Increase Revenue and Profits

We help you increase your CLV by 10% or more. 100% risk-free and you only pay for results. Nothing gained, nothing paid. This way we are fully incentive-aligned and if you will look back 6 months from NOW, you will see that working together was probably the most profitable business decision you've ever made.

Based on a thorough understanding of your competition, customers, analytics, marketing and sales funnel data, and more, we identify proven and hyper-specific actions and systems for you to implement to:

  • Increase annual revenue per customer
  • increase customer retention
  • reduce customer acquisition costs
Increase CLV for B2B SaaS Companies


Why do I need to maximize CLV?

Competitive dynamics are changing and guess what: the company with the highest CLV is able to outspend its competition on customer acquisition (aka able to bid higher CPCs, CPLs, and CPAs) and thus win the game by acquiring a significantly higher portion of the target customer base.

And especially in economically challenging times, it is paramount to increase your CLV to stabilize your company and earn an attractive return on invest on your advertising spend.

How are you going to help us, actually?

Our main goal is to help you increase your CLV in a sustainable way by identifying specific action items for you to implement with our guidance that will increase the annual revenue per customer, increase your retention rate, and lower your customer acquisition costs.

We use a full range of analytics, templates, best practices, and systems to help you spot and implement those initiatives.

How does your risk-free performance-based pricing work?

You will only pay for results; no retainer fees or upfront payments. If we do not significantly increase your CLV you do not pay us anything.

But we are 99% confident that we will be able to increase your CLV and help you scale your revenue and profits in a sustainable way. We charge 10-20% of the additional revenue.

Our pricing is more than fair. You only pay us, if you derive at least 5x ROI. This means we charge a fraction of the additional revenue generated once we start working together. If you compare our performance-based fee to the additional enterprise valuation generated (e.g. many B2B SaaS companies are valued at 6x annual revenue), then you are getting approximately 97% of the value generated while we receive around 3%, but of course only if we deliver results.

So, if you want to make your investors happy and cash out big as a founder with a higher chance while having a CLV optimization expert help you get there risk-free, why wouldn't you work with us?

What results can I expect by working with you?

After working with us intensively and transparently, and implementing our suggestions, you can expect to increase your CLV by 5% within the first 6 months and by at least 20% within 18 months.

We achieve those numbers for already highly optimized B2B SaaS companies. If you are under-optimized, we would expect even higher improvement rates.

What things do you need from me to help you grow my CLV?

After we sign an NDA, we need full transparency on your systems, sales funnel, retention funnel, competitor insights, and customer insights. And we need you to be hyper-responsive to make sure we understand root causes and ideate/validate/implement specific CLV-increasing initiatives as fast as humanly possible.

YES, I want to grow my B2B SaaS business risk-free, what's the next step?

It's simple. Arrange a 30-min discovery call during which we understand your situation, your goals, and see whether you are a good fit for us.

2. SEO Growth Engine

Goal: Attract My Target Audience to My Website From Search Engines and Lower My CAC

We help you increase your free traffic from Google (and other search engines) to help you build a larger audience and following that is ready-to-buy, trusts your brand, and sees the value of your offering.

We do that by:

  • Developing a content strategy that makes sense for your SaaS business and your target customers
  • Writing informational and transactional blog posts that are highly engaging, SEO-optimized, and conversion-optimized, so your blog posts rank higher and convert traffic into leads at a higher rate
  • Building links on high-authority sites that actually positively move your SERP without the risk of getting manual actions from Google or other penalties. Quality is key.
Increase SEO Traffic for B2B SaaS Companies


Why is SEO the best traffic source for B2B SaaS companies?

Search traffic is slow to build up, but delivers a much higher return on investment, revenue stability, and brand building opportunity than paid ads. And a higher SEO traffic share will dramatically reduce your CAC and thus increase your profitability over the mid-term.

How does your SEO pricing work?

Our focus is to provide you with the biggest return on investment by optimizing your content strategy (aka what keywords we want to rank for, what to write about and when, and making sure this delivers on your business goals), writing the blog posts, and then building high-authority links to the articles that are expected to deliver the biggest value to you.

We typically work on 3-6 month packages (e.g. content strategy, 18 blog posts, 30 authority backlinks).

We can discuss your needs and structure an individual package that works for you.

Can I buy content strategy, content writing, and link building separately?

We recommend you buy a bundle because we run an optimized SEO system. But if you only want to invest in blog posts or backlinks, then we can work something out that works for you.

What makes your SEO service different from the thousands of others?

We are obsessed with results and delivering top 3% of quality compared to other SEO agencies. This means, no shallow keyword research, no generic and unengaging articles, not a bunch of links from low quality sites that do not move the needle, no endless back and forth and wasting time on unnecessary meetings and discussions.

We just focus on data-driven highest quality work, because THIS is what moves the needle and delivers a high ROI in today's competitive search engine landscape.

FYI: There are cheaper SEO agencies out there, but most of the time if you buy cheap, you will waste time in back-and-forth and micromanagement as the quality is sub-par (aka additional costs on your end), the content does not rank and attract relevant target customers (aka just a waste of money, you thought was cheap but didn't get you results), and you will get mediocre content that sometimes even put your brand perception at risk (and thus killing sales conversions). Hence, in the end, working with a more expensive high-quality agency is by far the better investment for you.

YES, I am ready to work with you, what's the next step?

It's simple. Arrange a 30-min discovery call during which we understand your situation, your goals, and see whether you are a good fit for us.