10 Best Online Legal Services of 2024

Updated Aug 6, 2023.

There are so many things in our society today that we can’t do without the assistance of a lawyer. Online legal service providers make it easier to get the assistance you need, irrespective of your location. Here, we evaluate some of the best online legal services.

ZenBusiness icon


An excellent online legal service provider for small-business owners that offers all the legal resources you need to make legal filing easier and more affordable.
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An affordable legal service provider that offers legal advice and representation for families and businesses and provides 24/7 emergency access to a local attorney.
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Rocket Lawyer

A superb online legal service provider that enables clients of all kinds to generate customized legal documents that can be downloaded and shared very easily.
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An excellent legal document filing service organization that offers free tools, resources, and legal support to help entrepreneurs form business entities.
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An online marketplace that provides its users with a long list of legal assistance and access to a database of legal news that consists of previously answered questions.

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Many businesses need an attorney, especially when they’re just starting. Unfortunately, not many startup organizations can afford to hire an established business attorney to handle all their legal issues because it is cost-prohibitive, especially for those launching on a budget.

The good news is that several business legal issues, including business formation, can be resolved with the help of reliable online legal service providers. You can discover a nearby attorney, obtain legal documents, and get advice for any problem with only a few clicks.

This article will focus on some of the best online legal services in 2022.

Here are our top options for online legal services:

1. ZenBusiness

Editor’s Take
9.1 out of 10
Best For:
$49 – $299 annually
Annual Discount:

Despite being one of the newer offerings in the online legal services market, we believe that ZenBusiness deserves the number one spot on our list because it covers all the legal needs a client could have at lower-priced packages, and with better customer service. 

ZenBusiness excels in business building and development services. And while it’s a younger company than most of its competitors, it’s surpassing them with lower-priced packages and better customer service.

You can choose one of three plans to start a limited liability company (LLC) or corporation, including annual report service, to avoid missing filing deadlines.

When you register for ZenBusiness, you get features not normally included in other LLC services’ plans. There’s an operating agreement template and invoicing app, plus many offers to enable you beyond filing for an LLC.

The higher-tier accounts provide services to enable you to start a business, such as a web domain and hosting, Employer Identification Number (EIN) service, and expedited filing service.

Key Features

  • EIN and IRS Paperwork: ZenBusiness lets business owners get their nine-digit Employee Identification Number (EIN), a tax ID number, from the IRS. An EIN allows you to separate your company from your private affairs by enabling you to open a different bank account. An EIN is mandatory for hiring any employees.
  • Worry-Free Compliance: ZenBusiness takes care of your essential annual reporting responsibilities and paperwork to ensure your business is good with the government. This feature prevents your business from being fined and losing its liability protection.
  • Document Templates: The ZenBusiness LLC formation service provides clients with access to templates for valuable legal documents that might be required to register a business, including corporate bylaws, operating agreements, and banking resolutions. These documents are all available 24/7 through your personalized online dashboard that you can sample for free.
  • Website and Email Setup: If your business requires a website, ZenBusiness can build one for you. The company also handles domain name registration and the setup of your business email address.
  • Customer Service: ZenBusiness customer support team provides extended support six days a week, available via phone, email, or web chat.
  • Alerts: Another key feature ZenBusiness offers alerts that enable business owners to monitor when specific periodic filings are due. This feature is a huge benefit that not all filing company provides. Staying on top of deadlines for form submissions is a tiring chore when done manually; therefore, ZenBusiness lets you worry about one less thing.
  • Variety of Add-on Products: Additionally, if you don't like to shop around for additional products, like web hosting, business credit cards, or registered agent services, ZenBusiness has got you covered.


  • Affordable plans
  • Annual report service in all plans
  • Excellent customer reviews
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Extended customer support hours


  • No free plan
  • Pricey EIN service
  • Registered agent service is an add-on


ZenBusiness pricing

ZenBusiness does not offer any free trial or free account. It provides three paid plans starting from the Starter Plan, which costs $49, to the highest plan, which costs $299.

2. LegalShield

Best for Small Businesses

Editor’s Take
9.0 out of 10
Best For:
Small Businesses
$24.95 – $149 annually
Annual Discount:

With over 4.5 million people and 140+ thousand businesses protected by LegalShield, LegalShield offers comprehensive online legal services for families and businesses at an affordable pricing plan with 24/7 emergency access to a local attorney.

LegalShield is one of the best online legal services that excel in providing affordable legal support on everyday issues for families, small businesses, and LLC formations.

The company offers affordable legal services that won’t break your bank account for as low as under $30 monthly.

Users enjoy legal support from the Law Office of America (the largest prepaid legal services provider in the United States and a countrywide network of independent lawyers.

Key Features

  • Fast Online Legal Service: LegalShield connects users with attorneys that can provide legal advice for their specific needs. The response time is incredible. You get a response in 4 hours or less. There is always a local attorney to help with your issues 24/7 irrespective of the time you request its services.
  • Unlimited Consultations: Online legal services offer you a fixed number of consultations on your basic payment plan. If you want unlimited consultations, you have to subscribe to a higher and more expensive plan. LegalShield offers unlimited consultations on all its subscription plans.
  • Full Coverage Legal Services: Users enjoy access to full coverage on everyday legal issues at less than the cost of hiring an attorney. LegalShield’s legal services cover families, small businesses, and LLC formations.
  • Debt Collection Services: This online legal service provider offers assistance with debt collection. You get up to 5 to 15 debt-collection letters each month written by LegalShield’s lawyers depending on your subscription plan.
  • Free Resources: LegalShield has a blog and offers a huge library of free online resources that offers legal tips for picking a business structure.


  • Available in the United States and Canada.
  • Affordable monthly plans for small businesses.
  • 24/7 emergency consultations.
  • Individual and small business legal services.


  • Expensive option for customizing and downloading legal forms.
  • The cost of additional services varies by location and attorney.


LegalShield - Pricing

LegalShield does not offer a free trial or plan. Its pricing plan starts at $24.95/month for individuals and families, $49 for small businesses, and $149 for starting a business.

3. Rocket Lawyer

Best Registered Agent Service for Business Formation.

Editor’s Take
8.7 out of 10
Best For:
Quick Legal Assistance
$39.99 – $299.99
Annual Discount:
7-day free trial

With over 25 million registered users, Rocket Lawyer takes pride in connecting clients with any type of legal assistance they require, whether it is business formation or access to highly experienced, real-world attorneys who can provide accurate legal advice.

Rocket Lawyer is one of the most respected online legal services in the industry today. The organization prides itself on connecting customers with any legal assistance they require—registered agent services, business formation, or generator legal aid.

It also gives clients access to experienced, real-life lawyers for detailed legal guidance. You can rely on Rocket Lawyer for reasonable and prompt legal assistance.

Key Features

  • User-Friendly: Rocket Lawyer is very easy to use, particularly for those with little knowledge of the law. You can choose the form you want to create, answer a sequence of questions, and the program will produce the necessary legal documents automatically. All your documents are professionally evaluated by a lawyer who will review and edit the important provisions. You then sign completed documents easily and quickly and download them as PDFs or editable documents. Also, all online legal documents are accessible for immediate download. So you can revise documents and e-sign without waiting for documents to be sent in the mail.
  • Fast Online Legal Service: Rocket Lawyer offers an online Q&A. You can ask questions on any legal issue online and get instant responses from a skilled attorney, thanks to Rocket Lawyer's “on-call “attorneys. These attorneys give detailed and credible legal advice from various practices, including intellectual property, business laws, and contracts. This quick legal assistance is a critical benefit to time-strapped business owners.
  • Intuitive Form Builder: Rocket Lawyer's automatic form builder ensures it is very simple to create customized legal contracts and documents. Customers will just answer a few questions about their business, and when they are done, multiple pop-up boxes appear on the screen, explaining the law in their state. This feature guarantees your form holds up in court and complies with state law.
  • Document Defense: The Document Defense feature is in sync with the intuitive form builder. It enables users to formulate customized contracts on Rocket Lawyer. If any party involved doesn't accept the contract terms or debates its tangibility, you can get legal assistance from a lawyer. An attorney will draft a demand letter for you, encouraging the other parties to accept the terms of the contract.
  • Free Trial Offer: Rocket Lawyer provides a 7-day free trial that gives you enough time to decide if you like its features, interface, and service. You can also talk to a few attorneys and get a good option for your business without paying a dime. Remember that seven days is almost nothing regarding the law and business, so you must act fast.
  • Rocket Lawyer App: While Rocket Lawyer's website works on mobile devices, its free app for iPhone and Android users is worth recognition. The Rocket Lawyer app downloads easily and quickly on the phone and enables you to create documents on the go and upload legal issues for advice. Many clients praise how the app allows them to access their documents wherever they are.


  • Offers both memberships and à la carte services
  • Available in six countries
  • 7-day free trial


  • Too complicated for those with simple needs
  • Higher membership fees
  • No weekend support


Rocket Laywer pricing

Rocket Lawyer offers a 7-day free trial for new users. The pricing for non-members starts at $39.99 per document and goes as high as $299.99.

4. Incfile

Editor’s Take
8.4 out of 10
Best For:
Annual Discount:

We’ve found Incfile to be one of the most affordable and dependable online incorporation services, as it offers a slew of useful features—such as online business registration, bookkeeping services, and taxes—for starting a business and guiding it through every phase of growth. 

Incfile is a popular online legal services provider that allows business owners to establish limited liability companies (LLCs), S-corporations, C-corporations, and nonprofits.

Customers can also try add-ons, like bookkeeping and registered agent services. However, the Incfile add-ons can get expensive, and the platform lacks business website functions that come with some other LLC services.

Key Features

  • Several Entity Types: Incfile enables business owners to incorporate LLCs, S-corporations, C-corporations, and nonprofits. Those who intend to establish an LLC to be managed within their state can create a domestic LLC with Incfile. Foreign LLCs are formed for LLCs that want to operate in states outside of the business’s creation state. Incfile also enables business owners to form series LLCs, multi-member LLCs, restricted LLCs, Anonymous LLCs, and L3Cs. To protect individual assets, save money on taxes, attain elastic characterization of income, and have a simple transfer of ownership, business owners can file S-corporations with Incfile. You can also form C-corporations to obtain issued stock, limited liability, enhance business credibility, transfer ownership, and differentiate existence from its owners.
  • Bookkeeping Services: Incfile users can benefit from business accounting and bookkeeping services at a small cost per month. Users get access to bookkeeping software, monthly reports, and a professional bookkeeper to join their team. Users also get a tax consultation with a small business accountant. Incfile enables users to match expenses with their bookkeeping and accounting and track transactions. It reconciles transactions on business bank accounts and credit card accounts. It also guarantees every LLC, S-corporation, C-corporation, and sole proprietorship meets government filing regulations by formulating, evaluating, and filing tax returns.
  • Taxes: Incfile ensures business owners recognize and pay payroll taxes, state income taxes, self-employment taxes, federal income taxes, and other relevant business taxes. Its business accounting service gives you access to unlimited tax consultations, quarterly bookkeeping, business tax return preparation, mobile account access, and a client startup call.
  • Entrepreneur Resources: Incfile cares about enabling entrepreneurs to succeed. Not only do they offer business formation and small-medium business-related services, but they also provide numerous useful resources. These include a business startup manual, a Start and Run a Business Checklist, free business tools and downloads, and an enlightening blog. It also offers several entrepreneurial resources like guides on how to start different types of businesses, a nonprofit, and more. It also includes directories explaining the various business entity categories and which states favor registering them. Users learn about small business tools, registered agents, and more.


  • Offers a free LLC filing
  • Incorporate in all U.S. state
  • Offers three plans
  • Provides lifetime alerts before important filing dates in their Gold plan


  • Free LLC filing doesn’t cover state fees
  • Phone support hours are limited
  • Fees are more expensive in some states than in others


Incfile - start your business with confidence - pricing

Incfile does not offer a free trial or plan. The pricing is customized to the services a customer needs.

5. Avvo

Editor’s Take
8.1 out of 10
Best For:
Online Legal Questions 
Annual Discount:
Free Account

We love how this platform sets itself apart from other online legal services by letting lawyers showcase their academic and employment histories, publication credits, awards, and significant cases.

Avvo is a detailed online directory of lawyers. It is an inquiry tool for people seeking legal representation from skilled local lawyers.

The Avvo database comprises profiles of up to 97% of licensed lawyers in the United States of America. You can see a lawyer’s reviews, practice area distribution, license status, professional details, and Avvo rating on Avvo. It shows you the information you need when choosing a lawyer.

Key Features

  • Avvo Profiles: Some lawyers have observed that they have Avvo profiles they didn't create because it mines publicly available information and uses it to create profiles. It doesn't make a difference if the attorney is not using their service. Attorneys can claim possession of their profiles by following a few steps to validate their identities.
  • The Avvo Rating: Each attorney is rated on a ranking of 1-10 that's particular to the Avvo website; the website's operators select it. This rating is all-encompassing. It's estimated using various suitable factors such as education, peer recognition within the legal profession, length of experience, disciplinary status, and customer reviews.
  • Fair Search Results: Avvo gives a straightforward search function with highly specific filters a site user can apply. Enter your specifications, and the platform will present you with a list of attorneys who meet your standards. This feature enables you to find the DUI lawyer who's the best fit for you.
  • Case Distribution Breakdown: One powerful benefit to using Avvo is that it allows you to see a percentage breakdown of the various types of cases an attorney works on. For example, a lawyer may accept DUI cases, but that area might make up a small percentage of their cases. It's reasonable to have a lawyer who focuses on DUIs because they will bring into the world the ample experience that lets them best support you. For clients handling their first DUI charge, having a mature DUI lawyer will guarantee the professional counseling you through your legal proceedings understands what they're doing.


  • Post a question and get advice from multiple lawyers
  • Most questions are replied to within 12 hours
  • No cost for follow-up questions
  • Provides a nationwide directory of attorneys


  • Questions are available for anyone to see
  • Restricted to general information


Avvo pricing

Avvo provides a free plan called Avvo Starter and two additional plans called Avvo Advanced and Avvo Elite. Its paid plans are custom-priced.

6. UpCounsel

Editor’s Take
7.7 out of 10
Best For:
Delegating Your Legal Department
Annual Discount:
Post a job to get a free proposal

UpCounsel is a wonderful online legal services marketplace that empowers businesses to find and hire attorneys by posting jobs to get free proposals. It also provides free collaboration tools for all its users. 

UpCounsel is a great platform for numerous legal services. From one-time private legal consultations to a whole freelance legal unit for your business, UpCounsel has it all. It’s even adopted by leading brands that often deal with complicated legal matters.

Key Features

  • Message Management: UpCounsel lets you keep your information organized. You can send, receive, and manage messages with your legal team on any assignment within UpCounsel.
  • Send and Receive From Your Inbox: You also get to use your email client like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and more to send and receive messages so that you can deal with communication with your legal department on the go.
  • Time-tracked Phone Calls: You won't have to worry about how long your attorney calls are with time-tracked calls. The feature lets you know how long each call with your attorneys took.
  • Free Document Storage & E-signature: Users can store and categorize an unlimited number of documents. This feature ensures that your documents are organized and easily accessible to your team.
  • Document Sharing: UpCounsel helps you save time since you can quickly read and share documents without downloading them. You can prepare and implement the e-signature with a few clicks.
  • Document Version Tracking: All members of your left team can update and track versions of any document. Not only can you view such documents, but you can also revert to previous versions at any time.
  • Time Tracking: UCcousel users get insight into what their lawyers are billing them on. Each item can be reviewed line by line at every stage of an engagement. This feature prevents getting shocked by jaw-dropping invoices.
  • Private job postings: The jobs posted on UpCounsel are not publicly available and can only be seen by attorneys that have gone through their vetting and screening process. In addition, users' details are not displayed on a job post. So you remain anonymous and can share your details with lawyers when you are comfortable enough to do so.
  • Private Messaging: The secure messaging platform they provide lets you communicate with each lawyer without having to disclose your full name, phone number, email address, or other contact information. After you hire a lawyer, you can continue communicating through UpCounsel and record your communication history, which will be accessible online for further reference.


  • Free online collaboration tools
  • Flexible pricing
  • No hidden fees
  • Free consultation with lawyers
  • Great for one-time legal consultations


  • More expensive than some competitors


UpCounsel pricing

UpCounsel has a unique pricing system. It provides sample hourly rates for different services. It also has popular fixed-fee packages that you can go for instead. Keep in mind that you can get custom proposals when posting a job.

7. LegalZoom

LegalZoom - #1 choice for helping start and grow small businesses

LegalZoom is one of the biggest online legal service providers because it provides features that can resolve all your legal needs. While it is a great solution for formulating a limited liability company (LLC), it also offers legal assistance for other areas of life, including your personal and family or intellectual property.

It is a do-it-yourself solution that provides a user-friendly experience with efficacy and convenience from start to finish without the need to leave the comfort of home.

Key Features

  • Business Operation Services: LegalZoom is an all-in-one solution for your business’s legal needs. Aside from LLC incorporation, formation, and other business registration services, it also provides functional legal services. LegalZoom offers annual reports, registered agent services, minutes manager, operating agreements, compliance calendar, tax help, contracts and agreements, and permits.
  • Intellectual Property Protection: LegalZoom also offers intellectual property protection benefits like trademarks, copyright, and patent registration. The organization claims to be the best online intellectual property protection organization. LegalZoom, in addition to registration, also provides trademark search and monitoring services.
  • Lifetime Customer Support: LegalZoom provides robust customer support with a confirmed track record of mostly positive customer experiences with its 7-days customer support.
  • Ease of Use: LegalZoom is a simple online legal platform. The LLC formation process is less than 20 minutes, so completing your order is easy. However, if you cannot complete your order, you won't have to start again. LegalZoom will send you a link containing all your saved answers so you can continue whenever you want.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: LegalZoom offers a 60-day satisfaction guarantee, making it quite an impressive option. It refunds 100% of its service fee if you are not impressed with the results you receive even after two months of purchasing a package. This reassures customers that they will get value for their money. LegalZoom, however, does not refund the money paid to third parties, such as the government and lawyers affiliated with its legal plans.


  • Offers a customizable and affordable LLC operating agreement
  • Provides a customized dashboard for storing and organizing vital details
  • Offers registered agent service


  • Does not include a free plan
  • Provides limited Website Templates


LegalZoom - #1 choice for helping start and grow small businesses - pricing

LegalZoom provides a 7-day free trial and three paid plans with no charge for CA filing.

8. LegalMatch

LegalMatch - Find the right lawyer for your legal issue

LegalMatch is a private corporation that operates an online legal matching service where customers submit a legal issue and get answers, including ratings and quotes from attorneys interested in such cases.

Clients can post a case for free, while lawyers partner with LegalMatch to access the cases and leads generated.

Key Features

  • Steady Rate of Direct Leads: The lead generation function provides a steady stream of cases whose viability you can evaluate at your comfort. Many attorneys get new case leads daily/weekly. These leads have been streamlined to fit your preferred area of practice. This feature ensures that you are not looking at leads that don't suit your area of law.
  • Screen & Respond to Clients Instantly: LegalMatch's case intake system shows all critical case information in notifications sent to our member attorneys when cases are submitted. So as a potential client, you are contacted with the same notification as soon as the lead is vetted.
  • Dedicated Account Manager: All member lawyers are allotted a dedicated account manager who trains and assists lawyers whenever they ask for help or the company thinks it could be beneficial. Each member's attorney is called monthly to find out if any assistance, support, or training is required to maximize their use of the platform.
  • High Lead Quality & Focused Clients: Their legal lead quality exceeds their competition because they are not a directory service. This feature leads member attorneys to receive from potential clients who understand an attorney's services are not free and are committed to settling their legal problems.
  • Boosted Revenue & Location Availability: This feature reduces the marketing required to generate case leads and grow your practice. With this feature, member attorneys possess the ability to dedicate more time to vetting leads, communicating with prospects, and improving their availability in other areas.
  • Detailed Case Intake with Lead Filtering: The multi-step case intake system mandates prospective clients to give enough information for the member attorneys to assess their cases. All cases containing inadequate data are screened out of the lead dashboard.
  • Integrated Calendar System: LegalMatch makes it easy for lawyers and clients to schedule consultation meetings with the help of their intuitive calendaring tool.
  • Unlimited Support & Training: Member attorneys get supported with as many resources and commitment as they need. The platform has developed a great list of guidelines to educate and guide attorneys to achieve their goals with their platform.


  • Free for use in the United States
  • Excellent customer support
  • Provides a wide range of legal services
  • Long-term satisfaction guarantee


  • Matches aren’t always the best fit
  • More expensive than other providers
  • Slow turnaround time


LegalMatch - Find the right lawyer for your legal issue - pricing

LegalMatch is free for customers and businesses that need legal assistance. Lawyers are provided one plan called the Legal Lead Generation Service with a starting price of $455 per month.

9. Nolo

Nolo - Legal help. Simple. Trusted

Nolo is a free legal directory with over 100,000 lawyers listed on its site; they are one of the most prominent directories for firms and attorneys alike. This platform provides clients access to attorneys' online resumes, reviews, and ratings, so you get legal assistance based on your specific needs.

They also provide lawyers with professional articles related to law cases that may assist when looking for new legal information outside a firm's knowledge base.

Key Features

  • Books: They are filled with legal information and advice for general needs. Nolo's archive of resources is comprehensive and written by a team of legal experts. You can discover deep-dive directories on practically everything from being a landlord to dealing with workplace disputes or learning to generate patent drawings. Each book comprises hundreds of pages of expert knowledge transcribed in easy-to-understand writing, with newer editions coming out whenever legal guidelines or practices are updated. You can pay for a book, ebook, or PDF version or request a bundle containing both.
  • Legal Forms: Most books also include related forms on the subject, which you can download after purchasing a book. There is also the option to download the forms directly. They provide forms for the most popular legal activities, including estate planning, business formation and operation, trusts, family law, real estate and intellectual property, HR, Taxes, and accidents.
  • Software: Clients can use Nolo's software to formulate time-tested business forms and estate planning that they can personalize to suit their precise needs. After downloading the software and choosing a form to create, all you need to do is answer questions about yourself or your problem. The system then generates plain-English documents depending on your answers, complete with thorough state-defined signing instructions. You can proceed to print your form from the system or download it to your computer. When clients have questions, Nolo software gives legal and practical assistance. Whether you are putting together a simple will, doing more complicated estate planning, or operating a small business, you can depend on Nolo software to create the needed forms.
  • Flat Rate Pricing: The nicest part is Nolo’s pricing system. All toy have to do is pay a flat rate for the yearly subscription that enables you to generate and fill as many types of form types as you want. This is extremely valuable for forms you require often.


  • Affordable Basic package
  • Priority rush filing
  • Plenty of information on legal documents


  • Exclude a lot of essential LLC features
  • Awful customer feedback
  • Tricky website


Nolo - Legal help. Simple. Trusted - pricing

Nolo provides three paid packages. It starts with the Basic package, which costs $49, and the highest plan is its Express plan which costs $299. All packages include state fees.

10. LawDepot

LawDepot - Free Legal Documents, Forms and Contracts

LawDepot is a do-it-yourself legal form builder. You choose the form (or contract), answer the required questions, and the software builds your legal document.

What separates LawDepot from other online legal document creators is the $10,000 “insurance” policy that covers any costs incurred from an out-of-date or incorrect legal doc. You can test drive LawDepot and create legal documents for free during its seven-day trial.

Key Features

  • Free Seven-day Trial: LawDepot lets new clients use their online solution to generate unlimited legal forms and documents during the seven-day free trial.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: LawDepot will give you $100 if there are mistakes in the software output of the legal doc you created but keep in mind that claiming this $100 is not easy.
  • Hundreds of Legal Documents: In addition to generating business documents, you can create real estate restate, marriage, or vehicle-related documents
  • $10,000 Legal Guarantee: If you have legal issues related to Law Depot not ensuring their documents are up to date or correct, they will cover damages you incur up to $10,000
  • Customer Support: LawDepot provides customer support via live chat and email support. Unfortunately, it does not support any phone service.


  • Easy to install
  • Intuitive form builder
  • 7-day free trial
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee


  • No phone support
  • Only provides legal documents
  • Cannot cancel the subscription
  • Automatically charged after the free trial


LawDepot - Free Legal Documents, Forms and Contracts - pricing

LawDepot provides a trial subscription for one week and a paid account priced at $8.99 monthly. They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Online legal services are a great alternative for companies that don't need full legal teams but still require the support and professional advice of a traditional attorney.

Online legal services are an affordable alternative for entrepreneurs and business leaders looking to save money on legal costs.

These companies provide some essential services law firms traditionally handle at a much lower cost to business owners.

Most online legal services operate on either a subscription basis, where the client pays a certain amount per month in exchange for an outlined list of services, or a pay-per-service basis, where the client purchases one-time legal services.

Before deciding which legal services you want to settle for, you need a credible strategy to filter out inadequate services. For that reason, we created a process to help you evaluate each online legal service on different factors of its service.

1. Services

Concentrate on the entire scope of services each platform has to offer. Can it offer you easy business formation or enable you to draft a will? Consultations with an attorney must be included in the plan, and each plan has to be worth what you pay.

You should evaluate the overall quality of the services and compare the flaws.

2. Specialization

It's common for online legal services providers to specialize in a particular area of the trade. The website might mainly offer high-quality online documents and let you handle the rest. It could also guide you through the LLC formation procedure with some of the cheapest rates in the industry. Whatever the area of expertise, note it down and let it guide your decision.

3. Reputation

It’s reasonable to say that a company's reputation should influence your choice of the best company for your legal demands.

You will have to look at the company's score on the BBB, find any well-reasoned criticisms, and mostly listen to what customers have to say. Online reviews aren't always trustworthy, but they can give you a decent idea of what you're getting into.

4. Customer Support

Customer support is crucial for almost every industry, but it is a must for online legal service providers. You must know if you have a reliable ally who will quickly reply to your questions and ensure your legal needs are met. You need to check how quickly the legal team responds to inquiries, how productive they are at their responsibilities, and how careful they are. You can check all this with a free trial.

5. Price

You have to look at the price of all the legal services and use it to narrow down what you feel is the best value package. Most of these legal services use subscription plans, but there might also be numerous additional fees, costs, and upselling choices.

Limited online attorney services are mostly incorporated in the plans, but they could also set you back some extra cash under the radar. Before signing up for any legal service, ensure that you have a clear picture of what you're getting for your money.

Why get legal advice online?

Online legal services are cheaper for business owners looking to save money on legal bills. While they aren't a complete replacement for established legal firms, they provide the necessary legal services at a much lower price.

They are best for small businesses and entrepreneurs who need legal assistance but cannot pay $200 per hour.

How do online legal services work?

These sites provide fairly simple, understandable, and tailored questionnaires that take people through a sequel of questions, dropdowns, and checkboxes. 

The client fills out the questionnaires online, pays a fee, which is usually smaller than what a lawyer would demand, and then your documents are sent to you.

What legal documents do I need to start a business?

These documents include a business plan, LLC Operating Agreement, Employment Agreement, Employee Handbook, Non-Disclosure Agreement, Non-Compete Agreement, Privacy Policy, and Terms of Service.

Regardless of your business's type or size, having valid legal documents when you start is a huge advantage. These documents ensure you evade the problems that derail young businesses before they get a foothold on the market. They will enable you to conform to federal and state laws. 

Ensuring all the legal areas of your business are in place is one of the best things you can do for your organization.

Many of these online legal services providers are very affordable and give you a great head start as a business owner, particularly when you examine how much money they save you in the long run.

To guide you, we have compiled our top recommendations for the best online legal services:

The best overall online legal service provider


For Full Coverage Legal Plans


The best registered agent service for business formation

Rocket Lawyer

The best legal services provider for startup organizations


The best online legal service with a seamless rating system


For more on online business tools and small business software, check out the following:

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