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Great Examples of Educational App Name Ideas

Math Learning App Name Ideas

  • Number Navigator
  • Math Mastery
  • Algebra Ace
  • Fraction Fusion
  • Decipher Delta
  • Geometry Genius

Language Learning App Name Ideas

  • Word Whiz
  • Lingual Link
  • Fluent Flow
  • Diction Discovery
  • Syntax Sage
  • Prose Prodigy

Science Education App Name Ideas

  • Element Enigma
  • Biology Byte
  • Physics Phreak
  • Chemistry Conundrum
  • Earth Explorer
  • Stellar Scholar

Coding Education App Name Ideas

  • Code Cadet
  • Syntax Savvy
  • Debugging Doctor
  • Script Scholar
  • Byte Brainiac
  • Java Juggler

History Learning App Name Ideas

  • Time Traveler
  • Epoch Explorer
  • Historic Herald
  • Past Pathfinder
  • Century Scholar
  • Era Enthusiast

Art Education App Name Ideas

  • Sketch Scholar
  • Color Connoisseur
  • Craft Creator
  • Palette Prodigy
  • Design Dynamo
  • Mosaic Maestro

Music Learning App Name Ideas

  • Harmonic Hero
  • Rhythm Runner
  • Note Navigator
  • Melodic Mentor
  • Pitch Prodigy
  • Scale Scholar

Geography Learning App Name Ideas

  • Earth Enthusiast
  • Latitude Learner
  • Globe Guider
  • Map Maestro
  • Atlas Ace
  • Terrain Tutor

Literature Learning App Name Ideas

  • Prose Pundit
  • Novel Navigator
  • Epic Educator
  • Poetry Prodigy
  • Fiction Fanatic
  • Classics Connoisseur

General Knowledge App Name Ideas

  • Trivia Titan
  • Fact Finder
  • Wisdom Warehouse
  • Insight Inquirer
  • Knowledge Knack
  • Genus Genius


What are some popular educational app names?

Well-known names like “Khan Academy”, “Duolingo”, and “Brainly” are short, memorable, and clearly connected to education or learning.

Should my educational app name reflect its offerings?

Yes, names like “MathMaster” or “LangLearner” can clearly convey the educational focus of your app.

Can the name of my educational app target a specific demographic?

Yes, names like “KiddieMath” or “TeenVocab” can target specific age groups and learning needs.