32 Best Influencer Marketing Platforms for Brands & Influencers

Updated Dec 6, 2022.
Best Influencer Marketing Platforms for Brands & Influencers_

The influencer marketing platform is a software solution designed to assist brands with influencer marketing campaigns, providing the tools necessary for discovering, acquiring, negotiating with, and paying for promotional services of an influencer.

With massive searchable databases of the most qualified influencers in every niche and clever algorithms that match your campaign objectives with the most fitting influencers, influencer marketing platforms can help you expand your reach and increase your sales drastically while automating tedious and time-consuming influencer relationships management tasks.

Listed below are the most lucrative and top-performing influencer marketing platforms that you can use in 2021, ranging from the ones more tailored for the smaller business that only need a simple influencer marketplace access to the comprehensive end-to-end solutions with full search & discovery, relationship management, and analytics features.

Read on, and you will find an influencer marketing platform that will help you elevate your brand and increase ROI dramatically, regardless of the size of your company and the business ambitions you wish to fulfill.

What is the Best Influencer Marketing Platform?

1. AspireIQ

#1 AI-Powered Influencer Marketing Platform for Building Authentic Influencer Relationships at Scale.

AspireIQ is an AI Powered Influencer Marketing Platform for Building Authentic Influencer Relationships at Scale

With a leading AI influencer marketing platform like AspireIQ, you will be able to grow your ROI, drive sales, elevate your brand awareness, and generate high-performing content.

You will be able to access a database of 6M+ influencers based on aesthetics, engagement metrics, location, and more, while being able to gather information from social media handles and create your profile, displaying your work.

AspireIQ is a self-service platform that works with YouTube and Instagram that allows you to match up with brands and influencers, based on the machine-learning calculations that facilitate the perfect demographics for your content quality and audience.

AspireIQ Campaign Progress
Source: g2.com

As a creator, you need to meet the criteria of having 500 Instagram likes or 2,500 YouTube views to be considered an influencer and to be able to view brands and campaigns.

The landing pages will enable you to invite anyone to join your program and share with the influencer marketplace, receiving inbound proposals instantly.

AspireIQ enables you to identify posts that perform great organically and expand the campaigns to an even larger targeted audience through paid ads, whitelisting influencers' social accounts for higher sales.


After you request a demo, AspireIQ will provide you with the custom pricing for your needs.


  • Access the database of 6M+ influencers
  • Gather information from social media handles and create your profile
  • Reach your tailored demographics through machine-learning calculations
  • Invite anyone to join your program and receive inbound proposals instantly
  • Customize and automate communication workflows like contract terms and product shipment, feedback, payments
  • Whitelist influencers' social accounts for paid ads
  • Measure campaigns with sales tracking, promo codes, and automatic affiliate payments

With the microscopically accurate machine-learning mechanism connecting you to your perfect demographic and AspireIQ enabling you to promote your content across all channels, while measuring campaigns and boosting them through powerful integrations, AspireIQ will equip you with a thorough range of tools to track your campaigns.

2. Upfluence

Best Hybrid Influencer Marketing Platform for providing Customized Services Small-to-Medium-Sized Agencies & Brands.

Upfluence is the Best Hybrid Influencer Marketing Platform for providing Customized Services Small to Medium Sized Agencies & Brands

Known for providing creative customized services to agencies and brands, the tool also caters to influencers.

You can search for influencers based on languages, geography, social networks, and topics, while the AI-powered marketing tool allows you to send bulk messages to influencers.

With an enormous database of 500M items of content on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and blogs, businesses can search through their database and find the influencers that match their criteria.

The influencer management system allows brands to manage influencer relationships, enabling them to create lists of influencers fitting for each campaign, as well as track the performance of each campaign, and collaborate on content.


Offering three different solutions, you need to contact Upfluence to get your custom pricing.


  • Filter your results with over 20 advanced search criteria and find influencers for your campaigns
  • Collect social data from the visitors browsing your site or during checkout
  • Analyze the gathered social data and incorporate it into your affiliate campaigns
  • Analyze the audience size, engagement rates, and posting habits and combine them with purchase history
  • Influencer recommendations & price suggestions
  • Edit briefs, send in-app emails, manage negotiations, approve post drafts, and issue payments in one place
  • Calculate your ROI, total earned media value, impressions
  • Summary of all media engagements

Upfluence enables you to manage all your influencer relationships with ease, while the unparalleled size of the content database and the AI technology which makes everything faster and easier through tools like bulk messaging, helps you remove limitations on the audience that you can reach.

3. Traackr

Best Influencer Relationships Management Platform for helping Medium-to-Large-Sized Companies build Lasting Relationships with Influencers.

Traackr is the Best Influencer Relationships Management Platform for helping Medium to Large Sized Companies

Through Traackr, you will be able to analyze influencers, receive influencer recommendations based on the current list that you upload, and discover new ones by location, social network, topics, and other demographics.

The hybrid influencer database combines the elements of a computer algorithm and human input to deliver the companies the possibilities to sort the influencers in a variety of ways, including by how much of a relationship they have developed.

For tracking influencer content in real-time, there is a social listening tool, while the network visualization map shows the connection between an influencer and other people.

Monitoring what customers are saying about your brand and your competitors can help you react quickly and stand out from the crowd, which is exactly what social listening tools can enable you.

You can also check articles being shared organically by influencers, while the chart analytics give you insightful data cuts and enable you to share the live links to the charts.


There are different solutions for brands and agencies, and depending on your requirements, you will need to request a demo to get the pricing.


  • Influencer discovery, relationship & campaign management over Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and blogs
  • Show an influencer's connections in and out of the firm's network
  • Companies can sort influencers by how much of a relationship they have developed with them
  • Receive influencer recommendations based on the current list
  • Discover new influencers by location, social networks, topics
  • Track influencer content in real-time through the social listening tool
  • Show connections between an influencer and other people through the network visualization map
  • Check for articles being shared organically by influencersI

Especially suitable for larger companies, Traackr will help you identify the most fitting influencers, manage your relationships to last long, and constantly improve your campaigns across all sharing channels.

4. #paid

Best IM Platform for utilizing Non-Traditional Models of Influencer Marketing.

#paid is the Best IM Platform for utilizing Non Traditional Models of Influencer Marketing

One of the first platforms to introduce campaign targeting for different sections of your sales funnel, #paid has since continued developing an effective alternative method for quickly launching campaigns, matching with the best creators, and whitelisting creator content.

To determine their ideal influencers, brands can create campaign briefs describing campaign goals, the scope of the desired content, and describe their ideal creator, but they can go further whitelisting specific creators and content for use with paid Facebook and Instagram ads.

Connect with Facebook Ads Manager and push ads into timelines and feeds under the creator's handle, with the shared content carrying the sponsored post tag.

#paid Campaign Chart
Source: Hashtagpaid

Through the hand-raise functionality, influencers can signal if they wish to participate in the brand's campaigns, and potential influencers can write messages describing why they believe they can contribute to a campaign and through which strategy.


The Essential plan is $269 per month.

#paid Pricing Plan


  • Create campaign briefs describing campaign goals, the scope of the desired content, and an ideal creator
  • Whitelist specific creators and content for use with paid Facebook and Instagram ads
  • Push ads into timelines and feeds under the creator's name through Facebook Ads Manager
  • Share content with sponsored post tags in a more authentic way
  • Influencers can participate in campaigns through hand-raise feature
  • See how your creators and content are performing all through the funnel
  • Chat directly with our creators and approve everything before it is live

#paid will let you use creator content and handles to run better-performing paid social ads, see a high-level overview of your campaigns, and optimize the content that is best for your brand.

5. CreatorIQ

Full End-to-End IM Service with Influencer Discovery, Campaign Management, CRM, Measurement & Reporting Features.

CreatorIQ is a Full End to End IM Service with Influencer Discovery, Campaign Management, CRM, Measurement & Reporting Features

A high-profile customer base that includes names like Disney, Ralph Lauren, Dell, Tiffany & Co, and the smallest clients which earn $100 million annually, CreatorIQ is among the best IM solutions for larger companies and enterprises on the market.

The tool integrates directly with the social platform APIs, with the AI-powered algorithm analyzing over 1 billion public social accounts, with a specific set of criteria that must be met for an account to be added to the platform's database.

To ensure that the influencers the platform highlights are exceptionally relevant, it examines all the distinct parts of any specific content (the image, location, mentions, emojis, etc) to make logical conclusions.

CreatorIQ highlights Core Manage Skillfull Platform
Source: Creatoriq

The “Integrity Quotient” the AI algorithm assigns to each influencer helps you judge how authentic and relevant an audience member they are.

After identification, you can invite the influencers via email after which they can register to your network and go through an onboarding process.


The prices are not provided on the website directly, and you have to request a customized plan.


  • Access every creator profile in the world
  • Google AI image recognition
  • Audience profiles, growth history, and cross-platform content
  • Create talent one-sheets and build a top-talent repository to share with external and internal teams
  • Custom data fields and social accounts authorization
  • Contract, campaign, and payout history
  • Publish and share dynamic real-time reports focusing on performance and ROI while highlighting campaign content
  • Export performance data into your DMP

Designed for enterprises with large-scale influencer marketing needs, CreatorIQ will provide limitless discovery and inter-organizational workflow tools, as well as thorough and customizable reporting.

6. Heepsy

Best Influencer Marketing Platform for Instagram Marketing Campaigns with a Free Trial.

Heepsy is the Best Influencer Marketing Platform for Instagram Marketing Campaigns with a Free Trial

Through Heepsy, you can quickly find the ideal influencers for your Instagram marketing campaigns, as the tool enables you to access the database of over 11 million influencers.

With advanced reporting and audience analysis capabilities, Heepsy helps you target the ideal demographics and reinforce the authenticity of every influencer.

Also, you can check an influencer's previous brand collaborations and access cost estimations.

You can try the software for free, which makes it suitable for smaller companies and solo workers, with the versatile tool enabling you to create influencer lists, export data, and interact with the influencers.

Influencer's previous brand collaborations
Source: Heepsy

With demographic targeting, clients will be able to filter Instagram profiles according to the audience's age range, language, gender, location, interest, and more, while location targeting helps find influencers in just one city or country.

If you are looking for relevant keywords in the influencers' bio descriptions, keyword targeting will bring you closer to your intended influencers, just like metric targeting filters out only micro-influencers with 2K – 10K followers.


After the free subscription plan, the Starter plan will cost you $49 per month.

Heepsy Pricing Plan


  • Free monthly program with all the features in limited search results
  • Ideal for Instagram marketing campaigns
  • Check influencers' previous brand collaborations
  • Access cost estimations
  • Create influencers lists, export data, and interact with influencers
  • Demographic, location, keyword, metric, and contact information targeting
  • Fake followers analysis
  • Events with influencers
  • Sampling campaigns

One of the rare influencer marketing tools that offer a free monthly plan with all its features, Heepsy will help you create the most ideal list of influencers, target them with any criteria you wish while eliminating fake followers, and allow the relationships to thrive with the most relevant influencers attending your events and promoting it all on social media.

7. TapInfluence

High-Level IM Enterprise Solution for generating a 360-degree Insight into Influencers' Potentials.

TapInfluence is the High Level IM Enterprise Solution for generating a 360 degree Insight into Influencers' Potentials

Through TapInfluence, you will find the most qualified influencers who want to work for your brand, with a 360-degree view of the influencer helping you assess their qualities like their total reach, CPE (cost per engagement), audience interests, and more.

TapInfluence is meant for large businesses and enterprise companies with an influence marketing budget of at least 50K, and it relies heavily on the more traditional influencer marketing methods like blogging.

Covering influencer search, influencer outreach, analytics, and campaign management, TapInfluence lets you discover influencers via their niche's demographics and interests, along with providing data on the influencer's performance history and estimated costs per engagement.

TapInfluence discover Influencer's performance history
Source: Sproutsocial

The robust automation functionality allows you to execute marketing campaigns of any size and complexity through open bidding, direct offers & negotiation, scheduling and tracking, in-platform communication, and a bunch of other best-practice functionalities that generate better content for influencers and marketers.


There are 3 pricing models, each of which you need to contact TapInfluence to get your customized pricing for.

TapInfluence Pricing Plan
Source : Capterra


  • Calculate an influencer's total reach, cost per engagement, audience interests
  • Keyword and visual search
  • Open bidding, direct offers and negotiations
  • CRM & notes
  • Content creation and review
  • Verifications & asset manager
  • API 6 click traffic tracking
  • Campaign & project performance, and exportable reporting
  • Promoted posts

Through the TapInfluence platform, you will attain influencer information relating to their posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and blogs, while accessing a comprehensive set of campaign management tools that will meet most of enterprise companies' influencer marketing needs.

8. Shoutcart

#1 Influencer Marketplace Platform for Buying and Selling Instagram Influencer Shoutouts.

Shoutcart is an Influencer Marketplace Platform for Buying and Selling Instagram Influencer Shoutouts

Through an Instagram influencer marketplace where you can buy and sell influencer shoutouts like Shoutcart, you can avail yourself from influencers using their outreach to mention and promote your brand and product on Instagram.

Access the influencer database and select the influencer according to your needs, and you can choose a specific influencer or a local Instagram celebrity, but the prices will vary depending on the size of the influencer's outreach.

Once you select an influencer you like, you can make the payment, upload your content along with the photo or video with a caption, and Shoutcart will handle the process onward.

Shoutcart Luxuryand motivation Influencers
Source: Ampjar

You can also select when you want your post to be published.

Additionally, you can access statistics on specific campaigns, browse influencers that would potentially sell you a link spot in their bio, but that's not all as the platform supports Instagram stories + swipe up, giveaway campaigns & contests, product seeding & UGC campaigns, custom content & video reviews, along with brand mentions and product placement.


The Shoutcart's plan will cost you $50, but it is the influencer shoutouts that will vary and grow in cost depending on the size of their platform.

Shoutcart Pricing Plan
Source : Boostlikes


  • 750M+ follower & subscriber network
  • Expansion to Twitter
  • Promote your brand and products through top Instagram influencers
  • Select the time and day when you want your post to be published
  • Access statistics on specific campaigns
  • Find influencers to sell you a link spot in their bio
  • Giveaway campaigns & contests
  • Product seeding & UGC campaigns
  • Custom content & video reviews

Shoutcart is ideal for people with smaller budgets who want to promote their brand through a fitting influencer, as there are a bunch of cost-effective options with an outreach that you can't accumulate without a third party, plus the process is simple and the platform allows you to have any kind of product placements, contests, link bio promotions, and so on.

9. Captiv8

Full-Service Influencer & Campaign Activation Platform for SMBs and Large Businesses.

Captiv8 is the Full Service Influencer & Campaign Activation Platform for SMBs and Large Businesses

Through Captiv8, you will be able to connect with influencers and content creators who can promote your brand, product, and services to an already established large audience.

The AI-powered discovery engine will help you construct intelligent talent lists, analyzing over 1.5M influencer personality archetypes, after which this data is compared with your campaign goals to generate a talent list of creators.

With 500+ discovery filters based on creator content, engagement, interests, and audience attributes, you can strategically identify the best-suited influencers for your campaign objectives and key-results, accommodating the comprehensive search capability with look-alike influencers, creator profile in-depth analysis, exclusive brand & audience affinities.

The influencer activations provide you with predicted engagement across platforms for all creator profiles, while through the authentic concepts, you get paired with the experts of Captiv8 to help you achieve the desired campaign results.


To get your customized pricing, you will need to book a demo with Captiv8.


  • Construct intelligent talent lists from a database of 1.5M creator profiles
  • 500+ discovery filters based on creator content, engagement, interests, and audience attributes
  • Look-alike influencers
  • Creator profile in-depth analysis
  • Exclusive brand & audience affinities
  • Influencer offers, contracts, and activation
  • Content approval, commenting, and file upload
  • Promoted posts with whitelisted creators
  • Active optimization
  • Detailed reporting through EMV, sentiment analysis, deep engagement data

Through the superb AI-powered influencer discovery, campaign management workflows, and robust AI-powered sentiment analysis, EMV, deep engagement data, and other reporting capabilities, you will attract the most fitting influencers to promote and elevate the sales of your brand.

10. Tagger

#1 Data-Driven Influencer Marketing Platform.

Tagger ia a Data Driven Influencer Marketing Platform

The self-proclaimed “complete influencer & brand partnership platform”, Tagger earns this label by providing you with access to over 3M high-quality influencers in their database.

Apart from connecting your brand with influencers, Tagger will help you track competitor audiences and see what influencers have to say about them, as well as enable you to communicate directly with influencers at scale through the powerful CRM suite.

Tracking more than 9 billion indexed, analyzed, and searchable social conversations, Tagger drives the quality of its service by emphasizing the data they collect, which allows you to make advanced searches on millions of influencers.

In Tagger, you can create campaigns that are open so that anyone can apply or you can make them available only to those that you send the invitations to.

You have dozens of options to refine the search results with various filters, and after that, you can manage all the influencers and their content submissions easily.

Analyze the performances of all posts and influencers to determine your ROI and engagement rates.


Once you have filled out a request form, you can find out your customized pricing in a live demo.


  • 3M high-quality influencer database
  • Track competitor audiences
  • Communicate directly with influencers through a powerful CRM suite
  • Make campaigns open to anyone or send out invitations
  • Dozens of search filters
  • Analyze your ROI and engagement rates
  • Analyze what people talk about to understand their interests and affinities
  • Multi-currency and on-platform payments
  • Availability in 11+ languages

Through the global conversation tracking mechanism observing billions of conversations, campaigns that you can specify the audience for or share all across the platforms, Tagger makes for an in-depth social listening tool that can equip a brand with the most desirable influencers with always-ready insights on the competition.

11. Post For Rent

One-Stop-shop for Influencer Marketing for Companies of All Sizes.

Post For Rent is One Stop shop for Influencer Marketing for Companies of All Sizes

Built to serve brands of all sizes, Post For Rent is more than equipped and attentive to cater to small and medium-sized companies, while also providing services for some giant names like Nike, HBO, H&M, Jameson, and more.

The amazing thing is that you can manage unlimited campaigns with unlimited influencers in Post For Rent's entry-level plan, and the advanced search options and filters will help you find the perfect influencers along with estimated performance forecasts of the influencer's performance and an instant summary of their audience demographics.

Compare influencer profiles side-by-side or your business profile with your competitors, apply x-ray scans for digging out all the information about your target influencers.

Detect fraud influencers, and break down the influencer's audience into groups of real people, mass followers, and suspicious accounts.

Not only can you run multiple brands under one account and generate result estimates, but you can activate automated payouts, administration & reporting, and team management features.


The Influencer Search module will cost you $5 per profile analysis.

Post For Rent Pricing plan


  • Unlimited campaigns with unlimited influencers in the Standard plan
  • Estimated performance forecasts for influencers
  • Instant summary of an influencer's audience demographics
  • Compare different influencer profiles side-by-side or your business profile with your competitors
  • Detect fraud influencers and break down the influencer's audience to identify suspicious accounts
  • Automated payouts
  • Administration & reporting
  • Team management
  • Strategy creation & briefing, and dedicated campaign expert in the managed service module

The campaign creation process in Post For Rent is broken down into discrete steps, with the performance forecast estimates eliminating the possibility to make the wrong move when acquiring influencers and an instant summary of audience demographics helping you make on-the-spot decisions that will benefit the growth of your brand.

12. SocialBakers

Best Influencer Management Platform for Improving Cross-Channel Care.

SocialBakers is the Best Influencer Management Platform for Improving Cross Channel Care

For managing all your marketing tasks together in one place, SocialBakers is the ideal platform that ensures outstanding customer experiences across all channels, displays what content your target audience digests and uncovers critical trends in your audience and competition, and manages all your social media activities from all accounts in one place.

Instantly actionable insights for creating the best digital experience for your customers is what you get through the social listening tool, while the instant AI-powered persona mapping uncovers who your audience members are.

With content intelligence, you can bring your content feeds and analysis together into one content hub, while publishing and scheduling posts to multiple accounts are easy from one collaborative calendar.

Track your cross-channel paid and organic strategy with analytics and benchmarks, and streamline the entire community management and care workflows with efficiency and speed.


With 10 provided profiles, the Essential plan will cost you $240 per month.

SocialBakers Pricing Plan


  • Display what content your target audience digests
  • Uncover critical trends in your audience and competition
  • Manage your all social media activities from all accounts in one place
  • Receive instantly actionable insights into the best practices for providing an exceptional digital experience
  • Instant AI-powered persona mapping
  • Bring your content feeds and analysis together into one content hub
  • Collaborative calendar for publishing and scheduling posts to multiple accounts
  • Track your cross-channel paid and organic strategy through analytics and benchmarks
  • Community management and care workflow

The elaborate targeting and trend-discovering features will help you acquire the most ROI-elevating influencers, while the extensive community management and care workflow will ensure you nourish the revenue-generating relationships for years to come.

13. HYPR

Best Influencer Marketing Platform for an Endless List of Browsing Categories and Enormous Country Accessibility.

HYPR is the Best Influencer Marketing Platform for an Endless List of Browsing Categories and Enormous Country Accessibility

HYPR ensures that every dollar you spend on an influencer reaches an audience that matters, enabling you to discover and engage with 12M+ influencers registered in the database, through a high-powered AI algorithm that allows you to evaluate influencers from 30K categories and 100+ countries.

You can narrow down the influencers in the search by audience demographic, as well as geographic and engagement data.

As a leading IM platform in audience intelligence, HYPR lets you effortlessly initiate and attain relationships while measuring performance in real-time.

Discover Influencers from Database
Source: g2.com

Through insightful campaign management metrics, HYPR enables you to monitor the engagement of overlapping audiences across networks, audience health scores, content quality reports, which makes choosing fraud-free, impactful influencers easy.

The smart dashboard enables you to assess all the performance metrics automatically and keep track of your cost-per-engagement, participatory demographic data, EMV (earned media value), and true campaign reach for your Instagram stories and posts.


You will have to contact HYPR to obtain their current pricing.


  • 12M+ influencer database
  • Evaluate influencers in 30K categories and 100+ countries
  • Measure campaign performance in real-time
  • Monitor the overlapping audience engagement across networks
  • Monitor audience health scores and access content quality reports
  • Assess the cost-per-engagement, participatory demographic data, EMV, and true campaign reach data automatically
  • Influencer CRM
  • Permissions & data control

Built purposefully for marketers, HYPR will allow you to manage multiple campaigns and optimize costs by attracting and maintaining a stable, profitable relationship with influencers that can deploy their true, measurable reach for mutual gain.

14. HireInfluence

Full-Service Influencer Marketing Platform for Attaining Customers through an Organic Approach.

HireInfluence is a Full Service Influencer Marketing Platform for Attaining Customers through an Organic Approach

The full-service influencer marketing package you receive in HireInfluence will allow you to merge your needs and the needs of the audience and influencers, build brand awareness, improve ROI, and acquire customers.

HireInfluence's team hand-selects the ideal influencers for each campaign, ensuring they are an organic fit and the content feels authentic.

The authentic,purpose-driven approach helps the audience discover the brand organically, while the software helps build emotional connections that drive proactive customer behavior.

HireInfluence Influencers
Source: Pinterest

This is why it is common for HireInfluence's customers to seek strategy development, influencer validation, on-site event engagement support, experiential project management & expert consultation services, and be satisfied every time.


To gain the pricing information, you need to contact HireInfluence and request your customized plan.


  • Livestream logistics
  • Creative influencer experience through head-to-head challenges
  • Audience participation and interactive experiences
  • Influencer curation and procurement
  • Co-branded and cross-audience partnerships
  • Recurring UGC programs
  • On-site event engagement support
  • Sponsored product placements
  • Integrated cross-channel amplification

HireInfluence's organic approach makes the audience feel like they have discovered your brand organically, helping you merge your business objectives with the needs of your audience and hired influencers, acquiring new customers, and expanding your brand in the process.

15. OpenInfluence

Best IM Platform for expanding your Influencer Search through AI-Fueled Image Recognition.

OpenInfluence is the Best IM Platform for expanding your Influencer Search through AI Fueled Image Recognition

OpenInfluence is an easy-to-use influencer discovery and campaign analytics software that can help you gather a profitable influencer community in a short time.

The AI technology the software is equipped with uses image recognition to label images with searchable descriptors, which means you don't have to search for and upload a picture of someone riding a bicycle to find influencers for that topic.

In OpenInfluence, you just need to type in the word “bicycle”, for example, along with additional search criteria, to get the results that match your intent.

Unlike the hashtag mechanism, OpenInfluence's smart labeling algorithm doesn't attach any kind of out-of-context suggestions, providing you with the pictures of people wearing a shirt with a bicycle on it when we go with the previous example, and provides you with the accurate pictures on the exact topic, understanding the meaning of your search.

OpenInfluence influencer marketing platform
Source: Aws.amazon

When you find the influencer that suits you, you can again do a look-alike search and find more similar ones, and with the 20 million indexed keywords for interest-based searches, you can refine the suggestions to the smallest detail.

You can categorize a group of influencers and look into five of their relevant posts, checking how their styles match with one another and yours as well, and this campaign forecasting feature is called the Mood Board.


Their Basic plan is $50 per month.


  • AI-powered image recognition for generating the exact pictures without out-of-context suggestions
  • Look-alike search for similar influencers that match your style
  • 20 million indexed keywords for interest-based searches
  • Categorize the influencer's 5 most relevant posts
  • Predict how well they fit into your campaigns through the mood board
  • See the influencer's total reach, the average number of likes and comments
  • Access the geographic maps to show the influencers' locations
  • Track relevant conversations through the topic map

OpenInfluence is very much catered towards SMBs and large enterprises, and the pricing indicates the plan is to stay on this course, but this doesn't mean it is overpriced, rather the value lies in the top-tier subscriptions, allowing your large brand to discover high-end influencers, negotiate fees, organize & schedule posts, and analyze and learn from a campaign's performance.

16. Klear

Exceptional IM Platform for Aligning All Major Social Platforms for Central & South American Users.

Klear is an Exceptional IM Platform for Aligning all Major Social Platforms for Central & South American Users

The amazing grasp Klear has attained over the industry now enables potential customers like you to access their database of 500 million influencer profiles that you can browse in 60K categories.

Klear works with some of the biggest brands in the world like Coca-Cola, Huawei, Adidas, Microsoft, Nike, IMG, and more, while creating options for small businesses such as their $250 per month Startup plan.

Small companies can participate in most influencer marketing activities with restrictions on the keywords and brands they can work with, the number of possible searches, profiles per month, influencers managed.

Klear Influencer Marketing Software
Source: Klear

The filtering options give you a 360-degree overview of the influencers' qualities, enabling you to search for the most fitting influencers by hashtags, niche topics, follower counts, audience demographics, and more.

Additionally, you can analyze all influencers to the extent you wish, utilize the robust integrated CRM functionality to nourish prolific relationships, organize and schedule everything in the influencer communication portal, and gain actionable insights to improve future campaigns with the campaign measurement tool.


To get your pricing, you need to request a demo, and a Klear expert will contact you.


  • Segment creator discovery by region, language, industry, niche topic, #hashtag, past collaborations, price range, influence level
  • Detect fake followers and engagements generated by auto-bots
  • Generate a 0-100 score to measure the influencer's potential
  • Segment audience demographics by age, gender, location, and interest
  • Capture the latest on-trend data from Instagram stories to TikTok
  • Review individual influencer profiles and past content across top social platforms
  • Invite influencers directly to join campaigns, share campaign briefs, and send direct messages through an in-app tool
  • Monitor and manage campaign assets from start to finish

Find the most relevant creators for your audience, aligning with your brand values, topics, locations, and apply advanced audience demographics to receive the widest available view of an influencer's audience to acquire the most qualified creators with the fastest results.

17. Julius

Data-driven Influencer Marketing Platform with an Easy-to-Use Search Facility and Comprehensive Campaign Management Tools.

Julius is a Data driven Influencer Marketing Platform with an Easy to Use Search Facility

Julius' talent base holds place for about 120K influencers, all of which have been manually researched and personally curated by a team of Julius experts for the quality of their contribution.

It is an influencer search & discovery tool that covers a wide range of social media channels including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Snapchat, Vine, and 50+ searchable data filters to ensure that every post and influencer is searchable by thousands of interests, causes, locations, audience demographics, hashtags, and keywords.

Julius influencer marketing overview
Source: Getapp

Apart from an efficient set of campaign management tools at your disposal, Julius' reporting suite will let you manage payments, deliverables, metrics, and customizable data exports.


To get your pricing, you will need to write a request to Julius.


  • Discover unique influencers that align with your most granular search criteria
  • Search for influencer posts by any hashtag or keyword
  • Target your audience by location, demographics, interests
  • View the influencers' past posts through the social listening tool
  • Create influencer lists and streamline communications through messages
  • Simplify your workflow with custom tags, notes, and user activity monitoring
  • Review deliverables and FTC compliance with automatic post detection
  • Analyze individual post data
  • Monitor your influencers' conversations involving your brand
  • Accelerate reporting by white-labeling exports in any format

Searching for expert influencers with measurable reach is super simple in Julius, as the platform allows you to dig through all social media channels and segment your audience and influencer preferences however you wish, along with a rich reporting feature that gives you a clear actionable overview for current and future campaigns.

18. BrandBacker

Influencer Marketing Solution for Generating Exposure through Social Networks, Vlogs, and Blogs.

BrandBacker is an Influencer Marketing Solution for Generating Exposure through Social Networks, Vlogs, and Blogs

Connecting brands with influencers all over the world, BrandBacker will assist you in reaching a much wider audience through the outreach of over 10,000 influencers, while monitoring every read, reblog, tweet, like, and share.

You can invite an influencer to check your product out, providing them with a free sample or early access, but the influencers can apply to your campaigns if they interest them.

When you agree to work with an influencer, they will create content promoting your product and submit it to you for brand approval, and after the approval, it is up to the influencer to publish all content and make sure it reaches the intended audience.

BrandBacker influencer communication and messaging systems
Source: Brandbacker

You will always have the crucial data for your brand at your disposal with capabilities to look at who is talking about your brand, compare your influencers' and your rivals' content performances, view industry trends, and in-depth detail about topic trends.


To learn more about the subscription plans and pricing, you will need to request a demo.


  • Reach millions of customers in your target market through top-quality influencer content
  • Engage customers across social network channels, blogs, and email newsletters
  • Highlight influencer reviews and content across your product page
  • Work together with influencers through live events, contests, giveaways, roundtables, surveys, social campaigns, tutorials, videos, reviews
  • Score media value, reach, and engagement metrics for each influencer
  • Track the number of social posts, comments, clicks, and impressions from your campaigns
  • Analyze pins, retweets, likes, and more
  • Track who mentions your brand, what comments and feedback they post, and their influence reach

If you wish to connect your brand through the exposure of successful bloggers, vloggers, and social media profiles with large established audiences, BrandBacker will surpass your expectations, plus provide you with influencer insights, marketing guides, case studies, trend reports, and much more.

19. Mention Me

Industry-Leading Referral Marketing Platform.

Mention Me is an Industry Leading Referral Marketing Platform

Operating differently than the ordinary marketing platform, Mention Me functions as a referral marketing platform that enables brands to win more customers through referrals.

The unique cost-per-sale model implies that you will pay depending on how much you earn.

Incentivize, reward, and track referrals throughout the customer journey while integrating them into your martech stack, along with adequate management, testing, and optimization.

Serve highly targeted messages at the perfect time, and drive the next best action until a customer is ready to refer.

Construct strategic customer segments and experiment throughout the lifecycle, while uncovering rich referral data that accommodates your business through actionable, strategic advice from the expert client success team.


To find the pricing for your solution, you will need to book a demo with a referral marketing expert.


  • Incentivize, reward, and track referrals throughout the customer journey
  • Referral management, testing, and optimization
  • Serve highly targeted messages at the perfect time
  • Construct strategic customer segments
  • Gain actionable advice from the client success team
  • Referral marketing guides
  • Case studies
  • Co-branded reports
  • Performance calculator
  • Webinars, events, and masterclasses
  • A/B testing

Chosen by 400+ leading brands worldwide, Mention Me enables you to expand your brand exposure, enabling referrals to be captured in real-world conversations, while the 19 language and multi-currency accessibility ensures support for international referral programs.

20. Influencer

#1 Influencer Marketing Platform for Attracting Customers through Storytelling.

Influencer is a Marketing Platform for Attracting Customers through Storytelling

For driving customer relationship growth and guaranteed brand expansion, Influencer will pull your campaign objectives through their unique “Make Waves” system, allowing the creators to use your intended content and tell stories around it to build human connection.

After each campaign, Influencer will measure the impact of these stories, while combining their historical campaign data with the current audience, creator, and content insights extracted from the major social networks and wider industry trends to identify a creative content strategy, delivering you a guaranteed ROI.

Through a strategy proven to resonate with your content consumers, Influencer will combine organic influencer marketing with paid media distribution.

Influencer’s end to end influencer marketing platform
Source: Influencer

As an official partner of Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, Influencer can amplify all your content directly through these channels and their wider digital portfolios.

Apart from scrutinizing every campaign metric available, Influencer will consider all the audience's wants, needs, and preferences, combining the first-party data from the creators with the data from official APIs to measure the impact of campaigns and power creator recommendations.


In order to acquire your pricing model, you will need to contact Influencer’s team.


  • Official partner of Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok
  • Show the value of content through the in-house impact score that counts the value of a viewer's engagement
  • Analyze the posts, comments, imagery to determine the driving force and needs for creators and the audience
  • Refine creator recommendations through the post-campaign analysis, matching the creators with similar audiences
  • Dive deeper into specific actions generated by campaigns through thematic comment analysis
  • Determine the brand perception, product usage, pricing sensitivity, and purchasing intent
  • Access in-depth brand uplift and content analysis studies for assessing the true impact of content on specific audiences

Through their unique storytelling model, not only will Influencer make your posts more authentic and generate real human connection with your readers, but their deep analysis system will dive deep into the purchasing intent, impact on specific audiences, and overall insights into what exactly you need to adjust to make your content ideal for each customer individually.

21. Sideqik

Multi-Channel-Integrated Influencer Marketing Platform for Driving Revenue and Partnership Value through Online Community.

Sideqik is a Multi Channel Integrated Influencer Marketing Platform for Driving Revenue and Partnership Value through Online Community

With over 10 supported social networks and integrations with emerging networks like TikTok and Twitch, and over 20M social profiles in the database, Sideqik will create saved search criteria to find influencers who will align with your KPI objectives.

The workflow tools like promotions widgets that measure participation will help you manage your campaigns and grow your audience, while the EMV, revenue, conversions, and other insights will show you how each influencer is performing.

Through Sidekiq, you can integrate with a CRM tool, email system, affiliate network, e-commerce platform, CMS, and everything else through an open platform with APIs and web-hooks for custom integrations.


If you want to display your pricing, you will need to request a demo.


  • Track influencer marketing ROI based on EMV, conversions, and revenue
  • Streamline influencer and ambassador sign-up through automated form collection and automatically generate affiliate IDs
  • View revenue and payment metrics based on conversion tracking events in Impact
  • Identify performance trends for individual influencers or campaigns
  • Export conversion and revenue data by influencers or affiliates
  • Track online events driven by your influencers like page views, purchases, form submissions, search, sign-ups, cart, and payment activity
  • Build a remarketing audience in your Twitter, Google, and Facebook ads accounts
  • Track events in Google Analytics for your Sidekiq promotions

Integrating with all social media channels that can amplify your brand exposure, Sideqik will seamlessly increase influencer ROI, while finding influencers that will deliver your KPI objectives, ensuring you manage your campaigns easily, streamline all performances, and integrate with any suite of tools.

22. Grapevine Village

Best IM Platform for Connecting with Top Content Creators to help boost Your Marketing Initiatives.

Grapevine Village is the Best IM Platform for Connecting with Top Content Creators to help boost Marketing Initiatives

Grapevine allows agencies and brands to submit briefs based on their requirements, for which the influencers can then make pitches, and the brands can negotiate the prices.

Grapevine will provide you with detailed data about each relevant influencer, with the recommendations engine suggesting appropriate influencers, with the performance results easily refined and improved as you get to track and nourish the campaigns further.

When you select an influencer, a contract will be formed and you can track their performance.

As an opt-in platform for creators with successful YouTube channels, and anybody with a YouTube channel can create a creator's account, but only those creators with either 10K YouTube subscribers or 5K Instagram followers will be able to access Grapevine Marketplace to acquire sponsorship opportunities from brands.


To acquire the pricing for either of their three subscription plans, you will need to book a free demo with Grapevine's team.


  • Submit briefs based on your requirements
  • Negotiate prices with influencers
  • Hire influencers with already established YouTube and Instagram audiences
  • Detailed data about relevant influencers
  • Scale your content with paid advertising services and build viral campaigns
  • Social media content creation
  • Live content analytics

Through Grapevine's powerful suite, you will not only receive access to only the most proven creators with measurable, dedicated audiences across YouTube and Instagram, but a dedicated team will construct a strategy tailored to your goals and delivered through social media content curation, paid amplification, and live content analytics.

23. Buzzoole

#1 Influencer Marketing Platform for Continuous Preference Tracking and Personal Campaign Observation.

Buzzoole is an Influencer Marketing Platform for Continuous Preference Tracking and Personal Campaign Observation

When you create a campaign in Buzzoole, their system shares a brief with influencers who the algorithm recognizes as a good fit.

Instead of relying on keywords and traditional filters to find a matching influencer for your campaign, Buzzoole uses AI to determine the influencers that your brand has the greatest affinity towards.

The system understands the context of data and what it says about your brand, as well as the influencers' data, instead of indexing data points for reference.

Buzzoole User Dashboard for Content Creators
Source: Blog.buzzoole

And, the most amazing thing is that Buzzoole never stops analyzing and documenting your preferences and best practices for your brand to grow, as the tool continues noticing who are you choosing for campaigns, who are you asking back, what content are you approving, what are you rejecting, and everything else.

All this monitoring and personal campaign observation fine-tunes the influencer's selection process so that you get the most fitting matches every time in the shortest time.


As per usual, you will need to contact the company to get accurate pricing, but the platform takes its fees as a percentage of your campaign budget.


  • The system automatically shares campaign briefs with the most fitting influencers
  • AI-powered affinity matching with influencers
  • Continuous analysis and documentation of your preferences
  • Get the most accurate picture of the effectiveness of your campaign through a Nielson-assisted consumer research
  • View the likes, shares, comments, views numbers across the campaign's lifecycle through the reporting module
  • Differentiate between paid and earned reach
  • Influence scores for influencers across different verticals to see how big of an outreach they have on different topics
  • Gender, age range, location, interests breakdown

For not just accurate influencer discovery, but a dedicated tool that analyzes your approved and disapproved content and preferences to tailor the future suggestions in the best direction possible, there is no better tool than Buzzoole.

24. Exposely

Best Self-Service Social Advertising Platform for connecting Brands with Social, Web, and Video Influencers.

To use their homepage, you will first need to enable Javascript on your browser.

As a self-service social advertising platform, Exposely will connect your brand with highly engaged online influencers, all of which are hand-picked by the platform after they sign up to gain access to paid opportunities.

They can be social, web, or video influencers, and the brands only need to sign up, determine their campaign budget, search for relevant influencers to carry out their campaigns, with both parties having access to clear dashboards displaying detailed engagement and campaign data.

With campaign payments starting at $100, small businesses can work at Exposely without a hassle.

Exposely dashboards displaying detailed engagement and campaign data
Source: Genuinelikes


Contact their team to get your pricing info.


  • The first self-service social advertising platform with over 350 million engaged people across different social platforms
  • Excellent for Twitter and Instagram growth
  • Place your content, product, service in front of a crowd of millions
  • Connect your brand with highly engaged social, web, and video influencers
  • Both parties have access to clear dashboards displaying detailed engagement and campaign data
  • Small companies can avail of Exposely with campaign payments starting at $100

A self-proclaimed first-ever self-service social advertising platform that will connect your brand across all major social media channels through the most consistent social, web, and video influencers, Exposely will benefit both brands and influencers, with the smallest possible businesses having the opportunity to expand on a minimum $100 campaign payment.

25. Influencity

Full-Service Influence Marketing Platform for Searching over 55 million Influencers.

Influencity is a Full Service Influence Marketing Platform for Searching over 55 million Influencers

With Influencity, you can create, launch, manage, and measure campaigns through the most relevant influencers, analyzing their audience through real-time performance and preference reports.

With a database of over 55 million influencers at your disposal, the possibilities are endless and there is always a top-quality creator that can answer and build upon your requirements.

Influencity will equip you with all the influencer discovery, analysis, organization, forecasting, management, and measurement capabilities.


The Starter plan is $48 per month.

Influencity Pricing Plan


  • Filter by gender, interest, favorite brands, language, followers, interactions, engagement, keywords
  • Find an influencer's doppelganger based on shared characteristics
  • Analyze influencer KPIs, spot fake influencers, spot frequently used hashtags and mentions
  • Examine influencers' past partnerships
  • Keep track of the influencers' work and relationships through the performance evaluation notes
  • Discover relevant interests, stay on trend, predict buyer persona impact
  • Manage your influencer investment portfolio
  • Campaign ROI forecasting

With Influencity, you will shift through the fake influencers, have a full project oversight, learn from historical data and keep improving your strategies, achieving a total influencer relationship management (IRM).

26. Insense

Best Influencer Marketing Platform for amplifying Instagram Story Content through Facebook Advertising.

Insense is the Best Influencer Marketing Platform for amplifying Instagram Story Content through Facebook Advertising

Helping brands create Instagram story content at scale by connecting them to Instagram influencers and integrating this content into Facebook Ads manager, Insense amplifies the content through advertising.

As an official marketing partner with the world's leading social platforms, Insense can match your brand with world-class creators for your projects, and you can choose from the recommended creators or search through the 35K+ creator community.

You can apply different filters for audience size, niche, location, and engagement rate, and stay on top of your projects through different communication, project management, and whitelisting capabilities.

Insense Campaign Info
Source: G2.com

Create a clear creative brief in minutes with content details and the tool will recommend creators that are best-equipped to deliver your branded content in just a few days.

Run targeted ads on your creator's handle and amplify your branded content beyond your accumulated audience.


As a great option to get the feel for the platform, Insense's Single Buy plan will cost you $0 per month with a $200 campaign activation fee each time.

Insense Pricing Plan


  • Amplify your Instagram story content through the Facebook Ads manager
  • Official marketing partner of the world's leading social platforms
  • Search through the 35K+ creator community
  • Filter searches by audience size, niche, location, and engagement rate
  • Create clear creative briefs in minutes with content details
  • Transform creatives into high-performing ads through Insense whitelisting
  • Generate creator recommendations that will deliver your branded content in few days

Insense has shortened the average time from brief to creative to just one week, helping you amplify your Instagram story content to wider masses through Facebook marketing.

27. Find Your Influence

All-in-One Proprietary Technology-Powered Influencer Marketing Solution.

Find Your Influence is all in One Proprietary Technology Powered Influencer Marketing Solution

Providing access to more than 100K influencers, Find Your Influence will allow you to identify the best-suited influencers, launch the most engrossing campaigns, track and analyze performance and report results.

Additionally, you can engage the Managed Services team of veteran marketers to execute your campaign with guaranteed superb results.

After finding the fitting influencers, you can negotiate a contract, review and approve influencer content, and pay the set price.

Through Influencer Profile & Search, you can activate the look-alike modeling, CPE, CPM, engagement rate, and historical pricing, as well as a robust recommendation engine with influencer and audience demographics.

The proprietary survey tool and pricing algorithm, as well as offer negotiation and a messaging platform, will help you keep the engagement of influencers while steering a campaign on the right path.


The Exchange plan is $199 per month.

Find Your Influence Pricing Plan


  • Look-alike modeling
  • 25+ data points
  • CPE, CPM, engagement rate, and historical pricing
  • Pre-approval of content
  • Campaign creation wizard
  • Unlimited products and channels
  • Campaign projections
  • API tracking across Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, blogs
  • Exportable recaps and performance details

Completing more than 10K campaigns for more than 500 brands, Find Your Influence has made its mark in the industry as the platform that will deliver an easy, time-saving solution for finding influencers, managing campaigns, and tracking metrics with extractable and actionable data.

28. Peg

Instagram and YouTube Influencer Marketing Platform for Performance-Based Marketing.

Peg is an Instagram and YouTube Influencer Marketing Platform for Performance Based Marketing

Instead of campaigns designed to increase brand awareness, Peg focuses on performance-based marketing, using powerful data analysis software to display if an influencer has referenced your or a similar brand in previous posts and videos.

Search the most distinct niche influencers on YouTube and Instagram across every category, filtering the results across audience demographics, brand affinity, and engagement rates.

In 2021, Peg was acquired by Current, which means the customers can gain instant access to many additional valuable tools such as influencer payment and in-platform messaging.


To find your subscription plan, you will need to request a demo.


  • Increase brand awareness through performance-based marketing
  • Search the most distinct niche influencers on YouTube and Instagram in every category
  • Filter by audience demographics, brand affinity, keywords, and engagement rates
  • Choose from celebrity macro-influencers to less paid micro-influencers
  • Detailed analytics for measuring bottom-funnel metrics
  • Facebook, Google Ads retargeting
  • Brand safety checker
  • Brand mentions

Equally capable of equipping large businesses and SMBs, Peg will help you find ultra-niche influencers in any category through their unique approach of prioritizing performance-based marketing.

29. Adly

Digital Marketing Software for Connecting Brands & Agencies with Influencers & Celebrities.

Adly is a Digital Marketing Software for Connecting Brands & Agencies with Influencers & Celebrities

As an opt-in network, the influencers offering content promotion services need to apply, while the platform covers Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, Pinterest, and Google+.

AudienceIQ is specifically designed to help you find suitable influencer matches with the Q-Score determining how influential someone is, along with the Adly Celebrity Intelligence Layer showing digital connections formed by celebrity influencers.

After targeting and executing campaigns, you can closely monitor campaign performance and engagement in real-time, ensuring your content reaches your targets quickly and uncovers actionable insights for future campaigns for you.

Develop a unique, data-driven approach to each campaign with intelligent audience matching, creative planning, and reliable campaign execution.


To reach out for pricing, you will need to send a request.


  • Guaranteed wide exposure across several major social media channels
  • Discover which ce
  • lebrities will help propel your brand with the Celebrity Intelligence Layer
  • Prospect, retarget and conquest with Q-Score
  • Intelligent audience matching, creative planning, and reliable execution
  • Closely monitor campaign performance and engagement in real-time
  • Gain accurate performance insights through a combination of technology and expert analysts
  • Uncover actionable insights for future campaigns

Adly will help you find the most relevant influencers and reach some of the world's biggest celebrities, initiate and maintain a strong relationship while tracking your top performers and applying actionable reporting data for campaign improvement, analyze social interaction data, and ensure continued success and growth in ROI.

30. Onalytica

Data-Driven Influencer Marketing Platform with a Hybrid Approach to Influencer Database.

Onalytica is a Data Driven Influencer Marketing Platform with a Hybrid Approach to Influencer Database

Among the first influencer marketing platforms, Onalytica has acquired an extensive list of big-name clients Microsoft, Canon, and more, while operating as a SaaS platform and charging a monthly subscription fee for its influencer discovery, relationship management, deep reporting, and analytics, dedicated customer service manager, and other features.

To find the most relevant influencers for your campaign, Onalytica will search through various social media posts, and the expert team will oversee the results and remove anything that isn't a perfect match, functioning as a hybrid mechanism.

You can filter the suggested influencers by categories, platforms, demographics, and content, with the algorithm analyzing posts on Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Linkedin, Instagram, and blogs.


To receive the program and pricing for your business requirements, you will need to request a demo from Onalytica's team.


  • Choose from over 700K influencers
  • Deep reporting
  • Dedicated customer service manager
  • Hybrid influencer discovery and suggestion model with an expert team removing unsuitable matches
  • Filter the suggestions by categories, platforms, demographics, and content
  • Daily email alerts
  • Stakeholder maps

With an expert team going through every influencer suggestion and removing any that aren't perfect matches, Onalytica will help you manage all your client relationships and provide thorough data on all campaigns which will help your posts reach an expanding audience.

31. Webfluential

Best Influencer Marketing Platform for Connecting Brands & Agencies with Quality Social Media Stars.

Webfluential is the Best Influencer Marketing Platform for Connecting Brands & Agencies with Quality Social Media Stars

Focusing on established social media stars, Webfluential puts its focus on connecting them with a suitable brand they can work with, without the endless social media post scraping as the platform generates a roster of thoroughly vetted, approved, scored influencers.

After the influencers pass the roster acceptance phase, they can create a profile, determine post rates, and publish a media kit.

Brands will pay a monthly fee to Webfluential depending on the number of active influencers in their network, with the minimum monthly fee of $50 and 10% of any content deal negotiated with influencers through the site.

A brand can find a suitable influencer through Webfluential and negotiate the price of their services.


The Self Serve Software will cost you $100 per month.

Webfluential Pricing Plan


  • Find influencers in your area or industry to reach the right audience
  • Engage influencers to pitch on your campaigns and run with the best creative
  • Manage influencers from search to reporting across teams and countries
  • Personality match with influencers through IBM's supercomputer
  • Analyze and compare the tone and personality of two Twitter profiles
  • Deep and insightful data on influencers' audiences and performances authenticated directly from their social channels
  • See how well your message was received and which influencers resonate best with an audience
  • Check how well you've done relative to the market average for a campaign

In Webfluential, you can easily search thousands of accredited influencers, create branded content in smart contracts that ensure mutual satisfaction, pitch your briefs to the best-in-class influencers, for just $100 per month, and scale up with ease when you wish to.

32. Zoomph

#1 Influencer Marketing Platform for Powering Richer Analytics and Deeper Engagement.

Zoomph is an Influencer Marketing Platform for Powering Richer Analytics and Deeper Engagement

An all-in-one platform for social audience intelligence, and sponsorship management & evaluation, Zoomph has the capabilities to ease the campaign building, track engagement, and measure ROI.

Zoomph will help you reach and perfectly understand your past, active, or new audience, providing you with the insights you need to meet your goals.

With a database of more than 200 million social identities and thorough, accurate information about their social activity, Zoomph will enable you to explore new communities of influencers with similar values and necessary outreach to match your brand ambitions.

Zoomph Follower Analytics
Source: Zoomph

Breaking down trending conversations into their unique triggers and measuring the impact of social campaigns, Zoomph will identify the influencers' content context and rank it relevant to your target audience.


To assess the custom plans and pricing designed for your needs, you will need to request a demo.


  • Rank the influencer's contextuality according to relevance to your target audience via ZPoints
  • Natural language processing AI across Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter
  • Best-in-class AI for image and video logo detection for media exposure reporting
  • Show ROI across all your sponsorships in real-time instantly
  • Manage your Twitch, Instagram Stories, and all other channels
  • Set up workflows, tags, alerts, and identify your logos through image and video detection automatically
  • Overlay social feeds with audience clustering in real-time

Zoomph will handle everything from sponsorship measurement, campaign management, social valuation, and let you in on the powerful insights you need to grow your audience while measuring ROI in real-time and optimizing your strategy for meeting organizational goals.

What is an Influencer Marketing Platform?

An influencer marketing platform is a software solution designed to connect brands with influencers and vice versa, to promote brand products and services through the influencer's established audience.

Some platforms are designed to act as an intermediary, allowing you to interact with the influencers and pay them for their services, while others will let you exchange all files through the platform.

Klear Influencer Marketing Platform
Source: Shanebarker

Each platform will provide you a roster of influencers with their information listed, and equip you with a kit of influencer discovery tools, with some offering access to massive searchable databases of potential influencers that you can filter by a variety of categories through powerful algorithms.

Some brands prioritize guaranteed influencer reliability, preferring an opt-in channel for influencers where the influencer marketing platform vets, approves, and scores influencers based on the credibility of their outreach and the quality of the contribution they can offer to potential brands.

While there are tools specifically marketed as influencer marketplaces, influencer marketing platforms on this list are generally more sophisticated influencer search engines that offer additional agency services with a wider selection of influencers at your disposal, and assistance with relationship management, campaign implementation, third-party analytics, content amplification, and more.

Some SaaS influencer marketing platforms provide one application while others go with an end-to-end solution.

Apart from influencer discovery and campaign performance tracking capabilities, influencer marketing platforms let you sign contracts and negotiate, approve posts, issue payment while nurturing, tracking, and sharing your customer relationships.

Multiple campaigns at the same time
Source: Upfluence

An influencer marketing platform can facilitate a brand's growth through the outreach generated across different social media platforms, including YouTube sponsorships, Instagram trend and hashtag capitalization, detailed descriptions, and video promotions with the Facebook Ads manager, and more.

You won't need to scout and lose valuable time persuading influencers on social media, and you will have a decorated expert team trained to identify high-quality influencers in every niche and instantly do it for you, with insightful, accurate reports on campaign performance guiding you towards the best practices at hand's reach any time.

An influencer marketing platform can facilitate a brand's growth
Source: Influencermarketinghub

Influencer marketing platforms have the most impact when they help brands improve the coveted conversions brands need to achieve stringed results across different social and sales channels, and this is easy when the brand aligns with the influencer's values gaining brand advocates and ambassadors in the process, elevating the brand's social metrics and removing the content promotion burden.

Benefits of Working with an Influencer Marketing Platform

1. Seamless persuasion

Due to the influencers' organically accumulated following and established audience influencers built through years of credibility and nourishment, people will respect the recommendation of your content.

The Impact of Influencer Marketing on Consumers
Source: Twitter

A brand sharing an influencer's content will quickly gain the creator's attention which will cause them to share yours and put your message in front of an active audience.

2. Elevated brand awareness

A versatile influencer marketing platform will greatly expand your reach and brand status online, accumulating and widening your audience who will get familiar with your brand, who you are, and the solutions that target your specific demographic.

A versatile influencer marketing platform will greatly expand reach and brand status
Source : Marketingprofs

To maximize the influencer strategy, you will need to ensure you're providing valuable content that complements and adds to their social media presence, which will contribute to the longevity of your relationships.

3. Time and cost-effectiveness

Searching for the most fitting influencers for your content and industry can be draining and take a considerable amount of time from the brand personnel who would otherwise be focused on tasks that are better delegated manually.

For a business desiring a more hands-on approach to content creation, the manual approach can cause you to compromise company resources so that it lacks designers, copywriters, and other specialists.

With an influencer marketing platform, a brand can facilitate a considerable deduction of your in-house marketing team's workload.

How effective is influencer marketing
Source: Smartinsights

Speaking of automatization, an influencer marketing platform will save you the efforts and less consistent results of manual influencer discovery and miscalculated audience targeting.

This is why an influencer marketing platform can identify the perfect influencers and initiate the conversation with more efficiency and less time than it would take with the organic approach which often wastes the relationship-building effort by outsourcing the campaign budget.

4. Content embellishment

Enriching your content strategy, an influencer marketing platform can assist you in filling in the gaps of your content schedule.

Whenever you run out of content ideas or need some quality refreshments for your campaigns, an influencer marketing platform such as the ones on this list will always be at your disposal with AI-powered smart algorithms and advanced content-disposition tools.

With an extensive database of top-quality creatives, influencer marketing platforms can help you create eye-catching content which is often of higher quality than what companies can produce on their own.

This strategy will ensure that your targeted demographic discovers your content through the frames of the most engrossing graphics, compelling and persuasive text, and action-enticing video content.

Influencer agencies monitor what type and style of content creators from their database produce, identifying which influencers require more creative input from the brand they create the posts for and which ones produce the best results when operating on their own.

This will make the suggestions for your campaigns always accurate.

5. Specific audience targeting

Through the outreach of relevant influencers, your content is displayed in front of social media users that are already active consumers within your niche, which means you won't have to spend additional funds on discovering and testing your new audience.

Also, you won't need to spend valuable time and resources on miscalculated prospects so you can accumulate an audience of highly convertible prospects that are engaged with your content faster than you could by yourself.

Influencer Marketing Success Metrics
Source: Heidicohen

Since influencer marketing performs so well because the content being delivered is tailored to solve problems, educate, and inspire your target audience, an influencer marketing platform will embrace this approach by providing you the services of influencers that are already dedicated to addressing the needs of their audience.

6. Long-lasting and personal relationships

Instead of relying on dry automated messaging, an influencer marketing platform can incorporate possible joint ventures, live events, and various other opportunities that can span off of new business partnerships.

While many influencer marketplaces and other tools do use technology to help brands develop their campaigns and find influencers, rarely are these mechanisms as adept at addressing the client requirements and influencer capabilities as influencer marketing platforms.

Building long-term relationships with customers can help you in many ways as a brand, and one of them is the effortless understanding the influencers develop for your content.

It will become much easier for influencers to present your brand story, with creators developing content that will push you closer to your brand goals and precisely produce the right material for each situation.

The long-lasting influencer relationships lead to continuity in marketing campaigns, with each brand gathering a roster of preferred influencers and the platform has documented data that allows it to understand which of the influencers you work with is best equipped for a specific project.

What Features Should You Look For in Influencer Marketing Platforms?

1. Search & discovery engine

Influencer discovery

One of the core features of an exemplary influencer marketing platform is a search & discovery engine that enables marketers to find and reach out to the most suitable influencers which will promote their products in every niche possible.

Since influencers come in a variety of shapes and orientations, such as fitness gurus, video game streamers, make-up artists, travel vloggers, media personalities, and so on, you will need a tool that will browse through the massive database of creators and quickly suggest the most qualified influencers for your campaigns.

Automated suggestions are a way to match your campaign objectives with the capable creators, but you still need specific criteria for categorizing influencers' and their audiences' segments.

Filtering and recommendations

Influencer marketing platforms equip you with several filters to analyze an influencer's profile, like performance metrics, rating, historical engagement, post frequency, demographics, recommended price, audience overview, etc.

Traackr, for example, operates as a hybrid influencer database, combining the elements of a computer algorithm and human input, to deliver you the capacity to sort influencers in a variety of ways, receiving list-based recommendations and discovering new ones by location, social networks, topics, and other demographics.

Similarly, Captiv8 will extend the search functionality with the look-alike influencer search, and exclusive brand & audience affinities.

2. Customer relationship management and automatization

Campaign automation

There are plenty of tedious tasks that come with managing influencer campaigns in a more hands-on approach, as you will need to take care of messaging, contract signing, price negotiating, payment submission, and more.

An influencer marketing platform solves many of these intricacies, allowing brands to track individual campaigns more effectively and dedicate the right resources and strategies for each customer.

Once you establish a relationship with an influencer through an influencer marketing platform, the tool will break down every influencer relationship automatically and guide you through the subsequent stages to payment.

With automated invitation emails, you can streamline and accelerate the process of establishing a lasting collaboration with an influencer, with some platforms coming with integrated customized drip campaigns.

Customer relationship Campaign automation
Source: Upfluence

Trends, comparisons, and simultaneous campaigns

If you run several campaigns simultaneously with a larger number of influencers, you can benefit from features such as mass messaging, rule-based messaging, automated reminders, contract signatures tracking, custom groups, and more.

For gaining a more industry-wide overview of the marketplace quickly, you can track competitors' audiences to see what the influencers have to say about them and compare the data to your circumstances, through a tool like Tagger.

SocialBakers is one influencer marketing platform that will allow you to uncover critical trends in your audience and competition, manage all your social media activities from all accounts in one place, and bring your content feeds and analysis together while scheduling and publishing posts to multiple accounts through a collaborative calendar.

SocialBakers influencer marketing platform
Source: Socialbakers

3. Ad campaign management and social exposure

Ad campaign features

As a brand expanding your reach through influencer marketing, you will need to manage ad creatives, brand mentions, hashtags, contests, deadlines, giveaways, and all other ad campaign features.

Influencer marketing Ad campaign features
Source: Traackr

Managing ad texts, graphic creatives, campaign duration, sweepstakes, and everything else is much faster and more efficient through an influencer marketing platform's campaign content management functionalities.

Content preview, amplification, and price negotiation

Through an influencer marketing platform, your brand can receive creative content from influencers, preview it, accept or reject it, and negotiate the price.

In the same manner, influencers can receive various images, videos, and other assets and copies they can use for the campaign.

Different approaches to brand expansion

In a more alternative approach to brand expansion through social exposure, Influencer will pull your campaign objectives through their “Make Waves” system, allowing the creators to publish your content through storytelling to build human connection.

Influencer will bring you a guaranteed ROI by combining organic influencer marketing with paid media distribution, and amplify your content as an official Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok partner.

A determining factor in successful campaign content management and overall success, in general, will be how proactive an influencer marketing platform is when tracking the changing circumstances and campaign objectives under which you need to promote your brand.

A tool like Buzzoole will never stop analyzing your preferences and documenting your preferences which determine the scope and feel of your marketing campaigns, recording who are you choosing for campaigns, who are you asking back, what content are you approving and rejecting, and so on.

Different approaches to brand expansion
Source: Blog.buzzoole

A self-service social advertising platform like Exposely will connect your brand with highly engaged online influencers through social, web, and video channels.

4. Influencer contracting & compensation

Pricing model and influencer earnings

Influencer marketing campaigns generally operate on a CPM pricing model, where a negotiated amount is paid for every 1,000 views of an advertisement.

The actual amount the influencers will end up earning will depend on the factors such as the specific social media platform where they have the most dedicated and measurable engagement, follower size, engagement rate, audience demographics, and a couple of other factors.

Pricing model and influencer earnings
Source: Smartinsights

Payment management features

You will find the features that will allow you to manage payments for multiple influencers while including the features that simplify the process of brands contracting influencers for campaigns.

Grapevine is one tool that enables brands like yours to submit briefs based on specific requirements for which the influencers can make pitches and you can negotiate the prices.

Heepsy, for example, will allow you to check a brand's previous collaborations and activate cost estimations.

Additional features can include escrow payments which enable brand deposits taken from a brand to pay influencers after a job is finished, tax compliance for varying VAT and other tax rates for international collaborations, payment system integrations such as PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and credit card payment gateways.

5. Reporting and analytics

ROI, URL tracking, engagement

A comprehensive influencer marketing platform is going to enable brands to analyze the actual impact an influencer's ad campaign has created for the product or service a brand offers and calculate the ROI for the entire campaign.

Similar to the on-site data typically provided by the platforms like Google Analytics, an influencer platform will help brands track views, reach, engagement, real-time analytics, ROI, as well as provide URL tracking through affiliate links.

Compare Influencer Marketing Across Channels
Source: Later

Target audience, product launch KPIs, social media awareness

You can create reports and measure the impact of your ongoing influencer collaborations on your target audience, measure brand mentions and other relevant KPIs of your product launches and giveaway campaigns, as well as report and communicate the value of your social media awareness campaigns.

Some platforms like Insense will help you track Instagram Stories past their lifetime of 24 hours, with text recognition in images & videos, with the capability to create your list of influencers and export Stories about your brand.

Preferences, data context, revenue, conversions

Influencity is one tool that will allow you to measure campaigns and analyze the influencers' audiences through real-time performance and preference reports, while a platform like Buzzoole goes even further deploying powerful AI to determine and understand the context of influencer's data, instead of indexing data points for reference.

Workflow tools like Sideqik‘s promotions widgets will measure participation and help you optimize your campaigns, while the EMV, revenue, conversions, and other insights will highlight how each influencer is performing.

Sideqik's promotions widgets
Source: Capterra

Tools like Influencer, for example, will scrutinize every campaign metric available, considering all the audience's wants, needs, and preferences to measure the actual impact of campaigns and power accurate recommendations by combining the first-party data from the creators with data from the official APIs.

Topic trends, rival comparisons, audience health scores

For clear and practical information that will help you understand where exactly is your brand on the performance ladder as compared to the industry standard, you will reports on who is talking about your brand, in-depth details about topic trends, as well as comparison reports on your influencers' content and your rivals' influencers' content, which is exactly what BrandBacker provides.

OpenInfluence‘s group categorizing capability allows you to look into five relevant posts of selected influencers and check how their styles match with one another as well as yours, enabling you to forecast future campaign compatibility and success through this feature called the Mood Board.

HYPR can enable you to monitor the engagement of overlapping audiences across networks, check audience health scores, access content quality reports, which will make choosing fraud-free, high-quality influencers easy.

Influencer overview
Source: Lilachbullock

Forecasting, instant assessment, fraud detection

Additionally, HYPR‘s smart dashboard lets you assess all the performance metrics automatically, allowing you to track your cost-per-engagement, participatory demographic data, EMV, and true campaign reach of your Instagram Stories and posts.

If you are looking for proficient reporting functionality but only have the budget to invest in the entry-level plan, Post For Rent can provide you with estimated influencer performance forecasts and an instant summary of audience demographics, along with fraud detection, administration & full-service reporting.

HYPR control center dashboard
Source: Hypr.

Influencer Marketing Platform FAQ

What are the top influencer marketing platforms?

You would expect an extremely rich database of millions of influencers, versatile filters that can narrow down your suggestions to your exact circumstances, all of which you can pull through a tool that can elevate your high-performing content across a variety of channels out of the best influencer marketing platforms.

With AspireIQ, you will have all this flexibility to build authentic influencer relationships at scale, just like Upfluence will remove any limitations on the size of an audience you can reach, or Traackr that will analyze, recommend, and attain influencers perfect for your large business objectives.

What are influencer marketing platforms?

Influencer marketing platforms are places where brands u0026amp; agencies can meet with influencers to promote their products and services.

Some platforms act as mediators between the brands and influencers, allowing you to interact with the most qualified influencers and pay them for their services of brand promotion through their established, measurable audiences.

Some platforms will be marketed as influencer marketplaces where you can purchase influencer services, while others will help you exchange all your files through the platform.

What is Instagram influencer marketing?

People who have accumulated a large and engaged following on Instagram are classified as influencers, as their followers have great respect for their opinions and are more easily persuaded to purchase the products and services the influencers promote.

The influencers acquired a loyal following due to their lifestyle, job, hobby, clothing style, or anything else, and with the platform increasing in popularity by year, there is a vast amount of influencers for any industry or niche.

This is why every brand can quickly find a wide selection of influencers that are a perfect fit to promote their product to an audience that is a perfect-matching demographic to your industry and style.

Instagram influencer marketing has opened up a sea of opportunities for brands to market their products to their perfect audience organically.

The Instagram influencer approach feels more genuine than traditional advertising, as the loyal audience influencers gather makes their followers feel as if they know the influencer personally which reinforces the credibility of the product.

What platforms enable influencers to earn more money?

#paid is one influencer marketing platform that allows the influencers to have more flexibility and be more proactive in getting acquired by brands to promote their products.

Through their hand-raise functionality, influencers can signal if they wish to participate in a brand's campaigns with the possibility to write messages describing why they believe they can contribute to a campaign and through which strategy.

This leads to brands getting noticed more and hired for more campaigns, which is why the influencers can make more money on #paid.

Similarly, Klear helps you showcase all the potential brands why they should collaborate with you, with the previous work, audience insights, metrics that show why your voice matters.

Approved creators will gain access to personal offers from the world's top brands, and Klear enables you to have complete control over how you collaborate with brands and which ones you decide to endorse.

Ready to Earn Money as an Influencer or Reach Your Target Customers?

So, you have realized the endless potential your product can have when marketed through the voice of idolized influencers with loyal audiences, but now you are wondering what influencer marketing platform should you choose?

If your content is higher on the trend-following spectrum, you could greatly increase your sales through a platform like Sideqik that supports over 10 different social networks, including the emerging TikTok and TWitch.

With a database of astounding 500M influencers and 60K categories, Klear is so versatile that it supports some of the biggest brands in the world like Coca-Cola, Huawei, Adidas, Nike, while providing a full-service influencer marketing solution for smaller brands with a $250 per month Startup plan.

For a more advanced set of features, Captiv8 can help you construct intelligent talent lists, analyze over 1.5M influencer personality archetypes and provide suggestions of the most qualified creators based on the data from your campaign goals, while providing you with amazing look-alike influencers, creator profile in-depth analysis, exclusive brand & audience affinities features.

These are all great suggestions, but you can find your influencer marketing solution from the best influencer marketing platforms in existence on this list, no matter the size or goals of your business.

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