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Good Examples of Makeup Blog Names

Eye Makeup

  • Eye Enchant
  • Lash Luxe
  • Brow Bliss
  • Mascara Muse
  • Liner Love
  • Shadow Shimmer

Lip Makeup

  • Lip Luxe
  • Gloss Glamour
  • Pout Passion
  • Matte Muse
  • Lipstick Love
  • Stain Style

Face Makeup

  • Foundation Fable
  • Blush Bliss
  • Contour Chronicle
  • Bronzer Beauty
  • Powder Pulse
  • Highlight Harmony

Makeup Tutorials

  • Tutorial Triumph
  • Look Lesson
  • Makeup Masterclass
  • Beauty Basics
  • Glamour Guide
  • Cosmetic Course

Product Reviews

  • Review Rave
  • Palette Perspective
  • Brand Breakdown
  • Makeup Mindset
  • Cosmetic Critique
  • Beauty Breakdown

Makeup for Events

  • Event Elegance
  • Bridal Beauty
  • Prom Pulse
  • Glamour Gala
  • Party Palette
  • RedCarpet Radiance

Seasonal Makeup

  • Winter Wonder
  • Spring Sparkle
  • Summer Shimmer
  • Autumn Aura
  • Festive Flair
  • Holiday Highlight

Celebrity Makeup

  • Star Style
  • Icon Inspiration
  • Celebrity Chic
  • Glamour Glitterati
  • Starlet Style
  • RedCarpet Radiance

Makeup Tips & Tricks

  • Beauty Boosters
  • Makeup Magic
  • Cosmetic Clues
  • Beauty Brainwave
  • Makeup Mastery
  • Beauty Breakthroughs

Skincare for Makeup

  • Skin Serenity
  • Prep Perfection
  • Base Bliss
  • Cleanse Chronicle
  • Prime Perfection
  • Hydrate Harmony


What makes a good makeup blog name?

A good makeup blog name is catchy, unique, easy to remember, and reflects the blog's makeup theme.

What keywords work best for a makeup blog name?

Words like “Beauty”, “Glow”, “Palette”, “Lipstick”, “Makeover” are ideal for makeup blogs.

How can I make my makeup blog name catchy?

Use alliteration, rhymes, or puns, and keep it short and simple for a catchy makeup blog name.

Should I include my niche within the makeup industry in my blog's name?

If your blog focuses on a specific aspect of makeup, like organic or bridal, include it in your name.