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Great Examples of Hipster Business Name Ideas

Hipster Coffee Shop Name Ideas

  • Bean Bohemia
  • Cuppa Craft
  • Brewed Balance
  • Java Junction
  • Retro Roast
  • Mocha Muse

Hipster Clothing Brand Name Ideas

  • Thread Therapy
  • Vintage Vibe
  • Urban Unwind
  • Retro Relics
  • Boho Basics
  • Denim Dream

Hipster Craft Store Name Ideas

  • Whimsy Works
  • Makers Mill
  • Crafty Corners
  • Boho Bricolage
  • Indie Ideas
  • Artisan Alley

Hipster Book Store Name Ideas

  • Prose Place
  • Novel Nook
  • Verse Venue
  • Epic Emporium
  • Fable Factory
  • Sonnet Space

Hipster Food Truck Name Ideas

  • Wholesome Wheels
  • Retro Rolls
  • Grub Gear
  • Nomad Nibbles
  • Tasty Travels
  • Feast Fleet

Hipster Brewery Name Ideas

  • Brewed Bohemia
  • Hopster Haven
  • Indie Infusion
  • Barrel Bliss
  • Crafted Keg
  • Pint Place

Hipster Record Store Name Ideas

  • Vinyl Voyage
  • Groove Grounds
  • Record Refuge
  • Melody Mecca
  • Spin Space
  • Sonic Sanctuary

Hipster Art Gallery Name Ideas

  • Indie Images
  • Boho Brush
  • Aesthetic Avenue
  • Retro Renderings
  • Mural Mavens
  • Crafted Canvases

Hipster Barbershop Name Ideas

  • Trim Trends
  • Retro Razor
  • Shear Style
  • Groomed Grounds
  • Fade Factory
  • Cut Corner

Hipster Bike Shop Name Ideas

  • Pedal Place
  • Wheel Works
  • Cycle Sanctuary
  • Bike Bohemia
  • Ride Refuge
  • Velocity Venue


What makes a good hipster business name?

A good hipster business name is unique, creative, and evokes an image of non-mainstream, trendy, and artsy culture.

How can I generate unique hipster business name ideas?

Brainstorm, use abstract, vintage or innovative words, try online name generators, or hire a professional naming service.

Should the hipster business name be serious or can it be playful?

Either works. Playful names can add to the quirky, unconventional appeal of a hipster business.