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Great Vape Business Name Ideas

E-Liquid Flavors Business Name Ideas

  • Tropical Clouds
  • Berry Breezes
  • Sweet Vapor Delights
  • Custard Concoctions
  • Fruity Fog Fusions
  • Dessert Dream Mists

Vape Devices & Accessories Business Name Ideas

  • Cloud Creation Kits
  • Vaporizer Vanguards
  • Vape Gear Garage
  • Mod Masters Emporium
  • Accessory Asylum
  • Atomizer Architects

CBD Vape Products Business Name Ideas

  • Soothing CBD Clouds
  • Calming Cannabidiol Vapes
  • Hemp Harmony Vapor
  • Serene CBD Sensations
  • Relief Riders
  • Chill Out Vapors

Vape Starter Kits Business Name Ideas

  • First Puff Portfolios
  • Beginner's Vape Bliss
  • Cloud Kickstarters
  • Easy Vape Escapades
  • Starter Set Sanctuary
  • Vape Voyage Initiators

High-End Vape Mods Business Name Ideas

  • Luxury Vape Lounge
  • Modded Majesty
  • Elite Vapor Enclave
  • Premier Puff Palace
  • Vape Connoisseur Collection
  • Designer Device Depot

Vape Coils & Tanks Business Name Ideas

  • Coil Connoisseur Corner
  • Tank Treasure Trove
  • Cloud Capacity Creators
  • Sub-Ohm Sanctum
  • Rebuildable Realm
  • Atomizer Artistry

Vape Pen & Pod Systems Business Name Ideas

  • Portable Puff Pioneers
  • Discreet Vape Designs
  • Sleek Smoke Solutions
  • Stealthy Cloud Companions
  • Pocket Vape Paradise
  • Pod Perfection Place

Vaping Lifestyle & Apparel Business Name Ideas

  • Cloud Chaser Couture
  • Vaper's Wardrobe
  • Vaping Vogue
  • Vape Culture Creations
  • Vapor Enthusiast Essentials
  • Cloud Style Collective

Vape Education & Resources Business Name Ideas

  • Vaping Knowledge Vault
  • Cloud Curator Academy
  • Vape Wisdom Warehouse
  • E-Cig Enlightenment
  • Vaporizer Virtuosity
  • The Vape Scholar

Vape Subscription Services Business Name Ideas

  • Monthly Cloud Club
  • Vape Box Bonanza
  • Puff Pack Perks
  • Vapor Variety Voyage
  • Cloud Connoisseur Crate
  • Vape Discovery Deliveries


How do I choose a catchy vape business name?

Select a memorable, easy-to-pronounce name reflecting your brand identity, incorporating relevant keywords like “vape,” “e-cig,” or “vapor” for better SEO.

Should I use a location-based name for my vape business?

Including a location, like “Miami Vape Lounge,” can help with local SEO and create a sense of community, but consider flexibility for potential future expansion.

Can I use an acronym for my vape business name?

Acronyms can work if they're memorable and relevant, but avoid generic combinations. Choose meaningful words representing your brand, like “EVC” for “Elite Vaping Company.”

How can I create a unique vape business name?

Combine industry-specific words with unique adjectives or create a new word reflecting your brand's personality, e.g., “CloudChasers Vape” or “VapeNirvana.”

What are some popular vape business name trends?

Trendy names often use vapor-related terms, flavor inspirations, or vaping culture references, like “Cloud 9 Vapors,” “Flavor Haven Vapes,” or “Steamworx.”