6 Best Free Mission Statement Generators & Examples in 2022

Updated Aug 3, 2022.
Best Free Mission Statement Generators & Examples

Every business needs to have a clear mission statement that summarizes its aims, goals, and values. Creating a mission statement is not just about brainstorming fancy words. You have to hit the right tone and use the right words that best convey your business aims and values to its target audience.

If you have ever tried creating one for your business, you probably know how hard it is and how much time it takes to create the perfect mission statement.

You can save yourself time and get quality mission statement results by using a mission statement generator. There are so many mission statement generators in the market, finding the best one to use can be time-consuming and a lot of work.

In this article, you will learn about 6 of the best mission statement generators, tips for writing a great mission statement, and how to generate a mission statement from scratch.

Let's get started.

Best Free Mission Statement Generators

1. HoneyBook

Overall Best Mission Statement Generators with Editing Options

HoneyBook is an Overall Best Mission Statement Generators with Editing Options

HoneyBook is a platform that supports service-based small businesses with multiple tools they need to run their businesses effectively. With over 35,000 companies using HoneyBook, the platform’s mission statement generator proves to be one of the best in the market.

HoneyBook’s mission statement generator is a neatly designed and simple to use tool that makes your mission statement creation activities way and convenient. 

To generate your mission statement, the tool collects multiple pieces of information from you about your company. HoneyBook asks you questions about your company's name, the personality that best describes your brand (which comes with 8 different choices), the industry your company is in (comes with about 20 different choices), the main good or service you provide, your target audience, and how you help your customers.

Collecting these pieces of information allows the tool to automatically generate a unique mission statement based on the answers you give. If you are not satisfied with the result, you have the option of generating another mission statement by clicking on the  “Generate More” button. Since the tool makes use of the same information you provide to generate another mission statement, only the wordings and structure of the statement are slightly different. 

You also have the option of editing the statement provided to you and setting the font style and background color used by the tool. 

2. Almost Anything

Best Mission Statement Generator for Short Statements And Brand Value

Almost Anything is the Best Mission Statement Generator for Short Statements and Brand Value

Almost Anything is another online platform that offers you easy ways to automatically generate your business’ mission statement. It is owned by a couple of certified brand strategists with 20 years of experience.

Just like HoneyBook, the mission statement generator collects certain pieces of information from you to create unique mission statements. These pieces of information include your company’s name, the industry your company is in, what your products or services help your customers do (limited to five words), and two values your brand stands for.

Upon providing these, you then click on the “generate mission statement” button and the tool generates one for you. If you are not satisfied with the result, you have the option of generating a new mission statement by providing the same or new pieces of information. 

Almost Anything’s mission statement generator is fast, easy to use, and as straightforward as you want it to be.

3. Whole Whale

Best Mission Statement Generator Choice If You Intend To Focus On What You Offer

Whole Whale is the Best Mission Statement Generator Choice To Focus On Offer

Whole Whale is a certified B Corp digital agency that provides companies with data and technology-driven services. The agency’s mission statement generator is provided as a separate free product which you gain access to after inputting certain details and registering with the platform.

To create your mission statement, you are provided with five different fields to input words according to what the fields are designated for and certain instructions. The details you input are based on your mission or goal, your target audience, and how you wish to accomplish your goal (which includes three different strategies provided by you). 

Once you fill up these input fields, the tool formulates a mission statement by seamlessly streamlining these different inputs with each other. The resulting mission statement entirely depends on the quality of input provided by you and according to the instructions provided for each field. Due to this, it is not the most convenient or easy to use. 

Nonetheless, even though Whole Whale’s mission statement generator offers less customization compared to HoneyBook’s generator, it remains a good choice. Unlike Almost Anything’s mission statement generator and other mission statement generators that do not offer any form of editing option, Whole Whale offers editing options.

4. Mission Statements

Best Mission Statement Generator for Long Mission Statements

Mission Statements is the Best Mission Statement Generator for Long Mission Statements

Mission Statements offers you a mission statement generator that allows you to create very long and comprehensive mission statements within minutes. The mission statement generator does this by collecting a lot of information from you over a 5-step wizard on its website. 

To begin with, you select who you are, which includes the options of being a business, non-profit, educational institute, and personal individual, among many others. Next, you input your personal, company, or institution’s name into an input field and are then directed to a page where you choose your primary focus. 

The options provided to you are determined by what you describe yourself as. So while you have retail and wholesale options, among others for businesses, you are only required to input your personal short-term goals when you describe yourself as a personal individual.

Every subsequent option you choose is dependent on what you describe yourself as and what you choose as your main focus. You choose your main marketplace or area of specialty, your activities, and then provide the tool with the values you intend to uphold as a brand. 


Mission Statements Pricing Plan

The mission statement generator charges you per mission statement. This means you pay $35 for each income statement you wish to generate. Income statements are only generated after you make this payment.

5. Joe-Ks

Best Mission Statement Generator for Manually Generating Mission Statements Through Multiple Word Choices

Joe-Ks is the Best Mission Statement Generator for Manually Generating Mission Statements

Joe-Ks’ mission statement comes in a different form from other mission statement generators. The tool allows you to see how your mission statement looks before finally creating the end product.

How does it do this? Joe-Ks’ mission statement generator comes as a single webpage where the different segments of your statements are separated into different sections: Openers, Adverbs, Verbs, Adjectives, Nouns, Conjunctions, and Closers. 

You manually select the exact words you want to appear in your mission statement from these sections and simply click on the “create my own mission statement” button. The options provided to you in each section are very numerous and comprise professional words. 

6. ComfyChair

Best Mission Statement Generator that Offers Comfort Through Pre-Generated Mission Statements

ComfyChair Offers Comfort Through Pre Generated Mission Statements

ComfyChair’s mission statement generator offers you very convenient and easy access to mission statements but does this while sacrificing customization. Its website presents you with a never-ending collection of randomly generated mission statements that serve majorly as examples or guides for you to create your own. 

You have the option of getting another mission statement if you are not satisfied with the one provided to you. The mission statements are also very professionally drafted, meaning you do not have to worry about subpar results to work with.

Why You Need a Mission Statement

A lot of businesses have not realized why mission statements are important to them. Here are some reasons why you need a mission statement for your business. 

  • Positive Influence on Your Target Audience. Mission statements generally encompass a business’s or company’s project. They have positive influential impacts on the first impression your target audience gets of your brand.
  • Creates Identity and Promoted Unity. Companies use mission statements to create an identity. This identity, in turn, aligns the behavior of different employees and team members for more focused and streamlined efforts on achieving company goals. A mission statement creates an identity that establishes a basis for everyone in the company to make decisions and contribute to a company's brand. It encourages unity among everyone who supports or works with the company and differentiates the company from competing organizations. 
  • Boosts Your Company's Chances of Attracting Top Talents. Attracting the best talent and improving company performance is also given a boost with a strong mission statement. Ambitious individuals seek to work with companies that are also as ambitious as they are. A mission statement that represents an idea aligning with that of an in-demand and prospective employee helps in securing this individual’s interest and services. Consequently, having like-minded employees with similar goals makes it easier to achieve your company goals and OKRs
  • Encourages High-Quality Output. An excellently versed mission statement encourages workers to produce high-quality work and hold high standards for themselves. Employees engage with a company's core values by reading its mission statement. They develop a culture and purpose within the company’s working environment and apply similar ideas to their work.

Inspiring Mission Statement Examples

1. Tesla

“To accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.”

Tesla’s mission statement does not leave any room for confusion

Short and concise, Tesla’s mission statement does not leave any room for confusion. The mission statement of the electric car manufacturing giant is very much reflective of the company’s operations and also has a bit of play on words to it. 

With its electric cars and vehicles and more focus placed on global warming recently, Tesla focuses on spreading the use of sustainable energy to power up transportation around the globe and its mission statement reflects this. The word “accelerate” also serves as a popular and good choice of word to reflect its industry. 

The mission statement also sets Tesla apart from its competitors. A lot of car manufacturers still produce cars that rely on fossil fuels. Tesla makes cars that are completely powered by electricity and, this is referred to in the mission statement. The company is presented in a different light from its competitors' thanks to its mission statement.

2. LinkedIn

“To connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful.”

LinkedIn does not miss the point with its mission statement

Being the most popular social media platform dedicated to professionals, LinkedIn does not miss the point with its mission statement. The mission statement refers to how LinkedIn “connect(s) the world’s professionals”. This phrase is representative of its existence as a social media platform and who its platform is dedicated to (professionals). 

LinkedIn’s mission statement does not stop there but goes further to mention what it helps these professionals to achieve. Highly professional individuals, irrespective of their field of focus, only wish to achieve productivity and, consequently, success. LinkedIn does not let this slip out from its mission statement as it lets its target audience know what they stand to gain from it.

Quickly and effectively capturing its fundamental function, the social media platform’s mission statement places an important emphasis on its users.

3. PayPal

“To build the web’s most convenient, secure, cost-effective payment solution.”

Paypal's mission statement establishes the company as a FinTech leader

Paypal's mission statement establishes the company as a FinTech leader and presents what the company has to offer. Engaging in financial activities online has become a very intricate activity due to the high presence of internet fraudsters. 

As a solution that intends to solve this problem while providing individuals with a safe and secure way to store money, Paypal makes this known through its mission statement.

The mission statement merges the payment solution’s cost-effectiveness with the convenience and security it provides. In this way, individuals intending to deal with PayPal know that the company has made it a goal to remain as affordable, comfortable, and protective just as financial solutions are required to be in our technologically advanced computer age. 

Tips for Writing a Great Mission Statement

1. State What You Do For Your Customers

Stating what good you do for your customers within your mission statement is one way to make it effective. This good does not necessarily need to be something grand like stopping climate change. 

In this aspect, the littlest things matter, and the only important factors are uniqueness and this statement being actually true to your business. Stating that you offer your customers the best discounts in the market without doing that only sets you up for future problems in keeping customers.

General statements are not the best way to go about this. You should rather be more specific about the unique advantage you provide to your customers. Take IKEA’s mission statement for example. The first part of the mission statement reads :

“Our vision is to create a better everyday life for the many people.”

A mission statement like this is not unique in any way as any company in any industry whatsoever can make use of it. However, the mission statement goes further to state:

“We make this possible by offering a wide range of well-designed, functional home furnishing products at prices so low that as many people as possible will be able to afford them.”

This is where the main heart of the mission statement lies. IKEA makes the mission statement unique by stating the exact and unique way they benefit customers, which is by providing very affordable high-quality furniture to as many people as possible.

As seen from this IKEA example, stating what you offer your customers is undoubtedly one way to go about formulating your mission statement. 

2. State What You Do For Your Employees

The vast majority of mission statements center on customers and centering on employees is rare. Nonetheless, employees form an important part of a business. Alongside the patronage of customers, the performance of employees defines the success of a business. 

Attracting the best of the best individuals into your workforce is crucial, so your mission statement may also include what your business does for your employees. It could also help in bringing in more customers given the recently increased concern on how certain companies treat their employees.

Just like when you state what you do for your customers, you do not make general statements and simply assert how the business is good for employees. You go further to elaborate on what you claim and make sure your claims are true. Using words like fairness, diversity, respect for ideas and creativity, training, tools, and empowerment, among others are great for mission statements.

Being unique in this regard is not the easiest thing to do. This is, however, not a problem. A mission statement centering on employees possibly serves as a form of internal control or reminder to the owners and administrators of the business. 

Your business’s unique offerings to its employees may include being friendly to families or very acceptable of remote virtual workplaces. If you have any of these as part of your business framework, include them.

As said earlier, focusing on employees is rare but can be seen in popular companies. Take American Express’s mission statement for example:

“We have a mission to be the world’s most respected service brand. To do this, we have established a culture that supports our team members, so they can provide exceptional service to our customers.”

Even if the customers are placed as the major beneficiaries of the whole mission, the mission statement uses the company's good treatment and support of employees as leverage.

3. Refine Your Mission Statement

A mission statement is the motto of your company. It serves multiple functions, defines your business objectives, and exists for a long time. Due to these, making sure that your mission statement is as polished as possible is important. 

Show drafts to other individuals, inquire about their opinions and listen to what they have to say about it. Rigorously consider what these individuals say and make further edits to your drafted statement until you get the one that fits and stands out. 

Considering all that has been said, the tips to be followed while formulating your mission statement include:

  • Focusing on customers
  • Focusing on employees
  • Avoiding general terms and being as unique as possible
  • Make true statements or statements you intend to subsequently follow
  • Seek external opinions on drafted mission statements
  • Refine your mission statement

Some other tips include reading other companies’ mission statements and making use of industry-related terms.

How to Generate a Mission Statement

1. Focus On Your Mission Statement’s End Goal

Determine what you wish to accomplish with your mission statement. Generally, mission statements align the ideas of employees and co-workers in achieving business goals. 

However, apart from this general effect, mission statements also have specific intentions behind them. Is it to improve the relationship between employees? Or to increase the trust in a company amongst its customers, employees, or business associates? Or to reintroduce the company internally or to the general public? 

Either way, establishing what you plan to achieve with the statement and what you intend it to reflect is the first step in creating one.

2. Choose The Type Of Statement

Determining the goal of your mission statement makes this step easier to go by. Mission statements could be either personal or for business. 

Consider how you want the mission statement to be related to and applied. Do you want employees to apply mission statements in improving their behaviors or work ethic? Or do you want the mission statement to be applied to how the business is run, especially with the treatment of customers and quality of products? These are important questions. 

Also, consider if your mission statement relates to you only or you intend it to relate to other members of the company’s workforce.

3. Identify Your Company’s Strong Points

Recognizing where your company excels is the next step. It becomes easier for you to create a unique mission statement that distinguishes you from other competitors.

4. Identify Your Business Values

Identifying your ethical or moral values also helps you create unique mission statements. It is what your company or business stands for that a lot of other businesses seem not to care about.

5. Finalize And Create Your Mission Statement

Considering every previously mentioned step, you then formulate your unique mission statement that speaks truly of your company and remains unique amongst other mission statements.

Mission Statement Generator FAQ

What Is A Mission Statement?

A mission statement is a formal summary of the aims and values of a company, organization, or individual. It is a usually short, single-sentenced, or single paragraph, a simple, and concise statement used by a company to explain its purpose(s) for existence. 

Mission statements serve both internal and external purposes for the company that makes use of them. These statements help employees remain like-minded and focused on the tasks at hand. On the other hand, mission statements help a company attract interest from external individuals or companies and resultantly be more productive in achieving company goals.

What Is A Mission Statement Generator And Do They Even Work?

A mission statement generator is an online tool that helps you automatically generate mission statements. Aimed towards providing convenience, mission statement generators are software programs that are configured to make use of the pieces of information imputed by and collected from the user to formulate formal mission statements.

Generally, mission statement generators only serve as guides towards creating your own mission statement. They provide you with formal statements, but only a few or arguably none of these tools can be totally relied upon without you having to make little edits and unique adjustments yourself.

Nonetheless, mission statement generators work for the purpose they are meant for. They provide you with complete, formal, and concise statements that define the aims and values provided by you.

What’s The Difference Between A Mission Statement And A Vision Statement?

A vision statement is an aspirational statement made by a company wherein it articulates what it likes to achieve in the long-term future. 

While it maintains the same form as a mission statement, vision statements are flexible in nature and can change at any time depending on how a company’s business environment shapes out. It is not the same as mission statements as they typically exist throughout the life cycle of the company which is the core value the business upholds. 

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