Top 11 Cloud Service Providers in 2022

Updated Sep 1, 2022.
Top Cloud Service Provider

What if I told you there is a technology which you can use to reduce your business expenses, increase your business revenue and increase your service delivery quality and quantity to your customers.

And you know what? This technology also supports remote work. 

So your employees can remotely access business files and applications from different locations.

And wait! Before you think “that  technology would surely cost thousands of dollars!”

This technology is not expensive; it is cheap and would in fact help your business generate more profits. 

To take advantage of this technology, all you need is some few bucks. 

You want the technology, don't you?

Well, this technology is no other than cloud computing.

If by this time, you are not using cloud computing services for your business, then you are leaving lots of money on the table and going through stress that you could completely avoid. 

Buying of computing infrastructure stress, maintenance stress, upgrade stress, housing stress and all other stress that is associated with managing your computing infrastructure locally.

So the best action you can take now is to choose a cloud service provider.

But here is another headache. 

How do you choose the best cloud service provider for your business? 

This is why you need this review. 

Continue reading and you would know the different products offered by 11 cloud service providers including their pricing and benefits. 

Without further ado, let's continue.

Key Advantages of Cloud Computing

1. Cost Reduction and Convenient Pricing

Cloud computing can lead to substantial reduction in business expenses.

Since all the computing infrastructure is hosted and managed by the cloud service vendor, you don't have to buy any hardwares or incur extra costs by employing IT professionals. 

All you need to do is to connect to the cloud and use whatever cloud service you want without taking any responsibility for the hosting and maintenance of computing infrastructure.

With cloud computing, you can save your dollars and invest in other business aspects that matter. 

But you may ask, is cloud computing completely free? 

Well, it is not. But unlike most softwares where you have to subscribe for any of the fixed-rate versions, most cloud service providers offer a pay-as-you-go plan. 

What this means is that you only pay for the services you use without any long term contracts or commitment. 

It is that simple and convenient.

2. Elasticity and Flexibility

Cloud computing allows you to use computing services that you need at the moment. 

Assuming you want to use the traditional and on-premises computing infrastructure, you would need to keep buying the needed computing hardwares as your business grows. 

And mostimes, you might not be able to predict the growth rate of your business as it depends on a lot of factors. 

Apart from that, the needs of your customers might either increase or decrease during unforeseen periods

This makes it difficult for you to keep a stable number of computing infrastructures. 

Either you continue to buy more when your business needs are at peak level or you render your computing infrastructure dormant when your business needs decrease. 

On the other hand, you can streamline your computing operations in accordance with your business needs by using cloud computing.

Most cloud service providers have large capacities to handle massive usage and they also support little usage. 

You determine the measure by which you use the provided cloud services.

3. Increased and Efficient collaboration

Another key advantage of cloud computing is that it increases collaboration and boosts users' productivity

Files can be stored and shared easily and teammates can work together on a single application or document from multiple locations. 

By using cloud computing, you can ensure only key employees handle sensitive business applications and files by giving them personalized access and control. 

Your business applications and files are also orderly arranged, managed and secured on cloud computing infrastructure

Now that you know the key advantages of cloud computing and you would like to choose one for your business, what are your options? Read on to know about 11 cloud service providers which you can choose from today.

List of Top Cloud Service Providers

1. Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Best and Leading Cloud Service Provider for Startups and Large Businesses

AWS is the Best and Leading Cloud Service Provider for Startups and Large Businesses
  • Business Applications: Amazon Connect, Amazon WorkDocs, Amazon Chime, Amazon Pinpoint, Amazon WorkMail, Alexa for Business.
  • Analytics: Amazon Athena, Amazon FinSpace, Amazon CloudSearch, Amazon QuickSight, Amazon Redshift, AWS Data Exchange.
  • Database: Amazon Aurora, Amazon ElastiCache, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Neptune, Amazon RDS, Amazon Keyspaces.
  • Blockchain: Amazon Managed Blockchain, Amazon Quantum Ledger Database.
  • Compute: Amazon EC2, Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling, Amazon Lightsail, AWS Batch, AWS App Runner, AWS Elastic Beanstalk.
  • Cloud Financial Management: AWS Budgets, AWS Cost Explorer, AWS Cost and Usage Report, Reserved Instance Reporting.


The pricing plan is pay-as-you-go which means you only pay for the services that you use; no need to go on a contract, subscribe monthly or annually, or choose from blanket pricings. 

Use the service you want and pay for it accordingly. 


  • Choose from a very wide range of cloud services and functionalities
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing style 
  • Get an almost accurate estimation of your bills with the AWS pricing calculator
  • Volume based discounts are available
  • Use free tier offers to explore more than 100 products freely.

2. Microsoft Azure

Cheaper Cloud Service Provider When Compared with Amazon Web Services

Azure is the Best Cheaper Cloud Service Provider When Compared with Amazon Web Services
  • Analytics: Azure Stream Analytics, Azure Databricks, Azure Purview, Data Factory, Azure Machine Learning, Azure Analysis Services.
  • AI and Machine Learning: Azure Bot Services, Azure Cognitive Search, Azure Machine Learning, Azure Applied AI Services, Azure Databricks, Kinect DK.
  • Databases: Azure SQL, Azure SQL Database, Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Cache for Redis, SQL Server on Virtual Machines, Azure Databases Migration Service.
  • Hybrid + Multicloud: Azure Arc, Azure SQL, Azure Sentinel, Azure IoT Edge, Azure Security Center, Azure DevOps, Azure ExpressRoute.
  • Compute: Virtual Machines, Azure Functions, Azure Dedicated Host, Azure Spring Cloud, App Service, Virtual Machine Scale Sets.
  • Integration: Logic Apps, Service Bus, API Management, Event Grid.


Azure Pricing Plan

Microsoft Azure offers a pay-as-you-go pricing plan, and you can request a pricing quote. 

You can pay in advance for up to three years to maximize your savings.


  • Get free cloud services and $200 worth of credits when you create a free account
  • Data centers are present in more than 60 regions
  • Top-notch security compliances and measures for your business applications
  • Receive guidance and help from Azure engineers when you are stuck at any point during usage
  • Use the Azure mobile app to access Microsoft Azure on your mobile devices

3. Google Cloud

Cheapest Cloud Service Provider for Computation in Comparison With Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services

Google Cloud is the Best Cheapest Cloud Service Provider for Computation in Comparison With Microsoft Azure
  • Data Analytics: BigQuery, Analytics Hub, Cloud Composer, Dataplex, Data Catalog, Cloud Data Fusion.
  • Compute: Compute Engine, Cloud GPUs, Sole-Tenant Nodes, Cloud Run, Recommender, VMware Engine.
  • AI and Machine Learning: Vertex AI, Speech-to-Text, Cloud Translation, Cloud Natural Language, Dialogflow, AutoML.
  • API Management: Cloud Endpoints, Cloud Healthcare API, API Gateway, AppSheet, Apigee API Management.
  • Hybrid and Multicloud: Looker, Cloud Build, Anthos, Cloud Run for Anthos, Migrate for Anthos, Google Cloud Marketplace for Anthos.
  • Storage: Cloud Storage, Storage Transfer Service, Persistent Disk, Archival Storage, Google Workspace Essentials, Cloud Storage for Firebase.


Google Cloud Pricing Plan

Request a quote by filling out a form to contact the sales team.

Apart from that, Google Cloud generally offers a pay-as-you-go pricing style, which lets you pay for the individual services you use without additional up-front or contract fees. 

If you are using Google Cloud for the first time, you get $300 in free credits to operate, evaluate and position workloads.


  • Integrate easily with other Google tools
  • More than 20 free products are available for all Google Cloud customers
  • Save about 57% by pre-paying for the Compute Engine resources 
  • Stay in control of your expenses with free cost management tools and AI-powered recommendations
  • Request a custom quote anytime
  • Take the Google Cloud free trial and get charged when you manually upgrade to a paid version

4. Alibaba Cloud

Best Cloud Service Provider for E-commerce Brands

Alibaba Cloud is the Best Cloud Service Provider for E-commerce Brands
  • Analytics: DataWorks, DataV, MaxCompute, Log Service, Elasticsearch, Data Integration.
  • Database: Data Lake Analytics, Time Series Database, PolarDB, Distributed Relational Database Service, AnalyticDB for MySQL, PolarDB Stack.
  • Storage: Data Transport, Elastic Block Storage, Hybrid Backup Recovery, Tablestore, Hybrid Cloud Storage, Cloud Storage Gateway.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Machine Translation, Machine Learning Platform for AI, Image Search, Intelligent Speech Interaction.
  • Elastic Computing: Alibaba Cloud Service Mesh, Container Registry, Function Compute, Elastic GPU Service, Batch Compute, Auto Scaling.
  • Enterprise Applications and Cloud Communications: Alibaba Mail, Alibaba Cloud DNS, WHOIS, API Gateway, Direct Mail, Short Message Service.


Alibaba Cloud Pricing Plan

Alibaba Cloud offers two main pricing plans; the pay-as-you-go and the save by subscription billings

For the pay-as-you-go model, you only pay for what you use without paying any upfront payments or going on longtime subscriptions. 

The after-sales support plan pricing contains;

  • The Free basic plan
  • Developer plan at $19.99
  • Business plan starting from $100
  • Enterprise plan starting from $8,000.


  • Easily run an unlimited number of websites on a single Elastic Container Service
  • Availability of reliable DDoS protection
  • Access up to 6 free support tickets on the basic support plan
  • Availability of one-on-one pre-sale consulting service and 24/7 technical support
  • Use more than 50 products freely with the free trial plan.

5. IBM Cloud

Best Cloud Service Provider for Large Businesses

IBM is the Best Cloud Service Provider for Large Businesses
  • Analytics: IBM Cloud SQL Query, IBM Analytics Engine, IBM Master Data Management on Cloud, IBM Streaming Analytics, IBM Db2 Warehouse on Cloud, IBM InfoSphere® Information Server on Cloud.
  • AI/Machine Learning: IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog, IBM Watson Assistant, IBM Watson Natural Language Understanding, IBM Watson Studio, IBM Watson Natural Language Classifier, IBM Watson Knowledge Studio.
  • Compute: Cloud Foundry, IBM Cloud Code Engine, IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions, IBM Cloud Functions, Dizzion Managed DaaS on IBM Cloud, IBM Cloud Virtual Servers for Classic Infrastructure, IBM Cloud Virtual Server for VPC.
  • Databases: IBM Cloud Databases for Elasticsearch, IBM Cloud Databases for MongoDB, IBM Cloud Databases for PostgreSQL, IBM Hyper Protect DBaaS, IBM Cloud Databases for Redis.
  • Storage: IBM Cloud Backup, IBM Cloud File Storage, IBM Cloud Mass Data Migration, IBM Cloud Object Storage, IBM Cloud Block Storage.
  • IBM Cloud Paks: IBM Cloud Pak for Data, IBM Cloud Pak for Integration, IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation, IBM Cloud Pak for Security, IBM Cloud Pak for Network Automation, IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps.


IBM Pricing Plan

IBM Cloud mainly offers three pricing plans which are pay-as-you-go, reserved instances and subscription and commitments

When you first create an account, you get access to a basic plan which is the lite plan. 

Then, you can later upgrade to any of the paid pay-as-you-go and subscription plans.


  • Availability of free Lite plan
  • Get 256 MB of Cloud Foundry memory and $200 credit to try out any IBM Cloud product
  • Try out more than 40 products freely with no time limit on the IBM Cloud free tier 
  • Automate users' interactions with IBM Watson® Assistant
  • A special pricing plan, PayGo with Committed Use, is available for US-based customers.
  • An exclusive solution, IBM Cloud Paks gives you access to lots of other features.

6. Oracle Cloud

Best Cloud Service Provider for SaaS Companies

Oracle is the Best Cloud Service Provider for SaaS Companies
  • Analytics: Oracle Analytics Cloud, Oracle Data Science, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Data Catalog, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Streaming, Oracle Big Data Service, Oracle Essbase.
  • Database: Autonomous Data Warehouse, Autonomous Transaction Processing, Autonomous JSON Database, Oracle MySQL Database Service, Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud Service, Exadata Cloud Service.
  • Compute: Virtual Machines, Bare Metal Compute, Capacity Reservations, High Performance Computing, Container Engine for Kubernetes, Container Registry.
  • Application Development: Digital Assistant, Blockchain Platform, API Gateway, Events Service, Java, Oracle Visual Builder.
  • Storage: Object Storage, File Storage, Data Storage, Block Volumes, Archive Storage, Storage Gateway.
  • Observability and Management: Application Performance Monitoring, Database Management, Logging Analytics, Resource Manager, Service Connector Hub, Monitoring.


On Oracle Cloud, you can choose between the pay-as-you-go pricing plan or purchase the Oracle Universal Credits which gives you access to volume-based discounts. 

Oracle Cloud also permits users to use their existing on-premises Oracle software licenses to run the applications on Oracle Cloud infrastructure. 

A 30 day free trial plan, the Oracle Cloud free tier, is available. 


  • Choose from multiple pricing models, including pay-as-you-go-plan
  • Switch between cloud services and data centers anytime
  • Oracle cloud products work perfectly on cloud and can be deployed on-premises
  • Get free assistance when deploying Oracle cloud services with the Oracle Cloud Lift
  • Oracle Cloud Support Rewards make contacting customer support easier and more cost-effective
  • Volume based discounts are available.
  • Oracle Cloud free tier permits you to use Oracle Cloud services freely for 30 days.

7. Salesforce

Best Cloud Service Provider for Customer Relationship Management

Salesforce is the Best Cloud Service Provider for Customer Relationship Management
  • Sales Cloud: Revenue Cloud, Salesforce Inbox, Salesforce CPQ and Billing, Sales Cloud Einstein, Sales Dialer, Salesforce Maps.
  • Service Cloud: Agent Workspace, Omni-Channel Routing, Service Analytics, Virtual Remote Assistant, Service Cloud Voice, Service Cloud Lightning Console
  • Marketing: Email Studio, Journey Builder, Interaction Studio, Datorama, Pardot, Advertising Studio.
  • Analytics: Salesforce integrates with Tableau Analytics and other Tableau products like Tableau Prep, Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server and Tableau Online, Tableau Mobile.
  • Integration: MuleSoft Anypoint Platform, MuleSoft Composer for Salesforce.
  • Commerce: B2B Commerce, B2C Commerce, Order Management System, AI for Commerce, Headless Commerce.


Salesforce's pricing depends on the solution you want to use as there are different pricing plans for the available solutions. 

For example, you might discover that Platform's pricing is different from Sales's pricing. 

The same goes for the trial of each respective solution. 

As an illustration, you can use the sales cloud freely for 30 days while you can only use the Salesforce Essentials for 14 days

Contact the Salesforce representative if you need additional information about the pricing and Salesforce implementation.


  • Customer 360 platform increases collaboration and allows you to unify all your business units
  • Salesforce provides an ideal solution for small businesses
  • Salesforce is very easy to learn, flexible and has a rich user interface
  • Use the integrated Tableau Analytics to effectively handle your analytics tasks 
  • Take the free trial plan of the exact product you want to use or watch the available demos
  • Access Salesforce from any device, including your mobile devices.

8. SAP

Best Cloud Service Provider for Building and Extending Business Applications in the Cloud

SAP is the Best Cloud Service Provider for Building and Extending Business Applications in the Cloud
  • Database and Data Management: SAP HANA Cloud, SAP HANA, SAP Data Intelligence, SAP Master Data Governance, SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise.
  • Analytics: SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP BusinessObjects BI, SAP Business Planning and Consolidation, SAP BW/4HANA.
  • Application Development and Integration: SAP Integration Suite, SAP Extension Suite, SAP Process Orchestration.
  • Intelligent Technologies: SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation, SAP Internet of Things, SAP AI Business Services, SAP Conversational AI, SAP Ruum.
  • CRM and Customer Experience: SAP Consumer Sales Intelligence, SAP Marketing Cloud, SAP Event Ticketing.


Depending on the size of your business, you've got to select from multiple pricing models when using SAP. 

The first model is the pay-as-you-go plan and it lets you pay for only the services you use, without minimum usage requirements. 

This pricing model is also ideal for small businesses.

Another pricing model, which is most suitable for medium and large-sized businesses is the Cloud Platform Enterprise Agreement (CPEA) which permits users to consume cloud credits based on actual usage. 

Subscription-based pricing is also available.


  • SAP provides flexible and scalable cloud services, suitable for small businesses
  • Select your preferred license option from three pricing models
  • Explore and choose from quality SAP security products and offerings like hybrid identity and access management
  • SAP has more than 60 secure data centers globally
  • Request a personalized quote by contacting the SAP sales team
  • SAP offers free software trials, product demos, and free training.

9. Rackspace Cloud

Best Cloud Service Provider for Growing Startups

Rackspace Cloud is the Best Cloud Service Provider for Growing Startups

Rackspace Cloud provides different types of services ranging from managed and professional services to consulting and advisory services. 

  • Cloud Adoption and Migration
  • Rackspace Elastic Engineering
  • Cloud Optimization
  • Public and Private Clouds

Supported Platforms

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud 
  • Kubernetes
  • VMware
  • OpenStack
  • Bare Metal Hosting
  • Colocation


Rackspace Cloud Pricing Plan

Rackspace pricing plans depend on the exact products or services you want to use. 

So, you would have to get in touch directly with them to know the exact costs for your preferred products or services. 

However, note that the hosted exchange costs $10.99 per user/month while the Rackspace email costs $2.99 per user/month.

Rackspace Cloud also offers free trial plans depending on the exact solution you want to try out.


  • Availability of dedicated and virtualized infrastructure in addition to cloud services
  • Rackspace Cloud provides quality access to always-on root machine
  • Availability of free I/O request packets
  • Access to ever-ready cloud experts to guide you through cloud adoption, migration and implementation
  • Rackspace Cloud offers an exclusive support service which is tagged the Fanatical Support
  • There is support for multiple cloud services
  • Get a free quote on your first contact with the Rackspace representative.

10. VMware

Best Cloud Service Provider If All You Need is Virtualization

VMware is the Best Cloud Service Provider for Virtualization
  • Networking: NSX Cloud, NSX Intelligence, NSX Data Center, Antrea, NSX Advanced Load Balancer, Edge Network Intelligence.
  • Multi-Cloud: VMware Cloud Foundation, VMware Cloud Universal, vSAN, vSphere, vRealize Cloud Management, vRealize Operations.
  • Applications: VMware Tanzu Labs, Tanzu Basic, Tanzu Standard, Tanzu Advanced, Tanzu Application Catalog, Tanzu Application Service.
  • Workspace: Workspace ONE Intelligence, Workspace ONE UEM, Workspace ONE Access, Workspace ONE Intelligence Hub, Horizon Cloud, Horizon Hybrid Cloud Management.
  • Security: Carbon Black Endpoint, Carbon Black EDR, CloudHealth Secure State, Carbon Black Workload, NSX Service-Defined Firewall, NSX Advanced Threat Protection.
  • Emerging Technologies: VMware Blockchain, VMware Learning Platform.


If you want to use any of VMware products, you can purchase licenses from the VMware online store, VMware sales team or through a local distributor or consultant.

Likewise, you can also upgrade your current VMware products through this same online VMware store to access more features if you are already a VMware user.


  • VMware provides a cutting-edge technology in virtualization and cloud infrastructure as a pioneer
  • VMware offers two free products, vSphere Hypervisor and vCenter Converter.
  • The online VMware stores gives you ample advantage to explore all VMware products and select your choice
  • Use the vCenter Server to manage your VMware vSphere Production environments from a single platform easily and securely
  • VMware customer support provides rich customer support experience through knowledge base, VMware, and communities
  • Try out the VMware products freely for 60 days.

11. DigitalOcean

Best and Cost-Effective Cloud Service Provider for Small Businesses

DigitalOcean is the Best and Cost Effective Cloud Service Provider for Small Businesses
  • Compute: Droplets, Kubernetes App platform.
  • Networking: Cloud Firewalls, Virtual Private Cloud (CPC), Load Balancers, DNS, Floating IPs. 
  • Storage: Spaces Object Storage, Volumes Block Storage, Spaces Content Delivery Network, Local SSD.
  • Databases: Managed MongoDB, Managed MySQL, Managed PostgreSQL, Managed Redis.
  • Management Tools: Monitoring, Teams, Projects.
  • Developer Tools: Container Registry, Client Libraries, GitHub Actions, Terraform Provider, API, Custom Images.


DigitalOcean's pricing plans are based on the services you use and they vary according to requirements like memory and vCPUs. 

Also, DigitalOcean uses a monthly billing cycle.


  • DigitalOcean is easy to set up and use and also boasts of low maintenance costs
  • If you manage a small business or growing startup, then DigitalOcean is your go-to cloud service provider
  • DigitalOcean allows users to transfer Droplets' snapshots to other users
  • Availability of rich documentation library and tutorials
  • DigitalOcean provides some free services such as the starter app platform and the DigitalOcean Kubernetes's control plane
  • Sign up now and get 60-day $100 credit.

How to Choose the Right Cloud Service Provider?

Welcome to another section where you know the best way to choose the right cloud service provider

Are there factors you should consider before choosing a cloud service provider? 

If they exist, what are they? 

Read on to know how to choose the right cloud service provider.

1. Budget

The most important factor you should consider before investing in a cloud service provider is your budget.

Accepted, using cloud computing can reduce your budget costs.

But still you've got to choose a cloud service provider that won't gulp your business budget. 

For example, a considerable number of cloud service providers have different pricing plans and charges differently for their products. 

Although, it boils down to the exact cloud products that you want to use

As an illustration, a compute product of Amazon Web Services might be cheaper than the respective Microsoft Azure compute product, while an analytics product of Microsoft Azure might be cheaper than the respective Amazon Web Services analytics product. 

So, it depends on the cloud products you want in the long run.

Furthermore, pricing considerations become more important if you are a small business.

It is even advisable you try out the free plans of different cloud service providers before upgrading to a paid version later.

2. Business Size

The size of your business comes second as a factor you should consider before choosing a cloud service provider. 

While most cloud service providers are most suitable for particular business sizes, this does not mean it can't be used by businesses of other magnitudes. 

However, if you are just starting out as a startup for example, I won't advise you to select a cloud service provider which is mainly used by large organizations. 

Instead, I would advise you firstly start with a good cloud service provider which enjoys wide patronage from other startup brands like yours. 

If you do this, you are likely to find cloud features which are right for your business. 

Ultimately, your business size also determines your cloud needs and requirements, and thus, ensure you choose a cloud service provider that amply meets your business's cloud needs.

3. Expertise and Technical Knowledge

One of the peculiarities of cloud computing is that it is becoming more advanced and complex as it continues to enjoy massive usage from businesses

Even without its advancing evolution, cloud computing is a specialized IT area which needs to be treated with kid's gloves. 

What is your experience with cloud computing? 

Do you have any technical knowledge about how the whole cloud computing works? 

These are some questions you should try to answer honestly here. 

Fortunately, most cloud service providers provide different certification training and educational platforms on cloud computing, and specifically how to use and handle their cloud products. 

In some cases, you can take these trainings for free while you would have to pay for some. 

If you've got enough financial resources, you can directly employ a cloud computing specialist or you consult a cloud computing consultant whenever the need arises.

Overall, don't dabble into cloud computing when you don't have enough technical knowledge and experience.

4. Trust, Security and Privacy

Cloud security is a topmost consideration for any business including yours when it comes to cloud computing.

Cloud Security Key Practices
Source: Threatstack

You don't want to lose your business data and applications to digital attacks, threats or malwares. 

Doing so could be fatal to your business and cause a poor or loss of reputation among your customers.

So you want all your business's cloud resources to be safe and secure without any privacy invasion or security breaches.  

You want to rest assured that all your data and applications are intact and easily available for as long as you need them. 

Then, ensure you choose a cloud service provider that employs high-level cloud security measures such as enterprise-level encryption and well-protected data centers.

5. Customer Support and Trial Plan

Even if you are a techie in cloud computing, customer support is a vital factor you should consider before choosing any cloud service provider

The reason is because you might have issues when using a particular cloud product or you might need additional information on a specific feature. 

When the customer support is handy, you can easily reach out to them and find satisfactory solutions to issues that you face when using a cloud service provider. 

Trial plan is another important consideration on your watchlist for choosing the right cloud service provider.

Before you subscribe for the paid version of any cloud service provider, try out the free trial plan and see if it adequately provides the features you need most.

Which of These Cloud Service Providers Should I Pick?

Presently, 90% of enterprises are already planning to spend more on cloud adoption, migration and usage as cloud computing continues to be a foremost business trend

Infact, it's expected that the cloud computing industry would grow to $832.1 Billion by 2025, due to the high rate of adoption by businesses, especially as an aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Therefore, adopting the use of cloud services today is one of the best actions your business can take for maximum business growth, increased revenue and better scalability.

Moreso, the above 11 cloud service providers are the top providers of cloud computing services and you should consider any of them for your cloud computing services. 

You can go through the various products they offer again so you would pick the best one for your business. 

Additionally, here is a brief summary of the best cloud service providers for each business size and specializations;

So, choose and adopt a cloud service provider today, and you would wish you had done so a long time ago.You might like to check out our other cloud articles to know more about Cloud ERP, Cloud ERP software solutions, Cloud Storage and File-Sharing Services, and Cloud Web Hosting Services.

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