12 Best Cloud Analytics Providers of 2022

Updated Aug 3, 2022.
Best Cloud Analytics Providers

You know about the many benefits that come with using data analytics for your business

And you are finally ready to implement one. 

But just before you do that, you think about the costs of installation and maintenance of the data analytics hardwares.

You remembered that you would have to upgrade the on-premises analytics softwares regularly, and your data might even get lost during unforeseen disaster situations.

With all these considerations, you are considering dumping the idea of using data analytics for your business.

After all, you can still use spreadsheets.

But wait!

Would you believe me if I told you there is a solution?

What if I told you you can get your analytics running without installing or downloading any hardwares?

What if I told you, you don't have to maintain anything?

See, spreadsheets is an outdated analytics tool; the solution lies in using cloud-based analytics for your business.

This way, you can conserve your business resources, increase collaboration, share insights and make better business decisions in no time

But, how do you choose the best cloud analytics provider? 

Which vendor will offer you the best returns for your money?

Read on to find answers to these questions, and many others

In the end, you would know the most suitable cloud analytics provider for your business.

So, let's continue!

1. Azure Stream Analytics

Best Cloud Analytics Provider for Efficient Management of Workloads and Building Streaming Pipelines

Azure Stream Analytics is the Best Cloud Analytics Provider for Efficient Management of Workloads


  • Streaming Pipelines: Easily build streaming pipelines with common SQL language extensible with JavaScript and C# custom code, even if you don't know all about new provision virtual machines (VMs), and new processing frameworks.
  • Workloads: Manage your tasks fast, create a continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI-CD) pipeline, and get event processing which is almost all-time available and contains built-in recovery capabilities.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Azure Stream Analytics's built-in machine learning (ML)models and ml-based capabilities allows you to get insights real fast and to run anomaly detection in your streaming tasks.
  • Cloud and Edge Deployment: With insights and analytics capabilities closer to your data source, allow up-to-the-minute scenarios with original Hybrid architectures for stream processing, and choose to run the same query on the edge or in the cloud.
  • Security: Available security features are communication encryptions, in-memory processing and encrypted checkpointing, HIPAA, ISO/SOC, and CSA STAR compliances, and almost 100% guaranteed SLA with stream Analytics dedicated.


Azure Stream Analytics Pricing Plan

Azure Stream Analytics majorly offers a pay as you go pricing plan which permits you to pay according to the services you use, and thereby save 80%. 

There are other purchasing options like ordering through the Microsoft website, enlisting an Azure partner, or contacting an Azure sales specialist

A 30-day free trial plan is also available and likewise a mobile app known as the Azure mobile app.

Azure Stream Analytics also offers different support plans which let you choose the exact support plan that you want. 

2. AWS Analytics

Best Cloud Analytics Provider for Managing and Leveraging Your Data Lake and Warehouse

AWS Analytics is the Best Cloud Analytics Provider for Managing and Leveraging Data Lake and Warehouse


  • Data Warehousing: Without going through the process of unstable to and fro movement of data, easily run SQL and advanced analytics queries against structured and unstructured data in your data lake and warehouse, using the Amazon Redshift service.
  • Dashboards and Visualizations: The Amazon Quicksight business intelligence service powered by machine learning allows you to build and publish compelling BI dashboards, which contain insights and can be accessed from any device or embedded into applications, websites and portals. 
  • Visual Data Preparation; With the AWS Glue DataBrew service, select from more than 250 pre-built transformations to automate your data preparation tasks, clean and make your data up to your required standard for machine learning and analytics tasks. 
  • Interactive Analytics: The interactive query service, Amazon Athena, lets you query your data in standard SQL, and have your results fast without incurring infrastructure or other extra costs; All you have to pay for is the queries you perform.
  • Real-time Analytics: Using Amazon Kinesis service, easily collect, refine and analyze your streaming data and fill your data streams comfortably into your data stores, lakes and analytics services.
  • Operational Analytics: Perform various functions like exploration, filter, aggregation, and visualization on your data for different activities such as application monitoring and clickstream analytics with the Amazon Elasticsearch Service.
  • Big Data Processing: Process large volume of data in your data lake or on-premises.


AWS Analytics also offers a pay as you go plan. 

This means that you only pay for the features you use as you don't have to go on annual or monthly subscription.

Also, you don't need to commit to long-term contracts.

You can create a free account, contact the sales team, or try each of the available AWS services.

3. IBM Cognos Analytics

Best Cloud Analytics Provider for Self-Service Data Exploration, Management and Analytics

IBM Cognos Analytics is the Best Cloud Analytics Provider for Self Service Data Exploration


  • Data Access: Use data virtualization to easily key into your data on clouds and silos without moving or replicating the data. 
  • Dashboards and Visualizations: Clean and collect data from many sources to build actionable dashboards and intuitive reports which can be shared in different formats.
  • Knowledge Catalog: IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog allows you to automate data discovery, classification and enrichment which helps you to make insightful data available to users. 
  • Workloads: With IBM Netezza Performance Server, a data warehouse, boost and amplify your analytics workloads.
  • Senzing: Augment your big data and analytics projects with the Senzing's real-time AI for entity resolution.
  • Security and Privacy: Some reliable security measures present are IBM Cloud Security and Compliance Center, IBM Cloud Data Protection, IBM Cloud Data Shield, Key Protect, and IBM Security Guardium Data Encryption. 


IBM Cognos Analytics Pricing Plan

IBM Cognos Analytics offers three pricing plans and they are On Demand, On Cloud Hosted, and Client Hosted

The On Cloud Hosted plan begins at $40 viewer licenses per user/month and it includes a dedicated cloud solution for up to 10,000 users. 

It covers minimum annual subscription for each instance, production and non-production environments, integration with present authentication partners, and VPN access to on-premises data.

You can also take a free 30-day trail plan.

4. Qlik Sense

Best Cloud Analytics Provider for Powerful and Intuitive Visual Analytics

Qlik Sense is the Best Cloud Analytics Provider for Powerful and Intuitive Visual Analytics


  • Data Visualizations: Visualize your data and generate clear insights on interactive dashboards which you can share to your choice audience.
  • Data Exploration: Easily ask questions on your data, explore, select, and drill down your data to get real-time answers for better decision-making process.
  • AI Assistant: Automate tasks, search answers to queries in common language, and get suggested insights and advanced analytics.
  • Qlik Associative Engine: This engine, supposedly used to build Qlik products, allows you to build your preferred solutions, and also uncover insights that wouldn't have been possible with query-based embedded analytics tools. 
  • Embedded Analytics: Customize white label analytics solutions using the fully embedded analytics platform.
  • APIs and SDK: Use the APIs to build visualization extensions and mashups, and the SDK data sources to enlarge your analytics range.
  • Security: SOC 2, SOC 3, and ISO 27001 certifications, vulnerability management and assessment are some of the security features.


Qlik Sense Pricing Plan

For the pricing, you have two versions which are;

  • Qlik Sense Business at $30 per/month, billed annually and useful for groups and teams
  • Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS with custom pricing, and useful for departments and organizations. 

Features available in the first mentioned plan, Qlik Sense Business are modern analytics, group collaboration, associative engine and augmented analytics. 

Extra features in the Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS are increased capacity, multiple user types, and enterprise governance. 

You can also try Qlik Sense freely without download or installation, after you might have created a Qlik account. 

5. Domo

Best Cloud Analytics Provider for Self Service Business Intelligence, Data Visualization and Integration

Domo is the Best Cloud Analytics Provider for Self Service Business Intelligence


  • Data Connection: Easily connect your data using the integration studio which comes with more than 1,000 pre-built cloud and on-prem connectors, select any of your preferred options for data exchange comprising ODBC, Domo App SDK, and API.
  • Data Visualizations and Analyzer: Build intuitive data visualizations with a simple-to-use drag-and-drop interface by choosing from over 150 chart types and 7,000 custom maps.
  • Live View: Directly visualize how your data flows through the data pipeline and all the systems connected to Domo, with the live view feature which lets you monitor your data in real-time.
  • Data Access: Control who can access your data with centralized and unlimited personalized data permissions.
  • Data Science: The data science actions and python scripting embedded into Domo allows you to discover insights without stress. 
  • Federated Data: Use Domo's federated adapters to query and visualize your existing data without needless duplication.
  • API Manager: Send data into the integration cloud smoothy by building custom APIs.
  • Security: A few of Domo's security components are threat assessment, transport layer encryption and encryption at rest, SAML-based SSO, multi-factor authentication, and IP address restrictions.


Get in touch with a Domo pricing expert by filling out a form on the website to discuss the available pricing options and ultimately, the best one for you. 

You can also take a free trial or watch the available Domo's demo.

6. Board

Best Cloud Analytics Provider for Financial Analytics and Reporting

Board is the Best Cloud Analytics Provider for Financial Analytics and Reporting


  • Reports Generation: Effortlessly build reports and analytics with the intuitive drag and drop user interface.
  • Data Visualizations: Use various elements such as widgets, charts, and tables to display your key performance indicators and other important business data.
  • Data Fast Track: A self-service data modelling functionality which allows users to connect to data sources and databases, build data models or analytical applications, and run visual analyzes. 
  • Search Functionality: Explore information quickly by using the search functionality which can be run on data, metadata, screens and applications, and use the extracted result for further analyzes or build new reports.
  • Virtual Repository: Easily arrange your generated discoveries in the private virtual environment using the pinboard functionality.
  • Mobile Access: Build applications without coding and use from any device, enjoy other mobile-intuitive features such as menu creation, data-entry, image embedding, real-time alerting, data updates and business rules support.
  • Security: Board cloud is supported by Microsoft Azure and also has other security measures like HIPAA, SOC 1 and 2 certifications.


Information about the pricing plans is not available on their website, so you would have to contact them directly to discuss the pricing options. 

However, Board allows you to request a free demo and see if the cloud analytics provider is suitable for your business needs.

7. Zoho Analytics

Most Suitable Cloud Analytics Provider for Data and Collaborative Analytics

Zoho Analytics is the Most Suitable Cloud Analytics Provider for Data and Collaborative Analytics


  • Dashboards and Reports: Build beautiful dashboards and reports which you can easily share with access control permissions or embed in intranets, blogs and websites. 
  • Collaboration: Collaborate interactively with your teammates on dashboards and reports while maintaining full control with the access control.
  • Augmented Analytics: Accelerate your data analytics and generate insights fast using machine learning, artificial intelligence, and natural language processing and generation.
  • Integration: Connect to more than 50 widely-used business applications, cloud databases and cloud drives, easily.
  • Security: Zoho Analytics's data centers are SOC Type II and ISO/IEC 27001 certified, and GDPR compliant.
  • Mobile Access: Visualize, explore and interact with your data and reports from your mobile devices.


Zoho Analytics Pricing Plan

There are four pricing plans on Zoho Analytics and they include;

  • Basic at $22/month 
  • Standard at $45/month
  • Premium at $112/month, and,
  • Enterprise at $445/month.

The Premium plan is the most widely-used plan and it allows up to 15 users and 5 million rows. 

It also covers all Standard plan's features and additional ones like advanced data preparation, private links, Zia insights, activity logs, and logo rebranding.

Note that the above pricing plans are for the yearly subscription and it allows you to save up to 20%. 

Zoho Analytics likewise has a 15-day free trial plan.

8. Snowflake

Best Cloud Analytics Provider for Data Discovery, Analytics, and Sharing

Snowflake is the Best Cloud Analytics Provider for Data Discovery, Analytics, and Sharing


  • Data Science and Engineering: Simply prepare your data for modelling using any architecture that you want and create reliable data pipelines in your preferred language.
  • Workloads: Easily run your vital workloads without wasting time and resources.
  • Data Lake and Warehouse: Effortlessly access your secured data lake and get scalable data analytics with data warehouse. 
  • Data Applications: Build up-to-date and integrated data applications to serve any of your chosen audience such as customers or business associates.
  • Data Sharing: Distribute to key audiences and collaborate on your functional business data.
  • Security: Snowflake has security compliance certifications like HIPAA, SOC 1 and SOC Type 2, PCI DSS, and FedRamp authorization plus always-on data encryption.


Snowflakes offers a usage-based pricing plan which means you pay according to the compute time you utilize, and the volume of data you store in snowflake

There are also various editions of Snowflake's data cloud service. 

You have the usage-based, per-second pricing known as Snowflake On Demand and another one which permits you to buy pre-purchased Snowflake capacity options so as to secure discounts to Snowflake's usage-based pricing

Also included in the pricing systems are some among which you can choose the best one that works for you. They are Standard, Enterprise, Business Critical and Virtual Private Snowflake and you can take a 30-day trial on any of these plans.

9. TIBCO Spotfire

Best Cloud Analytics Provider for Data Visualization and Advanced Analytics

TIBCO Spotfire is the Best Cloud Analytics Provider for Data Visualization and Advanced Analytics


  • Visual Analytics: Discover and visualize your historic and live data with the aid of TIBCO Hyperconverged analytics, drill down data from distinct data sources, and generate real-time insights vital to your business growth. 
  • Custom Analytics: Spotfire Mods Framework allows you to build specified analytics apps, which you can customize and configure for usage together with visualization library, workflow, or API.
  • Embedded AI and Data Science: Deeply explore your data with the AI- powered recommendations engine which lets you uncover trends and patterns in your data, use the native R and Python bundled engines to write and manage scripts in a single environment. 
  • Geoanalytics: Drill down map charts to generate deeper insights and automatic contexts for data based on location.


TIBCO Spotfire Pricing Plan

The TIBCO Cloud Spotfire contains four pricing plans which are;

  • Analyst at $125/month
  • Business Author at $65/month
  • Consumer at $25/month
  • Library Storage at $25/month.

TIBCO Cloud Spotfire free trial lasts a period of 30 days. 

Moreso, going for the annual subscription gives you access to an annual discount of 2 months free. 

And if you want the TIBCO Cloud spotfire Enterprise which enables Spotfire as a private service, and to be run in TIBCO's private cloud environment, then you can contact the sales team.

10. Tableau

Best Cloud Analytics Provider for Self Service Analytics

Tableau is the Best Cloud Analytics Provider for Self Service Analytics


  • Data Sources: Connect to different data sources like cloud databases, add extra data sources to get comprehensive data which you can use to build actionable and insightful dashboards explorable by users from anywhere.
  • Ask Data and Natural Language: Powered by impressive algorithms, Ask Data can be used to profile, index, and optimize your data sources automatically, while the natural language allows you to ask questions and get reliable answers from any published data source that you want.
  • Collaboration and Sharing: Publish your dashboards, share insights and findings, and allow your teammates and customers to interact with your visualizations as you easily do all of these from a browser or the mobile apps.
  • Explain Data: Explain data works on the principle of the advanced statistical models and artificial intelligence to allow you unveil hidden insights and satisfy yourself with good explanations for data points.
  • View Customization: Apart from being able to highlight and filter your data, pattern views from published data with sound web editing and author new workbooks.
  • Security: Tableau online's architecture satisfies all SOC 2 requirements and it likewise allows users to to manage authentication and permissions for contents, users, and data.


Tableau Pricing Plan

The available pricing plans for the annual subscription are;

  • Tableau Creator at $70/ user/month
  • Tableau Explorer at $42/user/month
  • Tableau Viewer at $15/user/month.

You can also take a free trail plan for 14 days.

11. Microsoft Power BI

Best Cloud Analytics Provider for Reporting

Microsoft Power BI is the Best Cloud Analytics Provider for Reporting


  • Data Access: Connect to many supported on-premises and cloud-based data sources such as Salesforce, Dynamics 365, Azure SQL DB, and Excel.
  • Reports Building: Build compelling reports using interactive visualizations like hundreds of modern data visuals and a drag-and-drop canvas provided by Microsoft and its partners, and embed reports into your business applications and websites.
  • Mobile Access: Your reports can be mobile-optimized which allows your viewers to easily access them, and publish from Power BI desktop to the cloud from any device, anytime.
  • Security: Cloud access security, information protection, unified endpoint management, adoption reporting, and data encryption are some of the available security measures.


Microsoft Power BI Pricing Plan

Microsoft Power BI has two major pricing offerings. 

They include the Power BI Pro which is charged at $9.99 only on the per user/month basis, and Power BI Premium which is charged based on per user and per capacity

The per user goes for $20/per user/month while the per capacity goes for $4,995 per capacity/month

The Power BI premium includes all the features available in the Power BI Pro and extra features such as Advanced AI, self service data preparation for big data and access to simplify data management. 

You can try out Microsoft Power BI freely for 30 days.

12. SAP Analytics Cloud

Best Cloud Analytics Provider for Data Exploration and Visualization

SAP Analytics Cloud is the Best Cloud Analytics Provider for Data Exploration and Visualization


  • Data Preparation and Modelling: Refine and optimize your data to generate full insights by automating data cleansing which alerts errors and classifies measures and dimensions.
  • Data Visualization: Build intuitive and compelling data visualizations, stories, and easily share with your selected audience.
  • Data Exploration: No matter the volume of your data, filter and drill down into data to uncover hidden insights and patterns.
  • Machine Learning: Act faster on your data using the insights generated by machine learning algorithms which unveil hidden patterns, trends, and outliers in your data, all by default.
  • Conversational Analytics: Using natural language processing and generation, converse with your data by asking questions, and get immediate answers, explanations, and even data visualizations.
  • Predictive Planning: Predictive forecasting and machine learning tools allows you to understand your business better and make insightful decisions now and in the not distant future.


The pricing plans of SAP Analytics Cloud are available on a subscription basis.

While the business intelligence solution begins from $36/user/month, you would have to request a quote for the planning solution which contains all business intelligence features plus the comprehensive planning models.

SAP Analytics Cloud also allows you to try out the SAP Analytics Cloud features such as standard data connections, data modelling and discovery, data exploration, and augmented analytics, freely for 90 days.

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