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Good Examples of Mental Health Blog Names

Anxiety Blog Name Ideas

  • Anxiety Alleviation
  • Calm Chronicles
  • Worry Whisperer
  • Peaceful Pages
  • Soothing Stories
  • Serenity Scrolls

Depression Blog Name Ideas

  • Hopeful Horizon
  • Uplift Universe
  • Resilient Records
  • Beacon Blogs
  • Solace Scripts
  • Empathy Echoes

Mindfulness Blog Name Ideas

  • Zen Zone
  • Mindful Moments
  • Presence Pages
  • Calm Compositions
  • Present Prose
  • Serenity Scribes

Stress Management Blog Name Ideas

  • De-Stress Diary
  • Serene Strategies
  • Relaxation Records
  • Tension Tamer
  • Calm Chronicles
  • Stressless Scripts

Addiction Recovery Blog Name Ideas

  • Recovery Records
  • Sobriety Stories
  • Healing Haven
  • Abstinence Almanac
  • Clean Chronicles
  • Triumph Tales

Self-Care Blog Name Ideas

  • Wellness Whispers
  • Self-Care Scrolls
  • Nourish Notes
  • Balance Blogs
  • Restoration Records
  • Harmony Haven

PTSD Blog Name Ideas

  • Resilience Records
  • Trauma Triumphs
  • Recovery Records
  • Healing Haven
  • Courage Chronicles
  • Strength Stories

Bipolar Disorder Blog Name Ideas

  • Balance Blogs
  • Bipolar Beacon
  • Stability Stories
  • Harmony Haven
  • Mood Manuscripts
  • Resilience Records

Eating Disorder Blog Name Ideas

  • Nourish Notes
  • Recovery Recipes
  • Balance Banter
  • Wellness Whispers
  • Healthy Haven
  • Strength Stories

Sleep Disorder Blog Name Ideas

  • Sleepy Scribes
  • Restful Records
  • Slumber Stories
  • Dream Diary
  • Snooze Scripts
  • Peaceful Pages


What should I consider when choosing a mental health blog name?

Consider your blog's focus, target audience, and unique selling point. Make sure it's memorable, easy to spell, and SEO-friendly with relevant keywords.

How do I make my mental health blog name unique?

Incorporate your personal touch or unique approach to mental health. This will help your blog stand out and be more memorable.

Should my mental health blog name include specific mental health terms?

Yes, if it aligns with your content. Terms like ‘mindfulness', ‘wellbeing', ‘resilience' can make your focus clear.

How can I ensure my mental health blog name is SEO-friendly?

Use keywords related to mental health, wellness, and self-care. This can improve search engine visibility.

Is it suitable to use mental health-related puns in my blog name?

While puns can be catchy, be sensitive to your audience. Mental health is a serious topic and should be treated with care.