Virtual Team-building Activities: 39 Best Games & Ideas for 2024

Updated Feb 14, 2023.

Every team or organization needs virtual team-building activities to foster virtual team bonding and keep the team engaged. Planning remote team-building activities helps give virtual teams a strong sense of belonging as on-site teams.

Remote team members face the hindrance of physical separation from one another. Virtual teams can feel isolated or unsupported and quickly lose motivation and excitement for their assigned tasks or roles. To help reduce the effects of these challenges, build communication and shared team identity through virtual team-building ideas.

Virtual team-building activities for remote teams come in online team games and activities that help resolve the engagement-draining challenges virtual teams face.

This article will show you the best virtual team-building activities for remote teams and virtual team meetings.

Let’s get started.

List of Virtual Team-Building Activities

Virtual team-building activities are challenges or group games, quizzes, and exercises that teams can engage in to build a friendly work environment where ideas can follow easily. Remote team-building activities connect organizations' workforce, both remote and physically present at work.

The essence of virtual team-building activities is to create a better communication channel and build trust among co-workers. You can conduct virtual team-building activities using virtual team-building tools and virtual meeting platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams.

Virtual team bonding activities help to increase team motivation and productivity, which brings about higher chances of collaboration among teams. They are an avenue for bonding with your team remotely.

These virtual team-building exercises or online team-building activities are either bought or free. They serve as icebreakers during meetings or help to address remote team challenges.

1. Squad Squabble

Squad squabble
Source: DesignPickle

Squad Squabble is a virtual team-building activity that helps employees better get to know themselves. The virtual game host states the game's rules, including a four-round game point and display questions, and each team member has to decide whether to attempt or pass. This virtual team-building game has the main goal to get the highest point by the end of the virtual game.

At the start of the game, divide members into teams to make it more fun and communicative. These questions can be personal or relating to work.

The team members who get to attempt the questions show interest first by either show of hands or shouting out whatever the host picks for the purpose. If a team gets three wrong answers, the control of the game board goes to the other team.

Time: 45 – 60 minutes

2. The EE Words

‘EE Words’ is an exciting Zoom meeting virtual team-building activity in which the host will pick any random categories like movies, celebrities, animals, and others.

The virtual game host will then write down a list of 10-15 words that belong to a category and then read the list, which will replace all vowels with the EE or the EE sound. For example, if the category was movies, ALADDIN – “eleedeen” or Star Wars – “StEer Weers.” The first one to get it right gets the point, and the person who gets the most points wins.

Time: 40-50 minutes

3. Favorite Things

For generally shy individuals in a team or group, this online video chat game is a great virtual team-building activity that guarantees to break the ice and engaging everyone on the team.

Favorite things’ is a simple essential exercise that does not require too many resources, as the team will simply be stating things they like about their jobs and favorite activities.

You can start this online team-building activity by creating or suggesting a favorite topic like who is your favorite musician, what is your favorite movie, your favorite thing about the organization, and others.

This virtual team-building activity also helps to build the company and creates better ways to make employees feel more comfortable at their jobs.

When remote employees talk about what they like about the organization, employers can note them to help foster growth. ‘Favorite things’ is a team-building activity that helps team members to get to know each other better.

Time: 40-60 minutes (depending on how large the group is)

4. Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a virtual team-building activity suitable for remote teams. The host should get the team on a random zoom meeting call where there is an existing list of things to find. The host can announce that remote team members should find or get a bottle of jam, and they get up and find them. The first person to return the correct item gets the point.

To spice it up, set a timeframe for team members, and the first person to be on time and with the right product gets the point, and the person with the highest point wins. This team-building game idea is very creative and random to energize the brain or the team.

Time: 1 hour

5. 2 Truths and a Lie

Two truths and a lie is a unique team-building activity for productive remote teams. This virtual format game is one of the best ways virtual team members get to know each other for either a new or old team gathering.

Through this exercise, the team will get to know each other. Still, this exercise will also help the organization to know employees and understand them better for effective task delegation and project management. This virtual meeting game helps boost team morale and instill the company culture in virtual or hybrid teams.

For example, in 2 truths and a lie, team members can state their allergies or health conditions that might affect their work or productivity. When guessed right, this virtual team-building game will help other team members to understand them better.

With these activities, the rules are simple. It can be a random call where the hosts tell members to tell two truths and a lie about themselves, and whoever gets it right gets the point. Reveal the truth when every member is done stating their answer.

However, this virtual team-building game is best with a small number of players to not eat into productivity time. With a large organization, this virtual trivia will take time and may get boring.

Time: 1 hour (depending on the group)

6. What’s Missing?

What’s missing is one of the best virtual team-building activities where teams can discuss and solve solutions together. To start this game, the host needs to make sure everyone is on a video conference call and tell the team to look and pay attention to their background, and the host can also decide to time the team.

Each team has to take note of the host's background or appearance. The host then shuts off his camera and returns with some adjustments made to his appearance or background, and the team has to figure out what is missing.

This virtual team-building event creates room for discussion and interaction because the team has to work together to spot what each person thinks is missing.

Time: 40 minutes

7. Charades

Remote team charades word list
Source: Smartsheet

This outback team-building activity helps teams from different backgrounds and cultures to connect and spot similarities among themselves. In this game, the team members receive secret cards or act out various items or events relating to movies, songs, and others without making a sound.

The other players or the entire team will have to guess the indications or hints to get the correct answer. To make this virtual trivia more fun and less time-consuming, the host/moderator can set the time when a team has to act out their roles or guess the answer.

Time: 50 minutes

8. Guess Who

Guess who is a virtual team-building activity in which the host can gather team members on a zoom call and divide them into different groups (if it is a large number). The host makes statements or describes an experience, and the group has to guess who they think did it.

This virtual team trivia game can help team members to share some of their weirdest moments, make interaction less tense and give a comfortable, lively work communication. Guess who helps improve collaborations among remote teams and gives remote workers a better work experience.

Time: 40 minutes

9. Imaginary Ball

Imaginary Ball
Source: Playmeo

The imaginary ball is one of the best virtual team-building challenges for remote teams. Team members gather together on a virtual platform, for example, Zoom, and pass an imaginary ball. The imaginary ball passes from one member to another.

According to the host, the team member can either sing, crack a joke or say something about his/herself before passing the imaginary ball to the next person. You can also use other objects such as a pen and a book.

This virtual conference call game is an activity that a small or large group can carry out as long as each member has a time limit before passing the imaginary ball.

Time: 1 Hour

10. Virtual Café

Virtual Café
Source: Cofactor

Virtual café is a remote work icebreaker you can do by having a conference call with your team members. The game involves each team member going to different attractive websites or apps and chatting about their jobs.

Team members can share their strengths and weaknesses in which they can get help or advice from their co-workers on how best to tackle a work problem.

There can be a rotation of members with limited time to chat with different co-workers and get to know one another over a drink. This virtual meetings fun game can serve as a form of connection and an effective way to link people with similar interests in one group. Members can form a book club and share ideas through this remote work icebreaker.

Time: 40 minutes

11. Rock Paper Scissors: Ultimate Match

Rock paper scissors is a remote team online game played by two people but used to create interaction with a large number of people. To play this game, a moderator needs to spell out the instructions.

Divide each team member into twos, and when the host shouts out “rock paper scissors,” the team is to indict which one they picked with their hands. Paper beats rock, rock beats scissors, and scissors beats paper.

There can be a stated number of rounds and whoever wins the most out of the rounds wins the game. This virtual meeting fun game helps sharpen the mind and think quickly and helps employees make faster and better decisions.

Time: 40 minutes

12. Geoguessr

Geoguessr is a virtual team-building game where the teams work together to identify places by using signs and hints. This remote team game helps things to work together.

Teams will use virtual cars to turn and look for hints in this game. The game creates so much fun and communication that team members from different locations in the world can help the group determine the locations of the game.

Time: 50 minutes

13. Never Have I Ever

Never have I ever..
Source: WYRK

‘Never Have I Ever’ is a popular remote team-building activity that you can play with friends, family, and team members. This virtual meeting fun game can be entertaining and engaging at the same time while connecting team members together.

Break down remote workers into different groups, with members sharing something they have never done before. Team members can have their fingers raised, and when other team members share something they have done, they put a finger down.

This virtual team-building activity helps boost team morale as they start to remember fun activities they have done in the past while getting to know their co-workers.

Time: 40 minutes (depending on the number of the group)

14. Be Nice Game

Be nice game is one of the top virtual team-building exercises that help create a trusting environment to improve productivity and collaboration among remote teams. The first rule of this virtual team-building game is to respect your co-workers irrespective of how you feel or your perception of them.

This remote team-building game includes saying something nice to employees or what you like about them. The host should divide teams into groups and ask each member to introduce and state what they admire about another person.

You can ask remote employees to write down what they like about another member and then read it out. What this does is that it creates a non-toxic work relationship where members can grow even beyond work relations.

Time: 30 minutes

15. Group Project

The moderator can share group projects among team members. This virtual team-building activity can help remote teams work better on work projects. Group project aims to get them used to working together on fun and work-related projects.

At the end of the project, each group can delegate each member to represent their project. This virtual team-building activity will encourage group discussion, and whichever team makes the most points or standout wins.

Group projects create trust among team members, encourage team bonding, and enable them to rely on each other to achieve the best result.

Time: 1 hour

16. Happy Hour

Happy Hour
Source: GoPassage

As an organization, you need to create social opportunities for your employees. The essence of this virtual happy hours activity is that it shows them you care about them, and you do not only see them as robots that work for you but as human beings.

Happy hours can help relieve stress and create good vibes that will help your remote employees be better productive and allow the free flow of better ideas.

This virtual happy hours game encourages quarterly check-ins where you ask remote employees about their working experience. You can also ask individual members of your remote team if, as an organization, there is anything the organization needs to do to encourage team bonding and make their working experience more comfortable.

Time: 40 minutes

17. Tell Me a Story

Tell Me a Story
Source: Playmeo

Tell me a story is a virtual team-building exercise where you can pair team members into groups and have anybody talk about themselves for a particular number of minutes. While team members talk about themselves, other members do not interrupt and listen.

This remote team game can help team members build listening skills, which will help during work-related meetings.

Time: 20+ minutes

18. Minute-to-win-it?

Source: TeamBonding

Minute-to-win-it is one of the top virtual team-building challenges that helps members develop fast-thinking skills. In this team-building exercise, team members have a limited amount of time to complete various tasks in which the winner gets a prize.

This fun virtual team game can demonstrate the organization's reward system in which when employees meet their target; they get rewarded. What this does is that it encourages teams to do better and build a friendly competitive work environment.

Time: 40 minutes

19. Quaranteam-building

Source: Vulture

With the advent of the COVID pandemic, many companies and organizations had to move to the remote setting for their business to continue striving. The building of remote teams made many employees feel secluded with low morale for work.

However, organizations addressed the remote work challenges by developing team-building activities to help remote teams stay connected and interact to boost morale and productivity.

One of these virtual team-building activities is called Quaranteam-building. This fun virtual team game brings your remote team together to create rhythm and unity on digital platforms.

Quaranteam-building can be karaoke sessions where each member sings a familiar song, and the rest of the team carries on.

Time: 40 minutes

20. Zoomed In

‘Zoomed In’ is a fun virtual team guessing game where team members will go on the internet and find pictures of animals, for example, zoom into the picture, and screen-share the zoomed-in picture.

The rest of the group has to guess what was zoomed in, and the longer it takes, the more you zoom out of the picture till someone gets it.

Time: 1 hour

21. Escape Room Games

Escape Room Games
Source: BizBash

The escape room is one of the best online office games in which the entire team comes together to solve puzzles and quizzes to get out of the virtual escape room. This game played by virtual team members encourages collaboration for the team to succeed.

As one of the best and most engaging virtual team games, escape room requires communication and teamwork, which helps build better team effort among remote teams. The host breaks the remote team into different groups and states the game's rules with a moderator to each virtual team.

Time: 40 minutes

22. Virtual Pub Quizzes

One crucial aspect of fun virtual games for remote teams is that they teach employees how to experience a loss with their co-workers and develop a competitive spirit to achieve success together.

Virtual pub quizzes are virtual team games, challenges, questions, and fun-centered quizzes that interest the group in coming together and solving them not just because they have to but because they want.

This online team-building exercise requires video conference technology to hold team meetings and connect your team remotely.

Time: 40 minutes

23. Family Feud

Family Feud
Source: Confetti

Family feud is one of the best online team-building activities for remote workers. This online game-building show involves team members answering questions but as one.

These online team-building exercise needs are a video chat software tool, a moderator, and a display card of questions. Team members have to think, discuss, and decide the correct answer.

This fun online team-building challenge builds a better team relationship as they have to collaborate and solve questions. When work-related issues crop up during the game, teams will face challenges together and rely on each other’s guts when that is all they have to work with.

Time: 40 minutes

24. Wheels of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune
Source: Dribble

Wheels of fortune are among the top virtual team-building activities to play among co-workers as an icebreaker during a team meeting.

This team-building exercise engages music and movie lovers as they have to guess the correct answer and get to know about their co-worker’s favorite books, food, and others.

Wheels of fortune is an interesting virtual team trivia that requires knowledge of entertainment, pop culture, and trendy activities.

Time: 40 minutes

25. Rose/Thorn Virtual Icebreaker

Rose-Thorn Virtual Icebreaker
Source: Panorama

Rose/thorn virtual icebreaker is an excellent remote gaming activity that remote workers can play via video conferencing. This team-building activity is an excellent icebreaker for virtual meetings. You can use it to get your team on the wavelength before you start discussing the important agendas of the meeting.

The rose/thorn virtual icebreaker rules are simple and easy for anyone to learn. Each team member has to share a positive thing that makes them feel happy and grateful (rose) and a challenging situation or thing (thorn). The rose and thorn items do not have to be work-related; they can involve things not related to work.

Rose: I got a promotion this week!

Thorn: A problematic client is asking for a refund

Time: About 1 minute per person

26. Critical Thinking Virtual Icebreaker

Critical thinking virtual icebreaker is a fun and engaging team-building activity that tests the intelligence of your team without boring them. This icebreaker is best for starting meetings and closing meetings.

The host can start the virtual meeting by asking any critical thinking question or challenge. An example is this critical thinking question from Udemy: “If you were alone in a dark cabin, with only one match and a lamp, a fireplace, and a candle to choose from, which would you light first?”

Pick a timeframe for your remote workers to answer (between 30 seconds to 2 minutes). Instead of sharing their answers on the web and video conferencing platforms like Zoom, you can have them share their answers on productivity apps like

Once the time is up, the host should spend some time discussing the differences in answers and allow everyone to share what they learned from the answers of others.

Time: About 2 minutes per person

27. Open Mic

Open mic is an excellent team-building exercise that encourages team bonding and improves team morale. You can announce an open mic challenge at the beginning of the meeting or organize one at a tense point in the meeting to lighten up the atmosphere.

The open mic challenge can be in several forms. You can ask your team members to share a random joke, read a poem, play an instrument, sing a song, or say something about themselves. There is no limit to what they can do in this open mic game, like a challenge.

Starting your meeting with an open mic challenge helps you create a glorious atmosphere for a business meeting. Before the next team member performs their open mic rendition, give about ten seconds for the team to applaud or celebrate the last performance.

Time: About 10 minutes

28. Snapshot

Snapshot is an easy and fun virtual icebreaker that you can use to build harmony and bonding among your team. The rules of the game are simple. Ask everyone to take a picture of a themed object or living things such as animals, kids, refrigerator, closet, outfit, dining table, desk space, meals, and others.

You can also ask them to pick their favorite photo of themselves or a random picture they like on their phone gallery. Let everyone upload their pictures on online collaboration tools like Slack and have someone create a digital collage of everyone's photos.

To make the icebreaker activity even more fun, spend some time asking questions about the pictures and complementing the images that stand out.

Time: About 5 minutes

29. Virtual Team Building Bingo

Virtual Team Building Bingo
Source: Bingo Baker

Virtual team building bingo is a friendly and fun team-building exercise you can use as an icebreaker for your conference calls and virtual meetings. You probably played this game in several variations as a kid or growing individual.

Bingo is a perfect game for building relationships with and among your remote employees. You can find several free virtual team building bingo templates online and play the game on any work-from-home tools for remote teams like

To play this virtual team building bingo, divide your employees into teams. Give them a timeframe to play the bingo game—award prizes to the team that finishes the game first.

Time: 20 minutes +

30. 50 States Challenge

Fifty states challenge is a simple virtual game that tests you and your employees knowledge of the 50 states of the United States of America (USA).

You can play this game in different variations.

  • Every member of your team should take turns naming a state in the United States. Reward the player who names the most states without repeating a team member’s mention.
  • Provide clues or little-known facts about a state, and have your employees guess what state you are talking about—reward points for the first employee to guess correctly.
  • Divide your remote team into two or more groups. Challenge them to name the 50 states and their capital and calculate the time it takes each time to complete the challenge. The team with the fastest time count wins.

If you want to make the game even more engaging, you can create a similar game for different countries or use another country (other than the United States).

Time: 20 minutes

31. Truth or Dare

True or dare is a popular game that needs no introduction. While you are familiar with playing it with friends, you can also create a virtual team-building truth or dare game.

Get your team to connect to a web and video conferencing platform to play the game. The host asks the players to complete either a truth or a dare.

Some truth or dare questions for your virtual team meetings include:

Truth: The last movie you watched.

Dare: Show the inside of your refrigerator.

Truth: Your first online name

Dare: Share an embarrassing picture of yourself

Truth: Your favorite movie of all time

Dare: Spell hypotenuse

There is no limit to the number of truths or dares you can use for this game. When picking a truth or dare question, remember it is for virtual team building, so avoid asking awkward questions that can cause discomfort.

Time: 30+ minutes

32. Something in Common

Something in common is one of the best and quickest virtual team-building activities you can play to encourage your remote team to build a strong team spirit. This virtual team-building challenge is an excellent tool for helping your remote employees get to know each other more and identify what they share in common.

The rules of this game are simple. Assign your team into smaller groups and give them some time to converse among themselves, and return with three or more things they share in common. Use conferencing call services for the virtual meeting, while smaller groups can use team collaboration software like and ClickUp to brainstorm things they have in common.

For example, one group can discover that they all love Will Smith as an actor, love listening to jazz music, and share a distrust for the news media.

You can further make this virtual game even more challenging and fun by doing multiple rounds and eliminating popular categories like food and movies to get your team to dive deeper to discover what else they share in common.

Time: 30+ minutes

Things in Common Classroom Game – YouTube

33. Healthy Lifestyle Challenge

30 day healthy habits challenge
Source: Second Nature

A healthy lifestyle challenge is a virtual team-building challenge that helps remote teams bond better and promotes a healthy lifestyle while working from home.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a challenge that reaps tremendous benefits for the body and the individual. A healthy lifestyle challenge helps employers encourage remote employees to keep a healthy lifestyle for maximum productivity.

Depending on the organizer of the challenge, there can be a different healthy lifestyle activity each day for 30-days. You can pick a single healthy lifestyle challenge to carry out throughout the 30-days, such as drinking a certain amount of water a day and doing exercises for 30 minutes daily.

There are plenty of virtual health lifestyle challenge ideas you can use. Use Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, or task management software to track the progress of your healthy lifestyle challenge. Everyone wins with this virtual team-building challenge as they all have fun while also getting healthier.

Time: 30 days

34. Typing Speed Race

Typing Speed Race
Source: IT Point Plus

Typing speed race is a fun and competitive virtual team-building exercise that helps coworkers build their typing skills. This typing speed game is a great way for coworkers to show off their typing skills.

With constant practice, your team members can learn how to type quickly and accurately, one of the best remote work skills your remote employees need to know.

You can use several websites and applications to play the typing speed race game, such as Get all your team members to participate in the typing test and have them share their scores on Slack and other Slack alternatives. Reward the team member with the fastest typing speed and accuracy.

Time: 10 minutes

35. Virtual Show & Tell

Show & Tell is a virtual team-building exercise that helps promote team collaboration among your remote team. This remote team-building idea promotes storytelling and public speaking skills.

The virtual show and tell game is simple to play. Before starting the meeting, the host asks every employee to prepare something about their lives to share with the rest of the team on a Zoom or video conference call.

If you want to make the virtual game even more exciting, you can adopt a spontaneous approach, where you call out different members of your team to share a quick story about themselves without prior notice. This approach encourages your team members to think quickly and creatively.

Time: 30 minutes+

36. Forensic Sketch Artist

Forensic Sketch Artist
Source: Artists Network

Forensic sketch artist is a creative virtual game that encourages more cohesion and collaboration among your remote team. This artistic and virtual game helps build drawing and sketching skills among your team and promotes creative and quick thinking skills.

Playing the forensic sketch artist game is simple.

  • Split your employees into small teams except for one employee.
  • The organizer will give a prompt such as telling a story of a bank robbery and how each team has a witness who was able to capture the robber’s face before he got away.
  • Now, the police are investigating the crime scene and need them to sketch the robber to help with facial identification.
  • Show the image of the robber to the employee without a group.
  • The employee will view the picture and start to describe the facial details to the group.
  • Everyone uses the details shared to sketch the robber’s face.
  • The group that produces the portrait closest to the original robber’s face wins the virtual activity.

You do not have to use the same robbery prompt every time. The host can decide to use any picture, such as a picture of a famous person, a team member, animals, and even objects.

Time: 15+ minutes

37. Personality Tests

Personality tests are not new activities for your company or employees. Many recruitment processes require some sort of personality test, whether in the job application stage or the onboarding stage, or both.

You can use personality tests as a virtual team-building idea for your remote team. To start this virtual team-building activity, choose a personality site website like Myers Briggs and DiSC. Instruct your team to visit the website and take the tests. Ask them to send their test results to you. Hold a team call to discuss the different personality types of your team members.

Time: 15+ minutes

38. Virtual Dance Party

Virtual Dance Party
Source: Trip Vest

A virtual dance party is a great way to build team morale quickly. During video calls with your employees, you can host spontaneous dance parties to boost energy levels and prevent concentration levels from dropping throughout the meeting.

You can start your regular video call with your team, play spontaneous music that everyone can vibe to, and encourage every team member to participate. Having dance breaks is a great way to close a virtual meeting.

The key to having an enjoyable virtual dance party is to ensure that you select the right songs and playlists. Music streaming services such as Spotify and Deezer have curated playlists of songs that are an excellent fit for a virtual dance party. Ensure you listen to the playlist before playing it for the dance party.

Time: 20+ minutes

39. Guided Meditation

Guided meditation is an effective virtual activity for building remote solid teams. Having some quiet time with your team is a great way to relax from a stressful work week or activity or a tense and exhausting virtual meeting.

Meditation has several benefits to the human body and mind. These benefits include relieving built-up stress and tension, enhancing work satisfaction and general happiness, boosting employees' decision-making skills, and making rational decisions.

Holding a guided meditation session for your remote team is easy. You can contact an expert to guide your employees through the exercise or find a meditation exercise or routine online. Invite your team to a video call initiated by you and let them perform the meditation exercise.

Time: 10 minutes

Examples of Virtual team-building Events

From playing games to hosting quizzes, bingos, debates, and virtual events among distributed teams, here are some fun virtual team events for virtual meetings and other formats.

1. Playing Games

In many companies, the working environment moves from physical meetings to virtual meetings. As a result, a team meeting is becoming a virtual affair because many employees are working remotely from the comfort of their homes.

What's you biggest struggle with working remotely
Source: BetterUp

With the change in the office settings, most remote employees find it challenging to stay focused or energetic, causing business owners to find new ways of making employees still have that “office vibe.”

Team-building games are one of the most effective virtual team builders for promoting team-building exercises, releasing stress to be more productive and motivated in their work.

These online office games include Escape Room, Scavenger Hunt, and Fun Fact. Team-building games help employees to retain a sharp mind and think effectively.

2. Quizzes

Quizzes - team building
Source: team-building Vietnam

Quizzes are an excellent example of a team-building event that encourages competitiveness among team members. This virtual meeting event gives an office-like challenge for members and builds a winning spirit while also developing team members to experience loss together.

Answering questions boost team thinking and problem-solving skills like putting puzzles together while having fun. Game virtual pub quizzes allow teams to break into groups and solve quizzes together. This virtual team-building exercise encourages team bonding and unity.

3. Icebreakers

Many employees struggle with putting themselves out there in meetings due to shyness or lack of social skills. Team members engaging in ice-breaking topics or activities can help employees get along and create a work-friendly environment.

There are many ice-breaking activities like “never have I ever,” “favorite things,” and others that can spark interesting conversations and encourage team-building. These virtual meeting activities include everyone in the team in the discussion.

“Imaginary ball” exercise helps create a “get to know your colleagues” vibe where each team member holds an imaginary ball and talks about themselves.

4. Social Events

Since there are imitations of social events due to the remote nature of the workforce, teams can create fun or social activities from the comfort of their homes while using video call platforms.

Social events encourage team-building and include breaking into groups and telling each other about their day or week over a cup of coffee.

Organizations or teams can organize virtual meetings or parties and play excellent music in the background while the team engages in small talks and games.

Virtual lunch dates are social events where co-workers can have lunch together while on video call platforms like zoom to have discussions that make their working experience seem natural.

Employees who live in the same city can choose to have lunch together and join the video call as one instead of as individuals,

With this virtual event, people from different departments can have lunch together. Fun virtual meetings help team members know who they are working with from various parts of the organization.

5. Debates

Debates are an exciting virtual team-building exercise where team members go toe to toe on different debate topics in a fun-work situation. You can divide teams into groups and have them nominate someone to represent their groups.

Everyone hops on a video call initiated by the host on a video conferencing platform, and the representatives take turns debating the topic assigned to each team.

The host or moderator can make it enjoyable by adding rewards or gifts to win. This reward engages the team to work and research together to make good points in the debate.

Debates help team-building, creating a teamwork environment where teammates can rely on themselves. You can also include group projects and give teams work-related or non-work-related projects with a deadline.

This team-building exercise can be as simple as a ‘getting to know themselves’ project. This project involves the team coming together to answer questions about their co-worker.

Remote Teams Online Office Games FAQ

What is Virtual Team-building?

Virtual team-building results from shifting from office environments to home offices where employees work remotely from home. Why is virtual team-building important? These activities encourage collaborations and fun working experiences to cover the void of physical activities.

Various virtual team-building activities motivate team members and keep their minds sharp. Team-building exercises develop trust and enable employees to rely on and relate with their team members irrespective of cultural and geographical differences.

However, these team-building activities can only be successful when a handful of team members decide to show up. Send a notification or e-mail probably at the beginning of the week. The team decides when and what time works for them.

What Are Some Fun Virtual Team-building Activities?

Various fun activities to engage with your team online through various digital platforms exist. Team-building activities do not necessarily have to be work-related; they can be fun to create a friendly environment where team members can interact freely within work boundaries.

Some of these fun virtual team-building activities include game activities like wheels of fortune, family feud, escape room games, online games, never have I ever, favorite things, and others.

The essence of these fun games is so every team member can relax and reduce stress, which will influence their productivity.

What Are the Best Virtual Team-building Ideas?

The best virtual team-building events include activities that make team members tap into their skills and provide solutions to problems that will help them build necessary skills like teamwork. 

These activities can allow coworkers to get to know themselves through fun activities like “favorite things.” Team members can find similarities that can make collaborations easier which encourages trust.

Group Projects involve giving either work-related or non-work-related projects with a deadline where they have to work together to achieve this goal.
Debates are situations where teams get topics to choose from and discuss. They can be fun and educational.
Quizzes refer to asking and answering a couple of questions by team members. This virtual team-building idea gives an office-like challenge for members and builds a winning spirit while also developing team members to experience loss together.
Fun Facts involve team members saying fun things about themselves. Discussions like this will help employees feel like they know themselves and make workflow efficient. 
Happy Hour encourages quarterly check-ins where you ask employees about their working experience and if, as an organization, there is anything done to make their working experience more comfortable. 

What Are Virtual Team-building Games?

Virtual team-building games are fun activities that organizations can put together to engage their employees, motivate them and keep their productivity levels on the rise.

These virtual team-building games are significant for growth in the organization. They do not only create a relaxation process but also help team members build vital skills that will help them deliver their tasks.

These fun activities include games like Squad Squabble, Favorite Things, Wheel of Fortune, Family Feud, Fun Fact, Virtual Field Trips, and others.

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