19 Best FAKE Email Generators (Get Free Temp Email Address)

Updated Feb 4, 2021.
Best FAKE Email Generators (Get Free Temp Email Address)

You are probably among the thousands of people out there looking for a reliable fake email generator, but you have a hard time finding one that suits you.

Maybe you are among those that detest receiving disturbing spam and subscription emails, and you are looking for ways of getting your sanity back.

Good news! We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the best fake email generators out there. You can use them when you want to sign up for online services that you are not sure of.

It is possible that you don't know a thing about fake email generators. In that case, this article will present you with a beginner-friendly approach with all that you should know about the different but reliable fake email generators.

Why Use Fake Email Generators?

Have you ever witnessed an unexpected surge in spam emails in your inbox after sharing your email address on certain sites like that?

Here is the untold story behind it. 

  • Different site owners collect the details of their visitors and have them sold to some other agencies that need them in exchange for cash. Except you took your time to check out their terms of service before clicking on the submit option, you are completely unaware of what would be the fate of your personal details you handed to them.
  • Many of the big cat companies share their user details with other third parties. This implies that the solution does not entail avoiding less popular online service providers.

One of the best ways of keeping your emails free of these annoying spam emails is to opt for a competent fake email generator, which you can use to sign up on these sites.

This way, you'll be reserving your main email for your professional and personal use.

If you want more protection of your inbox from the influx of spam messages, an email organizer such as Clean Email can do the job for you.

Its function is to seamlessly apply designated actionsto certain emails the very moment they intrude on your inbox, block unwanted email senders, and unsubscribe you from subscriptions that you are no longer interested in.

What are the Best Free Email Address Generators?

1. Temp Mail

Temp Mail is the Competent platform that can use to guard email against spam messages

Temp Mail is one of the competent platforms out there that you can use to guard your email against spam messages' intrusion. You can create disposable emails with this application and at the same time enjoy the feeling of protection it provides to you.

At a time like this, having a secure email is non-negotiable. Don't worry about junk emails and spam. Thanks to Temp Mail, your main email will remain clean and protected.

Also, using Temp Mail is very easy. First, download their application and install it. After installation, the application will create an impermanent email for you.

You can then have these emails published on websites. When you receive a message in your email, the app will alert you.

This fake email generator is safe for use by seekers of temporary email for their online verification activities, only that they have to tread with caution.

When you visit the site, you'll be assigned a temporary email address. You can opt-out of any email that is assigned to you if you are not cool with it.

There is absolutely no need to register for this service. Plus, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to know how to use it.

In addition to saving you from spam messages, it also saves you from attacking mails, hacking, and advertising emails.

The Temp Mail currently has more than one million downloads. Their developers are up and doing, making sure that they update their app for a smoother user experience.

What are you waiting for?


  • It is a very advanced fake email generator service that prioritizes your security.
  • Temp Email can help free your inbox from attacking robots, hackers, and advertising mailings.

2. Emailfake.com

Emailfake protects from the activities of scammers

Want to be unidentified on cyberspace? Don't panic about your detail being accessible. With Emailfake.com, you can stay anonymous and also be protected from the activities of scammers.

You can create as many email addresses as you want with this tool. One of its finest advantages is the fact that it can create fake Google mail addresses.

This site may be your best resort when you find yourself in a situation where you need an email urgently.

Emailfake is arguably one of the go-to websites where you can generate temporary or fake emails. Before having access to a temporary email address, there are three steps that you need to follow.

Create the domain, register it, and create domain name servers. You can tailor the fake email you get to your taste by changing functionalities like domain settings, popup messages, and sound notifications.

Emailfake.com will help you with each of these steps. This resource is helpful if you want to prevent all those irritating spam messages from clogging your inbox.

Its interface is intuitive and is not difficult to navigate. Of course, this is one of its main advantages as some good fake email generators are not so user-friendly.


  • You can choose any possible domain names.
  • The generation of fake email addresses only requires two steps.
  • The fake email addresses have a validity period of about 231 days.
  • You do not have to register to use it.

3. Generator.email

Generator.email Provides you with something that you do not have to crack your head to figure out

The user-interface of Generator.email provides you with something that you do not have to crack your head to figure out.

It sticks to the traditional temporary email outlook because you can tell what you can expect by merely looking at it.

Check out the site to get an email address with which you can use. Your inbox contains all the messages you received prior. So you can read your messages there.

One of the major inclusions in this system that sets it apart from the others is browser notifications and audio functionality that you can disable and enable at will.

It is particularly helpful for people who love visual and audio notification when they receive an incoming mail.

You can create a new mail even while you may be working with a second-level domain as you deem necessary.

With your personal email, you can also carry out some assessments on your emails to know the exact way the email content you want to send functions.

Lastly, this email generator also creates throwaway email addresses. These addresses can be used as long as the email is functional. If you like, you can have another one generated. The choices are completely yours to make.


  • It gives popup and sound alerts.
  • You can use a second-level domain with it.
  • Incoming calls are immediately displayed.
  • Choosing a domain name is not challenging.

4. 10minutemail

10minutemail demands that you submit your email account details so they can push a verification message to it.

You probably wish to sign up on a website that demands that you submit your email account details so they can push a verification message to it.

But the truth is that you don't want to do this to avoid being disturbed with promotional and spam messages. In that case, your best bet may be 10minutesmail.

10minutesemail is another great temporary email service that you can reckon with. The idea behind it is very much captured in its name.

Just like its name implies, 10minutemail will create a disposable email that will become dysfunctional exactly ten minutes after its production. With this email address, you can both receive and send messages.

Also, you will be given a temporary inbox that is usable for just ten minutes. It will be deleted after this time.

The handiness of 10minutemail makes sure that the content you are sending is sent properly. Don't forget to take into cognizance how well the creation process of your message is.

Akin to the other fake email generators in this article, you don't have to sign up to use their service.

You can also reset the time limit of your fake email account with a toggle. If you are in need of a fake email address in just a matter of minutes, then this is the service you want to use.


  • Creation of as many email accounts as possible.
  • Easy and fast to use.
  • Automatic creation of email IDs.

5. Email on Deck

EmailonDeck is disposable email provider that lets you create disposable and fake email accounts in just a few seconds

Email on Deck is another free disposable email provider that lets you create disposable, fake email accounts in just a few seconds.

It is very easy to create an email address with this provider – you basically have to complete a security verification process, after which you can proceed to demand a temporary, free email that you can use within ten minutes.

With this system, you can be sure that your internet activities and privacy is protected. It is also built to do away with spam messages.

It appears like this provider does not have the exact knowledge of an email's lifespan. Just hope that your messages will still be active somewhere between “more than one hour,” “most of the day,” and “faster.”

This fake email generator makes things pretty simple because it does not come with some complex features. Email on Deck gets the job done for you by furnishing you with a disposable email account.

While the website did not explicitly state the exact time period the email messages last, what is sure is that it lasts for the rest of the day.

If you recently clear your browser cookies or if you have your browser closed, the lifespan of the email may not be that long. Apart from fetching your junk emails, it allows you to shoot a message to another Email on Deck user.


  • The system frequently gets rid of email addresses.
  • Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin-friendly.
  • The creation of temporary emails is in phases.
  • Protects your privacy by excluding the intrusion of spam messages.

6. Throwaway Mail

Throwaway Mail implies that you can generate fake email addresses and  you can simply throw them away

What does the name “throw away mail” mean? It implies that you can generate fake email addresses, and when you are done with them, you can simply throw them away.

It is particularly handy for confirmation emails and sign-ups. Also, it is great for sites or services that you don't intend to keep tabs on.

With this system, you can receive and send emails. You do not have to register to use it.

Plus, you can also create as many fake email addresses as you want. These email addresses will expire two days after you created them.

All you have to do to start using this service is to check out their website. The instructions for generating a fake email address there is fairly simple.

The email you got from the site can be used to receive emails immediately you created them.

It is a go-to fake email provider for operators who would like to use a fake email account for a relatively long time.


  • You would be provided an email immediately after creating one.
  • The use of your email address is exclusive to only you.
  • Your email address will expire two days after creating it.

7. Guerillamail

Guerillamail the oldest and one of the best email generation services that can find on the internet

GuerrillaMail is probably the oldest and one of the best email generation services that you can find on the internet. You do not have to register to use their service, and their services also attract no charge. 

Choose a name that you will like to use and have it inputted in the space provided for it, and that is it.

The temporary email that this provider will give you will only last for one hour, after which you can no longer access it. This service will help you stay away from spam and safeguard your privacy.

You can also use your temporary email with their application using your Android-powered smartphone.

No one will like to submit their email details to a site that they are skeptical about. When you receive the confirmation message on Guerrilla Mail, you can view it, click the link to verify, and afterward have it deleted.

All future messages that will be sent to this fake email you generated will be discarded by Guerrilla Mail even without entering your inbox, keeping it clean and safe.

Because this service provider does not require any form of registration from you, just about anyone with access to the mailbox identity can utilize it. Hence, it is a best practice to utilize a random email address.

To make your account even more secure, make do with the Scramble Address functionality. You can only use the Scramble Address if you want to foresee your mailbox identity, and both cannot be used interchangeably.

Like the others listed above, it is a free fake email account generator. You can receive and send emails using this service. Currently, this provider will grant you up to 150MB for each message you receive or send.


  • Choosing an email address is up to you.
  • Future spam emails sent to this temporary email will be deleted by Guerrilla Mail
  • GuerillaMail helps you keep your inbox clean and safe.
  • The validity period of this service is just one hour.

8. Fake Mail Generator

Fake Mail Generator provides their subscribers with temporary email services

This temporary email provider is arguably one of the go-to fake email providers that provide their subscribers with temporary email services. It eliminates the need to deal with your email inbox being occupied by spam messages.

Fake Mail Generator is a site that lets you get around the troubles presented by email confirmations by offering you an email address that you can utilize for that purpose.

With this, you will bypass that stressful experience of being bombarded with spam messages, left-right-and-center.

Besides the fundamental inclusions that are featured in temporary email services, this temporary email provider will provide you with nation-specific domains.

You can create ten unique email addresses with this service provider. You don't have to register to use this service, which implies a free service.

Because it offers you an anonymous throwaway disposal service, you'll get protected from spam and ad messages.

With this fake email provider, you can create a fake email address and have it activated immediately.

Also, it offers you generic domain names that you can choose from. Any email account that you create with this provider will be deactivated after one complete day.

You can check out the official website if you nurse the hopes of continual usage of their service.


  • Personalize the temporary (fake) email account
  • Prevent the leakage of your personal data.
  • Create an email account that can send and receive messages within ten seconds.
  • It is entirely anonymous and free.

9. MailiNator

MailiNator is easy to use and simple random fake email provider that you can check out

MailNatoris yet another example of an easy-to-use and simple random fake email provider that you can check out. 

It is one of those early fake email generators in the industry, and because they have a soundtrack record, you may want to try them out.

With the passing of time, its fame grew in terms of active users and incoming emails

As you've rightly guessed, when you move from hundreds of emails a day to hundreds of emails a second, the surreptitiously technical load also needs to grow – and stacking from Mailinator is quite a technical expedition.

It is a public fake email generator service that lots of business owners use to access their workflow. 

For instance, you can use it to test your website's sign-up system, your client's email collaborations, and your email sending capacities.

MailNatoris is quite different from the other fake email generation services on our list because you get to pay to use it. But when you do, you can generate limitless IP locations and emails.

Like Gmail, it automatically discards spam messages. But you still have the option of reviewing the discarded emails. It is indeed an ideal solution for both big and small businesses.

Creating a casual email address is as simple as checking out the site and inputting your chosen email address. You'll have access to your email inbox just for some hours.

It is among the free fake email generators league. But it also comes with a pro version that offers you greater flexibility.


  • You can send email without having to register.
  • All email accounts are searchable and readable at any time by anyone.
  • You may want to send @mailinator.com an email anytime you like and check out mailinator.com to see your inbox.

10. MailCatch

MailCatch easily generates a disposable email account for use with online tools requiring email registration

Mailcatch easily generates a “disposable” email account for use with online tools requiring email registration.

This may be the alternative to the use of online, membership-required websites where learners have to register with their email addresses separately.

This is the update, spam, and cesspool for junk emails! On a routine basis, records will be erased.

Unless there's something you ought to confirm for site log in reasons, ensure you check it on the very day that the message was sent to you and save the details to a file on your PC.

For the security of personal identity, this platform's elegance is that it is provisional but highly operational. Safeguard your own “authentic” email, as well!

MailCatch is a non-paid email service provider that you can use for generating disposable inboxes. Your username@mailcatch.com will be your email address.

Using the paid package, private MailCatch host, and email forwarding host is feasible.


  • Choose a username between 1 to 25 characters.
  • Firefox add-on is inclusive.
  • It can be used an unlimited number of times.

11. TrashMail

TrashMail is among the temporary email generators that you can use without any hassle of registration

TrashMail is among the temporary email generators that you can use without any hassle of registration.

As its name connotes, you can effortlessly trash a fake email that you created prior, after satisfying the reason for which you generated it.

Using this tool to create a temporary email address is super-simple. All you have to do is to check out their website, input the username you'll like to use, choose the domain that you like, and that settles it.

You'll have the fake email address immediately functional. With TrashMail, you can have your emails sent via an SSL secure functionality known as TrashMail Plus.

After discarding a TrashMail address, it would be somewhere akin to the system's recycled bin for one whole year. At the end of this one year, it would be allocated to another user of the website.

If, after sending an email using this service and someone responds to it, the address masking functionality can mask the responder's email address simply by substituting it with the TrashMail alias name (akin to the way domain name and hostname is replaced by a local domain and localhost).

TrashMail enables you to put up some security measures on your temporary email account by applying a password to it.

It is also one of the fake email service providers that furnish you with email forwarding functionalities.

Although it is a trash email, you wouldn't find it challenging forwarding emails to your personal inbox. TrashMail is the ideal fake email solution for use in sending anonymous messages that bears some attachments.

One of the noteworthy features of this provider is the fact that it includes an intuitive and simple user interface. Finally, you can both receive and send emails with TrashMail.


  • It provides you the ability to forward limitless mail.
  • You can scan inward-bound messages via its CAPTCHA system.
  • Deploys a secure SSL connection for use in sending messages.

12. Getnada

Getnada is a temporary email generator provider that features a comfy design that makes everything about it easy.

Getnada is a temporary email generator provider that features a comfy design that makes everything about it easy and straightforward to use. You can send and receive emails through their website.

With this service, there's absolutely no need to refresh your screen over and over again to check if you just received an email. All incoming messages will be automatically updated.

Grenada is ideal for your use if you want to try out the service provided by an untrusted source. Hence, there's no need to bother about prospective spam messages that you can get from these sources.

An honest piece of advice from this fake email provider admonishes that you shouldn't use their service for anything important.

This implies anything that you will be very sorry for in case the fake email you generated ceases to function.

Also, using this service for crypto purchases, banking activities, and signing up for a service that you use frequently is akin to shooting yourself on foot.

Your inbox will not be deleted, and you can always use it as far as the domain is functional.

Grenada frequently reprocesses domains that have been used prior and will most likely provide you with up to one month's notice before doing so.

Hence, ensure you transfer your mailbox to another domain to avoid losing it when they close the old one. Individual emails will be discarded exactly seven days after you received them.

Your main email address will be protected from these prospective spam messages that may emanate from these sources.

Getnada defined itself as one of the choicest fake email generators because its app does not feature any ads. The user interface is intuitive and modern in approach.

You can also pick a username and domain from the millions of usernames and domains that are available in their repository. The app can do it for you if you're feeling lazy about it.

It offers different email extensions, such as @duck2.club, @amail.club, @getnada.com, @cmail.club, @cars2.club, @wmail.club, etc.


  • Grenada lets you generate a different number of mailboxes.
  • Emails will be automatically displayed even when you don't refresh the email page.
  • You can easily access the service with a Chrome extension.
  • Includes an app for Android users.

13. OwlyMail

OwlyMail is the only fake email generator that provides lifetime access to a temporary email.

OwlyMail is the only fake email generator in our list that provides you with lifetime access to a temporary email. This service supports nine languages.

The email you created with this service can be used for trials, testing, verifications, and lots more.

OwlyMail deploys a web push alert functionality to bring to your notice when your emails are being sent. Also, you can create a personalized username for the work that you do.

Quite unlike the other fake email generator service providers that are captured in this list, this provider will delete your messages every forty-eight hours, but it will never disable your email address.

Finally, you can also create an innumerable number of email addresses.


  • It provides a custom username for email
  • Features multi-Domain emails
  • It comes with a notification system
  • It can be used to verify Facebook, Twitter, or Netflix.

14. Moakt

Moakt is a free fake email generator that offers temporary emails to its users

Moakt is a free fake email generator that offers temporary emails to its users. It functions to protect your personal email from data-stealth, spam, and other detrimental activities.

This generator notifies you when you receive a new email. You can use it whenever you want to use a website that you don't trust to avoid ads, spam, or any other disturbance.

Right from the time of its creation to this moment, Moakt has processed close to one hundred million emails.

The lifespan of an email from this provider is just sixty minutes, right from the time when you created it.

But then, this service provides you with the chance to extend the duration of your emails in your inbox as long as you deem convenient. In addition, you can effortlessly generate the same fake email address at another moment.


  • Make allows you to pick a domain title from its existing list.
  • It safeguards your confidentiality and privacy.
  • Use this fake email account whenever you like.
  • It deploys a secure SSL connection.

15. LuxusMail

LuxusMail intends to augment its services by listening and taking into account the reviews of its users

LuxusMail is not just one of those one-off fake email generation services. It intends to augment its services by listening and taking into account the reviews of its users.

It is a temporary email generator that lets you create an email address that you can use for your online verification services.

This provider gives you the option of either generating the fake email randomly or selecting it all by yourself. It is one of those secure email services that don't joke with your online security.


  • It lets you utilize an email address over and over again.
  • You can choose personalized usernames for email.
  • It sends an email even when the website is not opened on your browser.
  • You'll receive an alert even when you are not available.

16. MyTemp

MyTemp provides you with a unique email address with which you can utilize on any platform while signing up

MyTemp provides you with a unique email address with which you can utilize on any platform while signing up. MyTemp automatically shows in the mailbox all messages collected from its databases.

MyTemp. email is one of the reliable suppliers of free disposable/temporary email addresses, too.

The unique email account that you created can be used for signing up with online platforms or to test-drive unauthenticated providers.

MyTemp is an email provider that also provides a free throwaway service. It gives users a unique email account that can be utilized for any website registration.

In your virtual mailbox, all messages collected by the MyTemp framework are instantly reflected.


  • You're going to get a special email that only you can use.
  • Within 24 hours, all the emails you receive will be erased.
  • To accept new messages in your inbox, you do not need to refresh the tab.
  • It offers a direct connection to view your message.

17. TempMail

TempMail is a public disposable email platform that ensures multiple individuals use the same username

TempMail is another public disposable email platform. This ensures that if multiple individuals use the same username, then the same messages will be received by all of them.

This fake email generator service doesn't prioritize confidentiality at all. A myriad of domains is one special function that TempMail provides to its users. You may also alter the disposable email domain name to a name that you fancy.

Tap on the ‘change' tab to adjust the domain title and identifier. Do not utilize email addresses of this kind when you register for some online service.

When someone else has her hands on your username and domain, it can get compromised.

TempMail provides you with transient email addresses whose lifespan terminates in one hour. You may utilize these email addresses to register for social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook and view the inbound messages.


  • It includes a Quick Response code with which the email address can be reached anytime.
  • It offers its users a secure means to utilize email addresses.⠀

18. MintEmail

MintEmail provide a one time email account to use to bypass email verification.

MintEmail.com is another reusable fake email host. You'll be allocated a provisional email account by merely accessing this site.

It's an email provider that provides you with email addresses that are transient and disposable so that your inbox can be secure and free from spam and advertising messages. 

The moment you access its website, MintEmail automatically creates a bogus email account for you. Your message will also be verified by MintEmail.

The framework changes the title bar instantly anytime you receive a message in the mailbox. MintEmail is a service that helps you by providing you with a one-time email account to use to bypass email verification.

The next moment a website requires an email account, provide them an identifier for mintemail.com to stop the unnecessary intrusion that is likely to come.


  • When you check out the website, you automatically get a temporary email address.
  • Automatic Authentication of address. No need to physically click on the verify/confirm connections.
  • Instant new message alert in the title bar of a browser.
  • Bookmark and directly access your mailbox (http://mintemail.com/username). No-requires login.
  • Redirect inbound emails to any email account.
  • Personalized expiration period.

19. MailDrop

MailDrop is a fake email platform for free throwaways email accounts

MailDrop is a fake email platform for free throwaways email accounts. It is transitory, fleeting, and disposable. It's intended for the moments when the actual address doesn't want to be given out.

Just fill in any email identifier in the maildrop.cc framework, return back, input the email identifier, and you'll be able to access that inbox.

MailDrop provides you the option to give any platform or app instant email addresses, after which you may provide them with your actual email address after you have gained more confidence in that website.

MailDrop allows saving your mailbox from being filled with junk after you have signed up on a compromised website.

MailDrop may be utilized to receive your e-commerce order receipt even though you've not signed up for their services, ultimately preventing you from getting bombarded with “promotional deals” on a daily basis.

MailDrop, in brief, will enable you to reduce the number of garbage in your mailbox.


  • Maildrop doesn't necessitate the process of registration.
  • By utilizing the email account in the maildrop.cc database, you can access your inbox.

Temp Email and Free Email Generator FAQ

What is an Email Generator?

An email generator is a service that is basically used to describe those online platforms with which you can create temporary email addresses that you can use to register for services that you suspect may bombard you with spam and newsletters.

Sometimes, an email generator may be used to depict those tools that you can use to create fake emails with tailored email headers, like DATE, TO, and FROM.

Why Use a Fake Email Address?

Most individuals use fake email addresses to stop receiving spam. Nowadays, several sites require their users to create a user profile so they can provide them with the required information and then offer those updates and numerous other sales promotions.

What is even more annoying is that some sites, like spammers, exchange the captured email addresses among themselves.

How to Choose a Fake Email Generator?

It's better to stay with the likely choices because the less popular email generators may not be reliable.

Numerous temporary mail generators have also been found hacking user credentials and searching private encrypted data for email addresses.