14 Best Password Manager Tools of 2024

Updated Jan 17, 2024.
Best Password Manager Tools

As you read this review right now, it's likely you already have tons of passwords.

Online sites and applications passwords, social media accounts passwords, bank accounts passwords….they are just too many.

So what if I told you that you don't have to memorize or remember all these passwords?

And you don't have to write them in a paper, on your phone or any other place whether digital or offline.

Yet, these passwords are at your fingertips anytime you need them.

Now, I can hear you almost thinking out loud, “how is that possible?”

Well, the answer is simple. By using a password manager.

With a password manager, you don't have to go through the stress of manually filling out online sites with your passwords and login information.

And not only your passwords, you can also secure your credit card, private notes and other sensitive information with a password manager.

The benefits you derive are much greater than using a web browser or paper.

If you are ready to explore these benefits, then here are 14 best password manager tools of 2022 reviews that you can choose from.

So let's move on.

1. Bitwarden

Best Open Source Password Manager Tool for Storing Your Passwords and other Sensitive Data

Bitwarden is the Best Open Source Password Manager Tool for Storing Passwords and other Sensitive Data

Main Features

  • Data Access: Access your data from any device including desktop and mobile devices, thanks to the cloud syncing features which let you sync across all your devices.
  • Password Sharing: Share your stored and encrypted data without stress.
  • Event Logs: With the audit trails provided by Bitwarden, easily keep track of group and user access to sensitive data.
  • Health Reports: Get informed with intuitive reports about your data security metrics.
  • Multilingual Access: Use Bitwarden in about 40 languages from anywhere you are.
  • Security: The available robust security measures include end-to-end encryption, HIPAA, GDPR and SOC 2 compliances.


Bitwarden Pricing Plan

Bitwarden has a free version which gives you access to all the core features and still allows you to use the sharing option.

However, you can still go for any of the paid versions which are;

  • Team Organization at $3/month per user
  • Enterprise Organization at $5/month per user.

Some of the additional features in the Teams plan are user groups, events log, directory connector, and API access while that of the Enterprise plan are SSO authentication, self-host option and admin password reset.


  • Unlimited users and collections available in the Teams and Enterprise plans
  • Unlimited item storage on all plans
  • Free version is available
  • Take the free trial plan for 7 days
  • Use Bitwarden apps on all plans

2. Dashlane

Best Password Manager Tool If You Like Getting Comprehensive Reports on Your Password Metrics

Dashlane is the Best Password Manager Tool for Password Metrics

Main Features

  • Password Sharing: Safely share encrypted passwords with chosen individuals or groups.
  • Reporting Dashboard: Identify password hygiene problems and track changes and anomalies over desired periods.
  • Single Sign-on: Simply install the SSO and log in to different accounts at ease.
  • Admin Control: Take more control with the admin console where you can easily add new members, handle permissions and monitor security measures.
  • Security: The security measures include a U.S patented security architecture, AES 256-bit encryption and default two-factor authentication.


Dashlane Pricing Plan

Dashlane mainly has two pricing plans and they include;

  • Team at $5/month per user
  • Business at $8/month per user.

Note that the above costs are for the annual subscription.

The major features in the Team plan are policy management, advanced reporting, U.S patented security architecture and two-factor authentication.

You can only access the SAML-based single sign-on the business plan.


  • Advanced reporting and directory integration features are available for the two plans
  • Presence of security dashboard
  • There is free family plan for every seat, in the business plan
  • Availability of SAML-based single sign-on
  • Request for a free demo or take a free trial

3. LastPass

Best Password Manager Tool for Filling Out Online Purchase Forms

LastPass is the Best Password Manager Tool for Filling Out Online Purchase Forms

Main Features

  • Secure Note: Store all your sensitive information and documents including your passport and credit cards.
  • Online Forms: Automatically fill out online purchase forms with your stored address and credit card details, all by a single click.
  • Password Sharing: Share your login information easily and with your desired audience.
  • Dark Web Monitoring: Never worry about third-party data breaches as LastPass keeps you updated and secured with the dark web monitoring offering.
  • Security; Two-factor authentication and AES 256-bit encryption security measures are present.


LastPass Pricing Plan

The two major plans for LastPass are;

  • Teams at $4/user/month
  • Business at $6/user/month.

Some features included in the Teams plan are admin console, employee vault, offline mode, shared folders, dark web monitoring, and security dashboard.

Extra features in the Business plan are advanced reporting, admin controls, adoption dashboard and customizable user management.


  • Standard two-factor authentication is available on all plans
  • Access to dark web monitoring and security dashboard features
  • Get access to unlimited number of users and adoption dashboard with the Business plan
  • Offline mode is available
  • Try any of the available plans freely for 14 days.

4. Keeper Password Manager & Digital Vault

Best All-in-one Password Manager Tool for Storing Passwords, Business Messaging and Advanced Reporting

Keeper is the Best All in one Password Manager Tool for Storing Passwords, Business Messaging and Advanced Reporting

Main Features

  • Password Generator: Generate strong and unique passwords freely and store them securely in the Keeper digital vault.
  • Password Sharing: Safely share your business passwords and sensitive files with team mates by taking advantage of the automated team sharing, secure vault-to-vault sharing with PMI encryption and sharing team folders.
  • Keeperrfill®: Fill out forms quickly by auto filling forms on your preferred websites and on any device.
  • Advanced Reporting and Alerts: Get access to customized reports, real-time notifications and alerts on different actions performed on shared passwords.
  • Security: AES 256-bit encryption, multi-factor authentication, private master password, FIPS 140-2 compliance are some of the available security features.


Keeper Pricing Plan

For the business version, you have two major options which are;

  • Keeper Business at $3.75 per user per month
  • Keeper Enterprise with custom pricing.

Folders and subfolders, shared team folders, team management, activity reporting and security audit are some features you can find in the Keeper Business.

For the Keeper Enterprise, you have access to all Keeper Business features and additional ones like automated team management, advanced two-factor authentication, active directory and LDAP sync, email auto-provisioning and command line provisioning.


  • Access to an unlimited number of devices on all plans
  • Security audit and activity reporting features are present.
  • Get access to better performance and maximum security with add-ons such as file storage and sharing, advanced reporting, and KeeperChat.
  • Free support plan with unlimited automated chat and up to 25 live chats/year is available.
  • Free trial plan is also available.

5. LogMeOnce Password Management Suite Ultimate

Best Password Manager Tool for Identity Access Management and Single Sign-On

LogMeOnce is the Best Password Manager Tool for Identity Access Management and Single Sign On

Main Features

  • Identify management: Allow the right individuals to access your business information, apps, and devices since you retain the right to authenticate, manage, on-board and off-board users in real-time.
  • Access Management and Single Sign-On: Access all your passwords on the LogMeOnce dashboard with one click while keeping your information safe with secure authentication for third-party applications and SSO login.
  • PhotoLogin: Enjoy rich access to websites without using any passwords as all you need is a photo snapshot.
  • Activity Report and Dashboard: Know about critical information associated with managing your passwords, and choose from about 11 dashboards.
  • Mobile Security Management: Access your passwords from anywhere and centrally manage access to your information, apps, and devices.


LogMeOnce Pricing Plan

If you only want to use LogMeOnce to satisfy your basic password management needs, you can go for the free version known as the Premium plan.

It gives you access to features like unlimited passwords, 5 password sharing, two-factor authentication password generator, and email technical support.

However, if you will like to enjoy more features such as advanced activity report, live password tracker, and priority technical support, then you can go for any of the paid plans which are;

  • Professional at $2.50 monthly
  • Ultimate at $3.25 monthly
  • Family at $4.99 monthly.

You can also take a free 7-day trial on the Ultimate and the Family plan.


  • Unlimited passwords, autofill, devices and sync are available on all plans
  • Has a free version which contains all the basic features
  • Priority technical support is available on all paid plans
  • A free 7-day trail plan is also available
  • Integrate easily with Salesforce, Google App and Amazon AWS.

6. Password Boss

Best Password Manager Tool for Managed Service Providers

PasswordBoss is the Best Password Manager Tool for Managed Service Providers

Main Features

  • Password Sharing: With the data encrypted using 2048-bit RSA key pairs, share passwords and digital notes with your teammates comfortably.
  • MSP Management Portal: Access consolidated dashboards and reports on customers and individual security scores, usage and audit logs.
  • Auto-Logins: Save time with fast and automatic login to each website.
  • Dark Web: Avoid potential and manage current security breaches with dark web which scans and monitors customers' passwords and email addresses.
  • Role-Based Access: Allow your teammates to manage and access your customers' passwords by assigning different roles to them.
  • Security: There is AES-256 and PBKDF2 for every data stored and a unique key built from each customer's master password.


There are two major plans and they are Standard Call and Advanced Call.

The Standard Call contains features like standard reporting, standard security policies, team-based sharing, user and group management.

The Advanced Call provides additional features like active directory integration, advanced reporting, and audit logs with event tracking.


  • Password Boss is easy to set up and use, even for remote teams
  • Availability of a free plan which contains all standard features like unlimited password storage and automatic login to websites.
  • Access passwords and notes from all devices that you use
  • Customize your security level by choosing from a set of security policies
  • Try any of the plans freely for 14 days.

7. NordPass

Most Suitable Password Manager Tool for Identifying Data Breaches

NordPass is the Most Suitable Password Manager Tool for Identifying Data Breaches

Main Features

  • Password Saving: All by a single click on “save”, save your passwords any time you log into a new website.
  • Automatic Login: When you save your commonly-used passwords in NordPass, it will autofill your favorite accounts with the saved passwords each time you log in to them.
  • Password Access: Add the NordPass browser extension to your favorite browser to generate complex passwords, autosave and autofill your credentials.
  • Password Syncing: Your passwords are automatically synced across all the devices and platforms that you use.
  • Password Import: NordPass automatically looks for the passwords stored in your browsers which you can import immediately or upload a CSV file with export passwords from another password manager.
  • NordPass Data Breach Scanner: Easily identify leaked data and vulnerable passwords with the NordPass Data Breach Scanner.


NordPass Pricing Plan

The two major available versions are Business and Enterprise.

Business starts at $3.59 per user while the Enterprise plan has a custom pricing in which you would have to contact the sales team.


  • A free plan is available
  • Improved security with hardware-based multi-factor authentication and two-factor authentication
  • XChaCha20 encryption is provided for all stored passwords and data.
  • Access the NordPass app on your mobile devices
  • 24/7 premium support is available for all plans

8. 1Password

Best Password Manager Tool That Makes Filling Online Forms Easy and Fun

1Password is the Best Password Manager Tool That Makes Filling Online Forms Easy and Fun

Main Features

  • Simple Sign-Ins: Simply log in to your favorite apps or services with one click.
  • Document Sharing: Increase your teams' collaboration and allow them to conveniently share documents in vaults.
  • Watchtower: Get alerted in real-time about breaches associated with your passwords and password items.
  • Security: Apart from having your passwords data encrypted with the AES 256-bit encryption, master key, secret key, SOC 2 compliance, and SRP authentication are some other security measures.
  • Integration: Smoothly integrates with other applications such as Slack, Active Directory, Duo, and OneLogin.


1Password Pricing Plan

The pricing plans for Team and Business are succinctly divided into;

  • Teams Starter Pack for up to 10 users at $19.95 monthly
  • Business at $7.99 per user monthly, and
  • Enterprise which can be purchased through a custom quote.

In the 1Password for business, you have access to features like unlimited shared vaults and item storage, two-factor authentication, admin controls, 5 GB document storage per person, and VIP support.


  • Shared vaults, custom groups and roles, account recovery, and guest account for effective administration management are all available.
  • Manage and secure all your business infrastructure secrets with the 1Password secrets automation add-on.
  • Easily migrate your existing data to a 1Password account
  • Free family accounts and access to advanced protection is included in the Business plan
  • Try 1Password freely for 14 days or request for a custom quote or demo.

9. RoboForm Everywhere

Most Suitable Password Manager Tool for Web Access and Bookmarks Synchronization

RoboForm is the Most Suitable Password Manager Tool for Web Access and Bookmarks Synchronization

Main Features

  • Logins: Store an unlimited number of logins and log in smoothly to sites with the saved login details, send logins by using the recipient's email.
  • Webforms: Build secure identities which contain particular information and use them to fill out long webforms easily.
  • Bookmarks: Arrange and keep links to your favorite websites handy by storing them as bookmarks.
  • Device Syncing: Effortlessly sync your Roboform data across all browsers and devices to ensure easy access.
  • Security: Roboform deploys the AES256 bit encryption with PBKDF2 SHA256 to guard against security attacks.


RoboForm Pricing Plan

To use Roboform Everywhere, you would have to purchase a license to create a Roboform account.

The price of the license depends on the quantity that you want.

Here are the pricing details for a one year subscription according to quantity.

  • 1-10 goes for $39.95/year/user
  • 11-25 geos for $35.95/year/user
  • 26-100 goes for $34.95/year/user
  • 101-1,000 goes for $29.95/year/user.

And if you already have a Roboform account, then you can purchase or renew your Roboform Everywhere plan.

Note that a 15% discount is also available for a 3-year subscription while a 5-year subscription plan gives you access to a 25% discount.


  • Back up your data easily to Roboform cloud using Roboform Everywhere
  • Multi-platform support allows you to use roboform on every type of device and even on major browsers.
  • Two-factor authentication and password audit features are available
  • Use the Roboform for Business plan freely for 14 days
  • Priority 24/7 support is available

10. Sticky Password

Most Suitable Password Manager Tool for Local WiFi Synchronization

StickyPassword is the Most Suitable Password Manager Tool for Local WiFi  Synchronization

Main Features

  • Form Filing and Logins: Save time by allowing Sticky Password to automatically fill out forms with your details such as names, addresses, phone numbers, emails and credit card information.
  • Private Notes: Create texts protected with the AES 256 encryption and which you can access on any device.
  • Password Sharing: Assign permissions and grant access to different people.
  • Multi-Device and Multi-Browser Support: Sticky password can be used on every device and it also supports about 17 browsers.
  • Security: Some of the available security measures include AES-256 encryption, 2-factor authentication, fingerprint scanning, and WiFi data synchronization.


StickyPassword Pricing Plan

Sticky Password has a free version which allows you to use some features like password generator, automatic form-filling and auto-login, 2-factor and biometric authentication.

Although, you won't have access to sync, backup, and password sharing features.

To use these features, including priority support, you have to subscribe for the Premium plan which charges $29.99 per year.


  • Access to use the Premium plan freely for 30 days is also included in the free plan package
  • Biometric and 2-factor authentication are available on all plans.
  • Generate strong passwords on all your devices and irrespective of your plan, free or paid
  • Priority support is available in the Premium plan.
  • 30-day money back guarantee is available
  • Sticky Password currently offers an exclusive discount which lets you enjoy 20 months of access for just $20. So, hurry and order fast.

11. McAfee's True Key password manager

Most Simple-To-Use Password Manager Tool

McAfee is Simple To Use Password Manager Tool

Main Features

  • Launchpad: Anytime you sign in to your profile, your frequently-used websites are organized and readily available.
  • Digital Wallet: Here is a highly-secured space where you can keep all your sensitive personal information like your credit cards and password numbers.
  • Local Data Encryption: Your information is locally stored on your device and they are encrypted when you sync your information to other devices that you use.
  • Cross Device Sync: Comfortably access your True Key profile on all your devices.
  • Password Generator: Protect your various accounts by creating strong passwords which are always remembered by a true key.


McAfee Pricing Plan

While McAfee True Key has a free plan which allows you to use the basic features, consider going for the Premium plan at $19.99/year if you want to enjoy advanced features like unlimited passwords.


  • Availability of free version
  • Up to 10,000 logins/passwords is supported by the True Key app.
  • Devices syncing feature is available and up to 15 passwords can be stored on the free version.
  • AES-256 encryption, multi-factor authentication, and fingerprint scanning, ensures better security.
  • Support for mobile devices is available.

12. Blur

Best Password Manager Tool for Masking Information

Blur is the Best Password Manager Tool for Masking Information
Source: Abine
  • Password Generation; Simply generate unique and strong passwords encrypted and stored by Blur so you don't have to memorize or even remember them.
  • Password Syncing: Sync all your Blur passwords and accounts across all your devices with the Blur mobile app.
  • Email Masking: A new and different email is created and autofilled to every site which requires your email details.
  • Credit Card Masking: When you enable masking for your credit card, the site you visit receives a newly-generated credit card in place of your private personal information.
  • Security: The passwords and key data are encrypted with AES-256 encryption and the encryption keys are stored with the host-proof hosting.


Blur Pricing Plan
Source: Abine

Blur has two main pricing versions.

They are the free version and the paid version, known as the premium version.

The premium version includes;

  • $39 yearly basic
  • $14.99 monthly unlimited, and
  • $99 yearly unlimited, which is the most popular offering.

Extra features included in the Premium plan are unlimited new credit cards, unlimited backup, masked cards, and masked phone.


  • Set-up process is simple, easy and smooth
  • Availability of a free version
  • A second dedicated private phone number is provided with the Blur Premium service
  • Blur mobile app which allows you to use Blur on your mobile devices is available
  • You can request for a full refund provided it's within 14 days of sign-up.

13. KeePass

Best Free and Open Source Password Manager

KeePass is the Best Free and Open Source Password Manager

Main Features

  • Database: Easily store all your passwords in a single database, locked with a master key.
  • User Interface: The user interface is intuitive and it is further optimized by an advanced option especially for screen readers.
  • Password Export: Export the password list to various formats like TXT, HTML, XML, and CSV.
  • Accessibility: You don't always have to install anything to use KeePass as it can be run on windows systems when carried on an USB stick.
  • Layout: Easily change the layout as the cascading style sheets(CSS) are used by the HTML output to format the table.
  • KeePass Plugins: There is support for various other file formats.
  • Security: Some of the employed best security features include Advantage Encryption Standard, full database encryption, process memory protection, and SHA-256 hashing for master key components.


KeePass is completely free and it is open source.

So, save your dollars and enjoy the rich features that this simple-to-use password manager offers.


  • It is open source and free.
  • As a open source software, it is OSI certified
  • You can store your database wherever you want, and even offline
  • Despite being open source, KeePass offers robust and reliable security features
  • Multi-language support is available

14. Zoho Vault

Most Affordable Password Manager Tool

Zoho Vault is the Most Affordable Password Manager Tool

Main Features

  • Password Storage: Easily store an unlimited number of passwords and other key information and documents
  • Password Syncing: Access your passwords from multiple devices when you sync them across all the devices that you use.
  • Dashboard: Get informed of full and actionable security insights on your passwords, easily replace weak passwords with strong passwords and monitor your password scores often.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication: Set up multi-factor authentication and add an extra layer of security for your password manager.
  • Security: AES-256 bit algorithm encryption is available for all the Zoho Vault data.
  • Integration: Integrate smartly with other Zoho tools like the Zoho Mail, Zoho Desk and Zoho Flow apps.


Zoho Vault Pricing Plan

Apart from the free plan which is mainly encouraged for personal use, other Zoho Vault plans for the annual subscription are;

  • Standard at $0.9/user/month
  • Professional at $3.6/user/month
  • Enterprise at $6.3/user/month.

The free plan provides you access to features like password generator, password import and export, offline access, password assessment report, mobile access and integrations.

The Professional plan which is the most popular plan covers all standard plan features and additional ones like user groups, folders sharing, user access and activity report, and emergency access support.


  • The pricing plans are cheap
  • Free basic plan which lets you store unlimited passwords and notes is available
  • Offline access and two-factor authentication is available for all plans.
  • Availability of a 15-day free trial plan.
  • Volume-based discounts are available
  • Apart from the free trial plan and blanket pricing, you can request a custom quote for your business or a live demo.

Best Password Manager FAQs

How Does a Password Manager Work?

A password manager works by allowing you to generate strong and peculiar passwords which are then automatically saved and filled in your favorite websites and applications next time you log in to your accounts. 

As an illustration, most password managers let you create passwords and automatically store these passwords in a secure vault in encrypted form for future use.

You don't need to memorize passwords when you use password managers.

In fact, most password managers also allow you to store other critical and personal information like credit card details, shopping address and secure notes.

What Makes for a Secure Password?

The era of using your middle name together with a couple of numbers, say Frank123 as your password is gone.

Using your pet name or favorite show does not help either.

See, hackers are getting more sophisticated everyday all in an unrelenting bid to hack and exploit your accounts and information.

So, what should a typical strong password look like?

As a first rule, it should be considerably long in length.

Then it should be a mixture of different entities like uppercase, lowercase, symbols and numbers. 

Also, avoid the use of personal or related information, and shun words that can be easily guessed or looked up in an English dictionary.

A simple way you can own secure passwords is through the password generator platform provided by most password managers.

Can I Use a Web Browser to Manage My Passwords and Login Information?

Of course, you can. But it's not advisable.

Even though most people outrightly manage their passwords and login information with a web browser it's not the best way if you want your passwords and login information to be secure, safe and less prone to attacks or exploitations.

One of the major risks of using a web browser is that all your password data and login information could be lost anytime you reinstall the browser, or you change it. 

Also, you stand the risk of having your passwords exposed to a third party who has access to your computer, and particularly, your browser.

As such, your passwords and login information are vulnerable to attacks and digital exploitation.

Are Password Managers Really Safe?

One of the major reasons why you should use a password manager is to keep your passwords as safe as possible.

But if password managers themselves are not maximally safe and can be easily hacked, isn't that counterproductive?

Fortunately, password managers are really safe. 

Most of them use advanced and reliable encryption, especially the AES 256-bit encryption to protect your data.

You know what? Password managers vendors themselves can't even see your passwords. 
You and you alone can only see them or access them. 

Two-factor and multi-factor authentication, biometric scanning, secure password sharing and the use of a master key are some of the reliable security features which all work together to keep your passwords really safe.

What are the Best Password Managers?

Choosing the best password managers depends largely on what you actually want.

So you would be the one to consider all the password managers reviewed above and see the ones that BEST fits your needs.

However, a standard password manager should have basic features such as autofill and autosave, secure password sharing and authentication methods. 

Moreso, you should be able to sync all your passwords across all the devices that you use, and therefore access your passwords from multiple devices.

Cloud backup and periodic health reports or security dashboards are some other features that make a password manager stand out.

Although password managers like LastPass, 1Password, NordPass, Dashlane and McAfee True Key presently enjoy wide patronage from many customers.

How to Choose the Best Password Manager?

Before you put in your money for a particular password manager, ensure it satisfies all the features you are looking for.

Since you already know the features you want, you can go through all the password managers reviewed above and see the one that's best suited for you.

You can even take a step further by using the free version of any password manager that offers a free plan.

For password managers that do not offer free versions, you can take the trial plans
Above all, choose a password manager that offers reliable customer support, excellent security measures, and a fine user interface.

With this review and some few actions on your part by buying a password manager, you are on your way to giving your passwords the best security that your heart desires. 

And if at all you are at loss to finding the perfect and strong passwords that you really want in the first place, here are 11 best password generators which you can use for free.

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