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Great Examples of Wig Shop Name Ideas

Luxury Wig Boutiques Name Ideas

  • Lavish Locks
  • Glamorous Glimpses
  • Opulent Tresses
  • Posh Plumes
  • Chic Chapeaus
  • Elite Elegance

Synthetic Wig Shops Name Ideas

  • Silky Synthetics
  • Faux Follicles
  • Imitation Illusions
  • Artificial Allure
  • Pretend Perfection
  • Dazzling Dupes

Human Hair Wig Stores Name Ideas

  • Genuine Glam
  • Realistic Radiance
  • Authentic Adornments
  • True Tresses
  • Natural Noggins
  • Hair Heaven

Lace Front Wig Businesses Name Ideas

  • Seamless Style
  • Invisible Intrigue
  • Blended Beauty
  • Flawless Fronts
  • Lace Luxuries
  • Sheer Sophistication

Costume & Theatrical Wigs Name Ideas

  • Stage & Screen
  • Dramatic Designs
  • Playful Plumes
  • Character Coiffures
  • Transformative Tresses
  • Masquerade Manes

Custom Wig Brands Name Ideas

  • Tailored Tresses
  • Bespoke Beauties
  • Personalized Plumes
  • Couture Crowns
  • Made-to-Measure Manes
  • Signature Styles

Wig Accessories & Care Products Name Ideas

  • Wig Wellness
  • Mane Maintenance
  • Tress Treatments
  • Follicle Fixers
  • Cap Care
  • Hair Helper

Wig Styling & Cutting Services Name Ideas

  • Style & Shape
  • Tress Transformations
  • Mane Makeovers
  • Wig Wizards
  • Snip & Style
  • Coiffure Creations

Hair Extension & Wig Combos Name Ideas

  • Lengthy Luxuries
  • Tress Extensions
  • Voluminous Ventures
  • Long Locks Lounge
  • Hair Haven
  • Bountiful Beauty

Medical & Hair Loss Wig Companies Name Ideas

  • Compassionate Crowns
  • Healing Hair
  • Empathetic Elegance
  • Tender Tresses
  • Renewed Radiance
  • Comforting Coiffures


What makes a good wig shop name?

A strong wig shop name should be memorable, easy to pronounce, and convey expertise in wigs. Use terms like “wigs,” “hair,” or “extensions” for relevance.

What are popular wig-related words for shop names?

Popular terms include “wigs,” “hair,” “extensions,” “tresses,” and “boutique.” Using these words can help establish a clear connection with the wig industry.

What are some examples of successful wig shop names?

Examples include Wondrous Wigs, Tress Transformations, and Hair Haven. These names effectively communicate the nature of wig businesses.