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Good Examples of Fitness Blog Names

Home Workouts

  • Livingroom Lift
  • Home Hustle
  • Couch Cardio
  • Domestic Dumbbells
  • Indoor Intensity
  • Balcony Burpees

Gym Training

  • Iron Improvement
  • Barbell Boost
  • Dumbbell Drive
  • Kettlebell Kick
  • Rack Rejuvenation
  • Plate Progress

Yoga Practice

  • Asana Ascend
  • Namaste Niche
  • Yoga Yonder
  • Balance Boost
  • Vinyasa Voyage
  • Zen Zone

CrossFit Chronicles

  • WOD Wonder
  • CrossFit Climb
  • Box Boost
  • AMRAP Ascend
  • Fitness Fran
  • Metcon Motion

Marathon Preparation

  • Distance Dash
  • Marathon Momentum
  • Longrun Leap
  • Pace Progress
  • Race Ready
  • Endurance Edge

HIIT Training

  • Intensity Interval
  • HIIT Hype
  • Tabata Triumph
  • Burst Boost
  • Sprint Surge
  • Circuit Cycle

Nutrition Advice

  • Protein Peak
  • Carb Control
  • Vital Vitamins
  • Nutrient Nudge
  • Diet Drive
  • Supper Supplements

Weight Loss

  • Slimdown Success
  • Fat Fight
  • Lean Leap
  • Weight Wane
  • Calorie Cut
  • Slimming Surge

Bodybuilding Blogs

  • Muscle Mass
  • Gain Grind
  • Bulk Boost
  • Power Pump
  • Lift Leap
  • Strength Surge

Personal Training

  • Coach Chronicles
  • PT Progress
  • Trainer Triumph
  • Fitness Facilitator
  • Mentor Momentum
  • Guide Gains


What makes a good fitness blog name?

A good fitness blog name is memorable, catchy, and clearly communicates your focus on fitness.

What are some popular keywords for fitness blog names?

“Fit”, “Gym”, “Health”, “Body”, “Training”, and “Workout” are commonly used in fitness blog names.

Should my fitness blog name reflect my specialty?

Yes, if you focus on a particular fitness area (like yoga or bodybuilding), your blog name should reflect that.