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14 Best Website Builder Tools Reviewed (Free & Paid)

Find out the best website builder tools to create your website, online store, or blog. Have your online business up and running today, not in months.

Best Website Builder Tools Reviewed

Website builder tools are a handy software for people who do not have web development experience or the budget to hire an expert.

Using a website builder software is the fastest way to create a website. Compared to hiring a web developer that can take months to build it, website builders can range from a few minutes to hours.

It uses simple, drag-and-drop-tools that ease the entire building process. They provide themes, customization process, and a straightforward layout to help its users build their website from scratch quickly and easily.

Locating the best website builder can be a confusing process. There are tons of website builders (free and paid) on the internet. How do you find which is best for you?

Should you go for the free or paid builders?

What can builder tools save you money and still provide maximum value?

This guide will show you the qualities to look for in a website builder and compare the best choices for you. 

Let’s get started.

What are the Best Website Builder Tools?

1. Wix

Versatile and Intuitive Website Builder 

Wix.com website builder

Wix.com is a website building solution for individuals and businesses with no experience. It is an all-in-one software that helps you build a professional website from scratch. The popular cloud-based website builder software has an incredible 110 million users!

The web builder has a lot of cool and easy-to-use features to help you build a functional website. You can use its tools to create your site – Wix Editor, Wix ADI, and Wix Logo Maker.

Wix Editor is a visual builder tool that uses the drag-and-drop feature. With this tool, all you need to build your website is to place elements anywhere you want. There is no need for coding. 

Wix ADI is another intuitive website design tool that makes it easy to build a website. It is the quickest way to build your website from scratch. 

What ADI does is to ask you a range of questions about your ideal website. It uses your answers to provide a read-made website design.  The artificial intelligence module for website design is a fantastic option for individuals or businesses who do not know how to design.

Wix Logo Maker helps you craft your unique logo for your website. The tool is simple to use. You can design it from available templates or answer questions to auto-generate one. 

The website builder software has over 500+ website templates that users can use to build their website. It also offers a custom domain name and profitable SEO and social share tools.

Wix allows you to track your site metrics with its advanced analytics and stats. You can add an eCommerce store to your website. 

Its customer support is available 24/7 via phone in English. It also has support for other languages but only from Monday-Friday between 5am – 5pm PST.


Wix Premium Plans - Website Plans

Wix offers a free plan which grants access to its website building tools. However, it has several limitations, including only allowing for a free Wix subdomain.

The Wix premium website plans include Connect Domain, Combo, Unlimited, and VIP. The Connect Domain is the most basic plan. The Combo plan is for personal use. 

The Unlimited plan is ideal for freelancers and entrepreneurs. The VIP plan offers priority support and provides all Wix features and benefits.

Wix Premium Plans - Business and eCommerce Plans

Wix also has business and eCommerce plans – Business Basic, Business Unlimited, and Business VIP. The Business Basic costs $17 a month. Business Unlimited costs $25 a month while Business VIP costs $35 a month.


  • It is easy to use
  • Customer support available 24/7
  • It has a high uptime and fast page loading speed
  • Free SSL certificate

2. Shopify

Best eCommerce Website Builder

Shopify Best eCommerce Website Builder.

Shopify is the ideal go-to website builder for creating a pure eCommerce website. It is fantastic for small businesses who want to create a website to sell their products and services.

The eCommerce software offers sophisticated features but balances it by making it easy and straightforward to use. It has over a million active users. There have been over 40 billion dollars worth of sales on the platform.

Setting up your website with Shopify is easy. It has hundreds of eCommerce templates available to users. With its drag and drop interface, it is easy to build and customize a full-fledged eCommerce site. 

It is an all-in-one eCommerce website solution. It provides all the software you need to manage your website. It takes care of installing updates and backing up your data. 

Shopify makes it easy to collect payments for your products. It has an integrated payment solution called Shopify Payments. You can add over 100+ payment gateways like PayPal to receive payments. It also accepts credit cards directly.

It offers several features such as powerful analytics and stats, inventory management, a simple dashboard, easy marketing solutions, and unlimited products as a website builder.

The beautiful thing about Shopify eCommerce web builder is that it eliminates or reduces the need for a website developer. There is no code needed; everything is preset for easy use.

Shopify integrates with WordPress, giving you all the benefits of two fantastic website builder software. There are hundreds of apps available for its customers. It allows you to sell directly on Shopify, on your social media accounts, and other marketplaces.


Shopify pricing

Shopify offers a free 14 days trial on all of its plans. There is no credit requirement attached as a criterion for the free service. It has three plans: the Basic Shopify, the Shopify, and Advanced Shopify.

The Basic Shopify offers all the essential support you need to set up a new eCommerce business; it is an ideal plan for startups. 

The Shopify plan is a suitable plan for growing a business. The Advanced Shopify plan offers advanced tools for scaling your business.

Shopify also has two unique plans to cater to two types of sellers: small-scale sellers and large-scale sellers. The plans are Shopify Lite and Shopify Plus.

The Shopify Lite costs $9 a month and offers its essential features to help small businesses grow. It has a free 14-day trial. The Shopify Plus is a unique plan for high volume businesses, starting from $2,000 a month. You have to answer questions about your business on its website to get a quote.


  • It allows you the ability to sell your products everywhere
  • It has built-in marketing tools to help you create, run, and analyze campaigns
  • Outstanding customer support
  • The abandoned cart recovery feature allows you to retarget potential customers

3. Webflow

Powerful Visual Website Builder 

Webflow Powerful Visual Website Builder

Webflow is a powerful web builder software that helps individuals and businesses to create websites easily and quickly with no coding requirement. The company is relatively new, and it is fast becoming the go-to website builder for freelancers, designers, and agencies.

With the platform, you get access to its powerful Content Management System (CMS) capabilities. The CMS features allow you to add content like portfolio and blog posts to your site. 

Webflow provides all the tools you need to design your website through its Visual Editor. Unlike other drag-and-drop website builder software, you can edit minor features. It gives you complete creative control over all aspects of your site’s design. 

The cloud-based website builder is one of the most powerful page customization tools in the market. There are over 100+ website templates on the platform. You can use it directly without any edits or do a total remake to suit your tastes. 

Fonts are another area where Webflow excels. Users enjoy access to over 2,000+ web fonts. 

The intuitive website builder supports the addition of 3D and animations to make your website stand out from competitors.

Its free plan offers advanced features that other free website builders do not provide for users. Although the free plan has its limitations, it has enough features to build an aesthetically-pleasing and professional website.

Webflow integrates with popular software such as Zapier, Google Analytics, Google Optimize, and Mailchimp. Asides from integrating with popular software, it has an eCommerce module that helps you build your online store.

Customer support is available for all the free and paid users. Paid users enjoy email support, while free users have access to its community support via the online forum. Webflow University has fantastic resources in videos and courses to help users learn how to utilize its tools.

Webflow has a guaranteed uptime of 99.99% and a fast processing speed. The SEO options on the platform are reliable.


Webflow has two types of plans: the site plans and account plans. 

Webflow pricing - Site plans

The site plans include basic, CMS, business, and enterprise. The basic plan is fantastic for new websites that do not need a CMS. The CMS plan is great for blogs or websites that are content-driven. 

The business plan is ideal for growing traffic marketing sites. The enterprise plan is suitable for large companies.

Webflow pricing - eCommerce plans

Webflow also has eCommerce site plans: Standard, Plus, and Advanced. Standard is perfect for new businesses.

Plus plan is ideal for growing online businesses. Advanced is suitable for scaling online businesses.

Webflow pricing - Account plans - Individual

The Account plans fall into two categories: individual and team plans. Individual plans include Starter, Lite, and Pro. Starter gives you everything you need to build your site; it is 100% free. Lite and Pro plans are ideal for web design freelancers.

Webflow pricing - Account plans - Team

Team Plans are ideal for collaborative projects. It offers client billing and code exportation services.


  • Free version
  • Total control over your site
  • Good for SEO
  • 99.99% Uptime

4. 10Web

Best AI Website Builder

10Web - homepage

The AI Website Builder by 10web helps users to create websites with AI assistance. 10Web AI builder works well with WordPress sites.

With 10Web, you do not need to have technical knowledge of website creation to build a site. The website builder utilizes AI’s power to help you get the best design, templates, and layouts for your page or site.

Customizing your website with the software is easy. Use its drag and drop editor to build your site. Although users are not the ones doing the coding (the AI does it for you), they control the design elements.

10Web AI Website Builder works in tandem with Elementor and WordPress to create the best website for users with little clicks.

The platform helps you conduct quick tests, which is useful in finding the best website templates and designs that attract traffic to your site. You can experiment with the content, designs, and layouts as much as you want. 

There is an infinite number of website templates on the software. Sites built on it have fast loading speed, optimized for both desktop and mobile devices. 

The 10Web dashboard is user-friendly. Navigating the dashboard to create pages, insert widgets, and other design elements are easy. It offers customer support services via live chat 24/7.

Both experts and beginners can use the AI tool. It is suitable for website developers and designers, bloggers, agencies, and businesses.


10Web - pricing

10Web AI Builder has four plans: plus, freelancer, expert, and agency. Currently, the website builder is running an exclusive lifetime deal for its plans.

The plus plan is perfect for individuals and businesses who are just starting and do not have huge volume of traffic or content.

The freelancer plan is conducive for freelancers who work on multiple projects for their clients.

The expert plan is best for website professionals who have coding experience and want to utilize its more advanced features.

The agency plan is suitable for large businesses with a lot of website projects to do. 

All its plans have a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • 24/7 Live Chat Support
  • WordPress and Elementor integration
  • Automated Creation Process
  • Easy to import and export contents

5. Carrd

Simple One-Page Website Builder

Carrd Simple One-Page Website Builder

Carrd is a simple website builder software that helps users create fully-responsive one-page websites without technical knowledge. All its features are for one-page websites, including its themes.

Since its entrance into the market in 2016, the website builder company has carved out a niche for itself with its high-quality one-page website building tools.  

Carrd is an ideal web builder tool for businesses who do not have much content to display but want a classy one-page website. With it, you can create your profile page and landing page to boost your online reputation and presence.

With the website builder service, you enjoy access to the best editing tools and themes for one-page websites. All its themes and design templates are optimized for both mobile and desktop views. 

There are 75 themes on the platform, divided into five sections according to structure – profile, landing, form, portfolio, and sectioned. This smart arrangement makes it easier for users to find specific themes they need for their one-page website. 

Carrd has an uptime of 99.98% and a high loading speed, which helps boost your site’s SEO ranking. The platform offers free SSL certificates to sites under it. 

The customer support team is only reachable by email; however, there are enough resources on the site with lots of guides and helpful information.


Carrd - pricing

Carrd has two main plans: the free and premium plans. The free plan does not require the use of a credit card to sign up for it. Users can build up to 3 sites on it and have access to its many features. The free plan comes with Carrd branding displayed on the website.

The Pro-Lite plan is the cheapest of the pro plans. Users can create three sites on it, enjoy premium URLs, no ads, Pro templates, and no limits on elements. The Pro-Lite plan is ideal for businesses and individuals with minimal website needs.

The Pro Standard Plan can host up to 10 websites. It is ideal for users who want to use contact forms like Mailchimp and add third-party services such as PayPal and Stripe. 

The Pro Max Plan can host up to 25 websites.  Users who want access to all Carrd features, including Google Analytics, custom templates, password protection, and update frequency, can get it under this plan.

Carrd offers a free 7-day trial for its Pro plans. You do not have to make any payments or use credit cards. It is an entirely free test.


  • Excellent one-page website builder
  • Easy to use
  • Cheap premium plans
  • Free SSL certificate
  • It creates fully-responsive sites

6. Constant Contact

AI-Powered Website Builder

ConstantContact - AI-Powered Website Builder

Constant Contact is one of the top email marketing software on the web. The web hosting company now offers website builder services for the market. 

With its budget-friendly website builder solution, businesses and individuals can create their websites quickly at a low cost (without writing any codes). Constant Contact uses a simple and user-friendly interface to simplify all its processes. 

The software has a comprehensive AI web design module. You can opt to use this advanced feature to build a website in minutes. The AI feature will ask you questions about your site and use your answers to create different websites.

The drag and drop website builder has a lot of cool and professional template layouts. With its visual page building tool, you can edit your website or tweak selected themes until you get what you want. 

eCommerce businesses or users that want to sell products or services can take advantage of its eCommerce module. The website builder has an extensive and free image library, with over 500 thousand plus high-resolution pictures

Constant Contact integrates with Google My Business to help business owners showcase themselves to a global audience. It also has built-in integrations with a Content Delivery Network (CDN) and a logo maker. 

Websites created with this software get optimized for viewings on all devices, including mobile phones. Your site enjoys built-in optimizations for SEO

With its blogging and analytics module, users enjoy a wealth of tools to track their site’s progress. It is an excellent choice for individuals and businesses who do not want to use WordPress.

The constant Contact website builder is 100% free. You can build a website, online store, blog, and logo on it without paying for the services. However, your website will not be live or able to sell products without upgrading to its premium plans.

Customer support is available 24/7 to cater to users’ needs. Contact them via live chat and email for all plans, and phone support for its premium plan.


ConstantContact - Website - pricing

Constant Contact has two plans: the freemium and the premium. The freemium plan gives users access to its website builder tools to create their website, blog, and online store. It does require the use of a credit card to activate it. There is no limit to the number of web pages you can create with it.

The freemium plan has its limitations. The plan does not come with a domain name, and your website is not live. 

To start selling with your website and make it available on the web, you need to buy its premium plan. Both the free and paid plans come with live chat and email support. Phone Support is only available for the premium plan.


  • Build professional websites for you based on your preferences
  • Free website building tool
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • 500,000+ free professional images

7. Hostgator (Gator Builder)

Most Affordable Website Builder for Small Businesses

Hostgator Most Affordable Website Builder for Small Businesses

Hostgator is a website hosting company that has its website builder, the gator builder. The platform combines hosting and website building services for small businesses and individuals.

Every website needs a website builder and a hosting service to make it go live. With Gator, you get access to both services from the same company. You do not have to worry about having backups and updates.

There are over 200+ professional and high-quality website templates available on the platform. Choose from its vast template library and use its simple customization tools to configure the site to suit your taste. All its designs are compatible with all devices, including smartphones.

The drag-and-drop website builder allows you to add items such as images, videos, maps, columns, contact forms, and other elements to your site. You can also edit with its point and click feature.

For small businesses and other users who struggle with getting quality and plagiarism-free images for their sites, Gator has a built-in stock photo library. Once you purchase one of its plans, you can utilize it to find high-quality and licensable images for your website. 

Purchasing any of its premium plans comes with the added advantage of a free custom website domain name. With the cloud-based software, you do not have to worry about ads popping up on your site since it does not have a free plan.

All plans come with a free SSL certificate and a logo maker. Gator website builder tools compile with the best SEO practices, giving your site a massive advantage for higher traffic inflow. 

Gator’s customer support team is responsive and available 24/7 via phone, live chat, and Twitter. You can also find helpful guides on its official blog. 


Hostgator Website Builder - pricing

Gator does not have a free plan, nor does it offer a free trial for its premium plans. There are three plans available for the Gator website builder: the Express Start, the Express Site, and Express Store.

The Express Start plan is ideal for small businesses that are just starting or new to the online world. Individuals with smaller website needs can also make use of this plan.

The Express Site plan is for small businesses and individuals who need more features to help them grow. Users on this plan enjoy priority support.

The Express Store plan is ideal for eCommerce businesses with an extensive catalog of goods or/and services. With this plan, there are no charges on transactions.


  • Affordable plans
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Access to free stock images
  • A free domain name for a year

8. GoDaddy

Best for Customer Support 

GoDaddy Best Website Builder Tool for Customer Support

GoDaddy is a popular website cloud-based software that provides domain name, hosting, and website builder services. It is an all-in-one hosting and website builder solution.

With the website builder, you can build professional-looking websites quickly and easily. You do not need to have any technical knowledge. 

There are 100+ templates on the platform. Drag and drop different preloaded blocks on your site, and use its simple and easy editing tools to build on it.

Go Daddy integrates Getty Photography to provide its users with an extensive web of professional images. Images from the photo library are free. You can also upload your pictures.

The website builder also functions on smaller screens like your mobile phone. You can create and design your website on the go on your smartphone.

Another remarkable feature about the web builder software is its AI module. After you design your website, the AI tool scores your site on a scale of 0-100 and offers solutions to improve it. 

Integrations with Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics helps you gather data from your website. The robust website builder also has an email marketing module, an eCommerce module, and an integrated blogging module. 

GoDaddy’s support is one of the best for a website builder. There are numerous means you can seek help. Its customer support is available 24/7 to offer tech support via phone and live chat.

There are also extensive PDF guides that cover all possible questions on the platform. GoDaddy has active community forums that attend to user’s queries.


GoDaddy Website Builder - pricing

GoDaddy has a free plan, which you get immediately if you start using its website builder. The free plan has limitations that hinder you from benefiting from its other features. You can choose to upgrade to its premium plans for more features and benefits. 

There are four premium plans on the platform: basic, standard, premium, and eCommerce. All plans have a  month free trial with no credit card required.

The basic and standard plans are ideal for new small businesses and individuals that are still growing. The premium plan is best for small businesses and individuals with massive traffic and website needs. 

The eCommerce plan is a special one for businesses who want to exert greater control over their products. It also offers flexible shipping options.


  • One-month free trial
  • Easy to use platform
  • 100+ website templates

9. Squarespace

Website Builder with the Best Templates 

Squarespace - Website Builder with the Best Templates

Squarespace stands out from other website builders due to the quality of its website templates. It is famous for its stunning website designs and simple user interface. The website builder software also offers hosting services.

There are hundreds of professionally designed websites on Squarespace. It has an entirely visual, drag-and-drop editor, which allows you to edit and add content anywhere on your site. You can easily combine multiple templates into one website!

There is also the option of using its Artificial-Intelligence powered builder to generate a website based on your answers to its questions. 

Squarespace is famous for its blogging module. Apart from blogging, the cloud-based software also has an eCommerce plan. With it, you can add your online store to your Squarespace website and enjoy your products and inventory’s smooth management.

One of the apparent benefits of using Squarespace to create your website is its rich SEO tools. All its themes are SEO-compliant with fast loading speed and mobile responsiveness.

Squarespace allows you to integrate popular apps to your sites such as Facebook, Twitter,  Instagram, Pinterest,  Zapier, Dropbox, Google Maps, Unsplash, Xero, and others. 

There are advanced analytics tools that help you track the performance of your website. Some of the stats it captures include overall traffic, number of visitors, and its sources. 

Squarespace has a mobile app to help users create their websites or adjust their designs on the go. All the functions you can do on a desktop, you can efficiently perform on the app. 

Customer Support is available 24/7 via email and live chat. 


Squarespace - pricing

Although Squarespace does not have a free plan, it lets you set up your site and pick a plan later. There are four Squarespace plans: personal, business, basic commerce, and advanced commerce.

There are two payment options for the premium plans. You either pay monthly and pay more or pay annually and get a 30% discount. 

The personal plan is ideal for individuals who want to build a simple website. The business plan is suitable for small businesses, with its marketing and commerce features.

The basic commerce and advanced commerce plans are ideal for eCommerce businesses with massive traffic and sales volume.


  • Creates a mobile-friendly website
  • Mobile App
  • Award-winning professional design templates
  • Blogging and in-built SEO tools

10. Weebly

Best Website Builder for Selling Online

Weebly - Best Website Builder for Selling Online

Weebly is a powerful all-in-one website that helps you build and host your website. The tool is very popular with over 40 million subscribers

The free website builder is ideal for small businesses and individuals who want to grow their ideal business. Users get access to 60+ website templates to build their ideal site. 

The design style of Weebly is similar to other website builders software, it uses the drag-and-drop feature. This feature makes it easy for users with no coding experience to build. All they have to do is to drag design elements and drop them wherever they want. 

Weebly is famous for its eCommerce module. With this module, you can open your online store and start selling online. You enjoy different eCommerce features such as secure checkout and inventory tracking. Your customers can easily scan through your products with its powerful filtered product search feature.

There is a blogging module included that provides users with all the tools they need to run a blog successfully. Weebly has an app center with lots of integrations and adds-on, including apps for iOS and Android devices.

You can contact its customer service via live chat and email support for all plans. For phone support, you have to use its higher plans.


Weebly - pricing

Weebly has four plans: free, personal, professional, and performance. All its premium plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The free plan is ideal for users just starting their website journey and want some eCommerce benefits. It offers 500MB of storage and a Weebly subdomain. 

The personal plan is suitable for individuals who want to connect their subdomain to give their site a more professional feel.

The professional plan is ideal for businesses or individuals who want to grow their brands or businesses. The performance plan is suitable for businesses with a large volume of eCommerce transactions.


  • Free custom domain for its paid plans
  • Great for eCommerce businesses
  • SEO tools
  • Beautiful website templates

11. BigCommerce

Best Website Builder for Online Stores

BigCommerce - Best Website Builder for Online Stores

BigCommerce is one of the best website builders for creating a professional and fully-responsive eCommerce website. If you need software that can handle your eCommerce needs, BigCommerce is an excellent choice.

The website builder has in-build eCommerce tools to help you scale up your business. It is a fully hosted eCommerce solution that handles all the technical aspects of your website such as site speed, security, and updates while freeing you up to focus on your business.

BigCommerce integrates WordPress to provide you all its features. Apart from WordPress, it also integrates payment gateways such as Stripe, ApplePay, Amazon Pay, Square, Paypal, and others into your site. These popular payment gateways do not attract a transaction fee from BigCommerce.

The easy drag & drop website builder has a large collection of pre-designed templates, specially created for eCommerce websites. You can use its visual editor to customize the chosen theme till it suits your test. 

BigCommerce has an analytical dashboard that shows you important stats to help you track the growth of your business.

The platform has many eCommerce features to help grow your business and increase your conversion rates such as cart abandonment and simplified product search. BigCommerce is ideal for selling digital, physical, and service-based products.


BigCommerce - pricing

BigCommerce offers a 15-day free trial with no credit card required. It has three plans: the standard, plus, and pro. 

The standard plan is suitable for small businesses who want access to their online stores. The plus plan is for growing businesses that need more marketing tools to scale their business. The pro plan is ideal for businesses who want to maximize their growth potential and enjoy priority BigCommerce support. 


  • 15-day free trial
  • Extensive payment gateway integrations
  • Mobile friendly
  • 24/7 Customer Support

12. Zyro

Simple, Affordable, and AI Website Builder

Zyro - Simple, Affordable, and AI Website Builder

Zyro is a simple website builder that gives you creative freedom over your site. In the website builder market, it is one of the newest players, coming onboard in 2019. The website builder software has one of the most affordable plans in the industry.

The cloud-based website build has 20+ modern design templates available for its users. Customizing your chosen theme is easy with its functional drag-and-drop website builder interface. Zyro has a logo maker that makes it easy to create a logo for your site within minutes.

One aspect Zyro stands out from its competitors is in its utilization of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools. With its AI suite, you enjoy the AI Writer, Business Name Generator, and Slogan Generator.

The AI Writer helps you to write copy for your website that appeals to the market. Also, the business name generator and slogan generator provides a list of business names and slogan suggestions for your website. 

Zyro website builder designs are mobile-friendly and offer the basic SEO features to boost your site’s online presence and awareness.

Businesses and individuals can take advantage of their eCommerce module and use it to sell their products and services. Zyro allows you to sell on several online marketplaces such as Amazon, Instagram, and Facebook. 

Zyro integrates with Unsplash to provide users with limitless high-quality images. Integrations are also available for Facebook Pixel, Hotjar, Google Analytics, and more. Customer Support is available 24/7 via email and live chat.


Zyro - pricing

Zyro has the most affordable premium plan. Users enjoy free hosting on all plans and a 30-day money back guarantee.

The basic plan is for personal brands who want an affordable plan that can do the core basics well. The unleashed plan is for businesses that want to enjoy its integrations with Facebook Messenger, Google Analytics, and Facebook Pixel.

The eCommerce plan is for businesses and individuals who want dedicated options for selling online. The eCommerce plus plan is for those who want to grow their businesses with more features. 


  • AI writer, business name generator, and slogan general tools
  • Google Pixel and Google Analytics integration
  • Professional eCommerce website templates

13. Dreamhost Website Builder

WordPress Supported Website Builder

DreamHost WordPress Supported Website Builder

Dreamhost is one of the best website builders for creating a WordPress site. The cloud-based software company also offers web hosting plans for any website (built on it or not). 

Setting up a website with Dreamhost is easy, you do not need any codes. There is also a DIY solution for beginners to help them build their sites.

Dreamhost is powered by WordPress and gives you access to a variety of WordPress features. The visual website builder has over 200+ professional themes available to its users. You can customize every detail of the site with its drag-and-drop feature.

The website builder has thousands of third-party plugins from WordPress that users can install to their site. Its blogging module is perfect. You can launch your eCommerce store thanks to its integration with WooCommerce.

Dreamhost has built-in SEO, performance, and optimization tools to boost your website. Users enjoy real-time SEO recommendations for optimizing their website for Google.

Customer support is available 24/7 via live chat and ticket support. Your data gets backed up automatically daily. 


DreamHost Website Builder - pricing

Dreamhost does not have a free plan. It has three premium plans: sharted starter, shared unlimited, and managed WordPress plans.

The shared starter plan is great for building and hosting sites without much traffic and content load. The shared unlimited plan is perfect for building and hosting sites with higher traffic loads. Both plans are great started options for new websites.

The managed WordPress account is ideal for businesses and individuals who want to build a high-performance site with maximum security. 

All plans come with a free domain for a year. There is also a generous 97-day money-back guarantee on all its plans.


  • WordPress features
  • 200+ website designs
  • Affordable pricing
  • Excellent blogging and eCommerce module

14. Boxmode

User-friendly, scalable website builder for businesses, creatives, and web developers

The Boxmode website builder is an all-in-one product providing users with many tools to create modern, functional websites. It offers:

  • A drag and drop editor
  • Customizable widgets
  • SEO settings
  • Domain management
  • Unsplash and PayPal integration
  • Analytics tools
  • HTML iFrame
  • Online store functionality

The template library includes more than 70 themes in various categories, such as beauty, business and services, restaurant and food, software and technology, education, as well as others. All of them are mobile-friendly, well-structured, and customizable.

Boxmode’s customer support team is available 24/7 via email or chat. Support agents can answer any question and consult you about any technical issues.

Small business owners can use Boxmode to take their brick-and-mortar businesses online or start new ones effortlessly. By adjusting SEO settings, you can increase your website’s search ranking and boost brand awareness. With analytics tools, it’s possible to track a user’s journey on your website, get valuable statistics, and improve your platform effectively.

If you’re a creative specialist, you will definitely like Boxmode for its simplicity and flexibility. It’s built with the creative professional in mind. Its simple yet rich features allow users with no technical skill or many resources to create their own beautiful and functional sites.

Bloggers find Boxmode a useful tool for posting their content and promoting themselves. Choose a suitable template, embed necessary widgets, add your content to them, and voilà — your site is ready to launch. Set up your site’s social networks adjustments and share the links to the site in your social media accounts.

For web developers and designers, Boxmode is interesting for its powerful toolset for technical people (HTML iFrame, CSS panel, Layers menu). As a result, you can create and customize websites for clients easily.


Boxmode offers three pricing plans: Starter, Lite, and Growth. They differ by available functionality.

The Starter plan includes basic features for creating a simple website. Here you will find a free Boxmode domain, ready-to-use templates, basic SEO settings (a meta description and a meta title, keywords, canonical links, and sitemap.xml and robots.txt files), support via email, and 500 MB of storage space.

The Lite plan provides basic features plus a free custom domain for one year, removes ads and Boxmode branding, domain mapping (an option to connect your existing domain to the Boxmode project), support via chat, and 1 GB of storage space.

The Growth plan includes all features mentioned above, 5 GB of storage space, and advanced features, such as project analytics tools, advanced SEO settings, and HTML iFrame. Moreover, you have an opportunity to book a live tutorial session with a product marketing specialist.

The Lite and Growth plans have two payment options: you can pay annually (with a 25% discount) or monthly.


  • No coding skills required
  • Free hosting
  • Variety of embedded assets
  • Preview mode

What is a Website Builder?

The internet has been the most supportive haven for communication and technological development. Everyone has seen a need to get involved, one way or the other.

The internet is a  combination of a large number of websites with information for everyone to tap into. 

Using a website is easy but everyone has it at the back of their minds that creating one isn’t usually a walk in the park.

Market share of the leading website builders worldwide as of 2018

Building a website, at a time, required the mastery of the art of coding or hiring a trained website expert. A lot of work, time, and capital were needed to create a platform for yourself on the internet. Well, fortunately, all these are in the past. 

Now there are website builders that can do this professional job for us. Anyone that is trying to create a website for personal products or ideas has been given a lifeline with the existence of these Website Builders.  

Website builders are automated software programs that help individuals create personalized websites. This is done without the need for manual coding skills or expertise

They help breach the need for trained coding professionals to create a website. These programs are either offline, downloadable software programs or are hosted on servers.

What Features Should I Look For in the Best Website Builder? 

Estimated value of the website builder software market by 2027

Website Builders make use of a lot of amazing features to give users the best websites possible. However, not every website builder is well rounded in providing the best website creation services

Some offer a limited number of features while others offer the best features possible. These are the most important features anyone should look for in a Website Builder:

1. User-Friendly Interface

Website builders are made to bridge the employment of manual technical expertise by a Website owner. They have been made to allow a regular individual to create a website without the help of a coding expert. Therefore, any good website builder should be easy to use by everyone. 

Only the knowledge of how to use a computer should be required to operate a website builder. If a website builder is difficult to use, it should be overlooked and other options should be considered. 

A good website builder should offer all users quick and easy-to-use web creation techniques.

2. Quality and Customizable Web Design Templates

One very important feature of a website is its look and design. Users are made to feel comfortable with a well thought out website layout. A good website builder should offer quality and modernized web design templates.

Those old templates of the early 2000s would not give a website the sensation needed to keep customers coming back. 

Smooth, stylish, and user-friendly web design templates should be offered by a good website Builder. A large number of these templates should also be made available so that users can be as original as possible.

A website builder is not created for a single person but an unlimited number of users. Default template designs are provided to all users in a bid to make website creation as easy as possible. 

Customization is what makes a website unique. Website owners should be allowed to give a personal touch to the already superb template design. It is very important in allowing originality and creativity.

Not everyone wants a website that looks like every other one. So if you are looking for a website builder, this is a feature to be properly checked for.

3. E-commerce Support

Mobile eCommerce is up and Poised for Further Growth

While a lot of people intend to use the internet to share ideas and innovations, others want to use it to just make money. The internet has become the number one money-making platform in recent times.

A lot of website owners have monetized ideas and their websites allow them to sell their products to as many people as they want. 

A good website builder should allow a user to be able to sell products on the websites created. It should allow the destination of either a few parts of the website to e-commerce or the whole website. Users should be allowed to create their online store with a good website builder. 

Anytime you intend to make use of a website builder, the integration of e-commerce should be one of the important features to be looked out for. 

It should be done even if there are no immediate plans for the use of e-commerce on your website as planning for the future is paramount in any website development method.

4. Ready-To-Use Website Formats

Website builders are created to provide a quicker and simpler website creation experience. A good website builder is expected to provide pre-formatted website templates.

With these, users are allowed to pick a design template of their liking and simply replace the sample elements with theirs. 

It is the feature that provides the friendliest website creation. Users with little or no idea of where to start in their website creation journeys can draw inspiration from these ready-made website formats and infuse their appropriate personalized touches.

5. Image Editing Options

How will a website catch the attention of users without images? Images are one of the most defining characteristics of a website. They tell stories and make impressions faster than written words. 

With this in mind, users should look out for website builders with the most lucrative features for image selection editing. Users should be allowed to access their galleries, choose their preferred pictures, and edit these pictures with a website creation tool. Any good and well-meaning website builder would offer this feature.

6. Social Media Integration 

Number of People using social media platforms

The Internet owes much of its relevance and further development to the existence of different social media platforms. Everyone around the world is connected through these platforms and there is little limit to possibilities. 

Awareness is created through social media and website owners have used this to increase the popularity of their ideas and websites. Why should you deny yourself that opportunity? When making use of a website builder, a lot of attention should be paid to the availability of a social media integration feature

Major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, among others should be allowed to be linked to the website through a good website creation tool. Other useful social media platforms preferred by the user should also be able to be linked to the website.

7. Website Monitoring System

A website owner would only know how well his or her website is doing if there is a means of monitoring it. Development and visitor satisfaction strategies can be implemented where needed when reports are provided for inspection. 

A good website building tool should provide a medium for users to monitor the welfare of websites created through it. This medium could be inbuilt into the program or third-party tools like Google Analytics. 

8. Customer Service

Nothing is perfect and the use of automated website building software could come with little hitches. Fixing some of the most critical issues with any software requires intervention from the developers.

A good website builder should provide timely and efficient customer service. They should be easy to contact and problems should be solved as quickly as possible. 

Also, updates need to be made to meet the ever-changing world we live in today. Therefore, users should check to see that any website building tool provides crucial updates as quickly as possible.

Best Tips to Create Your Website with a Website Builder

Using a website builder is a quick way to create a website for your brand. However, certain tips can make the website creation experience a whole lot satisfying. 

Here are a few tips that can help users quickly and easily create unique websites using website creation tools.

1. User Manual

Reading the user manual is the best tip for using a website builder with no experience. Every website building tool has a distinct interface and mode of operation.

These manuals can be on the host websites or accompany the downloaded software in the case of an offline website builder. 

The user manual accompanying it will help every user get acquainted with the unique features and interactions it offers. 

2. Online Website Builders vs Offline Website Builders 

As mentioned earlier, there are two types of website building tools. There are offline website builders that can be downloaded and stored on a computer while there are online website builders that are hosted on a web creation website. 

Offline Website Builders allow a user to create a personalized website without the need for an internet connection. Files are saved and then uploaded to a web creation host for certification. Users usually need to purchase and register accounts with these web hosts and may also need technical know-how while uploading these files. 

Online Website Builders, on the other hand, are hosted on websites that offer this service. Only a computer and internet connection is needed to access these websites. Customer support services are also easily accessible to users compared to offline website builders. 

Going by these, it is safe to say that using an online website builder is an easier choice than using an offline website builder.

3. Template Design and Widgets 

A good website building software offers pre-formatted template designs. Templates form the structure of any website. New users can play around with these different template options in a bid to find the most suitable. 

Template selection and design can be made according to the type of information to be passed through the website. Personalized colors can be used to replace the default option and widgets should be used to enhance visitors’ experience. 

Widgets may include social media links, images or/and videos, and even eCommerce options, among others. All these in a bid to create a more interactive website using the advanced features provided by website building tools. 

4. Consider Your Audience

Websites are made for visitors to interact and get information. The class of visitors can be predicted through the type of information offered by the website.

Therefore, when creating a website using a website builder, an individual should make the expected audience a top priority

Although it is expected that website owners use their preferred designs, the inclination of the target audience should come first.

For example, when creating a website about children's books or generally for children, bright colors can be used for the website template scheme. It may not be the personal liking of the website owner but has to be implemented to satisfy the target audience.

5. Cost 

One reason the use of a website builder is preferential is the cost-effectiveness when compared to an expert coder.

The larger the website, the more costly it is to pay a manual website coder. It is the same for website builders but only that the cost is cheaper and users have a large array of quality website builders to choose from.

When making use of website building tools, users should try to balance the size of their website and its functions with the amount of money needed to make its creation a reality. 

Website builders usually cost between $4-$25 a month depending on the size and quality of the website creation software. So users should look for web design tools that will fit their budgets alongside website functions.

6. Website Builder Speciality 

As much as choosing a website building tool with dynamic features is helpful, using one that has specialized themes for your website's purpose is ideal.

Using a website builder that is made specifically for sport or fashion will make it easier to create websites for these industries. This is one tip that can make website creation more comfortable than ever imagined.

Website Builder FAQ 

How Much Does It Cost to Build A Website?

There are so many things to consider when building a website. You need to determine if you want to use a web builder tool or hire the services of an expert website developer. Web builder software is cheaper than hiring a freelance website builder. 

After building the website, there will also be running costs for the maintenance of the site. With web builder tools, you will have to renew your subscription monthly or annually depending on your payment plans if you choose its premium plans. Hiring the services of a developer can cost up to $1,000 or more.

How Popular Are Website Builders?

Over the years, there has been a massive increase in the number of people using website builders. We have billions of users worldwide; they make it easy for people to create websites. Many people know about website builders.

The bulk of website owners prefer website builders because they attach hosting plans with them. Website builders offer free services to customers.

Even though the creation of a website looks daunting, website builders make it easy for everyone. As a beginner without prior knowledge of tech, web builders can help create a colorful and attractive website to carry out your intentions.

What Are The Pros and Cons of Website Builders?

Building a website requires a lot of energy and time. However, if you don’t have enough bucks to employ the services of web experts, there are website builders you can use to create your website. Using a website builder has pros and cons which you must know.

One of the pros of website builders is the cost. You can get the services of a web builder at an affordable rate. Other advantages are little coding skills requirement, average attractive designs, etc. 

The major con of website builders is limited available features. Some other cons experienced are tardy loading time, unprofessional look, limited page creation, etc.

Can I Switch A Website Builder Software Later?

Switching website builders is a huge deal, but you don’t have to be terrified. You might still have a flair for your background layout, so you need to check if your new website accepts import design from the former web.

You also need to get a new registrar for your domain name if your existing web creator orchestrated your domain registration.

While you switch website builders, you should be careful of your search ranks in search engines. A change in the website should not drop your rank in searches; you might have to restart everything from the scratch.

What Is The Best Website Builder for Regular Websites and Blogs?

We have lots of top-notch website builders available on the internet. These different web builders have different features. You get to select the one that suits your needs. 

Some of these websites display their pricing and features in the background which makes it easier for you to select. Good examples of website builders are Squarespace and Wix. 

What Is The Best Website Builder for Online Stores and eCommerce Businesses?

A common reason for building websites is to run online stores and businesses. You will need a good eCommerce site to advertise your wares and services online. For beginners, Wix is a good website builder. Wix makes the process easy for starters.

For the pros in the industry, you need to be careful about the sites you pick for eCommerce businesses. Some of the best web builders are Shopify, BigCommerce, and Weebly.

What Is The Most Flexible Website Builder in Terms of Design?

Talking about the best website builders, there are some known for general purpose. Some others are known for specific purposes, e.g. for eCommerce, we mention Shopify and BigCommerce

In terms of designs, the best website builders you can use are Webflow, Squarespace, and Wix. Webflow is a very powerful web builder that gives its customers a flexible experience. Webflow has features that attract customers.

The Content Management System gives varieties of collections to work with. The custom design tool is also superior, you can customize themes yourself. They also have a great team of customer experience.

Wix has a wide range of website templates (500+) suitable for all audiences. Squarespace is another website builder that has intuitive and flexible website themes.

What Is The Difference Between A Website Builder and Web Hosting?

There is a big difference between web hosting and website builder

Web hosting is a service that allows individuals, groups, and organizations to load a webpage on the internet. They offer you space on a server to store every file, picture, link, and content that makes up your website. To be online, you would need web hosting.

A website builder, on the other hand, is needed to create a website for yourself and your businesses. It is a software tool that makes the creation of a website easy even though they lack any technical knowledge about it.

There are website builders for beginners and pros. There are also some for general purposes and some others for specific functions.

Website Builder Comparison: Launch Your Website and Online Business

The website builder software is a great tool for building your website without prior technical experience.

Instead of using a web developer to build a site from scratch, these companies provide ready-made professional templates you can build on. Many web builders also offer web hosting services.

Wix is a recommended website builder that helps you create professional websites within minutes. It has a free plan which has a lot of limitations such as limiting your site to only the Wix subdomain The website builder company is a comprehensive solution for building individual and business sites.

Wix premium plans start at $4.50 a month. The premium plans allow you to monetize your blog or website. You can sell products or services and earn money from them. The popularity and quality of Wix are evident in its over 110 million users

Shopify, BigCommerce, and Weebly are excellent website builders for creating an online store. They have advanced features to help you sell online.

Dreamhost website builder is the best for sites that want to enjoy the WordPress features.

Written by
Anastasia Belyh