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Great Examples of Resale Business Name Ideas

Clothing Resale Business Name Ideas

  • Chic Cycle
  • Style Swap
  • Fashion Finders
  • Threads Thrift
  • Wardrobe Revive
  • Retro Reclaim

Furniture Resale Business Name Ideas

  • FurniFlip
  • Decor Deal
  • Comfort Crafters
  • Homely Harvest
  • Retro Rooms
  • Cozy Corners

Book Resale Business Name Ideas

  • Page Purveyors
  • Story Swap
  • Read Reclaim
  • Bound Bargains
  • Literature Loot
  • Tome Trade

Electronics Resale Business Name Ideas

  • Gadget Gains
  • TechTrade
  • Circuit Score
  • Digital Deals
  • Electro Exchange
  • Byte Bargains

Vintage Collectibles Resale Business Name Ideas

  • Retro Rewards
  • EraExchange
  • Vintage Vault
  • Timeless Treasures
  • Nostalgia Niche
  • Yesteryear Yield

Sports Equipment Resale Business Name Ideas

  • Game Gear
  • Athletic Attic
  • Sport Swap
  • Play Purveyors
  • Fitness Finders
  • Game Gains

Musical Instruments Resale Business Name Ideas

  • Tune Trade
  • Melody Market
  • Rhythm Reclaim
  • Harmony Hunters
  • Note Niche
  • Sonic Score

Art Resale Business Name Ideas

  • Canvas Collectors
  • ArtAttic
  • Masterpiece Market
  • Palette Purveyors
  • Picture Pioneers
  • Sketch Swap

Car Resale Business Name Ideas

  • AutoAttic
  • Motor Market
  • Drive Deals
  • Wheel Warehouse
  • Car Crafters
  • Ride Revive

Jewelry Resale Business Name Ideas

  • GemGains
  • Jewel Junction
  • Sparkle Swap
  • Bling Bargains
  • Treasure Trade
  • Precious Purveyors


What makes a good resale business name?

A good resale business name is catchy, easy to remember, and clearly communicates the business's offerings or value proposition.

Should my resale business name indicate what I sell?

Yes, ideally. Names like “Refurbished Electronics Warehouse” clearly communicate the business's offerings to potential customers.

What if my resale business expands into different product categories?

Choose a name that allows for business expansion. For example, “SecondHand Treasures” can encompass a variety of resale items.