12 Best Cloud Analytics Providers of 2024

Updated Nov 16, 2022.

Are you looking for the ‘right’ cloud analytics platform for your business?
Do you want to choose the right cloud analytics platform without going through the hurdles of trying all the cloud analytics platforms?
This article is for you if your answer was ‘YES.’

Microsoft icon

Azure Stream Analytics

Affordable, easy-to-use, and intuitive cloud based analytics provider with lots of free cloud services for building streaming pipelines quickly.
AWS icon

AWS Analytics

The cloud based analytics provider with the most abundant cloud analytics systems for data discovery and data analytics.
IBM icon

IBM Cognos Analytics

The right pick for large enterprises for automating data analytics processes and building data visualizations and dashboards
Qlik Sense icon

Qlik Sense

Simple cloud based analytics provider for connecting to a large pool of data sources and reacting to data changes in real-time.
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Most suitable analytics platform for handling large amounts of data, including big data, and exploring extensive pre-built data connectors

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I can bet that you have heard about the enormous benefits of “the cloud.”

You might have even heard that it provides many revolutionary benefits in business and technology.

One of these major revolutionary benefits is the availability of cloud analytics tools.

Cloud-based analytics tools put you in the sole control of your data and business intelligence processes.

But the thing is, there are many cloud analytics providers.

And it can be not easy to know which one you should choose for your business.

This article will solve that problem, and by the end, you can easily pick the right analytics provider for your business.

Read on!

What are the Best Cloud Analytics Providers?

1. Azure Stream Analytics

Best Overall Cloud Analytics Provider for Stream Processing

Editor’s Take
9.1 out of 10
Best For:
Best Overall
Starts from $0.11 per hour
Free services within the first 12 months and $200 credit

If I have to choose one edge that Azure Stream Analytics has over other best cloud analytics platforms, then I would go for its powerful built-in machine learning capabilities.  Even without that, Azure Stream Analytics still remains the topmost choice for anyone looking to run very heavy workloads, and build streaming pipelines fast. As far as extracting insights from streaming data is concerned, Azure Stream Analytics is unbeatable, even among all the best cloud analytics platforms.

Azure Stream Analytics is ideal for performing anomaly detection and processing streams fast and easily.

Major Analytics Tools

  • Streaming Pipelines: With the Azure Stream Analytics platform, you can easily build steaming pipelines fast and perform complex data analytics without learning any provision Virtual Machines (VMs) or new Processing Frameworks. And if you need more advanced use cases, quickly deploy the familiar SQL language, which you can extend with Javascript and C# custom code.
  • Data Discovery and Stream Processing: Get access to real-time insights and data analytics capabilities. Another advantage is running novel scenarios with hybrid architecture for stream processing.
  • Artificial and Business Intelligence: Derive in-built machine learning models fast and generate useful insights for efficient business intelligence. You can also carry out anomaly detection by using machine learning-based capabilities.


Azure Stream Analytics - pricing

Azure Stream Analytics offers two versions based on the resource type you want.

For example, the resource type of the Stream Analytics Cluster costs 0.11$ per hour with a 36 SU minimum, and it also offers virtual network support.

Try out Azure Stream Analytics and increase the efficiency of your business intelligence processes.

2. AWS Analytics

Simple Cloud Analytics Provider for Real-Time Data Movement

Editor’s Take
8.7 out of 10
Best for:
Pay for the cloud services that you use
Volume-based discounts and free tier offers

Choose AWS Analytics and you have chosen the cloud analytics tool with the broadest selection of analytics services. And that's not bad. The great news is that you don't have to pay for and use all of these analytics services. You only pay for the cloud analytics service that you use in real-time. So, if you are a startup, then AWS Analytics was made just for you and you might not have to squander on other best cloud analytics platforms. AWS Analytics is also a popular choice among professional data scientists.

Choose AWS Analytics if you want a cloud analytics provider with more than 200 cloud solutions.

AWS Analytics Services

  • Analytics: Whether you want to carry out business intelligence and analytics, view and analyze big data, including text and unstructured data, query data with SQL, or normalize data in your existing databases, AWS analytics has you covered. There are various drag and drop analytics services such as Amazon Athena and Amazon Quicksight.
  • Data Lake: You have Amazon S3, which you can use to retrieve data from various sources, AWS Lake Formation for building a secure data lake, and AWS Glue for preparing and loading your data useful for business intelligence activities. Use AWS Data Exchange to subscribe to third-party cloud-based data.
  • Data Movement: Let's say you want to collect streaming data for real-time analytics, load data streams into analytics platforms, and process and store video streams for analytics and machine learning. You need to deploy the Amazon Kinesis Data Streams, Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose, and Amazon Kinesis Video Streams.


AWS Analytics - pricing

AWS Analytics charges on a pay-as-you-go service model.

This allows you to pay for the individual service without long-term contracts.

3. IBM Cognos Analytics

An Ideal Enterprise Resource for Enhanced Artificial Intelligence Capabilities

Editor’s Take
8.4 out of 10
Best For:
Large Enterprises
$5 per user per month to $450 per user per month 
Availability of a 30-day free trial plan

Artificial Intelligence is the future of the digital world and IBM Cognos Analytics leads as the foremost business intelligence tool any business should consider. IBM Cognos Analytics is not only good for creating amazing data visualizations and discovering where your business presently stands. Forecasting and prediction analysis is also a walk-through with IBM Cognos Analytics and many large businesses love the cloud analytics platform for that and many outstanding features like data exploration and data modeling.

IBM Cognos Analytics provides an AI-powered cloud computing platform that saves time and effort.

Key Cloud Analytics Features

  • Data Sources: Bring your data from various sources easily. Gather your data from Amazon, Redshift, SQL databases, and Big Query. Import data from spreadsheets and CSV files. AI-assisted data preparation lets you save time. You can create new tables and add the calculated fields you want.
  • Visualizations and Dashboards: IBM Cognos Analytics allows you to build visualizations and easily create dynamic and interactive dashboards. For example, you can create auto-generated visualizations which you can share with slack or email.
  • Patterns and Personalized Reports: Easily uncover patterns, and predict seasonal trends using time series modeling. You can even ask the AI assistant question in natural language to get your answers in real-time visualizations. Create and generate personalized reports, keeping stakeholders informed and updated. You can also share multi-page reports.


IBM Cognos Analytics - pricing

IBM Cognos Analytics offers three major pricing versions: On-Demand, On Cloud-Hosted(multi-tenant cloud architecture), and Client-Hosted.

There's support for both public and private cloud solutions.

The most popular edition is the On-Demand, and it caters to 1 to 200 users.

Two plans are also available under the On-Demand version, and they are Standard at $10 per user per month and Premium at $40 per user per month.

Try out the On-demand plan freely for 30 days and carry out cloud computing as you have always wanted.

4. Qlik Sense

Modern Cloud Analytics Provider for Advanced Analytics Integration

Editor’s Take
8.2 out of 10
Best for:
Small and Large Businesses
The price starts from $30 per user per month
Availability of free trial

Well, Qlik Sense is that one cloud analytics platform that combines modern analytics, an associative engine, and even group collaboration in a single solution. But the possible drawback is that you have to pay $30 per user per month, assuming you opt for the annual subscription. If that seems like something you can cope with, especially for the long term, then I assure you that you would enjoy Qlik Sense for data analysis and cloud computing.

Equipped with an alerting technology, Qlik Sense is what you need to get an all-round view of your data and interact with your data.

Analytics Tools

  • Self-Service Visualization: Perform all sorts of actions ranging from the combination, visualization, and exploration of your data, whether large or small or unstructured data. Easily get insightful answers to your burning questions or areas of interest through interactive tables, charts, and objects. With Qlik Sense, you also get access to an Insight Advisor, which auto-generated analysis and chart recommendations.
  • Search and Conversational: With the Qlik Sense search and conversational analytics, you can interact with your data and use natural language to generate important insights. Insight Advisor, for example, uses natural language processing to auto-generate important analyses and insights. Conversational analytics also provides you with a completely interactive natural language experience.
  • Alerting and Action: Using alerting and automation, react instantly to data changes, act on useful insights, and monitor your business efficiently. Qlik Sense platform integrates an alerting technology that is completely data-driven and allows you to get a 360° view of all your data and take the necessary actions accordingly. You can turn insights into actions using application automation while automating routine tasks.


Qlik Sense - pricing

Qlik Sense offers both Qlik-hosted like other cloud platforms, and Client-Managed solutions.

For the Qlik-hosted, you have Qlik Sense Business and Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS.

The Qlik Sense Business charges $30 per user per month, billed annually, while you would have to contact the sales team for the Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS.

Use Qlik Sense Business freely and explore its important data discovery and analytics tools.

5. Domo

Cloud Analytics Provider With Robust Pre-Built Data Connectors

Editor’s Take
7.9 out of 10
Best for:
Businesses with large data
Contact the sales team to request a personalized quote for your business
A trial version of the demo is available

Domo made it to the top five because of many reasons. First is the unrivaled pre-built data connectors that it offers over its competitors. Second is how it lets users combine all their data for effective utilization across any business workflow or process. Third is the access to pre-built business apps and the availability of more than 150 chart types unlike other cloud platforms. Need I say more? 

Domo is a top business intelligence tool that allows you to integrate data from many sources using more than 1,000 pre-built data connectors, file upload connectors, and bi-directional exchange.

Analytics Tools

  • Data Sharing and Embedded Analytics: With the Domo Everywhere, you can easily share important data with your partners and customers while analyzing data and automating tailored reporting. You can schedule automated reports without stress, carry out complete self-service ad hoc analysis, and use scheduled and threshold alters to set up notifications.
  • Reporting and Dashboards: Domo gives you access to more than 150 chart types without excluding data science charts and Trellis charts. Also, you can choose from over 7,000 custom maps to visualize your data. Better still, upload your preferred maps with a few clicks, view your entire calculated fields over the full Domo data sets, and easily make updates using bulk actions.
  • Data Apps: Let's say you have specific business needs you want to address. Domo allows you to do this easily with the hundreds of pre-built apps and connectors built on Domo. You can also access pre-built data connections and visualizations and connect apps, images, and text on an intuitive drag and drop canvas.


Domo - pricing

You would have to contact the Domo sales team to request a personalized quote that provides pricing tailored to your exact needs.

Depending on your requirements, you get access to powerful drag and drop ETL, over 150 chart types, SEO integration, and access to hundreds of pre-built business apps.

Try out Domo and begin taking control of your data discovery and analysis.

6. Board

An Ideal Analytics Tool for Data Simulation and Visualizations

Board - Analyze. Simulate. Plan

Data models, multiple data-entry capabilities, and advanced integrations are some of the tools you would enjoy in Board.

Key Board Features

  • Data View and Data Discovery: Board data models normalize and organize your data. Access a full set of pre-built dedicated data connectors that allow you to access and use your data quickly. Build any application you want with the Board's native HTML5 web technology and the Toolkit.
  • Analysis: Easily build analyses such as simple reports and complex performance management applications with the drag and drop measures and graphical objects. Board provides the possible drill-down paths, giving you the freedom to choose the one you want, anytime. You can manage aggregate data and access information within the source systems.
  • Planning: Board offers multiple data-entry capabilities allowing you to manage your data collection process easier. You also have a seamless integration of the transactional and planning systems.


If you want to know about the costs of the Board, then you would need to fill out a form that specifies the annual hardware costs and other software costs.

Try out Board freely today and explore business intelligence, performance management, and analytics capabilities in a single platform.

7. Zoho Analytics

Free Cloud Analytics Provider for Unlimited Reports and Dashboards

Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics is as intuitive as physical access control systems and it gives you access to actionable insights on your data via Zia Insights and advanced analytics capabilities.

Analytics Tools

  • Embedded Business Intelligence: Easily create a standalone analytics portal, or use the single sign-on API or SAML authentication to integrate a comprehensive business analytics platform within your application. You can customize the self-service analytics portal with rich design elements and access it anytime you want via the web and native mobile apps. Zoho's smart AI assistant, Zia, also provides automated insight from any reports or dashboard. Then there's predictive and descriptive analytics based on machine learning, and smart forecasting for carrying out business intelligence processes.
  • Data Preparation and Management: Prepare your data, analyze, transform and enrich with the Zoho Data Prep, which is directly within the Zoho Analytics. Identify and fix invalid data by creating custom data types, automatically marking out data types, and joining data sets using suggestions. You can remove invalid entries and duplicates and therefore improve your data quality and data governance level. Use intelligent suggestions to filter and clean your data, and reshape your data with the 250+ transform functions like summary and pivot.
  • Collaborative Analytics: Create dashboards and reports with your partners and maintain complete control over data and reports. You can also publish your dashboards and reports on websites and applications.


Zoho Analytics - pricing

Zoho Analytics offers four pricing plans: Basic, Standard, Premium, and Enterprise.

The Premium plan is the most popular plan, which charges $112 per month, is billed yearly, and allows up to 15 users and 5 million rows.

This plan boasts advanced data preparation and data analysis, activity logs, Zia insights, analytics portal add-on, and premium support.

Start using Zoho Analytics now, freely enjoy the rich analytics features it has to offer for 15 days and save 20% with the yearly subscription.

8. Snowflake

An Ideal Cloud Analytics Provider for Building Data-Intensive Applications

Snowflake - Canva Designs more in the data cloud

Whether you need a solution for data lakes, data application development, data science, or data warehousing, Snowflake has got you covered. It offers a cloud data platform that allows you to load, analyze, and share your data and unite all your enterprise data, workloads, and users.

Cloud Analytics Tools

  • Elastic Performance Engine: Snowflake gives you access to a single-engine that you can use to manage and power sophisticated data pipelines, interactive applications, large-scale analytics, and feature engineering across your important business data workloads. With this elastic performance engine, you can easily handle many users and workloads without affecting the overall outputs and performance. There's robust SQL support and the Snowflake developer framework for Java and Scala access, including access to native pushdown integrations.
  • Show grid: Imagine the ability to share and collaborate easily without even using Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL), yet with one copy of your data. What about seamless discovery and sharing of governed data between your partners, customers, and teams? If that sounds good, welcome to Snowflake. Snowgrid lets you explore modern data sharing and collaboration, cross-cloud and cross-region connectivity. The Snowflake data marketplace also provides easy access to important and relevant data.
  • Automation and Intelligent Infrastructure: Allow your team to focus on the crucial aspects of your business by using Snowflake to automate complex data replication, including cross-region or cross-cloud. With Snowflake, you can rest assured of high availability, high reliability, and constant and automatic improvements, which increase overall performance and better storage compression.


Snowflake - Canva Designs more in the data cloud - pricing

Snowflake charges you based on the compute time and storage that you use. And you can even store large amounts of business data with the Snowflake cost-effective compression.

You can also go for any Snowflake editions, including Standard, Enterprise, Business Critical, and Virtual Private Snowflake.

Try out Snowflake freely for 30 days and stay in full control of your data cloud.

9. TIBCO Spotfire

Best Cloud Analytics Provider for Real-Time Streaming and Visual Analytics

TIBCO Spotfire

TIBCO Spotfire is a cloud analytics tool that gives you access to AI-infused analytics and custom analytics apps.

Key Analytics Features

  • Custom Analytics Apps: The Spotfire analytics platform and the TIBCO Hyperconverged analytics give you a seamless experience for data discovery, point-and-click insights, and visual analytics. Comb multiple data sources with insightful and responsive visualizations and access historical and real-time data at your fingertips. Use the Spotfire Mods framework to build tailored analytics apps and use any API, workflow, or visualization library to custom configure your app.
  • Intelligent Data Wrangling: Do you want to prepare your data for analysis without stress quickly? What about cleaning, enriching, and transforming data from multiple data sets? TIBCO Spotfire allows you to carry out all these functions easily. For example, the smart machine learning workflows optimize data preparation and help to automate fundamental tasks such as AI-powered smart joins.
  • Streaming Analytics: Use Spotfire Mods Framework, and embedded data science to improve your business intelligence models and processes. It also provides real-time analytics on live streaming data while you can view and analyze historical and streaming data in a single analysis.


TIBCO Spotfire - pricing

TIBCO Cloud Spotfire offers four different editions: Consumer at $25 per month, Library Storage at $25 per month, Business Author at $65 per month, and Analyst at $125 per month.

Whichever plan you choose, you get two months free.

Try out TIBCO cloud Spotfire freely for 30 days and see if it's the ideal analytics platform for your business.

10. Tableau

Visual Cloud Analytics Provider for Data Preparation

Tableau - The world's leading analytics platform

Tableau is a visual cloud analytics platform that allows you to view and interact with dashboards and visualizations on the web and on your mobile devices.

Key Tableau Products

  • Tableau Prep: Easily connect to any data source you want and handle large and small amounts of data sets. Easily manage and split metadata, especially as a power user. There's support for live analysis and gathering data-in memory through encrypted extracts. You can directly clean and join data, automate data prep flows, and get insights and analysis fast.
  • Tableau Desktop: With the tableau desktop, analyze data and take advantage of the unlimited data exploration via an intuitive interface. Get quick answers to your burning questions with live visual analytics and take impactful data-driven business decisions by generating insights via interactive dashboards. Review statistical summaries, drag and drop forecasts, and reference lines, and build calculations with the existing data. Spot trends, perform data mining, discover opportunities, and uncover insights using the Tableau Desktop.
  • Tableau Online: Manage, secure, share and collaborate on data, dashboards, and insights, and invite your partners to discover opportunities using interactive visualizations. You can ask questions with natural language, create interactive dashboards, and add additional data sources. Using mobile device management allows you to customize Tableau mobile.


Tableau - The world's leading analytics platform - pricing

Tableau mainly offers three versions: Tableau Viewer at $15 per user per month, Tableau Explorer at $42 per user per month, and Tableau Creator at $70 per user per month, all billed annually.

And if you manage a large enterprise, you can contact the sales team to get more information about the pricing.

Start using Tableau to create and share visualizations in the cloud, prepare and manage your data, and carry out collaborative analytics with your team.

11. Microsoft Power BI

Most Suitable Cloud Analytics Provider for Interactive Data Visualization

Microsoft Power BI - Find clarity when you need it most

Microsoft Power BI provides an easy-to-use and unified business intelligence platform which lets you connect to any data and perform self-analytics.

Key Power BI Features

  • Data Sources: Microsoft Power BI gives you access to more than 500 free connectors as an integrated solution which allows you to connect to hundreds of On-premises and cloud data warehouses like Salesforce, SharePoint, and Azure SQL Database. You can work together and collaborate on data, share data, and create and save unlimited interactive reports. Apart from that, Microsoft Power BI also allows you to visualize your data with custom-built visuals. This way, analyzing data is easier.
  • Self-service Analytics and Smart Tools: Microsoft Power BI is your best bet if you want self-service capabilities at an enterprise scale. Apart from offering an analytics platform that grows with your business, you also enjoy built-in AI capabilities, data visualizations, custom data connectors, and Excel integration.
  • Dashboards and Reports: Easily create immersive dashboards and reports by unifying data from many sources, generating insights, and improving your business performance and results.


Microsoft Power BI - Find clarity when you need it most - pricing

Microsoft Power BI is relatively affordable among cloud BI tools as its pricing starts from $1 per hour for analytics.

It also offers three main pricing versions: Power BI Pro at $13.70 per user per month and Power BI Premium starting at $27.50 per user.

If you are interested in volume licensing, contact Microsoft Power BI directly.

Get started with Microsoft Power BI freely and consider choosing it over other business intelligence tools.

12. SAP Analytics Cloud

Best Cloud Analytics Provider for Augmented Analytics

SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Analytics Cloud combines business intelligence, predictive analytics, enterprise planning, and augmented analytics in one solution.

You can conveniently use it as an in-memory calculation engine.

Key Features

  • Analytics and Business Intelligence: Easily set key performance indicators and hierarchies, automate data wrangling, explore data visualization and stories, irrespective of the data size, and uncover deeper insights using self-service data modeling and preparation data exploration and visualization. Make data-driven decisions faster and easier by taking advantage of machine-generated insights and analytics. What-if simulation is also available.
  • Pre-Built Business Content: SAP Analytics Cloud provides pre-built business content packages which can serve as the foundation of your analytics and planning scenarios. Access comprehensive documentation of key performance indicators, data flows, and models and use sample data included in SAP Analytics Cloud and generate results fast. SAP Analytics Cloud also lets you use an analytics catalog, making it easy for you to unify access to your entire analytics content.
  • Enterprise Planning: While you can create financial and operational plans seamlessly in a single solution, you also have access to forecasting and machine learning tools to anticipate your business needs quickly. Easily collaborate on reports and stories using group discussions and comments across mobile and the web. Scenario planning allows you to create and modify versions of a planning model so make data-driven analysis, forecasting, and budgeting from a single cloud interface.


SAP Analytics Cloud - pricing

SAP Analytics Cloud offers its purchasing options on a subscription basis.

Apart from the trial plan, you also have the Business Intelligence plan, which starts from $36 per user per month with self-service business intelligence.

You can also request custom pricing.

Try out SAP Analytics Cloud freely for a whole 30 days. You also can extend it to 90 days if you want.


What are cloud analytics platforms?

Cloud analytics platforms are tools that top cloud platforms offer to let you use analytics algorithms present in the cloud to deliver particular results on particular sets of data. 

It mainly involves data analytics and can also serve as a business intelligence platform.

You can generate important and actionable insights which you can use to make data-driven and insightful decisions. 

Which is the best analytics tool?

The particular analytics service provider you want will determine your choice from the available cloud analytics tools. 

For example, if you want a cloud analytics provider with great cloud services, go for AWS analytics

However, Azure Stream Analytics leads as the overall best analytics tool over other cloud platforms.

Choosing the Right Cloud Analytics Software Tool

If you want to choose the right cloud analytics software tool for your business, you need to consider the right factors.

And this starts with the particular cloud analytics service that you need.

Do you want a business analytics platform that is particularly best for stream processing?

Are you looking for a cloud platform that is ideal for advanced analytics integration or a data visualization tool?

These are some of the real-time questions you need to answer here.

What amount of dollars are you also willing to sacrifice for a good analytics tool over other analytics platforms?

The size of your business is also an important factor that you need to consider.

Here are some major use cases of the topmost cloud analytics tools, and they are popular with business users.

Best for large and mid-size business

Azure Stream Analytics

Best for small businesses

AWS Analytics

Best for large enterprises

IBM Cognos Analytics

Best for small and large businesses 

Qlik Sense

Best for business users with large data


It's time to choose the best cloud analytics provider and take advantage of the immense benefits of cloud and cloud computing.

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