Performance Appraisal Form Templates

Employee Objectives & Performance Review Template

Ongoing Performance Evaluation Template Set

These Performance Appraisal Form Templates Are Perfect For

  • Employee Evaluation: The most common use case, where the template is used to provide structured feedback on an employee's work performance.
  • Goal Setting: The form can be used as a communication tool for aligning individual employee goals with the company's overall objectives.
  • Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses: Use the template to determine areas where an employee excels and areas that require improvement, to guide professional development.
  • Succession Planning: By evaluating employees' skills and potential, performance appraisal forms can help identify potential candidates for promotion and leadership roles.
  • Training Needs Assessment: By assessing an employee's performance and identifying areas of weakness, these forms can inform what training or upskilling programs are needed.
  • Compensation Decisions: Performance appraisals can influence decisions regarding raises, bonuses, and other compensation matters.
  • Conflict Resolution: These forms can help identify and address interpersonal conflicts or issues within a team by highlighting discrepancies in performance or expectations.
  • Performance Trends Tracking: The templates can be used for documenting performance data over time to monitor trends and make informed decisions.