12 Best IT Helpdesk Ticketing Systems You Must Try in 2024

Updated Nov 18, 2022.

A ticketing system for your help desk can help you turn customer complaints into great customer service. Employees can use a help desk to take ownership of a revenue stream collectively.

This article will review the 12 best IT helpdesk ticketing systems in 2022.

Spiceworks icon


Ticket management software that provides both cloud-based and on-premise versions of their support desk ticketing system plus all the features you need, entirely free.
Hubspot icon

HubSpot Service Hub

Proficient help desk capabilities that enable support teams to log, categorize, and track customer support tickets on a single dashboard that your entire team can see.
ProProfs Helpdesk icon

ProProfs Helpdesk

Efficient and reliable IT helpdesk software solution that tracks all IT issues in one place and creates smart chatbots to effectively serve customers 24/7 daily.
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Scalable helpdesk solution for businesses of any size with a gamification component to motivate agents to enhance their productivity and improve customer service.
HappyFox icon


Highly flexible, easy-to-use, and quick-to-install customer support system aimed mostly at medium to enterprise-grade businesses and offering an AI-powered chatbot.

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As your company and client base grows, getting the best helpdesk ticketing system you can get becomes increasingly important so that your customer care operations run smoothly. Without one, your team would be unable to keep up with all the customer requests, inquiries, and complaints you’d be regularly getting.

A help desk solution is more than just a tool for customer service representatives; it's also a mechanism for managers and company executives to evaluate customer service performance.

This article lists the 12 best IT help desk ticketing systems to help you make the right choice for your organization.

Best IT Help Desk Ticketing Systems

Here are our picks for the best IT help desk ticketing systems.

  1. Spiceworks
  2. HubSpot Service Hub
  3. ProProfs Helpdesk
  4. Freshdesk
  5. HappyFox
  6. Solarwinds Web Help Desk
  7. Jira Service Desk
  8. Vision Helpdesk
  9. ServiceNow
  10. Zendesk Support
  11. ConnectWise
  12. Zoho Desk

1. Spiceworks

Best Overall Free-Forever Helpdesk Ticketing System.

Editor’s Take
9.3 out of 10
Free Overall 
Annual Discount:

Spiceworks is a great desk solution because it offers all the features you'd expect from a help desk ticketing system on a free-forever basis. With no restrictions on the number of agent accounts, client tickets, or data storage, and no hidden costs, recommending it was simply a no-brainer.

Spiceworks is a free service management and ticketing system software with many customization options. Depending on your needs, you can augment it with many IT support apps for jobs and operations like inventory management, remote support, and network monitoring.

Spiceworks claims to be the only provider in this sector to provide cloud-based and on-premise versions of their help desk ticketing system, both of which are entirely free.

Best Features

  • Unlimited Support Ticket: The Spiceworks help desk software allows an infinite number of support tickets. As a result, creating as many tickets as the case necessitates will not be a problem. It also eliminates the need to delete tickets, making it easy to access a stored ticket if similar concerns or topics arise in the future.
  • Completely Free: This help desk solution allows clients to ask questions and communicate issues with other IT professionals without worrying about the expense or hidden charges.
  • Mobile Access: Spiceworks is accessible as an app for iOS and Android smartphones. You can manage support tickets anytime and from anywhere with mobile availability.
  • Reliable Support System: Spiceworks is supported by a wide network of IT experts, specialists, and tech vendors. All these support makes the support community Spiceworks offers very efficient and effective.


  • Intuitive user interface
  • Robust reporting and project management functionality
  • Completely free


  • Does not support Linux device
  • Email functionality can be a bit buggy


Spiceworks pricing

Spiceworks differentiates itself from the help desk solutions by providing all of its services for free. Ads that display in the backend and are sponsored by several IT suppliers are how the firm generates revenue.

2. HubSpot Service Hub

Reliable Helpdesk Ticketing System Best For Teams Seeking A Centralized, Multi-functional Toolset.

Editor’s Take
9.1 out of 10
Marketing Roles
$50 – $1200/user/month
Annual Discount:
Save 10%
Free tools

HubSpot Service Hub is another help desk solution that offers a variety of features for sales, marketing, and customer care teams, with a solution across departments, making it easy for companies to choose the tools they require.

HubSpot Service Hub is a sophisticated help desk solution that includes all the tools your customer service team will need to provide smooth, rapid, and satisfying service.

Connect all of your customer data and channels on a single CRM platform.

Best Features

  • Pipelines for Ticket Sales: With the HubSpot Service Hub deal pipeline for ticket sales, your team can see at a glance where each ticket is in the queue, which tickets are out of SLA, which tickets are past due, and which tickets have already been resolved.
  • Shared Team Inbox: HubSpot Service Hub's most notable feature is the ability to deliver cross-team and omnichannel visibility. The shared inbox in the Service Hub is a great illustration of this in action. Everyone on your support team can view all open tickets and conversations that need to be addressed using a shared inbox.
  • Automated Ticket Workflows: With HubSpot Service Hub, you can implement automated ticket workflows to eliminate time wasted on manual activities and keep your staff focused on the most important tasks first. Set reminders, send notifications, generate discounts, and enroll consumers in nurturing workflows to free up your team's time and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Chat in Real Time: Allow your clients to contact your customer support team anytime they have a problem. HubSpot Service Hub live chat ensures that customers will always be able to get an answer to their questions in the most convenient way for them, thereby improving customer satisfaction.
  • Chatbots: HubSpot Service Hub offers chatbots that make it possible to free up your support agents for more sophisticated customer interactions, whether your staff is out of the office or you're just trying to automate elements of the service process for dealing with support requests.


  • Easy to set up
  • Availability of in-built live chat
  • Offers self-service options


  • Site speed can be a bit slow


Hubspot pricing

HubSpot Service Hub is free to use and will scale with your business. Monthly fees for Service Hub Starter begin at $45 per month.

3. ProProfs Helpdesk

Efficient Helpdesk Ticketing System Ideal For Teams Who Want A Central Location For Customer And IT Support Requests.

Editor’s Take
8.7 out of 10
IT-centered Companies
$12.75 – $17/user/month
Annual Discount:
Save 15%

ProProfs Helpdesk is an excellent helpdesk solution for IT organizations with highly dynamic IT teams because it offers a variety of products, including an IT help desk platform that allows teams to effortlessly submit issues and requests to the IT department and follow their progress.

ProProfs Helpdesk is a well-known online help desk application that runs on IBM's cloud services. You can quickly track, prioritize, allocate, and resolve support tickets with a common inbox.

Best Features

  • Smart Reports: You can track key performance indicators (KPIs), including the number of average tickets, ticket ratings, resolution time, new tickets, and more, with the ProProfs Helpdesk smart reports feature. Once a ticket has been handled, you can float questionnaires to learn more about what isn't working for your clients, improving customer satisfaction.
  • Shared Team Dashboard: All support tickets are visible and available to all agents simultaneously, thanks to a shared dashboard on the ProProfs Helpdesk platform. You can add internal notes to ProProfs Helpdesk tickets and assign tickets to relevant personnel or departments such as IT, facilities, HR, accounts, etc.
  • Issues Tracking: Customer support agents can track all customer inquiries, requests, and complaints in one location with ProProfs Helpdesk.
  • Ticket Management: Labels, ticket priority, and internal notes/comments are all features of ProProfs Helpdesk that help with ticket administration and organizing. You can use the parent-child ticketing feature to break down complex tickets into smaller child tickets for faster ticket resolution.
  • Extensive Integration: This ticketing software is a total powerhouse thanks to its amazing integration. In minutes, you can set up a specialized self-service portal and reduce customer support tickets by up to 80%. On the other hand, live chat allows operators to converse with clients.


  • Offers child ticket feature for multiple requests
  • Great customer support


  • Can't send personalized requests messages


ProProfs pricing

ProProfs Helpdesk is billed per user and starts at $15.00 per month, and it offers a free version.

4. Freshdesk

Reliable Help desk Ticketing System For Small Businesses Customer Support Teams.

Editor’s Take
8.6 out of 10
Small Businesses 
$0 – $95/agent/month
Annual Discount:
Save up to 15%

We recommend Freshdesk because it enables organizations to fully utilize the potential of artificial intelligence to automate and simplify customer service. Its AI u0022Freddyu0022 can help your team by recommending similar knowledge base items to agents and closing finished tickets.

Freshdesk is an extremely scalable help desk system for enterprises of all sizes. It has a central inbox where all customer support requests from all channels are gathered with automatic pop-ups to enable deflecting typical user questions and extensive dashboards to track quality indicators.

Best Features

  • Strong Security: Freshdesk provides top security features like IP and network limits and custom SSL certificates to create a safe and dependable help desk and keep your domain safe and prevent unauthorized access.
  • Centralized Platform: Freshdesk provides users and businesses with a centralized help desk solution for dealing with customer service issues. This primary hub houses everything you'll need to manage your customer service activities.
  • Intuitive Platform: Freshdesk has sophisticated ticketing features, an easy-to-use user interface, and tools to help you gather qualitative data and improve your performance. The platform's ease of use enables teams to learn quickly and achieve results.
  • Analytics and Reporting Functionality: Freshdesk analytics and reporting features aid in measuring and improving efficiency. You can use customer satisfaction ratings, help desk reports, dashboards, and scheduling reports to quickly detect issues based on existing metrics and enhance how they're handled.
  • Team Collaboration: It's easy to work together to solve problems using collaboration tools. Team huddle, shared ownership, parent-child ticketing, and linked tickets are all available on Freshdesk. You and your staff will be able to rapidly and effectively resolve consumer complaints.


  • Simple to use
  • Robust integrations
  • Great customer service
  • Supports service level agreements


  • Mobile version is restricted compared to the desktop version


Freshdesk pricing

Freshdesk has four pricing plans and offers a free 21-day trial period on all plans. Five thousand bot sessions per month are also included in the corporate package.

5. HappyFox

Amazing Help Desk Ticketing System With Highly Advanced Live Chat Functionality.

Editor’s Take
8.2 out of 10
Large Teams
$39 – $99/agent/month
Annual Discount:
Save up to 15%
Demo trial 

Users can build workflows, views, scripted actions, tasks, reports, and more with HappyFox's customizability features. It also includes a self-service site linked to a knowledge base and an AI-powered chatbot that provides clients with typical queries, significantly reducing your support employees' burden.

HappyFox is a help desk ticketing system known for its simplicity and speed of setup. It interfaces with several contact points to gather tickets and elegantly organize them on its Ticket List page. Tickets are automatically directed to available agents or specified groups, and they can be escalated to specialists if necessary.

Best Features

  • HappyFox University: HappyFox University is another noteworthy feature. This free feature provides a focused training capability to bring new agents up to speed for firms who need to get service agents, or even an entire service desk, up and running rapidly.
  • Extensive Integrations: You can now connect to single-sign-on (SSO) services and link HappyFox to voice over IP (VoIP) services like JustCall and WhatsApp for communication with users or customers.
  • Ticket Management: Users and customers can enter tickets via email, phone, and social media, although HappyFox restricts this to Twitter and Facebook alone. Other options include a self-service portal, which is quite simple to set up.
  • Workflow Automation: Once you've entered a ticket into the system, HappyFox Workflows handles the ticket routing. This function adds new advanced business process automation rules to the ticket administration process, improving it further.
  • AssistAl: HappyFox provides an AI-based assistant AssistAl to answer inquiries without contacting an agent. This tool responds as if a human were on the other end of the chat line.


  • The user interface is highly customizable
  • Slack integration is tight
  • Simple multi-step ticket management
  • Excellent and completely free training resources


  • Social media links are restricted to Facebook and Twitter
  • Some functions, such as asset management and service level arrangement, are only available at the enterprise level


happyfox pricing

HappyFox has four price plans: Mighty and Fantastic are best suited for small and medium-sized organizations, while Enterprise and Enterprise plus are appropriate for bigger businesses.

6. Solarwinds Web Help Desk

Efficient Help Desk Ticketing System Best Suitable For Help Desk Technicians Responsible For Resolving Client Issues.

Solarwinds Affordable Help Desk Ticketing and Asset Management Software

Solarwinds Web Help Desk is a cloud-based ticketing and asset tracking tool that offers enterprises capabilities for managing service requests from start to finish.

Service level agreements, asset management, and ticketing management are just a few important areas where the Solarwinds Web Help Desk aids enterprises.

Best Features

  • Simple User Interface: Solarwinds Web Help Desk has a very simple and user-friendly interface. Although the hamburger menu button in the top left corner of the window hides access to all of the dashboard's key parts, the menu is quite responsive, and it's easy to discover what you're searching for.
  • Incident Management: Baseline incident management in SolarWinds Web Help Desk keeps incoming tickets organized and your help desk workers productive. The incident dashboard is organized into simple columns with color-coded information such as the ticket number, current status, subject, asset type, the agent in charge of the ticket, who made the request, and a due date.
  • Surveys Feedback: Users can conduct consumer surveys and gather feedback to help their company run more smoothly with Solarwinds Web Help Desk.
  • Inventory Control: Users can automate hardware inventory control and manage hardware assets in their IT infrastructure using SolarWinds Web Help Desk.
  • Asset Management: The SolarWinds Service Desk offers full asset management support. Automated device discovery, software license management, and an overview of asset configurations are all part of this package. Asset risk identification is automated using SolarWinds Web Help Desk network monitoring.
  • Data Management: SolarWinds Web Help Desk automatically collects customer data from your service desk process, providing a thorough picture of your company's performance. Average response time, customer and agent satisfaction, and other signs of a positive service desk experience are some of the metrics that you can track.


  • Easy to set up
  • Simple to navigate
  • Report scheduling is simple and includes a history
  • Supported web-hosted solution


  • Installed licenses are not tracked
  • No provision for depreciation
  • Lacks default report selection


Solarwinds pricing

SolarWinds Web Help Desk offers a 14-day free trial that you can download from the website; if you don't have the necessary back-end hardware, you can see online demos to get a feel of the product.

7. Jira Service Desk

Best Helpdesk Ticketing System For Engineering Teams.

The only service desk built on Jira

Jira Service Desk is an IT service management solution designed to help any modern IT team with client service requests and issues. Jira Service Desk enables high-speed teams to deal efficiently with complaints and track progress and work on issue track cards.

Best Features

  • Project Management Automation: As previously said, Jira Service Desk comes with a wealth of automation possibilities. The tools are simple to set up and use, and they require little to no knowledge to do so.
  • Atlassian Marketplace: The Marketplace, more frequently known as Jira Store, is one of the most important features of all Atlassian products. In terms of support, Jira Service Desk is no different. It offers over 300 different apps that will allow you to improve the tool's efficiency while also speeding up a wide range of capabilities.
  • Simple and Swift Interface: Jira Service Desk has an easy-to-use user interface and fast performance. Users can also use this platform to manage different products under one account, so you won't have to buy a new service desk just to gain a new knowledge base.
  • Enterprise-level data center: There’s no need to worry about hardware failure, data corruption, or even a security breach if you use Jira Service Desk. All your data is kept in a data center designed for businesses. Furthermore, each file and byte of data is encrypted with the most up-to-date security techniques.
  • Reliable Support: Jira Service Desk provides efficient support. Customers will receive a brief yet intelligible response regardless of when and what you ask. Jira Service Desk customer service department handles anything from technical to more mundane inquiries.


  • Availability of messaging channel integration
  • Offers intelligent form creation using low-code or no-code
  • Great app marketplace
  • Integrates seamlessly with other Jira software platforms


  • Customers can’t access social media networks with a third-party add-on
  • Additional subscriptions are required for integration with other authentication services
  • Lacks asset register


Jira pricing

Jira Service Desk provides a free tier for up to three agents, allowing you to test the solution without spending any money. All paid plans support up to 5,000 agents and an infinite number of consumers.

8. Vision Helpdesk

Best IT Ticketing System for Businesses of All Sizes.

Best IT Ticketing System for Businesses of All Sizes

Vision Helpdesk is a web-based ticket management system that helps businesses of all sizes and industries automate ticket workflow with rule-based criteria and centralizes the recording of multiple channels of support conversations on multiple platforms.

Organizations can configure flexible working hours for their employees and set up ticket escalation rules for providing quick responses to all incoming inquiries. Vision Helpdesk helps implement rules for processing tickets, setting progress alerts, and sending incident acknowledgment notifications to the inquirer.

Best Features

  • Ticket Billing & Time Tracking: Vision Helpdesk ticket billing and time tracking features help you track the time spent on tickets and also help you bill your clients per ticket or per time spent. You can create pre-paid billing plans with a validity period, decide the billing cycle and allocate credit in terms of points or amount.
  • Blabby: Blabby is a staff collaboration tool that helps your team members through group or private discussion, collaborating on tasks, sharing files, videos, etc. A blab can be personalized with a selected person or shared with all team members. Users can add hashtags in their blab posts and notify everyone on trending topics.
  • Help Desk Gamification: This ticketing software’s gamification feature is mainly used to improve the productivity of your help desk staff. It helps you set achievement levels, goals, and quests that help your staff achieve targets and goals while working as a team.
  • Task Management: Task management in Vision Helpdesk makes it simple to create, track and assign project tasks to multiple staff agents within seconds. This feature also helps you schedule tasks one time or set recurrence, assign multiple staff to a task, and track their update through comments.


  • Vision tools are great for managing goals
  • Easy to use
  • Supports multiple social media platforms
  • Transparent customer service performance


  • Forum page is difficult to use


vision pricing

Vision Helpdesk provides a free trial and five paid plans tailored to suit different types of businesses, so you don’t have to pay for what you don’t need.

9. ServiceNow

Great Ticketing Software for Technical Management Support.

Great Ticketing Software for Technical Management Support

ServiceNow is a cloud-based software that provides technical management support to its users. The software specializes in IT operations management, IT business management, and IT service management that helps users manage projects, teams, and customer interactions through numerous apps and plugins.

It integrates seamlessly with other tools to ensure all its users' needs are covered. For example, you can perform VMware AirWatch tasks from within the interface. ServiceNow also provides an app store that offers tools from third-party solutions.

Best Features

  • IT Service Management: This feature helps companies quickly detect and resolve IT incidents using 24/7 AI-powered modules. It visually tracks automated workflows to check the progress of an IT project or service, improving cost savings and efficiency. Additionally, ServiceNow ITSM helps ensure any regulatory compliance requirements are met using the available automated workflow tools designed to detect out-of-compliance actions.
  • Analytics and Reporting: With ServiceNow’s Analytics Q&A function, IT staff can create multiple reports, from pivot tables to bar reports using the natural language query (NLQ) prompt. This feature also covers predictive analytics by using statistical algorithms and ML to forecast the likelihood of an outcome based on historical data.
  • Customer Service Management: This feature helps customer service agents use decision trees that help agents troubleshoot and resolve incident tickets. Customer service agents can continually improve first call resolution and enhance the customer’s experience by resolving issues expeditiously with these guided decisions.
  • IT Operations Management: ServiceNow's IT operations management function uses AI-based technology to predict, avoid, and automate IT-related issues by proactively triggering an action to occur that will minimize or resolve potential problems.


  • Real-time reporting and analysis
  • Supports data integrity and confidentiality
  • Great operational tracking module
  • Minimum configuration required to get it started
  • Reduces cost of ITSM up to 60%


  • Complex for new users
  • Customization can be hard to manage
  • Needs a more manageable nesting system
  • Limited theme colors for customization
  • Mobile app is complex to set up


ServiceNow pricing

ServiceNow’s pricing is customized, and you have to speak to one of their representatives to get a custom quote for your organization.

10. Zendesk Support

Best Helpdesk Desk Solution for Generating Custom Ticket Fields

Best Helpdesk Desk Solution for Generating Custom Ticket FieldsBest Helpdesk Desk Solution for Generating Custom Ticket FieldsBest Helpdesk Desk Solution for Generating Custom Ticket FieldsBest Helpdesk Desk Solution for Generating Custom Ticket Fields

Zendesk Support is Zendesk's support ticketing system designed to help users track, prioritize, and resolve customer support issues. Its features cover more than just a help desk. Still, it can also be seen as a customer experience and project management tool that helps you nurture the relationship with your customers via personalized, responsive support across multiple channels.

Best Features

  • Zendesk Workflow: Zendesk Support helps agents create a workflow to track the status of the tickets. They are categorized into assigned, routed, or escalated. This feature ensures you do not lose anything, and thus all customer interactions stay on track.
  • Conditional and Custom Ticket Fields: With these fields, your agents can gather all the relevant information from the customers about support issues or services. It makes it easier for them to determine the type of support your customers want or need. Additionally, the dynamic request form provides your support teams with the right context so they are prepared to offer personalized support.
  • Automated Ticket Sharing: Zendesk Support supports automatically sharing tickets from one Zendesk account to another account. The automated sharing feature makes it easy to collaborate effectively with your partners or vendors on tickets.
  • Audit Log: Zendesk Support’s audit logging feature saves and shows the different changes of your help desk software by tracking details like the whats, whens, whos, and wheres. With this feature, you can search your whole change history. Additionally, your agents have a full audit trail of every discussion, even if it cuts across multiple channels and agents.
  • Agent Collision Detection: This feature helps inform you if your agents are viewing a given ticket at the same time. It lets you know when agents are actively working on it. In addition, Zendesk supports collaboration between support teams working on the same ticket by providing instant updates on the ticket fields.
  • Skills-Based Ticket Routing: Skill-based routing is dedicated to supporting your enterprise to scale and improve team productivity. This desk solution provides a ticket routing feature that routes tickets to the right agent according to their expertise in handling such kinds of tickets. This reduces and makes it faster for agents to solve tickets.


  • Supports multiple brands
  • Offers a mobile version
  • Easy to use
  • Supports flexibility of team tickets
  • Setting up is straightforward


  • Needs better integration with platforms like Facebook
  • Lacks feature for flagging issues in a mail trail
  • Giving admin access to new staff is difficult


zendesk pricing

Zendesk support offers a 30-day free trial and three plans to suit businesses of different sizes.

11. ConnectWise

Excellent Helpdesk Ticketing Solution for Transparent Customer Service Experience.

Excellent Helpdesk Ticketing Solution for Transparent Customer Service Experience

ConnectWise is a helpdesk ticketing system that helps you, monitor, discover, and resolve any IT issues like application performance issues, network bottlenecks, and security threats before your customers even know what happened. It is marketed as the ultimate solution for repetitive tasks and support requests.

Best Features

  • One Centralized System: ConnectWise provides a single platform that connects fragments of information by providing a single solution that transcends one part of your business workflow to another.
  • Time Tracking: The time tracking feature of this helpdesk support ticket system helps you easily and accurately capture billable time in all forms from emails, chat sessions, and phone calls with the power of automation.
  • Project Management: Project management is made easier with ConnectWise because it gives you a bird’s-eye view of all your operations. With the help of automated workflows and templates, you get an intuitive approach to managing even large-scale projects while ensuring accountability for all those involved.
  • Billing: Since automated workflows help you capture billable time, you can easily turn your time spent into invoices, get proactive about your billing process, and maintain a healthy cash flow.
  • Support and Ticketing: Tickets cover all kinds of support request solutions, whether email, live chat interaction, a phone call, or an on-premise inspection. This tool helps you add value to your service delivery.
  • Scheduling and Dispatching: ConnectWise helps you keep your daily operations organized and avoid under-scheduling or overloading your agents. It provides clear visibility into the workload of each employee. Your dispatcher can accurately assign tasks to agents maximizing employee utilization and streamlining service delivery.
  • ConnectWise Community: While getting deeper insights into your workflow, you also get access to ConnectWise's community. A combination of their team and a large network of tech professionals.


  • Great for linking information from various platforms
  • Excellent management system for simple functions
  • Integration with other ticketing solutions


  • Configuring the interface can be tricky
  • Terminating your contract with them takes forever
  • Support team is really slow


Connectwise pricing

ConnectWise is quote-based, but you can get a live demo to see the system in action.

12. Zoho Desk

Great Ticket Management Software for Compliance with Automation Rules.

zoho desk

Zoho Desk is a support ticketing system designed to help businesses deliver high-quality customer support. It has tools and functionalities that provide helpful analytics and boost the business's productivity.

The ticketing solution helps business managers find the main problems associated with their team's performance. This eventually leads to better business services and decisions. You also enjoy the benefits of timely and relevant support with this desk ticketing software.

Best Features

  • Ticket Management: Zoho Desk is an efficient desk ticketing software that provides a unique multi-channel IT ticketing system that helps capture and record the details of all support incidents. This feature gathers customer requests from multiple channels, converts them into support tickets, and organizes them in one point of contact. The Zoho ticketing system is fully integrated with Zoho CRM to provide context and personalized support for customer information.
  • Automation: The Zoho Desk helps automate recurring tasks and manage and report on ticket workflows and statuses. Automatic Ticket Assignment simplifies the process of allocating and routing issues, giving you more autonomy over your team and workload. You can create rules that send specific tickets automatically to the right agent, so you don’t have to go through each ticket manually.
  • Analytics: The Zoho Desk reporting feature tracks key metrics, empowering your team with better insights. You can get into the details of your agents’ performance and track metrics like ticket traffic and average response time. You also monitor the ticket inflow to know if agents use resources timely and in the correct order.
  • Customization: Zoho Desk ticketing software helps you customize the design and the function of your IT help desk software. You get to personalize every aspect of it, from fields to layout and branding. There is also an option for you to create email and ticket templates that your support staff can use to save time by filling in predetermined answers instead of typing the one response multiple times.
  • Zia: Zoho Desk’s AI-powered virtual assistant facilitates customer service. Zia interacts with clients, processes questions, and suggests solutions based on your knowledge base. If those answers aren’t helpful, Zia alerts managers. It also reviews tickets, identifies critical aspects like sentiment, and reports it to agents.


  • Ticketing feature is easy to use
  • Highly customizable
  • Great for tracking communication with partners on different platforms


  • Support is available on time slots, and that isn’t always enough
  • Limited integrations


Zoho Desk provides a free account and a free trial for all paid accounts. It has three paid accounts that are billed annually.

What Features Should I Look for in Top IT Help Desk Ticketing Systems?

Ticket management systems were created to replace spreadsheets and are now the heart of help desk operations. But it is really difficult to recognize a strong ticket software, especially with all the fake ads and marketing. Here are some must-have ticketing system features you should look out for before choosing a help desk software:

  • Ticket automation: Any software without automation features in our digital world is useless, and the same goes for desk solutions, regardless of industry. Automation is crucial for dealing with numerous tasks, streamlining your support operations, and significantly increasing the effectiveness of your customer support team. Automated operations, in this case, vary from reminders to ticket routing to a particular agent.
  • Ticket tags: You can quickly organize tickets and easily identify recurring issues with ticket tagging. Ticket tags can also help you automatically recommend Knowledge Base articles – depending on the details of the tags assigned.
  • Customizable ticket templates: Tickets are usually not the same, so choosing a ticketing system that helps you create and customize templates is best. You can use these templates to improve ticket response times. With the best solutions, templates can be combined in numerous ways if the ticket has multiple different questions.
  • Customizable ticket status options: You need to ensure that your desk ticketing software of choice has customizable status options. Great customer support solutions can trigger emails automatically to send to customers when the status changes.
  • Public and private actions on tickets: Not all ticket conversations should be seen by a customer, which means your ticketing solution must be able to keep ticket conversations private until you are ready to disclose them for public customer action.
  • Product and inventory association: Product and inventory management is a must for any company that handles digital software products. This saves you from digging through files and deep document abysses by the ticket page that helps you easily track information for each customer, so it shows up directly on your dashboard.
  • Personalized ticket pages by customer: It is always best for many employees to know about a customer to resolve a particular customer's issues faster. An ideal ticketing solution should display details like customer satisfaction, ticket history, distress index score, expansion opportunities, etc.
  • Customizable ticket submission form: Look for a customer support system that provides customized fields in customer-facing ticket forms. This is a vital feature for capturing the information you need to improve your customer experience. It drastically reduces time spent on basic follow-up questions and boosts ticket resolution time.

Best Practices for Running a High-Performance IT Help Desk Ticketing System

The solution to all the day-to-day IT challenges your organization faces is an IT help desk that helps keep each employee motivated by resolving their day-to-day IT issues. We will examine the elements your IT help desk needs to service your organization's IT support needs effectively.

  • Start With the Existing Process: When most organizations want to employ help desk management software, they think of building their infrastructure from scratch. Such organizations will have to re-train their service team and orient them on new procedures. Integrating your help desk software with an existing system is a better option. The software will only streamline and simplify current processes, and you won’t have to waste time and resources to re-train your agents.
  • Grow Iteratively: Businesses that grow too fast are at risk of crashing as several organizations fail to handle massive increases in the workload with their limited resources. Your organization should start with new and less demanding projects. Then agents can work on these small improvements, leading to iterative growth.
  • New Ticket for Every Customer Interaction: One of the most efficient help desk best practices is to create a new ticket for every customer interaction. This ensures the business keeps track of open cases and keeps all information about the organization updated. A record of all complaints about a single user is recorded, which aids businesses in providing proactive and personalized customer support.
  • Organize Training Sessions for Your Agents: There is always room for you to expand your knowledge base on the journey to providing great customer service. It is best to organize regular training that will instill the core business values in your team and ensure they are up to date with the most recent trends and tools. You should also train your support team on key customer service and communication skills to delight customers. They can hone such skills and expand their knowledge in the areas where improvement is needed.
  • Encourage Team Collaboration: The collaboration of your support team is crucial for the organization and the customers. Collaborative efforts of the customer support team aid quick resolution of customer issues. With a robust help desk system, multiple departments can check open tickets and work together to solve issues without delays. And these are only a few reasons why it’s important to boost team collaboration.
  • Focus on Transparency: Transparency should be part of the package you offer your customers because once the customers are aware of the systems, processes, and status of their complaint requests, it boosts their trust in the organization. With transparent customer service performance, customers know exactly what is happening at different times. It saves time for agents because it reduces emails from customers seeking an update.
  • Choose the Service Provider Wisely: When choosing a service provider for your help desk software, you should ensure you check all the features and perks and the costs to get the best deal. You must ensure that the help desk software you choose offers enough scalability to offer end-to-end support.

IT Helpdesk Ticketing System FAQs

What is a helpdesk ticketing system?

A helpdesk ticketing system is a solution used by a customer support team to develop, manage, and tracklists of customer issues without the need for a full-blown call center

It helps organizations experience a high-quality response to customer requests – even through self-service options.

Who needs a help desk ticketing system?

There is no organization that doesn’t need a way to efficiently handle issues and support requests raised by their customers and other users of their services. 

The issues raised can differ from organization to organization and even within the same organization from month to month and across different end-users that the IT department supports.

Is an IT ticketing system worth it?

Having an all-in-one ticket management solution is the need of the hour. If a customer service team wants to please its customers at every touchpoint, they need to have ticketing software with omnichannel customer support. 

How do I write an IT ticket effectively?

For customer support agents to diagnose and fix the problem efficiently, they need detailed information to stop reproducing the same error you issued. 

The more specific the details you provide, the faster the support team can get you back on track. An impressive, informative support ticket answers multiple questions.

What is the Best IT Ticketing System?

Getting a help desk management tool improves your workflow and streamlines operations and customer interaction. So, you have to choose software that aligns with your business goals, including all the integrations and features you need.

Here are our top recommendations:

Best Free Option


is the best overall free-forever helpdesk ticketing system.
Best For Marketing Roles

HubSpot Service Hub

is a reliable helpdesk ticketing system best for teams seeking a centralized, multi-functional toolset.
Best For IT Companies

ProProfs Helpdesk

is an efficient help desk ticketing system ideal for teams who want a central location for customer and IT support inquiries.
Best For Small Businesses


is a reliable helpdesk ticketing system for small businesses' customer support teams.rn
Best For Large Teams


is an amazing help desk ticketing system with highly advanced live chat functionality.

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