9 Best Business Bank Accounts of 2024 (Ranked & Reviewed)

Updated Dec 6, 2022.
Best Business Bank Accounts (Ranked & Reviewed)

Managing your business's everyday finances such as depositing, bill payment, budgeting is an absolute necessity if you want your business to thrive, which is why you need a business checking account.

The best business checking accounts will have little to no fees, international and cross-bank ATM accessibility, online & mobile banking tools, with some even providing interest-earning accounts, savings accounts, and integrated business tools.

All of this functionality helps you manage your insurance, payroll, credit card payments, set financial goals, and more in the most efficient way while providing your money the chance to grow.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, part of a startup, or a small business owner, we have enlisted the best business bank accounts on the market today while displaying the specific qualities each of these banks can bring to you.

Continue reading to find your ideal business bank account.

What are the Best Business Bank Accounts?

1. Novo Business Checking

Best Business Checking Account for Small Businesses on the Go.

Novo is the Best Business Checking Account for Small Businesses on the Go

What earns Novo the title of the best small business bank account from us are its unlimited refunds on ATM charges, focus on digital banking, and no monthly fees, among other qualities.

With its own integrated invoicing tool and direct integrations with top business tools, Novo can help you streamline financial processes and manage multiple accounts in one place, enabling you to connect with QuickBooks, Xero, Stripe, TransferWise, Shopify, Zapier, Slack, and more.

The fee-free environment Novo establishes is quite remarkable, as it provides much more than no monthly charges.

It also includes no minimum balance requirements, no transaction and incoming wire fees, no incoming or outgoing ACH transfers, stop payments, debit card replacements, or paper statements.

Novo Dashboard
Source: Medium

Use any ATM in the U.S. or abroad without any fees, and reimburse all the fees you encounter from the banks you use for ATMs, with Novo depositing the refund directly into your account at the end of each month.

Regardless of your location, Novo lets you manage your finances via phone while letting you deposit checks, make payments, send money, or mail paper checks for payment.

You can even perform transfers, track your account activity, or even set aside funds within your checking account and budget different types of expenses in the Novo Reserves functionality.

Thanks to the no-fee business checking software, freelancers, contractors, and others can create, send, and manage an unlimited number of resources directly within your business checking account.

You can activate the invoicing capability through the Novo web app to accept payments by ACH transfer or accept them through your Stripe account if you're using the Novo Stripe integration.


The minimum opening deposit is $50, and the overdraft fee is $27.

Novo Pricing Plan
Source : Fool


  • No monthly fees, transaction fees, minimum balance requirements, and incoming wire fees
  • No ACH transfers, stop payments, debit card replacements, and paper statements fees
  • Free mobile check deposits, physical check bill payments, and bank checks
  • Deposit the refunds of ATM fees directly into your account at the end of a month
  • Set aside funds within your checking account for different expenses in the Novo Reserves budgeting tool
  • Create, send, manage unlimited invoices
  • Connect your Novo account to Square, PayPal, Wave, Venmo, Apple, Google Play
  • Acquire discounts for the Novo-partnered Stripe, QuickBooks, Gusto, Google, HubSpot

Offering a free business checking account ideal for digital banking and integrations with additional business tools, Novo provides you with the best small business bank account for SMB owners on the move.

2. Chase Business Complete Banking

Best Startup Business Checking Account for Completing Transactions.

Chase Business is the Best Startup Business Checking Account for Completing Transactions

With features such as no minimum deposit requirement for opening accounts and multiple branches and ATMs throughout the U.S. making the software convenient for startups, Chase has made sure to offer many other perks to their customers, including the mobile app Quick Accept.

Through QuickAccept, you can accept credit card payments on the go, along with different mobile & online banking tools allowing you to pay bills online, stay protected against fraud, utilize text banking, account alerts, and Chase QuickPay with Zelle.

With no hidden fees or monthly contracts, Chase only charges the manual transactions with 3.5% plus 10 cents per transaction or 2.6% plus 10 cents with the QuickAccept contactless mobile card reader.

The business checking account software provides you with access to unlimited electronic deposits, including deposited items, ACH transfers, ATM transactions, debit card purchases, internal transfers, and mobile deposits.

If you deposit $2,000 within 20 days of sign-up, maintain that balance for 60 days, and complete five qualifying activities such as debit card purchases or mobile check deposits, you can earn a sign-up bonus of $300 when signing up for Chase Business Complete Checking.

Through Business Complete, Chase lets you use QuickAccept to accept credit card payments with the Chase mobile app, connecting you with a mobile card reader and letting you deposit processed payments without needing a separate app.


Chase charges a $15 monthly service fee for checking with 2.6% + 10 cents for each transaction with the QuickAccept contactless mobile card reader.

Chase Business Pricing Plan


  • Set up multiple users on your account
  • Earn $300 as a sign-up bonus when opening a Chase Business Complete Checking Account
  • Maintain minimum daily balance or purchases on your Chase Ink Business credit card and avoid fees
  • Accept card payments anywhere in the U.S. and acquire transparent pricing with QuickAccept
  • Unlimited electronic deposits, ACH, and Chase Quick Deposit
  • Military service members and veterans can waive the $15 monthly service fee with a valid military ID
  • Download account activity into financial software and access the collection and cash-flow services

With access to 16K Chase ATMs and 4,700 branches across the U.S, Chase has solidified itself as one of the best banks for business accounts and an ideal national bank for startups and entrepreneurs.

3. LendingClub Tailored Checking

Best Online Business Bank Account for Small Businesses with Interest-Bearing Checking.

LendingClub is the Best Online Business Bank Account for Small Businesses with Interest Bearing Checking

LendingClub's full suite of financial products includes checkings, savings, CDs, loans, mortgages, insurances, credit cards, as well as app-based checking accounts for consumers and businesses, and much more with their main consumer checking channel Rewards Checking not having a monthly fee and requiring just $100 to open.

Allowing to avail from many of its benefits, including unlimited ATM rebates, the free first order of checks, early direct deposit, and much more.

Offering the LendingClub High-Yield Savings and Rewards Checking savings account products, LendingClub requires you to place $100 to open either one of these two accounts without any monthly fees.

The High-Yield Savings will enable you to facilitate high-interest earnings of 0.25 APY on balances of $25,000 and up and 0.15 APY on balances of $2,500 – $24,999.99 while allowing you to acquire a free ATM card with your savings account while not charging you any fees for using any ATM.

LendingClub Account Summary
Source: Lendingmemo

Create a budget to stay on track, manage your monthly spendings, analyze trends to better understand your spending habits, develop an action plan to pay off your debts with different strategies, link all your external accounts in one place with FDIC-insured deposit of the highest allowed amount of $250K.

Being the best online business checking account, LendingClub's Tailored Checking Account doesn't have any monthly fees or minimum balance requirements, yet it allows you to earn interest on account balances over $5,000 along with cash-back debit and unlimited 1.00% on all purchases.


Below, you can see the certain fees LendingClub charges.

LendingClub Pricing Plan
Source : Moneyunder30


  • Manage digital invoices, wires, ACH, bill payments, mobile deposits on the go
  • Free interest-bearing checking account
  • Link up to three accounts to pull funds from for an overdraft
  • Free checking account rewards with unlimited 1.00% cash-back and ATM fee rebates
  • Receive a free ATM card with your savings account
  • Make free external and internal transfers with Online & Mobile Banking
  • Earn 0.10% APY on balances of $5,000 and up

With a top-notch business checking account, free interest-bearing checking account, and a full suite of competitive online banking and app-based products, LendingClub will allow you to earn APY and cashback and waive the monthly maintenance fees, free ATMs with ATM rebates, and unlimited transactions without fees.

4. Mercury Business Bank Account

Best Free Online Business Bank Account Service for Startups & Tech-Focused Businesses.

Mercury is the Best Free Online Business Bank Account Service for Startups & Tech Focused Businesses

Being among the best banks for business accounts, Mercury includes a business checking account and business savings account with no monthly fees while providing access to over 55K fee-free ATMs for cash withdrawal through the Allpoint network.

The free business checking accounts and all banking services are provided by Evolve Bank & Trust with accounts insured up to $250K by FDIC, and the possibility of holding a balance of more than $250K is provided for businesses that upgrade to the Mercury Tea Room.

In the Mercury Tea Room, you can access free domestic wires, partner rewards on business software & services, eligibility for the Mercury Treasury automated cash management account.

Mercury is a no-fee business checking service with no monthly fees, no transaction fees, no minimum opening deposit requirement, no overdraft fees, no incoming wire fees, and no check sending or receiving charges.

While there are $5 outgoing domestic wire fees and $20 international wire fees, these are still lower than many online and brick-and-mortar competitors, with domestic and international wires free for Tea Room users.

Being among the best business bank accounts for LLC, Mercury can equip an eCommerce store owner with the digital tools to receive online payments, track transactions & cash-flow analytics, and monitor spending.

Mercury Online Business Bank Account Overview
Source: Venturebeat

Along with creating virtual debit cards, Mercury allows you to manage everything from editing your spending limits, freezing your card, adding it to your mobile wallet through the iOS app, and much more.

You can add as many team members to your account as you want with two options for user access, adding them either as admins and allowing them to move money, receive debit cards & change permissions, or adding them as bookkeepers so they can access your transaction history and statements.

Including read-write API access with all accounts, Mercury enables you to customize and automate your account by designing dashboards, facilitating bulk payments, setting transfer rules, reconciling transactions, and so on.


The Standard plan is completely free.

Mercury Pricing Plan


  • No monthly fees, transaction fees, or minimum opening deposit
  • Checking and savings account within one platform
  • Access to over 55K fee-free ATMs in the Allpoint network
  • Create virtual debit cards, edit spending limits, freeze your cards, add them to your mobile wallet
  • Add users to your account as admins or bookkeepers
  • Read-write API access in all accounts
  • Integrate your account with QuickBooks, Xero, Gusto, Shopify, Stripe, PayPal
  • Receive free domestic and international wires in Mercury Tea Room
  • Two months free of Open Phone and one year free of Rippling payroll in Mercury Tea Room

Offering free bank accounts, domestic & international wires, and no minimum balances, Mercury has created the best no-fee business checking account for SMB and startup owners who want to manage all of their finances online, don't need to deposit cash via ATMs or branch locations, and would like to customize their banking with digital tools and integrations.

5. Relay Financial

Best Online Business Bank Account for Growing Businesses.

Relay Financial is the Best Online Business Bank Account for Growing Businesses

The online partner of Evolve Bank & Trust, Relay is the best small business bank account service with no fees that allows you to set up the accounts online in less than 10 minutes and sync with platforms like Amazon & Shopify.

You can give access to your virtual bookkeepers without giving them personal login information, inform the clients and accountants about transactions through audit trails, create virtual & physical debit cards, and much more.

Utilize Relay to pay bills online, and pull in unpaid bills from the best billing & invoicing software QuickBooks and Xero while automating bill approvals and paying via ACH, wire, and check.

Apart from enabling you to reconcile accounts faster with direct bank feeds into Xero and QuickBooks Online, Relay lets you connect to back-office platforms like one of the best payroll software for SMB Gusto, as well as Transferwise, Bill.com, Expensify, and more.

Relay Financial Add funds Feastures
Source: Support.relayfi

Code Mastercard transactions with enriched category data quickly and accurately and see full check details like vendor, date, amount, and memo in Relay and your accounting software automatically.

When one of the best free business checking accounts like Relay enables you to manage multi-step approval processes and make payments with team permissions designed for bill pay, you know you have a comprehensive solution for managing cash flow and managing AP for your clients.


The Relay Standard subscription is $0.

Relay Financial Pricing Plan


  • Manage firm staff with role-based permissions
  • Enable clients to issue Mastercard debit cards for their team instantly
  • Create financial controls on spending via daily transactions and ATM withdrawal limits
  • Secure your account with 2-factor authentication
  • Track client history to notice foreign or unusual charges through the fraud detection system
  • Set controls and limits on your cards
  • Make a report within five days of a fraudulent charge and get refunded
  • Mobile apps for iPhone and Android

With a high quality of bank feed integration and the capabilities for setting up accounts, making transfers, and seeing audit trails easily it provides, Relay has created one of the best banks for business accounts for smaller companies and offers best free business checking accounts out there.

6. Bank of America Business Advantage Fundamentals Banking

Best Business Bank Account for LLC Business Owners and In-Person Banking.

Bank of America is the Best Business Bank Account for LLC Business Owners and In Person Banking

Offering digital-friendly business checking accounts and free business checking accounts for direct deposits of $250 and a minimum daily balance of $1,500 from a brick-and-mortar bank, Bank of America delivers two small business checking accounts in Business Advantage Fundamentals Banking and Business Advantage Relationship banking.

The Business Advantage Fundamentals Banking checking account offers several tools like QuickBooks, Zelle integrations, digital debit cards, virtual financial assistant, unlimited fee-free electronic transactions, high cash deposit limits, three different ways to open an account, and more.

Access a dedicated small business specialist team, and activate fraud protection & transaction security, along with debit cards with a $0 liability guarantee with 24/7 access to the fraud department, 200 free teller transactions and checks written each month.

If you own a business checking account and facilitate a three-month combined $20K or more daily average balance, you can sign up for Preferred Rewards for Business for waived fees, interest rate discounts, and similar bonuses.

Bank of America Personal Account Overview
Source: Hiepsfinance

In both business checking accounts, you will find unlimited fee-free electronic transactions, with the Fundamentals account including up to $7,500 in fee-free cash deposits.

The best business bank accounts of Bank of America provide access to digital tools such as the cash flow monitor and the software's small business online banking platform Business Advantage 360, where you can manage statements & transactions, pay bills, download QuickBooks activity, and customize account alerts.


The monthly fee is $16, and the minimum opening deposit is $100.

Bank of America Pricing Plan
Source : Nerdwallet


  • Unlimited fee-free electronic transactions
  • In-person banking in every U.S. state
  • $0 liability guarantee
  • 24/7 access to the fraud department
  • Receive discounts and waive the monthly fees through the Preferred Rewards
  • Deposit checks, request transfers, pay bills and monitor pending transactions via mobile banking
  • Track credits and debits, access cash flow projections based on scheduled transactions with the cash flow monitor
  • Connect ADP, QuickBooks Online, Google Workspace, Google Analytics, Expensify, TurboTax to your cash flow monitor
  • Savings accounts, payment processing, business credit cards, and business loans for small companies

With 4,300 branch locations across 37 states, Bank of America stands out amongst the other best banks for business accounts with unlimited fee-free electronic transactions, high cash deposit limits, and much more for small business owners wanting to do business banking in-person and operating a cash-heavy business.

7. Wells Fargo Initiate Business Checking Account

Best Business Bank Account for LLC Growth and Brick-and-Mortar Locations.

Wells Fargo is the Best Business Bank Account for LLC Growth and Brick and Mortar Locations

Excellent for small business owners looking for customizable banking from a brick-and-mortar institution, Wells Fargo business checking account lets you choose from three core options, one of which is the Initiate Business Checking Account, and two other solutions based on location and business type.

With access to over 13K fee-free Wells Fargo ATMs and 5,200 branches across 37 states, Wells Fargo lets you open a business checking account online, over the phone, or by visiting a branch.

The Initiate business checking account will cost you $10 in monthly fees, which you can waive with a $500 daily balance or a $1,000 average monthly balance, along with a $25 opening deposit.

As you start with Initiate, you can upgrade to the Navigate and Optimize business checking accounts and take advantage of the additional solutions for a specific industry or a location, including the government business checking accounts, as well as the lawyers trust accounts, real estate trust accounts, and analyzed business checking accounts.

With your Wells Fargo business debit card, you can withdraw cash, deposit checks, transfer funds between your Wells Fargo accounts, and deposit cash in all Wells Fargo ATMs while using your debit card at non-Wells Fargo ATMs in the U.S. and internationally.

Customize your account and user access for your mobile check deposits, online bill payments, text banking, and digital wallet capabilities, set up alerts, and turn your cards on and off.

If you are looking for 24/7 fraud monitoring and zero liability protection for every business checking account, you can protect your debit cards from unauthorized or fraudulent transactions with one of the best bank accounts for small businesses, Wells Fargo.


The monthly fee is $10, and the minimum opening deposit is $25.

Wells Fargo Pricing Plan
Source : Nerdwallet


  • Open a business checking account online, over the phone, or by visiting a branch
  • Government business checking accounts, lawyers trust accounts, real estate trust accounts, analyzed business checking accounts
  • Use your debit card at non-Wells Fargo ATMs in the U.S. and internationally
  • Zero liability debit card protection & 24/7 fraud monitoring
  • No fees for the first 100 transactions and $5,000 in cash deposits per fee period
  • Card-free ATM access at participating ATMs with digital wallet support
  • Cash, electronic direct deposits, and incoming wire transfers are available the same business day
  • Use the automated telephone banking service at all times with free, unlimited access to your accounts

With a rich history of successfully helping startup businesses and entrepreneurs grow their business, Wells Fargo is the leading solution among the best business bank accounts for LLC and brick-and-mortar businesses that anticipate making between 100 and 250 account transactions monthly and prefer versatility when creating accounts.

8. BlueVine Business Checking

#1 No-Fee Business Checking Account for Startups.

BlueVine is No Fee Business Checking Account for Startups

Along with being one of the best factoring companies for fast cash business financing, BlueVine lets you make as many transactions as you like without a fee, along with enabling you to have free business checking accounts without any monthly fees, unlimited transactions, 1.0% on the first $100K balance in your account, and more.

Offering no minimum balance requirement, no minimum deposit requirement, no ATM fees at 38K+ MoneyPass ATMs nationwide, no non-sufficient fund fees, BlueVine creates the best business bank accounts for LLC and helps different types of companies, allowing the account holders to withdraw cash for free.

The best banks for business accounts will make vendor payments as straightforward as possible, which is exactly what BlueVine accomplishes, offering ACH, wire transfers, and checks at your disposal.

Make one-time bill payments through your account or set up recurring automatic payments or make payments by credit card through the tool's online payment system.

BlueVine Checking Account Statement
Source: Bluevine

Thanks to BlueVine's partnership with Green Dot, small business owners like you can make cash deposits in over 90K U.S. retail locations with a fee of up to $4.95 for each deposit.

The invoice factoring functionality operates as a loan that provides some cash flow flexibility as you wait for customers to pay their bills.

Submit one of the customer invoices you want for funding, and you can expect the request approval within a couple of hours, with BlueVine depositing up to 90% of the invoice value into your account and you receiving the rest of the balance of the invoiced amount minus the fees after the customer pays the invoice.

BlueVine's business line of credit can help you access extra funding up to your credit limit, operating as revolving credit accounts with access to more funds as you repay the outstanding debt, activating automatic repayment withdrawn from your account each week over six to twelve months.


Both the monthly fees and minimum opening deposit requirements in BlueVine are $0.


  • Unlimited transactions
  • No monthly service fee
  • No ATM fees at 38K+ MoneyPass ATMs nationwide
  • 1.0% interest on your balance
  • No incoming wire fees and other hidden fees
  • No minimum opening deposit or balance requirement
  • Check-writing privileges and two free checkbooks
  • Acquire extra funding up to your credit limit through a business line of credit
  • Make mobile check deposits and perform daily transactions through the mobile app

For SMB owners in search of free business checking accounts that earn interest, who prefer to manage their finances in the best online business bank account, and who don't need access to a physical branch, BlueVine is an ideal no-fee business checking solution.

9. Capital One Spark Business Unlimited Checking

Best Online Business Bank Account for Small-to-Medium-Sized Businesses with Unlimited Transactions.

Capital One is teh Best Online Business Bank Account for Small to Medium Sized Businesses

Capital One offers two Spark Business Banking accounts for those needing to make large-volume cash deposits, withdrawals, and transfers every month.

One of them is the Spark Business Unlimited Checking Account, which is catered to businesses with annual revenue of up to $10 million enables you to benefit by waiving the monthly fees and deploying overdraft protection, among other features.

Granting you access to over 70K in-network, fee-free Capital One & Allpoint ATMs, you can withdraw cash easily, along with other benefits like having no limits to cash deposits and avoid paying overdraft fees by linking your Spark Business account to a Capital One Small Business Deposit Account.

As a Capital One customer, you will be able to access the online banking and in-person services at Capital One branches across the country while having the possibility to make one-on-one money coaching appointments at a local Capital One Cafe.

Capital One Account Summary
Source: Mymoneyblog

You will need $250 to get started with the best online business checking account of Capital One, with each business bank account being FDIC-insured for up to $250K per account.

While Capital One charges a monthly fee of $35 for its Unlimited Business Checking Account, you can waive the fees with prior 30- or 90-day balance averages of $25K or more.

There are no fees for cash deposits, no charges for incoming wire transfers, and the first five outgoing domestic wire transfers come as a bonus, with the additional outgoing wire transfers costing $25 each.

Saving you from business trips to Capital One branches, Capital One ProDeposit allows you to deposit checks digitally from the office or through the mobile app and comes with a $50 flat monthly service fee while equipping you with a single-feed remote deposit scanner and the capability to extend deposit times up to 9 p.m.


With no fee for cash deposits, you will only need to pay the monthly $35 fee, which you can waive by fulfilling the account balance averages requirements.

Capital One Pricing Plan


  • Unlimited transactions in both business checking accounts, including withdrawals, deposits, and transfers
  • Link a Capital One Business Deposit Account to receive free overdraft protection
  • 24/7 access to 70K+ fee-free Capital One and Allpoint ATMs
  • No fee for cash deposits and no charge for incoming wire transfers
  • Deposit checks digitally from your office or through the mobile app with ProDeposit
  • Extend deposit times up to 9 p.m.
  • Earn interest and maximize savings through the Business Advantage Savings Accounts
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android are highly rated in the App store (4.8 out of 5) and the Google Play store (4.7 out of 5)

Perfect for businesses with high transaction volumes and balances, Spark Business Unlimited Checking allows you to make as many transactions as you want, and send, receive, withdraw, or deposit cash without worrying about unexpected fees or limits.

What Features to Look at When Comparing Business Bank Accounts?

1. Available Account Services

Checking what functionalities are included in a particular bank is the first thing you should do, as some core banking capabilities like check-writing, bill payments, wire transferring, debit card processing, online & mobile banking access, and safe deposit boxes will be different depending on the provider.

With Novo Business Checking, for example, you can request to have checks written and mailed on your behalf for no additional fees.

Chase Business Complete Banking‘s online bill payment guarantee ensures you pay your business bills electronically on time, with the tool reimbursing you if there is ever a mistake that delays payment and charges you a fee.

If you are interested in some additional services like cash flow management, you should consider opening a business checking account with a provider like Bank of America Business Advantage Fundamentals Banking to access digital tools like the cash flow monitor.

Placing your funds in the appropriate bank account type will help you minimize fees and maximize returns, which is why you should be at least aware of other common bank account types that will only accommodate the interest earning and easy withdrawals provided by the checking & savings accounts.

2. Deposit Accounts Interest Rates

If you want an interest-bearing business checking account or a business savings account, you should check the rates banks are paying for them, which is especially important when APYs are falling.

Finding the best business bank accounts with the best rates possible will give your money more opportunity to grow.

Mercury Bank, for example, doesn't include the standard savings accounts with an associated interest rate, so you will have to look elsewhere to earn with an APY.

LendingClub Tailored Checking Account enables you to earn interest on account balances over $5,000 while providing cash-back debit and unlimited 1.00% on all purchases.

Additionally, the bank's High-Yield Savings will let you facilitate high-interest earnings of 0.25 APY on balances of $25,000 and up and 0.15 APY on balances of $2,500 – $24,999.99.

3. Service Fees

Some of the most important fees for business checking accounts include the monthly maintenance fees, minimum balance fees, wire transfer fees, wire transfer fees, ATM fees and surcharges, and overdraft fees.

While online banks tend to charge fewer fees compared to brick-and-mortar banks, you don't have the option of managing your bank account in person as is the case with the latter.

Relay Financial’s Standard subscription is $0 and comes with up to 20 no-fee checking accounts, but they don't offer any APY or bonus options.

Bank of America Business Advantage Fundamentals Banking Account's monthly fee is $16, which can be waived with a $5K average monthly balance or $250 spendings on a debit card, with a minimum opening deposit requirement of $100.

As for transactions, Bank of America's solution relieves you from excessive spending with unlimited fee-free electronic transactions and up to 200 fee-free non-electronic transactions.

4. Branches and ATM Access

There are cases when a physical branch comes as a convenience, such as needing one-on-one help with the management or making daily deposits of cash or checks.

Managing your account and withdrawing cash from an ATM is a plus, but you need to check the size of the bank's ATM network so you don't run into expensive ATM surcharges when using another bank's machine.

It is important that you check if a bank charges ATM fees for business checking or if the bank reimburses out-of-network ATM fees.

Relay Financial, for example, doesn't include access to a physical branch location and allows you to withdraw cash fee-free at over 32K ATMs, but it doesn't offer the capability for you to deposit cash at ATMs.

With Wells Fargo‘s business debit card, you can deposit cash at all Wells Fargo and non-Wells Fargo ATMs in the U.S. and internationally with $5 per withdrawal for international transactions.

Novo Business Checking allows you to use any ATM in the U.S. or abroad with no fees and reimburse all the fees you encounter from different banks you use for ATMs, depositing the refund directly into your account at the end of each month.

5. Transaction Limits

When choosing a business checking account to make frequent deposits, withdrawals, bill payments, or electronic transfers between accounts at other banks, you need to check what daily, weekly, and monthly transaction limits the bank imposes on those transactions.

A bank could limit you to a certain number of checks you could write within one month, or there could be limits to the amount of money you can move in a single electronic transfer.

Chase Business Complete Banking is one business checking tool that offers unlimited electronic deposits, ACH, and Chase Quick Deposit.

You could also be restricted for the number of transactions posted to your account in one day, or an overall number of accessible transactions, after which you will have to pay a fee for additional use.

If you have a higher volume of transactions but wish to avoid paying fees, you should opt for a business checking account that allows unlimited transactions, such as BlueVine Business Checking.

When you have identified the bank account type, the bank of choice & their account fees, and the different capabilities each bank brings, you will need to gather the identification, business license, tax identification number, employer identification & social security number, credit card revenue record, and all the other documents for opening a business bank account.

If you have gone through the process attentively, you will have all the information and resources for understanding how to open a business bank account.

Where Should I Open My Business Bank Account?

If you are a small business owner who wants an interest-earning business checking account with unlimited transactions, there is no better online-based account than LendingClub Tailored Checking.

LendingClub is for an SMB owner who

  • Can maintain a $5,000 account balance to collect interest and waive fees
  • Wants to withdraw and deposit cash fee-free
  • Prefers to manage their finances online with help of mobile banking & integrated invoicing

For small business owners looking for branch access, unlimited electronic deposits, and the ability to accept credit card payments on the go, an ideal choice would be the 5-star NerdWallet-rated Chase Business Complete Banking.

Chase is for an SMB owner who

  • Prefers to handle a part of their finances in person
  • Aims to earn a sign-up bonus when opening a business checking account
  • Can avail from integrated credit card processing services

For an all-around, fee-free online and in-person business checking solution that provides unlimited refunds on ATM charges and focuses on digital banking, Novo Business Checking is the ultimate business bank account.

Novo is for an SMB owner who

  • Wants a free business checking account with no minimum balance required
  • Needs to use ATMs in the U.S. or internationally without thinking about fees
  • Plans to connect their business checking account with their existing financial tools

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