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Great Examples of Guitar Company Name Ideas

Acoustic Guitar Company Names Ideas

  • Harmony Haven
  • Strum Sage
  • Resonance Realm
  • Wooden Whisper
  • Melodic Maple
  • Timber Tones

Electric Guitar Company Names Ideas

  • Amplify Axis
  • Sonic Surge
  • Voltage Vibes
  • Wired Wonders
  • Fret Fire
  • Pick Power

Classical Guitar Company Names Ideas

  • Nylon Notes
  • Classical Craft
  • Pluck Palace
  • Fretboard Flair
  • Rosette Rhythm
  • Sonata Strings

Bass Guitar Company Names Ideas

  • Lowend Legend
  • Bass Boost
  • Rhythm Range
  • Groove Gauge
  • Deep Digits
  • Pulse Prowess

Custom Guitar Company Names Ideas

  • Unique Unison
  • Bespoke Bass
  • Tailored Tones
  • Handcrafted Harmony
  • Personalized Pitch
  • Custom Chords

Kids Guitar Company Names Ideas

  • Youthful Yowls
  • Little Licks
  • Sprout Strum
  • Junior Jam
  • Petite Plucks
  • Tots Tune

Guitar Accessory Company Names Ideas

  • Pick Precision
  • String Source
  • Capo Crafters
  • Stand Symphony
  • Strap Stars
  • Tuner Triumph

Guitar Repair Company Names Ideas

  • Fret Fixers
  • Tone Technicians
  • Strum Solutions
  • Resonance Repair
  • Sound Surgeons
  • String Savers

Guitar Lessons Company Names Ideas

  • Chord Coaches
  • Strum Scholars
  • Fretboard Faculty
  • Melody Mentors
  • Riff Readers
  • Lesson Lyricists

Vintage Guitar Company Names Ideas

  • Retro Resonance
  • Vintage Vibrato
  • Classic Chords
  • Antique Acoustics
  • Timeless Tones
  • Heirloom Harmonies


What should I consider when naming my guitar company?

Your guitar company name should resonate with the style of guitars you make, target audience, and the unique value proposition of your brand. It should be unique, easy to pronounce, and memorable.

Should I use guitar-related words in my company name?

Yes, using guitar-related terms like “strum,” “pick,” or “fretboard” can immediately convey your business's focus and resonate with guitar enthusiasts.

Can I use my own name in my guitar company name?

Yes, using your name can add a personal touch and reflects craftsmanship, especially if you're a known figure in the guitar-making community. Ensure it's easy to pronounce and remember.

Should my guitar company name reflect my philosophy or approach?

Absolutely. If your approach is artisanal, a name indicating craftsmanship can work. If you focus on innovation, a modern and cutting-edge name may be appropriate.