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Great Examples of Film Production Company Name Ideas

Independent Film Production Company Names Ideas

  • Indie Ignite
  • Maverick Motion
  • Rebel Reels
  • Iconoclast Images
  • Freeform Films
  • Unique Unreels

Documentary Film Production Company Names Ideas

  • Reality Reels
  • Factual Films
  • Docu Dynamics
  • Truth Teller
  • Candid Cinema
  • Veracity Vision

Sci-Fi Film Production Company Names Ideas

  • Cosmic Cinema
  • Quantum Quest
  • Future Frames
  • Stellar Stories
  • Galaxy Gold
  • Nebula Narratives

Comedy Film Production Company Names Ideas

  • Hilarity House
  • Laughter Lens
  • Chuckle Cinema
  • Humor House
  • Giggle Grid
  • Wit Works

Horror Film Production Company Names Ideas

  • Fright Films
  • Spooky Screen
  • Terror Tales
  • Creepy Cinema
  • Nightmare Novelties
  • Fear Frames

Drama Film Production Company Names Ideas

  • Gripping Gold
  • Emotion Echo
  • Intense Images
  • Passionate Pixels
  • Sentiment Screen
  • Heartfelt House

Action Film Production Company Names Ideas

  • Thrill Throttle
  • Pulse Pixels
  • Dynamic Drive
  • Energy Embers
  • Momentum Motion
  • Impact Images

Animated Film Production Company Names Ideas

  • Toon Tales
  • Doodle Dynamics
  • Motion Magic
  • Animated Artistry
  • Cartoon Creations
  • Imaginary Images

Short Film Production Company Names Ideas

  • Brief Brilliance
  • Short Spectacles
  • Mini Movies
  • Snippet Screen
  • Compact Cinema
  • Flash Frames

Music Video Production Company Names Ideas

  • Melody Motion
  • Rhythm Reels
  • Harmony House
  • Beat Box
  • Tune Tracks
  • Sonic Screen


What should I consider when naming my film production company?

Consider your company's vision, style of films, target audience, and uniqueness. The name should be distinctive, easily pronounced, and reflect the type of content you'll produce.

Should I use film-related words in my company name?

Including film-related terms like “frame,” “reel,” or “scene” can clearly communicate your industry. However, being too specific could limit future expansion into different media or content types.

How do I choose a film production company name that appeals to my target audience?

Understand your audience's preferences and the genre of films you'll produce. For example, a company focused on horror films might choose a mysterious or suspenseful name, while a comedy-focused company might opt for something light-hearted and whimsical.