10 Best Business Security Systems to Protect Your Small Business

Updated Dec 5, 2022.
Best Business Security Systems to Protect Your Small Business

Every business owner, whether running a small business or a large enterprise needs to pay attention to protecting the business. Beyond financial protection through business insurance, businesses need to protect their protection and workforce from internal and external threats with a solid and effective security system.

If you notice a drop in sales and you have optimized your business processes, it can be a result of unethical employees stealing from your business. With so many companies claiming to offer the best security system for businesses, it can be difficult differentiating whose claims are authentic and whose are not.

Purchasing a business security system is beyond putting locks and CCTV cameras in place. It involves motion detectors, flood detectors, and advanced smart technology that controls the different components of your security architecture.

In this article, you will learn about 10 of the best business security systems to protect your small business. You will also learn about the must-have features to look for and steps for choosing a business security system.

Let’s get started.

Best Business Security Systems

1. SimpliSafe

Best Overall Business Security System for Small-scale Businesses

SimpliSafe is the Best Overall Business Security System for Small scale Businesses

SimpliSafe is one of the best commercial security companies at the forefront of business security. It is an inexpensive solution that has easy-to-scale equipment which is self-installable.

This business security system is the perfect choice for small-scale businesses, especially businesses that need basic security measures such as camera feeds, locks, and more. SimpliSafe is recognized as one of the best business security systems because of its ease of use.

One thing about SimpliSafe is that they manufacture their equipment themselves. Their cameras include heat sensors that differentiate humans from animals. Its motion sensors tell the difference between automobiles and humans. The sensor rings an alarm when it notices some unusual activities.

You can view the video clip of the activity or even set it to record in cases where there are no standby agents to monitor it.

The lock is a smart lock with a keypad. Asides from that, it contains a timer that reads from the moment you try to unlock and automatically locks if you forget. The monitoring solution works round the clock and notifies you when there is a problem within the first 10 seconds after detection.


  • Budget-friendly equipment
  • Monthly contracts
  • Self-installable solutions


  • No biometric locks or keycards
  • No wired cameras
  • Unclear reimbursement policies


SimpliSafe Pricing Plan

SimpliSafe business security system pricing starts at $259. The business security system allows you to build your own security system by purchasing the needed equipment from its store.

However, if you have no idea of how to assemble a business security system, SimpliSafe has business security system plans for you.

  • The business essentials plan includes entry sensors for your key entrances and a motion sensor that works 24/7. It costs $259 or $17 per month for a year.
  • The restaurant system plan is suitable for businesses that have multiple entrances and windows such as restaurants or coffee shops. It costs $488 or $31 per month for a year.
  • The storefront system is best for storefront locations that have a lot of space and multiple entrances. It costs $433 or $28 per month for a year.
  • The office system is suitable for businesses that need a business security system designed to protect sensitive equipment and employees. It costs $393 or $25 per month for a year.

2. Frontpoint

Best DIY Commercial Security System

Frontpoint is the Best DIY Commercial Security System

Frontpoint is a self-operable business security system with monitoring plans. You can buy and install the equipment yourself and then subscribe to a monitoring plan.

The combination of pricing rates, features, equipment, and credit history makes it a great choice for most businesses. Frontpoint is the bet if you want a commercial security system that does not affect the operation of a small business.

One great feature of the Frontpoint system is the advanced camera that has two-way voice communication. It enables you to speak to the visitor on the camera. Also, if it is an intruder, you can issue a warning via the camera, telling them to stay away before they get a chance to break-in.

Another awesome feature is the Crash and Smash Protection. This notifies you when any of your devices have been destroyed, probably by a burglar. It has indoor and outdoor recording devices that stream and record simultaneously.

Frontpoint also has smoke, heat, flood, and door sensors. Its equipment comes with a 36-month warranty.


  • Do-it-Yourself (DIY) feature
  • High customer satisfaction
  • Two-way voice communication feature on cameras


  • Recent customer service hassles
  • A little more expensive DIY option
  • No professional install option


Frontpoint Pricing Plan

Frontpoint's equipment packages start from $99. You can purchase the door sensors, keypad, smoke and heat sensors, indoor and outdoor cameras, etc. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee on the equipment you buy.

To get a quote for your small business needs, you have to click the “Request a Quote” button on the website, indicate your needs, input your email address, and have a custom quote sent to your inbox.

3. Vivint

Best Business Security Systems for Smart Automations

Vivint is the Best Business Security Systems for Smart Automations

Vivint is a perfect business security system for companies that want to integrate small business alarm systems with smart technology. It is designed to work with thermostats, smart locks, and many more. The cameras include smart features that scare away intruders before they break-in.

This business security system has a high customer satisfaction record. Its automation features make the system very secure if you run a business outside your home

Vivint works best for home-based businesses. You enjoy smart locks for doors, a doorbell camera, garage remote control, and more. Other features include smart integrations, convenience, and synchronization with home devices. If you want to control your residence while working in your office, Vivint will serve you right.

This business security system offers wireless cameras, smart thermostats, and a control panel to operate seamlessly. The camera offers a wide-angle of view, night vision optimization, and zoom feature.

With the help of its sensors, it can tell the difference between an animal and a human. The recordings are saved for some days. It also has alarm systems to scare intruders off your environment.


  • Smart devices technology
  • Sound and noise distinctive features in cameras
  • Outright payments of equipment do not attract contracts


  • Difficulty in getting out of long-term contracts
  • No biometric or keypad controls


To start building your business security system now, you have to request a quote either by filling the form or calling its service line (855.542.5929).

4. Vector

Best Commercial Security System for Custom Purposes

Vector is the Best Commercial Security System for Custom Purposes

Vector earns one of the top spots in the rankings of the best commercial security systems because it offers features, equipment, and plans specifically to meet the needs of different companies.

So many security systems try to condition home security systems to suit commercial settings such as businesses. But Vector is one of the very few ones that manufacture commercial security equipment, thereby making the equipment ideal for large operations and serious security issues.

Users rate this system very high because they accept that it offers a service equal to the money they spend.

Vector uses multiple locks and access options, from basic smart locks to biometric scanning controls. It has proximity sensors that automatically give access to authorized persons. This business security system also offers intercom readers and many more features. The video systems integrate live streams and recorded video clips.

Notifications are sent when sensors detect strange movements or signs. Apart from the alert alarms, you get emails and texts on other events like a down system, checking in of an employee, the opening of safes, and more.


  • Round-the-clock professional monitoring
  • Solutions for multiple businesses
  • Selective solutions for specific industries


  • 12 months warranty
  • Services only offered in Eastern US
  • 3 years contract required


Vector does not disclose its pricing plans on its website. You have to request a quote by calling its service line (888-832-8671). You also get a free business security assessment when you fill out the form on its website.

5. Brinks

No. 1 Business Security System with the Best Set of Equipment

Brinks is the No. 1 Business Security System with the Best Set of Equipment

Brinks is one of the best commercial security systems that work well with new and existing equipment. It sells security equipment that you can either install yourself or pay a professional to install for you.

This business security system requires you to sign up for its 36-month contract, so you have to go through the terms and conditions carefully to understand the basics. It can handle smart devices controlled by smartphones, AIs, Apple TVs, and other devices. The equipment is also wireless which makes it easy to maintain.

Brinks has motion detectors, break-in sensors, smart locks, indoor and outdoor cameras, and wind/temperature control systems. Its cameras are very powerful because of the night vision feature and cloud-based storage.

This business security system uses two-way voice communication which makes it easy for users to communicate with visitors through the cameras. It can handle more than 250 passcodes and also takes pictures of people using the control panel.

Users get reimbursed a certain amount of money when the system fails to detect damage. Brinks does round-the-clock monitoring and sends alert warnings immediately after an issue is detected. All its equipment is made by Smart Security.


  • Smart technology support
  • DIY-oriented options
  • Broad of compatibility with devices


  • 18 months warranty
  • Contracts are difficult to terminate
  • 36 months contracts


Brinks does not disclose its pricing plans on its website. You have to request a quote by filling out its form or calling its service line (877.877.0345).

6. ADT

Best Business Security System for Multiple Businesses

ADT is the Best Business Security System for Multiple Businesses

ADT is a highly recommended option for both homes and business security systems. If you run a business with specialized needs, ADT is your best bet because it offers top-notch monitoring services that cover anything related to cyber-security and burglary.

This business security system is a perfect choice for businesses that require comprehensive systems to run smooth operations. If you manage several employees in your business and they all have access to confidential information, you can use the ADT security system to keep your business safe.

ADT's system helps you design unique access codes for each person who uses the commercial alarm systems. It notifies you when someone arms your system, also when someone disarms it. This way, you will know if Cole came in late at night without permission or if Anthony arrived in time. It also offers advanced security options like card-based or key-based access.


  • Live phone support
  • Specialized solutions
  • Multiple monitoring centers are available


  • Complaints on pricing
  • 36-month contracts with exorbitant cancellation fees
  • On-site visits for a price quote


ADT does not disclose its pricing information on its website, you need to request a quote to get a price. If you have no idea what you need, you can take its free security assessment form to get a recommended solution for your business. It offers users three security solutions: secure, interactive, and complete plans.

The secure plan offers intrusion services only. It offers users intrusion detection, hold-up alarm monitoring, high/low-temperature monitoring, and flood detection features.

The interactive plan offers interactive services and automation. It provides all the features available in the security plan including additional features such as event history, alerts & notifications, customized scheduling, remote access, remote art & disarming, climate control, lighting control, and small appliance management.

The complete plan offers all the features of the secure and interactive plans in addition to providing video features.

7. Tattletale

Best Business Security System with Extensive Outdoors Security

Tattletale is the Best Business Security System with Extensive Outdoors Security

Tattletale is a great security system whose commercial services are designed for outdoor areas like schools, gardens, churches, construction sites, recreation centers, and more. It can be adapted by small-scale businesses.

This small business security system includes break-in sensors, motion detectors, environmental sensors, and wide-angle cameras. Its environmental sensors can detect a slight temperature rise. If detected, it will ring an alarm once there is an unusual increase in temperature in a specific time.

Tattletale cameras have 130-degree vision and night vision. The angle of vision makes the cameras stream/record every possible place around the industry. Its sensors are also designed with anti-braking technology.

For large properties with heavy equipment, such as auto-machines and utilities, the system offers a motion sensor with a 90-degree angle of view. There are equipment locks to keep your equipment safe. Tattletale also has an alarm attached to the machine that sounds if there are any movements. This business security system can be set for over 120 users and can track about 500 sensors. It is also one of the most durable systems available.


  • Extensive security options for large outdoor areas
  • Awesome customer ratings and reviews
  • Cheap monitoring plans


  • No biometrics, keycards, or smart locks
  • 12-month warranty


Tattletale Security System Pricing Plan

Tattletale sells the needed equipment you need to create a secure business security system. You can call its service line (614-540-7233) or fill out its contact form to get more information about its products.

Tattletale Security System Pricing

8. Abode

Best Business Security System with Cheap Plans

Abode is the Best Business Security System with Cheap Plans

Most security systems always offer extensive security measures but with a high pricing plan. However, Abode has been an exception in this trend. It offers a lot for small businesses at budget-friendly prices.

This business security system protects businesses with easy methods and integrations. No contracts are required before users can get the best of the system.

With the ability to identify who armed or disarmed your system, Abode has come to the rescue of some businesses regarding theft or burglary issues. It assigns unique access codes to users and you can also cancel access from the mobile app if need be.

So many businesses trust Abode because of the ability to revoke access anytime. It is an important feature to use when you notice the funny activities of an employee who has been granted access. With this security system, you can grant access to your employees without compromising your security.

Abode’s alert system sends you real-time notifications telling you the particular person who armed or disarmed your system. In a situation where your business parts ways with such an employee, you can revoke the access granted.

The keypad can assign up to 40 passcodes. You can also view arming and disarming history if you want to refer back to an incident in the past.

This business security system sends an alert when your alarm system is triggered. When you get the alert, you can quickly open your phone to view the live video of the occurrence. The cameras also capture pictures and clips during these moments for users to view later. Some sensors monitor virtually everything regarding movements and change.


  • No contracts required
  • Professional monitoring available
  • Integration with smart office devices


  • Cellular backup available on only pro plan
  • Limited devices in starter kits


Abode allows you to build your business security system by assembling the various equipment you need from its store. If you do not have an idea of what your business security needs are, you can fill out a quick survey to get a quote.

9. Lorex

Best Commercial Security System with Mobile App

Lorex is the Best Commercial Security System with Mobile App

Lorex is a security system that offers a broad range of technological solutions to satisfy the insecurity issues of the modern business setting. Apart from the hard work and perseverance that you put into your work, you need peace of mind to enjoy what you do. This peace of mind comes when you use the best security solutions to safeguard your business.

With Lorex's premium security solutions, keeping an eye on your business is made easy. This business security system ensures security at offices, in homes, and even while being far away from your business.

Lorex camera solutions ensure a comprehensive view of the indoor and outdoor areas of your workplace. You can view the live streaming/recording of the cameras on a security monitor in the comfort of your office.

When work hours are over for the day, you can still monitor your business by using the software to check in on your PC or desktop at home. If you are far away from the office and you are not home, you can use the Lorex mobile app on Android or iOS to monitor your business.

Lorex’s high-quality surveillance cameras provide very clear images and video clips in any lighting conditions. This ensures a clear receipt of whatever incident was recorded or captured.


  • Long-range and wide-angle night vision
  • 4K quality video
  • Color vision
  • Customizable camera options


  • Quite expensive than other smart devices
  • Too many choices cause difficulty in picking the right one you need


Lorex Pricing Plan

Lorex offers users several security camera solutions in its store. You can assemble your business security system on the website from its numerous options.

If you have no idea what equipment you need for your business security system, you can email the company to have its team configure a perfect solution for your business needs.

Best Cost-efficient Business Security System

Link Interactive is the Best Cost efficient Business Security System

Link interactive is one of the most secured, cost-efficient, DIY security systems available today. They make security-related integrations easy for small businesses. The installation is completely free (unlike most other security systems).

There is an easy-to-follow guide on how to assemble your equipment. This business security system is mostly wireless to avoid complexities while trying to connect and maintain cables. Its customer support team is very amazing.

Link interactive provides a mobile app (on Android and iOS devices) to access the control system remotely. This way, you do not have to be around the office environment to know who is stepping into boundaries. You get a 30-day money-back guarantee on the equipment you purchase.

This business security solution has two-way voice communication which enables users to converse with visitors via the cameras.

The Smash and Crash protection notify you when an intruder arms or disarms your system. Do you have an existing security system? Link Interactive has a takeover program where you can switch from your current security system to theirs.

You do not need to waste money on new equipment, i.e. you can save both time and money by integrating your existing equipment with the new system. With the integration, you are offered the highest level of remote access and automation.


  • 30-day money-back surety
  • Takeover security solutions
  • Flexibility
  • Smart integration


  • Upfront costs
  • Cancellation fees


Link Interactive Pricing Plan

Link Interactive has three pricing plans: standard, gold, and elite. The standard plan offers professional monitoring, smoke, fire, and CO detectors. The gold plan offers all the features of the standard plan plus remote control online or app, and energy management features.

The elite plan offers all the features of the standard and gold plans plus HD video monitoring with analytics.

Features to Look for in a Business Security System

Having known the best small business security systems and what they are highly recognized for, the next step is to check out the necessary features you need before ascertaining which one is the right choice for your type of business.

No matter how great a business security system is, some downsides exist that make it less perfect. Proper checking of what downside a business security system has will let you know if it is something you can overlook.

Some of the features to look for in a business security system include:

1. Fire, Smoke, and Environmental Hazard Detection

One of the key features you need to look out for in a business security system is its ability to detect smoke, fire, and environmental hazards.

Your business security system should include sensors that can detect the presence of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. It should also detect heightened temperature and trigger your alarm system

When these sensors notice any unusual occurrence, they instantly raise an alarm to your security system monitoring service and other emergency services so that responders can act quickly and forestall or reduce any potential damage.

2. Lighting, HVAC, and Office Equipment Monitoring

Another feature you need to look for in a business security system is the presence of lighting, HVAC, and office equipment monitoring. Little mistakes made by people such as failing to reset the thermostat can prove costly.

When your business security system has the necessary monitoring features, it will send you a notification telling you what was left on. Some business security systems allow you to reset the thermostat or turn off the lights remotely.

If you have expensive machinery that is extremely valuable to your business operations, installing customized sensors can help you spot when the machines are overheating. These sensors send you alerts and even be set to turn them off.

3. Monitoring Services

A good business security system should provide monitoring services that cover the entire day. When an intruder breaches your door or window, it is these monitoring services that trigger the alarm to make a loud noise which can prove sufficient in fending off the intruder.

You can also set the monitoring services to first notify you of the breach or any other irregular occurrence at your workplace. It can also be set to notify the fire department or police depending on the type of alarm it raises.

4. Conditional Recording

The best business security systems include video cameras. Integrating video cameras with your business security system presents you with a clearer picture of the security threats to your business. You can easily spot erring employees with them.

Recording via video cameras can be set to be continuous or automatically activated when specific conditions are met. One of such specific conditions can be when your business security system notifies unusual movements, it will trigger the recording to begin. You can also set it to record during certain hours of the day.

How to Choose the Best Business Security System

The metrics on how to choose the best business security systems often depend on your scale and type of business. Some office security systems are solely for small businesses while some are solely for sophisticated businesses.

However, there are some tips on how to choose the best security systems for your business.

1. Decide on a Budget

A common mistake most companies make is to jump on a business security system without considering how much they want to spend. You need to map out a security budget before choosing a business security system.

Some systems' subscription plans are quite expensive for startups and you might run the company down financially because of security. Check for security plans that are within your budget and go for them.

Do not just check for security costs and decide on your choice. Ask if there are upfront costs and recurring charges attached to the contract. Some businesses can afford just the monitoring costs and then get stuck when they are asked to pay some extra charges that may be due to maintenance.

2. Determine Where Exactly Your Company Needs Protection

Businesses contact security systems for different security needs. Determining your specific need is an important step in choosing your business security system.

One way to determine your security needs is to make a list of the monetary and financial assets you have in the company environment that are high-risk or valuable. This will tell you the type of security measures you need to employ. Some businesses might require more sensors than cameras and vice versa.

For example, a gadget company is vulnerable to a burglary from doors and windows at any time. This company will avoid these by employing the use of doors or windows sensors, outdoor and hidden cameras, and break-in sensors.

Making a list of your valuable items and how they can be tampered with is a good way of determining the type of business security system you need.

3. Availability of Professional Monitoring

Some companies need some level of professional monitoring while running a business. What this means is that the system will hire a person or group of people who will remotely watch over the business through your security equipment. It is a valuable service for businesses that do not have the manpower to monitor the cameras and security feeds.

The alert systems will be connected to these people so that once the damage is detected, the right people are contacted and the appropriate protocol is followed.

Monitoring services are oftentimes connected to police stations and this lessens the response time and increases the possibilities of apprehending criminals.

Businesses that want to save the cost of acquiring manpower should consider employing professional monitoring services. Also as a business owner, you can monitor your business through mobile apps from the comfort of your home or while on a faraway trip.

4. Quality of Security Cameras

Camera quality is a big factor in choosing a business security system. The security concerns determine the type of cameras you purchase.

Some companies are okay with cameras that do not capture high-resolution feeds because the camera is only focused on a small area. On the other hand, monitoring a large space with long corners requires a camera that captures HD pictures.

Also, some cameras are needed for effective recording during nighttime. This will ensure 99.95% security in the company's environment.

5. Contract Length and Contract Closure Difficulty

The common downsides of most business security systems are its long contract requirement and difficulty in breaking it due to the conditions attached to the deal. Most systems will require you to sign an 18-month contract or a 36-month contract, depending on what the platform offers.

Before the contract expires, some companies might want to opt-out, and then it becomes difficult due to the conditions the security system places you on. To avoid situations like these, you need to pay attention to the conditions offered to you, and the kind of fees you will pay peradventure you cancel any contract you sign.

Some business security system providers require you to pay at least 75% of your remaining contract charges. That is quite a lot for a small business or a startup.

Some business security systems are portable and easy to transport. What this means is that you can always take the equipment with you when you change business location.

Oftentimes, the address being monitored is also changed and this will influence the cancellation of contracts. Before purchasing the services of a security system, you do not just give in to what the salesperson tells you. Read and understand the agreement in writing. These salespersons might sugarcoat the deals for you and you fall into a debt trap.

6. Reimbursement Policies

Another important thing for you to check out is reimbursement policies. You need to know if there are monetary compensations in the cases of theft, fire, burglary, and other damage that their system failed to alert you of.

As common as you think it is, not every business security system offers these policies. In a contract agreement, look for where it is written. Even if you are told in an oral dialogue, ask for the written document that backs it up.

7. Check Reviews

Reviews can say a lot of positive things about a service. On a ratio of good to bad, you get more of the good talks than the destructive criticism in most cases. Despite this, be sure to ask questions that are important to the growth of your business. You should not just assume that a business security system is the best for you because of what third parties have to say concerning that.

Below is a list of questions that you need to ask your security providers. It will help you identify what you need to look out for in a business security system.

  • What kinds of threats are attached to your business location and how do you handle the threats? Some locations are more prone to burglary or fire outbreaks than others. Knowing what danger your business is prone to and how they intend to handle it is beneficial to your progress.
  • What is the response time for alert messages? The response time is also important for you to know as a business owner.
  • How many pin codes can the system handle? The number of passcodes determines how many persons can be granted access simultaneously.
  • Are there hidden cameras? Hidden cameras are very important to capture/record events because people tend to act irrationally when they feel nobody is watching.
  • How does the business security system tackle someone tampering or trying to disarm the system? For example, cutting off the power supply, alerting nearby security, sounding the business alarm systems, shutting down the equipment, and more.

Answers to these questions will go a long way in helping you choose the best business security systems for your specific business needs.

Commercial Security System FAQ

Should I Install My Own Commercial Security System or Get It Professionally Installed?

The decision to invite a professional to install your system or do it yourself depends largely on your preferences and the business situation. Financially, installing the security system yourself is way cheaper than calling a professional to do it for you. 

On the other hand, a professional will install your system in less time than you because they have the experience to deal with equipment like that.

Considering the time you spend on work every day, can you spare an hour or two to fix the equipment? Will the number of hours you can spare be enough to carefully fix all the equipment? If you feel you do not have the time or the expertise, then it is better to call the services of a professional. 

What Equipment Do I Need For My Business Security System?

The equipment a business needs for security issues depends on the type of business, the level of growth of the business, and where the business is located. 

Some businesses need sophisticated equipment more than others. On the other hand, some businesses just need some basic office security systems to monitor the business. 

However, there is some common equipment most businesses need regardless of whatever condition you operate in.

– Quality cameras
– Motion sensors
– Alarm systems
– Break-in sensors
– Control panel
– Night vision-optimized cameras
– Doors/windows sensors
– Smart locks

Of course, not every business needs all of these things. Check your specific security needs to know the important ones to get. If you can afford other options to strengthen your security status, go ahead and acquire them.

How Much Does A Business Security System Cost?

Business security systems do not have a common cost because they do not all offer the same services. It is best to do your research on the system that is perfect for your business and then negotiate security and monitoring costs. Generally, security systems that offer quite a lot tend to be on the high side on their pricing terms. 

Security systems also offer different pricing plans to companies to make them flexible for users. If you run a startup, it would be best for you to go for the basic plans. Once your business grows, then you can upscale your business security plans.

When Does It Make Sense To Invest In A Business Security System?

Some people feel the best time to invest in security is after they experience their first threats, maybe from thieves, burglars, or even unfortunate situations like fire outbreaks, floods, and more. For some, it works well to decide at that time; while for others, it might not be the best time. 

You might lose a fortune already from your first threat thereby causing your business to stagger financially. By then, taking security extra seriously may be somewhat late.

To avoid unfortunate stories, from the start of your business, try to budget for security and make plans for it. Including security in your business ideas as a means of playing safe with whatever assets you gather while running your business is very important. 

Sometimes, merely investing in security systems scare away intruders from your business, which means you might not get to experience any insecurity issues.

Which Commercial Alarm System Should I Pick?

Choosing an alarm system that works best for the specific needs of your business can be a challenge. Unlike some other business equipment where you can afford to be less thorough in your search, you can not afford to do that when choosing a commercial alarm setting.

The reason is simple, the first time you need your commercial alarm system to work for you, it has to work else you risk losing a lot of business capital and equipment to threats.

With so many commercial alarm systems in the market, choosing one is not an easy task. The commercial alarm system you choose should be able to identify security breaches and also notify you of high temperatures and possible fire outbreaks, among others.

If you are looking for the best business security system for your small-scale business with easy-to-install equipment, SimpliSafe is your go-to pick. Frontpoint is the best DIY commercial alarm system with monitoring plans.

Vivint is the best business security system for companies that want to integrate small business alarm systems with smart technology. Vector is the best commercial alarm system with custom plans tailored to meet the needs of different business types.

If you want access to a business security system with the best set of equipment and that works with existing equipment, Brinks is the go-to choice.

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