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Great Examples of Knife Company Name Ideas

Chef's Knife Brands Business Name Ideas

  • CulinaryCutters
  • PrecisionPro Knives
  • RazorSharp Kitchen
  • GourmetBlades
  • MasterChef Knives

Outdoor & Survival Knives Business Name Ideas

  • WildernessWarriors
  • RuggedEdge Knives
  • Trailblazer Blades
  • Bushcraft Bladesmith
  • SurvivalSlice

Pocket & Folding Knives Business Name Ideas

  • CompactCutters Co.
  • PocketProtectors Knives
  • SwiftFold Blades
  • EverydayEdge Knives
  • SlickSlice

Tactical & Military Knives Business Name Ideas

  • StealthStrike Knives
  • TacticalEdge Blades
  • CombatCutters
  • SpecialOps Knives
  • WarriorBlades

Hunting Knives Business Name Ideas

  • GameChaser Knives
  • Hunter'sEdge Blades
  • WildernessCutters
  • TrophyTracker Knives
  • SilentStalker Knives

Artisan & Custom Knives Business Name Ideas

  • HandForged Heirlooms
  • BespokeBladesmith
  • Masterpiece Knives
  • ArtisanEdge Cutlery
  • CustomCut Creations

Japanese Knife Brands Business Name Ideas

  • SamuraiSharp Knives
  • KyotoCutters Co.
  • ZenBlades
  • NipponEdge Knives
  • RisingSun Blades

European Knife Brands Business Name Ideas

  • ContinentalCutlery
  • OldWorld Blades
  • EuroEdge Knives
  • TraditionCraft Knives
  • HeritageCutlery

Knife Sharpening Services Business Name Ideas

  • RazorRenew
  • EdgeEnhancers
  • BladeBrightener
  • SharpeningSolutions
  • Whetstone Wizards

Knife Accessories & Gear Business Name Ideas

  • BladeBuddies Co.
  • CuttingEdge Cases
  • SheathShop
  • KnifeNest Storage
  • BladeGuardians


What are some popular words to include in a knife company name?

Incorporate words like “blade”, “edge”, “sharp”, “steel”, “cut”, “forged”, “artisan”, and “precision” to create a striking and memorable knife company name.

Should my knife company name convey quality and craftsmanship?

Yes, choose a name that communicates expertise, skill, and commitment to quality to build trust and attract customers seeking high-quality knives.

How can I check if my chosen knife company name is available?

Search online, check domain availability, and review trademark databases to ensure your chosen knife company name is unique and available.