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11 Best Auto Clicker Tools of 2021 (PC, Mac, Free)

Discover the best free auto clicker tools to automate mouse clicks at work or when gaming. Simply automate clicking using macros.

Best Auto Clicker Tools (PC, Mac, Free)

Auto clicker tools help you automate various tasks, operations, and functions on your device. If you are tired of clicking the mouse a thousand times while carrying out routine and laborious tasks, auto clicker tools help you solve that problem. 

The software tool makes automatic clicks. It can be programmed to handle repetitive actions you want to perform with the mouse or keyboard, saving you energy and time you would have expended doing it manually.

Here are some of the best auto clicker tools for PC and Mac, including the best free auto clickers of 2021.

OP Auto Clicker

Best Overall Auto Clicker Tool

Try OP Auto Clicker

Auto Clicker Pro

Best for Advanced Features

Try Auto Clicker Pro


Best for Mac and Windows

Try Autoclicker.ai


Best for Workflows

Try PTFB Pro


Best for Mac Users

Try Murgaa


Best for Browser Integration

Try AutoClicker

Fast Auto Clicker

Best for Repetitive Mouse and Keyboard Tasks

Try Fast Auto Clicker

GS Auto Clicker

Best for Windows

Try GS Auto Clicker


Best for Macro Recorder Features

Try MacroClicker


Best for Gamers

Try MouseClicker

Free Auto Clicker

Best for Mouse Automation

Try Free Auto Clicker

Comparison of Best Auto Clicker Tools

1. OP Auto Clicker

Easy and Free Auto Clicker for PC and Android Devices

OP Auto Clicker is an Easy and Free Auto Clicker for PC and Android Devices

OP Auto Clicker is a free and simple interface software that is easy to configure. The auto clicker affords users two different modes to choose from: select a pre-selected location you configured into the software’s memory or auto click at the exact spot where you place the cursor of the mouse.

Users have the option of either selecting the maximum number of clicks they want OP Auto Clicker to make or allowing the tool to make an infinite number of clicks. 

You can also choose the time interval and the mouse button to use (either left or right). There is also the option of choosing whether it is single, double, or triple clicks you want the auto clicker to automatically make.

The hotkey option is available like other auto clickers and works in the background. You can launch the auto clicker by pressing F6 which is its default hotkey or by manually launching its icon.

OP Auto Clicker is a simple tool that both beginners and experienced users can use. Gamers, programmers, software testers, and others can use it to perform tasks faster and with minimal effort. 

The only drawback of using this software is that it does not have advanced options you can find in some more comprehensive auto clickers. 


OP Auto Clicker is free to download and use.

2. Auto Clicker Pro

Best Auto Clicker with Advanced Features

Auto Clicker Pro is the Best Auto Clicker with Advanced Features

Auto Clicker Pro is an easy-to-use, fully-featured, and complete mouse macro system. The advanced auto clicker does not just automatically click the mouse in one spot for as long as you desire, you can also configure it to click and drag, right-click, drag, and perform other mouse actions. 

You can configure it to click on as many user-definable spots on your screen as you desire. The auto clicker can automate just about any repetitive task that involves clicking on a computer screen. 

Some of the basic activities you can automate for increased productivity are copying and pasting text, right-clicking, and clicking on multiple areas of the computer screen. You can use Auto Clicker Pro to automate online games, webcams, refresh or/and click on links to web pages, and PowerPoint presentations.

There is also the option of developing and saving Mouse Clicking Macros to a file so you do not have to recreate the same settings you need each time you want to use the auto clicker. The advanced and powerful auto clicker clicks as fast as 100 times within a second!

The auto clicker is free and open-source software you can download from its website. 

Auto Clicker Pro offers users two modules of auto-clicking: the dynamic and predefined cursor location. You can opt to set limits for your clicks or leave them unlimited. It records low CPU usage, virus-free, and does not pop up ads on your computer screen.


Auto Clicker Pro is free to download, install and use.

3. Autoclicker.ai

Best Free Auto Clicker for Mac and Windows 

Autoclicker.ai is the Best Free Auto Clicker for Mac and Windows

Autoclicker.ai is a powerful auto clicker tool that performs automated clicks for users on a computer screen. Gamers use this auto clicker to mimic clicks to record better scores and performance while playing their favorite click-intensive games such as Minecraft and shooting games.

You can also use the auto clicker to perform more complicated actions that require multiple repetitive clicks. The auto clicker offers high-speed click times per second. Setting fewer interval times between click sessions will make the auto clicker even faster.

Autoclicker.ai is one of the best auto clickers for playing games. The click automation tool was specially designed to help players enjoy a better gaming experience by speeding up clicks beyond the normal pace. 

The universal auto clicker is compatible with all operating systems (Mac, Windows, and mobile devices). Autoclicker.ai serves as a keyboard and mouse auto clicker that can create and carry out hundreds of visual commands and general functions on behalf of users.

You can use the Autoclicker.ai installation version for Chrome to handle the basic tasks you want to perform on the browser. You can use the Autoclicker.ai Chrome extension to surf broadcast and new sites, answer surveys, and handle data entry tasks.


Autoclicker.ai is a completely free auto clicker that provides a virus-free and safety guarantee. You will not encounter obstructive ads while using the application. 

4. PTFB Pro

Best Auto Clicker for Increased Workflow Efficiency and Productivity

PTFB Pro is the Best Auto Clicker for Increased Workflow Efficiency and Productivity

PTFB Pro is one of the best auto clickers centered on keeping users’ workflow running smoothly with no interruptions. The auto clicker eliminates windows irritations and automates workflow processes to increase productivity.

The sophisticated mouse clicker monitors your applications around the world, works around software limitations, and responds to events with macros and mouse auto clicks. It is a handy tool for IT professionals and businesses who want to improve their productivity.

PTFB Pro is more than a regular auto clicker. It offers powerful features you do not expect to find in an auto clicker such as macro recorder, software automation, small footprint, and automated software testing.

The auto clicker monitors your applications and workflows. It alerts you when it identifies a situation that needs instant action. PTFB Pro sits quietly in your system tray until you need it. It restores program preferences, eliminates workflow interruptions, and responds to pop-ups and prompts on your behalf.

With the click automation software, you can keep vital programs running round the clock and stop certain programs from running at specific times. You can set the tool to automatically restart your programs when they are not responding. 

PTFB Pro logs all activities to a text file accompanied with screenshots for record purposes. It can work on locked desktops. The auto clicker has a built-in scheduler and also integrates with external scheduling software so you can run tasks according to a predefined schedule.


PTFB Pro Pricing Plan

PTFB Pro offers a 30-day free trial. A Single License costs $39.99. There is also the option of a Five License Value Pack that costs $144, 10 License Value Pack that costs $249.99, and 20 License Value Pack that cost $419.99.

5. Murgaa

Simple Auto Clicker for Mac Users

Murgaa is a Simple Auto Clicker for Mac Users

Murgaa is an auto clicker that is simple and easy to use. The Mac automation utility tool helps users to automate left or right button clicking. It offers users multiple options for starting and stopping the clicking action of the auto clicker. 

The auto clicker for Mac is compatible with the latest version of the Apple Operating System. You can use the mac automation utility tool to carry out simple repetitive tasks for improved productivity and efficiency. 

You need to download the software from Murgaa’s website to use it. Watch Murgaa’s video tutorial of its auto clicker that explains the installation procedure and the features of the mouse click automatic utility. 


Murgaa is free to download and offers a free trial to use some of its features for a limited amount of time. After the free trial period is over, you can access its full feature by paying $6.54 for a single license (which lasts for up to 6 months).

6. AutoClicker

Best Auto Clicker for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge Browsers

AutoClicker is the Best Auto Clicker for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge Browsers

Get AutoClicker is one of the best auto clickers in the market. Users can use it to auto-fill input fields with data on their behalf instead of having to make repetitive typing or clicking actions. The auto clicker can also be configured to make submissions for the user. 

One of the best features of Get AutoClicker is its usefulness for data entry tasks. The auto clicker extension for Chrome, Edge and Firefox helps users to fetch data and use them row by row in separate sheets.

The auto clicker is easy to download and configure in a few steps.

You can use its schedule URL feature to schedule web pages or URL clicks or other activities on a particular day and time. It helps users to click or fill up any website by providing them with information about the site.


Get AutoClicker is free to use.

7. Fast Auto Clicker

Best Auto Clicker for Repetitive Mouse and Keyboard Tasks 

Fast Auto Clicker is the Best Auto Clicker for Repetitive Mouse and Keyboard Tasks

Fast Auto Clicker is a free macro recorder software that helps users to automate their repetitive mouse and keywords tasks. The auto clicker is user-friendly and easy to use for even beginners. It was formerly known as Auto Clicker Typer 2.0.

The click automation software performs multiple clicks at fixed locations or any dynamic location. You also have the option to set the number of clicks you need the auto clicker to perform at any specific location of your computer screen. It also allows you to set the duration of the clicks and the time interval between clicks.

Fast Auto Clicker allows users the flexibility of changing the sequence and duration of the actions while using the application. It stores the list of actions created by users so they can reuse it to perform the same task without having to set the required list of actions from scratch. 

Installation of the auto clicker is a simple and easy process that does not eat up much of your time or effort. 

With the auto clicker, you can perform mouse functions such as left-click, right-click, and double-click. The click automation software allows users to add comments while adding new click actions to serve as a reminder. 

Actions can be executed by using hotkeys. The key F9 runs the software and F10 stops the software from running. Users can rearrange, edit, and delay mouse clicking actions with the software.


Fast Auto Clicker is free to use.

8. GS Auto Clicker

Best Auto Clicker for Windows

GS Auto Clicker is the Best Auto Clicker for Windows

GS Auto Clicker is one of the best auto clickers in the market. It is a useful tool for automatically clicking the mouse as opposed to using your hands. Users who click on the mouse frequently to perform repetitive tasks while playing games or working can use the application to save time and energy. 

The auto clicker allows you to record sequences of clicks on different parts of the screen. You can select single or double click actions, and set the auto clicker to continue clicking until you stop it. 

Users can program the application to click a certain number of times, and also adjust the time interval between clicks as low as milliseconds. 

GS Auto Clicker is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7, and other 64-bit systems. You can use the auto clicker to configure a HotKey on your keyboard that will perform the functions of the mouse button. 


GS Auto Clicker is free to use.

9. MacroClicker

Best Auto Clicker and Macro Recorder

MacroClicker is the Best Auto Clicker and Macro Recorder

MacroClicker is a comprehensive automated tool that consists of four different packages: macro recorder, action recorder, auto clicker, and auto presser.

With its powerful macro reader tool, users get access to an easy-to-use mouse and Keyboard automation tool. The application helps users to automatically control their mouse and keyboard. 

You can use it to find a picture on the computer screen, record all mouse and keyboard actions and repeat them as often as you want, and edit and optimize the mouse and keyboard actions recorded. It also helps users create scheduled tasks easily.

With its auto presser tool, you can press a key continuously, and set the delay time between two key press events. You can use the hotkeys in the game to start and stop the application.

The action recorder tool is a simple yet powerful mouse and keyboard recording tool that combines the features of the macro recorder and auto presser. It saves time and effort you expend on carrying out repetitive tasks that you can automate for increased productivity. 

With the auto recorder tool, you can set repeat times, the repeat speed (faster or slower), and the delay between two repeatings.

The auto clicker tool helps users automatically click on any location on the screen. It frees you from the workload of having to make repeat mouse clicks. The tool helps users automate screen mouse clicks at specified intervals. You can specify the number of clicks, the click time, and start and stop clicks when you want.


MacroClicker Pricing Plan

MacroClicker has five pricing options: Macro Recorder costs $40, Action Recorder costs $19.95, Macro Recorder Lite costs $20, Auto Clicker costs $4.95, and Auto Presser costs $4.95.

10. MouseClicker

Best Auto Clicker for Gamers

MouseClicker is the Best Auto Clicker for Gamers

MouseClicker is a macro or software that automates mouse clicks on any location on the computer screen. Automating your mouse clicks helps you increase your work speed and helps you accomplish tasks faster and easier.

The auto clicker can automate your clicks at specific points for a wide range of applications and games. You can use it to repeatedly click at specific points on the screen for long periods.

Gamers use this auto clicker to record better performance while playing video games such as RPG video games. It is fast, efficient, and offers users several customization options.

MouseClicker is easy to download and install. Beginners with zero experience will find it easy to operate the mouse automation tool. You have to record the click points or coordinates where you want the click action to happen first for the auto click software to perform the click action you want.

The auto clicker software allows users to automate clicks for a series of coordinates. Apart from its usefulness in gaming, you can use it to automate various office and work assignments that require repetitive clicks at the same locations. MouseClicker supports different platforms such as Windows, Mac, and Android.


MouseClicker is free to download and use.

11. Free Auto Clicker

Best Free Auto Clicker for Automating Your Mouse Clicks

Free Auto Clicker is the Best Free Auto Clicker for Automating Your Mouse Clicks

Free Auto Clicker is a mouse automation software that allows users to repeat mouse clicks anywhere on their computer screen. The auto clicker is fast and runs in the background. You can sit back and perform other tasks while it does your repeat work for you.

The free auto clicker performs left clicks, right clicks, and double clicks on your computer screen without you having to press the mouse. You can record clicks so that it automatically performs those clicks when you are not actively using your computer. 

Free Auto Clicker can assist users to carry out several activities. You can use it to automate mouse clicks while playing games, to download multiple files from an app that does not support batch processing, vote online, and click on web pages. 

You can set time intervals between each click and set a schedule to stop the clicking. It shows you the exact X & Y Coordinate of the clicking point. 

The auto clicker protects you from swelling, wrist joints numb, and other painful health situations that can occur because of repeated clicking with your hands. It is good for Webcam use, especially when you want to take a picture but find it hard to get yourself into a good pose due to overstretching your arm to click on the mouse.  

Free Auto Clicker is a comprehensive click automation software with no limitations and no sign-up requirement to use. It is free from any virus and malware and runs well on the Windows XP-10 operating system.


Free Auto Clicker is free to use.


What Is an Auto Clicker?

An auto clicker is a software that helps users easily automate repetitive and redundant mouse clicks on a computer screen. It automatically performs a sequence of pre-determined mouse clicks in other software.

The software program automates the clicking of the mouse and keyboard buttons. You can program auto clickers to accomplish laborious or repetitive tasks such as opening emails and copying codes. Users provide some input to the software and it responds by automatically making the desired clicks on the screen. 

An auto clicker automatically clicks on your text, image, or icon when you press a particular key on the mouse. It can either be activated manually by users or automatically based on the instructions recorded earlier.

Auto clickers are valuable tools for managing a wide range of computer-based programs. They can control multiple computer systems and remotely hosted servers simultaneously. You can use the software to handle automatic tasks such as completing forms, powering machines, and counting ticks.

Another name for auto clickers is automation software programs. Some auto clickers support the response conditional reactions feature. It is mainly used by software testers and gamers to make their tasks easier and rest their hands and fingers.

How Does an Auto Clicker Work?

The auto clicker software is the tool used to automate mouse clicks on a computer screen. Users record inputs for the auto clicker to replicate in the form of clicks. 

After downloading and installing any trusted auto clicker application of choice, and running it, you will see multiple parameters or options. Fill in the empty fields with the number of clicks you want the auto clicker to make, and set the time delay or time interval between two clicks. 

You also have to choose the click type (single or double click) and the particular key you want to click (right, left, or middle). If you are using a keyboard presser, there are options available for you to enter the keys in a sequence.

Set the hotkey button to start and stop the auto clicker. Choose the curse location by taking your cursor to the location you want so the auto clicker can capture it or select the dynamic location option.

Minimize the auto clicker software and click on the hotkey. The auto clicker will automatically perform the click actions you have configured. Auto clickers can be set to work in the background.

Why Use Auto Clicker Tools?

If you use the mouse frequently for routine and laborious computer-related tasks, auto clicker tools allow you to rest your fingers and hands and to finish your task quickly and smartly. 

Gamers use auto clickers to automate clicks in their favorite games, especially ideal or incremental games that require constant clicking of a mouse. 

An auto clicker tool is handy for gamers to easily and quickly progress to the next levels than they would if they used their fingers and hands. Some auto clicker tools can click up to ten thousand times per second!

Programmers and software testers use auto clickers to find bugs in the software they are developing. It is a useful tool for ensuring that the software runs effectively and smoothly without any major clicking bug.

Jobs that require repetitive tasks such as data entry jobs will be faster to complete with the use of auto clickers. People can perform a sequence of clicks or rapidly click in different clicks without touching a mouse with the use of auto clickers. For jobs that require repetitive writing of similar data, a keyboard auto clicker can help solve that problem.

Auto Clickers keep the computer screen active even when you are away. It is useful for jobs or tasks that require you to always stay active. You can also use auto clickers to grab quick promotions and online flash deals.

If you need to refresh a web page at intervals, maybe you are expecting an important email, auto clickers can help you refresh the page automatically while you sit back and wait.

Are Auto Clickers Illegal?

Auto clickers are not illegal to use. However, some games frown against using auto clickers to play them, especially games where you compete with others. Using auto clickers can get your gaming account suspended or banned.

To avoid getting your gaming account banned, ensure you check the rules and regulations of the gaming platform you are using. Where it is not clearly expressed, contact the support team or community to find out if using auto clickers is acceptable.

How Much Does Auto Clicker Software Cost?

Auto clicker software falls under two categories based on pricing: freemium and premium. The cost of an auto clicker software ranges from free to a maximum of $50 for a single user license.

Which Auto Clicker Tool Should I Choose for Automating Clicks?

Auto clicker tools help you to automate your mouse clicks so you can perform tasks faster, easier, and more efficiently. They improve your productivity by freeing up valuable time you can use to perform other tasks that cannot be automated. Auto clickers are a cost-effective way to automate your mouse clicks.

Some of the best auto clicker tools based on features and usability are OP Auto Clicker, Auto Clicker Pro, PTFB Pro, Murgaa, AutoClicker, and GS Auto Clicker.

OP Auto Clicker is an easy and free auto clicker for PC and Android devices. Auto Clicker Pro is the best auto clicker with advanced features. PTFB Pro is the best auto clicker for increased workflow efficiency and productivity.

Murgaa is a simple auto clicker for mac users. AutoClicker is the best auto clicker for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge browsers. GS Auto Clicker is the best auto clicker for Windows.

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