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Great Examples of Lighting Company Name Ideas

LED Lighting Solutions Name Ideas

  • Bright Byte
  • LED Luminance
  • Diode Dazzle
  • Glow Grid
  • Radiance Ridge
  • Luminary Logic

Outdoor Lighting Manufacturers Name Ideas

  • Twilight Terrace
  • Patio Prism
  • Garden Glow
  • Landscape Luster
  • Exterior Eclat
  • Yard Yonder

Indoor Lighting Designers Name Ideas

  • Interior Illumination
  • Room Radiance
  • Glow Grotto
  • Home Halo
  • Domestic Dazzle
  • Ambient Arc

Smart Lighting Solutions Name Ideas

  • Intelli Illumine
  • Bright Byte
  • Luma Logic
  • Radiant Ring
  • Smart Spark
  • Glow Grid

Industrial Lighting Suppliers Name Ideas

  • Factory Flash
  • Industrial Ignite
  • Warehouse Watt
  • Plant Prism
  • Worksite Wattage
  • Logistic Lumen

Commercial Lighting Providers Name Ideas

  • Retail Radiance
  • Office Opulence
  • Business Bright
  • Market Meridian
  • Commercial Candela
  • Store Spark

Event and Stage Lighting Specialists Name Ideas

  • Show Shine
  • Stage Sparkle
  • Event Eclat
  • Concert Crystal
  • Gig Glow
  • Spectacle Shine

Energy Efficient Lighting Systems Name Ideas

  • Green Glow
  • Efficient Eclat
  • Eco Illumine
  • Power Prism
  • Savvy Spark
  • Energy Eclat

Automotive Lighting Solutions Name Ideas

  • Auto Aura
  • Vehicle Vision
  • Car Crystal
  • Drive Dazzle
  • Road Radiance
  • Motor Meridian

Custom Lighting Design Services Name Ideas

  • Bespoke Bright
  • Custom Crystal
  • Unique Uplight
  • Tailored Twinkle
  • Personalized Prism
  • Signature Spark


Should I include industry-related terms in my lighting company name?

Using words like “illumination,” “lumens,” or “lighting” can indicate your business focus. Balance these terms with creativity to avoid generic-sounding names.

What makes a lighting company name memorable?

A memorable name is short, catchy, and conveys expertise in lighting solutions. Consider alliteration, puns, or words that create striking visuals.

How do I choose a lighting company name that appeals to my target customers?

Understand your customers' needs and preferences. If targeting high-end clients, choose a sophisticated and innovative-sounding name.

Should my lighting company name reflect my product offerings?

Yes, if you specialize in LED lighting, a name suggesting energy efficiency could work. If you focus on decorative lighting, choose a name reflecting elegance and style.