12 Best Free Floor Plan Software Tools (2D and 3D Designs)

Updated Dec 6, 2022.
Best Free Floor Plan Software Tools

A floor plan provides accurate representations of fixtures, dimensions, and spatial relationships within a space.

Architects usually draft the floor plans, which are later used by builders, contractors, interior designers, and even real estate agents.

An expensive, high-powered 3D architecture software can provide you with a lot of elaborate features, while a free floor planner software is enough to help you visualize and understand general spatial ideas and principles.

The floor plan examples in this article will help you understand which spatial areas are suited for your ideas and intentions, without the help of a professional designer to decipher the floor plan design.

The floor plan ideas can be represented like a house blueprint with all the interior and exterior, or they can be more explicit like a furnished apartment floor plan.

Here, we’ll show you the 12 best free floor planner software on the market that combine sophisticated architectural operations with guidance and simplicity.

What are the Best Free Floor Plan Software Tools?

  1. SketchUp
  2. AutoCAD Architecture
  3. Civil 3D
  4. AutoCAD LT
  5. SmartDraw
  6. Sweet Home 3D
  7. Draft it
  8. Floorplanner
  9. RoomSketcher
  10. PlanningWiz Floor Planner
  11. RoomIe
  12. HomeStyler

1. SketchUp.

The Most Comprehensive Free 3D Design Software.

Sketchup The Most Comprehensive Free 3D Design Software.

With this free 3D modeling software, you can create anything you imagine without downloading anything.

SketchUp requires a little more effort than some dedicated apps, which makes it not tailored specifically for home design.

The only major difference between SketchUp Free and SketchUp Pro is that the latter has more export and import options, while many other vital features are the same.

SketchUp offers two different free versions

  • SketchUp Free – Runs into your web browser (Chrome and Firefox are optimal, but you can use Safari as well)
  • SketchUp Make – Desktop app

Since SketchUp Make hasn’t been updated recently, SketchUp Free is the optimal floor plan generator for your PC and Mac.

SketchUp offers 10GB of Trimble Connect cloud storage that you can use to share your projects and collaborate.

SketchUp possesses a 3D Warehouse of user-generated and manufacturer-produced models that you can download and produce for your projects.

The online library contains everything from fences, furniture, building types, and other smaller-scale and ambitious project components.

3D design done with Sketchup

The Instructor browser panel can find you models, color themes and and texture swatches, layers, and views, rendering options, etc.

The Instructor will play a little animation showing you how the action, movement on the model you’ve selected works and which key you need to press to modify what it does.

You can move your camera on and around your model, switching every possible perspective, so you can virtually walk around your 3D place.

You can go from an angled view to front elevation in a silky-smooth transition and switch between every view fluidly.

This floor plan maker allows you to adjust the speed of transition going through different angles, and you can generate a steady drone-like effect with a fly-over or sneak-around shot.

After you’ve created your design, you can export it as SKP, PNG, and STL files, while the import options include SKP, JPG, and PNG files.


SketchUp Free is a free floor plan creator.

Pricing of Sketchup


  • 3D Warehouse of user-generated and manufacturer-produced models
  • 10GB of Trimble Connect cloud storage
  • Front, side, overhead, rear, and angled object view
  • The camera is always silky-smooth
  • View the 3D models on your mobile device with the SketchUp Viewer app
  • The Instructor shows an animated application of your selected objects
  • Virtually walk around your 3D place
  • Switch perspectives and change transition speeds
  • Export SKP, PNG, STL files
  • Import SKP, PNG, JPG files

SketchUp requires more time and attention from you as a creator if you want to transcribe an idea from your imagination into a 3D illustration.

But, dedicating more time to your design will not only teach you how to build a strong work ethic and make more money, but it will place you miles ahead of your competition with your skillset and a toolkit like the one SketchUp provides.

You won’t be able to drag and drop a couple of fences and a fridge to piece together a rendered design.

But, you can create quite complex designs, unlike some home design apps that treat the design process like child’s play.

SketchUp is equipped with an extensive library to draw and construct from, as well as excellent viewing and navigation options.

Try the free program today, as you can scale up to access the more elaborate features whenever you choose.

2. AutoCAD Architecture.

Best Free Floor Plan Software for Students.

AutoCAD Architecture Best Free Floor Plan Software for Students.

Designed by AutoDesk, this is a stripped-down version of the AutoCAD software, tailored to fit the architects’ work practices.

This floor plan creator is designed to streamline and accelerate the architectural design and drafting process to generate applicable, spatially-aware floor plan ideas and put them into practice.

AutoCAD offers over 8K architecture, engineering, and structure (AEC) objects (like doors, walls, windows, etc.) to architects and designers to create realistic, enthralling floor plan designs.

Architectural renovation allows the architects to design adaptable renovation floor plan projects.

You can display the existing, demolished, and new construction in a single drawing and make it zestful and accurate.

You can draw with multiple tools, objects, blocks, and components, and you can even use lines and shapes or the info-embedded walls and windows.

Assign 2D and 3D objects into different categories, and view the renovation, demolition, and revision plan drawings and objects by category.

When you select an object and order the command to Delete, Move, Rotate, and Copy, objects get assigned to categories.

Floor design on AutoCAD Architecture

You can create documents and drawings, using elements like doors, walls, and windows with real-world behavior to create a structure that is satisfying and manageable.

You can select the various shapes and sizes of doors, walls, and windows that fit your design the best.

The tools AutoCAD provides for inserting detailed components are flexible in the ways you can create, customize, store, and apply them.

You will learn how to add detailed component tools to the tool palette, modify, insert the detailed component.

You will receive detailed insights into applying detailed component properties to linework, editing them in a drawing, and using the detail component manager.


Aside from a free version, you can purchase a monthly or yearly subscription license.

Pricing of AutoCAD Architecture


  • Create floor plans, sections, renovations, and other building design drawings
  • Drawing annotation
  • Roombook feature for useful documentation
  • Styles browser, tool palettes, and AEC object styles
  • Flexible keynoting and detail components
  • Supports architectural renovation
  • Revit grids import support
  • While switching between renovation types within one drawing, you avoid editing errors
  • Excellent for smaller projects and simple floor plans and diagrams
  • The fastest and the most responsive 2D drafting features
  • Over 8K architectural objects and styles to support AIA 2nd edition, BS1192 DIN 297, ISYBAU Long Format, ISYBAU Short Format, and STLB layer standards
  • The student version is free for 3. years

AutoCAD Architecture is a perfect tool for 2D document presentations, construction and engineering drawings, and architectural design detailing.

Being the perfect solution for students, it enables them to juggle their college obligations with a simplified design process.

By learning the design process through a high-quality program like AutoCAD Architecture, future architects can learn the craft and reach financial freedom and wealth faster.

Everyone can pick it up quickly, with its command-based interface that is efficient on a larger scale and repetitive tasks.

The software is 100% free for students for 3. Years.

3. Civil 3D.

Best On-Premise Civil Infrastructure Design Software With Powerful 3D Design Features.

Civil 3D Best On Premise Civil Infrastructure Design Software With Powerful 3D Design Features.

AutoCAD Civil 3D is a civil engineering design software that supports BIM (Building Information Modeling) with integrated design, drafting, and construction documentation features.

You can safely access Civil 3D files, data shortcuts, and xrefs from multiple companies and locations in one place.

Apply the Connector for ArcGIS and streamline the data between ArcGIS and Civil 3D while keeping features information up to date.

Develop routines to automate repetitive design tasks and expedite the workflow with Dynamo visual scripting environment.

Coordinate the challenging workflow across different disciplines working on complex bridge design projects.

Bridge design project

Produce a more structured pressure pipe network layout and design with the enhanced tools of Pressure network.

Civil 3D has added more expansive transit and rail design toolkits that include spirals, dynamic alignments, profiles, and superelevation design.

In Civil 3D, you can create surfaces from point cloud data, which are composed of points, breaklines, boundaries, and contours.

Prospector tree collection displays the surfaces you’ve created, while you can add data or edit the surface.

Surfaces become visible in the drawing once you add data.

Surface modeling combines 3D solids, surfaces, and mesh objects into models that are converted into procedural surfaces and continues with the conversions between different 3D modeling types.

Civil 3D’s Parcel design conducts the practices for parcel creation, editing, annotation, and creating parcel tables.

Use the Civil 3D’s Grading tools to design finished ground surfaces.

Civil 3D Grading allows you to establish criteria like Gradin sites, group, footprints, targets, and criteria.

Feature line elevations, if obtained from a surface, get updated if the surface gets updated.

You can use relative feature lines as data in surface definitions, edit relative feature lines, update the elevation points on a relative feature line through the Elevations panel in the feature line ribbon tab.

Corridors can be the most demanding, data-filled objects in Civil 3D engineering design.

This data needs to be managed carefully so that it seamlessly blends into the design review and construction process that follows.

Use the Analyze Pipe Network wizard for pipe network analysis using rainfall data, a graphic results review, result modifications, re-analysis, and pipe network adjustments using the results.

With the Analyze Pipe Network wizard, you can resize the pipes and reset inverts, assess the energy and hydraulic grade lines according to HEC-22 2009 standards.


Civil 3D costs $390 per month, unless obtained for free through a student license.

Pricing of Civil 3D


  • Access Civic 3D files, data shortcuts, and xrefs from multiple companies and locations
  • Develop routines to automate repetitive design tasks with Dynamo visual scripting environment
  • Produce a more structure pressure pipe network layout and design with the Pressure network
  • Expansive transit and rail design toolkits
  • Display surfaces, add data or edit the surfaces through the Prospector tree
  • Combine 3D solids, surfaces, and mesh objects into a model
  • Create Parcel creation, editing, annotation, and parcel table creation practices
  • Design finished ground surfaces with the Grading tools
  • Update, delete, and edit the elevation point on the feature line
  • TIN, TIN volume, Grid, Grid volume, and Corridor surface support
  • Carefully-managed Corridor designs are valuable for the follow-up construction process
  • Review the Pipe Network analysis in a CSV. file

Civil 3D is AutoCAD’s BIM solution for civil engineering design, construction companies, architects, and civil engineers.

Civil 3D will help you produce more design alternatives in less time, and you can download a free trial today.

4. AutoCAD LT

The Most Cost-Effective Drawing, Drafting, and Documentation Software.

AutoCAD LT The Most Cost Effective Drawing, Drafting, and Documentation Software.

AutoCAD LT is computer-aided design software (CAD) for architects, designers, engineers, and constructors that produce 2D drawings and documentation.

The fast and intuitive interface will enable you to design, draft, edit, and document within 2D geometrics and with its comprehensive toolset.

Compare the present work with past versions of your drawings through Drawing history, and look for the changes made to your current drawing from changed external references (Xrefs).

Access your blocks content on a desktop or within the AutoCAD web app through the Blocks palette.

With Performance enhancements, you can improve the save and install times and support multi core processors for more fluid orbit, pan, and zoom operations.

Cloud storage connection allows you to access any DWG file.

Use Quick measure to display any nearby measurements in a drawing.

You can publish design views for the drawings in a web browser.

AutoCAD LT provides you with a wide-ranging set of drawing, editing, and annotation tools to produce your drawings at the peak level.

AutoCAD LT provides you with a wide ranging set of drawing, editing, and annotation tools to produce your drawings at the peak level.

An intuitive user interface allows you the use of multifunctional grips, contextual ribbon tabs, customizable tool palettes, and an intelligent command line, always at your disposal.

Ribbon tabs and panels will display and serve your best tools to you while customizing your most-used tools in custom palettes.

Use grip editing and manipulate geometry, and control object transparency for the whole layer or the select few objects.

Change the shape, size, and configuration of your block references in Dynamic blocks.

Create and modify objects in circular or rectangular patterns with Associative arrays.

Find and select objects matching the properties of an object which you can hide or unhide.

Create single or multi-line texts as text objects, and format the texts, columns, and boundaries.

View previews and create Smart dimensions for selected objects.

Create Tables with symbols and data in rows and columns.

Quickly identify updates through Revision clouds by drawing revision clouds around new changes in drawings.

TrustedAWG technology alerts you of incompatibility when a file is not saved in Autodesk software.


AutoCAD LT starts at $55 monthly.

Pricing of AutoCAD LT


  • View, edit, and create drawings on desktop, web, or mobile
  • Compare two versions of a drawing without leaving your window with the Enhanced DWG compare feature
  • Remove multiple excess objects at once with Plug redesign
  • Save drawings from your desktop (including Xrefs), view and edit on the web and mobile apps
  • Enable web browser drawing designs to be commented and viewed
  • The latest technological boosters like TrustedDWG, migration tools, HD monitor support, AutoCAD desktop app
  • Launch commands ad respond to prompts quickly
  • Multifunctional grips reshape, move, and manipulate geometry
  • Control object and layer transparency
  • Change block reference size, shape, and configuration
  • Modify circular or rectangular object patterns with Associative arrays
  • Object selection and isolation
  • Create Leaders, format leader lines, and define styles
  • Create Tables, apply formulas, and link to Microsoft spreadsheets
  • Draw revision clouds and view Layout viewports
  • Monitor current system variables against a preferred values list with Sysvar monitor

AutoCAD LT is the software to help you create fast and precise 2D drawings with simplified drafting and documentation tools, with excellent collaboration, 3D modeling, exporting, and importing tools, that you can try out today by downloading their free trial.

5. SmartDraw.

#1 Chart and Diagram Floor Plan Generator.

Smartdraw #1 Chart and Diagram Floor Plan Generator.

SmartDraw is the only diagram software with an Intelligent Formatting engine, which enables you to add, delete, or remove shapes.

SmartDraw will create top-quality diagrams for every occasion by combining designer templates with Intelligent Formatting.

In SmartDraw you can create flowcharts and network diagrams to showcase a directional flow of steps or information, organizational charts, and cause-and-effect diagrams that display hierarchies, as well as Venn diagrams to highlight the overlap among data.

To show changes over time or an accurate comparison of numbers, you can use bar graphs, line graphs, histograms, and pie charts (graph-based diagrams).

Schematic diagrams show elements within a system, and they can be more abstract like circuit diagrams, and more precise in the placement and measurement of elements like with the floor plans.

Add SmartDraw diagrams to Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or Outlook.

Add diagrams to Google Workspace, Documents, Sheets, and Slides.

SmartDraw Features

SmartDraw includes templates, diagram types, symbols for engineering, software design, healthcare, and standard shapes used for organization charts, flowcharts, and so on.

With over 4500 templates, 70 different diagram types, and over 34K symbols, SmartDraw is miles ahead of its competition.

With SmartDraw Engineering Power, you can draw and print architectural and engineering diagrams to scale.

You can automatically resize to match diagrams with an AutoCAD-like annotation layer.

You can import and export diagrams and stencils in Visio format (VSD & VSDX)

With the built-in extensions of the Development Platform, you can instantly create diagrams from data without drawing.

With VisualScript SDK, you can create custom extensions for your organization.

SmartDraw is compatible with any platform and web browser.

You can collaborate with your team on the same diagram, leaving notes and hyperlinks to each other, and you can share your visulas with non-SmartDraw users.

SmartDraw can integrate with DropBox, Box, Google Drive, and OneDrive.


SmartDraw is priced at $297 for a single user as a one-time purchase.

Pricing of Smartdraw


  • Create chart-based, graph-based, and schematic diagrams
  • Add, delete, or remove shapes with the Intelligent Formatting engine
  • Export diagrams to PDF and other graphic formats
  • Integrate with the Atlassian stack – Confluence, Jira, and Trello
  • Connect to AWS and generate diagrams
  • Engineering, software design, healthcare, and many more disciplines covered
  • Over 4500 templates for 70 different diagram types
  • Over 34K symbols
  • Draw and print architectural and engineering diagrams to scale with Engineering Power
  • AutoCAD-like annotation layer automatically resizes to match diagrams
  • Import and Export Visio format (VSD & VSDX) diagrams and stencils
  • Create diagrams from data without drawing with the Development Platform’s extensions
  • Create custom extensions for your organization with VisualScript SDK
  • Leave notes and hyperlinks to your team
  • Share the visuals with the non-SmartDraw users
  • Integrate and share files through Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, and OneDrive

SmartDraw’s extensive, context-sensitive template and element collection, ease of use, and all-inclusive integration set-up make it the go-to choice to generate charts and diagrams for anyone’s floor plan ideas.

You pay for SmartDraw once, and there are no more monthly or yearly fees, ever.

6. Sweet Home 3D.

Best Open-Source Interior Design Software.

Sweet Home 3D Best Open Source Interior Design Software.

This open-source interior design application can be downloaded or used in a web browser.

Open-source means the vendor gives you access to the software’s code, which you can modify to complement your work style.

Sweet Home 3D is free for personal or commercial use.

Sweet Home 3D is a free floor plan maker built to help interior designers and architects to make furniture arrangements and create house plans.

With Sweet Home 3D, you can view the finished 2D floor plans in 3D to accommodate your conditions and forecast the presentation.

The program is designed to be used by non-professionals, and it’s available for Windows, Mac, Solaris, and Linux OS, while the online version supports any browser.

You can draw your plan seamlessly and play around with different elements so that the final design suits your preference and intent.

Despite offering thousands of models in a library, it’s very light on the computer, and the interface always operates smoothly.

You can modify the size and thickness of the walls, color and texture of the floor and ceiling, furniture location, and much more.

Sweet Home 3D Features

You can annotate the plan, control the sunlight effect, and even modify lights to create photorealistic images.

Sweet Home 3D allows you to record videos in the first person of the creations.

You can extend your reach and functionality with Sweet Home 3D by using plugins, such as Java.

Sweet Home 3D comes in 27 different languages, and it doesn’t require a high-end computer to perform great.


Sweet Home 3D is free for personal and commercial use.

Download Sweet home 3D


  • Make furniture arrangements and create house plans
  • View the finished 2D floor plans in 3D
  • Designed for non-professionals
  • Available for Windows, Mac, Solaris, and Linux
  • Free for personal and commercial use
  • Modify sizes, colors, textures, locations of the furniture, and fixed elements
  • Doors, windows, fixtures measurements
  • Easy to draw sloping, round, or straight walls
  • Control the sunlight effect
  • Modify lights to create photorealistic images
  • Animate the environment you’ve created through the first person video recordings of creations
  • Plugins like Java
  • Blueprint importing
  • Comes in 27 different languages

With Sweet Home 3D, you can adjust the dimensions and parameters of the objects you insert, select every possible size, shape, and texture of the elements, and everything is performed through simple tasks when drawing 2D plans and modeling in 3D in a parallel way.

7. Draft It.

Draft It The Most Unlimited and Fully Featured 2D CAD Drawing Software.

Cadlogic Draft It is a 2D CAD drawing software for architects that require powerful 3D modeling, drafting, detailing tools.

Huge speed and detail, Instant update, Rendering option, Reset view, Orthographic View toggle, Easier mouse control and navigation are some of the features of Draft It’s 3D Preview.

Draft It supports the import of AutoCAD files and design components and symbols.

Cadlogic constructed an elegant and user-friendly software in Draft It Free, that is accessible to anyone and proficient in assembling all design types.

The unlimited Draft It V4 doesn’t restrict any creations and allows you complete freedom to generate, save, and print your work.

Draft It V4 provides access to powerful drawing tools like line, arc, circle, rectangle, offset, rectangular, polar & linear array.

Dynamic Editing Functions

V4’s Visual handles and snaps make for Dynamic Editing Functions, while the software offers Support for the various metric and imperial units.

The software provides an all-around support system that even includes tutorial exercises.

Draft It makes the drawing process effortless and flowing with its simple snaping and co-ordinate input.

When drawing, the floor plan creator allows you to visually check distances and sizes by displaying dynamic dimensions.

You can snap to endpoints, midpoints, intersections after identifying the snap type by passing over it with the cursor.


Draft It V4 is a free floor plan software.

Draft It V4 is a free floor plan software.


  • Powerful 3D modeling, drafting, and detailing tools
  • Wall break types for doors, windows, and openings
  • Jamb offset, inner and outer sills, opening angle, double-doors, and additional Door types
  • Jamb, sills, Bay side width, and angle Windows
  • Solid fill walls, and wall type color options
  • AutoCAD files, design components, symbols Import Support
  • Generate, save, and print your work without restrictions
  • Powerful drawing and editing tools
  • Linear, radial, angular, arrow, and diameter Dimension Tools
  • Standard and imperial metric support
  • Support system with tutorial exercises
  • Simple snapping and co-ordinate input
  • Display dynamic dimensions or type in the sizes directly
  • Snap to endpoints, midpoints, and intersections

Draft It’s acclaimed ease of use, powerful drawing tools, dynamic visual editing and snap features, metric and imperial unit support, and much more comprehensive 2D CAD features make the V4 suitable for professional and hobby users.

You can download Draft It V4 free today.

8. Floorplanner.

Best Interactive Floor Plan Design Software for Real Estate Agents and Interior Designers.

Floorplanner Best Interactive Floor Plan Design Software for Real Estate Agents and Interior Designers.

Floorplanner’s drag-and-drop interface works through your web browser and allows you to draw floor plans from fresh ideas or by building upon an existing drawing.

The editor is simplistic for the less-experienced to find their way around it and robust enough for the more experienced users to implement the more advanced features.

You can decorate the created plans with items from one of the largest libraries on the market.

Floorplanner’s library contains over 150K 3D items, and new furniture is added daily.

You can select and drag your preferred items into your plan, or you can get a full-room layout in one click with the Magic Layout option.

Floorplanner’s Auto-furnish feature allows you to easily decorate rooms in a short time.

To see and experience your plan in a 3D overview, you need to press the 3D button.

You can explore your plans through a dollhouse view or even a first-person perspective.

You can move around furniture in 3D, explore different camera angles, adjust lighting for a complete, animated three-dimensional experience.

Create 2D and 3D images of your floor plans from different camera angles, and export these images to assist a builder, for marketing purposes, or just for fun.

2D and 3D exporting options

Floorplanner offers a variety of 2D and 3D exporting options, and these options expand as you update a project to a higher level.

You can enrich your floor plan design by attaching photos and videos to completed projects.


Floorplanner Basic is free of charge.

Pricing of Floorplanner


  • Perfect for real estate agents and interior designers
  • Draw plans from scratch or build on existing drawings
  • Innovative cloud rendering capability
  • Suitable for the less-experienced and more advanced users
  • Library with over 150K 3D items, and new items added daily
  • Get a full-room layout of your selected items in one click through Magic Layout
  • Explore your plans through a dollhouse view or a first-person perspective
  • Move furniture in 3D and explore different camera angles
  • Adjust the lightning
  • Export 2D & 3D images to assist a contractor, use them for marketing, and anything else
  • Full HD level 2 exports, interactive level 3 3D tours, and photorealistic level 4 exporting options
  • Attach photos and videos on completed projects
  • Floorplanner iOS mobile application

Floorplanner operates fast while always offering you a wide spectrum of choices, whether that includes creating walls, windows of the correct size, placing different elements accurately, and making precise measurements.

Floorplanner is software that orchestrates all these operations to match your intent and style while saving your time and energy.

9. RoomSketcher.

The Most Innovative Floor Plan Software for Panoramic Real Estate Property Designs and Office Projects.

RoomSketcher The Most Innovative Floor Plan Software for Panoramic Real Estate Property Designs and Office Projects.

RoomSketcher is an innovative floor plan maker that enables architects, interior designers, and real estate agents to create remarkable floor plans, office projects, and real estate property designs and present them in panoramic, 3D views.

RoomSketcher’s floor plans will always come with precise measurements, and every floor plan design is easy to edit for newbies or professionals.

You can render the floor plans in 3D and panorama, customize the home design with different colors and textures, resize, remove, or add items you wish.

You can rotate your floor plans to find the best viewing angles, add room names and sizes, and show the rooms furnished or unfurnished.

You can create Panoramic 360 Views of your real estate and home design projects and capture an entire room with one dynamic photo.

With RoomSketcher’s simplistic interface, anyone can snap majestic 3D images for interior design, home staging, and real estate projects.

You can virtually stage and style your designs by creating the interior images with the integrated camera.

You can pan out to create wide-angle interior images, or you can capture the details in a close-up shot by adjusting the height and width of your view.

You can present your design and engae anyone to experience the room as if in real-life through State-of-the-Art Interactive 3D.

You can view the layout from all angles and perspectives.

You can look left and right, up and down, and zoom in and out.

Room designs on Roomsketcher

You can easily Share and Embed what you’ve rendered and visualized by copying and sending a link to share a room or a design idea.

Use the embed code to share your floor plan ideas by adding them to your social media.

RoomSketcher makes it easy for you to share and promote your websites, portfolios, presentations, etc.

When you take advantage of this powerful tool and combine it with a smart and fast way of building websites, you can elevate your brand to new heights and make your design that much more impactful.

Activate Live 3D Floor Plans to take an interactive 3D walkthrough of your home design, office, or real estate project.

You can fly over the floor plan and explore every perspective with a clear view of the layout from every angle, or you can walk around and view the rooms virtually.


RoomSketcher offers a free version, with the next one being VIP that’s priced at $49 per year.

Pricing of RoomSketcher


  • Create perfect viewpoints to highlight the potential of your design
  • Snap wide-angle and detailed close-up interior images
  • Observe the colors, textures, materials, and furnishings in vivid 3D
  • Rotate the plans through different angles and add room names and sizes
  • Show the rooms as furnished or unfurnished
  • Generate high-resolution JPG, PNG, and PDF formats to print and share through web
  • Print to scale in standard metric or imperial scales
  • Include interior and exterior measurements for 2D plans
  • Add notes and labels to suit your specific needs
  • View changes throughout your home design and renovation projects instantly
  • Arrange virtual walkthroughs for potential buyers and market the real estate and home development projects
  • Business branding and Blueprint uploads
  • Site plans and landscape designs

RoomSketcher is a simplistic floor plan generator with superb drawing tools, an extensive library, supreme 360 visualization, interactive live 3D walkthroughs, as well as some unique fun features like IKEA beds and wardrobe.

Get started with RoomSketcher for free today.

10. PlanningWiz Floor Planner.

#1 2D & 3D Free Floor Plan Software for Indoor and Outdoor Spaces.

PlanningWiz Floor Planner #1 2D & 3D Free Floor Plan Software for Indoor and Outdoor Spaces.

PlanningWiz’s floor plan design services and floor plan solution make for a perfect tool for interior designers, real estate agents, property developers, and furniture retailers to convey floor plan ideas and concepts to customers.

The interface is easy to use and designed to cater to specific industry intricacies that are required when planning blueprints.

Designers in specific industries like property development and recreational facilities are privileged to have special editions of the PlanningWiz software.

The free solution that requires you to create a free account is a drawing tool that allows you to draw, decorate, and save up to five projects in 2D or 3D.

PlanningWiz enables landscape designers to create the most accurate and imaginative layouts for parks, recreational facilities, and playgrounds.

PlanningWiz is considered to be among the top-tier software providing outdoor space planning services.

PlanningWiz even allows you to boost brand credibility and property marketing influence by allowing you to embed your logo into finished products.

An accurate and realistic view of the property.

Property developers can strengthen their partnership with the property buyers by giving them access to an accurate and realistic view of the property.

PlanningWiz offers an edition specific for fitness trainers, tailored to help them show their buyers how to arrange gym equipment.

For furniture retailers and manufacturers, PlanningWiz allows their customers to virtually insert their furniture into a floor plan so they can have an accurate preview of furniture composition.

Customers can experiment with different product arrangements and visualize how space looks (in terms of color, size, position) with the manufacturer's products.

PlanningWiz allows the property developers to arrange furniture from an extensive furniture library, enlarge and examine the floor plan details, preview furniture layouts in 3D, and save and print the layouts.

Property managers can benefit greatly from PlanningWiz, as it’s a seamless way to engage the customers’ interests in properties.

You can attract new customers and maintain their interest in your product by regularly attending to their needs, which is something PlanningWiz serves as a great platform for.

The branded floor planner edition allows you to track the clients as they plan to match the property with their needs.

You can preview furniture layouts in 2D & 3D, save, print, and share the customized layouts.

PlanningWiz is excellent for individual use as it allows you to renovate and remodel with ease.

A rich furniture selection ranges from basic to decor models.

Generate high-resolution exports to PDF, SVG, and image formats.


PlanningWiz Floor Planner is free of charge.

Pricing of PlanningWiz Floor Planner


  • Rich furniture library
  • Special edition for fitness trainers that helps them show the buyers how to arrange gym equipment
  • Arrange the furniture to suit the floor plan by size, color, position
  • Preview the furniture layouts in 2D, 3D, save and print them
  • Printed floor plans with itemized lists, branded with your logo
  • Generate high-resolution exports to PDF, SVG, and image formats
  • Create accurate and imaginative layouts for parks, recreational facilities, and playgrounds
  • Property development and recreational facility-specialized editions
  • Boost brand credibility and property marketing influence with embedded logo

No previous floor planning experience is required to create professional-looking 3D floor plans in PlanningWiz, which allows individuals to independently preview spaces, and facilities to realize the best outdoor space planning ideas.

Once you sign up, you are free to use the software.

11. Roomle

The First Open Full Logic 3D Product Configurator.

Roomle The First Open Full Logic 3D Product Configurator.

Roomle is a digital 3D configurator created to help furniture designers display products and advertise.

Real estate agents and interior designers can use high-quality, engaging visuals to construct interactive floor plans.

Roomle’s sharing capabilities enable you to share the striking floor plan ideas and initiate virtual walkthroughs to refine the floor planning process and inspire creativity.

Roomle’s Virtual Reality (VR) Functionality utilizes intuitive technology to deliver interactive, virtual walkthroughs that will help anyone experience and engage with your design.

The VR Functionality feature will give you a better understanding of the relationships between components within the structure and help you spark some creative ideas.

You can use Roomle as a free web application and on your iOS devices.

The Rubens Configurator will streamline your Consumer Goods product range to be available across all sales channels (in live 3D & AR).

Rubens provides an intuitive interface for configuring variants and product systems.

Use Ruben’s ultra-realistic 3D & AR visualization and 3D configurators to create the desired product on any device.

Configuring products in photo-realistic 3D on all sales channels.

Reduce order errors and training costs while increasing conversion by configuring products in photo-realistic 3D on all sales channels.

Use Ruben’s Augmented Reality to enliven your products in an ad campaign, or let your customers design and customize their products via an interactive social media campaign.

Receive a high-resolution image of each product configuration in all viewpoints, colors, and materials.

Sales Support for Stationary Retail is available on and offline, and it helps retailers sell products easier through tablet sales support and touchables in stores.

Rubens Configurator is open to any Furniture product categories with an equally-intuitive interface.

Rubens provides End-to-End integration to ERP, CAD/CAM, CPQ, and production systems to configure, quote, and sell faster.

Rubens supports Manufacturing & Construction operations with high-quality prototype visualization in 3D, End-to-End integrations with ERP, CRM, PIM, and CPQ systems.

You can visualize and configure patient chairs, ophthalmological equipment, ultrasonic cleaners, X-ray equipment, and any other Healthcare equipment pieces with Rubens.

The Personalized product catalog allows you to publish your products on different channels with defined user rights.


Roomle 3D Viewer is priced at $181 per month.

Pricing of Roomle


  • 2D/3D floor plan visualizer
  • Helps furniture designers create elegant product displays
  • Project managers and real estate agents can share floor plans easily
  • Share your designs with family, teams, and clients
  • White-label your design before sharing it online
  • Share, save, and print your floor plans
  • Embed your designs into your website
  • Free web application and iOS mobile app
  • B2B Sales app facilitates business processes and saves time
  • Rubens integrates with third-party programs via API interface
  • Compatible with HTML, iOS, Android, MX, and more
  • Live country and user-specific price calculation

Roomle is a cloud-based 3D configurator for highly-configurable furniture available through all channels that will help you visualize and sell your furniture, consumer goods, healthcare, manufacturing & construction products faster.

You can start your 14-day free trial today, and you can book a Product Demo of the Rubens 3D & AR configuration solution.

12. HomeStyler.

The Best 3D Rendering Budget Solution.

HomeStyler The Best 3D Rendering Budget Solution.

With HomeStyler, you can build your 2D & 3D floor plans in the most accurate measurements.

You can enrich your design through the Furniture Library and decorate your room with thousands of furniture products, painting, and flooring models, and you can create your models as well.

Experience your design through photo-realistic 3D renders and panorama, with virtual walkthroughs and Beautiful Visualization.

HomeStyler is an online home interior design app created by EasyHome, which offers companion apps for iOS and Android that add augmented reality features for you to try different floor plan ideas over real images while using a tablet.

The interface is compiled from the main viewing window and two toolbars.

The top toolbar covers file operations, changing views, and importing plans from other apps, while the second toolbar contains the tools that you can use to illustrate your design.

You can design your rooms from scratch, or you can examine some basic demo projects, templates, and floor plan examples that you can build on to suit your intent.

The second toolbar is equipped with the build tool that you can use to create your floor plan design, a catalog tool that stores all furniture and accessories, and a style tool where the floor and wall coverings (tiles, mosaics, wallpapers) are at your disposal.

3D design done on HomeStyler

The catalog is packed with products from various brands, and these items are rendered in photo-realistic 3D.

The app allows you to place Grecian columns in a studio apartment, and the branded items can be resized.

There is a lift option for items you want to place above floor level.

Copy a texture from one part of a room to another with The Material Brush.

If you change the type of an item, such as windows, HomeStyler offers you the option to multiply the change for every other window of the same kind.

Change the camera location and angle when working in 2D mode.

There are multiple different lightning, background, aspect ratio, and resolution options that you can switch between to achieve a high-quality render.


HomeStyler Basic is a free floor plan software.

Pricing of HomeStyler


  • Augmented reality features for your tablet
  • Catalog tool holds an extensive library of furniture and accessories
  • Style tool contains the floor and wall coverings (tiles, wallpapers, mosaics)
  • Place Grecian columns in a studio apartment
  • Copy textures from room to room with The Material Brush
  • Raised storage and shelving for the items you want to place above floor level
  • Export your plan in DWG format for the use in other apps
  • Social media share links for your rendered images
  • QR code for easy access on iPhone 11
  • Adjust your 2D preview with camera angle and location
  • Change your resolution from default to HD or UltraHD
  • Create panoramic images, isometric aerial views, or top-down floor plans, with lightning and quality settings

You can generate the best floor plan ideas through high-quality 3D renders of your design for free, unlike a lot of rival apps that charge a lot of money for this service.

Start using HomeStyler’s unlimited rendering tool for free today.

What is Floor Plan Software?

The floor plan software takes into account the functionality and desired outcome of the plan to guide you towards creating the closest tangible design of your idea in the most profitable way.

Floor plan software provides a multitude of services like office space planning, facility plant floor planning, venue management planning, parking lot planning, and so on.

At the same time, floor plan software can facilitate the warehouse and equipment floor planning equally as well as with the architectural and real estate design planning.

In general, floor plan software gives the most accurate space interpretations so that the users get an understanding of spatial relationships between different components of the floor plan design.

The software will usually store an extensive collection of fences, furniture, building types, AEC objects, and different interior and exterior building components.

You will have the freedom to play around with different arrangements, changes in the style of components (texture, color, size), and background elements (lighting, contrast, color, composition) to create the floor plan design that will look and feel the way you want it.

A big part of the software’s effectiveness is the ability to place you or anyone else in a simulated reality, so you can experience the arrangements as they would be in real-life.

Experience the arrangements as they would be in real life.
source: isnap3d.sg

Virtual 3D walkthroughs, adjustable viewpoints (dollhouse, first-person), shifting perspectives, sliding, panning, and fly-over shots are the most common tools to create vivid indoor and outdoor design presentations.

The floor plan software allows you to store, share, and print the floor plans that will grab the attention of your leads like no generic photos can and serve them with valuable and precise information that can compel them to buy your product without hiring high-priced artists.

The software is suited perfectly for individual use as it is for real estate agents, interior designers, or architects.

Benefits of Using Floor Plan Software?

1. Forecast Better

Floor plan software allows the interior designers, real estate agents, property developers the ability to see what a room is going to look like before they make any changes.

It enables you to work out all details before involving the contractors, which will make the building, restoration, and design process run smoother and faster.

You can use floor plan software to redecorate your property interior on a smaller or a larger scale, plan a large extension or annex, manage complete home renovations in highly-polished floor plan ideas.

2. Manage the Design from All Angles

You can snap pictures of a room from all angles to see what furniture arrangements, colors, decorating schemes, and furnishings will fit the best with background components like lighting, contrast, AEC objects, and spatial relationships.

Some floor plan software even offer varying levels of difficulty to cater to designers ranging from complete beginners to experts while enabling users to scale up through the levels and unlock more functionality features.

3. Minimize the Expenses and Save Time

The software minimizes the expenses and saves precious time by eliminating excessive tryouts of the product items that are unsuitable for the intended space.

Instead, the software calculates upfront if the desired product will fit aesthetically and function-wise into your room before you can make any embellishments and furnishing changes.

You get to choose the products that suit your room the best, while the intuitive software always takes into account your preferences and finds the products that match the tone and purpose you’re going for.

4. Give More Choice for Your Customers

The interior designers can give the freedom of choice to their customers by providing visual examples to them so the customers can pinpoint the exact style they’re envisioning.

This gives the designer the perfect reference point to suggest new creative ideas based on the customer’s taste, and the customer can picture the room clearer and make better decisions for placement and color schemes.

When conducting a house remodeling or renovation project, floor plan software can help you blend the new color schemes and furnishing arrangements with windows and doors location changes, wall removals seamlessly.

5. Experience the Feel of the Room

You can visualize how different furniture arrangements affect the functionality of the room and how the doors and windows positioning improves or compromises the overall experience of the space.

By double-checking measurements from different angles, you’re able to notice mistakes you otherwise wouldn’t from single-frame pictures and programs that don’t allow virtual walkthroughs.

6. Improve the Communication with Your Colleagues and Customers

Floor plan software will improve your communication with your contractor and architect.

By coming into the first meeting with a precisely-measured 3D floor plan of your extensions from different perspectives, you will eliminate the needless back in forth plan suggestions that slow a project down.

Just like if you explore the relationship an outdoor project can have with the interior of the facility it’s in contact with, they will have a clear idea of what you want faster within the intricacies of specific project challenges.

7. Explore the Project to its Fullest Potential

Since you eliminate any guesswork and unexpected course corrections that usually occur when a project isn’t explored to its fullest potential in the planning stages, you get two major benefits that wouldn’t be possible that wouldn’t be possible without a floor plan software.

You won’t have to worry about making any mistakes because every potential idea is calculated with laser precision, and you get to show off your property before the construction is finished.

8. Share and Promote Your Projects

You even get to share your floor plan design online with email or social media, and you can print any alternative floor plan examples that you can use to get an expert’s advice on.

Another great benefit of a floor plan creator app is that you own the rights to your design, which you can wear as a badge of honor.

Most importantly, it means you’ve created something that reflects your personality in a way that only a handful of artists could achieve.

9. Sell Better

You can stand out head above shoulders from the rest when selling your property.

You will be able to provide your real estate agent with stunning, multi-perspective 3D floor plans, which will make your property the one that the customers are naturally drawn to in any online listing.

How to Choose the Best Free Floor Plan Software?

What Kind of a Floor Plan Creator are You?

You need to determine what kind of software will fulfill your general floor plan needs while fitting into your budget and delivering on your must-have features.

Are you an architect working for a high-profile clientele, and you need to deliver high-quality floor plan renderings for commercial real estate?

Are you a homeowner that’s finally decided to act on that home renovation plan, extension design project?

Maybe you’re a real estate agent looking for a reliable floor plan generator that will make 2D & 3D floor plans accessible and quickly-made to your potential buyers?

Paid vs Free Floor Plan Software

If you decide to execute your budget constraints through your software choice, you should be aware of the differences in capability between the paid and free software.

You can see the differences in features between the paid and free versions of Floorplanner software in the image below.

Although free software has grown in popularity, especially with homeowners and individual users, you should know that free software is usually a scaled-down version of the paid one.

The paid software usually enables more scalability, functionality, and a more expansive toolkit built to handle more complex design issues.

Renovation Projects, Property Development, and Recreational Facility Design

Some of the best floor plan software allow architects and engineers to access the CAD-based design tools to produce inventive and accurate floor plan designs every time.

AutoCAD Architecture, for example, is a stripped-down version of AutoCAD software tailored to architects’ work practices.

Its Architectural renovation makes the software convenient for renovation floor projects, which is something it has in common with PlanningWiz.

PlanningWiz caters to the specific industry intricacies that are required when planning blueprints, making it highly-fitting for designers working in property development and recreational facility design.

This is why designers can produce the most ingenious and environment-accommodating layouts for parks, playgrounds, and recreational facilities with PlanningWiz.

Convey Floor Plan Ideas in 2D & 3D and Build a Relationship with Potential Buyers

Just like PlanningWiz allows interior designers, real estate agents, property developers, furniture retailers to convey floor plan ideas to customers in 2D & 3D, Roomsketcher includes the most accurate interior and exterior measurements in its 2D plans.

Roomsketcher makes it easy for you to promote your websites, portfolios, and presentations.

These are just a couple out of many things Roomsketcher does right, and you should pay attention to these qualities when choosing your software.

First, you can arrange virtual walkthroughs for potential buyers, which enables them to experience your design authentically and decide for themselves what their preferences are and what they would like to improve.

This builds a trust-based relationship with the customers and acts as a potential compelling factor when purchasing, which is what Roomle does with its Virtual Functionality feature.

The Value of Marketing

Secondly, both Roomsketcher and Roomle, and many other great floor plan tools, understand the value of cross-platform marketing.

Just like you can market the real estate and home development projects in Roomsketcher, you can animate your products in Roomle’s Rubens Augmented Reality ad campaign.

You can even allow your customers to design and customize their products in Roomle interactive social media campaigns.

This interactive approach resonates with customers in any industry, and it’s something you should actively seek when choosing your floor plan creator.

The Type of Software You Choose

It’s necessary to know how the software is configured before choosing one.

System-based software is suitable for the more powerful computer systems that can meet the heavy-duty requirements of the program.

There are the paid, free, open-source, and freemium software programs available for you to download on your system.

If you can choose not to save money on enhanced features and invest a certain amount, there are many paid monthly subscriptions and one-time purchase options like SmartDraw to consider.

Open-source floor plan software, like Sweet Home 3D, is perfect if you want to cut some costs while having high-quality software with desirable design features.

What Does Your Software Support?

Besides giving you the freedom to choose between downloading it and using it through your web browser, you should ask yourself what other choices do you have with software like Sweet Home 3D?

Are your high-profile projects bound to be exploited commercially?

If so, software like Sweet Home 3D is free for personal and commercial use.

If you’re an interior designer or an architect, Sweet Home 3D will help you create the most striking furniture arrangements and house plans.

Check out what OS systems your software supports, and if you choose one like Sweet Home 3D, you’ll have no issues using Windows, Mac, Solaris, or Linux.

What Specific Features Are You Looking For?

If simple angle shifts and zoom-ins aren’t enough for you when showing your floor plan in its full complexity, you should consider Roomsketcher’s Panoramic 360 Views.

You can create an even more convincing virtual experience with Sweet Home 3D’s first-person perspective video recordings.

In the same way, AutoCAD LT supports multi-core processors for enhanced orbit, pan, and zoom camera movements and shot transitions.

One of the reasons AutoCAD LT is a perfect choice for architects, designers, engineers, and constructors producing 2D drawings and documentation is the detail in the design editing and modifying to which it goes to.

For example, you can manipulate geometry with grip editing, create and modify objects in circular and rectangular patterns.

If you’re looking for this kind of sophistication, and you’re focused on the more demanding civil infrastructure projects, you should look no further than Civil 3D.

This BIM solution for civil engineering design, construction companies, and architects can develop routines to automate repetitive design tasks.

This allows the floor plan creator (you) to orchestrate the challenging workflow of building a complex bridge design project, producing a more structured pipe layout network, and conducting more expansive transit and rail design projects.

If you want to create parcel designs, corridors, or design finished ground surfaces with grading tools, you should choose Civil 3D.

How to Maintain Excellent Communication & Build Your Brand?

Besides delivering the best floor plan diagrams and covering engineering, software design, healthcare, and more industries like Roomle, SmartDraw integrates with the Google & Microsoft programs, as well as the Atlassian stack.

This is crucial if sharing your designs is a priority to your business.

Besides maintaining excellent communication with third parties and collaborators, it’s essential to choose software that will enable the same fluidity within your team.

SmartDraw does just that by enabling you to leave notes and hyperlinks to your team.

We’ve enlisted some key components each floor plan software should have, as well as some industry-specific features you should take into account when choosing.

Identify your must-haves and your desirable features, and then select one software from these enlisted above, and you will make a profitable decision.

Ready to Draw Your Home or Real Estate Idea with a Floor Plan Software?

With our detailed analysis of the market’s best-performing free and paid floor plan software, you can examine your floor plan needs and make a decision that will allow you to create professional-looking designs and generate profit.

When you’ve determined your design needs, set an allowed budget, and decided your long-term design goals, you can select one software from the enlisted twelve.

If you’re an architect looking for a civil engineering solution, we suggest you try Civil 3D.

If you’re a student looking to streamline and accelerate the floor plan design process through a solution that’s free for three years of use, we urge you to try AutoCAD Architecture.

If you’re looking for an unlimited 2D CAD drawing software with an all-around support system that contains tutorial exercises and powerful drawing and editing tools, Draft It is dynamic and free to use.

Remember, a free software solution can be suitable for you if it meets your design needs, but, generally, the enhanced functionality of the paid version far outweighs the charge load.

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