16 Best Free Auto Clicker Tools for PC in 2024 (Windows, Mac)

Updated Jul 15, 2023.

Auto clickers are a simple solution for automating mouse clicks at a fast rate. I’ve listed the 16 best auto clickers on the market so you can quickly choose the best tool for you. I’ve also recommended the 5 most reliable tools

GS Auto Clicker icon

GS Auto Clicker

This tool is compatible with Windows and quite easy to set up and use.
Free Auto Clicker icon

Free Auto Clicker

A robust free auto clicker that provides complete control to gamers.
Autoclicker.io icon


A secure auto clicker for fast clicking that will give you an edge in Minecraft.
OP Auto Clicker icon

OP Auto Clicker

An easy-to-use free auto clicker to click on your preferred location on the screen.
Murgaa icon


Built for Mac users and gives you control over the timing and number of clicks.

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Auto clickers are invaluable if your video games and internet activities require clicking the mouse button as quickly as possible in a very short time.

The only challenge is that so many of these tools are around, and choosing the right solution is not easy, considering that some auto-clicking software is better for particular devices.

This article contains a review of the 16 best auto clickers for different devices and situations. You’ll be able to choose the best software for your needs.

What are the Best Auto Clickers for PC (Mac, Windows)?

  • GS Auto Clicker – best lightweight auto clicker for Windows with custom hotkeys (ad-free).
  • Free Auto Clicker – auto clicker with coordinate calculation, but some games can detect it (ad-free).
  • Autoclicker.io – single, double, triple, and endless clicking (good for Minecrafters).
  • OP Auto Clicker – low CPU usage, good for gaming, especially for Roblox games.
  • Murgaa – the paid Mac auto clicker, left and right clicks with time intervals.
  • AutoClicker.ai – free keyboard and mouse auto-clicking for Mac and Windows.
  • Speed Auto Clicker – fast and undetectable mouse clicks for gamers.
  • Auto Clicker Pro – simulates holding the mouse, with click intervals custom hotkeys.
  • Roblox Auto Clicker – record click macros and intervals for Roblox games.
  • GetAutoClicker -best for data entry, automatically importing and fetching data to CSV.

Best Auto Clicker Tools of 2022

1. GS Auto Clicker

Best Auto Clicker For Windows

Editor’s Take
9.5 out of 10
Best For
Windows PC
Annual Discount
Free Plan

It’s no secret that the Windows OS is susceptible to malware, so GS Auto Clicker counters that problem with a virus-free automatic clicker that’s compatible with Windows. A perk of using the GS Auto Clicker is that it’s lightweight, so you can run it simultaneously with other applications without any lagging. 

GS Auto Clicker (or Golden Soft Auto Clicker) is an excellent choice if you want automatic clicking software you can easily install and use on your Windows PC without any hassles.

An advantage of using GS Auto Clicker is that it’s so simple that you don’t have to worry about lags or crashes, nor be technically savvy to get the hang of it.

Best Features

  • User-friendly Interface: GS Auto Clicker is quite straightforward, containing only the essential buttons you need to see and an uncomplicated menu. As a result, you can start using the free auto clicker immediately without having to understand technical mumbo-jumbo.
  • Light and Virus-free Software: The auto clicker doesn’t take up a lot of system resources to operate, so you won’t experience lags or crashes while using it. Also, GS Auto-clicker is free from different malware types. Since it’s lightweight, it’s also ideal for PCs with low internal resources.
  • Simple Functionality: With GS Auto Clicker, you can automate mouse clicking easily and quickly. You can also record clicks and set them to perform at intervals automatically.
  • Custom Hotkeys: You can also automate unique sequences like navigating browsers or typing in words with custom hotkeys.
  • Free Software: GS Auto Clicker is a free mouse clicker, and it doesn’t display ads or ask for subscriptions either.

You can download GS Auto Clicker for free here.

2. Free Auto Clicker

Best Free Auto Clicker

Editor’s Take
9.1 out of 10
Best For
Free Software
Annual Discount
Free Plan

Many free auto clickers are plagued with ads, but this software stands out by providing an ad-free experience for users. The interface is user-friendly, and you get nifty features like the ability to set custom intervals. Only downside? Some gaming sites might detect it.

Free Auto Clicker has several valuable features for different use cases, whether you’re a gamer, coder, online bidder, or you simply just use the internet a lot.

The fact that it has such robust functionality and remains completely free to use without ads sets it apart from other auto clickers.

Best Features

  • Standard Auto Clicker: The auto clicker tool can be used to simulate left or right mouse clicks.
  • Coordinate Calculation: Free Auto Clicker automatically calculates the exact X and Y coordinates of a point on the computer screen you want to click.
  • Script Recording: You can record a sequence of clicks as a script and load the script to automatically perform at a later time. You can also set the time intervals you want a recorded sequence to perform.
  • Hotkeys: With hotkeys, you can record and automate any kind of action or sequence of actions.
  • Virus and Ad-free: Free Auto Clicker is free to use and free of malware, viruses, and ads.

Download and use Free Auto Clicker for free.

3. Autoclicker.io

Best Auto Clicker For Fast Clicking

Editor’s Take
8.7 out of 10
Best For
Fast Clicks
Annual Discount
Free Plan

Minecraft users want auto-clickers that are incredibly fast. Autoclicker.io fulfills this need as it lets you set click intervals to 0, giving you the fastest click setting possible. The software is free and safe to use and wouldn’t sneak destructive malware into your system, unlike several other tools on the market.

Autoclicker.io has a robust set of auto-clicking options that makes it great for Minecraft. Apart from setting rapid clicking intervals, you can record a sequence of clicks and play them later to automate and quicken your progress in the game.

Best Features

  • Fast Auto Clicking: The free mouse clicker is a candidate for the fastest auto clicker. You can achieve an extremely fast auto-clicking rate by setting all the time divisions on the click interval tab to 0.
  • Recorded Clicks: Clicks can be recorded in a sequence, and the sequence can be saved to be used later.
  • Target Point Clicking: Autoclicker.io provides several options to click at a specific location on the screen. You can either calculate the X and Y coordinate of a click point or simply move your cursor to a particular screen location. A nifty feature called Dynamic Cursor Location will make the clicker follow the movement of your mouse and click with the cursor simultaneously.
  • Multiple Click Options: You can choose between single, double, and triple clicks. Users can also decide to limit the number of clicks at a time or maintain endless clicking until they stop it manually by pressing the mouse.

Download Autoclicker.io for free.

4. OP Auto Clicker

Best Auto Clicker For Low CPU Resources

Editor’s Take
8.5 out of 10
Best For
Low CPU Usage
Annual Discount
Free Plan

You can use other auto clickers for Roblox games, but OP Auto Clicker gives you the advantage of an ad-free experience plus low CPU usage. This way, you can run the application with your games without any lags or disturbance. There’s also a triple-clicking feature in OP Auto Clicker, which can be advantageous for particular mouse clicking games.

With OP Auto Clicker, you can either set the clicker to follow your cursor or click at a specified location.

Best Features

  • Multiple Auto Clicking Options: OP Auto clicker can be set to click as either the left, right, or middle of the mouse. You can also do double and triple-clicking. Clicks can be limited to a particular number or set to operate infinitely.
  • Hotkeys: Hotkeys can be changed to automate unique sequences. They also continue to operate even if OP Auto Clicker is in the background.
  • Lightweight Software: OP Auto Clicker takes up low storage space and uses little of the CPU’s resources.
  • Free Virus and Ad-free Software: OP Auto Clicker requires no purchases, like several free auto clicker software. It’s also free of ads and viruses.

OP Auto Clicker is free to download.

5. Murgaa

Best Auto Clicker For Mac Users

Editor’s Take
8.1 out of 10
Best For
Mac OS
$6.54 Bi-Annually
Annual Discount
Free Plan

While it’s not free software, Murgaa is one of the best auto clickers for Mac OS users. Equipped with features like unlimited auto clicking, you can set time intervals between the clicks. Only downside is that the Mac auto clicker is only compatible with Intel 64-bit machines, but it supports the latest Mac versions.

Murgaa has an auto mouse clicker specifically designed for Mac users to automate right and left mouse clicks.

The auto clicker for Mac works on the latest version of the Mac OS and only supports Intel 64-bit systems.

Best Features

  • Controlled Auto Clicking: While the Mac auto clicker lets you make infinite clicks on the location you choose, you can also set a limit to the number of clicks.
  • Keyboard Shortcut: Automations can be activated with a keyboard shortcut.
  • Time Intervals: You can set the number of clicks you want within a particular time.

Murgaa’s auto clicker for Mac is not free, but you can download and enjoy a free trial period before paying for the software.

6. Autoclicker.ai

Free Auto Clicker With Multiple Device Compatibility

Autoclicker.ai- Is also great for gaming-related activities like using Roblox or playing Minecraft

Autoclicker.ai works for multiple devices, including Mac and Windows 10.

The auto-click typer is also great for gaming-related activities like using Roblox or playing Minecraft.

Best Features

  • Keyboard and Mouse Clicking: Autoclicker.ai automates key commands from the keyboard buttons as well.
  • Coordinate Calculator: You can click on specific points on the computer screen using the X and Y coordinate calculator.
  • Chrome Extension: There’s a downloadable chrome extension that can be used to automate mouse clicks on different web pages.
  • Fast Auto Clicking: Autoclicker.ai performs rapid automatic clicking in seconds.
  • Macro Recorder: Mouse clicks can be automated in a sequence and recorded.
  • Free Virus and Ad-free Software: The software’s features are entirely free to use. It’s also free of viruses and ads.

You have to sign up with your email to start using Autoclicker.ai’s free auto clicker.

7. PTFB Pro

Robust Auto Clicker for Automating Windows Software Operations

PTFB Pro - Keep Workflow Running Smoothly with PTFB Pro

PTFB Pro is the perfect automation software tool for organizations and professionals.

While typical auto clickers are designed to automate keyboard and mouse clicks, PTFB Pro does more by responding to issues and typical program pop-ups that often affect Windows users.

Best Features

  • Software Automation: PTFB Pro can be set to automatically respond to software prompts and requests and operating system issues such as programs that crash or use too much processing power. The software can also be used for automated software testing and to respond to programs that are hanging.
  • Multi-User Functionality: PFTB Pro’s advanced features can be shared and used by multiple networked computers.
  • Security: Since it can function as an organization-wide tool, the advanced auto clicker offers security options like password protection and macro file encryption.
  • Email Alerts: The auto click typer can be triggered to send recipients an email notification if they’re not around when a software or operating system issue arises.
  • Lockscreen Bypass: PTFB Pro can be set to operate even if your desktop is locked.

While it’s not a free auto clicker, PTFB Pro offers a 30-day free trial before purchasing the software.

8. GetAutoClicker

Best Auto Clicker For Data Entry

AutoClicker - Auto click, fill, submit with AutoClicker

The unique value of GetAutoClicker is its ability to automate the input of data into sheets.

It’s the perfect automation tool for research and data organization.

Best Features

  • Data Entry: AutoClicker saves you from having to repetitively type or click data into sheets. You can import CSV files to automatically fill fields with data. Users can also automatically fetch data files and import them into separate sheets.
  • Schedule URL Feature: With this feature, you can schedule web pages and URLs to be automatically surfed or visited at any particular day or time. The auto clicker typer can automatically fill up forms or automate mouse clicks on websites.
  • Developer Extension: A version of the auto clicker typer is built for developers. It can be downloaded and used as an extension.

GetAutoClicker is free to download and use.

9. Speed Auto Clicker

Undetectable Auto Clicker For Fast Gaming Clicks

Speed Auto Clicker - Free Speed Auto Clicker

Speed Auto Clicker is great for gamers who need many mouse clicks within a very short time frame.

Best Features

  • Fast Click Rate: You can set the software to make as many as 500 clicks within a second.
  • Hotkeys: You can use hotkeys to automate different actions.
  • Click Controls: Users can make automated clicks infinitely or limit the number of clicks.
  • Auto Presser: There’s an option to toggle between auto clicking as long as a hotkey is pressed or stopping the clicks only when the hotkey is pressed a second time.
  • Incognito Mode: The free mouse clicker can remain undetected when being used in a program.

Download Speed Auto Clicker for free.

10. Fast Mouse Clicker

Fast Auto Clicker Compatible With All Windows Versions

Fast Mouse Clicker  - A tool that clicks the mouse extremely quickly

Fast Mouse Clicker is extremely simple in functionality and perfect for mouse-clicking games like Minecraft because it automates a rapid number of clicks in just a second.

The free mouse clicker is compatible with all versions of Windows and doesn’t need any exceptional OS capabilities.

Best Features

  • Fast Auto Clicking: A massive number of clicks can be triggered within a second (more than a thousand). You can simulate mouse clicks (left, right, and center) and limit the number of clicks.
  • Lightweight Infrastructure: The auto click typer doesn’t drain much CPU power to operate.

You can download Fast Mouse Clicker for free.

11. Perfect Automation

Mouse Auto Clicker For Work Automation

Perfect Automation - Free Open Souurce Cross Platform Automation Software for Easy Creation.

Perfect Automation has advanced features that make it the ideal automation software for professionals with a hectic workload.

Software professionals would prefer Perfect Automation as it’s great for automatically responding to and managing software and OS-related tasks.

Best Features

  • Automatic Launcher: Perfect Automation automatically launches programs, websites, and documents.
  • Macro Recorder: Automated actions and tasks can be recorded and saved as files to be used for later.
  • Scheduler: With Perfect Automation, you can set programs or recorded tasks to launch at a specified schedule and time interval.
  • Powerful Script Editor: Users can run multiple visual commands and even add their own visual commands.

Perfect Automation is free to download and use.

12. MacroClicker

Auto Clicker For Keyboard And Mouse Recording

MacroClicker - Best macro recorder and auto clicker

MacroClicker provides all the features of a top auto clicker and macro recorder software. There are also a few extra nifty features like the ability to import CSV files or find and convert image files.

Users might be dissatisfied that all of the program’s functionalities aren’t sold as one package but are bundled into different packages.

Best Features

  • Script Editor: Apart from recording and saving automated mouse and keyboard actions, the recorder also lets you edit all the actions in a recorded sequence.
  • Scheduler: You can schedule tasks and actions to operate at specified times.
  • Time Interval: Users can edit and specify the time interval between two actions. You can control the speed of clicks, set the desired quantity of clicks, and set the time for clicks to be automated.
  • Hotkeys: With hotkeys, you can automate the click of any key. The time or delay between key clicks can be set automatically or controlled manually.

MacroClicker offers four separate product bundles, and they aren’t free. Each bundle does offer a free trial before purchase.

13. Auto Clicker Pro

Mouse Auto Clicker With Custom Hotkeys

Auto Clicker Pro - Boasts some flexibility with the number of hotkeys it lets users use

Auto Clicker Pro boasts some flexibility with the number of hotkeys it lets users use.

Not only are there multiple hotkeys to choose from, but you can also set your own preferred keys.

Best Features

  • Macro Recorder: The software records and automates sequences.
  • Drag-and-drop Functionality: Users can drag and drop data and texts in the app.
  • Auto Presser: You can simulate holding the mouse and a single and double click.
  • Click Interval: Auto Clicker Pro lets you set the time duration between clicks.

The software has to be purchased for $14.95, but there’s also a free trial.

14. MouseClicker

Free Auto Clicker For Gaming

MouseClicker - Auto Mouse Clicker 2022 - Updated

MouseClicker is a simple and free auto click typer for automating mouse clicks for gaming and other software tasks.

Best Features

  • Coordinate Calculator: The X and Y coordinate calculator lets you automate a specific clicking point on the computer screen.
  • Macro Recorder: You can record a sequence of clicks and save them in a list for later use. The actions in a sequence can be edited after they’ve been recorded.

MouseClicker is free to download and use.

15. Roblox Auto Clicker

Simple Auto Clicker For Roblox

Roblox Auto Clicker - A comprehensive guide of an Auto clicker for Roblox

Besides OP Auto Clicker, Roblox Auto Clicker is one of the reliable auto clicking software for automating keyboard and mouse clicks for Roblox games.

The software has simple, straightforward functionality, and new users don’t have to struggle to get the hang of it.

Best Features

  • Simple Auto Clicking: It’s easy to set up and choose which part of the mouse you want to be automated (left, right, or center). You can use double clicks or triple clicks and set the number of clicks you want at a time. The clicks can continue infinitely until you stop them.
  • Click Interval: Users can set how many times they want a click to be repeated within a particular timeframe.
  • Macro Recorder: You get to select the areas you want the mouse clicks to be automated and then record the actions into a sequence to be automated.
  • Hotkeys: Hotkeys can be used to automate unique sequences and actions.

You can download Roblox Auto Clicker for free.

16. Free Mouse Clicker

Simple Auto Clicker For Minecraft

Free Mouse Clicker - Software allows you to auto click your mouse

Free Mouse Clicker has a straightforward functionality that’s great for playing mouse clicking games like Minecraft or World of Warcraft.

Best Features

  • User-friendly Auto Clicker: Usage of Free Mouse Clicker is pretty straightforward and basic. All you have to do is select your time interval, choose either single or double click for any part of the mouse, and point your mouse to where the automation should occur.
  • Visual Indicator: A red dot flashes on the computer screen, letting you know where the auto mouse clicker is operating.
  • Fast Auto Clicking: Free Mouse Clicker can attain a click speed of 500 milliseconds.

Download Free Mouse Clicker for free.

Auto Clicker Software FAQ

What is an auto clicker?

An auto clicker is a software program or macro that automates the clicking of a keyboard or mouse button.

The idea is that it generates clicks faster than a human possibly could and also saves you from having to repeat mouse clicks.

The simple solution auto clickers provide is very advantageous to gamers and software professionals, who often have to do a lot of clicking on the keyboard and mouse.

Auto click software can be quite convenient to use as they let you record an automated action or sequence of actions and use them later.

How does an auto clicker work?

Auto clickers generally work by letting you choose which parts of the screen you want to click and providing different options to automate your clicks.

Once you install and run an auto clicking software, a standard interface will provide different parameters to determine the action you want the tool to take.

Such parameters usually include the number of clicks, time delay, cursor location, hotkeys, and click type (single, double, or triple-click).

Once you’ve made the required input into these fields, you can minimize the auto mouse clicker and press the hotkey to get your software running. The cursor will start to click according to the settings you’ve configured.

Why use auto clicker tools?

Auto clickers are a perfect solution if you do a lot of clicking on your mouse and keyboard and want to give your fingers a rest.

Also, auto clicker software prevents you from damaging your mouse button with tedious and repetitive mouse clicking.

Auto clicking software is touted as ideal solution for gamers, but they’re also quite effective for software professionals who handle several computer programs and repetitive tasks.

Are auto clickers illegal?

Auto clickers are usually banned and disapproved on gaming sites because using them is considered cheating. They’re frowned on because they give an unfair advantage to users against non-users.

However, auto clicker software is a perfectly normal tool to use in the regular world. The solution is convenient in professional environments and will significantly ease up workflow.

How much does auto clicker software cost?

Auto clickers are usually free, even the powerful ones, but some premium software can charge anything from $20 to $420, depending on how robust their features are.

What is the best auto clicker software for Roblox?

OP Auto Clicker is the best auto clicker for Roblox gamers. The auto clicking software is free and contains no ads or malware. It also doesn’t hog CPU resources while providing all the standard auto mouse clicker features.

Roblox Auto Clicker is one of the best free auto clickers, thanks to its ease of use and simple features.

What is the best auto clicker software for Minecraft?

Fast Auto Clicker is the best auto clicker for Minecraft because it can stay undetected and allow a massive quantity of clicks per second. Furthermore, you can make comments on automated clicks to serve as reminders.

What is the best auto clicker tool for hardcore gamers?

OP Auto Clicker is the best auto clicker for hardcore gamers because it’s pretty simple to use and doesn’t drain CPU power, thereby avoiding crashes and lags.

Which Auto Clicker Tool Should I Choose for Automating Clicks?

There are several tools available but only the best free auto clickers are free of malware and adware while providing all the best free auto clicker features.

Depending on your needs, there are a few top auto clicker software you can rely on:

  • GS Auto Clicker is the best free auto clicker for Windows users and a close candidate for the easiest auto clicker. The auto-click typer is free of malware and viruses, it does not drain CPU power, making it ideal for the Windows OS.
  • Free Auto Clicker is one of the best free auto clickers ideal for gamers and coders, and complete with a script recorder. It’s not plagued by ads like many free auto-clicker tools.
  • Fast Auto Clicker is touted as one of the best auto-clicker software for Minecraft. You can automate a rapid number of clicks per second, and be rest assured that the automatic clicker won’t be detected.
  • OP Auto Clicker is a free simple auto-click typer that Roblox gamers will appreciate. You get a lightweight tool that doesn’t drain resources and an ad-free experience.
  • Murgaa’s Mac version is designed for Mac OS users that want to use standard auto mouse clicker features.
Best for Windows PC

GS Auto Clicker

This tool is compatible with Windows and quite easy to set up and use.
Best Free Option

Free Auto Clicker

A robust free auto clicker that provides complete control to gamers.
Best For Minecraft


A secure auto clicker for fast clicking that will give you an edge in Minecraft.
Best For Roblox

OP Auto Clicker

An easy-to-use free auto clicker to click on your preferred location on the screen.
Best For Mac


Built for Mac users and gives you control over the timing and number of clicks.

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