16 Best Workforce Management Software of 2024

Updated Jan 17, 2024.

Are you searching for the best workforce management software to help increase your HR efficiency and maximize your employees’ productivity?

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Monday.com has the tools and options you need to customize your HR workflows for increased productivity.
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ClickUp brings your team together to define and achieve goals that impact candidate and employee experience.
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Oracle WM

Oracle Workforce Management scales easily to provide multinationals with a solution for staying compliant.
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Rippling makes it easy to retain talent by creating learning experiences that show employees they’re valued.
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Blue Yonder WM

Blue Yonder Workforce Management helps you understand labor needs for effective labor forecasting.

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Finding the best workforce management software has become a big challenge for many businesses.

A recent Statista report showed that 88% of organizations are using Time and Attendance tracking software while 77% are using absence management software.

As companies look to technology as a game-changing source of competitive advantage, it’s only natural that the supply of tools like cloud-based workforce management (WFM) systems will increase, making it difficult to choose the right solution.

Best Workforce Management Software

There are dozens of workforce management software tools fighting to get your attention and dollars.

Whereas some companies are good at marketing and their tools are well known, other WFM solutions are not as popular, yet they have what it takes to impact your business positively.

From the long list of available workforce management tools out there, here are the ones we recommend you check out:

1. Monday.com

Best Workforce Management Software Solution for Customized HR Workflows

Editor’s Take
9.0 out of 10
Best For:
Custom HR workflows
$0 – $16 per user per month
Annual Discount:
14-day free trial, free forever plan

Monday.com proved to be an easy employee management solution to embrace. The customizable templates available on the cloud-based platform enabled me to quickly set up a talent pipeline and monitor the onboarding process. Additionally, the ease with which I could analyze employee feedback ensured that identifying employee training needs was a breeze.

Monday.com is the best workforce management software for organizations creating customized HR workflows. With the ability to monitor employee sentiment and identify skills training opportunities, Monday.com ranks as one of the best workforce management systems.

You can also use this HR software to automate and manage the recruitment process and save time for core human resources tasks.

Key Features

  • Recruitment and onboarding: use the recruitment process template and applicant tracking to make hiring easier. You can customize the template based on your specific needs, visualize applicant tracking, engage shortlisted candidates, and use the onboarding template to help new hires settle in their positions.
  • Employee surveys: companies can monitor employee sentiment through feedback. You can create surveys and schedule them for sending after pre-defined periods, get notified when you receive a survey response, analyze results, and use performance management reports to share feedback with stakeholders.
  • Dashboards: organizations can monitor the progress of core HR functions using dashboards and invite external guests to view updates. You can customize dashboards to track workloads, timelines, and mentions, filter data, and export web-based dashboards in PDF format.
  • Automation: this workforce management tool enables you to save time and energy by creating code-free automations and using technology to handle ongoing work. As HR processes grow in number and complexity, you can manage tasks, leverage third-party integrations to sync data between tools, and stay updated using automated notifications whenever an action is triggered.
  • Employee development: as one of the top workforce management solutions, Monday.com enables you to carry out employee performance management reviews and identify upskilling and reskilling needs. You can design employee engagement activities that give managers real-time insight into employee capabilities and choose from built-in templates to improve the efficiency of your human resources team in their day-to-day operations.


  • Highly customizable
  • 24/7 customer support services with free demo
  • Task management options


  • Rigid pricing plans
  • Limited mobile app

2. ClickUp

Best Employee Management Solution for Streamlined HR Processes

Editor’s Take
8.7 out of 10
Best For:
Streamlined HR processes
$0 – $19 per user per month
Annual Discount:
Free forever plan

Getting up and running with ClickUp was easy. I set up a team with which I collaborated on human resources tasks, including automating ongoing work. We managed to track HR tasks through Goals, collect employee feedback through surveys, gain insights into employee sentiment, and use the Time Doctor integration for time and attendance tracking and payroll.

ClickUp is the best workforce management software for managing all your HR processes. From recruitment to creating employee experiences, this workforce management software platform enables you to easily manage your workforce.

Organizations can also use this cloud-based WFM software for task tracking, monitoring employee workload, generating reports for performance management, and sharing human capital management insights with stakeholders.

Key Features

  • Employee experience: organizations can set up and manage streamlined processes for hiring and onboarding to improve the candidate experience. You can organize employee training to support your employees in career growth through upskilling and reskilling them, run polls and surveys to collect feedback, and analyze responses for insights that will help you improve talent retention.
  • Goals: set goals for your human resources team or employees, add deadlines, and track progress using scorecards. You can organize goals in folders, share them and set access permissions, add descriptions and numerical targets, and assign ownership to individuals or teams.
  • Automation: increase productivity by automating manual work such as creating and assigning complex tasks and avoid human error. Get access to 100+ customizable automation recipes, automatically track and update statuses, set conditions to trigger actions, and save time to focus on what matters most.
  • Collaboration: bring your human resources team together and collaborate on managing internal processes. You can brainstorm employer branding and recruitment ideas on a whiteboard, share documents and links using the built-in document management functionality, use chat for real-time communication with employees, annotate files, and turn comments into action items.
  • Dashboards: monitor your work progress using dashboards. Customize dashboards using 50+ widgets, including custom bar and pie charts. With this HR software, you can identify process bottlenecks by monitoring complex tasks and understand work progress by tracking core HR functions and workloads.


  • 1,000+ native and third-party integrations
  • Free demo and training
  • 24-hour customer support services


  • Limited customization
  • Can be slow at times

3. Oracle Workforce Management

Best Workforce Management Platform for Multinational Companies

Editor’s Take
8.5 out of 10
Best For:
Scalable workforce management
Custom pricing
Annual Discount:

After setting up a globally-distributed workforce to test Oracle Workforce Management, the system showed that tracking employee attendance and enforcing compliance rules can be a stress-free exercise. Furthermore, it was possible to create and schedule employees in different shifts, design personalized employee training programs, customize employee journey templates, and pay employees ahead of time.

Oracle Workforce Management is the best workforce management software platform for organizations that prioritize compliance with health and safety regulations. With its multilingual support services, you can manage your workforce across the world and get automatic updates to payroll and tax laws.

This cloud-based workforce software empowers employees to self-enroll for benefits and provides them with course recommendations.

Key Features

  • Payroll processing: organizations can set up payroll to pay a global workforce and use automation to increase efficiency. You can process retroactive pay, create rules and workflows, give hourly employees access to their earned wages, and monitor labor data for real-time employee insights.
  • Time tracking and labor: track time and attendance records and set leave management rules. Using this workforce management software, you can identify productivity issues and address them, enforce breaks, implement holiday pay, and schedule shifts of different types.
  • Workforce health and safety: this Oracle WFM software helps you manage risks and improve safety at the workplace by providing an easy way of reporting incidents. You can use this HR platform to collect safety data, analyze it to identify patterns, and reduce costs associated with damages and compensation.
  • Employee experience: organizations can create personalized employee journeys by customizing 30+ journey templates. You can analyze engagement to understand employee sentiment, build deeper connections, and use conversational AI to answer employee questions.
  • Human capital management solution: recruit the right talent and empower them for productivity and growth through personalized upskilling campaigns. You can create and manage multiple career paths, design internal gigs, offer one-on-one coaching, set and track goals, and effectively manage succession planning.


  • AI-powered skills engine
  • Globally scalable HR software
  • AI-powered fraud prevention and data security


  • User interface needs improvement
  • Can be glitchy

4. Rippling

Best Workforce Management Software Platform for Talent Management

Editor’s Take
8.2 out of 10
Best For:
Time and talent management
Custom pricing
Annual Discount:

Rippling was particularly effective in managing the whole recruitment process, even going as far as auto-creating the onboarding process and sending a survey after that to collect feedback. While it’s great for time tracking and payroll, Rippling blew me away with its huge library of courses and the ability to track course completion.

Rippling is the best workforce management software platform for managers seeking to create superior learning experiences for their staff. The talent management process starts with efficiently posting jobs on multiple job boards and ends with personalized upskilling and reskilling.

Organizations can automate time tracking, measure the cost of time spent on tasks and run custom employee surveys.

Key Features

  • Payroll processing: get all your HR data synced and track employees’ time by task, role, and location, while enjoying tax calculation and filing services. Rippling tells you the cost of time spent by employees, takes care of payroll compliance, and integrates with 400+ business apps.
  • Talent management: small businesses and large enterprises can post jobs to multiple job boards with one click, start scheduling interviews, and get the onboarding process automatically set up. You can also train employees to keep them up to date and analyze recruitment metrics.
  • Employee survey: choose a survey template and customize it for different employee groups. You can create workflows that automatically trigger surveys based on events such as onboarding, assign permissions for running surveys and use survey data to identify trends.
  • Learning management: Rippling is one of the best LMS solutions organizations can get. After you define the rules for taking courses, Rippling will assign courses and track the completion progress. Using the Rippling HR software, you can schedule reminders for course completion, choose from 1,000+ popular courses, create custom courses, and generate learning reports for a compliance audit.
  • Time and attendance tracking: track time and attendance, define shifts, and get notified before an employee's time crosses into overtime. You can manage time records by allowing employees to attach supporting documents to their timesheets, and payroll admins can edit or approve timesheet data to ensure accuracy.


  • Automatically enforces labor laws
  • Schedule task reminders
  • Free demo


  • Confusing benefits administration setup
  • Limited account settings

5. Blue Yonder Workforce Management

Best Workforce Management Software Solution for Supply Chain Businesses

Editor’s Take
7.7 out of 10
Best For:
Supply chain HR managers
Custom pricing
Annual Discount:

Specially built for the supply chain industry demands, the Blue Yonder Workforce Management system showed its ability to help achieve compliance in 45 countries. Apart from its comprehensive shift management feature, the system enabled me to create labor forecasts of up to 12 months and attach a budget, ensuring that I understood the cost of labor.

Blue Yonder Workforce Management covers the entire employee lifecycle helping you manage employee schedules, forecast labor needs, and track employee training.

This cloud-based WFM software enables companies to create labor policies that comply with state regulations, auto-approve time and attendance tracking data for payroll, and set the hiring budget to control recruitment costs.

Key Features

  • Talent management: use this HR platform to build and manage a global workforce for your company by hiring the right talent for every shift. You can improve employee experience by giving them access to a self-service portal, allowing them to choose their work hours, and providing learning resources to build their capacity while encouraging career growth.
  • Time and attendance tracking: organizations can track time data from various clock-in options with automatic approvals. You can monitor time worked, validate time tracking data, flag invalid records for review, analyze attendance exceptions, and export final data from the platform to any payroll system.
  • Labor management forecasting: control labor costs and stay ahead of your recruitment needs by using technology to create 12-month labor forecasts for your company. You can incorporate budgets into the hiring process, identify the required skills, manage applicant tracking, and start engaging passive candidates early to build your talent acquisition pipeline for future jobs.
  • Work scheduling software: organizations can empower employees to choose their shifts, swap them or request time off. You can also use the shifts marketplace to make scheduling announcements, manage shift details and fill open shifts by assigning them to freelancers and contractual workers.
  • Labor compliance: enforce compliance rules and implement company policies based on local and federal labor laws. Every schedule, whether manually or automatically created, is compliant and can be customized in line with regulations in different countries.


  • Schedule re-balancing technology
  • Employee self-service tools
  • Compliant with labor laws in 45 countries


  • Long implementation process
  • Steep learning curve despite the free demo

6. Fuse Workforce Management

Best Employee-focused Workforce Management Platform

Fuse Workforce Management - Cloud HCM Software for Your Whole Employee Lifecycle

Fuse Workforce Management is the best workforce management software for improving admin efficiency and preventing human error in data entry.

Time tracking data auto-updates the payroll, the system auto-updates compliance rules, and workforce reports help you identify potential issues that need fixing.

Your company can set overtime rules, customize reporting dashboards and use analytics to improve HR strategy.

Key Features

  • Employee management: organizations using the Fuse WFM software can set up automatic screening of candidates and track applicants through the recruitment pipeline. Once a candidate is hired, you can trigger your onboarding process and run automated workflows for employee transfer, termination, and other similar tasks.
  • Payroll management: get your payroll auto-updated with employee time tracking data to improve accuracy and create payroll policies for regular and overtime pay. Fuse Workforce Management has pre-set rules for tax reporting purposes to help you stay compliant.
  • Employee self-service: empower your employees and improve their experience by allowing them to manage their payroll info. Employees can use mobile and web-based apps for time tracking and reporting, check deductions and get W-2 form data without asking HR.
  • Analytics: this cloud-based solution helps you analyze personnel data during the entire employee lifecycle to understand HR performance. You can identify recurring issues which need to be fixed, generate reports from the platform, customize dashboards, and tweak your human resource management strategy to increase employee satisfaction and improve business outcomes.
  • Time and attendance: create employee scheduling shifts that align with labor laws, employee availability, and business needs. Set leave management and overtime rules, monitor PTO and absences, track employee time and attendance, and leverage reports to have greater control over business resources and labor costs.


  • Excellent customer service
  • Fully scalable HR software
  • Real-time visibility of payroll data


  • Complex setup
  • User interface needs improvement

7. ADP Workforce Now

Best Workforce Management Software Solution for HR Efficiency and Employee Training

ADP Workforce Now - Introducing the next generation of ADP Workforce now

ADP Workforce Now is the best workforce management software for compliance with work-and-rest laws and union agreements. You can forecast labor requirements using predictive algorithms and analyze labor data to identify patterns for real-time recruitment insights.

Employees in your company can use geo-location to clock in for work, swap shifts with colleagues, and manage their benefits plans.

Key Features

  • Payroll: simplify your company payroll process by automatically adding new hires and making deductions. With ADP Workforce Now, organizations can pay a global workforce, customize pay rates according to industry practices, give employees access to payroll information, and benefit from the available tax filing services.
  • HR management: manage core HR processes and data and collect feedback to understand employee sentiment. Personalize onboarding experiences, avoid the guessing game and analyze workforce data to help improve HR decisions and automate processes that will trigger surveys based on events or actions.
  • Recruitment management: use the cloud-based ADP Workforce Now templates to make recruiting easier and post jobs on ZipRecruiter. Screen candidates to get the right talent and build teams that improve engagement. Use performance management data to identify training needs and leverage market insights for compensation management.
  • Benefits administration: guide company employees on how to enroll for the right benefits and use mobile devices for benefits management. You can use ADP Workforce Now for scheduling and forecasting employee benefits needs, providing plan comparisons, managing human resources costs, and complying with relevant laws.
  • Reports: generate reports that track HR performance against market benchmarks and highlight issues that need fixing. Get real-time insights based on Artificial Intelligence to help you make better workforce management decisions and schedule reports for sharing with stakeholders.


  • Custom implementation service
  • Full-featured mobile workforce management app
  • Thousands of courses available for employee development
  • Self-guided free demo


  • Customer support services can be slow
  • Complex reporting features

8. Ceridian Dayforce

Top Workforce Management Platform for Remote-first Organizations

Ceridian - Dayforce HCM Software

Ceridian Dayforce provides accurate payroll data by calculating pay in real time. This saves you time while giving employees real-time data about their pay.

You can distribute workload between employees, use Artificial Intelligence technology to understand HR data, and personalize onboarding for new hires.

With Ceridian Dayforce HR platform, your company gets payroll support services across 160+ countries.

Key Features

  • Talent intelligence: improve the candidate experience of your organization by providing ‘Quick Apply' options, using AI to shorten recruitment time, and personalizing the onboarding experience for new hires. Organizations can promote talent development by offering training based on skills gaps and with that, support their employees' career aspirations.
  • Payroll: Ceridian Dayforce software brings payroll, employee monitoring, time tracking, and attendance together to guarantee real-time payroll calculations for a global workforce. You can also customize the built-in pay and tax rules to comply with different laws and give remote employees across the world real-time access to their pay through Dayforce Wallet.
  • Analytics: improve HR management in your organization by using AI to gain insights into your personnel data. You can dive into historical data to analyze patterns, use benchmarks for better decision-making, and combine analytics with third-party data for a comprehensive report on your overall business performance.
  • Human capital management solution: create a work environment that employees love by ensuring balanced workloads and thoughtful work schedules. Managers can execute scheduling and forecasting tasks to identify their staffing needs, build diverse teams which include remote employees located anywhere in the world, maintain compliance across 60+ countries, and use self-service solutions to improve the employee experience.
  • Benefits administration: this cloud-based WFM software enables your organization to define rules to qualify employees for different benefits and empower them to choose the benefits that fit their needs. You can use forecasts to achieve greater control over benefits costs, analyze adoption and allow employees to enroll for benefits through a self-service portal.


  • Customized employee training
  • Managed professional services available
  • Self-service solution for employees


  • Customer support services need improvement
  • Limited mobile app

9. UKG Pro

Best Workforce Management Platform for Improving Employee Work-life Balance

UKG - Human Capital management built for every life-work journey

UKG Pro is a complete workforce management suite that manages the entire employee lifecycle.

This cloud-based tool helps your organization set pay equity rules, define efficient schedules for balanced workloads, personalize candidate experiences, and manage employee training.

Your company can also use predictive AI to forecast labor needs and analyze the business impact of your core HR decisions.

Key Features

  • Talent management: fill your recruitment pipeline with candidates and build relationships that help you identify the right hires. You can create personalized candidate experiences, collect feedback, train employees to reduce skills gaps, and improve your onboarding processes to ensure new hires start their jobs on the right note.
  • Payroll: easily manage your company payroll and stay compliant with tax laws. Payroll can handle shifts and overtime for hourly employees, pay wages in advance, track charitable giving, enforce pay equity practices, and provide access to reports through the mobile app.
  • Workforce management: create work management rules based on time worked, manage employee workload, and use AI to manage employee scheduling. You can gain insight into your operational management data and use interactive reports to understand the state of HR.
  • Analytics: quit the guessing game and analyze your workforce data to make better workforce management decisions and use customizable reports to highlight the impact of your HR management investments. You can compare historical vs. current data, predict employee needs using AI and analyze survey responses to understand employee sentiment.
  • Compliance: leverage different tools and services to ensure your organization complies with labor laws. You can manage data privacy according to regional laws, use a centralized dashboard to track compliance, and stay updated on changing legislation.


  • Self-service features
  • Applicant tracking system
  • Managed professional services
  • Free demo


  • Limited customization
  • Should increase employee engagement features

10. Infor Workforce Management

Best Workforce Management Software Solution for Industry Specialists

Infor Workforce Management - Optimize labor productivity and compliance

Infor Workforce Management is the best workforce management software for automating pay and employee scheduling rules to ensure adequate staffing and improved productivity.

Company managers can forecast labor needs, run leave and absence management, let employees create their work schedules for improved work-life balance, and customize leave types based on their employees’ needs.

Key Features

  • Attendance tracking: managers can create unique leave types and track time via mobile. You can monitor employee work location and clocking time, allow them to request time off, track their leave balances, and get notified of any time and attendance policy violations for immediate action.
  • Employee scheduling software: work with employees in your company to plan and manage efficient schedules. You can audit scheduling changes, design floating work schedules that promote work-life balance, reduce absence management issues, allow workers to be redeployed, monitor schedules from a command center, and stay compliant with fair scheduling laws.
  • Talent management: support your employees in their career growth aspirations by offering on-demand training while using behavioral and performance data to build the perfect team. You can use Talent Science to build your talent pipeline, match talent to the right roles, and improve employee engagement.
  • Labor forecasting: HR departments can use labor management forecasting to plan for future labor needs and engage stakeholders in the organization for budgetary allocations. Use what-if scenarios to analyze potential workforce changes and leverage machine learning to identify and understand labor and absence trends.
  • Payroll: managers can run payroll processes from a central location and easily create the pay codes necessary for wage processing. This cloud-based WFM software can lock payroll data for processing without affecting HR updates and integrate payroll with a tax engine to achieve compliance.


  • Provides a complete work OS platform
  • Mobile-enabled time tracking
  • Powerful labor management forecasting


  • User experience needs improvement
  • Limited search capability

11. Paylocity

Best Workforce Management Solution for Employee Insights and Engagement

Paylocity - HR, Payroll Software built for you, loved by employees

Paylocity improves your recruitment processes through background checks and automated onboarding.

You can pay employees ahead of time, set up time tracking, automate processes for payroll management, and manage the training experience.

Use analytics to dig into your human resources data, generate performance management reports, track scheduling changes, and improve employee engagement through peer recognition.

Key Features

  • Employee experience: use this WFM software to move from company emails and build a community that facilitates collaboration and engagement through file shares, chat, and surveys. Employees can give peer recognition badges, interact with HR, ask questions, and build deeper connections by engaging in community groups, leading to increased employee satisfaction.
  • Payroll management: the Paylocity workforce management software enables you to use automated calculations to prepare payroll. It also allows hourly employees in your organization to get a portion of their wages without affecting the payroll process. You can also customize general ledgers and engage Paylocity’s professional services to save time and improve compliance.
  • Time and attendance tracking: company managers can automatically track time for all employee schedules and PTOs and use built-in reports for attendance management. You can customize notifications to send alerts on work scheduling changes, use differential codes to improve time processing efficiency, track absence management trends, and approve requests through mobile devices using either android or iOS mobile apps.
  • Talent management: attract the talent you need to improve business performance, give job seekers a stellar candidate experience using automated onboarding, and run background checks for shortlisted candidates. You can also support employees in their career growth plans using the integrated LMS tools to improve their skill sets and manage the training process.
  • Analytics: use the Modern Workforce Index to understand employee engagement and get insights to help you optimize your workforce and HR management practices. Choose from 100+ reports to monitor employee and company trends and see the time and cost implications of your investments for better decision-making.


  • Employee self-service portal
  • Powerful mobile workforce management app
  • Great customer service
  • Free demo


  • Reporting can be complex
  • Limited customization

12. BambooHR

Best Workforce Management Solution for US-based Businesses

BambooHR - Feel Free to elevate your employee experience

BambooHR is a workforce management software that’s purpose-built for the US market.

It allows you to post jobs on job boards, use templates to send job offers, engage and rate candidates through the mobile app, and personalize the onboarding process.

This workforce management software enables managers to update payroll data automatically and allows employees to give anonymous survey responses.

Key Features

  • Employee experience: identify employee concerns by allowing them to provide anonymous survey responses. Employees can share their feelings and make suggestions while you use intelligent keyword tagging and sentiment assigning to understand their concerns and improve your work culture.
  • Payroll: managers avoid time wastage and human error by ensuring that time tracking, banking, benefits, and deductions data are in the same place. Your organization can have unlimited users in the system, and every data update will reflect in the payroll automatically. The system handles all the federal, state, and local taxes and provides 100+ reports to show you the cost of your workforce management practices.
  • Recruitment: HR departments can rely on this WFM software to easily post jobs to all the top job boards while on the go and manage applicant tracking from the same platform. Anyone in the hiring team can engage candidates for open jobs and rate them, use customizable offer letter templates and let candidates use e-signatures to accept jobs.
  • Onboarding: prepare new hires for the job using customizable onboarding templates that save time and improve the efficiency of your recruitment operations. You can personalize onboarding, assign onboarding tasks and build connections using a Get to Know You email.
  • Reports: generate system reports or customize your own and save them as templates. Reports are simple and beautiful, help you monitor workforce-related metrics, show you the impact of your employee operations, give you insights from your absence management records, and allow you to create data fields for custom analysis and better decision-making.


  • Mobile workforce management app
  • Self-service features for employees
  • Excellent customer support services


  • Information doesn’t always update immediately
  • Limited customization

13. Skedulo

Best Workforce Management Software App for Mobile Workers

Skedulo - Scheduling the modern workforce

Skedulo comes with a mobile app that powers your productivity by providing real-time workforce visibility and the opportunity to schedule virtual meetings.

Managers can share files with colleagues and employees, include emojis in group chats, swap employee shifts, and create shift templates to help improve efficiency in day-to-day operations.

Key Features

  • Mobile workforce management: empower your mobile workforce for productivity through an app that provides real-time data visibility into team status and communicates job updates. You can use custom forms to collect data, integrate with map and ride-hailing software tools, and use checklists to track work.
  • Analytics: use custom fields and objects to add data into Skedulo and analyze it for reports. You can monitor custom KPIs, learn from historical data, filter data for your web-based dashboards, and export reports from the platform in spreadsheet and PDF formats.
  • Employee communication app: go beyond calls and emails and leverage individual and group messaging for effective employee communication. You can broadcast messages, improve chat engagement using images, emojis and GIFs, track conversations, and receive comments about work.
  • Shifts and rosters: managers can design employee shifts according to skill and availability and send time tracking data to payroll. You can use work offers to cover emergency cases, allow employees to swap shifts, create and save shift templates, handle absence management tasks, and schedule employees by location or resource.
  • Virtual meetings: start scheduling virtual meetings and appointments with workers and customers. You can automate the creation of meetings and send out invitations, set rules for virtual meetings, share files, and schedule recurring meetings.


  • Easy-to-use employee scheduling solution
  • Feature-filled mobile app
  • Team communication and group chat features


  • Limited customization
  • Can be slow

14. Zenefits

Best Workforce Management Software Solution for Benefits Administration

Zenefits - Spending too much time on HR, not your business

Zenefits is spearheading a shift from traditional HR to a people-focused approach that benefits both employers and employees. It also allows new hires to use the mobile app to self-onboard and choose the benefits package they want.

Managers in your organization can also boost employee performance management using individual and team goals and schedule reminders for payroll processing.

Key Features

  • Onboarding: boost your recruitment operations by allowing self-onboarding through mobile devices running android or iOS mobile apps and monitoring the whole process. With an interconnected system, you can run background checks on candidates, send job offer letters and automatically send onboarding data to Benefits and Payroll.
  • Benefits administration: develop a benefits strategy for your organization by searching for and managing the right benefits plans for your employees. You can increase the utilization of medical and commuter benefits, save time with this user-friendly cloud-based platform and stay compliant.
  • Payroll: sync employee time and attendance tracking and other HR modules with payroll to avoid human error and ensure data accuracy. You can give employees access to their payroll data to enhance transparency, add notes to pay stubs, pay contractors, set reminders, and automate batch processes.
  • Performance management: managers can set goals for individual employees or teams and track them for performance review. You can hold performance management meetings, define and schedule review cycles, customize review forms and save them as templates, and enable employees to complete their reviews via the mobile app.
  • People management: transition from traditional HR to People Ops and boost workplace productivity through improved employee experience. The focus on empowering your workers leads to increased employee satisfaction, higher retention rates, reduced human resources costs, better employer branding, and a real chance of ranking as one of the best companies to work for.


  • Feature-filled mobile app
  • Smooth payroll processing
  • Easy to use HR software


  • Poor customer support services
  • Limited reporting

15. SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite

Best Workforce Management Software for Large Businesses Seeking to Improve Employee Experience

SAP SuccessFactors Human Experience Management Suite

SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite is an enterprise-ready workforce management platform that offers a smooth on/offboarding process while providing insights for optimizing payroll processes.

With SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite, you can create an HR knowledge base, track HR tickets, forecast labor needs, automate time and attendance tracking approval, and generate reports measuring 2,000+ HR performance metrics.

Key Features

  • Employee experience management: create desirable experiences for unlimited users and use impact reports and surveys to identify employee concerns. You can utilize insights from automated exit surveys to understand employee sentiment about work and HR processes and improve candidate experience.
  • Talent management: expand your talent operations by recruiting from a global talent pool and support your employees in their career journey wherever they are in the world. SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite is one of the best workforce management software solutions that empower HR departments to engage passive candidates, facilitate smooth onboarding, offboarding, and cross-boarding, manage performance reviews, and identify potential leaders for your succession planning program.
  • Payroll: set up the platform for efficient time tracking and automate timecard approvals. Timesheets can be accessed via mobile, payroll automated, processes optimized based on real-time payroll insights, and employees granted controlled access through the mobile app.
  • Strategic workforce planning: plan effectively for future roles by evaluating talent needs and growing your talent pipeline. You can forecast talent supply and demand, identify skills gaps, project labor costs, and collaborate with stakeholders on the required interventions.
  • Workforce analytics: SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite gives companies access to 2,000+ HR-related metrics and deep insight into their HR data. You can analyze historical data to identify absence management trends, use real-time data and role-based dashboards to drive better workforce management decisions, and measure the business impact of your HR investments.


  • Global workforce management
  • Employee self-service portal
  • HR ticketing


  • Limited integration with third-party tools
  • Moderate learning curve

16. 7shifts

Best Workforce Management Software Tool for Restaurants

7shifts - Reinventing the way restaurant teams work

7shifts focuses on equipping restaurants with a workforce management system that allows employees to swap shifts and use geofencing and photo clock-in.

This scheduling software enables companies to use checklists to effectively manage tasks, monitor shift activities, get employee feedback after every shift, and manage time and attendance tracking using mobile phones or POS systems.

Key Features

  • Employee scheduling software: create shifts and automatically notify employees after publishing. This employee scheduling solution gives you customizable templates to schedule, fill and assign shifts to staff, provides a visual editor for making changes to shifts, integrates schedules with POS tools, and tracks your labor costs.
  • Employee communication: do away with emails and disruptive calls and communicate through mobile apps. You can use the document management features built into the platform to share files, chat with individuals or in a group, send reminders for tasks and shifts, broadcast announcements, and receive read receipts.
  • Employee experience: create the best work culture by promoting engagement and feedback. Get employee feedback after every shift, celebrate individual and team performance, send birthday wishes, identify the least and most engaged employees, and fix potential issues before they get out of hand.
  • Hiring: being among the best workforce management solutions for shift work, 7shifts enables you to create and publish open positions and start reviewing applications for the jobs immediately. You can use screening questions and applicant tracking, collaborate with stakeholders to hire the right talents, build a pipeline that helps you fill open positions quickly, identify absence management challenges, and improve the efficiency of your HR operations.
  • Dashboards: get real-time visibility into your shifts, tasks, labor costs, and sales. The web-based reports allow you to filter data by team or location, analyze lateness and shift performance, integrate with POS systems to track sales forecasts, and get real-time insights that help you improve decision-making and profitability.


  • Helps comply with Fair Workweek laws
  • Integration with POS systems
  • Mobile employee scheduling app


  • Limited group messaging features
  • Limited mobile app

Key Features of Good Workforce Management Software

You can identify a good workforce management software tool by checking whether its functionality can help you implement your business strategy. Here are some of the main features you should consider.

Ease of Use

The best workforce management software tools are easy to use. You don’t want to spend months learning how to use the software to manage your most important asset—your workforce.

You should also consider which third-party integrations can work with the workforce management software platform. Integration with third-party tools will play a big role in helping you maximize the software’s usability.

When evaluating workforce management systems, always look for integrations with business tools such as email, cloud storage, and task management.

Mobile Accessibility

For convenience, workforce management systems should be easily accessible through mobile devices. The use of mobile apps will help you respond to issues quickly, give approvals, conduct interviews, and much more, all while on the move.

Although it’s impossible to have all desktop features in the mobile app, you should be able to work on the most important tasks using mobile devices.

Learning Management

One of the best ways to overcome recruitment challenges and thrive in HR operations is by embracing employee training solutions.

These will help you implement a training program that can fill the skills gaps in your company and make employees feel more valued.

WFM software solutions with a learning management system enable you to create and effectively manage courses, recommend the right ones for each employee, and allow your workers to decide when and how to take them.

Work Management System

Over time, HR processes grow in complexity and human resource teams become overwhelmed. To maintain or increase productivity, you should choose a workforce management tool that incorporates a work management system.

The best work management systems empower you for team collaboration, file sharing, team communication, task management, and the use of reports to facilitate performance management.

As part of work management, automation is a feature that can go a long way in increasing HR efficiency in your day-to-day operations. Automation helps with time management, eliminating errors, and saving time to focus on core HR functions.

Candidate and Employee Experience

How fast you can recruit and how long you can retain talent is determined by the candidate and employee experience you provide.

The best workforce management software solutions enable you to create memorable experiences for your recruiting and onboarding processes to ensure new hires start their jobs on the right note.

For employee experience, the best workforce management tools enable you to conduct employee surveys, analyze feedback to understand employee sentiment, and implement changes to improve employee satisfaction.

Types of Workforce Management Software

Workforce management software solutions come in different shapes and sizes.

Some target small businesses and are designed to handle specific aspects of workforce management, while others are holistic solutions capable of handling every workforce management need.

At the core, workforce management tools are all about the people management and operations aspects of the business. For that reason, depending on their primary focus, workforce management solutions can be categorized as below:

1. Payroll Systems

Payroll systems usually combine time and attendance tracking and pay processing functionalities into one single solution. When you have such a solution in a cloud-based platform, employee management becomes easy.

The best payroll software for small businesses typically implements the traditional clocking in and out measures to track work hours. Some have advanced features that can include geo-location clocking in/out.

After time and attendance records have been captured accurately, the data is passed on to the next stage for processing wages and benefits.

2. Employee Scheduling Solutions

Some businesses have dynamic operational management requirements and need robust workforce management software solutions. This is especially true for businesses where employees work in shifts.

The biggest challenge for such businesses is normally workforce planning. These businesses need workforce planning tools to help them forecast staffing needs, set aside a recruitment budget, create appropriate employee scheduling plans, allow for shift swaps, and ensure that every shift is adequately staffed.

Such workforce management software solutions will also include a leave management software module to help human resources teams handle sick leaves and other PTOs.

3. Employee Experience Software System

These systems focus on creating the best experiences for candidates and employees. They help you create talent acquisition pipelines, design employee journeys, onboard new hires, and collect feedback during the entire employee lifecycle.

Employee experience solutions put a lot of emphasis on employees and normally include features such as employee self-service portals, employee communication apps, early access to pay, and HR ticketing, all in one platform.

4. Workforce Analytics Software System

Since companies have a lot of data relating to employees, some workforce management software solutions focus on the analytics needed to unlock value from this data.

Some of the best workforce management software solutions use Artificial Intelligence to process the data and identify connections, patterns, and trends in HR operations.

The results are normally presented in customizable reports and a centralized dashboard. In some cases, the system can recommend what actions you should take to address any issues identified.


What is Workforce Management Software?

Workforce management software is a solution that helps employers maximize workforce productivity while minimizing the associated business process costs.

Using one platform containing various functionalities, it becomes possible to automate employee management processes, create experiences that boost employee morale and productivity, design flexible work scheduling for employees, and use analytics to understand and improve core HR functions.

What Are the Benefits of Using Workforce Management Software?

A workforce management solution is a game-changing source of competitive advantage for your business. With such a solution, managing your workforce, which is your most important asset, becomes a breeze.

For instance, being able to create efficient schedules that ensure proper staffing based on employee availability and skills will result in improved employee productivity.

For the workforce management tools offering payroll features, automating attendance tracking and payroll processing helps you avoid human error and reduce business costs associated with manual work.

Also, using employee engagement features, you can know what your employees really think and feel about their work.

How Much Does Good Workforce Management Software Cost?

Most workforce management software solutions have custom pricing based on what features you need.

This pricing model is ideal because, as opposed to solutions such as the best task management software, workforce management is dynamic and dependent on your specific human resource operations.

Still, some workforce management solutions, such as Monday.com and ClickUp, use a more traditional pricing model. For Monday.com, the price ranges from $0 – $16 per user per month, while for ClickUp, the cost is $0 – $19 per user per month.

Which Workforce Management Solutions Should I Try?

Deciding which workforce management solutions to try requires identifying the specific needs of your HR managers and determining which business processes are of high priority.

If you have complex HR operations that take up most of your time, the one platform that you should try is Monday.com.

If you want to organize your work and track progress toward achieving your goals, then ClickUp should be the first solution to try. Its Goals feature will help you improve workforce productivity while keeping your human resources costs low.

The Oracle WFM software is the best solution for workplaces implementing high health and safety standards, while Ripping can help you create a great learning experience for your employees.

If your employees work in shifts, check out Blue Yonder Workforce Management for its robust and efficient scheduling capabilities.

Best for Customization


Best for Collaboration


Best for Multinationals

Oracle Workforce Management

Best for Learning


Best for Forecasts

Blue Yonder Workforce Management

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