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Great Examples of Spanish Restaurant Name Ideas

Traditional Spanish Restaurant Name Ideas

  • Casa Madrid
  • El Toro
  • Fiesta Flavors
  • Tapas Tavern
  • Flamenco Feast
  • Sabor Sevilla

Modern Spanish Restaurant Name Ideas

  • Urbano Eats
  • Bistro Barcelona
  • Nova Valencia
  • Chic Churro
  • Modern Madrid
  • Culinary Córdoba

Seafood Spanish Restaurant Name Ideas

  • Mariscos Mar
  • Pescado Place
  • Ocean Olé
  • Seafood Sevilla
  • Oyster Oviedo
  • Lobster Léon

Paella Spanish Restaurant Name Ideas

  • Paella Palace
  • Valencia Vibe
  • Saffron Spot
  • Rice Retreat
  • Golden Grain
  • Pan Paella

Tapas Bar Name Ideas

  • Tapas Taste
  • Pintxo Place
  • Bites Bilbao
  • Small Savors
  • Morsel Madrid
  • Bocado Bar

Wine Spanish Restaurant Name Ideas

  • Vino Valencia
  • Rioja Retreat
  • Sangria Spot
  • Cava Corner
  • Wine Wave
  • Tempranillo Tavern

Vegetarian Spanish Restaurant Name Ideas

  • Verde Valencia
  • Veggie Vigo
  • Plant-based Pamplona
  • Green Granada
  • Healthy Huelva
  • Tofu Toledo

Family Spanish Restaurant Name Ideas

  • Familia Fiesta
  • Casa Comfort
  • Homely Huesca
  • Hearth Huelva
  • Cozy Cáceres
  • Warm Welcome

Luxury Spanish Restaurant Name Ideas

  • Luxe Leon
  • Gourmet Girona
  • Posh Pamplona
  • Elegant Estepona
  • Deluxe Donostia
  • Fancy Ferrol

Spanish Bakery Names

  • Pan Palace
  • Churro Charm
  • Bakery Barcelona
  • Sweet Seville
  • Delightful Dulce
  • Tasty Tarta


What are some popular Spanish restaurant names?

Names like “El Celler de Can Roca”, “El Bulli”, and “Tapas Bar” are known globally, conveying a distinct Spanish culinary experience.

Should my Spanish restaurant name reflect its menu?

Yes, names like “Mariscos Del Mar” (Seafood of the Sea) or “Bodega de Tapas” can emphasize your restaurant's culinary focus.

Can I use my personal name for my Spanish restaurant?

Personal names can add authenticity, like “Paco's Paella” or “Carmen's Cantina”, if they resonate with the Spanish theme.