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Examples of Record Label Name Ideas

Vintage Record Label Names

  • Retro Harmony Records
  • Vinyl Revival Studios
  • Classic Groove Productions
  • Timeless Tune Factory
  • Nostalgic Rhythm House
  • Golden Era Sounds
  • Melodic Memories Label
  • Time Capsule Music Group
  • Vintage Vibes Records
  • Old School Audio Artistry
  • Legacy Sound Studios
  • Backtrack Beats Inc
  • Relic Rhythms Entertainment
  • Yesterday's Melodies
  • Throwback Tunes Label

Modern Record Label Names

  • Future Wave Studios
  • Sonic Innovation Records
  • Next Gen Music Group
  • Prodigy Sound House
  • Electric Pulse Productions
  • Cutting Edge Audio
  • Limitless Beats Factory
  • Progressive Rhythm Works
  • New Age Melodies Inc
  • Dynamic Sound Studios
  • Quantum Groove Label
  • Millennium Tunes House
  • Digital Era Audio
  • Modern Music Makers
  • Neo Soundscapes

Genre-Specific Record Label Names

  • Rock Revival Records
  • Jazz Junction Studios
  • Hip Hop Hub Productions
  • Soulful Soundwaves Inc
  • Indie Inspiration House
  • Reggae Rhythm Factory
  • Electronic Euphoria Label
  • Country Roots Music Group
  • Worldbeat Wonders Studios
  • Classical Crescendo Works
  • Metal Mayhem Entertainment
  • Pop Power Productions
  • Blues Brothers Records
  • Rhythm & Groove House
  • Alternative Anthems Audio

Geographical Record Label Names

  • Coastal Sound Productions
  • Mountain High Music Group
  • Urban Groove Studios
  • Island Rhythm Records
  • Desert Sun Audio House
  • Pacific Pulse Factory
  • Southern Melodies Inc
  • Northern Lights Label
  • East Coast Beats Entertainment
  • Westside Music Works
  • Tropical Tunes Studios
  • Heartland Harmony Productions
  • Big City Sound House
  • River Valley Records
  • Atlantic Audio

Creative Record Label Names

  • Dreamweaver Music Group
  • Muse Melodies Studios
  • Artistic Audio Productions
  • Auditory Canvas House
  • Sonic Sketchbook Label
  • Soundsculptor Records
  • AudioAlchemy Factory
  • Melodic Masterpieces Inc
  • Rhythm & Rhyme Works
  • Symphony of the Senses
  • Sonic Mosaic Studios
  • Harmonic Horizons
  • Abstract Audio Entertainment
  • Musical Muses Productions
  • Sound Odyssey House

Colorful Record Label Names

  • Red Hot Rhythms Label
  • Blue Sky Sound House
  • Golden Groove Studios
  • Emerald Echo Productions
  • Vibrant Vibes Music Group
  • Indigo Illusion Audio
  • Purple Haze Records
  • Black & White Beats
  • Rainbow Rhythm Factory
  • Chromatic Crescendo Inc
  • Silver Sound Studios
  • Orange Octave Entertainment
  • Green Grove Productions
  • Yellow Submarine Records
  • Pink Pearl Melodies

Inspirational Record Label Names

  • Uplifting Melodies Inc
  • Empower Sound Studios
  • Triumph Tunes Label
  • Positive Pulse Productions
  • Aspire Audio House
  • Dream Chaser Music Group
  • Limitless Beats Factory
  • Resilient Rhythms Works
  • Success Symphony Entertainment
  • Harmony Heights
  • Hopeful Horizons Records
  • Journey of Sound
  • Motivational Music Makers
  • Victorious Vibes
  • Ambition Audio

Nature-Inspired Record Label Names

  • Forest Frequencies Label
  • Oceanic Audio Artistry
  • Earthbound Melodies House
  • Skyward Sound Studios
  • Lunar Rhythm Productions
  • Solar Soundscapes Inc
  • Mountain Echo Music Group
  • Riversong Records
  • Breezy Beats Factory
  • Blossom Beats Works


What should I consider when choosing a record label name?

Consider relevance to your genre or style, uniqueness, easy pronunciation, memorability, and potential trademark or domain availability for a strong online presence.

How can I brainstorm record label name ideas?

Create mind maps, use word associations, combine relevant terms, seek inspiration from music history, and explore synonyms or foreign language words for a unique touch.

Should my record label name reflect my music genre?

Yes, a genre-specific name helps to establish your niche, attract the right artists, and appeal to a targeted audience, creating a strong brand identity.

How do I make sure my record label name is unique?

Research competitors, use online name generators, or hire a professional branding agency to ensure a distinctive name that sets you apart from the competition.

How important is a memorable record label name?

A memorable name is vital for brand recognition, making it easier for artists and fans to find and remember your label, and increasing the likelihood of success.