21 Best Anti-Spyware Software [2024] – Malware Removal & Protection

Updated Dec 6, 2022.
Best Anti-Spyware Software

Spyware is most definitely one of the greatest threats on the internet that can breach the security of potentially any internet user that is not protected by antivirus software.

Whether you are an online teacher, starting an online business, use a computer for school, or simply for your personal information, anti-spyware software is a must. According to the National Cyber Security Alliance, 81% of computers don’t have core protection.

Anti-spyware software go by various names, such as spyware cleaners, removers, or detectors. All generally have the same goal – removing dangerous data from your system.

Your goal may now be to prevent any possibility of future spyware – a choice that would be wise for virtually any PC user. However, if your computer is already infected with spyware, you can remove 100% of all malicious infection(s) with the right software.

Here, we’ll cover 21 popular anti-spyware software so that you can avoid outdated, ineffective software on the market.

What are the Best Anti-Spyware Software Tools?

1. Norton Antivirus.

Best Anti-Spyware and Antivirus Software for Maximum Internet Security.

Norton Best Anti Spyware and Antivirus Software for Maximum Internet Security.

With Norton being one of the most popular commercial internet security anti-spyware, you may recognize this brand from commercial ads as a security suite that is combined with Lifelock Identity Theft Protection. Both of these products are owned by the same company – NortonLifeLock.

Compatible with virtually any PC, Norton protects windows, iOS, Android, & MacOS. At an affordable price for any income bracket, users receive dark web monitoring, parental control, a complete VPN, and so much more.


Pricing of Norton Antivirus

Perfect for an individual that needs PC protection for daily life, the Norton 360 Standard Plan protects 1 Device – a PC, Mac, or tablet. The plan protects users from online threats, creates a smart firewall, secures the user's VPN, a SafeCam, and more at only $39.99/year.

Norton 360 Deluxe Plan is excellent for families, roommates, or a home office at just $49.99/year. Also a great tool for parents, this plan boasts a parental control feature to monitor the safety of younger family members browsing the web.

With all the premium features of the cheaper plans, the Norton 360 with Lifelock Select Plan provides additional security by monitoring any criminal use of your most guarded information – your SSN, name, address, and birthday that may have been entered online.

With constant notification of the state of your internet security, you'll be sent alerts by your app, email, or phone. This plan is billed at $9.99/month or annually at $99.99.

Giving protection to an unlimited number of PC's smartphones, Macs, or tablets – Norton’s most advanced plan is Norton 360 with Lifelock Ultimate Plus and is ideal for businesses, schools, or any other organization. This plan is billed annually at $299.99/year or $29.99/month.


  • Constant protection against viruses, spyware, malware, ransomware, and other online threats.
  • Stores and protects valuable files in the event of a stolen device, ransomware infection, or a hard drive failure.
  • Protects passwords, credit card information, and any other type of online credentials.
  • Ensures constant support from a team of experts.
  • Protects your device and information from malicious online attackers and sneaky individuals.

Get started today and use the system with a 7 Day Free Trial to secure your drive, stay on guard for online threats, and protect your identity.

2. SpyHunter.

Best Malware Detection and Removal Systems.

SpyHunter Best Malware Detection and Removal Systems.

Perfect for any PC user’s skill level, SpyHunter features customized malware fixes that identify and annihilate threats or unwanted programs through multi-layered scanning. While not technically an antivirus program itself, it is an app that removes malware.

Despite only being an app, Spyhunter has a proven track record of providing powerful protection for its user's devices by detecting and fixing many different types of malware and other unwanted programs.

An excellent app for both amateur and expert computer users, Spyhunter is frequently updated to stay on top of the latest malicious threats that are always popping up.

While probably not the best option for businesses or organizations, this well-founded software is an excellent option for most amateur PC users.

With a free trial, new users can “test drive” the product, though only basic features can be used until a user pays for a plan.


Pricing of SpyHunter

SpyHunter 5 Plan – Billed monthly at $7 per device and with discounts that increase for every device that is included in the plan, ranging from 42.9% off to 57.2% off.

Additional products include:

  • RegHunter 2Optimizes your system and scans your Windows Registry for possible invalid or unnecessary data. This plan begins at $5 per device and is discounted when more devices are added, ranging from 40% to 60% off.
  • Cyclonis Password Manager – manages your password information at only $3/month.
  • Cylonis Backup – Automatically backs up your files with military-grade encryption and for an unlimited amount of PCs.


  • Removes, blocks, and detects trojans, rootkits, keyloggers, wormers, browser hijackers, and many more online threats.
  • Uses a customized low-level OS that functions “below” Windows to eliminate malware and rootkits
  • An excellent option for amateur PC users.
  • Stays up-to-date with the latest malware threats.
  • Detects and removes unwanted programs.
  • User-friendly interface that is simple and easy to use.

Take action today and utilize one of Spyhunter's programs for powerful malware defense and stay up-to-date on the most recent threats in the PC world.

3. Bitdefender.

Best Internet Security Suite That Includes A Spyware Scanner and Removal Tool.

Bitdefender Best Internet Security Suite That Includes A Spyware Scanner and Removal Tool.

A common conclusion by users that use the internet frequently is that antivirus and antispyware software aren't enough for true internet security. Many of these users upgrade to complete security suites and have a full assurance that their valuable devices are protected.

Bitdefender features add-ons that effectively match those of security suites, giving users the same benefits at a very affordable price. A computer user, optimally, should only need one antivirus/antispyware program and Bitfender accomplishes that.

Utilizing the Global Protective Network, Bitdefender's strongest scanning happens in a cloud. This means your computer functions at the best possible level without being slowed down during the scanning process.

This clever software factors in different modes of internet use. This means not interrupting you with updates while watching a movie, studying, playing a game, or watching YouTube videos. This makes internet protection nearly effortless and ensures that you optimize your time on your PC.


Pricing of Bitdefender

With dozens of plans to choose from for your home or office, the following 3 plans are the most popular:

Small Office Security – At $74.99/year, you'll have total protection for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS devices. This program prevents data from being breached, offers unmatched threat detection, & includes cloud-based management for devices included.

Bitdefender Premium SecurityAt $89.99/year – Includes complete PC threat detection, private Firewall, microphone monitor, increased speed of your devices, fast customer support, and unlimited VPN traffic.

Bitdefender Total Security – At $44.99/year, you'll enjoy complete protection of all devices, increased speed, a private Firewall, and a microphone monitor.


  • Works against all online threats such as viruses, spyware, rootkits, ransomware, and much more.
  • Counters phishing and fraudulent attempts to breach your information.
  • Features a Rescue Mode to safely start up your computer when a virus is detected.
  • Temporarily adjusts laptop settings to optimize battery life.
  • Uses its own VPN to encrypt your online data to make it impossible for cyber thieves to steal your information.

Start using Bitfender today to protect your valuable banking information, use a virtual private network, and utilize advanced ransomware defense software.

4. System Mechanic Ultimate Defense.

Best Spyware Removal Tool for Protecting Credit Card Information.

System Mechanic Ultimate Defense Best Spyware Removal Tool for Protecting Credit Card Information.

The Iolo System Mechanic Ultimate Defense System is a PC cleaning system and security suite all in one easy place.

Previously known as the Iolo Phoenix 360, newly added features have massively upgraded the product's features, such as being able to tackle the latest threats that have surfaced in the internet world.

While other System Mechanic versions are normally focused on optimizing PC performance, this program focuses solely on defeating spyware and other online threats.

This versatile software includes malware detection and removal, a file recovery tool, a drive wiper, advanced antivirus software, anti-tracking tools for web browsing, and a secure password manager.

This is in addition to the cleanup tools, removing the necessity of needing to buy a PC cleanup system separately.


Pricing of System Mechanic Ultimate Defense

The Iolo System Mechanic Ultimate Plan costs $63.96 and boasts the benefits of both an advanced PC cleaner and that of a security suite.

While Iolo has a product line of various types of PC malware protection plans, the System Mechanic Ultimate Plan remains their top product for powerful internet defense.


  • The home screen is in the middle of the screen when you pull it up on your PC. This encourages you to scan your device for files that aren't necessary.
  • Scans and removes unnecessary information without interrupting the user's daily use. Perfect for students, the busy parent, or work-from-home employee.
  • Gives you more control over your cybersecurity by allowing you to see the history of past scans and allow you to make exclusions.
  • The software doesn't flag information as malicious when it may belong to you, but it does bring it to your attention so that you can investigate to determine if it is you or an intruder.
  • Provides an easy access point that includes spyware, PC cleanup tools, and other internet protection tools.

Check out System Mechanic Ultimate Defense today to reap the benefits of secure online shopping, safe web browsing, and staying protected from vicious online threats.

5. Spyshelter.

Best Spyware Removal Software for Preventing Keylogging.

Spyshelter Best Spyware Removal Software for Preventing Keylogging.

Spyshelter provides you with a powerful defense against the sneaky attacks of keyloggers (malicious software created by hackers to track the keys being struck on a keyboard).

With its headquarters in Poland, this software was created by Datapol – a company that specializes in anti-keylogging, though they are also amazingly effective in every other aspect of internet security.

Apart from keylogging, it detects all types of possible malicious behavior such as writing on the hard drive, webcam access, screen capturing, and much more.

Any software that has been installed by a hacker to collect data on your computer will be detected.

The user interface is easy for both amateurs and professionals by allowing the software's different sections to be turned on and off with one click of a button. This is time-saving as well!

Unlike many security programs, Spyshelter runs quickly, smoothly, and efficiently. This is a huge timer saver.

In addition to these features, you can also utilize the VirusTotal link (already built into the system) to scan any files that look strange to you.


Pricing of Spyshelter

Spyshelter starts at an extremely affordable price of $25 per year for each user.


  • A vast array of powerful tools for PC protection at a very low cost.
  • Makes you the boss of your PC by allowing you to set the rules for each application.
  • Encrypts keystrokes on all applications.
  • Prevents your webcam and microphone from getting hijacked.
  • Protects your valuable information such as text messages, credit card info, and other personal data.

Take advantage of this highly effective software by using the free version (firewall and software protection) or take advantage of the 14-day free trial to see if it’s a good fit for you.

6. Emsisoft Anti-Malware

Best Internet Security Software for Simplifying Your Malware Protection.

Emisoft Best Internet Security Software for Simplifying Your Malware Protection.

With a user-friendly interface, complex security questions, and top-notch malware detection, it's no doubt that Emsisoft Anti-Malware is a worthy product in the world of anti-spyware.

No threats will ever breach your valuable PC with this system. Regardless of the PC that you own, whether it is a cheap old laptop or the latest MacBook, Emsisoft was created to handle any threat on any computer.

The software's remote management feature allows you to view analytics, manage quarantine files, adjust settings, and perform scans.

This brand stands out from the competition with two unique security features – a behavior blocker that sifts through odd looking files and an Emergency Kit that can potentially save a compromised device.

While many of even the greatest anti-spyware focus solely on viruses, this software takes it a step further by hunting down PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs), banking trojans, ransomware, and bots.


Pricing of Emsisoft

Anti-Malware Home plan – $29.99/year.

Business Security Plan – $ 59.97/year.

Enterprise Security – $89.97/year.


  • Two powerful antivirus engines – one that is a proprietary scanner that uses accurate algorithms to flag PUPs and other potentially dangerous files. The other is Bitfender's anti-malware engine.
  • Quickly analyzes over 60,000 objects in roughly 2 minutes.
  • Malware scanner that quickly scans PC parts that may contain malware in the form of downloads, registries, or files.
  • Using the custom scan, choose which folders you would like to scan. Choose between three different levels of scanning: thorough, paranoid, and default.
  • Automates the anti-spyware and anti-malware process by periodically scanning every week, though you can change the setting on this for however often you want your device scanned.

Emsisoft is a powerful up-to-date antivirus machine. Get started today and reap the rewards of owning a top-notch malware scanner. The program comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can get started today risk-free.

7. Panda Cloud Antivirus

Best Lightweight Internet Security Software for Saving PC Space.

Panda Cloud Antivirus Best Lightweight Internet Security Software for Saving PC Space.

In a test conducted in 2018 by AV-Test, Panda Antivirus detected 100% of all malware that it came into contact with. While many anti-malware software programs can accomplish the same feat, this proves that Panda Antivirus has a proven method of detecting dangerous online threats.

In a more recent test in 2020, Panda received 9th place when competing against 11 other anti-virus software. Afterward, the software won the Advanced+ award from AV-Comparatives and received praise for its amazing performance.

Utilize the Panda Smart Shopping feature for safe shopping online and Safe Web for secure browsing. Don't worry, you have the option to turn both of these features on or off.

A low-maintenance and lightweight software, installed files only use around 125 MB and the RAM storage varies from 20 to 50 MB. This is much less than most antivirus programs.

Taking up less space and maximizing PC security is a huge bonus for any consumer and a competitive advantage that Panda Antivirus has over its competitors.

Utilize the ID theft protection tool for deciding the maximum amount of online transfers that you have and receive alerts every time a transfer or withdrawal goes over your limit.


Pricing of Panda Cloud Antivirus

Panda Dome Essential – $44.24/Year or $4.99/Month.

Panda Dome Advanced – $53.24 or $5.99/Month.

Panda Dome Complete – $80.24/Year or $8.99/Month.


  • Notifies your IT team of any malicious behavior so that the problem can be dealt with in advance before any damage has taken place.
  • Easy management for administrators and allows you to look at support tickets that have been entered into the system by your employees.
  • 24/7 Security system that is constantly keeping your system safe from potential threats.
  • Excellent for Android and Desktop users.
  • Ideal for small, medium, or large businesses and enterprises.

Keep your businesses’ devices secure 24/7 so that you can sleep in peace knowing that your personal and professional data isn’t being compromised. Save 25% by signing up for the yearly plan or choose the monthly plan and use all their products free for the first 30 days.

8. Spybot

Best Spyware Removal Software for Protecting Your Privacy.

Spybot Best Spyware Removal Software for Protecting Your Privacy.

Launched two decades ago in the year 2000, Spybot is one of the most popular online spyware tools that protects against both spyware and many other online threats.

It makes your devices intruder-proof by pulling out any potentially dangerous files and destroying them on the spot.

A tool of simplicity, have both anti-malware and antivirus programs all in one single internet threat battle station. This is perfect for individuals that don’t want to go through all the hassle of having to buy different programs for their internet security.

Spybot Search and Destroy takes a deep scan of all your files and folders to always ensure a safely functioning system.

A slick PC cleaning process cleans up your usage tracks – the processes responsible for recording data such as opened documents, applications you've opened up, or websites you've browsed on.

A user-friendly interface makes the program easy to use for any individual with a Windows system and competes well with the top of the top in the industry.

Various types of browsers are scanned including Chrome, Opera, Explorer & Firefox.

A sophisticated scanning process detects rootkit infections and then begins the process of destroying it.

Please keep in mind that Spybot is only compatible with Windows, so you may want to use a different Spyware program if you use a different device.


Pricing of Spybot

Spybot Search & Destroy offers 6 programs to choose from:

Home Plan – $15.99/Year.

Professional Plan – $27.99/Year.

Free Plan – Pay by donation.

Corporate Plan – $39.00

Technicians Plan – $65.99


  • Easy download and installation process. Let the system install by itself or choose to do it on your own.
  • User-friendly interface with an attractive design.
  • Buttons are positioned in convenient areas on the home screen.

Spybot Search & Destroy provides its users with premium malware detection features. Give Spybot a test drive today by taking advantage of the free version.

9. eScan Total Security

Best Antivirus Protection Software for Businesses and Home Soho Users.

eScan Total Security Best Antivirus Protection Software for Businesses and Home Soho Users.

While eScan doesn't stop you from visiting potentially dangerous websites, it does recognize when a virus is attempting to download and begin attacking your system.

This user-friendly program is laid out in an easy-to-navigate interface that displays buttons as red when you turn them on.

The program doesn't feature as many security tools as many other programs but does include a personal firewall for protection against cybercriminals.

The spam filters allow you to avoid messages from a certain sender or from a specific country that you've determined to be high risk.

You can even set the program so that your spammers receive a warning message that lets them know that you are well aware of their tricks.

Alternatively, you can set your eScan to instantly delete messages from spammers before it hits your email.

eScan scans through your USB drive to double-check that an infected file hasn't been transferred into your PC.


Pricing of eScan Universal Security Suite (Multi device License)

eScan offers the following programs for different uses and devices:

eScan Universal Security Suite (Multi-device License) – $61.95/Year.

eScan Total Security Suite – $55.95/Year.

eScan Internet Security Suite – $45.95/Year.

eScan Anti-Virus – $29.95/Year.

eScan Anti-Virus Security for Mac – $ 29.95/Year.

eScan Anti-Virus for Linux Desktops – $20.00/Year.

eScan Mobile Security for Android – $19.95/Year.

eScan Tablet Security for Android – $19.95/Year.

eScan Mobile Security for iPhones & iPads – Free


  • Amazing 24/7 Customer service by phone.
  • A firewall to block potential cybercriminals.
  • Allows you to block messages from spammers and warns them that you know what they are.
  • Scans through any files that you select and determines if it is safe to open or not.
  • Superb for individuals that download a lot of information onto their PC.

Choose from several of the different plans above to conform to whatever your PC protection needs are, whether you simply want to keep your mobile device protected or if you have a small business and need to safeguard your information.

10. Adaware Antivirus

Best Adware and Spyware Removal Tool for Email Protection and Stopping Spam.

Adaware Antivirus Best Adware and Spyware Removal Tool for Email Protection and Stopping Spam.

Originally known as Lavasoft, Adaware began in 1999 and now has more than 20 years of internet protection experience under its belt. With affordable prices, the program features both a free and paid program (comes in two separate plans).

With a system that stays consistently updated on the latest internet threats, its optimized system automatically handles any potential threat by removing, blocking, and scanning the object.

This is accomplished before the threat can harm your computer, so that you don't have to wait for a threat to endanger your valuable information.

The friendly user interface is incredibly convenient for both novice and advanced PC users. This allows you to quickly pull up the program and scan your device in a matter of seconds.

This versatile and award-winning software detects and defeats many types of cyber threats, such as spyware or ransomware. Each new threat is categorized so that you know exactly what the program is dealing with.

This brand features Unlimited 24/7 Technical support so that you are never left confused about how to operate your system. Using a new internet security system can sometimes be intimidating so be rest assured you’ll never have to do it on your own.


Products and pricing of Adaware Antivirus

Adware Pro – $36/Year.

Adware Total – $54/Year.


  • Stops viruses, ransomware, spyware, and various other types of malware.
  • Scans every single download to prevent dangerous malware.
  • Unlimited around-the-clock technical support.
  • Secures online shopping and banking by preventing cybercriminals from viewing or accessing your personal information.
  • It gives you a powerful firewall to protect your network and PC.

Download the free version today to scan your files and block attacks. If you’re satisfied, you can upgrade your plan to the Pro or Total version.

11. SuperAntiSpyware

Best Spyware Software Download for Removing Spyware, Malware, and Ransomware.

SuperAntiSpyware Best Spyware Software Download for Removing Spyware, Malware, and Ransomware.

Using the advanced settings, you can use the system with various kinds of system tools to help with your unique situation.

Choose from several different scan modes including selective, critical, full & fast. You’re in the driver’s seat of your PC and can scan in whatever way is most helpful for you.

Compatible with all versions of Windows (beginning with XP), the system has various scanning modes and many helpful system tools.

Easily get rid of any unwanted programs with quick uninstallation. This includes those files that are often stubborn and hard to get rid of.

The program fixes any registry corruption that came from malware. This means any affected file will be caught and put away where it can’t hurt your PC.

The system's main plans are the free edition and the ProX edition. The free edition alone will protect your PC against over 1 billion threats 24/7, quickly block any threat, allow you to schedule scanning, and automatically update the database.

The recent System investigator provides the user with valuable information about different aspects of the program.


Pricing of SuperAntiSpyware

Professional X Edition – $39.99/Year (for 1 PC).


  • Detects and removes spyware and other dangerous online threats.
  • Several different scanning modes including critical, fast, selective, and full. This allows you to scan based on the threat level that you're dealing with.
  • Gets rid of files that are stubborn and hard to delete.
  • Allows you to schedule your ideal scanning times to match up with your schedule.
  • Quarantine system that captures and sends any infected files “into jail”.
  • Simple to use and easy for any person's PC skill level.
  • Start the ProX free trial today and reap the rewards of a clean PC system. The free edition alone protects against more than 1 billion online threats.

12. TotalAV

Best Full Security Suite for Spyware and Adware Cleaning.

TotalAV Best Full Security Suite for Spyware and Adware Cleaning.

While not nearly as old as its well-versed antivirus competitors, TotalAV has already gained quick recognition in the industry. Why trust a fledgling program when many older programs have decades worth of proof and testing?

TotalAV is backed by Avira, one of the greatest antivirus providers as of the year 2020. The provider itself has a history of award-winning performance for all devices.

The antivirus scanner used by the product was created by Windscribe, one of the top VPNs that exist in the industry and is designed to block ads and trackers.

Yes, it may not be able to brag about many years’ worth of testing, but the system is proven to be trustworthy and very powerful because of being powered by some of the greatest technology in the market today.

The virus scan encompasses two different malware scans: the Quick Scan and System Scan. The results that pop up will allow you to immediately remove any threats.

After activating the system scan, you'll then be able to choose from various options to determine what to do with the file. You're in charge, so get to decide which file is a threat or harmless to your system.


Pricing of TotalAV

TotalAv features 3 plans to choose from:

Antivirus Pro 2020 – $29/Year.

Internet Security 2020 – $39/Year.

Total Security – $59/Year.


  • Tunes up your system by scanning for junk files, PUPs, duplicates, and creating extra space for your disc.
  • Manages your password by remembering and automatically filling in as many passwords as you want.
  • Detects and blocks phishing sites through a secure search engine.
  • Keeps your web browsing private using Windscribe.
  • Free version that lets you try out the basic scanner.

Secure your device with the TotalAv state of the art technology today and get $70 off the Antivirus Pro Plan, $80 off the Internet Security Plan, or $59 off the Total Security Plan.

13. Malwarebytes

Best Internet Security Systems for People That Want to Shop Safely Online.

Malwarebytes Best Internet Security Systems for People That Want to Shop Safely Online.

When Malwarebytes was first created, it was simply a tool used for scanning and cleaning.

Back in the day, it had to be combined with another antivirus program to offer total protection. This aspect still holds for the free version of the program, but the premium version offers so much more.

Malwarebytes Premium is truly a complete, fully optimized, and advanced antivirus system on its own and offers real-time protection against menacing malware.

The strong range of powerful features has four types of internet protection from exploit, web, ransomware, and malware. Each of these internet protectors work all together at once to create one powerful internet protection program.

To complement the incredible protection against the threats mentioned above, Malwarebytes discovers and stops any unknown malware or virus dead in the water.

With a vision to create a world without online threats, Malwarebytes ensures that you can safely shop, use social media, and browse online.

With an edge over its competitors, Malwarebytes stays in tune with the greatest technology in the world. It outcompetes traditional antivirus technology that is becoming more and more obsolete.


Pricing of Malwarebytes

Premium Plan (1 device) – $3.33/Month billed annually.

Premium Plan (5 devices) – $6.67/Month billed annually.

Premium + Privacy (5 devices) – $8.33/Month billed annually.


  • Highly effective at annihilating even the most advanced threats.
  • Excellent anti-exploit and ransomware protection.
  • Easy to install and user-friendly
  • A quick and complete scanning process.
  • A powerful tool for removing aggressive malware.

The vision of Malwarebytes is to create a world without cyberthreats. This pursuit shows in the vigorous work that they put in to create some of the greatest anti-malware technology on the market.

Get started today and utilize one of their extremely affordable plans for advanced PC protection.

14. Kaspersky

Best Cybersecurity Software Products for Secure Online Banking.

Kaspersky Best Cybersecurity Software Products for Secure Online Banking.

Kaspersky features world-class antivirus programs with a customer base of millions of satisfied customers.

Kaspersky’s artificial intelligence and behavioral analysis isolates potentially dangerous files, blocks malware, and stops viruses.

You can utilize the phishing filter to screen your emails so that you don't get fooled by scammers. This prevents you from accidentally giving phishers your valuable banking information or other important data.

The advanced System Watcher stops hackers from taking control of your device and asking for money so that you can regain access. Any damage to your PC caused by hackers will be restored.

The Network Attack Blocker feature will constantly scan your network for any illegal activity and prevent cybercriminals from taking over your PC.

With a bank-grade encrypted browser, anytime that you go to a link to checkout, your payment information will be protected and allow you to shop online safely and securely.


Pricing of Kaspersky

Kaspersky offers three main PC protection plans to choose from:

Anti-Virus – $29.99/Year.

Internet Security – $39.99/Year.

Total Security – $44.99/Year.

Their secondary products include:

Security Cloud Personal – $53.99/Year.

VPN Secure Connection – $29.99/Year.

Password Manager – $14.99/Year.

Safe Kids – $14.99/Year.


  • Cloud Protection that protects your device from dangerous applications and websites by sending your data to their company.
  • The company constantly examines new data from its users. This creates a massive database for problem-solving in the world of internet security.
  • Password manager that generates powerful passwords that are saved in an encrypted storage area. This also allows you to instantly log into your accounts while browsing.
  • Stops cybercriminals from stealing your valuable banking credentials and other personal information.
  • A secure VPN connects you to other geographic regions around the world when the content that you're viewing is restricted to your area or country.

Get started today with one of the plans listed above and take the worry out of online shopping and browsing with one of the top internet security programs on the market.

15. Zemana AntiMalware

Best Lightweight Anti-Malware Software for People That Want to Save PC Space.

Zemana AntiMalware Best Lightweight Anti Malware Software for People That Want to Save PC Space.

A recent product in the world of internet security, Zemana has proven itself to be a valuable anti-malware and anti-spyware tool.

The program scans your PC, uploads your file's fingerprint, and then stores it on their cloud server. This prevents any harmful files that are secretly being sent to your system by cybercriminals.

The cloud storage feature makes the program fast and efficient and scans through your system in a matter of seconds. You can choose between a Smart Scan or Deep Scan so that you can be selective with the scanning process.

Do you already have a PC infection? No worries. Zemana AntiMalware bypasses even the most advanced threats out there and was designed to battle whatever threat your PC may be facing. If the tool detects a malware, it will find, delete or quarantine the threat.

Both severe and minor threats on your computer will be discovered and quickly removed from the system, leaving you with a clean, efficient device.


Pricing of Zemana AntiMalware

Unlike most anti-malware and anti-spyware programs, Zemana offers a subscription that includes their anti-logger, mobile antivirus, and anti-malware programs. The subscription's payment plans include the following:

$49.95 for 3 years. This plan saves you $8.30 each year.

$24.95 for 1 year.

$37.95 for 2 years.


  • It’s a lightweight system that rapidly scans for malware infections.
  • It cleans your system even if you already have a dangerous infection.
  • The secure SSL leaves cybercriminals powerless by preventing them from gaining access to any of your credentials.
  • The advanced algorithm detects and destroys strange malware variations.
  • The system scans every website that you visit and stops you from entering into any dangerous website.

Get started with Zemana today if you’re looking for a secure anti-spyware and anti-malware program that is lightweight, fast, and doesn’t take up much space on your device.

16. SpywareBlaster

Best Spyware Software for Restoring Your System.

SpywareBlaster Best Spyware Software for Restoring Your System.

SpywareBlaster is a popular and versatile program that offers real-time protection for your Windows PC against malware and many other potentially dangerous online threats.

The software focuses solely on preventing and protecting your PC from cybercriminals.

There are two options to choose from when you download the program: the full version and the free version.

The paid version of the program allows you to constantly be updated at regular periods throughout the day on new spyware and dangerous websites that are entering the internet arena.

With the program’s unique System Snapshot tool, you can “capture” the current state of your computer and revert your computer to its original state. This will undo any changes made to your computer by cybercriminals.

Installation is easy and user-friendly, allowing you to quickly install the program without being constantly bombarded with several different screens (as is common with many programs).


Pricing of SpywareBlaster

SpywareBlaster offers one paid program to choose from (apart from the free version):

SpywareBlaster Paid Version – $14.95/Year.


  • Easy, uncomplicated installation without constant screens popping up while trying to navigate the process. Excellent for PC owners looking for a program that focuses specifically on protection and prevention.
  • Allows you to create an exception list of sites that you know are harmless for your computer that may be categorized as harmful by the system.
  • You can preserve the current state of your PC so that if any changes are made to your computer by hackers, you can quickly undo all the changes and revert your system to its original state.
  • Easily adjust browser settings to block Flash content and potentially dangerous downloads (This feature is optional).

Get started with SpywareBlaster today to preserve the current state of your computer, prevent hackers from downloading on your PC, and keep your information safeguarded.

17. McAfee.

Best Internet Security Software for Identity Theft Protection.

McAfee Best Internet Security Software for Identity Theft Protection.

While most computers come with some sort of free antivirus program, we all know that it usually isn't sufficient for complete protection.

McAfee offers protection for every aspect of a PC: Securing your wifi, a secure VPN, safe internet browsing, encrypted storage, and optimized performance.

With McAfee, you can secure not only your laptop or desktop computer but also your phone or tablet. You can do this all in one single subscription without slowing your devices down.

This popular software has received various awards including the best antivirus protection for 2020 on CNET.

Take advantage of Mcafee’s easy quick scan for detecting any kind of threat on your PC.

McAfee's advanced level of protection goes head and heels above other antivirus protection programs and has a track record of awards and successful tests that are hard to beat.

Multiple layers of identity protection keep all of your accounts secured and alerts you when any of your data leaks online.

Need a stronger password? Let McAfee do it for you and generate a complicated password that even the top-notch hackers will have trouble getting into.


Pricing of McAfee

McAfee’s flagship product, McAfee Total Protection, offers the 4 following subscriptions:

Single Device – $29.99/Year.

Individual/Couples – $34.99/Year.

Family – $39.99/Year.

2 year Family Subscription – $29.99/Year.


  • Affordable, flexible subscriptions that match the needs of many different types of individuals.
  • Supports the most popular PC operating systems.
  • The company guarantees malware removal with the Virus Protection Pledge. If your malware isn't removed, you get your money back.
  • The Mcafee Shredder destroys every last trace of files that you've erased. That way there are no breadcrumbs left for hackers to follow.
  • Great for securing desktops, laptops, phones, or tablets.

Get started today with a McAfee plan for guaranteed removal of any malware on your computer or get your money back with the Virus Protection Pledge.

18. Spyware Terminator.

Best Spyware Software Downloads for Spyware Removal & Protection.

Spyware Terminator Best Spyware Software Downloads for Spyware Removal & Protection.

Malware, adware, PUPs, and viruses are very common and can infect your computer without you knowing and then steal your valuable information.

Spyware, on the other hand, is a different type of online threat as they can secretly collect information about you without you having a clue. Staying protected from spyware is just as important as any other type of online threat.

Many antiviral software focuses on viruses, which is great, but this can mean the system will possibly not remove spyware from your device. This is where Spyware Terminator is an advantage as spyware is the program’s specialty.

Gamers experience hacking, online threats, and have their security threatened just like other PC users. Spyware Terminator is an excellent tool for gamers that want to play safely online and stop their hard-earned accounts from being jeopardized.

Spyware Terminator takes care of this vital piece of internet security by scanning your computer, detecting, and then allowing you to remove any hidden spyware.

This valuable software features paid and free versions. The free version comes with every important tool that you need to get rid of spyware on your PC. The paid version takes it a step further and includes an anti-virus scanner and other powerful security tools.


Pricing of Spyware Terminator

Spyware Terminator features one paid plan:

Spyware Terminator: Ultimate PC Protection (1 Year License) – $39.95.


  • Default system settings that restores your system settings to default.
  • The System Restore feature allows you to get rid of any changes that have been made to your computer in an instant.
  • Analyze any file on your computer to get the data that you need.
  • Easily remove any file from your computer, including those files that you see that you can't seem to get rid of even after hitting delete.

Download the free version of Spyware Terminator today to catch sneaky spyware and undo any damage that they have done.

19. AVG Antivirus.

Best Spyware Software Download for a Faster and Cleaner PC.

AVG Antivirus Best Spyware Software Download for a Faster and Cleaner PC.

AVG Antivirus is the perfect program for anyone that doesn't want to spend much time having to learn new technology just to be able to get started with securing their device.

There are both paid and free versions of the software. Users that utilize the free edition will reap the benefits of advanced protection that they can customize according to their taste.

While the free version alone provides a ton of security for your device, the primary paid program, AVG Internet Security, provides extensive security for up to 10 devices.


Pricing of AVG Antivirus

AVG offers 2 primary paid plans to choose from:

AVG Internet Security (Use free your first 30 days) – $3.99/Month

AVG Ultimate – $6.49/Month.


  • The interface is user-friendly and has a sleek design.
  • The free version alone offers incredible protection.
  • Constant updates and PC scans that stay up-to-date with the newest threats lurking around.

Take action today and reap the benefits of the AVG Antivirus free version or try out AVG Internet Security free for your first 30 days. Each paid plan features a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

20. Trend Micro Internet Security.

Trend Micro Internet Security Best Cloud Based Security Software for Parents or Legal Guardians.

Trend Micro Antivirus uses advanced technology to protect your PC by providing you with artificial intelligence that investigates a computer's behavioral pattern.

The system then takes this data, forms a knowledge base, and is then able to detect any unusual behavior on your PC.

The program provides features that protect your privacy – a benefit that many internet security software cannot vouch for.

With the identity theft feature, you can enter any personal information into the system and Trend Micro will cut off a person's connection anytime they attempt to copy or email your information.


Pricing of Trend Micro Internet Security

Trend Micro Internet Security offers 3 primary programs to choose from:

  • Premium Security Suite: – $69.95/Year.
  • Maximum Security – $39.95/Year
  • Internet Security – $39.95/Year.


  • The system monitors the most popular social media websites and ensures that your privacy settings are set properly. This is a great feature for parents.
  • You'll receive a warning anytime you click on a potentially dangerous site through social media.
  • The Pay Guard feature keeps your banking credentials secur so that you can shop safely online.
  • The program is great for preventing your most vital information from being stolen by cybercriminals.

Get started with Trend Micro Internet Security today to have all of your internet security needs met in one program.

21. Comodo Internet Security.

Best PC Security Systems for Gamers and Advanced Computer Users.

Comodo cyber security Best PC Security Systems for Gamers and Advanced Computer Users.

Comodo Antivirus offers a multitude of advanced features that technology-loving individuals will love.

The software is also great for people with older computers or obsolete operating systems.

The program features a gaming mode that allows gamers to play safely online and be able to easily handle any situation where their game might be infected.

During the program's AV-Test of 2018, it achieved a rate of 100% protection against harmful attacks – an impressive percentage that many software programs haven't obtained.

A real-time scanning process utilizes cloud-based systems to identify malicious files on your PC. Afterward, these dangerous files are instantly removed from the device.

Comodo's customer support has an edge over its competition with a live chat that is always quick to help and friendly, as well as telephone and email support. You can also take advantage of Comodo's active users' forum to get answers or to help other users.


Pricing of antivirus software from Comod cyber security

Comodo's most popular program: Complete Antivirus – $29.99/ Year.


  • Utilizes cloud-based systems to quickly identify dangerous files from your computer and then removes them instantly.
  • Various easy scans including Quick Scan, Full Scan, Rating Scan, & Custom Scan.
  • Prevents and destroys viruses that pop up when gaming.
  • A helpful overall system that helps users with the difficult task of fixing their computer issues.

Get started today with Comodo to experience safe gaming, secure your personal data, and simplify internet security by scanning with the click of one button.

What is Anti-Spyware Software?

what is anti-spyware removal software

Not All Spyware For Computers Are The Same

While the anti-spyware software listed above are all amazing tried-and-tested programs, not all of them work the same way.

Some of them focus on detecting any possible spyware on your computer, while other products focus on actually removing the program from your system once and for all.

Which type of spyware to purchase is up to the individual.

Some people may want to detect the spyware with a detection software and then remove the spyware with a security suite, while others may want a simpler approach by detecting and removing the dangerous program all in one product.

Generally, most anti-spyware programs scan, detect and give you information about the incoming spyware so that you’re well aware of who and what is intruding your privacy.

Likewise, any decent anti-spyware software will stay constantly updated on the most recent threats of the PC world. Any program that doesn’t stay updated is bad and should be avoided.

Spyware Scans New Data Entering Your System

When a new website, email, or download enters into your system, the anti-spyware scans through incoming data to detect any suspicious-looking information.

Different spyware companies have different definitions for what qualifies as spyware. This is why many spyware programs are ineffective for securing your PC.

While high-quality programs such as those listed above may detect various legitimate spyware, the same spyware may go right under the nose of the latest emerging threats.

This is why it's crucial to do your research and only buy a product that has a proven track record of effective defeating dangerous spyware.

How Does Anti-Spyware Software Work?

Spyware is the name for any type of file that enters your system to view any kind of your personal information without your permission. This is where anti-spyware comes in to detect and destroy (if your program does eliminate spyware) these intrusive data monsters.

Common Methods Used to Detect Spyware

Various strategies are used to detect spyware on your PC and this will depend on the product that you purchase. All of the following techniques are effective for any PC, but the effectiveness of each feature will depend on how updated the spyware's database is.

Hard Disc Scanning

One strategy used for detecting spyware in your system is through running a hard disc on your PC. Utilizing a database that is filled with a collection of known spyware threats will search your computer for anything that looks familiar.

Spyware, like any computer program, will always leave some kind of fingerprint in your system, which can then be identified by your spyware program.

Obviously, the greater the size of the database, the greater chance that your spyware program will be able to detect any malicious intrusion of your system. An outdated anti-spyware will detect outdated threats and updated software will detect the latest threats.

This is the advantage of using a subscription-based anti-spyware plan as they are often updated far more regularly than a physical or downloaded program.

Monitoring Websites That You Visit

Another popular strategy used by anti-spyware software is to track the websites that you visit.

By monitoring all the websites that you visit, the links will then be run through the program and will filter through and compare any websites that match up with known spyware in their database.

Registry Scanning

Another common strategy is for the program to search for any modifications that spyware has made to your system, such as Windows configuration files.

Memory Scanning

This anti-spyware method scans through your memory and checks your software to investigate any possible trace of spyware activity.

Many cybercriminals can bypass your file-based scan machine on your PC and unpack data without you realizing it. This is where a memory scan comes in handy.

How Do Anti-Spyware Software Protect Users?

A PC without anti-spyware software is the electronic equivalent of leaving your door wide open while you're not at home.

Cybercriminals can easily get into an unprotected system while you are enjoying your day and you may be oblivious to that fact that your activity is being monitored. These risks have only gone up in the past decade.

Software security risks at all time high

Prevent Identity Theft

Spyware can track any website that you visit, and this means any website where you are entering a password or payment information. This data can then be sent to third parties.

Online banking is extremely common in the 21st century and any person that takes advantage of the convenience of online banking needs to be aware of the risks that come with it – all of which are preventable with the right security tools.

Stop Stalkers from Taking Your Information

It's a disturbing fact that stalkers or any other type of cybercriminal can monitor and record your phone calls, messages, video chats, emails, and even your device's location. Statistics show that 15% of spyware cybercriminals send private information about the end user that is logged into their system

These stalkers could be anybody: an ex, abusive sneaky spouse, a business attempting to illegally compete with you, or any person that has found you online and for whatever reason wants to track you.

Your valuable information can be used in ways that can be harmful to you. In the worst cases, stalkers have been able to track their victims by installing data onto their phones.

Prevents Cyber Criminals From Taking Control of Your Device

A clever cybercriminal can have the ability to install dangerous programs on your device. This can mean taking full control of your device and rendering your power useless for having immediate control.

Whether you are the sole individual that owns your device or if it is used by your company, both types of individual have the same risks.

Your PC can even be turned into an isolated server without you having a clue. This means that as far as the internet can determine, any illegal activity could be on your device, even if you have no idea.

Minor spyware issues include making your device's performance slow and poor, but more serious consequences can occur. If law enforcement authorities discover that illegal activity is coming from your device, you may need to prove your innocence.

Luckily, with an effective anti-spyware program, you'll never have these risks and can prevent such a scenario.

Stops Keyloggers From Tracking Your Keyboard Activity

The term keylogger is defined as a software program that was designed to track a person's exact keystrokes and log them into their system.

This is the most common type of “keylogger”, but a keylogger can also be a device. This is uncommon, but this type of device does exist.

Be aware that legal keylogging software does exist. For example, a company may want to log their employees’ keystrokes to make sure they are staying on top of their performance and not doing any illegal or unnecessary activity. With that said, keylogging software can be abused.

Keylogging software can easily be legally purchased by anyone, but while the software can benefit many types of people, it also opens the door for cybercriminals to legally purchase programs that they can abuse.

Why do you need an anti-spyware program to steer clear of keylogging cybercriminals?

Virtually any information on your computer can be tracked and logged. This includes PINs, credit card information, banking information, and virtually any private information that you're putting into your computer.

On a more serious level, keyloggers can be used to access business, political, and even governmental information. Keylogging prevention is a must for any organization that takes its security seriously.

Do Anti-Spyware Programs Work For Mobile Phones?

Absolutely. Many of the programs mentioned in the list above have plans solely focused on mobile devices or include mobile phones in their plan.

Here are the signs that your phone needs an anti-spyware program:

  • Apps pop up on your phone that you didn't download.
  • When you pull up apps, they crash for seemingly no reason.
  • You've noticed that your data has strangely decreased at a faster than usual rate.
  • Your phone reboots itself when you haven't even touched it.
  • If you're talking on the phone and you hear an unknown voice or sound in the background.
  • Strange looking text messages that include strange characters.
  • Your phone's performance has slowed down significantly.

Luckily, removing spyware from your phone is a snap and there is a vast selection of anti-spyware apps and programs to choose from.

Having a powerful, updated anti-spyware program on your phone is crucial for protecting your privacy, identity, and personal information. Phone calls and text make up a large part of a person’s confidential life.

While performing a factory data reset on your phone can get rid of spyware, having software to detect and remove spyware makes everything easier.

While a factory data reset may remove the spyware in the short-term, you may run into the issue again in the future if you don't have a program that prevents cybercriminals from accessing your device from the start.

What Features Should You Look For in Anti-Spyware Software Tools?

1. Regular Updates

Constant, non-stop updates are a must for any anti-spyware program. There are many bad programs out there that may have an attractive design, but aren't updated on the latest threats emerging.

The spyware programs that an obsolete program looks for may not even exist anymore while it remains oblivious to the latest online threats.

There are always new cybercriminals popping up every day and each one of them is trying to find a way to bypass personal devices and hack their way through.

Many of these bad guys are amateurs and don’t know what they’re doing, but there are many expert hackers out there that understand the science and technology needed to crack the code of an outdated anti-spyware program.

An up-to-date and high-quality anti-spyware program is a cybercriminal’s worst nightmare.

Even though many cybercriminals work day and night to find ways to get into a PC, the same applies to the many highly advanced companies where their workers also work day and night to keep your computers safe from harm.

When shopping for an anti-spyware program, always make sure to research the company or product beforehand.

Always check that the company is committed to providing advanced technology that is well aware of new threats that are always popping up and then updating their software accordingly.

2. Lightweight and Space-Saving

While many more advanced PC users and companies may have ample capacity on their device to handle a program that takes up a lot of space, this doesn’t apply to the average person.

Many anti-spyware programs, such as several mentioned in the above list, use up very little space and functions in the background of your computer’s hard drive.

Choosing an app or add-on anti-spyware program is usually your best bet for completely securing your device while also freeing up a ton of space that many programs would take up.

3. Scanning and Removal Abilities

If you've already got an infection on your computer or show signs of spyware, a powerful scanner that identifies and removes the threat is a must.

The best programs will offer quick, manual, and custom scans. You should have the right to decide on a scanning range. Having the ability to scan one file individually or the whole system gives you a lot of flexibility and saves you time.

A good scanner will go deeper than what's on the surface and delve deep beneath your operating system to hunt down and remove spyware or any other threat on your PC.

4. Excellent Customer Support

Purchasing an anti-spyware program with poor customer service can turn into a time bomb for a person's PC that is having severe spyware issues.

If a cybercriminal begins to take full control of the device and your program is not working correctly, you may only have a matter of minutes to take control of the situation.

When purchasing anti-spyware software, always research the company before buying to ensure that you will receive only the best of customer service.

Many high-quality programs offer 24/7 support and various ways for you to contact them. If you find a program that doesn't offer unlimited, around-the-clock customer support then obviously the company doesn't take online threats seriously.

5. Automated Tools and Scanning

Spyware and cybercriminals always see your free time as an advantage. It gives them a greater opportunity to be able to hack your system and install malicious spyware when you are least aware of it.

Very few people, even desk workers, have the time to perform constant spyware scans throughout the day.

Finding automated anti-spyware software will always be optimal. With the ability to set up periodic scanning periods throughout the day when you are sleeping or playing with your kids, you can always have peace of mind knowing that your software has your PC in safe hands.

6. Email Protection

Virtually every type of online threat is possible through opening up a harmful email and accidentally downloading a dangerous download that can be loaded with spyware and other online threats.

The ability to scan your emails and detect harmful attachments and messages can prevent a lot of threats to your PC and help you to save time by not going through bad emails.

7. System Restore

This feature allows you to take a “snapshot” of your computer in its current state and allow you to return your computer to a point where no changes were made.

Rolling back changes like this can undo any changes that have been made to your computer by spyware.

System Restore alone will usually not get rid of infestations but is always a good bonus for any PC.

Even if your System Restore doesn't remove spyware or other threats by itself, it will oftentimes freeze up the bad programming before it can get any worse. This will give you extra time to detect and remove the threat with your anti-spyware.

8. A User-Friendly Interface

With the average computer user not being tech-savvy, most people don't want a program that is complicated and difficult to use. Most people don't have the time to stop and learn how to navigate a complex program.

If a user purchases an anti-spyware program and can't figure out how to use it, it can be a bad situation whenever the computer desperately needs to get rid of a dangerous program.

Unless you're a tech wizard, make sure that the product you're interested in purchasing has a navigational interface that is easy-to-use.

9. Antivirus Software Integration

Programs that only offer spyware protection can be very effective but it has its limitations. Standalone programs that exclusively fight spyware can work well for your PC, but only if you have an antivirus program to go with it.

Spyware is only one of many online threats that can get into your PC, and defending your device against only one of these threats leaves the door wide open for so many dangerous programs to infect your system.

Ideally, choose a spyware program that can integrate with an antivirus program or is part of a product that entails far more than spyware alone.

Anti-Spyware Software FAQ

Do I need anti-spyware software?

Absolutely. In a 2018 statistic, 750 million malware threats attacked personal computers. Anti-spyware is an asset for any person with any kind of tablet, phone, or computer. If you have any type of device without protection, you will be preyed upon by cybercriminals.

Regardless of whether you are a student, desk worker, business owner, or parent – you deserve to have your information protected from sneaky and potentially dangerous cybercriminals. 

A standalone anti-spyware program however is not necessary if you already have a complete internet security plan that entails protection against spyware, along with various other types of internet threats.

If you’re a business owner that wants to create a website, you can sign up for a corporate anti-spyware plan to keep your entire company protected from malicious digital threats.

As an individual, you can keep you and your family safe by instantly getting access to one of the various effective programs listed above.

What are the effects of spyware?

How badly spyware affects your system will depend on the type of device and how effective your anti-virus or anti-spyware program is, but unprotected devices can have a multitude of negative effects.

Banking information, credit card numbers or PINS are can be easily viewed and stolen by spyware. Your phone calls and messages can be listened to and recorded.

In the worst-case scenarios, spyware created by cybercriminals can turn your device into a personal server so that any illegal activity that takes place shows up on your device, even if you are oblivious to it. 

This means authorities will not know the difference between you and the criminal and you’ll have to prove your innocence.

The consequences of having your personal information exposed to spyware can range from having a sneaky person that can’t mind their own business to dangerous criminals looking for people's contact information. 

None of these are worth taking a chance on, no matter how great or small the threat is.

How do I remove spyware and malware?

You can remove spyware or malware from your computer by choosing an effective anti-malware or anti-spyware program.

Make sure to research the company and product before you purchase it. Look at reviews and studies to validate that the product is what it claims to be.

If you have spyware or malware on your computer right now, you’re only a few clicks away from gaining access to an effective internet security package. In most cases, all you have to do is scan your system and then remove the program with whatever option the product provides.

Many of the greatest internet security programs come with a free trial or free plan, and although it will usually be very limited compared to more advanced packages, it will often be enough for getting rid of any dangerous programs on your computer right now.

What is the economic damage from spyware?

On a large scale, malicious cybercriminals cost the world trillions of dollars in damage.

Cybercrimes are becoming one of the most popular crimes in the United States alone and cybercriminals are constantly growing in number.

We live in a world with online shopping and this provides cybercriminals a big opportunity to illegally cash in on the internet’s abundance of credit card numbers, banking information, and other monetary credentials.

On an individual basis, an individual without cybersecurity could potentially lose a lot of money in their lifetime; possibly without them knowing.

Not having spyware means openly allowing anyone to breach your system and steal your valuable personal information to use however they want.

So much money, information, and privacy in the world could be protected if every individual and business in the world simply had some sort of internet security plan.

Should I use paid anti-spyware or free anti-spyware software?

Most free anti-spyware programs are limited to only a small number of benefits compared to the paid version but oftentimes it is sufficient to get rid of spyware or other dangerous programs.

How much you are willing to spend on an anti-spyware program is up to you, but you will typically get a lot of bang for your buck with a high-quality paid program that usually offers many more benefits than their downgraded free plans. 

With that said, many free programs will easily get the job done and banish any spyware from your computer.

If you’re starting or have an existing online business, think like a entrepreneur and be willing to invest in an asset that could save you money and protect your brand.

What is the Best Free Anti-Spyware Software?

The best plan for you will depend on your needs, device, and features that you're looking for. Here's a quick recap of the top 3 free programs that are mentioned above:

1. Panda Antivirus

With this free plan, you'll also receive an incredible bonus by getting a free diagnosis. Simply call them 24/7 and they'll help you resolve whatever PC problem you're facing.


  • Real-time virus detection that has a minimal effect on your device and keeps you constantly updated.
  • Easy installation so that you don't have to worry about complex settings and go straight to having a clean device.
  • The program is lightweight because all of their data comes from a cloud. This way, you'll never have to store away files and you'll stay up-to-date on any new threats.

2. AVG Antivirus Software

Unlike many of its competitors, AVG offers a truly free plan without tricking you into hidden expenses.


  • You don't even need to create an account; simply download and instantly protect your PC.
  • Supports major operating systems, such as Windows, Mac, and Android.
  • The free version alone protects multiple devices.

3. SuperAntiSpyware

Again, this plan was designed specifically for spyware. If you already have antivirus protection and want an extra tool to focus on stopping sneaky intruders, then this is the plan for you.


  • The plan is permanently free and won't ever ask for your money to keep using it.
  • You don't have to sign up and can instantly get started.
  • Great for Windows users. If you have a different operating system, you'll want to choose a different plan.
  • Even though it's marketed as a spyware product, the program also removes malware and various other types of online threats.

Remove Spyware and Malware with Anti-Spyware Tools

Cybercrimes are one of the fastest-growing criminal activities in the world today, costing the world trillions of dollars so far.

Protecting your device is one of the best decisions that you’ll ever make because it means protecting your finances, your personal life, and your credentials.

While unfortunately millions of people are hurt by cybercriminals, this doesn’t have to be you. Get started today with one of the best programs in the industry: Norton, Mcafee, or Comodo.

Or, at zero cost to you, you can get started with one of the free plans mentioned above and instantly have an effective anti-spyware software running for you 24/7 so that you can sleep in peace knowing that you’re digitally protected.

Anti-spyware is generally very inexpensive and is an investment that could save you a fortune.

If you already have a standalone anti-spyware app on your device, consider getting a full internet security package to protect you from spyware and malware. Doing this will protect you not only from spyware, but any online threat lurking in the PC world.

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