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Updated Mar 11, 2021.

We, Anastasia Belyh and Martin Luenendonk, are serial entrepreneurs (e.g., and digital marketers.

We started in 2014 and grew it to 1 million monthly visits from Google alone. We launched FounderJar in August 2020 and in just 6 months we went from zero to DR70 (check out our Ahrefs metrics below).

What Our Services Include

We just do the typical content marketing stuff with a focus on SEO results:

  • Content writing (we make sure to write authoritative, top notch content to be published on your website that Google and your readers will love… if you don't have top notch content, everything else will be a waste of money)
  • Link building (we link in our guest posts from relevant high authority sites to your content and your brand… high quality backlinks are still the major deciding factor whether your content will rank #1 or #40 in SERP)

What makes us different from others? Hmmm, don't really know, but we feverishly focus on top 1% content quality and high authority backlinks. In short: We are result-obsessed Germans ๐Ÿ™‚

And we got our clients (and FounderJar) featured on some good publications like:

  • CoSchedule
  • Bplans
  • LearnWorlds
  • Clickmeeting
  • Voilanorbert
  • etc.

We write 30+ guest posts per month on high authority sites related to marketing, SaaS, and ecommerce.

Who We Work With

To work with us a freelance content marketers, here's all you need:

  • Clear Goals. If you don't have a clear vision what you want to achieve, we don't want to work with you.
  • Commitment. Ranking in search engines take time, but not as long as most people think.
  • Linkable content. We just need to know for which content we should build high authority links. No problem, if you don't have this content. We can write top-notch authoritative content at scale.
  • Good Attitude and English Skills. Our lives are too short to work with assholes that just waste time.


When you work with us using our link building services, we charge $100 to $500 per link depending on several factors.

Why Hire Us as Freelance Content Marketers?

We've been growing several websites to millions of monthly Google visitors over the last 7 years and provide a quality-assured scalable process of writing top notch content and building backlinks from high authority sites.

We are entrepreneurs like you, so we empathize and we focus on getting you results as if your company were ours, not just a client.

How Much Do You Charge for Content Marketing Services?

This totally depends on your goals and what you want to achieve. Typically, we charge between $2,000 and $5,000 per month.

For link building only, we would charge between $100 to $500 per link.

Ready to supercharge your content marketing and attract more backlinks and Google visitors, then shoot me an email to