25 Best Online HRIS Systems of 2024

Updated Jan 17, 2024.
Best Online HRIS Systems

What if we were to tell you that, implementing an HRIS system or an HCM software in your organization can cut down on the number of hours that your HR personnel spend manually managing HR metrics, cut down on labor costs, save the cost of documentation and also boost your organization’s productivity and employee morale?

HR personnel spend countless hours trying to manage employee attendance, leave requests, PTO and other important functions using spreadsheets. One tiny error and the entire calculation has to be redone.

And, this happens every month!

By how much would productivity skyrocket if these repetitive complicated and time-consuming processes could be automated and made flawless?

How much time could get saved? Where could these saved hours be redirected?

What would the effect on employee morale be?

Imagine the increased efficiency and reduced labor costs! Let’s not forget all the storage space this will free up by eliminating all the paperwork.

We aren’t talking fiction here.

We are talking about HRIS systems that could be considered a boon to HR departments and organizations all around the globe.

human resource information system

An HRIS system also known as Human Resource Information System brings together all the important HR functions and technology.

While the previous HRIS systems focused on making life simpler for HR personnel, the modern HRIS software focuses on employee experience.

Let us look at the best HRIS tools available in the market, the factors to be considered while making a purchase and also understand the benefits of implementing an HRIS system in your organization.

What are the Best Online HRIS Tools?

  1. EnterpriseAxis
  3. CommonOffice HRIS
  4. Hr.my
  5. KENJO
  6. Bridge
  7. Bitrix24
  8. Homebase
  9. SyncHR
  10. Built for Teams
  11. CakeHR
  12. BambooHR
  13. Gusto
  14. Flock
  15. Rippling
  16. Exelsys
  17. Namely
  18. Criterion HCM
  19. HRpuls
  20. Paycor
  21. Personio
  22. Workday
  23. Zenefits
  24. Kronos
  25. 15Five

1. EnterpriseAxis

Best user-friendly and intuitive HRIS software for companies of all sizes.

EnterpriseAsis - best HRIS software

EnterpriseAxis is known for making the lives of people simpler with its user-friendly, intuitive, and easily navigable interface. At any point in time, if you get stuck anywhere with the tool, the customer support team would help you find what you are looking for.

Along with the regular core HR functions like recruiting, Human Resources Administration, Employee Self Service, Data Security, and more, this HRIS software tool offers advanced features like skill testing, marketing, forms, payroll distribution, training, licenses and certifications, reporting, and some custom features added on your request.

Using this tool, you can continue assessing a candidate's capabilities even after onboarding them through thousands of skill tests including soft skill and technical skill tests that are provided by the HRIS software.

EnterpriseAxis is a cloud-based HRIS software which allows you to access all your records and employee information from any device around the globe. You do not have to wait for a workday to get your work done.

The tool’s marketing function also allows you to generate and send newsletters to your customers, allowing you to make announcements and promote corporate events. This tool also partly helps you manage your email-marketing efforts.

Considering the importance of security of employee data, EnterpriseAxis deploys multiple layers of security, abides by all the necessary security compliances, follows cryptographic modules, and much more.

One of the distinguishing features of this HR information system is that you can request customized features based on your business needs. These get added under a tab labeled “Your Features Here.”

By implementing this software in your organization, a major chunk of your paperwork gets eliminated, resource allocation reduces and all your human resource management processes get streamlined.

Right from the licenses of your organization to that of your employees and contractors, training modules, updates to previous training modules, deadlines, required certifications, EnterpriseAxis acts like your digital library of all your important documents.

Moreover, if your company expands, gets acquired, or merges with another organization, this software takes care of all the HR processes that follow. It ensures that there are no ceiling-high papers on your desk anymore.


While there is a free version and a trial version available, you can get started only after a demo by the customer support team. The basic plan starts at $49 per month but varies based on the advanced features that you ask for after the demonstration.


Best HRIS systems that help small businesses with the most important HR functions.

HRMlabs - best HRIS systems

Instead of having multiple software and tools for different functions, HRMLABS offers a centralized system where you can take care of Payroll, Attendance, and HR management from one location.

Even if you have never used an HRM software earlier, this tool is extremely easy to set up and use.

Since HRMLABS operates on a centralized cloud system, all the information about every single employee gets stored on it. The need to manually calculate the employee payroll gets taken care of with the click of a button.

The software helps you calculate payroll automatically by taking into account the number of leaves taken, compensatory offs, and taxes and ensures that the salary gets credited to your employee accounts on the scheduled date.

You can also sync the payroll with the timesheet and get accurate data about working hours. Get intimated about overtime violations and maintain real-time records of who has clocked in or left the premises.

One of the advanced features that this HRIS software tool offers is its unique leave management.

You can now manage the leave requests of your subordinates from your mobile. Employees can apply for leaves online, check their leave balance, upload supporting documents, and check the status of their leave approval.

The tool goes one step ahead by enabling leave carry-forwards and also calculates leave entitlement based on seniority, experience level, joining date, and more.

HRM Labs also allows you to keep track of the uniforms or other equipment being issued to the employees using its inventory management system feature. You can also track the items in use, expired items, and items that are available in the inventory.


HRMLABS offers solutions customized for your business or your industry and the pricing differs according to the features that you request. To avail of their services, one must fill out a contact form and wait for them to get in touch with you.

3. CommonOffice HRIS

Best customizable HRIS solutions for small and midsize businesses.

CommonOffice - best HRIS solutions for small business

CommonOffice HRIS allows you to customize your HR portal and allows you to organize all your HR applications in one place.

Whether you are on the go, working remotely, or want to look at a particular employee’s records amidst lunch, you can utilize the CommonOffice mobile app to do so.

Not only can you track their attendance and in and out timings, but also use their vacation tracking feature which allows employees to apply for leaves, check their leave balances, the status of leave requests, and more.

Employees can also report incidents at work immediately as they happen through the incident reporting feature thereby promoting a safe place to work.

You can save a lot of time by using their applicant tracking that allows you to check the total number of applicants, number of applicants waiting to be reviewed, new applicants, interview slots, and other information.

Their performance management feature allows you to keep track of individual employee performance records, get informative graphs and comparisons, and also schedule 1:1 coaching with them.

This HR management tool allows you to onboard your new employees through e-boarding, grants them access to all the necessary systems, and also allows them to store their digital signatures online so that they do not have to print and sign another form again.


The pricing for this HRIS software also works based on the size of your organization, i.e., the number of employees that you have. You will be given a custom quote based on your requirements. The tool also allows you to scale your operations later as the number of employees increases.

4. HR.my

Best free HRIS system for small businesses that requires no installation.

HR.my - HRIS system

HR.my is a free multi-lingual HR software and online leave management tool that can do much more than just payroll management.

The HRIS software goes a notch above other attendance tracking apps using their geolocation and selfie-taking features. You can now not only monitor the IN and OUT times of your employees but also monitor their location and ensure buddy punching does not happen by taking selfies of employees.

This tool empowers your employees to become self-reliant and apply for their leave and claims through the e-leave and e-claim management features. These requests attached with necessary supporting documents get routed to the respective managers for approval.

You can also use the document workflow feature to migrate any paper-based document like purchase orders or overtime requests for approval.

Using this tool, managers can make informed decisions while approving leaves or setting up the schedule by checking the leave statuses of everyone in their department under the leave visibility option. They can also set limits or conditions to leaves and expenses as per the company policies.

HR.my also allows employers to create open HR platforms in the form of forums where they can exchange ideas, get the latest updates, provide feedback, or search for information about past experiences in the company.

With the use of this tool, you can cut down on the app that you use to share documents as this HRIS tool allows you to share documents with your team.

One of the distinguishing features of this app is that it allows employers to access historical data about all its current and previous employees and also allows them to set alerts about things like contract expiry, end of probation, salary review, and more.


Irrespective of being a free service, this human resource management tool can compete with most other services and is ideal for businesses of all sizes.


Best human capital management tool for fast-growing startups with self-reliant employees.

Kenjo - best human capital management tool

Kenjo allows you to segregate your HR management functions into two categories where one focuses on HR admin functions and the other focuses on employee development.

The features offered by Kenjo not only allow your employees to become self-reliant but also allow HR managers to save time and make HR processes more efficient.

Using this HRIS tool, employees can log in the number of hours and overtime that they work for and also manage their own vacations, apply for leaves and other absences, take time off work, and much more.

Kenjo helps quantify employee efforts through measurable KPIs, measuring employee performance against those KPIs, and also identifying rising talent as well as those that require training.

It goes a step further by bringing all of these reports under one dashboard saving HR admins time and effort of manually sorting reports and missing some.

Employers can also attract the right talent by installing the Kenjo plugin and capturing profiles from LinkedIn and similar sites which then get saved in Kenjo’s CRM. You can also post jobs on various job portals and advertise on job sites using this tool.

Kenjo allows HR admins to set goals and objectives where employees can see them and integrate them with the performance review reports. It also offers an anonymous portal for employees to give feedback and allows employers to customize reports to show that feedback given to employees produce effective results.

Another interesting feature that Kenjo offers is that you can access an organizational map in one place which tells you about every department, employees working in it and new joinees if any.

It helps employers determine if a department is understaffed or overstaffed and compare them with the results produced by each department. This feature also helps employees know who they work with even if there may not be direct communication amongst employees.


Kenjo - pricing

Kenjo allows you to choose between an annual plan and a half-yearly plan after a free trial for 14 days. The recruitment feature, however, is not included in any of these plans and comes as an add-on for 199€.

6. Bridge

Best employee-centric learning and performance management platform.

GetBridge - learning and performance management platform

Bridge is an employee first human capital management tool that directs its efforts towards upskilling its employees and retaining them through continuous learning and feedback.

This HRIS software offers a sophisticated LMS system that eliminates the need for HR admins to look for trainers and design training modules and activities for its employees.

Using this LMS tool, employees can access video lectures in specific areas of training, compliance training for new joinees, participate in interesting video role-plays and they can do all of this from a mobile learning app.

Employers can keep a check on learners’ progress from a dashboard and also access how many employees have been actively undergoing training.

Managers and HR admins can set individual, team, and company goals and evaluate performance using quantifiable KPIs using the performance management feature of this tool.

The feature allows managers to provide individual feedback, check on employees 1:1 before big projects come up to determine if they need any additional training, and also acknowledge the good performance of employees on a common portal.

Moreover, Bridge even allows you to identify the best performers and tells you if a particular employee could be considered for promotion. This helps eliminate bias while choosing employees for promotions.

This tool also allows employers to gather anonymous feedback from employees using employee engagement surveys. It uses ML to determine common topics that employees are talking about.

While this HR tool completely takes care of the learning and development function it allows you to integrate other HR management tools that you use in your organization so that you can access all your HR admin reports in one place.


GetBridge - pricing

Bridge also offers enterprise and custom solutions for organizations that require added services.

7. Bitrix24

Best multi-functional HR management tool for centralized communication and collaborations within an organization.

Bitrix24 - HR management software tool

While Bitrix24 offers a wide range of tools and services, it does a pretty good job with its HRIS. The services offered by Bitrix24’s human capital management tool are elaborate enough to take care of the HR management needs of organizations of all sizes.

Bitrix24 allows you to create an employee directory, define the company structure, create organized workflows, and make real-time communication within the organization seamless.

The Activity Stream feature, which acts as the company social network, comes in handy when an HR admin wants to send messages to employees, make announcements, or even create polls.

Employees can maximize productivity with the time tracking that the tool offers, eLearning and training, efficient workflows, and performance monitoring. Employees can not only log in and out of the system but they can also pause or stop to take breaks.

Bitrix24 allows employees to create to-do lists for the day and also allows HR to track the time required to complete each task. This can help employers create efficiency reports and work reports to determine individual employee efficiency and the need for upskilling.

The tool offers features to reward and motivate employees by acknowledging their efforts on the portal which can be accessed by every employee on every level of the organization.

It also acts as an HR document repository where HR admins can access training requests, transfer or expense requests, and other documents requested or submitted by employees.

Bitrix24 promotes self-reliance amongst employees by not only allowing them to track their attendance, request for leaves, and manage their own profiles but also allows users to access the knowledge base.

The portal comprises a built-in knowledge base and a portal where they can create their own articles, access training videos, and submit ideas and suggestions for the company.


If you would like to opt for the other services that Bitrix24 offers like CRM, project management, and more, you could evaluate the different packages they have. However, the 35 HR management tools that Bitrix24 offers under its HRIS systems software are completely free.

8. Homebase

Best HRIS software for small businesses that require time tracking and employee scheduling.

Homebase - HRIS software with time tracking

Homebase can be a savior for businesses that have employees working in close shifts or off-site or if you, the employer have to work off-site.

Employees can clock in their work hours on tablets, phones, computers, or POS, and also check the total number of hours they have worked for out the total expected. This can be especially beneficial for employees who work on an hourly basis.

The tool allows employers to customize their payment schedules where most tools offer fixed monthly, weekly or biweekly schedules.

Employers can keep a check on their labor costs, get work hour reports, and also monitor if they are abiding by all the labor laws.

Another distinguishing feature that Homebase offers is hiring and onboarding employees. You can not only post on multiple platforms with a click but also utilize the pre-written write-ups that Homebase offers.

The tool takes care of your hiring process by identifying the best candidates, messaging them, and scheduling interviews, and securely storing applicant data.

Homebase also offers a free messaging app that managers can use to share schedules with their team, ensure everyone receives and sees them. It also helps managers keep a check on who is working, from where the task they have been assigned and whether they have taken their breaks.

To maintain a healthy and safe workplace, Homebase also offers a feature where employees can log their health information if they are sick or information about any issue at work.

If there are other tools that you use to manage your payroll, POS, job boards, or business tools, Homebase allows you the option to integrate those services.

With Homebase, you can take your entire hiring and onboarding process online. It allows HR admins to create welcome packages for onboarding new employees, create employee handbooks, store employee records, and ensure they comply with the labor laws.


Homebase - pricing

While Homebase does offer 3 different plans which include advanced features, they provide time tracking and time clocks, scheduling and availability, hiring, POS and payroll integrations, and the team communication app free of cost.

9. SyncHR

Best enterprise-level human capital management for mid-sized businesses looking at automating HR processes.

SyncHR - HCM software to automate HR processes

SyncHR allows businesses to automate and streamline manual HR processes that would have previously taken them hours to complete. It is the great attention to detail that sets this HCM software apart.

Instead of relying on HR admins, employees can themselves take charge of talent management, performance management, compensation, benefits administration, and store and update data using their self-service HCM software.

The software allows you to manage payroll with the click of a button by calculating leaves, pay rates, deductions, overtime, bonuses, and all other factors. It also empowers employees to enroll themselves for the benefits that suit their needs the best, Employees can compare, customize, and also get a guaranteed amount using this feature.

Onboarding new employees becomes very easy with SyncHR as it allows you to replace manual onboarding with digital offer letters, employee handbooks, conflict and interest disclosures, e-verification, and much more.

With SyncHR, hiring the right talent and managing them becomes simplified.

Hiring managers and department heads can all access the profiles of candidates from one spot, pre-screen candidates, schedule interviews, run background checks, and even create new positions or delete redundant ones.

Employers who would like to be involved actively in their employees’ journeys can benefit from the performance management and learning and development features that SyncHR offers.

Employers can ensure their employees undergo training right from onboarding, track employee progress, gather feedback, schedule 1:1 sessions, and more. Employees can in turn request courses, enroll for training, and also access the job description and salary library of the organization.

A distinguishing feature that SyncHR offers is robust data management and reporting. HR admins can access all the information from one directory, get scheduled reports, and also get an overview of the most important HR metrics from a customizable dashboard.


Based on the size of your organization and specific business needs, SyncHR provides custom quotes for businesses. You can request a demo on their page to get in touch with the team.

10. Built for Teams

Best HR software with the most efficient PTO tracking tool.

Built For Teams - HR software with PTO tracking

If you have a small or mid-sized organization and have been relying on spreadsheets to keep track of your HR metrics, Built for Teams could be a savior.

It is a web-based HR management software and is extremely easy to set up and operate. Simple dashboards are also easy for employees to understand.

Built for Teams allows employees access to the PTO and lets them check their PTO balance and plan vacations accordingly. The tool also eliminates the need to appoint a point of contact for all PTO related requests and allows managers to manage their departments on their own.

The software offers visual data-driven organizational charts that allow you to get an overview of the entire company and also dig into each department. You can check the vacancies, staff count, recruiting progress, the span of control, and much more just from one chart.

Built for Teams offers the option to make hiring a more inclusive process where team members can be invited to look at profiles on a job-by-job basis.

Instead of bombarding your email with applicant profiles, all the profiles arrive in one location for a particular job which gets stored in the cloud.

All hiring managers and team members can track applicants, get notified when someone applies, comment on, block, shortlist, reject or vote for applicants through the applicant tracking system.


Built for Teams offers custom pricing based on the features chosen and the size of the organization.

11. CakeHR by Sage HR

Best HCM tool for businesses with fast-growing teams working remotely.

Sage HR - best HCM tool for teams

This HR management software is the best for teams working remotely as it helps you track, manage, and monitor employees remotely.

Apart from having an employee database, e-signatures, announcement portal, and an organizational chart, CakeHR syncs with employees’ calendars and provides them an overview of everyone’s vacation charts allowing them to plan efficiently.

This common office calendar feature also allows employees to schedule team meetings, manage projects, and manage resources.

Employees can also manage their shifts by updating availability, check their shifts from the mobile app and it allows managers to schedule, alter, and notify employees about shift changes.

Expense management becomes extremely easy with this tool as employees can just click a picture of their receipts from the CakeHR mobile app.

The software also allows you to simplify your recruitment process by telling you when it's time to recruit new talent, screen applicants, schedule interviews and sync them with Outlook calendar and make evidence-based hiring decisions with custom scorecards.

CakeHR also offers a reporting feature that is backed by HR analytics and helps employers get detailed reports about turnover, hiring, or other custom reports.

Each of these reports is created in reference to historic data which can help employers predict future needs, make strategic business decisions, and assess effectiveness and productivity within the organization.


Sage HR - pricing

CakeHR offers a different kind of pricing method where the price for the core HR and leave management function would cost you $5.5. With each feature you choose and the number of employees that your organization has, the rates get calculated accordingly.

12. BambooHR

Best talent acquisition tool that makes hiring extremely convenient.

BambooHR - talent acquisition software

BambooHR is ideal for companies that have been following the conventional methods of hiring but want to go digital. The tool helps you digitize every step of the hiring process.

Not only can you attract the best talent from different job portals, but the tool also keeps your applicants informed at every step of evaluation.

It has customizable offer letter templates that can auto-populate applicant information and provides in-system messaging options with candidates so that the hiring process remains transparent.

Onboarding becomes simpler for the employer as well as the employees through digital signatures, onboarding packages, welcome emails, and all the necessary access information ready for the new joinee even before their joining day.

Using BambooHR can relieve HR admins of the headache of monitoring the PTO of employees using spreadsheets. Employers can program the system according to their PTO policies and allow employees to apply for vacations, check their PTO balance, and calculate PTO balance on a future date.

The tool also allows admins to customize workflows, track employee work hours, and manage payroll seamlessly with BambooHR’s integration with TRAXPayroll.


BambooHR offers some basic features for all businesses and some advanced features that particular businesses might require. Based on the features chosen, BambooHR offers custom pricing.

13. Gusto

Best employee management software with the best employee onboarding experience.

Gusto - best employee management software

Gusto is known amongst employees for the onboarding experience that it facilitates.

Right from storing digital documents, sending onboarding checklists to customized offer letters, this software takes care of the complete onboarding process and keeps everything ready that an employee will need right from day one.

The system is quite easy to use and more affordable than other systems.

Gusto helps HR admin manage payroll and deductions as well as benefits administration with a click. It also helps small businesses stay compliant with all regulatory labor laws.

A unique feature that this system offers is an employee app known as Gusto Wallet. This employee app is different from what others offer. Gusto helps manage their finances by allowing you to manage all your savings, emergency funds, paychecks and more.

With Gusto you can customize the benefits that you offer to your employees and provide them with health benefits and reimbursements, insurance and many other benefits.

Even though Gusto does not offer a host of services, it allows you to integrate with all your other important software so that you can manage your accounting, time tracking, point of sale and other activities from one place.


Gusto - pricing

The unique method that Gusto’s pricing involves is that it offers every plan at a fixed base price. You then have to pay on a per-user, per-month basis instead of paying per-user, per-month, per-service basis.

14. Flock

Best human resource software that complements every step of the employee life-cycle.

Flock - human resource software

Right from onboarding new employees, to keep them engaged, administering benefits, and managing payroll as well as career development, Flock acts as a one-stop solution for the HR needs of employee-focused firms.

The HRIS system allows employers to store employee information in a common repository and allows admins to drill down into one profile or get an organizational overview using organization charts.

With integrated background checks, automated workflows, digital signature capabilities, digital offer letters, and more, onboarding new employees becomes an easy task.

The tool allows HR admins to configure time-off policies, manage leave requests, and time-off requests, and sync with Outlook or Gmail calendars.

You can also import all your employee data into Flock and manage payroll from one location. The tool allows you to set up according to your company policies, make changes to deductions, update the employment status of employees, and also handle offboarding through their portal.

The performance management feature allows HR admins to oversee the performance of employees individually and as teams. You can share updates, create milestones, track progress, provide feedback, and rate the performance of each employee.

Flock offers several templates and downloadable reports that include benefits, headcount, turnover, or equal opportunity data. You can also request custom reports and schedule them at the frequency you want them to be delivered.

This human capital management software also has a repository of updated and digitally fillable forms and provides reports as well as filing services that are required by organizations to comply with the ACA act.


Flock - pricing

You can choose the basic plan and add on modules based on your requirements like payroll integration, time-off management, and others. Flock provides you a custom quote based on the services you choose and the number of employees you have.

15. Rippling

Best all-in-one employee management software for organizations with 1-1000 employees.

Rippling - employee management software

Rippling makes it easy to manage payroll, track PTO, enroll for benefits, manage compliances, taxes, and much more.

Right from the time a new employee’s onboarding, Rippling helps set them up by registering all their details, granting them access wherever necessary, collecting payment information, helping them integrate with work-related apps, and eliminating the need for manual HR onboarding.

Rippling allows you to pay your employees within seconds even if they work from the other side of the globe. It not only calculates the payroll but also helps employees file taxes with all the required agencies.

You can use Rippling to track hourly work, calculate PTO, and generate insightful reports with all the HR metrics important for your organization.

Benefit administration becomes easy with Rippling as you can enroll new hires automatically, compare different benefit plans, and also invite employees for open enrollment through emails.

If you have a broker to help you with the benefits, Rippling also allows you to invite your broker to the platform or helps you find one.

The tool further takes care of your ACA and COBRA compliance requirements making life much simpler.

You can also use Rippling for making your hiring process more efficient. It allows hiring managers to post jobs on all job boards with just one click, set up interview stages based on the position, schedule interviews, and also generate reports about the hiring processes.

This HRIS software also facilitates continuous learning and development by integrating with learning management systems.

It takes employee engagement a notch higher by notifying employees about birthdays, new hires, accomplishments, out-of-office statuses, and providing access to common resources.


Rippling - pricing

While you can choose the services that are most suited to your business needs, Rippling charges on a per-service, per employee, per month basis.

16. Exelsys

Best integrated human capital management solution for businesses with offices across the globe.

Exelsys - integrated human capital management solution

For organizations with offices across the globe that still want to work on a single system rather than having a separate one in each region, Exelsys is the answer.

Available in more than 20 languages, Exelsys has multi-entity and multi-currency capabilities that allow employers to set different rules for different locations but still operate from one unified HR system.

Exelsys has a FastTrack initiative where dedicated project managers help you set up, configure, and implement the system across your office within 30 days. The duration and the efforts, however, depending on the complexity of your organization.

This software is extremely easy to use as it operates on a Microsoft like a familiar and simple interface.

It also allows you to integrate with other HCM tools and services that are necessary for your business or specific locations.

Exelseys is a cloud-based system that delivers its services over the internet and provides innovative HR solutions that are very cost-effective.

Some of these automated services include holiday approvals, training requests, expense management, talent acquisition, appraisals and performance management, learning and development, and more.

This software also makes it possible for HR to work remotely and monitor the human resources using their Exelsys Mobile app. All the employee data gets saved locally and can be used for local as well as extended reporting and analysis.


There are two editions of Exelsys, i.e., standard and professional. The pricing is based on the edition, the number of modules selected, and the number of employees in the organization.

17. Namely

Best human resource management software with the best people operations platform.

Namely -human resource management software

Namely claims that they can help you save 11 hours every week that you would spend in manual HR paperwork. You can use the software to manage payroll, benefits as well as stay up to date with the changing labor laws.

Transitioning from manual HR operations to Namely’s people operations platform is seamless with continuous guidance from their specialists. You can implement Namely within 6-8 weeks. This human capital management software works best for companies with 50-1000 employees.

Namely’s people operations software focuses on the people within your organization as the name suggests.

Not only can the employers attract the right talent but ensure that they perform well, undergo training, receive feedback periodically, and have a place to resolve their grievances on their own.

It also provides a complete payroll solution with automated payment schedules, benefits administrations, time tracking, and attendance and HR reporting.

Not only does the tool help you stay compliant with local, federal, and state laws but it also takes care of tax filing and helps with year-end reporting and ACA reporting.

Namely also offers an HR compliance package wherein, it offers access to expert HR advisors, allows you to continuously update your company policy handbook, records all occupational hazard incidents, and custom training apart from compliance courses.

A distinguishing feature is the benefits administration support that Namely offers. You will be assigned a Benefits Advisor who will help you curate benefit packages for your employees, provide cost-efficient options, and also help you stay compliant with all required laws.

Even though Namely takes care of most of your core HR functions, it offers integrations with other services. You can also build your own integrations using their API.


Namely’s solutions are customized according to individual HR needs and are priced accordingly.

18. Criterion HCM

Best employee management system for complex organizations like NGOs and construction companies.

Criterion - employee management system

Criterion HCM engages employees at all levels in their HCM processes. This software can help you save costs, empower employees, and also facilitate data-driven decision making.

The human capital management software gives you an overview of all the important metrics and reports like turnover rate, absence rate, average age, human capital cost, and others from one dashboard.

You can also store employee information like contact details, employment status, benefits details, compensation, and performance reviews in one common repository to access them later whenever required.

All you have to do is choose reports and other documents most important to you, configure policies, events, and rules, and have them delivered automatically to your inbox as per schedule.

You can manage all your employee benefits by tracking plans, sending benefit letters through email, calculate deductions, and more using the benefits management and open enrollment feature.

Employee information systems like Criterion not only help save valuable time but also make employees self-sufficient. Criterion helps its employees through self-service modules using which they can apply for leaves, get payroll information, or share information with their colleagues.

Managers no longer have to wait for these requests to get routed to them from HR. Customizable workflows allow leaves to get directed straight to the person in charge and can get approved in seconds.

The software also offers a mobile app which makes remote work easy for both the employee as well as the manager. Employees can use it to log in and out of work, request leaves, and more while employers can use the location tracking features and time tracking to ensure work gets done efficiently.

Criterion offers a robust reporting system where they offer templates as well as the option of custom reports. Right from financial planning reports to EEO reports, you can create reports based on all kinds of HR metrics available.


Criterion HCM does not offer a free trial. While their pricing differs based on HR needs, you will have to send them an email or call them for pricing details.

19. HRpuls

Best human resources software for hiring managers who want to try unconventional methods of hiring.

HRPuls - human resources software

HRpuls segregates its services into three different packages based on the functions. The recruiting suite allows you to find talent, the HR management suite helps in retaining talent and the performance suite is dedicated to deploying talent by helping them develop themselves.

The recruiting suite offers a host of services ranging from applicant tracking, workforce management, managing candidate experience, and assessment.

You can not only track applications and schedule interviews but HRpuls also allows you to send pulse surveys to candidates to know more about their interview experience to improve the process.

You can also manage your existing workforce, plan for unmet HR needs, and get per personnel cost in real-time. The tool helps you send psychometric and integrity tests and other questionnaires to make assessment an automated process.

The tool follows a 3-phase model under the HR management suite where employees can themselves identify areas that need improvement, generate solutions, and implement them.

Not only does this ensure a sense of responsibility but also establishes continuous development of the organization and the employees.

HRpuls acknowledges the importance of mental health factors that could affect employees and allows you to run continuous surveys with employees and helps identify critical areas that need attention.

Along with providing feedback to employees and managers, the tool also allows employees to assess themselves through self assessment surveys before assessing others.

A different concept that HRpuls offers is identifying “digital heroes” within your organization. This includes the employees who have been contributing to the digital journey of your company using the 3-phase model. This is aimed at enhancing the employee experience at your organization.

Another unique feature that HRpuls offers is the option to anonymously ask questions to the management in a common space that can be viewed by every employee. This makes employees feel that they are heard within the organization.


HRpuls allows you to schedule a demo call with the support team at your convenience and offers custom pricing based on your requirements.

20. Paycor

Best HRIS software for organizations looking for modern and intuitive payroll solutions.

Paycor - modern HRIS software including payroll

Paycor is an all in one solution for organizations looking at eliminating manual paperwork from the HR equation completely.

It offers an intuitive payroll management system that stores employee information in one place, imports the number of hours worked, payroll policies, calculates deductions, and helps you manage payroll with the click of a button.

You also do not have to worry about tax compliances as Paycor does that for you. Paycor also offers compensation planning and helps you manage raises, bonuses, and rewards from one system.

Paycor’s time and attendance software takes manual attendance taking out of the HR equation by allowing employees to log in through mobile phones, helps manage overtime, offers a time-off dashboard, prevents time theft, and also helps in scheduling.

The benefits administration, HR, and ACA software offered by Paycor allows HR admins to automate benefits administration, automate enrollment, and ensure complete compliances with all required laws. All important compliance documents get stored in one common repository and can be accessed at any time.

With digital documents provided during onboarding, the onboarding software makes it convenient for the employees as they can fill in the documents at their own place and time. The software also automates the issuance of the employee handbook, employee access, and all other necessary onboarding information.

Paycor also allows you to integrate with other apps like CloudPay, ESR, Leave Genius, and others to meet specific business needs.


Paycor - pricing

Paycor offers a separate plan for small businesses and another for mid-sized businesses.

While there are three sub-plans with add-on features available in the package for small businesses, subscribers of the mid-sized package get the payroll feature free and pay for the add-on features that they choose.

21. Personio

Best employee management and information system that requires minimal inputs from the management.

Personio - employee management and information system

This human resource management software offers all the HR functions that a company would need.

Right from recruitment, onboarding, payroll, management, development to workflow management, organizations looking for a time-saving all in one solution could give this one some serious thought.

Personio is also the best choice for small businesses and is affordable too.

It can help you simplify recruitment by allowing you to post on over 500 job portals, tracking all of them from one place, tracking applicants using the applicant tracking system, and making hiring an inclusive process.

After helping you with onboarding, Personio also helps you store all the employee information compliance with legal requirements, provides HR admins an overview of leave requests and approvals, and also helps manage payroll.

Personio’s integration with DATEV’s payroll software allows you to condense your entire payroll process to the click of a button by synchronizing with the employee database and timesheets.

Approval processes also get streamlined and less time consuming by allowing managers to approve requests from the click of a button.

Admins can assign who gets certain requests, provides an overview of employee schedules to check availability, and generates reports on required metrics.

Personio offers an Essential package where you can choose to integrate with one third party application or partner. You can choose the Professional package if you would like to integrate with more than one partner.


Personio - pricing

Even though Personio offers three different plans, based on the services you choose under each plan, a custom quote is generated.

22. Workday

Best human capital management software for deep insights about your workforce.

Workday - enterprise HCM software

Workday serves not only as your HR management tool but also helps you with your finances as well as planning. The system is quite intuitive and easy to use. It also offers lots of third party integration options helping you bring all your HR functions in one place.

This tool takes performance management a step further by using machine learning to derive insights, recommend training, suggest tasks and applications, and also grant them access to required resources automatically.

The Workday HCM system makes payroll and workforce management extremely easy by allowing employees to log in their work hours, request leaves, and track their PTO. Managers can approve requests in seconds, generate important reports on different HR metrics, manage payroll and benefits, and automate other repetitive tasks.

Using Workday’s Adaptive Planning feature, HR admins can collaborate with other departments to identify opportunities, monitor costs, and plan for a contingency workforce.

This employment management software is known for its ability to utilize workforce data to provide actionable insights and drive data-backed business decisions. The people analytics offered by Workday gives you a comprehensive view of your workforce.

You can access thousands of reports and customizable dashboards according to your needs and address diversity gaps, employee dissatisfaction, pay disparity and other issues using the data backed reports generated by Workday.

Initially, you might need to hire a consultant to gain a proper understanding of the tool if this is your first time using HR management software.


Workday’s pricing is based on the number of services that you choose and the number of users and is charged on a monthly basis.

23. Zenefits

Best modern employee information system for digital companies.

Zenefits - employee information system

Zenefits is the most intuitive, easy to use, and centralized HR information system that companies can use to streamline and automate their HR processes.

The tool makes it very easy to manage employee life cycles by taking charge right from onboarding, payroll, performance management to offboarding.

It offers an employee app through which employees can log in to work, apply for leaves, track PTO balance, update personal info, and more.

The app offers clock-in terminals, records clock-in location, and has a system in place to ensure time card frauds are prevented. Managers can also use this tool to monitor employee activity in real-time.

Benefit administration gets automated as the information from the employee repository, time tracking, and scheduling gets synced with benefits and allows employees to choose the benefits they prefer.

This HRIS software also comes with built-in compliance tools to help you stay compliant with ACA compliances, overtime laws, and all other laws governing employment.


Zenefits - pricing

Zenefits offers base plans on a per month, per employee basis and allows you to choose relevant add-ons on a chargeable basis.

24. Kronos

Best workforce management software for organizations that rely on innovative solutions.

Kronos - workforce management software

Now known as the Ultimate Kronos Group, Kronos is a very affordable and customizable HR solution for small and mid-sized businesses. The software offers a lot of enterprise-level features but is slightly complex to use.

Kronos offers different user levels for different people operating the system within the organizations, for eg. managers, HR admins, and employees. However, access can be limited based on job roles and responsibilities.

Apart from core HR functions, Kronos offers an applicant tracking system, payroll, employee scheduling and forecasting, absence management, integrations with third-party applications, and more.

It uses artificial intelligence to streamline and simplify time-consuming tasks like scheduling.

You can save a lot of labor cost by utilizing the actionable workforce insights that Kronos offers. You can check staffing, get real-time data about employee activities, and manage leave requests from one place.

This tool is known for its analytics and ability to provide managers and operational executives with real-time data so that they can identify critical areas and labor issues so that they can be addressed on time.

Kronos not only offers compliance management but also offers specialized products like fatigue management and others to help you stay out of compliance litigations.


The pricing offered starts from $6 per month, per employee and varies based on the number of services, apps, and employees that you choose.

25. 15Five

Best human capital management software for continuously motivating and developing employees.

15Five - human capital management software

15Five has been known to help managers to be actively involved in the development of their employees.

This software is great for performance management and is branded as a performance management system because of the visibility that it provides to managers about their subordinates.

15Five’s OKRs allow managers to create individual, team, or department specific OKRs and track them. The feedback process is a notch above the others because of the 360 degree feedback feature that is called the Best-Self Review, aimed at motivating employees to be their best selves.

Since the focus of this software is on helping employees improve themselves continuously, 15Five also allows managers to send surveys to employees to understand their needs better.

Based on the feedback received, managers can also coach employees 1:1 through the platform without the need to check for availability, schedule a meeting and then have a talk with employees.

Managers can also High Five employees for their efforts towards company goals and boost employee morale.


15Five - pricing

15Five offers follows an annual contract model. The free plan can be used by companies with fewer than 20 employees.

All other plans are available on a per-employee basis and offer select services under each plan except for the Performance plan.

What is a HRIS System?

Simply put, an HRIS system is a software that integrates HR functions and technology to make human capital management a much more efficient process.

HRIS stands for Human Resource Information System and allows all HR activities and processes to take place electronically.

Right from core HR functions like recruitment, payroll, and benefits administration, these employee management systems also take care of complex HR activities like learning and development, talent management, onboarding, compliance management, and more.

Businesses irrespective of their size can use these human resource management systems to reduce the paperwork, calculations, and the countless hours spent in updating spreadsheets that go into manual HR processes.

One of the direct effects of implementing an HRIS system in an organization is reduced labor costs. First, it helps reduce the number of HR personnel by automating most processes and then provides you with actionable staffing insights.

Using HRIS systems, organizations can identify understaffed or overstaffed departments, enhance employee experience through their continuous feedback and performance management modules, simplify workflows, and also recruit the right talent from the best sources.

Of late, an increasing number of organizations are realizing the need to digitize their HR processes in order to be able to focus better and dedicate resources towards their core business functions.

Types of HRIS Systems

You might get confused with the different terms like human capital management systems, HR management systems, or employee information systems used in reference to HRIS systems.

Let us simplify this for you by providing some information about the different types of HRIS systems that exist.

There are different types of HRIS systems like HRMS, HCM, TMS, ATS, and LMS. Often these terms are used interchangeably but each of them performs slightly different functions in addition to the HRIS functions.

Understanding what each of these terms means may help you understand what functions a particular HRIS specializes in.


This stands for Human Resource Management Systems and is mostly interchanged for HRIS systems and vice versa.

These systems are more like suites which consist of all the HR software that organizations use to manage their core HR functions, payroll, employee experience, performance management, and more.

HRMS systems are the most apt choice for modern workforces as manual paperwork and conventional HR functions are no longer relevant. These systems let you integrate all your HR management software so that you can effortlessly manage your workforce from one location.

2. HCM

HCM stands for Human Capital Management and divides its functionality into workforce acquisition, workforce management, and workforce optimization.

Human capital can be defined as a measure of skills, education, and capabilities of human resources within an organization which in turn affects their productivity and efficiency.

Human Capital Management Systems help you manage the employee life cycle to ensure maximum productivity with lower costs.

HCM software helps organizations in recruiting and onboarding the right talent through multiple job sites, compensation management, benefits administration, performance management, learning and development, contingency planning as well as offboarding employees.

3. TMS

TMS or Talent Management Systems are another type of HRIS that helps organizations manage employee life cycles along the four dimensions.

TMS systems help HR in recruitment, learning and development, performance management, and managing payroll.

While there is other software that specialize only in talent management, it might sometimes be a part of a much bigger HRIS system where TMS is just one of its modules.

4. ATS

ATS or Applicant Tracking Systems are HRIS software that help the human resource department manage the recruitment function electronically.

ATS systems allow you to post the same job on hundreds of job boards with the click of a button. You can set up screening parameters, set up process flows, manage all applications from one location, schedule interviews, and so much more.

These software save your inbox from getting flooded with applications. Instead, they compile everything in one location, help you track the status of each, automatically send emails to them, and schedule interviews.

The tools are extremely intuitive and can not only make the recruitment process a piece of cake but also elevate candidate experience, keep the process transparent and help create a good impression about the organization in the job market.

5. LMS

LMS stands for Learning Management System and these are eLearning systems that make employee training and development another easy process.

LMS systems allow employees to enroll in mandatory or on-demand courses and training. Most of these systems can be accessed on mobile phones making it easy to learn on-the-go.

Managers can check employee progress, suggest courses, appear for tests, and ensure employees complete all required training. Some LMS systems also offer built-in compliance training.

Implementing LMS systems in organizations eliminates the need for HR to look for qualified trainers, book them, and explain the needs. Most LMS software comes with a database of courses and offers a vast variety for employees to choose from.

LMS systems also offer the option for you to create an online course specific to your business needs and add it to the LMS system.

Most HR functions have been done manually for ages. With the implementation of these integrated employee management systems, employee productivity has gone up due to an enhanced employee experience that it has facilitated.

The evolution of Talent Systems
Source: Josh Bersin

These integrated talent management systems have come a long way and unlike before, the emphasis is now on enhancing the employee experience rather than the hiring experience for the recruiters.

Benefits of Using HRIS Systems

Automating any manual process using technology elevates efficiency, improves productivity, and also reduces the number of errors or defects in the process. The same applies to HRIS systems where basically technology meets manual HR activities.

Implementing an HRIS system not only saves an organization a lot of paper, storage space, and the number of hours spent with a calculator or on a spreadsheet, but it provides a host of other benefits too.

Let us look at the most prominent ones.

1. Improves employee productivity

Instead of running behind seniors to get an approval, employees can use HRIS systems to get their requests approved within seconds. Workflows get streamlined and instead of disturbing the whole chain for a small task, the tasks get routed to the person in charge.

Most HRIS systems help the HR admins and department heads to identify if employees need training and integrate with LMS systems to ensure they get trained. Some of these software even allows you to set up daily tasks and track the time needed to complete each of them.

2. Reduces wastage of time on repetitive HR admin activities

HRIS systems automate most of the repetitive HR processes, thereby freeing up a lot of time that can be used to accomplish other important things. HR admins can use this time to enhance other processes rather than doing menial tasks.

Most of the time-consuming activities like payroll management, benefits administration, leave tracking can get completed with the click of a button.

3. Comprehensive and accurate HR reports

Apart from providing important HR data like turnover rate, rate of absence, overtime hours, HRIS systems also provide organizations hundreds of downloadable report templates that can be customized according to the HR metrics most important to them.

Right from demographic information reports, to compensation and benefits reports, HRIS systems eliminate the need to create manual reports and also deliver them periodically or on request within seconds.

4. People analytics to identify critical areas in your organization

HRIS systems store employee data in a common repository and information about each employee can be accessed. This data gets synced with all other services that the HRIS system provides like benefits administration, payroll, talent management, attendance tracking, and more.

By deploying HR analytics to all the HR functions, these systems help managers identify trends, critical areas, staffing issues, and other errors.

5. Facilitates better decision making

Since HRIS systems provide you with a lot of data like performance reports, attendance logs, staffing reports, and much more, it enables managers and HR admins to take decisions that are backed by solid data rather than just shooting in the dark.

HRIS software helps you identify real problems and come up with real solutions.

6. Enhanced employee experience

When managers use the performance management tools provided by HRIS systems to identify the best performers, publicly acknowledge their efforts, pay attention to their training and provide direct access to the management, the sense of belongingness within an employee increases manifold.

Most HRIS systems automate onboarding and recruitment as well. New joinees no longer have to wait for weeks for their offer letters and applicants continuously receive updates about the selection process.

The entire process becomes transparent, pleasant, and sets a good name for the organization in the market.

7. Reduced labor costs

This one is a given. With HR processes getting automated, the number of people required to execute them gets reduced.

While HRIS systems might serve as a blessing for HR executives who handle the HR requirements of a company alone, other larger organizations might be able to cut down on labor within the HR department too.

HRIS systems also help admins identify staffing issues. It tells you whether a department is overstaffed or understaffed with reference to productivity.

These systems also help organizations save on labor costs caused due to reasons like absenteeism by helping you plan ahead. Contingency planning also becomes comparatively easy using these tools.

What Features to Look for in the Best Online HRIS System?

If you are considering purchasing a subscription to an HRIS system, chances are that you want to digitize your HR functions. While there are providers who specialize in each of these functions, it is always best to look for options that can act as a one-stop solution.

Instead of having to continuously toggle between software for different functions, choose a software that offers the most of them and also offers the option to integrate with other services.

This way you can complement your HRIS system with the special functions that you require and make it one whole.

However, before making a purchase you should look for the features we have listed down for you. The best HRIS systems will have them.

1. Option to scale

You might be a startup with just 15 employees in your organization currently. However, in the near future, you expect to grow rapidly which is why it is always advisable to choose a service provider that allows you to scale.

Whether you want to cut down on the number of employees or want to double them, the choice should be yours.

Most HRIS system service providers charge you on a per-user, per month basis, which makes it easy to add or remove employees.

2. Freedom to customize

There might be a service that you narrow down on but it offers a lot of services that you do not need but would still have to pay for if you choose it. Doesn’t sound very convincing right?

Why not select an option that allows you to customize your services and pay only for what you need? Some of the best HRIS systems follow a per user, per service, per month method of pricing.

Some others might offer you a base plan and allow you to choose add-on services.

3. Simple, clean, and easy to use interface

There are some extremely difficult to operate HRIS systems out there that are so difficult to operate that you might need to hire a consultant to learn how to operate it.

While your HR admins might be able to adapt to it, your employees might start calling your HR personnel more than ever before, just to learn how to operate the system.

The best HRIS software has the cleanest, precise, and relevant dashboards and can be operated by employees at all levels. Check for intuitive solutions that make the operation easy.

4. Integrations

Now, you’ve found the perfect HRIS solution. You couldn’t have asked for more.

But, there’s just one service that you wish it had, eg. an eLearning module. You know another provider who specializes in LMS.

The best HRIS solution would allow you to integrate with third-party applications and also offer integrations with their own partners.

Some of them may allow you to integrate for free while some providers might charge you a fee for each integration.

5. HR analytics

Automating your HR processes is good, but since HRIS systems are capable of doing so much more, do not settle for one that just digitizes your HR.

Look for one that offers analytics so that you can identify critical areas in your organization before it seriously hampers productivity. Instead of taking blind-decisions, make data-backed business decisions, and get insights into the most important HR metrics.

6. Core HR services

While we do say that HRIS systems automate HR processes, you need to ensure that the system that you choose offers ALL the services you need.

Right from attendance tracking, to leave management and PTO, benefits administration, feedback management, and others, carefully evaluate if the HRIS system you have set your eyes on, solves your purpose.

7. Employee database management

There might be disputes with employees or unaddressed issues or other legal requirements at any time in the future.

The best HRIS solution will store complete information about every employee who has ever worked with you and not just the ones who have been with you since you installed the system.

8. Workflow optimization

In the conventional way of HR operations, when an employee raises a request, it goes through numerous checkpoints before it finally reaches the concerned person. Choose a service that optimizes, streamlines, and automates your workflows.

A request must reach the concerned person within seconds and get approved within seconds. Good HRIS systems also notify managers when there is a pending request that needs their attention.

9. Applicant tracking system

One of the most tiring, time-consuming, and important functions that the HR department performs is recruiting.

Generally, the inboxes of HR personnel get flooded by applicant emails, they may lose track of some or might end up shortlisting a wrong profile because of the lack of a full-proof system.

HRIS tools are meant to take care of that as well. While comparing different systems look for the most streamlined processes.

The best option would take care of posting jobs on job sites, shortlist applications, schedule interviews, allow you to track them, communicate with candidates, send them their offer letter on the selection, and even onboard them.

10. Performance management

Since human resource management tools work in tandem with the employee life-cycle, a good HRIS system would help you track employee performance, identify areas of improvement, and give precise recommendations in terms of the training required.

11. eLearning

Once you identify an employee’s weakness, a responsible employer helps them improve and develop themselves. HRIS systems with eLearning modules offer courses to employees to choose from.

The HR no longer has to look for trainers and help design course modules, instead, they can avail the skill-specific courses available on these LMS systems. Along with skill-based learning, the best HRIS tools also offer compliance training to employees.

12. Responsive customer support

There are bound to be times when you will need the assistance of the support team. Before subscribing to a service, look for reviews by other customers to understand their experience with the customer support team.

You do not want to go back to manual HR for a few days if your HRIS system is down and you haven’t heard back from the support team.

HRIS Systems FAQ

What is the purpose of HRIS?

The purpose of HRIS systems is to automate your most repetitive human resource functions and save time and effort while improving productivity. 

HRIS systems are implemented to streamline processes, make time-consuming activities easy and to manage the core HR functions from the click of a button. 

These systems might also be implemented to reduce labor costs, for people analytics, and to drive data-backed business decisions

What are the most popular HRIS systems?

While different HRIS systems offer different modules that would suit different businesses, the particularly popular ones are, Namely, Bamboo HR, Workday, and Exelsys

Even though these are the highest rated HRIS software out there in the market, they do not necessarily mean that they would be a perfect fit for every organization.

Carefully evaluate all the modules that each HRIS system offers before making a choice. 

How does HRIS help with recruitment?

Most HRIS systems have a separate module to handle recruitments. Under this module, they help HR admins post jobs on multiple job boards from one location, collect all applications in one common inbox, track applicants, schedule interviews, stay connected, and send offer letters.

The recruitment management feature in an HRIS system comes under the name Applicant Tracking System.

What is the difference between HCM and HRIS?

While HRIS comprises all the core HR activities and processes integrated with technology, HCM deals with managing the employee life cycle right from on-boarding, managing, developing to off-boarding. 

In HRIS, the aim is to make the HR functions easy to manage while in HCM, the focus is on improving employee productivity and enhancing the employee experience. 

What is the difference between ERP and HRIS?

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning and refers to the management of all resources crucial to a business which includes accounting, operations, production, supply chain, and others using specialized software.

HRIS on the other hand refers to the management of human resources within an organization using technology. 

ERP software may or may not include human resource management as one of their modules. 

Quick HRIS Systems Comparison

Organizations differ in size, function, industry and many more areas. But one function that every organization has and runs on, is human resource management..

The most valuable asset within any organization is their human resources. While an HRIS system’s primary function is to help automate repetitive HR processes, it is also important to keep the needs of your employees at the heart of your decision while choosing an HRIS system.

There are dozens of solutions out there to address different business needs.

Global businesses could consider Exelsys, Rippling could be an option for businesses looking for a one-stop solution. Similarly if you operate a small to mid sized organization, you could evaluate HRMlabs, Common Office HRIS, Homebase or SyncHR.

If you are a budding startup with a fast growing team, Kenjo, CakeHR, Bitrix24 could take your operations to a different level. If you believe that your employees could benefit from a little training you could consider Bridge that has an excellent learning management system.

Whichever option you choose, it is important to remember that your HR is the backbone of your organization and their development equals your organization’s development.

So even if this investment feels heavy on your pocket, it will reap you HUGE returns later!

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