16 Best Workforce Management Software of 2022

Updated Aug 3, 2022.

When HR managers or business owners effectively manage their employees, it can lead to a more engaged and productive workforce. High functioning employees empower the entire organization to find its true potential while maximizing the business's profitability.

With the rapid digital transformation of the diversified workforce, it has become difficult for human resource managers to manage their employees effectively. Using workforce management software, you can create automated solutions for common, everyday tasks performed by the HR department.

Finding the best workforce management software for your business can help you resolve complex payroll processing and create an optimized schedule.

Best Workforce Management Software

A workforce management software is all about using your existing workforce in the best way possible. The best software would help you address everything from call center optimization, leave management, attendance tracking, employee scheduling, and much more.

We have compiled a list of the best workforce management software that will help you make the most out of your employees and boost your organization's productivity.

1. Monday.com

Best Workforce Management Software For Tracking Talent Pipeline

Monday.com is the Best Workforce Management Software For Tracking Talent Pipeline

Monday.com is a leading employee management system trusted by industry leaders, including Adobe, Uber, and Unilever. The platform acts as a centralized workspace for your HR teams, allowing them to manage and optimize their processes.

Main Features

  • Recruitment Pipeline: Monday.com allows you to manage and enhance your recruitment process. It helps you track the pipeline of your potential employees and hires from beginning to end. The detailed record of every stage helps you quickly analyze the entire hiring process. This workforce management software offers you multiple templates to choose from, personalized based on your specific needs.
  • Manage Leave Requests Easily: With this workforce management software, you can get your leave request approved quickly and easily. The platform offers an easy-to-use dashboard for employees to view all the applied leaves, along with department schedules and workforce coverage. This helps managers make tweaks in the schedule and improve employees' productivity. An advanced notification system sends automated reminders to managers when a request has been pending for a few hours and employees once their leave request gets approved.
  • Performance Reviews: Feedbacks are important for both the company and the employee. It gives a chance to the managers to appreciate their team members for a job well done and keep them engaged in their work. On the other hand, it also allows managers to highlight areas where employees need to pay attention, helping boost the productivity of the company. The platform offers an intuitive employee management system to keep track of outcomes and manage or schedule meetings.
  • Code-Free Automations: This workforce management software allows you to create automated workflows to save time and improve your team's efficiency. You can set automatic reminders, avoid unnecessary meetings and lengthy email chains by setting up customizable automation for your organization. It helps you balance the needs of your customers, your employees' workload, and your business goals.


  • Manage your employee development by tracking their day-to-day performance.
  • Collaborate with managers in private chat rooms.
  • Set automatic reminders and stay on top of potential, talented candidates.
  • Onboard new employees smoothly with an interactive and customizable template.


Monday.com Pricing Plan

Monday.com has five plans – Individual, Basic, Standard, Pro, and Enterprise.

  • The Individual Plan offers more than 200 templates to manage your workforce, along with creating unlimited boards and documents.
  • The Basic Plan allows you to add viewers to your team, access unlimited items, and 5GB of cloud storage for your team.
  • With the Standard Plan, you can create automated workflows to manage your team's workload and view their availability with a timeline option.
  • The Pro Plan allows you to create private boards and documents, prioritize customer support, and access a time-tracking feature for your employees.
  • The Enterprise Plan offers advanced automation and integrations, along with a highly secure interface. The advanced reporting and analytics tool helps you manage your workforce efficiently.

Monday.com offers a 14-day free trial to experience all their advanced features without sharing your credit card information.

2. ClickUp

Cheapest Workforce Management Platform with Efficient Performance Tracking

ClickUp is the Cheapest Workforce Management Platform with Efficient Performance Tracking

ClickUp is an all-in-one tool that can track performances, manage documents, and onboard new candidates. These advanced features for human resource teams will help them optimize their workforce.

Main Features

  • Easy Employee Onboarding: ClickUp offers multiple templates to build personalized candidate recruitment processes and onboarding tasks. These powerful templates are simple to use and do not require any software knowledge. They can be customized according to your employee requirements and help you streamline your processes easily.
  • Efficient Application Tracking: This workforce management platform allows you to create customizable web forms, making hiring and application tracking an easy process. You can generate a separate scorecard for every applicant, helping you make informed hiring decisions. You can also brand these web forms to match your company's style. You can select your form's theme, change it to your brand colors, and remove the ClickUp icon entirely.
  • Centralized Storage: ClickUp allows you to store all the essential company documents at a centralized storage location. This helps in easy access of documents and ensures that they are never misplaced. You can create knowledge bases or wikis on the platform, embed bookmarks or tables, and format documents for efficient roadmaps. Thie software also ensures that all your documents are secure and well-organized for easy accessibility.
  • Seamless Integrations: With more than 1,000 third-party application integrations, ClickUp can improve the organization's functionality. These integrations allow your team to work on a new platform with the familiarity of the old one. You can integrate with time tracking applications, calendars, developers, and cloud storage options.


  • Get access to pre-built templates for interviewing, applicant tracking, and employee onboarding.
  • Monitor and manage your strategy with an efficient dashboard.
  • Plan, organize and collaborate on any project with powerful, customizable task management options.
  • Streamline your teamwork with intelligent collaboration tools, including chats and shareable documents.


ClickUp Pricing Plan

ClickUp has five plans – Free Forever, Unlimited, Business, Business Plus, and Enterprise.

  • The Free Forever Plan allows you to collaborate on docs and create unlimited tasks for your team members.
  • The Unlimited Plan gives you access to limitless integrations, dashboards, Gantt charts and also allows you to create custom fields and team goals.
  • The Business Plan has custom exporting, premium automation, and advanced dashboard features. 
  • With the Business Plus Plan, you can access team sharing options, priority support, and custom role creation features to optimize employee tracking.
  • The Enterprise Plan offers advanced security features, including white labeling and single sign-on. The plan also provides a guided onboarding feature for new employees.

With ClickUp's Free Forever plan, you can add unlimited members to your team, create and assign tasks, collaborate on Docs, track your employees' time, and create Kanban boards to improvise the management of your workforce.

3. Oracle Workforce Management

Leading Workforce Management Application to Align Your Business Strategy

Oracle is the Leading Workforce Management Application to Align Business Strategy

Oracle Workforce Management software is a fully integrated HR solution that aligns your business strategy, reduces compliance risk, and helps you deploy your workforce better control their tasks.

Main Features

  • Accurate Data Entry: Oracle Workforce management application offers a comprehensive set of advanced time tools for easy data entry for all workers. The platform allows you to create timesheets for individual members through a time tracking tool. This tool establishes accountability amongst working teams. They also help managers estimate the average time taken to complete a job, which allows them to set milestones accordingly. It offers a daily, weekly, and monthly calendar with drag-and-drop tools to easily schedule tasks for your team.
  • Absence Management: This workforce management application helps you build a plan for dealing with employees that are absent from work. It allows you to create multiple procedures and policies to limit the absence of your employees. You can use the platform to manage employees in the entire organization or customize it for individual teams. You can easily configure rules and policies without making any changes to the application code. The software also allows you to create a detailed absence analytics report to track areas of low productivity for optimization.
  • Manage Payrolls: Oracle Workforce Management software simplifies how you pay your workforce for efficient and compliant payroll processing. The platform helps you minimize compliance risks with automatic updates on global, national, and local payroll laws and tax regulations. You can configure specific business rules that align with your organization with an intuitive interface. The software is built for your employees, offering flexible payment options of their earned wages rather than forcing them to wait for the payday.
  • Talent Management: This end-to-end talent management tool helps you take control of every stage of the talent lifecycle. It allows you to attract the best candidate, boost your organization's productivity, and make improved data-driven decisions. Instead of creating an account, you can simplify your candidate's experience by enabling a digital assistant to answer questions instantly. Native CRM tools help you attract your target candidates with personalized landing pages and messages. The platform also offers AI-powered recommendations and self-scheduled interviews for accelerating the hiring process.


  • Review and connect with potential clients using LinkedIn without leaving the Oracle platform.
  • Collaborate your goals with teams and work towards a common purpose.
  • Provide, receive, or request feedback across the organization efficiently.
  • Intelligently identify your best talent to nurture their growth and build leaders for the next generation.


Oracle has three plans – Global HR Suite, Talent Management Suite, and Workforce Management Suite.

  • Global HR Suite offers end-to-end tools to manage your hiring process. It starts at $13 per user per month.
  • Talent Management Suite offers advanced tools for collaboration, goal setting, and employee tracking. It starts at $8 per user per month.
  • The Workforce Management Suite offers a unified human capital organization solution. It starts at $13 per user per month.

Oracle offers a free demo of its platform along with real-time chat support with customer care executives.

4. BlueYonder Workforce Management

Top Workforce Management Software for Increased Employee Engagement

BlueYonder is the Top Workforce Management Software for Increased Employee Engagement

BlueYonder Workforce Management helps elevate employee retention rates through flexible and efficient scheduling options. This allows you to meet the needs of the changing and diverse workforce.

Main Features

  • Increase Employee Engagement: BlueYonder offers a comprehensive workforce management solution with advanced scheduling options and self-service tools to empower your employees. The platform allows you to accurately track time, optimize schedules based on demand, and minimize employee turnover. Employees can punch in their time through mobile or web-based, soft and hard time clocks. The system automatically determines the payment category and exports the data to payroll.
  • Simplified Labor Compliance: This workforce management software creates automated weekly schedules in compliance with the regulations and corporate policies. It simplifies this process and prevents errors by not allowing managers to create schedules that aren’t compliant manually. Its highly configurable setting supports business across 45 countries.
  • Accurate Forecasting: Build weekly work schedules to align with employee availability and work demand. BlueYonder creates these schedules by appropriately forecasting seasonality, historical data, and upcoming events. This helps the tool estimate the actual need and get the most out of your employees. These work schedules are highly customizable and can be updated by managers as per their needs. Most businesses prefer creating blank schedules, where workers pick their time slots, resulting in higher shift coverage.
  • Strategic Workforce Planning: BlueYonder forecasts your future staffing requirements and balances 12-month labor forecasts with the corporate budgets. These strategic plans align the work demand with corporate budgets, ensuring that the workforce is neither over-burdened nor underutilized. It helps cover the potential gaps in your business in the most efficient way possible, boosting your organization’s productivity.


  • Reduce uncovered shifts and increase employee engagement with a mobile self-service shift marketplace.
  • Share your employee pools across the organization and optimize your workforce.
  • It supports multiple clock-in options.
  • Empower your employees to build strong, well-trained, and long-term teams.


BlueYonder does not have a pre-planned pricing template. Instead, they customize the pricing as per your needs and the size of your company. You can request personalized pricing from their website.

BlueYonder also offers a demo of their platform on request, letting you experience their powerful engagement and forecasting options.

5. Fuse Workforce Management

Most Suited Workforce Management Software with Unified Employee Management

Fuse is the Most Suited Workforce Management Software with Unified Employee Management

Fuse workforce management software unifies all your management resources within a single platform. This helps you access information quickly when you need it and allows you to initiate automatic steps defined by triggers.

Main Features

  • Enhanced Decision Making: This workforce management software offers advanced reports that you can customize to analyze trends in the productivity and work of your employees. These reports provide you with relevant, easy-to-access data, helping organizations to understand their requirements. It provides them with all the information they need to make actionable decisions, that matter. The platform also offers an interactive and intuitive dashboard to gain greater visibility into your workforce and assess the impact of different HR programs.
  • Boost Payroll Accuracy: Fuse provides accurate data and time management features to boost payroll accuracy. This helps gain the trust of your employees and saves time and effort in correcting incorrect data entries. This extensive time and payroll management system ensures that employee information is accessible all across the organization. With this real-time process, managers can review and approve employee time for payroll processing with greater accuracy and efficiency.
  • Streamlined Onboarding: With an organized onboarding process, your company will experience a reduced employee turnover. The platform helps you manage your talent pipeline for open job positions and allows you to keep track of each candidate. Fuse will enable managers to keep a tab on the application, screening, and selection process. The comprehensive onboarding tools help eliminate double-entry of candidates and ensure an exceptional candidate and employee experience.
  • Employee Self-Service Tools: Fuse offers employee self-service tools to keep your employees informed and updated about available benefit options. These tools eliminate the need to access and update employee data by the HR team, as employees can now do that themselves. This helps boost your business through increased productivity, improved compliance, and energy and time savings. Since employees update their information, it improves efficiency and reduces errors. You can also manage expense reports through these tools.


  • Organize your workforce with an integrated platform.
  • Analyze your data accurately in real-time.
  • Configure the platform to meet your unique needs for customized reporting, annual compliance details, and much more.
  • With cloud storage, keep your sensitive data secure and access it 24/7 from any location.


Fuse workforce management software offers a single plan which starts at $18 per month per user.

Fuse offers a free demo to its customers, allowing them to experience the platform's advanced reporting and management tools.

6. ADP Workforce Now

Best Workforce Management Software for Error Detection

ADP Workforce Now is the Best Workforce Management Software for Error Detection

ADP Workforce Now is a cloud human capital management software with a unified interface. This makes sure that there are no errors or wrong data entries in the system by eliminating the process of manual entries. It is best suited for medium and large organizations.

Main Features

  • HR Management: HR management tools help bridge the gap between your employee's performance and the company's strategic goals. It is perfect for companies with multiple locations and can access features like a global HR record system and country-specific record keeping. With centralized data storage, you can access information from any part of the world. The platform also offers multi-currency tracking. ADP Workforce Now also provides intelligent and actionable insights to manage your employees better.
  • Performance Management: This workforce management software offers purpose-built templates to manage and track the performance of your employees. With regular feedback options, managers can spot issues and address these problems quickly, to keep everyone motivated and in line with the company goals. Performance management helps improve the organization's productivity by enhancing employee engagement and keeping your team satisfied.
  • Advanced Integration: ADP Workforce Now can be seamlessly integrated with various third-party solutions, including recruiting software, learning management systems, and enterprise resource planning systems. Additionally, ADP also offers a professional services implementation package. It provides a variety of training sources for its solutions. Your employees can either apply for a classroom-based or an online course. Your employees can earn educational credits for their training.
  • Payroll Tax Compliance: The platform helps your company comply with payroll tax laws and requirements. This comprehensive tax filing solution lets you spend less time updating your IT systems and more time focusing on important business goals. The platform has a national reach and a local insight, helping you with employment tax-related compliance requirements. It continually tracks and stays updated with the evolving legislation. The workforce management software allows you to set up automated fillings and deposits of federal, state, local payroll taxes.


  • Track your team's time and attendance efficiently with the time-tracker option.
  • Post jobs quickly through the platform on the company's custom career site or social networks.
  • Integrate to Microsoft Outlook or general ledgers.
  • Easily create online enrollment management plans.


ADP Workforce Now offers a customized pricing plan for their customers. The average plan costs around $62 per month, and you can directly contact the company for a quote.

ADP Workforce Now offers a free demo of their flexible payroll and HR solution.

7. Ceridian Dayforce

Leading Workforce Management Software for Organizing Employee Lifecycle

Ceridian Dayforce is the Leading Workforce Management Software for Organizing Employee Lifecycle

Ceridian Dayforce is a modern, comprehensive cloud human capital management platform that helps transform your employee's experience. It is a scalable software that offers real-time updates and calculations to address your unique requirements.

Main Features

  • Continuous Pay Calculation: Ceridian Dayforce allows your team to access and audit data continuously throughout the pay cycle. The platform ensures a complete and accurate payroll submission with sufficient time for audit and reviews. Your data is always up-to-date, and the net pay is calculated whenever the time gets recorded or the HR record is changed. With the help of your Dayforce wallet, you can quickly pay your employees as per their demands.
  • Labor Management System: Easily align your employees' daily operations with business goals. Control your labor costs by strategically planning your people resources. The platform uses historical data to help align labor plans with the company's sales target, keeping the budgets in line. Avoid violations by entering your labor planning data directly into the scheduling tool. This immediately notifies all the managers whenever their schedules align with the defined budget. The management system helps you understand labor resource demand and make better decisions.
  • Efficient Leave Management: Make it easier for your employees to request time off and for your managers to approve their leaves. This workforce management system makes it efficient for you to rapidly request, review, or approve time off, shifting your focus to more productive tasks. You can set employee absence policies with detailed rules to control and meet business requirements. The system automatically blocks requests that violate a policy and provide the same reason to your employee.
  • Dayforce Clocks: Track your employees more efficiently by choosing various time clock solutions that meet industry standards. These time clocks ensure that your employee's interactions get captured in real-time. Dayforce clocks support multiple read technologies, including barcode, magstripe, biometrics, and proximity. You can update these clocks to support changes in the company and adapt to your business as it grows.


  • Allow your employees to punch in their time using facial verification.
  • Quickly deploy your schedules to staff, review timesheets, and make edits before approving pay.
  • Pull real-time information and help your company comply with current laws and policies.
  • Get access to critical, data-driven insights to help you make fast and informed decisions.


Ceridian Dayforce has two basic plans – Payroll and Payroll and Benefits.

  • The Payroll Plan helps you calculate your employees' net pay and ease your payroll processing system. The plan costs $10 per employee per month.
  • The Payroll and Benefits Plan offers additional open enrollment features and guided customer support. The plan costs $11.50 per employee per month.

Ceridian Dayforce also offers customized pricing options to its customers. You can contact them with your requirements and get a personalized quote.

Ceridian Dayforce lets you book a free demo with the company and experience their labor and leave management solutions. The platform also offers a free setup and guided assistance once you have bought the software.

8. UKG Pro

Best Suited Workforce Management Platform with Robust Payroll Functionality

UKG Pro is the Best Suited Workforce Management Platform with Robust Payroll Functionality

UKG Pro helps you transform your organization with a connected global workforce. The platform combines transformative HR technology with robust payroll functionality and powerful workforce management capabilities.

Main Features

  • Powerful Analytics: Optimize your business and people with the help of this workforce management platform. The powerful dashboards and reports offer real-time insights to discover areas of untapped potential. Get access to an extensive library of easy-to-use deliverable reports. You can create your personalized records and include your global employee population. Dashboards present data in real-time, using rich and powerful visualizations. The platform also sends you proactive email alerts containing essential and timely HR business intelligence.
  • Maximize Productivity: UKG Pro helps your employees be the most productive throughout the day. The platform allows you to manually track different tasks from beginning to end, ensuring no roadblocks. The interactive dashboard offers you better visibility into how your people work, their availability, and the number of hours they have already clocked in. This helps managers maximize productivity and make better, informed decisions. Intelligent workflows can help automate routine work processes and tasks, allowing you to focus on key business strategies and goals.
  • Streamlining Schedules: Streamlined schedules allow your team to get the work done faster and more efficiently. This workforce management platform helps create schedules that align with your complex work requirements. You can create workflows that balance out labor shifts and demands without going over budget. Make your schedules more cost-effective by automating the schedule creation process to consider the budget, demand, and labor policies. This would help you better focus on your people and critical business goals.
  • Mobile-Friendly: UKG Pro allows your team members to access the tools they need, no matter where they are. The platform enables employees to complete all the essential tasks directly from their tablets or smartphones. They can view their paychecks, request or approve time off, clock in and out of their shifts, and enter the relevant information for performance reviews. Your team members can also access their personnel information and view important messages from managers and administrators.


  • Leverage key analytics reports to make smarter, result-driven decisions.
  • Ensure accurate and on-time payment to your people with a powerful and flexible payroll solution.
  • Engage your candidates with a unique, applicant-centric design that helps widen your talent pool.
  • A modern and flexible learning management system builds a continuous learning and development culture.


UKG Pro does not publicly reveal its pricing information. You can contact their customer support to get a customized quote for your business.

UKG Pro offers a Live Demo of their services and allows you to view their transformative HR capabilities and the robust payroll and workforce management system.

9. Infor Workforce Management

Top Workforce Management Tool to Optimize Labor Productivity

Infor is the Top Workforce Management Tool to Optimize Labor Productivity

The Infor Workforce Management tool helps you optimize every aspect of labor management and productivity. You can strategically enhance workforce planning, execution, and analysis with this industry-specific solution.

Main Features

  • Mobile Enable Time-Tracking: Infor helps you track employees and get the right data to payroll. This comprehensive tool reduces payroll errors and overpayments with real-time labor and time data collection. The platform allows you to maintain employee attendance history and automatically notifies the manager when the attendance violates a policy. This seamless data exchange can clock in and clock-out data through hardware, software, or mobile clocking solutions. Employees can use it to check their work schedules, set shift preferences, and view work and vacation balance.
  • Multi-View Scheduler: This workforce management software provides tools for describing labor demand and allows you to manage day-to-day schedule changes. Employees can take advantage of rotation schedule planning and participate in the process. You can use the comprehensive audit history to track all the scheduled changes. In case of demand changes, the tool lets you modify plans and fill gaps through a high-level view of multiple teams' schedules within the organization.
  • Shift Billboards: Infor encourages employee engagement by actively building their work schedules. Managers can quickly reduce understaffing with the help of Shift billboards that allows managers to post open shifts for employees to claim. The platform increases employee satisfaction, reduces ad-hoc requests to managers, and decreases no-call incidences. This can help boost the productivity of your organization and reduce labor costs.
  • Efficient Labor Forecast: Create optimized schedules with the help of machine language and mathematical models. Infor considers all the potential variables that affect your business in real-time to forecast labor needs for the future efficiently. The platform creates plans that are fully compliant with government regulations, corporate policies, and union rules. To ensure an optimal work-life balance, employees can set their availability by themselves. You can share these optimized schedules over mobile devices, the internet, intranet, or employee kiosks.


  • Address the industry-specific requirements with vertically specialized modules.
  • Intelligent mobility enables your people to access and act on workforce data anywhere, anytime.
  • Identify and calculate your required labor hours to meet critical business objectives.
  • Analyze historical, promotional, and previous period actuals with a self-learning algorithm.


Infor Workforce Management offers a customized pricing plan according to your needs and the size of your organization. You can contact their support team to get a quote.

Infor offers a free demo to their customers to learn how this software can help them create schedules, manage absences, and optimize the team for future projects.

10. Kronos Workforce Ready

Affordable Cloud Workforce Management Software for Superior User Experience

Kronos is an Affordable Cloud Workforce Management Software for Superior User Experience

Kronos Workforce Ready combines the power of workforce management and human capital management in a unified cloud platform, helping you manage your entire workforce. This integrated solution provides a superior user experience with a fully responsive, universal interface and easy mobile access.

Main Features:

  • Efficient People Analytics: Build your workforce strategy by leveraging multiple AI insights and workforce analytics. This gathered insight can help to make smart, data-driven decisions. The workforce management platform lets you gain quick-to-baseline workforce data and creates intuitive visuals, giving details about your workforce. You can use this real-time information to make changes at the moment for fast, visible results. The platform constantly monitors critical areas of concern and provides timely predictive alerts to make proactive decisions.
  • Talent Acquisition: Kronos allows you to source, track, and evaluate your candidates to build an engaged, high-performance workforce effectively. You can either create a searchable career site or use job board integration features to connect to a network of free and premium job boards. This helps you reach qualified candidates and attract them by delivering a superior candidate experience. Applicants can easily search for jobs, upload their resumes, and apply online. The platform gives you visibility to all applicants on a single screen.
  • Compensation Management: This workforce management software allows you to automate and streamline your entire compensation management process. You can easily set up compensation cycles, supporting non-annual, annual, off-cycle, cycle-based merit, and promotion-based salary increases. You can automate these processes by defining program eligibility across multiple business units. An intuitive, spreadsheet-like interface allows you to determine the budget for each compensation cycle. The proposed increases get automatically routed through a configurable approval window, with automated alerts and reminders for managers.
  • Streamlined Payroll Processing: Kronos offers integrated and automated tools to control every step of your payroll process and get better results. The platform gives you the flexibility to process payrolls on your schedule and set commissions and bonuses accordingly. Advanced and highly configurable reporting tools offer all the information you need. This paycheck analysis helps ensure the calculation of the perfect paycheck while providing insights into the following year’s budget. Your employees can get access to paycheck information through an easy-to-use mobile application.


  • Easily hire, manage, and retain a quality workforce.
  • Boost your employees’ engagement and productivity through an automated, accurate time and attendance management system.
  • Create schedules and align your staffing requirements with budget, skills, and demands using advanced tools.
  • Enhance the productivity of your managers and employees with instant mobile access.


Kronos Workforce Ready offers a single pricing solution for medium and large organizations. For a company between 100 and 2,500 employees, the plan costs around $6 per employee per month. You can also contact their sales team for a personalized quote.

Kronos Workforce Ready offers a free demo service to help you find out how the platform can help you find the right solution to achieve your goals and fit your budget.

11. Paylocity

Leading Workforce Management Platform with Powerful HR Tools

Paylocity is the Leading Workforce Management Platform with Powerful HR Tools

Paylocity offers intelligent payroll and HR tools made for the modern workforce. The platform is created for industries of all sizes, helping you meet your needs more efficiently in the present and the future.

Main Features 

  • Intelligent Time Collection: Paylocity helps you eliminate unplanned labor costs and minimize compliance risks through a modern and connected interface. The platform offers innovative and flexible time collection options and supporting features to make time collection more efficient. With smart automation and employee self-service options, your team members can conveniently clock in and out of their shifts. The platform also allows your employees to view their pay stubs and submit time-off requests. You can buy or lease different clocks with compelling features, including face recognition and thermal temperature scanning.
  • Payroll Tax Services: This workforce management software offers tax preparation services to prepare, review, and file the necessary tax documents for you. The platform is a registered reporting agent in all 50 states of the United States, Virgin Islands, Guam, and Puerto Rico. It can be used to prepare and file local and state withholding tax returns. This timely and reliable payroll tax support tool ensures that all of your federal returns are e-filed within 24 hours.
  • On-Demand Payment Solutions: With Paylocity, you can offer your employees early wage access. The platform allows them to access a part of their earned wages, before their scheduled payday, without burdening your payroll process with extra paperwork. This helps your employees have financial flexibility in their life, reducing stress and improving their satisfaction. Team members can request funds quickly through the mobile application. The platform offers real-time net pay calculations, showing their actual earnings. With automatic approvals and deductions, you can make the payment on the same day.
  • Helpful Data Insights: With the workforce analytics dashboard and reporting tools, you can get a deeper insight into the employee trends and make informed decisions. These real-time, visual data metrics help take strategic action. The platform allows you to uncover and analyze employment trends and make strategic hiring decisions. You can make calculated budgeting decisions and build a diverse workforce with real-time performance metrics. Paylocity offers bubble charts to recognize top turnover trends and identify areas to improve retention.


  • Improve your team’s productivity with messages, announcements, and group collaboration.
  • Create surveys to gather feedback and insightful data.
  • With automated onboarding, collect important employee data within minutes.
  • Provides easy access to personal and company information to minimize the burden on your team.


Paylocity customizes plans according to the size of your industry and your requirements. Their pricing plan starts from $2 per employee per month.

Paylocity offers a 30-days free trial of their platform, so you can experience their on-demand payment solutions and helpful data insights to boost the productivity of your workforce. They offer stellar customer service and set up the software for your company for free.

12. BambooHR

Most Suited Workforce Management Application with Advanced Insights

BambooHR is the Most Suited Workforce Management Application with Advanced Insights

BambooHR helps you collect and organize information about your employees and then use it to boost the organization's productivity. Its helpful insights and timely data allow you to focus more on your team members. It is best suited for small and medium businesses.

Main Features

  • Reporting and Analytics: BambooHR allows you to create instant HR reports so that you can take strategic, data-driven decisions. These detailed reports help you analyze your data, making you proactive in your actions. The platform offers integrated reporting tools, allowing you to generate a variety of analytics reports in a matter of minutes. You can build these easy-to-read reports for workforce planning, employee turnover, PTO usage, workforce planning, and approval tracking. The platform offers multiple templates with an option to build your custom reports and share them with various people while protecting sensitive information with custom viewing permissions.
  • Custom Workflows: This workforce management software allows you to streamline your decision-making with efficient custom workflows and approval processes. You can now spend time on more strategic tasks like employee engagement and retention by optimizing your common workflows. By automating and delegating your approval workflow activities, you can gather information quickly. The platform allows you to assign people to fill their information in the database to speed up the data entry process while improving accuracy. Requesters and admins can easily track workflow activities and approvals with the progress bar.
  • Applicant Tracking System: BambooHR offers modern recruiting tools to help you find and hire the right talent. The platform enables you to keep applicant information organized through every phase of hiring, so you can focus on finding the best talent for the job and improve your candidate's experience. Customizable offer letter templates auto-populate candidate information for different positions and job types. Your applicants can easily accept the job offer with electronic signatures. The platform includes reports and analytics to measure your time to hire and identify bottlenecks or inconsistencies.
  • Intelligent Employee Time Tracking: This workforce management tool's time and attendance software allows employees to punch in and out through the home screen or on their phones. They can also edit their hours and track their time on different projects and tasks. Managers can approve timesheets with a single click and notify everyone with automatic reminders. The platform allows you to track projects efficiently and create insightful reports to analyze resource distribution. The built-in overtime calculation tool helps calculate overtime payments while staying updated on overtime laws for all 50 U.S. states.


  • Manage all your sensitive employee data in an organized and secure database.
  • Tailor your employee's experience with new hire packet templates for easily customized onboarding.
  • Work with minimal interruption by automating your employees' balance based on their working hours.
  • Improve employee performance by conducting actionable, frequent, and meaningful reviews.


  • BambooHR offers a simple pricing plan starting at $99 per month for 12 employees. Each additional employee you add to your team would cost you $8.25 per month. This basic plan helps you create insightful reports and onboard employees efficiently.
  • If you need to run payroll software for your organization, it will cost you an extra $75 per month for ten employees. For each additional employee you add to your team, you will have to pay $4.25 per month.
  • For time-tracking and performance management software, you will have to pay an extra $3 and $4.25 per employee per month, respectively.

BambooHR offers a free 7-day trial, giving you an insight into their applicant tracking, onboarding, and performance management tools, helping you reach your strategic goals.

13. Skedulo

Top Mobile Workforce Management Software for Scheduling Tasks

Skedulo is the Top Mobile Workforce Management Software for Scheduling Tasks

Skedulo makes it easier for you to manage a remote and deskless workforce. The platform offers a clean, real-time interface to simplify complex schedules and create purpose-built solutions

Main Features

  • Intelligent Workforce Scheduling Software: With Skedulo, you can easily match available and qualified workers to customer requirements and expectations, using intelligent scheduling software. Make complex scheduling easier with clean visuals, calendars, and routes to increase customer satisfaction. Centralized storage space makes choosing the right worker for the job simpler. Make your scheduling process efficient with Gantt charts, calendars, and maps. You can optimize these schedules based on your priority.
  • Automate Scheduling: This workforce management software offers a powerful optimization engine to schedule your deskless workforce at scale. Increase your organization’s work capacity by ensuring that your deskless workers reach the right site at the right time. Schedule smarter with recommendations to reduce travel time, cluster appointments by proximity, and speed up job completion. Intelligent batch automation features schedule high-capacity jobs automatically by aligning with your constraints and business logic. The optimization engine saves your time by automatically creating schedules that balance the needs of your customers, business, and mobile workforce.
  • Dynamic Messaging: Communicate with your mobile and shift workers in real-time with Skedulo’s powerful messaging tool. This helps centralize communication, reduce misinformation between workers, and empower your employees to do their job well. You can either send your employees a private message, create a group with your team members, or organize communication with channels and topics. This powerful dynamic messaging tool enhances the customer experience by broadcasting messages to teams and linking discussions to customer jobs or appointments. Skedulo’s enterprise-ready security features ensure that your sensitive company and customer data remains secure.
  • Seamless Integrations: Easily integrate your workforce management software with multiple technical tools to gain efficiency, speed, and business insights. These applications help you move data effortlessly from system to system and uncover insights with clean data to increase revenue and cut costs. Skedulo’s integrated tech stack shares data with teams across your organization, including sales, finance, and HR. This data helps your organization analyze its workforce needs and build a talent pipeline. Integrate your platform with systems that drive your business, increase engagement and retention, and unlock growth. This includes Salesforce, Zendesk, and Microsoft Dynamics 365.


  • Centrally manage your workforce and automate your schedules.
  • Analyze your reports and scale your business with data-driven decisions.
  • Tailor your unique workflow by integrating existing technology.
  • Schedule in-person and virtual meetings by integrating with Zoom and Microsoft Teams.


Skedulo has two plans – Mobile Workers and Schedulers.

  • Mobile Workers Plan allows you to create and schedule jobs, submit leave and unavailability requests, connect and synchronize with calendars, and attach photos and collect e-signatures for work. The plan will cost you $59 per user per month when billed annually.
  • Schedulers Plan allows you to book appointments, assign resources based on skills or travel time, and dispatch work to various resources. The plan will cost you $79 per user per month when billed annually.

Skedulo offers an in-depth demo of its features, allowing you to experience their robust scheduling and dynamic messaging options.

14. Zenefits

Affordable Workforce Management Platform for Streamlined Onboarding

Zenefits is an Affordable Workforce Management Platform for Streamlined Onboarding

Zenefits offers advanced HR tools to easily manage your people, streamline your onboarding process, organize charts and performance reviews. The platform also makes paying your people fast and easy.

Main Features

  • Employee Onboarding: Zenefits offer self-onboarding for employees and better visibility for managers. This online, mobile-friendly software can be used to create compensation or benefits packages, request a background check, and auto-send offer letters to new employees. You can save time by allowing employees to onboard themselves and syncing information to benefits and payroll. This truly integrated onboarding software can streamline services and connect to third-party applications, including G Suite, Office 365, Salesforce, and Slack.
  • Performance Management: Improve your employee performance with user-friendly tools for performance reviews, goal setting, and carrying out one-on-one meetings. Help your employees stay focussed and on track by using goal management tools. It can also create, update, and track goal progress and align individual employee goals to broader company-level goals. The platform also offers one-on-one tools to develop shared agendas and action items. This can help you remember things to discuss, making the meetings more efficient.
  • Payroll Administration: This workforce management software offers a fully integrated and easy-to-use system for advanced payroll features. You can connect your payroll automatically to the rest of your HR ecosystem. With the new hire onboarding feature, your employees can instantly sync their information to payroll. The automated payroll option automatically allocates payments to your employees, sets reminders for upcoming deadlines, and creates dynamic pay stubs.
  • People Enablement: Zenefits allows your team members to efficiently collaborate and send out important information to managers or clients. Make your workplace engaging with seamless communications via social networks, intranet, communication, and collaboration tools. The platform lets you post announcements, events, and policies with your team and company. You can also communicate with your team members by commenting on their posts and having a real-time conversation with your colleagues.


  • Hire and retain talented employees with advanced HR tools like compensation reporting.
  • Improve your team’s productivity by self onboarding, selecting benefits, and signing documents through e-signature.
  • Reduce manual entry and paperwork errors by moving to a fully digital HR platform.
  • Scale your business with advanced payroll features your company needs as it grows large and more complex.


Zenefits Pricing Plan

Zenefits has three plans – Essentials, Growth, and Zen.

  • Essentials Plan offers automated onboarding, employee management, and scheduling features.
  • With the Growth Plan, you can access multiple third-party integrations, compensation management, and performance management features.
  • Zen Plan allows you to improve well-being and productivity in your workforce, create employee engagement surveys, and offers multiple communication options.

Zenefits offers a 14-day free trial, allowing you to experience their all-in-one HR software without giving up your credit card information.

15. SAP SuccessFactors

Best Cloud Workforce Management Software to Redefine Employee Experience

SAP SuccessFactors is the Best Cloud Workforce Management Software to Redefine Employee Experience

SAP SuccessFactors is a unique management tool that builds the best human capital management software and provides critical employee experience capabilities and insights. The platform allows you to understand the needs of your team better, ensuring everyone in the workforce feels connected and empowered.

Main Features

  • Employee Experience Management: This cloud workforce management software allows your employees to do their best, allowing you to keep them engaged. You can improve your employee experience by responding to their needs, understanding the key drivers of engagement, and identifying the experience gaps. The platform allows managers to listen to employees and take insight-based actions continuously. You can access multiple survey templates or create one of your own with the flexible survey builder. Improve employee engagement immediately with the help of customizable impact reports.
  • Global HR System: SAP SuccessFactors core HR and payroll solutions streamline and automate your processes in the cloud. You can use your HR data and practices to standardize processes and transactions and simplify the compliance management systems. The platform allows you to model and visualize your company goals and use embedded analytics to get real-time insight into your workforce. The global HR system helps you improve the employee experience by providing administrators, managers, and employees with intelligent, personalized role-based access to timesheets. It also allows you to automate your time management processes with auto and mass approvals, alerts, and embedded reporting.
  • Centralized Document Management: Create, manage, and store all your documents centrally as part of the employee digital record, increasing efficiency and reducing costs. This robust document management and generation platform help you quickly and easily access any document, thus improving service levels and accelerating response time. Process new documents with the ticketing dashboard and enable employee self-service option for document access, generation, and updates. The activity log allows you to capture changes, updates, and monitor the access of documents.
  • Workforce Planning: This workforce planning solution helps you analyze, plan, budget, forecast, and predict workforce requirements for your organization. The built-in business intelligence and analytics tools help you make end-to-end decisions across the business in real-time. The platform offers predictive analytics and machine learning tools to automate forecasts and gain trusted results. Easily create dynamic workflows for increased accountability and share your plans on the go with the mobile application. The powerful calendar feature allows you to create scheduled tasks, workflows, and allocations.


  • Manage the employee lifecycle by setting event-based triggers and accessing the analytics dashboard.
  • Assess your employee's performance with a 360° feedback format.
  • Create consistent and standardized HR processes to increase productivity and simplify transactions.
  • Manage the performance of your sales team by motivating, compensating, and enabling them to increase the organization's revenue.


SAP SuccessFactors do not offer an integrated pricing solution. Instead, they offer different features that you can combine as per your needs. You can contact their customer support to get a personalized plan.

  • SAP SuccessFactors workforce analytics Plan starts at $6.17 per user per month.
  • SAP SuccessFactors boardroom Plan starts at $4.88 per user per month.
  • SAP SuccessFactors employee central Plan starts at $6.30 per user per month.
  • SAP SuccessFactors employee central payroll Plan starts at $6.22 per user per month.
  • SAP SuccessFactors recruiting Plan starts at $3 per user per month.
  • SAP SuccessFactors onboarding Plan starts at $1 per month.

SAP SuccessFactors offer a free 30 day trial, allowing you to try out their time management and workforce planning features.

16. 7shifts

Top Restaurant Workforce Management Tool with Intelligent Timesheets

7shifts is the Top Restaurant Workforce Management Tool with Intelligent Timesheets

7shifts allows you to manage your team’s schedule, timesheets, communications, and tasks, all in one place. More than 500,000 restaurants and national chains use this platform to engage their employees, streamline the hiring process, and enable efficient collaboration.

Main Features

  • Time Clocking: Keep track of your team’s time and attendance with an integrated time-clocking solution. The smart time tracking options allow your teams to track time on tablets or smartphones. Your employees’ time can be tracked when they are offline, and they can also manually edit their timesheets, making sure your employees always get paid. The platform allows you to increase punch accuracy with a photo clock-in option and GPS accuracy features. You can also set time clock alerts, so you never miss out to clock in or out after your shift has ended.
  • Manager Logbook: This workforce management software helps you keep your managers in sync, allowing them to document and share information across shifts. A customizable logbook allows your managers to keep a tab on the daily operations with notes, important shift details, and follow-up tasks. You can also create custom log book categories to focus on your restaurant’s essentials. The platform allows you to automatically share your logbook with the management team to keep everyone on the same page. You can enrich the logbook entries by integrating them with operating data, including sales and labor information.
  • Employee Engagement: 7shifts offer you actionable employee insights from your entire team, helping you provide better coaching, reduce employee turnover, and uncover operational issues early. With the help of shift feedback, you can keep your employees engaged and give them a chance to get their voices heard. Your team members receive automated feedback surveys after every shift, allowing you to identify issues quickly. The platform offers you an employee engagement dashboard where you can analyze your team’s engagement through no-shows, dropped shifts, and sick times. Start building a better work culture by monitoring your employee’s engagement rate every week with the help of historical location data.
  • Tip Pooling Software: This employee management software makes tip pooling and distribution easier. You can create unlimited tip pools for your restaurant with the help of a simple rule creator. The platform lets you create personalized pools, giving you control of where the tips are coming from, who receives them, and how the distribution is calculated. These custom tip rules can be combined with the in-built time tracker and automatically calculate tip distribution amounts for each team member. Once the calculation gets processed, the tips can be directly sent to the payroll provider, reducing the chances of manual errors.


  • Easily keep track of your team’s working hours and attendance with an in-built time tracker.
  • Reduce your hiring time by posting jobs, tracking candidates, and efficiently onboarding.
  • Create tasks efficiently, assign them to individual team members, and track their progress through the integrated dashboard.
  • Communicate with your team through instant messages, send them relevant files or folders, and reduce email clutter.


7shifts Pricing Plan

7shifts has four plans – Comp, Appetizer, Entrée, and The Works.

  • The Comp Plan allows you to add up to 10 members to your team and offers compelling employee engagement tracking options.
  • The Appetizer Plan offers unlimited scheduling features, SMS notifications, and advanced reporting options.
  • With the Entrée Plan, you can access pre-built schedule templates, labor budgeting, and sales forecasting features.
  • The Works Plan allows you to add unlimited employees to your team, along with offering labor alerts, manager logbooks, and payroll integration features.

With the 7shifts Free Comp plan, you can access the time clock, timesheets, team chat features, employee engagement, and applicant tracking features.

Key Features of Good Workforce Management Software

Manually managing your team is time-consuming and does not offer the required insights to improve your workforce. An efficient workforce management software is the perfect solution to manage your employees, resulting in greater productivity and reduced employee turnover.

Here are a few key features that you should look for in good workforce management software.

1. Easy-To-Use Interface

Using an interactive and simple interface should be your priority while choosing workforce management software. Employees are accustomed to using a business-to-customer application in their daily lives, and a simple interface would help them work their way through the application easily.

A simple interface would reduce the learning curve and make it accessible to employees with minimal technical knowledge. It will help if you look for essential features like automatic reminders, integrated workflow, and easy task management options.

2. Scheduling Tools

Creating an efficient schedule for your team is one of the most critical features of an employee management application. It helps to reduce any downtime and increases the productivity of your organization. This software gathers valuable insights and creates the most effective work schedule.

The auto-scheduling tool is an advanced feature, which uses AI algorithms to create optimized schedules that better match your team member’s shifts to customer demand while also improving employee experience. These schedules are fair, compliant, and on budget.

3. Time and Attendance

Tracking your employees’ presence and their time on their shift is vital for billing your clients more effectively. Time and attendance features reduce the cost of time theft and make sure that your team is making the most of their shift.

A good workforce management software offers geofencing and photo capture technologies, enabling your team to clock in and out from their mobile phones. This allows managers to maintain a real-time view of their staff and location. Managers can then log these tracked hours to timesheets for easy payroll processing.

4. Automated Reporting

An intelligent management software would allow you to create advanced automated reports based on business data. These reports offer insights into everything from payroll to budget forecasting. Your workforce administration tool should automate the sharing of these reports to different departments in your organization.

With automated reports and setting permission access, managers and administrators can save a lot of time while keeping your entire team updated.

5. Absence Management

A workflow scheduling tool helps you digitize the leave management process, helping you save hours of effort and manual paperwork required to request or sanction leaves. The platform’s absence management features should be accessible to managers and employees.

Some tools also allow you to automate the leave approval process by using an AI algorithm to set up the organization’s rules for leaves. When set to manual approving, it will automatically notify managers every time a request is made to review them quickly.

6. Seamless Integrations

Whether using a planning tool or a workforce management application, seamless integrations offer users a comprehensive experience. These systems would require much less money and effort to implement.

Third-party integrations allow you to enhance the functionality of your platform. It is perfect for adding payroll processing, HCM integration, and advanced reporting services.

7. Mobile Accessibility

Choosing a mobile-friendly technology is a must to manage and track your employees’ performance. This is a helpful feature for organizations with in-office, remote, and deskless employees. It makes it possible for your team members to access the platform, irrespective of their location.

A mobile workforce management system is crucial to the performance and engagement of your employees. You should choose one available on both iOS and Android phones and tablets.

Types of Workforce Management Software

Managing your employees, planning their schedules, and tracking their time are a few major applications of efficient workforce management software. However, when we come down to which one you should buy for your company, all the options can be divided into two types – Open Source and Proprietary Workforce Management software.

1. Open Source Workforce Management Software

Open-source software is available for anyone to access and change the coding. This software will free your company from any future vendor dependence. Once you have deployed the open-source workforce management tool, you can customize the application to suit your needs.

This software is ideal for your company when you have a stable IT infrastructure and a strong development team. You can try out the open-source product or build new features and functionalities on top of the platform.

However, one of the major disadvantages of an open-source workforce management platform is the lack of technical or support assistance. If you face any issue while using the platform, your development team has to solve it independently, and you would not have a third company to help you figure out your problem.

2. Proprietary Workforce Management Software

Proprietary software is owned by companies or individuals who have published it. This closed-source software cannot be edited by your IT team and offers better security standards for your organization.

This software is ideal for your company when looking for an established Software as a Service (SAAS) product. These platforms offer fully-fledged and dedicated customer support features for their customers.

Proprietary workforce management software does not share its codes directly on the platform. Instead, they have various subscription plans that you can buy monthly or annually. This software is much easier to use and deploy without the assistance of an IT team.

Even though proprietary software might be a little more expensive than an open-source platform, it is worth the price. It saves a lot of time and effort with built-in features and options that help you customize the platform according to your needs.


What is workforce management software?

Workforce management software is a tool that helps companies manage their employee's schedules, forecast labor requirements, and optimize payroll processing. The term originated back when contact centers employed people on an hourly or daily basis.

These platforms make it easier for managers and administrators to perform tasks by staying on budget. These tools help boost the productivity and efficiency of employees across the entire organization.

The main goal of workforce management software is to gain visibility into important business metrics and generate helpful insights that you can use to optimize the productivity of your employees.

What are the benefits of using workforce management software?

A workforce management software is a centralized platform that improves your organization's efficiency, helps you make sense of essential insights, and improves your employee experience.

The software automates your workflows, from recruiting to offboarding, and saves a lot of manual paperwork. You can also use the platform to store all the data in a centralized location, giving access to employees to update their information. This makes sure that there is no error or duplicate entries.

A workforce management software offers a more comprehensive picture of your employees and pulls information from around the organization, making it easier to create efficient schedules that align with the organization's demand.

How much does good workforce management software cost?

The cost of workforce management software depends upon the features and size of your organization. Good workforce management software offers automated scheduling tools, absence management, attendance features, and seamless integrations. Accessibility through mobile and tablets is an important criterion.

If you have a small team, you can choose software that offers a free beginner's plan. For a medium-tier company, you can select a premium plan which will cost you between $5 and $20 per user per month.

If you are a large and growing organization, you should choose the enterprise plan with premium security and customer care features. The plan will cost you between $35 and $80 per user per month.

Which Workforce Management Solution Should I Try?

The best workforce management solution depends on your company’s requirements and features to improve your employee experience.

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