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Great Examples of Boho Business Name Ideas

Boho Clothing Brands

  • FreeSpirit Threads
  • GypsySoul Fashions
  • Wanderlust Wardrobe
  • Wildflower Couture
  • EarthyElegance Styles
  • Bohemian Bliss Boutique

Boho Jewelry Designers

  • Enchanted Adornments
  • MysticMuse Creations
  • EarthStone Jewels
  • GypsyGem Designs
  • Dreamer's Delights
  • SoulfulSparkles Accessories

Boho Home Decor Shops

  • Whimsical Wanderer Interiors
  • BohoNest Sanctuary
  • Earthy Abode Inspirations
  • Nomadic Nook Designs
  • Serene Spaces Studio
  • Gypsy Garden Home

Boho Wedding Planning Services

  • FreeLove Celebrations
  • Bohemian Bliss Weddings
  • Wildflower Nuptials
  • EarthyElegance Events
  • GypsySoul Soirees
  • Wanderlust Wedding Wonders

Boho Art Galleries

  • Dreamer's Delights Studio
  • Enchanted Essence Art
  • Whimsical Wanderer Works
  • Soulful Creations Gallery
  • MysticMuse Masterpieces
  • Earthy Inspirations Art

Boho Handcrafted Goods

  • Nomadic Notions Crafts
  • Serene Sanctuary Creations
  • Artisan Adventure Emporium
  • Bohemian Bliss Bazaar
  • Wildflower Handmades
  • EarthStone Artifacts

Boho Yoga Studios

  • FreeSpirit Flow Yoga
  • Earthy Asana Space
  • Serene Soul Yoga
  • Gypsy Breath Studio
  • Bohemian Balance Sanctuary
  • Whimsical Warrior Yoga

Boho Coffee Shops

  • Wanderlust Brews
  • Bohemian Bean Cafe
  • EarthyElegance Espresso
  • Gypsy Soul Sips
  • Wildflower Coffee Corner
  • Nomadic Nook Coffeehouse

Boho Gift Shops

  • Whimsical Treasures Boutique
  • Earthy Enchantments Emporium
  • Gypsy Soul Gifts
  • Wanderlust Wonders Store
  • Serene Surprises Shop
  • Bohemian Bliss Bazaar

Boho Plant Shops

  • GreenGypsy Gardens
  • EarthyElegance Greenery
  • Wildflower Flora Boutique
  • Bohemian Botanics
  • Wanderlust Plant Emporium
  • FreeSpirit Foliage


What are some catchy boho business names?

Catchy names include BohoBoutique Bliss, EarthyElegance, FreeSpirit Fashions, and Wanderlust Wardrobe. These names evoke the bohemian, carefree spirit associated with boho businesses.

Should I use my own name in my boho business name?

Using your name can add a personal touch, like “Jenny's Boho Bazaar” or “Smith's Gypsy Gallery.” Consider if it's easy to pronounce, memorable, and conveys the nature of your business.

How can I make my boho business name sound professional?

To sound professional, choose a name that clearly describes your products, avoids slang, and emphasizes quality, such as “Artisan Bohemian Boutique” or “Chic Boho Creations.”

What are common keywords for boho business names?

Common keywords include “boho,” “bohemian,” “gypsy,” “free spirit,” “wanderlust,” “earthy,” “chic,” and “artisan.” Incorporate these to make your business name relevant and descriptive.