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20 Best Project Management Software in 2022

Project management software tools help project managers (PMs) and teams collaborate online and meet goals on time while managing resources and cost.

Best Project Management Software And Tools

The success of a project is dependent on the team’s productivity.

And, the team’s productivity will be utilized to its maximum if you choose the right project management software.

In this article, you’ll get the most detailed insights into the industry’s leading software systems.

You’ll find the appropriate tool, whether you’re a successful enterprise, small business, or a one-man-army.

Enlisted below, you can see a variety of software tools, and each one is equipped with state-of-the-art scheduling systems, smart budgeting, resource management, communication funnels, support teams, and every other tool designed to enhance your team.

Besides that, you’ll find all the answers, tips, and strategies that address all the questions you might have about achieving the most with these tools.

So, you can use the guidelines to pick the most suitable project management tool and apply the proven strategies to improve your team’s performance, make profitable decisions, and achieve team success.

What is the Best Project Management Software?

1. Monday.com.

Best Workflow Software to Turn Workload Stress into Task Results.

Monday.com workflow software

Their Remote Work Team will ensure that you can collaborate anywhere, arrange teams quickly, monitor progress, and turn video chats into a course of action.

Pick out one of ten ready-use templates, customized to onboard your team, no coding required.

There are templates specific for managing state of emergency communications, Daily Team Tasks, Content Requests that guide the whole team and all stakeholders through the project, Creative Requests, Project Overview Tracking that will help you maintain transparency through the process.

One-on-one meetings, Time tracking, My tasks, and Daily team tasks, Remote equipment check, Resource center, Employee onboarding are also key features in the remote work software. 

Project management software will create mapped-out business plans, streamline communication, track progress, and generate productivity.

campaign overview

With Visual boards, you can keep everyone in the loop with the newest projects, prioritize, share files, and track everyone’s activity.

With Project Tracker, you can do Excel spreadsheet export/import, keep tasks in a schedule, and monitor every step of assigned tasks.

With Change Requests Form, you’ll be able to record changes to numerous projects, attach documentation associated with the change requests, register the risks, note projected costs, and include actions that can be taken.

This project planning software also offers High-Level Project Plan, Cross-Departmental Project Tracking, and other features.

You’ll be able to set milestones, plan project timelines, assign team members, set clear ownership, share updates, files, and feedback for fluid communication between the team and all stakeholders.

You’ll be able to monitor setbacks and make concrete decisions to resolve the issues by adjusting any deviations as soon as they arise.

With the Marketing team, you can improve your workflow with Campaign management, Client project management, Editorial calendar, and Event management.

Content Planning, Social Media Calendar, and metrics, Content Calendar, Campaign Tracking, A/B Tests, Media Coverage are amongst the repertoire of this business management software.

The Creative team will ensure you can manage assets, automate repetitive tasks, and view data with Multiple View options, from Calendar to Maps.

Other teams, like Software development, IT, or Sales will balance your workload through a timeline view and generate the most productivity with accurate work distribution, and provide the most effective daily overviews, to execute the general plan.


Packages start at $8 per user per month.

monday.com pricing


  • Connect your team’s currently used tools with the software work through Integrations
  • Equip your monday.com OS with monday Apps, built by developers, like dashboard widgets, board views, etc.
  • Great value for a low price

Monday.com is highly-customizable, fully-equipped, agile project manager software that will meet all your needs. Grow your business today with monday.com.

2. Wrike

Best Work Management Platform to Run Complex Projects.

wrike agile project management platform

With customizable dashboards, shared calendars, and multiple options to organize projects across different folders, Wrike shapes its interface according to your team’s style of work.

With Live Editing, you can collaborate with your team to brainstorm tasks and projects.

You can keep everyone notified of any updates, with @mentions and comments.

Wrike’s proofing and approval features accelerate the review cycles and enable your team to receive mapped-out feedback on images, videos, PDFs, reports, and other project deliverables.

You can turn your team’s impromptu suggestions into actionable tasks with Custom Request Forms.

Wrike offers 15 different visual depictions, from pie charts, column charts, calendar heatmaps, etc. All of these show your data in the most visually-digestible way.

With Custom Reporting, you can build analytics dashboards and filter them based on the project, folder, timelog, and task attributes.

You can add or remove as many analytical widgets on your dashboard, to track your project’s performance, as you’d like.

Get a large-scale view of the progress of all of your projects in your portfolio, or get insights into specific projects by using graphical widgets, like Burndown Charts, to monitor each one on its own.

Use Resource Management features to balance the workload and prevent underutilization of your team members. Prioritizing projects and distributing hours accordingly with your team’s schedule and capacity will maximize everyone’s input in the project.

Wrike Reports, Gantt Charts, and Table Views provide you detailed insights into everyone’s performance and help you make adjustments for future projects.

wrike gantt chart

Timesheets calculate all time spent on project tasks and help you spread out the work while catering to everyone’s strengths.

Choose from more than 400 in-built connectors and thousands more universal connectors to connect Wrike with apps.

Transfer and sync data between multiple apps, or automate workflow by setting up triggers that cause the same action to be repeated across different apps.

With drag and drop, you can create and modify automated workflows without developers.

Wrike provides you with enterprise-grade security, giving you full control of your data encryption.

Wrike splits its services into Company-wide, Marketing, Creative, Project Management, and Professional Services teams.

These teams distribute services, such as Kanban boards and Customized workflows, with Agile Project Management.

You can simplify complex projects into manageable stages, manage customer requests with tailored work intake forms, and keep all the stakeholders up to date with faultless communication with Client Management.

Boost your motion graphics projects, follow through with your creative content through publication, and take on more clients with Agency Project Management.

Build Product Roadmap Templates, and determine a team, priority level, type of release, and projected revenue to streamline product launches with Project Portfolio Management.

Build OKR Projects to align every team member’s work with company objectives, and improve each of their quarterly goals individually.


Pricing packages range from $0 with the free version and go up to $24.80 with the most popular Business version.

wrike pricing


  • Use Kanban boards to visualize deadlines and tasks
  • View tasks on an interactive timeline and track time to meet the deadlines
  • Use OKR Templates to improve everyone’s quarterly performance
  • Prioritize and distribute tasks within your team and take on more projects by monitoring workload

Wrike will manage the workload between your team for great productivity, improve performances with OKR, enable product launches, and make room for new clients. 

Try them and be amazed.

3. ClickUp.

The Most Inclusive Free-Forever Collaboration Software.

clickup collaboration software

Use ClickUp’s To-Do Lists, and create tasks and milestones.

Use world-class project customization and design a flawless structure and strategy for any project, with Project Management.

Create and store valuable docs, wikis, and knowledge bases anywhere in ClickUp.

Use /slash commands and safely share your docs with anyone.

View your tasks in a Table or embed Google Sheets and Airtable bases, edit and collaborate without leaving ClickUp, by using Spreadsheets.

clickup activities

Keep all of your information archived and sorted with the visually-digestible Email and Chat feature.

With Events, you can use calendars, timelines, and Gantt charts to map out the tasks, schedule your team, and sync your activity with Google, Outlook, and Apple.

You can create, repeat, delegate, or convert Reminders to tasks with the ClickUp Inbox.

Use Goals and OKRs to set short-term and long-term goals, orchestrate your team, and track progress to make adjustments.

Add Estimates and Track Time directly in ClickUp or sync up with your tool, and build reports.

Capture images or record videos of your desktop activity with Screenshots and Recording.

Manage the resources and workload capacity with the perfectly-planning, visually-captivating Timeline and Workload feature.

There are numerous striking views to choose from, some of which include Mind Maps, List, Activity, Timeline, and many more.

Google Calendar 2-Way Sync is a toll with whom you can instantly reflect changes with the ClickUp app in real-time.

You can Resolve Comments and mark the Recurring Tasks, sort tasks by any criteria, and for any project, and you can add Filters and search the tasks easily.

Use Collaboration Detection, to see in real-time when others view, edit, or comment any tasks.

Use the ClickUp Chrome Extension to comment, markup, and create tasks directly from images and screenshots.


There is just one pricing package.

clickup pricing


  • Select tons of tasks and subtasks, and perform any action on them in one click with Multitask Toolbar
  • Chrome Extension merges three separate major features in one app
  • Proficient and Customizable Task Hierarchy

Use the Forever Free package to get unlimited users and tasks for your team, with ClickUp.

4. Teamwork Projects.

The Most Affordable Project Planning Software with Enterprise-Level Features.

teamwork projects enterprise project planning software

Design projects, upload files and add comments, and view your tasks through Gantt charts, task lists, or board views.

Use dashboards and project health status updates to track your project progress.

Get insights into your team’s capacity and check who’s available to take on more work.

Branch out your projects into multiple tasks and subtasks, and use recurring tasks to manage retainer work.

Project templates and Task lists are useful for cutting out time, and they reduce the number of errors.

Record all the billable hours accurately, and export invoices to your accounting system with Xero, Quickbooks, or Harvest to get paid for your agency’s work.

Take advantage of the project management tools to get quick milestones and task status updates , track the work assignees, and spot potential blockers before they can cause damage.

Reduce manual work with automation features and simplify project planning.

teamwork project planning

You can use Project Portfolio and reporting features to get instant overviews of multiple projects and immediate status updates.

Measure the estimated work time spent against the actual time spent, with time budgets, to ensure that the client’s billable hours are used effectively.

Get meticulous breakdowns of resource usage and more accurate timeline estimates for new projects.


There are four monthly packages available, one of which is free-forever.

teamwork pricing


  • Teamwork tailors to your unique needs with full flexibility over your project set-up
  • Get deeper insights into each project’s profitability
  • Forrester Consulting conducted a study measuring 437% ROI of customers using Teamwork

You can manage multiple complex projects with this collaboration software, no matter if you’re a business owner, project manager, agency, or professional service. 

Make your team’s success happen, and try them out today.

5. Scoro.

All-In-One Business Management Software to Manage Your Sales & Customers.

Scoro business management software

Use Scoro’s automated reports and customized dashboards to track progress and share results with your team.

Manage the entire portfolio with customizable views, prioritize tasks, avoid overlapping, deliver on deadlines every time, plan everyone’s schedule a couple of weeks at a time with a drag-and-drop Planner, and visualize progress using Project timeline.

Record planned and past activities, spent and billed time, expense and income, files, and much more.

Compare quoted to actual results, track labor cost and incidental expenses with profitability tracking in real-time.

Project templates and Task bundles eliminate the time-consuming, tedious tasks.

Turn quotes into tasks, projects, and invoices, or send out invoices directly from the project view.

Use the interlinked combo of calendars, timesheets, task lists, and time trackers to deliver assignments on time.

scoro dashboard

Prevent errors in invoicing and reporting, optimize your team’s time usage, and regularly update your timesheet entries.

Balance the workload by monitoring the availability of the whole team, and prevent over or underbooking.

Keep archive information of every customer, including contact information, files, projects, quotes, invoices, and communication history.

Oversee your sales funnels, and align the deals and opportunities with your sales resources, and compile quotes and invoices as personalized PDFs.

Simplify quoting with client profiles, standard quotes, and customized multi-currency rate cards.

Get calculations of probability, weighted values, and estimated closing dates to Forecast future sales, and correct-course if you’re deviating from the path of completing your projects.

Track individual and team targets, sales budget, pipelines, and deal velocity with the sophisticated Sales and CRM features.

Translate all your sales and finances into multiple currencies, track purchases and costs, and compare budget scenarios to actual revenue.

Use custom invoicing to charge separate services, and bill the rest upon completion.

Open additional company accounts to manage customers, projects, and finances of different companies within one Scoro site.

WIP Reports accurately estimate the profitability of every project.


There are four monthly pricing plans.

scoro pricing


  • Enterprise-level reports covering every aspects of your business
  • Modify metrics or widgets when any change occurs
  • Automatically compiled reports provide you detailed insights into all aspects of your team’s availability and resource utilization

With Scoro, everything is automated, and just one click away.

You will empower your team with productivity by eliminating unnecessary misjudgments in planning. Get your team’s success started today, for free.

6. GanttPro.

Best Gantt Chart Software for Planning and Managing Multiple Projects at once.

ganttpro gantt chart software for project managers

When using GanttPro, you split your projects into tasks, subtasks, and milestones.

You can schedule and organize tasks, set due dates, durations, and dependencies.

You can set Gantt chart timelines to calculate accurate work estimates and handle your resources thoughtfully.

You can use different workspaces for personal projects and work projects.

You can delegate project management to certain team members only, making the process visible for the ones responsible for the project.

You can plan projects and design Gantt charts, while the app schedules the tasks automatically.

You’re able to prioritize tasks, set dependencies, indent, and outdent, track duration, and progress on a Gantt chart online.

ganttpro gantt chart

You can assign roles and tasks to team members, add attachments, and comments in one click.

You can share Gantt charts with your clients and co-workers, and they can view your timeline online.

Thanks to Resource planning and management, you can add resources to your charts and connect them to specific tasks on the timeline. You can set the cost of the resources per hour and time spent on a task. GanttPro will then calculate the task, group of tasks, and project cost. 

You can change the expenses by rearranging the resources within the tasks.

With Workload, you can track everybody’s task activity and distribute the work.

GanttPro will calculate the duration of your project, based on your business calendar, team capacity, and resources automatically, which you can adjust.

You can switch to a Board view, where each task is presented as a card.

You can comment on tasks or attach files.

With Notifications, you’ll immediately know if you have a new assignment, someone has made a change in a project, are mentioned in a task, or your task will start in an hour.

Auto Scheduling rearranges the shifts in the timelines of the tasks and dependencies automatically so that everything matches.

With Critical Patch, you’ll get the insights into how every task impacts the overall project, and what is the shortest path to completion.

With Share and export, you can provide rights to the secret public URL of the chart.


There are two pricing plans.

ganttpro pricing


  • Time log lets you see times spent on tasks and milestones and gives you the chance to leave comments
  • Owners and Admins can create reports, containing details about tasks, projects, users, dates, time, and comments logged by the team members
  • 75% less missed deadlines

GanttPro is simple, precise, and affordable. The information you get in the charts will be the recipe for your team’s productivity. Go ahead, and try this collaboration software.

7. ProofHub.

The Smartest Solution for Online Project Management.

proofhub online project management software

ProofHub provides your team with the resources to work in the easiest, smartest, and fastest way.

Eliminate long and messy email threads, and bring all your team and client discussions at one place. Create a discussion and @mention people to grab their attention and pull them into the topic.

You can assign tasks to as many team members as you wish, prioritize tasks with strict deadlines, and set tasks to reappear so you never miss the regular ones.

With Kanban boards, you can divide the stages of work between team members.

kanban boards

Gantt charts allow you to visualize how different project pieces fit together in a timeline view.

Adjust your course of action as the work changes, and don’t allow crucial tasks to get delayed.

Use Task dependencies to navigate between the shifts in the workflow.

Calendar never lets you forget your tasks with recurring tasks, automatic reminders, and multiple calendar views.

Files and Documents will organize all your data in one place and quickly extract whatever you need. You can keep multiple versions of the same file as a precaution.

Custom Roles allow you to define who gets access to what exactly.

Use Chat to send direct messages and get quick replies.

Keep team and client conversations productive with one-on-one and group chats.

With Proofing, you can speed up the review of designs and documents, as you can give feedback for specific regions with markup tools.

Timesheets can give you insights into the team’s time spent across different tasks, what are the cost-effective hours of projects, and who tracked the task times manually or using timers.

Choose from the English, French, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, and German language to communicate with co-workers and clients.

You can get detailed resource and project reports in one click.

Take notes of valuable project information, creative ideas, and meeting discussions, and open them whenever you need them.

With Email-In, you can upload files without logging into the account, add tasks, join discussions, reply to email notifications so that your input gets documented.


There are two pricing plans.

proofhub.com pricing


  • Assign tasks and notify the accountable project manager for each milestone
  • Avoid unauthorized access and keep your data secure with IP Restriction
  • Adjust to your remote co-workers with six different languages

This workflow software will keep everyone in line with the team’s objective while improving their valuable input with profound project management tools. Start your ProofHub free trial today.

8. Backlog.

Best Project and Code Management Software for Any Team in One Platform.

project and code management software

Backlog project scheduling software has all the tools developers need.

You can easily visualize a project and divide it into smaller actionable tasks by using its project management tools.

See which projects are in progress and which require more attention through Gantt charts, burndown charts, or Kanban Boards.

Use the Bug Tracking feature to record and track bugs easier.

Backlog turns the documented issues into concise, practical guidelines for solving your team’s issues.

project backlog

Each issue comes with a space for a title, description, attachments, and custom fields to help you define bugs.

You can prioritize the bugs and adjust due dates to accommodate incoming projects.

In-issue commenting and targeted notifications ensure that the right people are notified of important changes, bug additions, comments, code updates, etc.

For releasing bug fixes, developers can create a Git branch in Backlog, where pull requests, merge, build, and other updates will get addressed.

Get more done in less time with Task management.

Create, assign, and update tasks.

View, prioritize, discuss, and get notified when you’re assigned a new task.

Break down tasks into subtasks and checklists.

Track code changes with Version control software.

You can easily manage source codes next to your projects, with the fully-integrated Git and SVN.

Discuss changes with team members.

Compare changes between branches, see differences between files, add comments to comparison files on the pull requests.

Get an overview on which changes will be merged, and get documented project details, on record, of all previous changes to compare and restore.

Keep everybody engaged through Team collaboration.

You can add comments and files to tasks, invite clients, vendors, and freelancers as project guests.

Create Wikis for all project members to access, edit, or download, and be notified of any changes.

Keep track of user stories, leads, events with Custom fields.

Backlog’s iOS and Android native apps are free, and you can automatically sync with your previous work.


The prices start at $0 per month.

backlog pricing


  • Use File Sharing to organize project files, attach files to comments or upload them
  • Create a Task Hierarchy for an orderly workflow
  • Jira and Redmine Importer

Backlog is a program management software, which will solve all of your project scheduling and code management problems.

Try the free version today, and it won’t be long before you come back for more.

9. Hubstaff Tasks.

Best Agile Project Management App for Smooth Team Collaboration.


Hubstaff Tasks provides your team with a smart and visual way of organizing your tasks.

With its Kanban interface, you can easily move tasks to different project stages with a drag-and-drop mechanism.

You’ll be able to add task labels and set deadlines for easier tracking.

Communicate with teammates using task comments. Mentioning them will send them a notification.

Task card

Creating checklists in tasks will show progress bars, giving you a quick overview of each task's status from the project board.

Attach files to task cards so all the resources your team members need are in one accessible location.

Use the Agile Sprints feature to get things done more efficiently. Assign them to your current or future sprint or to the backlog based on their importance.

Design custom workflows for different projects. Automatically move projects forward and assign tasks to team members with one click.

With daily stand-ups, stay up to date with your team’s accomplishments, next plans, and roadblocks.

Plan projects more accurately with the Timelines feature.


Pricing info@2x


  • Different project views make it easier to keep projects on track
  • Task assignees and followers are notified of task updates so everyone stays on the same page
  • Automated workflows help make sure that no task is left unassigned and save time on recurring tasks

Hubstaff Tasks is easy to learn and is a good fit for both Kanban users and Agile teams. Most of its features are available on the free plan.

10. Hygger.

The #1 Kanban Tool for Software Development.

hygger kanban tool

Compose your Kanban boards by using Swimlanes to highlight the most important tasks, like blocker issues, that prevent you from developing and testing further.

WIP (Work In Progress) Limits allow you to finish the projects faster by steering your team’s focus only on current tasks. It sets the maximum number of tasks for a board column.

hygger work in progress

With Scrum Support, you can run your Sprints with story points/hours estimation, velocity, burndown charts, and sprints release reports.

Calculate task time with hours or story points, log time spent on tasks, and document advanced reports of team performance, and track billing or payroll.

Create gripping and accurate Roadmaps to inform the stakeholders, support teams, marketing, and sales teams of feature release plans.

Value-Effort Backlog Prioritization allows you to rate your ideas, features, tasks, and projects to identify the importance and risk factors of each.

Eisenhower Matrix feature instructs you to distinguish between important and urgent tasks, so you wisely decide where to direct your time and resources currently.

Use Development Tracking to place backlog items to development boards and track their progress with Task Links, while the parent tasks get automatically moved to the Done column on the board.

Use prioritization, which consists of four building blocks: Reach, Impact, Cost, and Ease, to score your features with RICE/ICE Prioritization techniques.


There are three pricing programs, including a free one.

hygger pricing


  • Get an overview of a task with a unique URL
  • Keep your conversations organized with thread commenting
  • Display current and completed tasks, overdue tasks, and employees’ work logs across all boards with the Live Activity Stream
  • Reply to everyone involved in a discussion, with Reply All

Choose from Hygger’s 37 different Cases to find the best solution for online project management. Try their free program or their other packages that top at just $14.

11. ProProfs Project

Agile Project Management Software that Brings Departments Together to Always Deliver on Time.

proprofs project management software

Use a shared calendar to plan, track, and execute projects effortlessly.

Allocate tasks and sync milestones with your current calendaring tool (e.g. Google Drive, Outlook, etc.).

Use an intuitive dashboard to analyze everyone’s work separately.

Monitor the progress of your projects, using Gantt charts.

Bring together in-house and remote teams on a collective dashboard.

You’ll be able to streamline communication successfully across multiple departments.

Real-time notifications will keep you in the loop about the latest developments and covered milestones.

Exchange information smoothly, without messy email threads, with Task comments.

Divide every task into exact subtasks, and set due dates to honor deadlines.

proprofs project timeline

Track project progress with synced-up mobile apps, for iOS and Android, and receive fast-response email updates.

Connect with Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, etc. for seamless file sharing within the teams.

Leave feedback and discuss bottlenecks with Task comments.

Collaborate with anyone or join a discussion with threaded replies.

Calculate billable and non-billable hours with timers, and use Timesheets to document the time spent on each project.

Generate powerful reports that contain project status summaries, task breakdowns, due dates, Gantt charts, and financial summaries.

You can share the reports with external stakeholders using a secure URL.

The all-encompassing workflow software dashboard allows you to track all of your projects as they’re happening.

You can see the status, projects, logged time, questions, or suggestions of your team, and so on.

Assign primary and secondary tasks to your team to enhance the workflow.

You have Task Dependencies at your disposal so that you can move hundreds of task dates in one click and relocate resources.

Use recurring tasks and project templates as defaults to save time.


There are three pricing packages.

proprofs pricing


  • Stay on budget with SLA
  • Any other software is rarely as affordable
  • Profound Solutions in the form of Creative, Enterprise, IT, and many other projects

ProProfs Project answers the question of what is project management software perfectly, with a rich selection of projects and features.

Try the free program today.

12. LiquidPlanner.

The Most Dynamic Task Management Software for Fast-Moving Teams.

liquidplanner task management software

For Engineering and R&D Teams, LiquidPlanner makes time tracking simple with integrated timers and timesheets that are ready for review and approval.

With drag-and-drop prioritization of projects and tasks and cross-portfolio visibility, all stakeholders and collaborators can easily view and discuss company priorities together.

You can estimate the value of effort with the smart schedule by determining the best-case and worst-case scenarios with the Schedule Uncertainty feature.

By using Automated Resource Leveling, you can manage the optimal workload for each team member and assign work that will ensure a balanced and productive schedule for everyone.

project progress

You can create Detailed Dashboard Views for stakeholders, to share relevant project information, visualize key data with co-workers, stakeholders, and external collaborators.

For Software Teams, LiquidPlanner provides instant insights into status, risk, and budget across the entire portfolio.

Scheduling Engine automatically updates Sprint progress of tasks and projects, as they’re updated in real-time.

Manage resource availability with Automated Resource Leveling, and customize high-level dashboards for stakeholders.

If you’re using a bug-tracking tool, you can connect it to LiquidPlanner’s open API and file, track, and verify bugs.

LiquidPlanner provides the same features for the IT Teams and Professional Service Teams, like the ones mentioned above.

LiquidPlanner calculates the effect of changes in one project on the rest of the portfolio and resources attached to those projects and shows you how likely it is for a project to deliver on time.

You can easily see how resources are spread across multiple projects. 

You can learn what’s the best way to utilize them on priorities.


There are two pricing packages.

pricing liquidplanner


  • Easily recalibrate your priorities and schedule by dragging and dropping projects and tasks in your plan
  • Every project is always adequately staffed with Automated Resource Leveling
  • Advanced reporting and Intuitive project analytics templates

With LiquidPlanner, you’ll bring the best out of everyone on your team and manage stakeholders’ expectations effortlessly. Start your free trial today.

13. Asana.

Business Management Software with The Best Strategic Solution for Organized Workflow.

asana business management software

Empower your remote team and coordinate the projects effortlessly, from anywhere, with Asana.

Comment on tasks and respond to requests, from one place, with Inbox.

Keep your work connected and increase visibility by adding tasks to multiple projects.

Outline the next steps and tag team members for tasks of incoming projects, with Status updates.

Use Kanban boards to plot out each stage of the project thoroughly, easily spot any bottlenecks, and provide visual cues for your team to know if the tasks are up for grabs or already done.

asana work in progress

Stay in control and administer all your work with My Tasks.

You can quickstart your growth by using pre-built templates to get your team ready in minutes or use the CSV Importer to import data into any project.

Using Asana, you can integrate with Outlook, Slack, Google Drive, Gmail, Zoom, and more.

Carry out Project management in Engineering, file, and track bug reports and sprints.

Plan and manage content calendars, creative requests, events, campaigns, and product launches.

Track prospects through your sales funnels, manage customer accounts, onboard new clients, streamline pre-sales requests, and generate more sales through Sales management.

To make the most profitable choices that will serve your team long-term, find out, in detail, what is a sales funnel?

Coordinate cross-team projects like candidate interviews, create default templates for recurring processes like new hire onboarding.

Manage to house the internal resources and recruiting pipelines.

Manage the organization of your team, with to-do lists, files, and plans for all projects, tasks, and conversations.

Track launches, give feedback and iterate.

Track sprint planning, milestones, and launch dates to keep everyone aligned.

Sort and schedule work, according to urgency, with Priority custom fields.


There are one free-forever and three paid packages.

asana pricing


  • Easily manage multiple projects and switch between them quickly
  • Unlike with the usual Excel Spreadsheets, you can add details, have conversations, or attach files
  • Keep an eye on tasks, dependencies, and milestones to set due dates and adjust plans seamlessly

Asana will clear out objectives, simplify communication, and generate growth with flawless planning. There are hardly any more effective project management software examples on the market. Try Asana’s free-forever program, right now.

14. Workzone.

Quick-Delivering Project Tracker with The Perfect Balance of Power and Simplicity.

workzone project tracker

Get a cross-department view of all projects, which is great for status reviews and campaign evaluation meetings.

Workzone creates To-Do-Lists and emails them automatically to each team member, providing them with exact tasks for each day.

Visualize changes, view, edit, and build your projects through the interactive Gantt Charts.

Status Alerts highlight the late tasks and eventually trigger the automatic email alerts, while the projects slipping behind schedule are flagged.

You can save any project as a template and reuse it again once a similar project arises.

Workzone lays out the project schedule from the start date or working backwards from a deadline.

With Task Dependencies, you can shift the starting time of a task that’s dependent on the end of another task and adjust to any changes in the schedule.

Project Request Forms allow an online central dashboard view and opportunity for others to request projects online. 

workzone dashboard

Workzone captures the custom, specified information, and emails the project requests to targeted members.

With the Workload Reports, you can identify the resources that are under or over-utilized, and balance the workload to the available resources.

Report hours by project, task, or user, with Time Tracking.

You can track hours worked on specific tasks for client billing, and the overall and budget project expenses.

In the Group Calendar, you can track project tasks and events by client or department, send reminders about upcoming deadlines and meetings.

Send email notifications of updated files, comments, and approved tasks, and share all the files safely with the people of your choice, with Secure File Sharing.

Add markup comments on an image or PDF directly, without additional software.


There are three monthly pricing packages.

workzone pricing


  • Send email alerts for any comments, documents, calendar events, or tasks for a review with an authorized link
  • Every document or project task has its own comment section
  • Archive and compare multiple versions of every file, with File Versioning

From site set-up and onboarding to creating a long-lasting management strategy, Workzone will make way for and sustain the newest projects like nothing else. 

Try them out.

15. Basecamp.

Premier Project Tracking Software for Seamless Communication.

basecamp project tracking software

Message Boards archive entire conversations together on one page.

You won’t have to piece together a conversation, digging through a cluttered email thread.

Every project includes all the necessary tools like To-Dos, Message Boards, Docs, Schedules, File Storage, Automatic Check-In Questions, and Real-Time Group Chat.

You can integrate these tools with third-party tools like Time Trackers to customize each project.

Basecamp can minimize disruptions for you by pausing the notifications when you're not working and activating them once you’re back on the clock.

Automatic Check-In Questions, like “What are you working on this week?” and “What did you work on today?” allow for a quick and easy way to track everybody's progress and provide guidelines.

With Activity View, you can manage any overdue tasks, any work that’s nearing its due, upcoming milestones, how much work everyone’s assigned with, and much more.

My Stuff menu enables you to monitor all the work that’s on your plate, like your assignments, schedules, bookmarked tasks, etc.

Every project with Basecamp is equipped with a Schedule that displays events and to-dos with dates for that project.

basecamp dashboard

Every project has a place to share documents, images, and files so that everyone can easily locate everything.

Basecamp’s Campfires (Real-Time Group Chat) lets you ask quick questions and provides you equally as quick answers without an additional app. 


There is one monthly pricing package.

basecamp pricing


  • Hill Charts work alongside to-dos to show you the exact status of any project
  • You can course-correct before missing deadlines with the missing context that lets you spot problems on time
  • Make announcements and store employee docs

Basecamp doesn’t bombard you with additional apps and time-consuming, unnecessary features, yet it optimizes all the project tracking extremely fast.

Start your 30-day free trial, no credit card, cancel at any time.

16. Trello.

Flexible Task Management Software to Organize Projects in a Fun and Rewarding Way.

Trello task management software

Use Trello cards to add comments, attachments, due dates, and more.

Trello provides built-in workflow information with the Butler feature.

Eliminate the tedious tasks from your to-do lists and boost productivity with the powerful automation tool Butler.

Butler incorporates Rule-Based Triggers, Custom Card and Board Buttons, Calendar Commands, and Due Date Commands.

With Trello, you’ll create a board for any project, give it a name, and share everything with your team.

Add lists to outline concrete steps in the workflow, and divide every project into actionable steps.

Create cards for upcoming tasks or information you want to organize.

Fill in the details for each card separately, by adding due dates, comments, checklists, and more.

Move the tasks across the lists to display the progress, shifting them through the completion process.

Trello to do list

You can seamlessly structure the workflow of your team with the organized Documentation and Repositories with Github and Bitbucket integrations.

Keep the stakeholders informed of the project status with the Shipped list.

Agile development allows easy access for specs, codes, documentation.

Manage incoming bug reports, and track them to development to QA and to release.

Prioritize reporting and reproducing bugs, based on the severity of the labels.

Track urgent, incoming issues, and establish long-lasting site reliability.

Keep track of the products tested, merged, and deployed into production.

Connect Jira or Bitbucket to pull requests for each card issues.

Product Roadmap enables you to navigate product development and feature requests with developers, C-Suite stakeholders, and product owners.

Extract Sprint feature requests and keep the all-inclusive documentations of decisions and deadlines visible.

Manager user research and customer feedback for each card, and add story points for practical story planning.

Sprint Retrospectives allow you to remove any hurdles after each sprint and make the information visually-engaging with Trello boards.


There are two paid monthly packages.

trello pricing


  • Built-in workflow automation with Butler
  • Unique Wedding Planning Management service
  • Remove graphic barriers with accessible-anywhere Trello boards

Start organizing all of your projects effortlessly and increase the results of your team daily, with Trello.

You can start with the free-forever monthly program.

17. Podio.

#1 Project Scheduling Software to Bring Focus & Clarity to Your Team.

podio project scheduling software

You can discuss, track, and organize files anywhere in Podio.

Revisions are easy to manage as well, and whenever a file is added, replaced, or removed, this activity history is visible to everyone working.

Any changes can be reverted, though.

Podio provides unlimited, free storage.

It’s integrated with almost every single file-sharing service there is.

piesync dashboard

Task management enables you to assign tasks, attach files, and add comments to discuss the details.

Podio tasks are structured so that you can integrate them with all of your work on Podio.

They can even be automated using workflows.

Podio’s Mobile Apps allow you to access any projects while on the go.

With the Activity Stream, you’ll get an overview of the progress and delve into details.

You can access all your content with Docs and Images, and share them with Podio with your mobile.

Podio frontend is built on API, fully exposed, for your use.

They provide wrappers for PHP, NET, Ruby, Java, and Python, together with mobile SDKs for Objective-C and Android.

With Citrix Partner, Podio can create custom integrations for Podio to operate alongside the web-services your team uses, or even build a customized Podio interface or app tailored to your needs.

There are numerous, high-quality extensions for Podio, built by third-party developers.

Every Podio user can create their own Podio app by using a drag and drop interface to create a custom combination of different field types.

Automate sales pipelines and track project budget, using the Filter and Reporting options.

You can customize tasks and comments, tailored to a specific update of an item, with workflows.


There are three paid monthly packages.

podio pricing


  • Send structured information directly to your apps by embedding a Podio webform
  • Share a project from the Projects App with a client to receive feedback and allow them to sign off the work
  • Real, human support from the support team up to the lead developer

Podio is the perfect business management software that’ll give the structure to your project and eliminate any distractions. They offer a free program that you can try now.

18. Nifty.

Award-Winning Project Tracker that will Manage All Your Clients’ Work.

nifty project tracker

Discussions spark rightful decision making through calculated collaboration between the team members.

Co-workers can share ideas, collect feedback, and correct-course.

Convert messages into tasks, or create a doc and auto-invite all the project members.

Extract and share files from your computer, Dropbox, or Google Drive to contribute with the project-related material.

Create threads to sort out your discussions.

Kanban View makes room for you to prioritize and hand out assignments while managing deadlines and feedback.

Detail View spreads out the work through milestones, which 

automatically automate your project status, once they’re completed.

Use My View to sort out all the tasks by deadlines, and filter tasks by task assignees, due dates, and tight Milestones, to never miss a deadline.

nifty project milestones

Assign users to entire task lists, and Automate Task Assignments this way.

Select recurring tasks by date or status, and automatically recreate your scheduled tasks, based on a repeating pattern.

Add due dates on the task list, turning it into an automated milestones list.

Use subtasks to create smaller task objectives.

Nifty’s Time Tracker will always record the time spent on the projects accurately.

Nifty will send you insights into the project’s timelogs by tasks and team members and keep the team’s workloads in check through the Team Overview.

Check the individual member’s logged hours, categorized by projects and tasks, with custom date ranges.

Pinpoint where to allocate team member’s time, and export Timesheets as CSV, or download them as PDF files.

Create collaborative documents with team members.


There are four monthly pricing packages.

nifty pricing


  • Choose between a Nifty or a Google doc, Spreadsheets, or Presentations which sync with your Google Drive
  • Launch a project from a discussion into an immediate invitation and involve everyone
  • Evoke document collaboration, and invite everyone to view, comment, or edit

Nifty uses all its project management tools to elicit collaboration, sharing, and productivity.

The results are exceptional, which you can assure yourself in with a tryout.

19. Microsoft Project.

The Most Flexible Project Management Software on The Market.

microsoft project management software

Select a grid, board, or a timeline project view to track and communicate projects with your team.

Highlight the task paths with the visual timelines to easily organize your work.

microsoft task path

Use Project and Microsoft Teams for file sharing, chats, meetings, and other collaborative work.

Check out the pre-built project templates to save time and minimize errors, or search for the best-in-class project plans from Office.com.

Edit or update task lists, task assignments, project schedules, and more with team members and stakeholders, through Coauthoring.

Track progress of your projects, portfolios, resources, and programs with ready-to-use reports from Microsoft.

With Timesheet submission, you can track project and non-project time spent on invoicing, payroll, etc.

Incorporate Resource Management, and select the project team, request the exact project resources, and align tasks with the resources, so it facilitates balanced workload progress.

License up to 5 PCs per person, with the Desktop Project App.

Desktop Client allows you to use fully-installed software on your PC.

Portfolio selection and optimization enable you to play-out the different portfolio scenarios so you can make the most profitable decision.

Determine the best project strategy by weighing the project proposal against strategic business drivers.

Demand management is a unique feature that captures and evaluates project ideas from everyone within the team, aligning them with your objectives.


There are three Project Plan monthly packages to choose from.

microsoft projects pricing


  • Use interactive roadmaps for different projects and optimize assignments
  • Use Enterprise resource planning and management to compare how resources are used across projects
  • Apps included

Use Microsoft’s powerful and dynamic scheduling to create the best environment for your team to grow individually, and push the company objectives.

Try the task management software that will elevate your team starting today.

20. MeisterTask.

The Most Intuitive Online Project Management Solution for Small & Large Businesses.

meistertask intuitive online project management solution

Design and arrange Unlimited Sections on the Kanban boards.

Use the Filters to categorize your projects by the Due date, Assignee, Tag, Watcher, Status, or Schedule.

Place all of your projects on a Timeline view or a calendar view.

meistertask workflow management

MeisterTask can automate the repeating steps in your workflow so you can save time with the default setting.

And this is what the Recurring tasks enable you with the repeating tasks.

WIP Limits are there to limit the number of tasks for you to take on at once.

Excel in the role of coordinator, with Assignees and Watchers, by assigning the work to the responsible team members.

Set due dates that can align with the schedule or serve as handovers.

Add Custom Fields to emphasize task details for the frequent duties of the team.

Add files and images up to 200MB to tasks, with Attachments.

Multiple Checklists allow you to confirm that the tasks are completed adequately and wholly.

Agenda, which is a feature unique to MeisterTask, enables you to create personalized, private boards to pin tasks from any projects.

The Dashboard is customizable, and it includes a personalized checklist.

MeisterTask provides desktop apps for both Windows and Mac.

Take Progress Reports to oversee your team and projects by downloading reports on overdue, open, completed, and upcoming tasks.

Analyze the tracked times of yours and your team by downloading the CSV reports, and export the CSV files on activity, compliance, and personal data.

Take control over user groups, projects, licensing, or billing, or delegate those duties with team administrators.

Initiate collaboration with Team Projects, and share or unshare them with team members by grouping users.


MeisterTask enables three different paid monthly programs.

meistertask pricing


  • Assign Roles & Permissions of Administrator, Member, Read-only, and Commenter
  • Enterprise plan users are assigned a dedicated account manager
  • Communication features like @Mentions, Comments, Address the Group, Notifications to Email, and Mobile Apps

MeisterTask will assure your team meets the deadlines with laser precision and make room for the newest projects.

Start with the Free Program.

What is Project Management Software?

Whether you’re in charge of a small business, a global brand, a sales team, a remote team, or a construction work team, success will be difficult to achieve without a channel to manage all the projects.

All of the key components of any project, like cost, duration, and execution strategy, your project management tools must find solutions and facilitate team growth.

Due to the demanding and chaotic nature of project tracking, most of the project managers fail to outperform online project management tools.

It’s been documented through various precise researches conducted, that up to 77% of highly-successful projects have used some business management software.

The frustration cycle is hard to break when the team focuses all its energy on meeting the deadlines, thus deviating from the attention and skill required for each task.

If you‘re still spending a ton of time on repeatedly spreading timesheets and organizing weekly update meetings that accomplish nothing, it’s a sign that a cluttered workflow is stifling your growth.

You need a collaboration software that will channel the work into meeting the expected turn of investment.

It’s a job in itself to stay on time, and that’s why a good workflow software must control and optimize the budget, protect the information exchanged throughout the project, prioritize assignments, distribute the tasks according to available time and resources of each team member.

The successful building blocks of a successful business strategy are confined in the fundamentals of agile project manager software.

Some projects, like large IT undertakings, have been known for finishing past due dates, surpassing the budget, and with a lower revenue than predicted.

Project scheduling software has adapted to the point of identifying future potential risks for every project so that any possibility of failure is eliminated if you allow the software to work.

Project management software is used in a wide range of industries for project planning, task scheduling, resource allocation, smart budgeting, and evoking proactive collaboration with the stakeholders, amongst other things.

It enables managers, stakeholders, and users to manage cost and budgeting, and it’s often used as an administration system as well.

Besides the obvious project scheduling, a great project tracker will ensure document, calendar, and contact sharing, as well as bug and error reporting and managing.

Exporting time tracking and other files for third-party consultants is of great value also.

Companies can deviate from the risk path by identifying the failing aspects of a project and forecasting any hurdles for each phase of the project.

Great Project planning software will design each assignment, so it complements the intended deliverables, empowers, and persuades stakeholders with consistency.

It will also assign tasks catering to everyone’s strengths, thoughtfully spend resources so that they don’t compromise the team or customers, and clear way for more projects.

Finally, it will estimate the optimal budget for each project, track your team members’ decision-making and resource use, and archive data from each project that you can use as a point of reference and correct-course in future work.

Benefits of Using Project Management Software

One of the noticeable advantages of using project management tools is that they can help your company surpass its competitive potential and set itself apart from the rest of the competition.

The software clears the path for the work to accumulate and removes any unnecessary hurdles.

The hurdles arise when the team focuses too hard on the deadlines, overall performance, and micromanaging every task so that it compromises the actual work.

Project management software provides the following benefits:

Seamless planning

Modern Project tracking software has moved forward from the time-wasting, aimless project planning to provide you with the accurate AI predictions of project completion dates while capturing constraints like cost and schedule.

They’ll keep plans up to date and readjust the schedule for any arising opportunity or changes in team priority.

The key factor is accurate automation that constructs a stable foundation for the tools to assess the milestones by order of the key deliverables and enables the roles to be assigned accordingly.

Workflow software has cut down the guesswork out of estimations.

Now, you can automatically distribute the resources to achieve the best-case scenario.

It automates the resources automatically for intelligent work to arise and to avoid the incidental costs.

Smart resource management

You need to keep the workload of each team member balanced without underdelivering in any of the projects.

An effective resource management strategy will prevent your team from over or underworking.

Resource planning creates a healthier working environment, in which your team is empowered and can flourish.

That’s because the project manager selects the assignees best equipped for the task and allows them the room to grow and improve by removing any tedious tasks, below their skill level.

You’ll spot any resource bottlenecks much faster.

You’ll have the insights to bring new people onto the team at an appropriate time.

Multiple-Project management

Taking on more initiatives and managing them parallel to one another means you’re going to require reliable pipeline forecasting.

Companies get more profitable and competitive, but the employees get overbooked if the lack of visibility doesn’t get addressed.

Tasks get overlooked, deliverables compromised, and resources wrongfully allocated.

Agile project management software keeps the administrators and colleagues in the loop with an overview of running, planned, and finished projects, with all the connections they share and affect each other so that bottlenecks get prevented with the appropriate orchestration.

Improve team collaboration

Managers frequently appoint individual tasks to separate team members, which are all a part of a bigger project, without maintaining a proactive communication by discussing tasks, providing suggestions and feedback, and bouncing off ideas.

Good business management software provides a platform for all project participants to collaborate on projects by discussing tasks, timelines, budgets, resources, dependencies, and more.

Using Kanban boards and Sprints, you assure that everyone is informed about what exactly they should work on and that everyone is provided with a task list of priorities.

This way, you eliminate the inconvenience of re-working the same project and steer the focus on fast delivery and satisfying services.

Efficient budget management

Adequate task management software will control the budget throughout the multiple stages of the project, all the way to its final delivery.

You get a financial overview of each project to monitor and compare the planned budget against the actual one, to navigate through the project without excessive spending or underinvesting.

Monitor all stages of the project

Dedicated project scheduling software plays an important role in the average success rate of your team.

It will provide you with insights on whether you can complete the project within the set timeframe and resources, and if not, why?

The software gives you solutions that assist you in handling all the daily reports and helps you make profitable decisions.

You’ll be able to chronicle the reports on a broader portfolio level and customize and share more actionable pieces of insight.

Internal and External communication

Collaboration software is effective because it provides communication funnels for everyone within the team and for all the customers and stakeholders externally.

Document sharing, for instance, enables an all-inclusive system where everyone can participate, review, make suggestions, and talk about the current status or plans.

You’ll get customer satisfaction every time.

How to Choose the Right Project Management Software?

Meet your specific needs

Deploying the right project management software can enable you to streamline the entire project management process.

You don’t want to miss deadlines, use manual spreadsheet methods, overlook important tasks, fail to produce a risk management plan, be unfamiliar with your resources.

To make your organization deliver high-quality work every time, you need to choose the project management tool that aligns with your company’s objectives.

Maybe you’ve purchased some software on the fly, attracted a couple of clients, held a couple of meetings to create a plan and execution strategy, and you’ve delegated the workflow with your team.

But, maybe, you’ve failed to check that the software doesn’t offer a reporting feature, so lack of the progress overview is stifling the development.

The planning can be perfect, and software may contain a million little integrations and side apps, but it’s not going to matter if it doesn’t meet the specific needs of your project’s deliverables.

Know the type of your business

Among the first things you need to know are some basic criteria, like the type of your business.

For Individual/Smaller Businesses, collaboration is a crucial aspect of project success, due to frequently remote working conditions, codependency, and limited resources that can be opposed to fluid, proactive communication funnels.

For medium-sized businesses, and any company in general, task assignment can be time-consuming, frustrating, and even argument-spawning when the tasks are delegated inadequately.

That’s why it’s important, to integrate the use of intuitive business management software that will automatically assign everyone’s level of participation, conceding their skill set and availability.

For Large Corporations, the most challenging part for a project manager can often be budget and resource allocation.

Figure out the features that you seek

Management software must assure that the budget estimates for allocations get documented, throughout the whole process.

Missing small entries here and there can cause huge losses for the company.

You’ve categorized your business.

Now, you need to figure out what you seek.

An easy set-up will go a long way in making sure your team is motivated from the first day, and you don’t have to prepare the platform for the first project.

Another thing to look for is an all-in-one-place, visually-digestive Dashboard to rule all your tasks and assignments.

Project management tools need to allow an optimal level of visibility for your executives and senior management and to be accessible to every assigned project participant.

You need to be able to monitor your team’s performance at all times and set up and set up the perfect team for each project.

Collaboration is important

Project management software with a meticulously-designed collaboration system will be limitless in encouraging teamwork and enabling the projects to get done before time even.

You want to track tasks, make task assignments less time-consuming, get notified of the latest client updates, cut through the long email threads, simplify invoicing, suit the budget, and other crucial parts of project management.

Before investing into any software, you should take the following factors into account.

Are you and the product users allowed to drag-and-drop tasks by priority, document storage, provide access to clients and teammates, transfer files, use multi-currency invoices, and so on.

You want to provide great usability and experience with the software.

For more than 60% of companies using cloud-based software, it’s far too many to avoid the obvious benefits.

Central workplace and effortless collaboration that you can access from anywhere and anytime, easy information access no matter whether you’re free or in the middle of something, low maintenance for any updates are among the qualities of a cloud-based software.

Investigate the marketplace

Combine your trial period experience with the online reviews to create a more well-rounded opinion of the software.

Take some time to investigate beyond the most popular hashtag suggestions.

You might choose Basecamp, which doesn’t offer Gantt charts or subtasks, for more simple needs.

Or, you might choose monday.com, which is more expensive than other similar programs, but new features get rolled out regularly.

There is a lot of misleading information, with Skype and Slack being listed as some of the best project management software examples, while Microsoft Project has shown-up multiple times in surveys as a leading software choice.

On the other side, some users have described Microsoft Project as too complex.

The message is that there is always an exception to the rule.

The first thing to do is to check what complements your team the best.

It’s a collective decision

You should also take into consideration the possible resistance of your team or stakeholders to costly, time-wasting training sessions, set-up for integrations,data migration, or possibly, your purchasing budget.

It’s important to find software that will maintain the interest and engagement of the whole team.

It wouldn’t be productive to pile extra work on everyone with the newest feature that’s supposed to save time.

That’s contradictory, and that’s where some software can make a mistake of adding exciting features while leaving the gaps in the fundamentals of productivity.

Choose a platform that will address your near-term goals.

Don’t get distracted by focusing on how you can implement excessive features.

Always examine the security features of a PM software before purchasing, especially if you are going to share sensitive information with your clients and stakeholders.

Select a cross-departmental group, and start testing every software to see how each one performs.

Set a realistic project scenario, and see how responsive and equipped each software is for your requirements.

It’s essential to initiate open communication and ask for feedback from your teammates.

Different departments may come across different problems.

Create an all-inclusive atmosphere in which everyone’s comments and ideas are heard..

While you’re making everyone feel involved in the decision-making process, try out how responsive their support team is.

More often, today’s teams are delivering better results in a more collaborative atmosphere, so you need to balance the management and collaboration style to achieve greater results.

Examine the Breakdown Structure, Task Scheduling, and Budget Reporting features thoroughly.

Lastly, evaluate the Onboarding Timelines, onboarding, and training for different stakeholders, manage critical documents, and data migration, as well as Go-Lives.

Be thorough, take your time, and involve everyone in your decision.

Tips and Strategies for Getting More Out of Project Management Software 

1. Look for built-in intelligence

The easiest and least time-consuming PM solutions are the ones where the workflow and customization feel intuitive, and the software is designed with built-in intelligence that allows it to anticipate what you need to finish the project.

2. Go for the cloud-based service

Ease of deployment, the cost, accessibility to everyone at any time, and system updates and enhancements that are delivered automatically are some of its great benefits.

Also, choose a mobile-optimized software so that your employees can access any information and participate by using their smartphone device or a tablet.

Identifying what your team’s style of work requires will go a long way in getting the most out of the software, so you should make sure that it can integrate with all the third-party apps you will need.

Everyone uses email, so software that can post messages to email will increase the engagement and reach for the product.

3. Don’t spare on the trial

If you want to reach a high ROI for a project management system, you need to test the software’s every feature in realistic project scenarios.

Make sure that your teammates have the necessary input into tool selection, and they can access all the training features and resources.

Management reviews, meetings, and support teams are some other crucial factors that you can test to eliminate the risk of future limitations.

4. Gradually increase the rollout

At first, roll out all the capabilities to certain, qualified groups of users or select a few capabilities to roll out to all users.

Rolling all the capabilities out to every employee from day one will be overwhelming and counter-productive.

Before running the software, make sure that your teammates are trained in at least the fundamental features, and provide the advanced training if necessary or asked for, later on.

5. Compare different options

Before committing to anything, create a checklist of your needs.

Then, one by one, see how tailored each software is to answer your requests.

Most companies will gladly offer a free trial to any serious business, so remember that you are the customer, and they should adapt to you.

Ask for the opinions of the project manager, the whole team, and any outside parties like contractors, vendors, business partners, and make a collective decision.

6. Do a proper set-up

To make the investment profitable, you need to set up your software properly.

And, to do that, you need to define your goals.

Customers, the route to market, value proposition, and finance are all building blocks of a successful business.

And, for any defined goals to come to fruition, you need these building blocks stable, and the right business model canvas for you will do that.

Once you define your goals, the software will adapt and clarify the set-up process, everyday use, and training.

Do you want your software to serve primarily as a collaboration tool, create status reports, or forecasts?

Ask yourself these and all the other questions, so you don’t misinterpret any of the products.

7. Provide training for everyone

Set up frequent training sessions so that everyone can attend, and by the end of each session, check if everyone has a working account and an easy-to-remember password.

Start a project right after, so your colleagues can practice attaching files, creating posts, tracking times, and the rest of the features.

Reinforce the lessons, or answer any issues or questions the team might have, with a second training cycle, a couple of weeks after, and provide video tutorials with the help of a third-party or a vendor.

Vendors will usually sell these to you, although they do offer free trials for a period that you can try.

Project managers need to have excellent anticipation, which is often more valuable than problem-solving when things spiral out of control, and they need to be ready to battle arising issues before they come to fruition.

8. Track productivity and cost

Look for software with the built-in real-time reports like status and margins, and track the information these metrics provide you regularly and make adjustments for the most profitable outcome and fast delivery.

Don’t allow the weekly meetings to be your only source of information on the project progress.

Select PM software that will maintain steady communication between the team.

Assure that everyone is notified of any changes, additions, and issues across the whole team.

If your PM choice doesn’t meet your specific needs, then you are best off going for a solution that offers built-in custom fields and the ability to rename fields and categories.

9. Ask for advice

Get insights into the best practices of other companies using the same features by talking to a success expert from your software vendor’s company.

Many companies have special help teams for customers to use their product to the best of their advantage.

These teams often offer one-on-one training sessions that teach you how others are utilizing the app to its fullest potential.

Consider hiring a third-party consultant that specializes in your industry to help you customize the project management software to your needs.

It’s not uncommon for a team to secure high returns on investments when an expert collaborates with your team to consult the entire organization on how to access the required training and other significant resources.

The expert you hire should have a thorough understanding of proper team adoption.

Another benefit of an expert is that they can simplify the subsequent management reviews and future updates.

10. Manage your unrealistic expectations

Project management solutions are there to support the project management process and not to replace it.

Graphing and Reporting, Data management, Acquisition are all complex operations, and you can’t expect your business management software to replace your team in these.

It works best in a supporting role, but that supporting role is equally as important for your success as your team.

11. Invest in the non-expendable

Your project management software should be flexible to scalability and enable future growth, containing a ton of features that you might only use in future projects.

Scalability assures that your software doesn’t get outdated and can provide you with the services when the need for them arises.

Finally, remember that choosing the appropriate software is a team decision, and you only limit yourself by skipping the trial and research.

Types of Project Management Software

PM Services are available in a variety of ranges, pricing plans, and types.

To choose the software that suits your company the best, you should know how to distinguish between different categories of software.

Some software offer services specific to a single type, while others are more of a mixture of different types.

Sometimes, it’s best to look for a vendor that offers a software demo or a free trial, so you can evaluate any features before committing to a plan.

There are three significant areas in which software can be classified, and these are Specialization, Deployment, and Characteristics.


Specialized software is frequently incorporated as a module in many software products.

Some important types of specialization software include:

Scheduling type highlights the Gantt charts or other scheduling features that track the success of project deliverables.

Schedule-oriented business management software is best suited for public manifestations, and even-oriented projects, such as concerts, seminars, product launching, and others.

The mission is to keep a firm grasp on the calendar, with a fixed schedule, maintaining a public reputation.

Issue-tracking type spotlights the importance of overseeing glitches, gaps, and issues, to assure that they are addressed precedently.

It will prevent any projects from being compromised and your company from under delivering.

This type is the most useful in projects featuring a lot of technical specs, where a single glitch can compromise the whole project.

Part of this sophisticated defense mechanism is that the entire system works as planned, while it tracks and solves bugs continuously.

Project portfolio type has a multitude of complex features that allow your company to take on a couple of demanding projects at once.

It has a mapped-out dashboard with drill-down options to view significant details of project progress.

Because of the more robust tracking, editing, and organizational features, this type is designed for complex foundations.

This type of software is the most expensive and suited only for companies that deal with multiple projects at once, consistently.

Property developers, Engineering, and Construction companies are the most common customers of this type of software.


Deployment classification shows you the types of software, based on how they can be installed and accessed, that you can encounter.

On-premise project management software is installed on your computer or server.

Usually, you’ll need to pay a one-off or annual proprietary license to use it.

With the on-premise type, your files stay with you, you have the optimal control over the software, and there are no additional license fees.

Cloud-based project management software gets installed on the vendor’s server, and it can be accessed through the internet.

Usually, you need to pay a monthly subscription fee to use its services.

The monthly fee is more than reasonably-priced, going as low as $20, and there is no need to hire an I.T. specialist to manage the software.

The vendor takes responsibility for troubleshooting and security, and the software is accessible from anywhere on any device.


Classification by characteristics refers to the way you use the software.

Personal or single user-type management software is designed to assist the users on the smaller-scale home projects.

Its set-up is based on the anticipation that only one user at a time will edit the project.

Personal type is commonly used for smaller projects, with a clearly defined beginning, middle, and end.

An example of this would be DIY furniture projects.

Collaborative type of PM software is structured to complement multiple users that can read, edit, or add to the project plan, simultaneously.

These additions and changes are integrated with the overall system, so the project plan is automatically updated.

You can pigeonhole the collaboration or spread it out evenly.

Certain users can edit the project, where others can post notes, and a third group can only read.

This type of software is best suited for teams working on multiple, separate sub-projects that are related.

It helps the project leader and all the stakeholders to evaluate and monitor the parallel and sequential assignments throughout the different stages.

The Integrated software type integrates with the CRM and collaboration tools.

This type is highly-effective in projects that overlap with other business activities, often related to the customer relationship process.

Project Management Software FAQ

What are project management tools?

Project management tools are support services designed to support individuals or companies when organizing, assigning, and carrying out tasks and projects.

Project management tool is created to be fully customizable so that they can meet the needs of teams of varying sizes and goals.

It allows you to delegate and execute all of your subtasks, tasks, folders, calendars, templates, and workflows, add comments, organize dashboards, handle proofing and approvals, prevent missing files with editing, versioning, and storage, as well as track productivity.

What are the top features in project management software?

Planning and Scheduling

It’s a vital part of every successfully-managed team to have everyone’s tasks and responsibilities outlined.

Real-time, objective overview of everyone’s task and unscheduled time helps you set actionable deadlines and establish an optimal booking pace.


File sharing, Team communication, Team dashboard, Sharing the customer data enable quick and effective idea sharing, unlimited access to data, messenger-like apps, visual metrics that everyone can track and compare.


You’ll have all the project information available and easily accessible.


KPI Dashboard allows you to update the project information automatically, including all the important metrics, and you can collect all of your previously inserted project data to create customizable reports.

Project budget

Managing the project budget with budget reports, project budget dashboard, time billing, automated invoicing, and time tracking can help you make the biggest return on investment.

This feature will guide you towards making the most profitable decisions every time.

How much does a project management tool cost?

With the subscription plans, a company plays a monthly or an annual subscription fee, which is valuable for companies that don’t want to maintain or host their data.

The perpetual licensing style of software allows the company to host the data on its servers, so it’s required to pay for software upfront.

Implementation can be costly with the introduction of an implementation specialist, installation, customization, or data migration to other software.

Basic and additional training services, as well as advanced customer support, can be charged separately.

Asana charges $10.99 per user, per month for its Premium program (charged annually), while the business program costs $24.99 per user, per month.

Basecamp, on the other side, has an all-inclusive pricing program for $99.99 per month for an unlimited number of people, projects, support, training, security, etc.

GanttPro offers individual and team pricing programs, with individual costing $15 per month, per user (billed annually), while the team plan is priced at $8.99.

Look closely for the specifics that you seek within a plan, and then compare the similar tools to find your best fit.

How to get the most out of project management tools?

When choosing, remember that different people in your team will face different challenges, so including them into the collective decision of picking the tool will build trust and lead you to a productive and successful work environment.

Go for the cloud-based software, which is the most common solution of successful businesses, and take all the time you need for a trial.

Do a proper set-up, provide worthwhile training, and gradually increase the assignment rollout.

What is the best project management tool for small teams?

With Asana, Trello, and Teamwork Projects being close contenders for this crown, we’d like to give the edge to Basecamp.

You have the overview to provide you the most detailed insights on the team, projects, and communication.

You can use the message board, task lists, schedule for events, and use the chat room to discuss anything.

And, you can track, share, upload, and assign any information to anyone.

Project Management Software Comparison

Project Management Software will assist your team in all the daily, tedious activities, so you can focus completely on creating the most positive, productive, and successful work environment.

You will assign the right assignment to the right people, empower your team to improve, have insights into the most excruciating details of project performance, team collaboration, and budget.

With the right platform, you won’t experience the episodes of frustration caused by mistakes, misjudgments, misuse of resources, over or underbooking, because the software will manage all of these operations better than anyone could, manually.

Your team will be able to finish tasks without incidental hurdles, collaborate between themselves, complete the assignments more quickly and precisely, and you will have all the tools to oversee the whole process and steer the company into triumph.

Define your goals and choose one of the suggested project management tools from above to learn, grow, and achieve.

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Martin Luenendonk
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