21 Best Online Survey Software and Questionnaire Tools in 2024

Updated Dec 6, 2022.
Best Online Survey Software and Questionnaire Tools

Are you just starting your business?

Or have you been in business for a long period?

And your website has already been hosted on a good web hosting platform?

Then, you are wondering about the next thing to do.
Well, whether you recognize it or not, creating surveys is very important in running a successful business.


The only way to constantly keep in touch with your employees and customers is through the use of surveys.

In fact, engaging with your customers is more than using a live chat software or investing in help desk softwares, even though that is also important.

But still, you have to know what is in their minds.

And the only way to get these insights is conducting surveys.

The next issue you now have to deal with is “Which online survey software should you use?”

How would you be able to deliver surveys to your customers through different channels?

Is there any free survey software in the market?
Does Google even have a survey tool?
Here, in this review, you will find answers to all those questions, and even more.

You will know the major functions, features, differences and prices of 21 best online survey softwares and the best one for your needs.

So, Let's begin!

What are the Best Online Survey Software and Questionnaire Tools?

1. SurveyMonkey

Best Online Survey Software for CX, HR, IT and Marketing Specialists

SurveyMonkey Best Online Survey Software for CX, HR, IT and Marketing Specialists

What You Can Do With SurveyMonkey

You can use this survey software to automatically gather feedback from your customers both anonymously/non-anonymously and to generate real-time data.

With SurveyMonkey, gather data from various channels of your choice and share the results with your team members.

Know what customers enjoy about your products and services, and likewise what they want you to improve.

As a survey software, SurveyMonkey can also be used to know whether and in what percentage your customers can recommend your products/services for their friends, families and associates.

This is measured by your Net Promoter Score (NPS).
SurveyMonkey also allows you to organise your events and carry your customers along with the event using event surveys.

For example, you can ask your customers about their preferred date and time for an upcoming event with a pre-event survey.

You can likewise know their level of satisfaction after the event by asking them to fill out a post event survey.

Now, after collecting the feedback, what next?

SurveyMonkey comes with SSO, SSAE-16 SOC II encryption to make your data safe from hackers and outside agents.

With this, you can rest assured of top-notch confidentiality and security of your customers' survey data.

Use the dashboard and setting features to gain enough visibility into how collected data is being accessed and managed.

SurveyMonkey allows more than 100 integrations with your favorite data apps including Marketo, Salesforce, Oracle Marketing Cloud and Microsoft Power BI.


SurveyMonkey Pricing Plan

To start with, SurveyMonkey has a free trial and a basic free version which allows you to use some limited features.

The paid versions have the personal and the business plans.

2. Typeform

Most Suitable Online Survey Builder for Small Businesses

Typeform Most Suitable Online Survey Builder for Small Businesses

What You Can Do With Typeform

You can build your online surveys using Typeform which has a simple and easy-to-use interface.

Attract and engage your customers more and make answering questions more fun by adding built-in photos, videos, custom layers and themes.

Create a template either by choosing one from the available templates or creating another.

Then, share the form by using three major options.

They include giving your customers the survey link, allowing them to take the survey on your website and lastly via an email.

After sharing with your customers, get feedback and migrate collected data to another tool so you can work on them more deeply.

You can access metrics like responses, completion rate and the average time used before completion.

Typeform allows you to use different types of templates which includes;

  • Remote Working: Trivia quiz template, 360 degree feedback form template, Employee engagement survey template, Free giveaway form template, and Employee onboarding survey template.
  • Surveys and Questionnaires: Product research survey template, User persona survey template, Market research survey template, Branding questionnaire template, Customer satisfaction survey template, Product feedback survey template, and Customer feedback form template.
  • Education and Online Learning: Pre-course assessment form, Student mental health check-in survey template, Post graduation career outcome survey template, and Student demographics survey template.
  • Lead Generation: Digital Marketing quiz template, Lead generation form template, and Online contact form template.
  • Form Templates: Online order form template, Reference request form template, and Job requisition form template.
  • Others are; Quiz templates, Poll templates, Quick-start templates, Marketing templates, Event templates, and Business templates.

Typeform allows you to integrate third-party apps like Slack, Zapier, Google Analytics, Mailchimp, Google Sheets and many other third-party tools.


Typeform Pricing Plan

Typeform offers a free trail and a free version. The paid versions are Essentials, Professional and Premium.

3. JotForm

Best Survey Builder for Businesses, Clinics and Hospitals

JotForm Best Survey Builder for Businesses, Clinics and Hospitals

What You Can Do With JotForm

With about 7,000 templates, you can create online forms with the questions you like. Receive timely responses in the form of an email.

Using the JotForm table, you can collect and organize your data in a row and column arrangement specifying the date and time, email address and feedback of each customer.

When you receive responses from your customers using the online forms, automatically assign the collected data into the JotForm table.

Another way by which you can use the JotForm table is importing CSV/Excel files directly into the tables and thereby working on the files from there.

Also, you can manually add new entries into the table though this might take time.

You can add formulas and calculations just like your excel sheet.

What if you want to collect sensitive information from your customers/patients?

Then, you can use the HIPAA-complaint forms and a Business Associate Agreement(BAA) which provides encryption of data to collect confidential health information from your patients.

There are about 500 medical forms and templates available for creating your online surveys on JotForm.

Popular examples are Coronavirus Screening Form, Patient Feedback Form, Medical History Form, New Patient Enrollment Form and Online Doctor Appointment Form.

With JotForm, you can easily update your medical history, schedule appointments, receive bills and online payments, and consent signatures.

JotForm also allows easy integration with other tools like Google Sheets, Salesforce and Zapier.


JotForm Pricing Plan

JotForm has a free version but does not have a free trial. The paid versions are Starter, Bronze, Silver and Gold.

4. AskNicely

Best Customer Feedback Management Software for Small Businesses

AskNicely Best Customer Feedback Management Software for Small Businesses

What You Can Do With AskNicely

AskNicely has four major features which are Feedback, Frontline, Insights, and Integrations.

Let's check them out one after the other.

#1. Feedback

Whether it is your Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Effort Score (CES), or Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) ratings, AskNicely allows you to gather real-time customers feedback with the NPS framework.

You can use the online survey modes that you want and allow your customers to access your surveys using email, SMS, or your website.

Target the frequency of these surveys and measure the real-time triggers.

After you have successfully collected the feedback, you can publish to a TV dashboard, PowerPoint or a mobile app to see the data clearly.

Using AskNicely combined with your favourite CRM tool, you can provide fast responses to your customers on their feedback.

Run your reviews and referrals safely and successfully with the built-in response, escalation and management features.

#2. Frontline

With the Frontline feature, you can coach, inspire and motivate your best employees to serve your customers better.

They can know their service' rating, areas where they perform excellently, and aspects where they need to improve.

Your workers can easily access these records on their phones using the AskNicely mobile app.

Likewise, your satisfied and happy customers can reward your business with good reviews and referrals while you can solve unhappy customers' issues fast.

#3. Insights

Know what the reports say.

Get insights into the impacts of your customers experience rating on important growth values like referrals and repeat purchases.

Improve the performance of your workers more by viewing what each worker does differently, i.e how the best workers compare to the not-too-good workers.

You can then dive into action by implementing routine guidelines and automated playbooks for every worker to make them perform better.

#4. Integrations

AskNicely allows a two-way integration with Salesforce, Zapier, Hubspot, Intercom, Zendesk, Shopify and other third-party tools.


Asknicely Pricing Plan

AskNicely allows a free trial for every version which are Feedback, Frontline, Insights, and Custom solutions.They also have great customer support, so no worries when you face any issues when using the software.

5. Formstack

A Simple Online Survey Builder for Building and Organizing Web Forms

Formstack A Simple Online Survey Builder for Building and Organizing Web Forms

What You Can Do With Formstack

With Formstack, you can build and design your web forms even if you don't know anything about coding.

You can easily gather information from your customers and patients.

Using the simple, drop and drag form builder, you can organize surveys on your social media and website.

Also, you can build mobile-friendly forms which your customers can easily fill out using their mobile devices.

This largely simplifies your data collection processes.

Streamline and simplify your digital workflows, and make unique business decisions that put you ahead of your competitors.

Using Formstack, you can also capture leads online which you can turn to paying clients and you can likewise receive payments from your customers.

To create a form, click on the ‘create' button which you will find on the form tab.
Add your form name, URL and language.

If you use a form URL that has been used before, you can create another one.

Ater choosing your form name, URL and language, choose your desired template from any of the ones in different categories such as sales, HR and IT.

You would find many popular templates that will meet your needs.

After selecting your template, the next thing is to choose your theme from the available themes which are light, dark and default themes.

Add your fields, update your name, language, emails in the form settings and your form is ready for use.

You can now share your form with your audience.

Instead of building a form from scratch, you can also use your form by importing it through a form URL or HTML.

Formstack also provides HIPAA compliance features, i.e if you need to collect sensitive information.

There is also encryption of your data with a secure SSL certificate so you don't have to worry about your data being exploited.


Formstack Pricing Plan

You can firstly take a free trial which will last for 14 days although there is no free version. There are pricing plans for the four major features which are Form, Documents, Sign and Platform.

6. Feedier

Best Survey Management Tool for B2B and Service Agencies

Feedier Best Survey Management Tool for B2B and Service Agencies

What You Can Do With Feedier

Use feedier as a customer experience measurement tool to get real-time insights into your customers' feelings about your products/services.

Feedier is very easy to set up and it allows you to build any form you want, and share to your customers via any channel.

You can easily customize your feedback forms with different features like multilingual which provides access to different languages.

You can send out your surveys through different channels like emails, SMS, widgets, online reviews, and QR codes, and you can gather feedback in a single place.

Are you tired of having to manually set up your feedback collection survey time?

Then, switch to the automatic mode.

Connect your functional systems like CRM and API to the software and automatically set up feedback collection from your customers.

Match similar responses together by linking them to one another to have full knowledge of the good and bad side of your business.

With Feedier, you can turn your customers' feedback data into personalised stories that align with your business' values.

Analyse and join your customers' feedback with your available data to know more about your customer experience rating.

Feedier allows you to integrate with Slack, Trello and ClickUp.

This increases productivity in large measure.

You can access your customers' reports in many forms such as Feedback Feed, Data Insights or the live presentation PDF Report.

If you have a big enterprise, we highly recommend Feedier for sharing KPIS and metrics with every department through the independent dashboard.

About security, Feedier is GDPR-compliant and you can also request for NDA and DPA agreements to increase your confidence.


Feedier Pricing Plan

You can request a demo or use a forever free version known as Essentials.

You later upgrade to a paid version if you need more features such as increasing the number of your users and responses.

7. Alchemer (formerly SurveyGizmo)

Best Survey Software to Get Customers and Employees’ Feedback

SurveyGizmo or Alchemer Best Survey Software to Get Customers and Employees’ Feedback

Surveygizmo now has a new name called ‘Alchemer' in order to accommodate other features.

What You Can Do With Alchemer

With Alchemer, you can organise simple and complex online surveys, streamline and track your survey reports.

You can also communicate with your customers via Alchemer's email, SMS text, video and audio tools to keep them engaged with your business.

Alchemer allows you to combine with important tools like Hubspot and Salesforce.

Use the analytic tools and dashboards to analyse and process your business data easily.

That's not all.

You can also use Alchemer to break your customers experience analysis into segments like marketing, sales, account management, implementation/project execution, and customer service.

Know how your customers feel about your products, which products they want next, and solve issues they have using the product feedback management feature.

The product feedback cycle is further sectioned into product research, product development, product testing, and strategic product plans.

Alchemer also allows you to set up a 360-degree online review which provides a complete assessment of your employees by measuring their progress and identifying their different abilities.

You can easily set up the 360-degree online review by firstly importing your employees' spreadsheet into the software.

Or use a built-in template to create a 360 review project.

Now, it is time to share the survey and review the reports collected.

There are flexible reporting options which you can customize to simplify and share information with others.

Assign issues under each segment to the individual/team who will handle them.

Unite with your favourite systems and CRM tools to manage your data more effectively.


Surveygizmo or Alchemer Pricinng Plan

Alchemer offers a free trial for each version and there is also a free version.

In the free version, you have access to 3 surveys, unlimited questions and 100 responses. As a small business or individual, you can firstly use the free version.

8. Advocately

Most Suitable Software for Gathering Reviews from Your Customers

Advocately Most Suitable Software for Gathering Reviews from Your Customers

What You Can Do With Advocately

You don't have to go through the long, tiring stress of begging for reviews from your customers, Advocately is here to help you.

All you need to do is to automate the process and take your reviews automatically, in fact not monthly or yearly, but weekly.

How do you get the reviews?

You can set up a review generation campaign which you can send through emails to your subscribers.

With Advocately, you can largely increase the number of your reviews on popular review sites like Capterra and G2.

What of unhappy customers that might leave negative reviews?

The solution is to catch them with Advocately before they drop their negative reviews.

After collecting your reviews from various sites, unite and publish all of them on a single dashboard.

As your customers drop their reviews, your team can be notified by email or slack, and you can respond to your customers from your website or send them emails.

Choose the best way that will work for you.

You can also increase your search engine ranking, especially on Google with good contents made from customers' positive reviews.

This can increase your sales because web visitors would be able to find you easily and patronize your business.

Not only on Google, post good reviews from your happiest customers on your social media accounts and your website.

Don't lose customers review anymore; take full control of your reviews by multiplying your review contents.

Take advantage of SEO power combined with good reviews to promote your business further.


You can take a free trial on Advocately and the prices of the paid versions are fairly affordable than most of its alternatives with the same features.

You would have to contact them if you would like to buy any of the paid versions.

9. Delighted

Best Online Survey Software for Measuring NPS, CSAT, CES and 5-Star Ratings

Delighted Best Online Survey Software for Measuring NPS, CSAT, CES and 5-Star Ratings

What You Can Do With Delighted

Using Delighted, you can collect feedback from your customers fast and easily.

No need to call your engineer to help you set anything up.

You can select how you want to receive feedback from customers whether by email messages, SMS or through a link which you can insert into chats, receipts and email signatures.

Delighted allows you to make use of a single question survey for your customers.

A single survey question is such that you would only ask one question from your customers and they will share their opinions or experience as answers.

Quickly get feedback from your customers when they visit your websites.

As soon as your customers drop their feedback, the feedback drops on your dashboard for real-time viewing.

And you know what?
On your dashboard, you can even get further insights into customers' surveys by using filters and search.

For example, responses gathered are further divided into categories like promoters, passives and detractors.

Know those customers that will highly recommend your products; the promoters, and those who are having issues with them; the detractors.

And if you like, you can freely add any member of your team that you want to see those feedback.

You can also customize with your logo and colors.

Allow your customers to describe their emotions using smileys.

Create five smileys surveys that will allow your customers to show whether they are happy, satisfied, neutral or angry.

There is also a thumb survey system which operates this way: Happy customers thumb up while unhappy thumb down.

Additionally use the CSAT and CES surveys to measure the level of satisfaction of your customers and their experiences.

You can also integrate with other third-party tools like Chatdesk and Zendesk.


Delighted Pricing Plan

Delighted allows a free trail and a free version. You can later upgrade to a paid version.

10. Survicate

Best Online NPS Survey Software for Collecting Customers Feedback

Survicate Best Online NPS Survey Software for Collecting Customers Feedback

What You Can Do With Survicate

You can gather online feedback from your customers easily and smoothly from different channels like emails, links and websites.

Retain your happy customers and know how to solve common issues faced by your unhappy customers.

Build your customer profiles with your survey results.

Attend to incoming customers' feedback quickly by activating alerts which will notify you of pending survey responses.

Your product and marketing teams can know where to turn their sail when they have enough insights into what your customers need or like.

All feedback from your end users is gathered in a single place, no need to deal with customers' feedback piece by piece.

There are advanced security features and GDPR compliant systems to protect your data.

Survicate allows you to integrate with other communication support and CRM tools like Hubspot, Salesforce, Intercom, Zapier and Google Analytics.

With the marketing insights and product feedback features, you can understand your prospects better and improve your campaigns with survey data.

Build better products by gathering credible information through product feedback surveys.

You can choose from popular templates like NPS survey template, CSAT survey template, CES survey template and other 57 templates.

Confused about anything?

Then, use the provided knowledge base to get answers to your troubling questions.

And if you want to know how you can tailor Survicate to your business needs, hop on for a free consultation with the customer success team.


Survicate Pricing Plan

Survicate has a free version which we recommend for small businesses.

It also allows a free trial.

The highest paid version known as ‘Ultimate' goes for $249/month.

11. Pollfish

Don't Be Deceived by the Name. You Are Not Polling Any Fish, You Will Rather Poll Surveys from Your Customers

Pollfish Don't Be Deceived by the Name. You Are Not Polling Any Fish, You Will Rather Poll Surveys from Your Customers

Pollfish is a powerful research tool for conducting widespread online surveys for research or publishing purposes.

It covers a massive amount of about 550m real consumers in more than 160 countries worldwide.

What You Can Do With Pollfish

With Pollfish, run simple surveys and get quality results.

You can conduct mobile-optimized surveys which your customers can easily access on your mobile devices.

There is a self-service platform where you can organise your survey without any external assistance or third-party influence.

If you need to deploy third-party surveys, link Pollfish with your survey tool and their Pollfish's audience will be directly involved in your survey.

You can also use Pollfish for various business functions like;

  • Advertising: Here, you can run many people-powered campaigns in different areas like creative testing, audience profiling, pre/post studies, new business pitches, and ad effectiveness.
  • Branding: Get enough data for your brand health and awareness, consumer behaviour, Net Promoter Score surveys and logo testing.
  • Market Research: Use Pollfish to increase the effectiveness of your market research and get quality data in competitive analysis, attribute and usage, ad effectiveness, creative and concept testing.
  • Content: Access opinion polling, content creation, current event polling and political polling.
  • Product: Carry out product testing, package testing, pilot testing, naming tests, product qualification, UX testing, to build better products more powerful than those of your competitors.


Pollfish Pricing Plan

Pollfish does not offer a free trial although there is a free basic plan.

So, get ready to put in some cash for the paid versions as a small team or large company. You can also create a single one-time survey.

12. Crowdsignal

Most Suitable Online Survey Software for Conducting Emails Surveys

Crowdsignal Most Suitable Online Survey Software for Conducting Emails Surveys

What You Can Do With Crowdsignal

With Crowdsignal, you can create as many surveys, polls, quizzes that you like using different styles; free type, multiple choice and Likert scale.

Whether simple or complex conditional questions, organize your surveys quickly with Crowdsignal.

Choose from the available themes, and customize with your colors, fonts or CSS.

You can also use a 5-star rating and thumb up/down system.
Attach your customers' responses to your blog posts and videos to boost your credibility.

Crowdsignal allows you to include multiple choice questions with images, audio and videos.

But, how do your survey reach your audience?

Without relying on Crowdsignal for external assistance, you can share your survey by linking with your own URL and putting it on your website as forms or pop-ups when users visit.

You can also conduct quality email surveys allowing your customers to provide their freewill responses directly from their inboxes.

Use the filter feature to specify the actual results you want to see and export your collected feedback data in any format that you love; CSV, Google Docs, PDF and XML.
Get to work with your collected data using Google sheets.

In instances where a single individual from your audience might want to vote twice or infiltrate spam, Crowdsignal allows you to use captcha protection system, or restrict by email, password or IP.


Crowdsignal Pricing Plan

Note that Crowdsignal does not have a free trial.

But there is a free version where you can collect up to 2500 signals and access to unlimited questions, surveys, polls and ratings.

Even if you want to invest with your cash, the paid version starts from $15/ month.
Crowdsignal offers a 30-day money back guarantee for all plans.

13. Qualtrics

Best FREE Online Survey Software for Individuals and Businesses

Qualtrics Best FREE Online Survey Software for Individuals and Businesses

Qualtrics provides a wide range of advanced management tools for every phase of experience- be it customer, employee, product and brand management.

From the online survey software to Qualtrics Customer XM, all the platforms involve collecting feedback from your audiences to make important decisions.

What You Can Do With Qualtrics

The Qualtrics online survey software which powers more than 1billion surveys yearly allows you to conduct real-time surveys with different audiences.

Whether you want to ask questions about your brand, product and customers, you can use Qualtrics to carry out simple and complex surveys.

Conduct important research to know the next line of action for your brand or business project.

Choose from about 100 question types and in-built survey templates when designing your survey.

You can also use an advanced iQ tool known as ExpertReview to increase the quality of your survey.

What does the ExpertReview help you do?

The iQ and AI-powered tool will analyse your question so you can know the best survey design suitable to increase your responses.

It does not stop at the question level; ExpertReview will also give you quick insights into the responses that you have collected.

So, you don't need to waste your precious time merely scrolling the collected responses, extract what you need quickly with ExpertReview.

Choose how you want to view your reports using more than 30 different graph types and transfer your data in the format you want: Word, PDF, CVS, PowerPoint, and SPSS.

Integrate with your CRM tools, SMS, Marketo, Zendesk, Adobe and even offline surveys for more results.

Qualtrics has many advanced security features to keep your data safe like data encryption Single Sign On, and Continuous Network Monitoring.


You know the good news?

Qualtrics survey software is for free; whether you want to use it as an individual or for your business, access the basic Qualtrics online survey software freely.

So, save your money, create the surveys you want whichever channel you like, get quick responses and see instant results in any format you choose.

14. Retently

Most Suitable Online Survey Software for Measuring Surveys

Retently Most Suitable Online Survey Software for Measuring Surveys

What You Can Do With Retently

Using Retently, you can get your NPS, CSAT and CES scores at the comfort of your fingertips by sharing your surveys one-time or occasionally with your audience.

You can also run independent, regular and transactional survey campaigns for your products/services.

There are multiple templates for each type of campaign that you want to run.

Choose one from them or create another one.

Which audience is best for your survey?

Using Retently, you can use the available filter feature to target the audience you want and filter respondents who do not fit your survey's requirement.

The next question is, When do you want your customers to receive your survey?

You can choose your desired time by sending your surveys in selected hours or days.

Send on business days or just any day that you want.

Use the daily survey limit to keep down the number of surveys to send each day.

It is possible that some specific individuals don't respond to your surveys due to one reason or the other.

You can resend your NPS surveys to them using the template you used before or creating another template.

Edit the survey template you want by changing the background color, and adjusting the size and position of your logo.

You can also adjust the shape, style and buttons color.
Use the already-provided default texts or customize them to suit your preference.

Are you sending your surveys to different audiences with multiple languages?

Translate your NPS survey texts to the language of each set of audience.

Likewise, if you are sending your surveys through emails, Retently has a built-in email cleaning feature to check if your recipients' emails are active.

Connect with Zapier and API to use more than 2,000 apps.

Send and export feedback and handle your different tasks with different tools.

Use the email autoresponders feature to leave automatic responses for different categories of your survey responders.

For example, engage with your detractors, promoters and those who didn't even bother leaving any text feedback.

Ask your promoters to promote your business further by leaving trustworthy reviews on Trustpilot and request for more information on issues faced by your detractors.

Note that asking for more information is only a means to an end.

Getting to the root causes of their problems and solving them is the real deal.

Only represent your own brand on your surveys even without any logo, link or tag from Retently.


Retently-Pricing Plan

You can take a 7-day free trial and later upgrade to an essential, professional or enterprise plan.

15. Confirmit

Best Online Survey Software for Large Organizations

Confirmit Best Online Survey Software for Large Organizations

What You Can Do With Confirmit

With Confirmit, listening to the voice of your customers, employees and running your market research is very easy.

It has a survey design software also known as “Confirmit Authoring” where you can build simple to complex surveys which match your brand's identity.

The survey design software is a professional tool for powering important solutions like voice of the customer, voice of the employees and market research through surveys.

Build your surveys choosing your desired question types and meet your audience where they love to be.

Confirmit allows you to build surveys which can be deployed on digital, web, CAPI, CATI, mobile, and even paper.

Choose whom you want to fill out your survey either by inviting your preferred respondents or using no special criteria; anybody goes.

Using Confirmit Authoring to manage your surveys, you can add images, texts, audios and videos, and your preferred languages.

Insert suitable multimedia elements and multiple question types and combine all your data to give a powerful but simple survey design.

You can reuse previously-asked questions that you collect from different sources.

Better still, use the provided Doc2 survey capabilities to automatically gather your Confirmit surveys from a Microsoft word document.

Confirmit also has a multi-channel delivery feature where you can deploy your surveys using different channels.

This means you can create survey designs compatible with each channel.

Use each or combine different survey designs like telephone survey design and email survey design.

Others are mobile survey design, online survey design and paper survey design.


Confirmit Pricing

Confirmit does not have a free version or a free trial. Though, you can book a demo which contains some limited features like market research and data processing.

16. GetFeedback

Best Customer Feedback Management Tool for B2B and B2C Companies

GetFeedback Best Customer Feedback Management Tool for B2B and B2C Companies

GetFeedback is a feedback platform which is owned and controlled by SurveyMonkey.

What You Can Do With GetFeedback

It is a management tool for collecting and handling your entire feedback from your customers.

You can even integrate with Salesforce to combine your existing customers' data with the data you collect from customers feedback.

What thoughts do your customers have about your business?

Are they happy to promote your brand?

Will they readily recommend it to their friends?

Get all of these feedback using GetFeedback.

Know your NPS, CSAT ratings and improve your customer experience using the collected feedback from your customers.

Let your customer say what they want and keep them patronising your business, constantly.

Design your own surveys from a vast question library and share with your customers either on mobile or with specific URLs.

With GetFeedback, you can choose your templates from the available survey templates on important aspects like;

  • Customer success
  • Customer service
  • Employee engagement
  • Marketing feedback
  • Product feedback, and
  • Sales feedback

Create different types of surveys for different categories like;

  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys: The main goal of these surveys is to measure the satisfaction rate of your customers.
    For example, are they satisfied with your customer support?
    What recommendations do they have for products and services?
    What about your sales process and pricing?
    Customer satisfaction surveys allow you to get answers to all of those questions.
    You can also request for your customers' opinions about your business' website such as the content quality.
    Get a wide overview of your customers' total experience.
  • Net Promoter Surveys: Move a step further from getting insights about your customers' satisfaction to knowing their interest in promoting your brand.
    The NPS survey categorizes your customers into detractors, passive and promoters.
    Increase the number of your promoters and convert your detractors and passives to promoters using insights from NPS surveys.

Other types of surveys you can create with GetFeedback are events and conference surveys, marketing and product surveys, and employee engagement surveys.


GetFeedback Pricing

Take a 14-day free trial where you can receive up to 20 survey responses and integrate with Salesforce.

Upgrade to the paid versions which are Direct, Digital and Complete.

If you want to use the paid version, integrating with Salesforce might be expensive, especially if you have a small business.

17. Birdeye

Best Online Survey Software for Small Businesses

Birdeye Best Online Survey Software for Small Businesses

What You Can Do With Birdeye

Using Birdeye, you can manage your reviews in a single platform and monitor them across 200 different sites and social media platforms.

Google My Business is not an exception; respond to your customers' reviews on Google My Business using Birdeye.

Use your reviews to promote your business and boost your reputation on your website.

When users search the internet using certain keywords, they can easily find your business online.

Birdeye also enables you to engage with your customers and know more about your products and services.

You can organise surveys which will measure your customer, employee, product, and brand experiences.

Insights and data you gather from these surveys will keep you informed about different business entities.

Whether it is NPS or CSAT surveys, receive surveys from your customers via emails, SMS or your website.

Create mobile-optimized surveys which customers can easily access on their mobile devices.

And you know what?

Convert the surveys you receive into reviews to promote your business further.

How about accessing your surveys' results?

Birdeye makes viewing your survey reports easy and simple with the reporting and dashboard feature.

Group the results you want to see according to time, location or questions.

Using the Birdeye auto-ticketing feature, get notified about detractors and attend to their disturbing problems by turning their responses to tickets.

Let's say, during a survey, a particular customer mentioned that buying your products/services was difficult.

You can turn this customer's issue into a ticket whereby you assign your customer support agents to provide the necessary assistance.

While chatting with your customers in inbox, text survey requests to them and receive instant responses.

No need to wait for many hours, days or weeks.

There are many default and custom templates to choose your survey templates.

The Birdeye intuitive Natural Language Processing (NLP) allows you to get useful and clear direction from your survey responses.

Hence, you can know the right actions you should take on the surveys.


You can take a 30-day free trial before you upgrade to a paid version.

18. HotJar

Most Suitable Survey Tool for Businesses, Online Sellers, and Digital Marketers

HotJar Most Suitable Survey Tool for Businesses, Online Sellers, and Digital Marketers

Hotjar contains four essential features which are Heatmaps, Recordings, Incoming feedback and Surveys.

All of these features work together to make you understand your users better, especially their experience on your site.

Let's check out the survey feature.

What You Can Do With HotJar Survey

Using customizable behaviour triggers, ask questions from your users, especially when they are on your site.

Get clear and quality insights from visual and instant feedback.

You can also invite your users to take your surveys with a link.

HotJar allows you to use multiple question types such as NPS to get a fuller picture of your customers' experience with your brand and your website.

Know your NPS score in percentage for each category of your users; detractors, passives and promoters.

This allows you to identify your happy and unhappy customers.

Hence, you can know how to keep satisfying your happy customers and how to convert your detractors and passives to real-time promoters.

You can access your customers' feedback on a visual feedback dashboard where you can even filter your results.

How do you want your feedback page to appear on the website?

Use the customizable widget to create your preferred language and appearance.

Access your feedback tools in more than 40 languages as you users likewise access your surveys on various devices; desktop, mobile and tablet.

You can share your results in CSV and XLSX format.

Enhance higher security by blocking selected IPs.

With HotJar, you are in full control of your survey and data.


HotJar Pricing Plan

Use HotJar freely for 15 days and if it meets your needs, upgrade to a paid version.

There are three versions of HotJar.

The first one is personal which contains a free basic plan and the plus plan. The other versions are for businesses and agencies.

19. SmartSurvey

Best Online Survey Software for Taking Surveys

SmartSurvey Best Online Survey Software for Taking Surveys

What You Can Do With SmartSurvey

Without installing or downloading anything, create simple and effective surveys, questionnaires, and quizzes.

You can build your online surveys using any of the available templates.

Let's quickly check out the survey features.

  • Survey Distribution: You can send your surveys to your respondents online or you create offline surveys for offline use.
    Deploy other surveys types like mobile surveys, email surveys, SMS surveys and webforms.
    Choose the best survey type that will satisfy your audience and share your surveys without stress.
  • Survey Templates: No matter your survey type, SmartSurvey allows you to access many survey templates and choose the best one for yourself.
  • Survey Questions: Build your surveys with suitable questions type from open questions, closed questions or Likert Scale.
  • Security: SmartSurvey is GDPR-compliant. Your data is safe and secure.

Below are the different types of surveys you can create with SmartSurvey.

  • Customer Surveys: Using customer surveys, you can seek opinions and feedback from your customers about your products and important business aspects.
    You can then use the gathered information to improve every aspect of your business and increase your customer experience.
    You can in turn gain their trust, loyalty and commitment.
  • Market Research Surveys: These are surveys for identifying important market factors.
    For example, you might want to add a new product to your catalog.
    However, conducting a market research survey would help you to know whether customers would buy the product and how the product would do in the market.
    Different surveys you can create here are product testing surveys, brand awareness surveys, marketing and advertising surveys.
  • NonProfit Surveys: These are surveys used by charity organizations to gather quality feedback and opinions from audiences associated with them like staff, donors, supporters and fundraisers.
    Examples of surveys here are donor feedback, volunteer feedback, event feedback and donating forms.

Other types of surveys are recruitment surveys, schools surveys, gaming surveys, employee surveys, government surveys, healthcare and hospitality surveys.


SmartSurvey Pricing Plan

There are four major versions: Enterprise, Business, Professional and Basic.

The Basic version is a free version where you have access to features like unlimited surveys with 15 questions/survey and 100 responses/month. You can also try other versions out for free and save up to 20% if you subscribe annually.

20. Arbit

Best Survey Research Tool to Understand Your Market

Arbit Best Survey Research Tool to Understand Your Market

What You Can Do With Arbit

Are you tired of using your old data collection methods to gather information about your market?

Is analysing important market trends boring and stressing?

Will you like to upgrade to a better intelligence tool?

If ‘yes', then we highly recommend Arbit as an intelligence platform that you can use.

Using Arbit, Carry out your market research easily and smoothly.

Get extensive information on market behavior, market competition, market statistics and your customers' opinion.

Now, you can easily upgrade your marketing strategies to sell better, and launch new products that your customers will love.

You can generate important insights from your audience through precise and real-time interviews.

Arbit also has an ever-ready marketing and research team which comprises experts and professionals who are already familiar with the operandi module of every market.

Therefore, you can get your market research done faster and within your budget.

Know the weakness and strength of your product and sales strategies, what consumers think and say about buying your products.

You can also create simple and interactive surveys without having to look to and fro for the audience.

Create your surveys with the image layout survey questions to help your respondents get a clearer picture of your offerings/products.

You can even create video surveys.

Apart from viewing the results of your market research on your dashboard, you would get a simple no-brainer PDF report customised to your needs.

If there are three reasons why you should go for Arbit, then they are its simplicity to use, excellent service quality and great customer support.

Arbit has excellent customer support that will see your team through the overall process; from building your research to implementing the results.

In short, If you are looking for the best marketing and data research partner, we can rightly recommend Arbit.


Arbit Pricing Plan
Source : Askarbit

You can request for a demo or use the starter free plan.

Don't worry, you can later upgrade to a paid version once you discover it suits your needs.

21. Google Forms

Best FREE and UNLIMITED Online Survey Builder for Personal and Business Use. All You Need is Your FREE Google Account

Google Forms Best FREE and UNLIMITED Online Survey Builder for Personal and Business Use. All You Need is Your FREE Google Account

We all know Google is definitely not a stranger when it comes to building a suite of useful tools for personal and business purposes.

From Google Docs to Google Sheets and Google Slides, Google's products never stop flowing.

Additionally, a major reason why many people love to use Google's products is that they are mostly free.

For example, the online Word processor, Google Docs is entirely free.

But, did you know Google also has a survey tool known as Google Forms?

Or probably you already knew but you are wondering if you should go for it?

The answer is ‘yes'.

Let's check out Google's survey tool; Google Forms.

What You Can Do with Google Forms

Using your Google account as the only passcode, you can create forms, surveys and questionnaires according to your needs accessible to many users.

Creating surveys through Google Forms is easy, quick and reliable.

Gather the data you need online from any category of responders; students, teachers, customers, etc.

You can choose any question format you want from the available formats and you can also categorise the questions into suitable sections.

Using a web URL, you can share your surveys with relevant audiences for research or personal use.

Access the summary of your surveys response or receive them in your Google Sheets account.

Upload your Google Sheets data to your Google Drive for security or future use.

Using Google Forms for personal surveys is free and it might also be useful if you are in a small business or you are just starting out.

However, Google Forms has some limitations with the free version such as having limited templates and question types.

Likewise, you can only export in CSV.

Much support service is also not available as you will have to use the limited online documentation.


Google Forms Pricing

While Google Forms are free for individuals to build simple surveys, businesses might have to go an inch further for the paid versions.

Using the paid version, you can create more complex surveys and access many useful features combined with all Google's products like Google Meet, Google Chat, Google Calendar.

Good customer support is also assured with the paid version.

The paid plans are Business Starter, Business Standard, Business plus and Enterprise. You can also take a 14-day free trial for any version you choose.

What is Online Survey Software?

Let’s firstly assume we are in the 1980s and as a company, you are planning on building a new super product to increase your business' sales and fame.

But before you begin to map out the plan, you would want to carry out quality research to know how well your customers will receive the product.

You would want to know how the new product will do in the saturated market in the presence of competition.

How much potential does this product have to bring more revenue for your business?

Getting answers to all of these questions will be your priority.

And what solution would you deploy?

Surveys, of course.

And to perform effective surveys, you would need to create paper surveys and distribute physically to your audience.

Afterward, you would go through the stress of gathering every survey, matching similar responses and finding useful data from the jumble of responses you have received.

Needless to say, you would have spent massive time, financial resources and manpower before you even arrive at this point.

Fast forward to the 21st century which we are now, you don't have to go through all that before carrying your research through effective surveys.

The solution is using an online survey software without gulping your time and resources.

An online survey software is a data collection software built to gather relevant information through the use of online surveys and forms

Typical online survey software has tools where you can quickly build customized surveys and share with your audience.

It is often very easy to use and comes with lots of templates where you can select any of your choice to build the best survey.

For example, Google Forms is simple to use and it allows you to create and share your surveys within minutes.

With an online survey software such as Delighted, you can identify important metrics like NPS, CSAT and CES, useful for your business growth.

You can ask audiences to take your surveys through emails, on your websites or by using a URL link.

And you can also share your survey results through the same channels.

Modern online survey software allows you to integrate with third-party tools and CRM platforms.

A good example of such survey softwares is AskNicely which allows you to integrate with Salesforce, Zapier and Shopify.
An online survey software will allow you to effortlessly and efficiently create your survey, share with your audience, and implement the reports in your business.

What Features Should You Look For in an Online Survey Software?

Now that you know the meaning of an online survey softwares and its benefits, the next piece of information you need is features you should look for in online survey software.

What are the pointers to a good online survey software?

Read on to know the eight essential features you should always look out for, in a good online survey software.

1. Easy to Use

What after all is the purpose of a thing, (say software) if users would have to crack down their brain or have a hard time using it?

Apart from wasting everybody's time, it can hinder productivity and effectiveness causing long-term damage to the organization and its reputation.

This is why when choosing a good online survey software, you should check if the software is easy to use with intuitive drag and drop features.

However, some softwares might require technical knowledge or know-how depending on the surveys you want to build.

For example, if your goal is just to build simple online surveys for personal use, then you can set up Google Forms easily in minutes.

Likewise, Typeform also has a simple and excellent Interface where you can build your forms and surveys.

Formstack is also an example of online survey softwares where you don't require any prior technical knowledge before usage.

However, knowing how to use an online survey software doesn't have to be difficult even if you have never used one before.


The reason is because some survey software comes with a walkthrough guide which you can follow when creating your surveys.

Survicate survey software, for example, has a knowledge base where you can find answers to questions about using the software.

Another online survey software Pollfish can also help you to create a one-time survey which you can use for whatever needs you have.

2. Available Templates

One of the major features of a good online survey is availability of many templates.

Templates help to set the patterns for the exact type of surveys you want to build.

For example, if you are creating a survey to know your Net Promoter rating, your survey pattern will mainly focus on whether your customers can recommend your company to others.

Net Promoter Score Survey Templates
Source: SurveyMonkey

But instead of creating this pattern from scratch, you can smoothly choose a suitable template from the available ones and then customize with your brand and logo.

In the long run, choosing a good online survey software with many varieties of templates will help save you time and make your work fast.

The good news is that many online survey software comes with enough templates.

For example, JotForm online survey software has about 7000 templates while Survicate also has different templates for specific rating types like NPS, CSAT, and CES.

Other online survey software that contains enough distinct templates are Typeform, Qualtrics, Retently, and GetFeedback.

3. Branding

Branding means customising surveys to fit the Identity of your brand.

Confirmit survey software allows you to identify the voice of your customer, and the voice of your employees.

But, what about the voice of your brand?

How would respondents be able to visibly recognize surveys that belong to your business?

What are the visual identifiers that differentiate your surveys from others?

Consider buying survey software where you can easily include your brand's hallmarks such as your brand's logo and style.

Notably, an online survey software that passes in this aspect is Retently.

Using Retently, you can change the background color of the template, adjust the shape and style, and even insert additional text blocks.

You can even upload your brand's logo, and adjust it to the size and position you want.

4. Security of Your Data

Security and confidentiality of your data are also good features of an online survey software that you should consider.

When your customers/audience are answering your survey questions, it is very likely they will include sensitive business details which might be exploited when leaked.

Some might include their personal information and thus, you need to maintain their confidence in you by making sure their data is safe and intact.

Even if you are taking anonymous surveys, you still need to protect your respondents' data.

How do you do this?

Choosing a good survey software that has remarkable security features is the way out.

Check if the survey software has a good security support system and if you can rest assured of data security.

Is your data safe from hackers, third-party agents, malwares and viruses?

If ‘yes', that is good but security also extends to the safety of your data when the computer crashes, freezes or experiences a network blockage.

You should look for a survey software that automatically saves your survey data in case of any crash or blockage.

Even if the software organization upgrades or decides to pack up, is your data still safe?

Thankfully, in a bid to ensure top-notch security, some survey softwares comes with SSL certificate and SSO deployment, GDPR compliance and IP blocking.

QuestionPro Survey Security
Source: QuestionPro

Let's check out some of these survey softwares that have effective security features.

  • SurveyMonkey: This online survey software has a SSO and SSAE-16 SOC II encryption. This will help to maintain your data's security and confidentiality.
  • Formstack: Formstack comes with a secure SSL certificate and HIPAA-compliant features to protect sensitive health data.
  • Feedier: Apart from being GDPR-compliant, uphold additional confidentiality by requesting for NDA and DPA agreements while using Feedier.
  • Survicate: Survicate survey software is also GDPR-compliant.
  • Crowdsignal: Using Crowdsignal, raise your security measures further by using the captcha protection system and restrict unwanted users by emails, password or IPs.

Other survey software with efficient security measures are SmartSurvey, and HotJar.

5. Multilingual and Multichannel Support

Using Pollfish, for example, you can conduct a massive and widespread online survey which will cover about 550m real consumers in more than 160 countries.

Now, the question is, what's the solution for such a wide range of audience with many languages?

The answer is using an online survey software that has multilingual support.

This means respondents can take your surveys in their best languages- English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese.

eSurveysPro Survey Texts translation
Source: eSurveysPro

Survey Softwares that have multilingual support are Pollfish, Feedier, and HotJar.

Another important feature is the multi-channel support.

This means taking your surveys to where your customers, i.e to their best communication channel.

Qualtrics Survey Distribute procedure
Source: Qualtrics

Good survey softwares like AskNicely, Feedier, Survicate, Confirmit and SmartSurvey will allow you to send your survey through emails, SMS, web and mobile apps, and on your website.

6. Integration

Linking your online survey software with your favourite CRM tools can increase your productivity and make your workflow easier.

A good survey software should be able to integrate with other tools and apps.

Questionpro Integration
Source: QuestionPro

Thankfully, most survey software like SurveyMonkey which allows more than 100 integrations, comes with the integration feature.

Others include; Typeform, JotForm, AskNicely, Retently and GetFeedback.

Popular third-party tools which are integrated are Shopify, Slack, Salesforce, Zapier, Hubspot, Oracle cloud, Intercom and even PayPal.

7. Reporting and Data Analysis

This feature will simply allow you to view the results of your surveys without any complexity.

You should watch out for a good online survey software that has clear and simple dashboard or PDF reports to view and act on the results of your surveys.

CompareCamp Reporting and Data Analysis
Source: CompareCamp

Examples of survey softwares with good reporting features are Qualtrics, Typeform, Birdeye, and Feedier.

8. Free Trail and Version

How sweet it is using an online survey software for a whole 7 or 14 days with access to many of its features without paying any money in the name of trial.

Survicate Trail version
Source: Survicate

Even though it might look like a gift from Santa, it's a necessary requirement which you should consider before buying any survey software.

Look for popular survey software that has free trial, use the software and see if it is worth buying or not.

Most survey softwares such as SurveyMonkey, Typeform, JotForm, Survicate, and Pollfish also have free plans. We recommend you start with the free plan before using the paid version especially if yours is a small or medium sized business.

How to Design Effective Online Survey Questions?

Welcome to where you will learn how to design effective and appealing online survey questions even if you have never designed one since you were born.

Without wasting time, let's get started on how you can design good online survey questions that your customers will not find boring.

Here are some tips to get started.

Questionpro Effective Online Survey Questions
Source: QuestionPro

1. Decide on the Answers You Want

Before you begin to design your questions or launch your survey out to your audience, one of the most important steps you have to make is deciding on the answers what you want.

Don't just get obsessed with creating surveys just because you saw other people doing it;

Consider finding an answer to the big WHY of your survey.

A simple method you can use to find this big WHY is recognizing the type of surveys you want to build.

As an illustration, you might want to carry out market research, find your customer experience and satisfaction rating, or measure your Net Promoter Score.

Identify the exact category that your survey will fall into and then the next step will be putting in the right questions.

What will determine your questions?

The answers you want will determine your questions.

While the information you want to gather will determine your answers.

Think about the answers you want and use them to determine the questions you will use.

You can even write the answers/goals that you want for more clarity and definiteness.

Popular question types for surveys are;

  • Multiple choice,
  • Ranking,
  • Demographic,
  • Click map,
  • Drop down
  • Matrix questions.

2. Reassure Your Audience

Now, you are on your way to designing effective survey questions.

But before you begin to ask your respondents to answer your surveys, consider reassuring them at the beginning of your surveys.

Why is this important?

It is essential because some customers might be reluctant to give honest and trustworthy answers due to the fear of privacy intrusion or data leakage.

Emotional and social stances can also prevent honest and factual responses which might affect the quality of your surveys.

So, keep your respondents' mind at peace beforehand.

Let them know their data and privacy is secure by telling them the security features you will be implementing, and likewise encourage them to give their responses without minding their emotions and social beliefs.

You can let them know how largely beneficial accurate responses can be to your business and how it will in turn benefit them too.

3. Offer an Incentive

The next thing is getting users excited about your surveys.

More than just telling them the benefits of the surveys, put down a reward on the table as an incentive for those who will complete the surveys.

Encourage them more by deploying a progress bar and a time estimate on the surveys which will show respondents' their rate of completion of the surveys.

Offering a reward does not mean you would have to spend all your company's budget, buying heaven and earth for your customers.

It can be as simple as offering them a little sales discount or giving them free invitation to a training or program organized by your organization.

Note that the size of your potential reward depends so much on the number of respondents and the overall importance of the surveys.

4. Use Simple, Objective and Straightforward Questions

We have gotten to the most important part of the matter.

No matter the reward(s) you offer or the quantity of assurances you give, dull and unclear questions can still make your customers have a hard time answering your surveys.

Some might even drop out of the surveys.

After all, what's a survey without good questions?

Therefore, keep your questions as best as possible.

In what format?

Simple, objective and straightforward.

Your questions should be simple in the sense that your audience can understand the point you are driving at, and they can therefore provide their best answers.

Remember, you are only implementing surveys not an academic thesis and your customers are only to help you not compete with you.

So, make your questions simple to read and understand.

If possible, make it as short as possible; avoid long sentences

people spend less than 3 minutes filling out a survey
Source: Nextiva

Being objective is also important. Avoid using leading questions.

These are questions which can force customers to give involuntary answers based on the tone or style of the questions. Here is an example;

Question 1: What do you love about our company?

Question 2: How will you recommend our company to your friends?

There are two errors in these questions.

One is that the first question could have been otherwise framed as “Do you love our company?” giving the respondent space to love or even dislike the company.

The second is that the customer should be allowed to choose whether to even recommend the company or to not.

Only use questions that matter to the big picture of the surveys.

Try by all means to serve your audiences your surveys in their native languages.

This can increase your survey responses in no small measure.

5. Test Your Surveys

Now you are done.

You have added every question you want.

You have even customised the surveys with your logos.

The number of edits and proofreading you have done are countless.

But before you launch your surveys to the world, consider testing them with a selected group of reliable individuals.

They will serve as the prototype of your real audience by answering the surveys to see if they are good enough or require any modifications.

One thing; ensure you accept their feedback and act on them accordingly. That was the reason for testing after all.

Online Survey Software FAQ

Here, we have compiled some of the common questions you might have about online survey softwares and we have provided credible answers as accurately as possible.

What are online survey tools?

Online survey tools are simply softwares that you can use to design, publish and analyze the results of your surveys on the internet. 

They can also be known as online questionnaires tools or online survey softwares

From the start of your surveys to viewing and implementing the results, you are  going to work with online survey tools. 

Most of them have customizable features like a survey editor which you can use to create and edit your surveys to your preference. 

You can select your choice questions and templates from the available templates and questions in the survey tools. 

Using online survey tools, you can also deploy your surveys to different channels for your users especially on the web. 

And when the results are out, they also provide reports' dashboard for real-time reporting and analysis of different responses.

What is the best questionnaire tool?

Just typing u0022what is the best questionnaire toolu0022 to Google will bring you tons of answers as trying to point to a survey software as the best questionnaire tool can be somehow difficult. 

There are just many on the market that allow you to ask and design your questions effectively. 

Nevertheless, we highly recommend you consider SurveyMonkey above others when looking for the best questionnaire tool. 


One is that SurveyMonkey has lots of survey templates in different categories that allow you to create any type of survey that you want.  

Do you want to create a customer satisfaction survey, employee satisfaction survey, healthcare or market research survey? 

There are many survey templates you can use, depending on your needs. 

The survey types are categorised into the three most important aspects of business; customers, employees, markets

SurveyMonkey also has paid plans both for business and personal use

Create as many questions as you want with SurveyMonkey.

What is the best online survey software for academics?

Pollfish is still the best online survey software for academics.

The major use of data collected from surveys in the academic environment is for research purposes, and Pollfish is a suitable research tool for powering widespread surveys.

You can gather enough data from an enormous network of more than 550 consumers in 160+ countries globally.

Pollfish also has about 140,000 app partners leading to increased rate of response with mobile-optimized surveys.

With Pollfish, you can create your survey on your own and you can tap feedback from its audience.

Another bonus of Pollfish for academic use is the pricing plans.
You can create a simple one time survey with the basic or business and enterprise plan, and you can also subscribe to the free basic plan, paid business, enterprise or elite version.

Does Google have a survey tool?

Yes, the almighty multinational technology company does have a survey tool.

Google's survey tool is known as Google Forms and it is free. You can use Google Forms personally to conduct simple surveys and you can likewise use any of the paid business versions to have access to more features.

Ready to Learn From Your Customers Using Online Surveys?

The best and the most effective way to learn from your customers and to know more about your products is through surveys.

More than knowing about your customers, you can likewise know more about your employees and their satisfaction with your company with the use of surveys.

Infact, we recommend you organise a schedule where you conduct surveys monthly or bimonthly.

The most important factor that however determines whether your surveys will be successful or not is the online survey software that you use.

So, take your time, ponder your thoughts and pick the best survey software that will best satisfy your requirements.

Depending on your budget, you can try more than one survey software to see the most ideal one for your business.

Additionally, here is a brief analysis of the major functions of the reviewed online survey software;

Choose a good survey software, know about your customers' feelings, get Insights into your employees ideas and opinions, develop better products and strategies, and keep leading in your business niche.

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