Project Portfolio Management Templates

Project Portfolio Management

These Project Portfolio Management Templates Are Perfect For

  • Project Evaluation: Templates can help you assess each project's strategic value, feasibility, and potential return on investment. They provide a systematic way to rate and rank projects for selection.
  • Resource Allocation: Use PPM templates to outline and manage the resources (human, financial, and technical) required for each project in your portfolio.
  • Portfolio Dashboard: Implement a dashboard template that provides a quick snapshot of all the projects' statuses, progress, and key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Risk Assessment: Use templates to identify, evaluate, and mitigate risks across your project portfolio. They can help you foresee potential hurdles and plan accordingly.
  • Budget Management: PPM templates can provide a structured way to map out the budget for each project and track costs against projections.
  • Project Prioritization: Templates can help you establish a clear methodology for prioritizing projects based on their strategic alignment, expected benefits, and resource availability.
  • Project Timeline: Implementing a timeline template can provide a high-level view of all project schedules, important milestones, and dependencies.
  • Stakeholder Communication: Use templates to maintain regular updates and reports to stakeholders, ensuring transparency and alignment across the organization.
  • Change Management: PPM templates can help you plan and manage any changes to the project or portfolio, including scope, schedule, or resources.
  • Portfolio Review and Optimization: Regularly review the portfolio using PPM templates to ensure alignment with business strategy, adjust priorities, and make data-driven decisions.