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Examples: Fashion blog for working momsOnline store for ecological fashionSEO agency for law firms

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Find Available Domain Names In Less Than 10 Seconds

The Most Powerful 10-Second Free Domain Name Generator

Founderjar offers the best domain name generator tool for finding good domain name ideas for your online brand. Our instant domain search tool gives you the best domain name suggestions within 10 seconds.

Unlike most domain name generators that provide generic domain ideas that are already taken, our tool offers better results. We auto-check domain name availability to ensure every suggestion is available instantly.

What Makes Our Domain Name Search Tool Unique

Every domain maker claims to help you find the perfect domain name for your online brand. In reality, they provide random ideas from a few keywords you input that don't always align with your brand identity.

Typing two or three keywords into the search bar can generate multiple domain suggestions. But it won’t give you that domain name that attracts organic traffic to your website.

Here’s what makes our domain suggestions better.

  • Perfect List of Suggested Domain Names: Many domain generators ask you to enter one or several keywords related to your business name. The result? Different variations you can easily guess. We ask you to provide a detailed description of your website (4-15 words). The result? You get better domain suggestions that you didn’t think about.
  • Advanced AI-Powered Website Name Generator: Our advanced AI technology generates the best domain name ideas for your website. Your job is to search domain suggestions and pick the best one that is relevant to your business and attractive to your target audience.
  • Instant Domain Name Registration: We don’t only provide domain name ideas. Our domain generator search results include popular domain extensions like .com, .biz, .org, .net, and .info. We connect you instantly with the best domain registration services offering free domain names and attractive pricing discounts.
  • Auto-Checks Domain Availability: The best domain name generators provide random ideas that are available for instant registration. Our tool is no different. We automatically check domain availability to ensure you get a list of good domain ideas with popular extensions you can register instantly.

With Founderjar’s domain name generator, you can find simple, unique, and readily available domain names by simply describing what your online brand is about. Our domain name generator tool is free!

Other Domain Name GeneratorsFree or PaidAI-Powered ToolQuality of Domain Name Suggestions
Founderjar Domain Name Generator FreeYesSupports detailed description of your business (4-15 words) for better and more relevant names
Shopify Domain Name GeneratorFreeNoKeyword-based suggestions
Domain Wheel Name GeneratorFreeYesKeyword-based suggestions (1-2 keywords)

Why Your Domain Name Matters

Your brand identity is more than your business name, slogan, and logo. If you want to build a strong online brand, your domain name is an essential piece of your branding strategy.

Think of your domain name as your business’s online address. If you think your domain name doesn’t matter, you are wrong. Many users will form an impression of your brand from it.

The right domain name that shows your brand identity, sounds professional, and hints to visitors about what to expect from your website. It helps search engines like Google understand your website focus and better rank your pages for your keywords.

What Makes an Effective Domain Name

  • Relevance to Your Website: A good domain name should hint at or describe your online business website. When your target audience encounters your domain name, they should easily guess the content of your website.
  • Easy to Remember: The perfect domains find a balance between uniqueness and simplicity. You want a unique domain that people can easily associate with your brand. At the same time, you want to pick a simple domain name that they can easily remember.
  • Easy to Spell and Pronounce: A good domain name uses small words that your target audience can easily spell and say without misrepresenting it. Target words your target audience uses when talking about your business that can evoke strong emotions.
  • Think SEO: An SEO-friendly domain name will attract organic traffic to your website. When people search for keywords relating to your website, you want them to find your site easily. Using an SEO-friendly domain name helps you rank high on Google search results.

What To Avoid in a Domain Name

  • Misleading Words: A wrong domain name does not easily give a hint of your business. Your domain name may not include your business keyword but should not use word combinations that relate to another business type.
  • Avoid Long Numbers: Using numbers in your domain name makes it look spammy and unprofessional. People will hardly remember your domain name when it includes a long string of numbers.
  • Avoid Hyphens: The bulk of domain names people are familiar with don’t use hyphens. If you use one in your domain name, people can accidentally omit it and stumble on the wrong location.
  • Don’t Use Long or Complicated Words: Trying to appear clever by using long and complicated words for your domain name can put you in trouble. Your domain choice should be easy to spell and pronounce by your target audience,
  • Don’t Pick a Name Similar to Another Brand: Avoid picking a domain name that is similar to your competitors in your industry. The danger is that your target audience can search for your domain online and have your competitor’s domain name appear among the options!

Domain Name Generator FAQ

How Does the FounderJar Domain Name Generator Work?

Describe what your website is doing in 4-10 keywords and click on “Generate Domain Names.” Our generator tool will provide you with hundreds of suggestions, each having different domain extensions. Click on the perfect domain and register it before others. 

Is This Domain Name Generator Free?

Yes, Founderjar’s domain name generator is free! You get name suggestions and other domain extensions for free. 

How Do I Create a Catchy Domain Name?

Finding a catchy domain name that is available and appropriate for your business is difficult. You can create a catchy domain name by using common words your target audience can easily remember, choosing the domain name extension, and avoiding numbers and hyphens. 

How Do I Know If a Domain Name Is Good?

Good domain names are simple, easy to spell and remember, catchy, and unique. The best domain name should align with your brand identity and show visitors what they can expect to find on your website. 

How Do I Know If a Domain Name Is Available?

Use Founderjar Domain Name Generator to carry out an instant domain search to check if any domain name is available for use. If you find the domain name is available, register the domain to take it off the list of available domains.

How Do I Register a Domain?

Registering a domain is easy with Founderjar Domain Name Generator. You click on the domain name you want to register, choose the domain registrar you want to use, and register it. 

Once You Register A Domain, Take The Next Step

Congratulations on registering your new domain. There are two more steps to follow to set up your online business.

Launch Your Website or Online Store

Registering your domain name is great, but you need to create a website for your target audience to easily find you online. Designing a website from scratch is tasking and expensive. You can use the best website builders to create the best sites for your business goals.

If you want to start an online store, the process is similar. Choose the best online store builder to help you create a professional online storefront without needing any design or technical knowledge.

Congratulations on building your website or online store. Now, you need to host your website to make it easily accessible on the internet. Hosting your website on your own is a highly technical and expensive adventure. Use web hosting services like SiteGround and Bluehost for a better experience.

Register Your Company

Registering your company is the final step in setting up your online business. The requirements vary from country to country and state to state. Consult with the body in charge of company registration in your jurisdiction to find out what you need to register your company.