21 Best Webinar Software Platforms (Free Guide for 2024)

Updated Aug 5, 2023.

If you have decided to purchase webinar software, I reviewed the best webinar hosting platforms in this post. Here are my top 21 recommendations.

Riverside icon


Get high-quality 4K video recordings and clear audio even on an unstable internet connection.
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From sending invitations segmenting your leads to generating sales through webinars. This tool is awesome.
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Demio is a powerful webinar platform with robust marketing tools to get more conversions leveraging webinars.
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Zoho Meeting

Offers a blast of tools that every small business on a tight budget needs to host successful webinars.
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Host highly engaging and converting webinars, hold virtual meetings, and record online courses.

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One of the best ways to generate leads online is through webinars. They are most effective at engaging your audience, creating a sense of value, and building trust with your customers.

If you've ever hosted a live webinar, you know they're not an easy feat. First, you have to create a simple but effective slide deck, get the word out so people can show up, and keep everything together.

The last thing you want is to lose your leads because of ineffective webinar hosting software.

But here's the problem. There are a ton of webinar software providers available online, with each of them boasting of having the best webinar features, which makes the whole process of finding the best webinar software a considerable pain.

To help you make the most of your time, I reviewed and compiled a list of the best webinar tools that you can use to host live events and what each of them has to offer you under the hood.

What is The Best Webinar Software?

Below are my top selections of the best webinar platforms in 2022.

1. Riverside

Best Online Recording Software

Editor’s Take
9.2 out of 10
Best for:
online interviews and training videos.
$9 — $ 29 per month
Annual Discount:
save 21%

I like Riverside because it can record high-quality video of up to 4K and produce super clear audio regardless of your internet connection speed. It also gives you high-level control of each participant's video and audio tracks. 

Riverside is an excellent webinar hosting platform for individuals and businesses looking forward to recording webinars with unmatched video and audio quality.

The webinar hosting software records your webinars locally and then automatically uploads them to the cloud, ensuring that your recorded videos are not pixelated and your audio is not glitchy due to an unstable internet connection.

Their Magic Editor makes your video editing a breeze. The webinar software automatically merges each participant's audio and video tracks, thereby saving you the hassle of doing it manually.

Key Features

  • Superior audio and video quality: record your webinars up to 4k video quality and super clear audio independent of your internet connection. The feature allows you to create high quality training videos and webinars free from echo and glitches.
  • Ease of use: enjoy an easy-to-use dashboard and host your webinars immediately without taking much time to learn how the tool works.
  • Progressive uploading: Riverside automatically uploads your webinars to the cloud as it records. This saves you the time that you would take to manually upload the recordings to the cloud after the webinar is over.
  • Screen sharing: demonstrate your idea to your webinar attendees by sharing the screen with them.
  • Live-streaming to your social media account: live stream your recordings on major social media platforms such as Facebook live, Twitter, and Youtube.
  • The Magic Editor: the tool enables you to easily change the session backgrounds of your recordings, upload your logo and give your webinars a touch of your brand.
  • Transcription: Riverside automatically converts your recordings into text.
  • Host up to 8 guests: with Riverside, you can invite up to 8 speakers to your live presentation. The feature is beneficial if you hold a virtual meeting or interview with an expert panel.
  • Record your webinars from anywhere: Riverside allows hosting live webinars using your mobile phone, an easy task enabling you to host your online events even when you are away from your recording studio.

Riverside Pricing

Riverside Pricing

Riverside.FM offers three pricing plans.

  • Basic: costs $9 per month
  • Standard: costs $19 per month
  • Pro: costs $29 per month.
  • Enterprise: book a meeting with them to get a custom price

2. Livestorm

Best for Marketing Teams

Editor’s Take
9.1 out of 10
Best for:
marketing teams
$109–$388 per month
Annual Discount:
save 30%
free plan

I love Livestorm because it gives you access to plenty of tools that you need to create successful webinars. Their customizable landing pages, powerful analytics, engagement tools, and ease of integration with your CRM helps you make the most of your webinars. So if you are looking for all one webinar hosting tool, Livestorm perfectly gets the job done. 

Livestorm is an all-in-one webinar hosting platform that helps you create highly engaging and converting webinars. If you own a business and are looking to boost your conversions through webinars, Livestorm is an ideal webinar hosting platform.

What's impressive is that you can keep your webinar lively by giving your audience a chance to participate. You can initiate a poll, provide them with an opportunity to answer questions, display emojis, and share files, just to mention a few.

Key Features

  • Powerful analytics: with LiveStorm, you can track down your participants and evaluate the performance of your webinars. That is by tracking down what webinars work best, seeing how your participants interact with them, and understanding how you can optimize your webinars for higher conversions.
  • Customizable forms and registration pages: you can easily customize your webinar landing page. LiveStorm also allows you to add your logo and colors to give your pages a unique touch that matches your brand.
  • Segment your audience: Livestorm integrates with major CRM software. With this, you can segment your leads based on their past activities and how they interacted with your webinars.
  • Automated reminders and follow-up emails: you can boost your webinar attendance by scheduling reminder emails to your registrants to inform them to join your webinars. You can also send hyper-personalized emails to your leads with a webinar registration link, your offer, or your webinar replay—this aids in lead nurturing which improves conversions.
  • Automated in-webinar CTAs displays: you can influence your audience to take action after watching your webinars by automatically displaying clickable CTAs in the presentations. Which in turn helps you boost your conversions and grow your business.
  • Receive feedback: with Livestorm, you can learn more from your webinar attendees by sending out polls and encouraging them to participate through chats and Q&A sessions.
  • Integration with most marketing tools: Livestorm integrates with other thousand tools to create an effective workflow and improve your marketing.
  • Livestorm is browser-based: your attendees do not need to install a browser plugin to join your webinars. Instead, with just one click of a link, they can attend a webinar using their favorite browser.
  • Winning customer support: LiveStorm offers quality support to its users. They offer support in English, Spanish and French.

Livestorm Pricing

Livestorm pricing

Livestorm has three plans that you can choose from depending on your business budget.

  • Free: allows a maximum of 10 attendees.
  • Premium: costs $109–$338 per month for 100–1000 attendees.
  • Enterprise: you need to contact their sales team to get custom pricing.

3. Demio

Best for Marketers

Editor’s Take
8.9 out of 10
Best for:
marketers and growth hackers
$49–$99 per month
Annual Discount:
Save 30%

Demio stands as the best webinar tool for marketers who need to boost their business sales using webinars. As a platform created for business growth, marketers can use their tracking tools, webinar automation, and engagement tools to create an effective conversion funnel. 

Demio ranks overall as the best webinar hosting platform to create simple but effective webinars. In addition, you can use Demio as your to-of-funnel lead generation machine for your business—by creating on-demand webinars to generate leads on autopilot and building relations with your new leads in all the stages of conversions.

Demio allows you to host your webinar on your custom domain and add your business logo to all your events' materials to give you a more sense of ownership and improve your branding.

Key Features

  • Visually appealing and easy to use: Demio is a beautiful webinar hosting platform. You can use this platform to impress your attendees with their aesthetic design and, more importantly, their simple interface.
  • Insightful Analytics: with Demio, you can collect detailed information about your attendees by tracking down the source traffic of your webinar registrations, how your attendees interacted with the webinar, and the actions they took during the session. The data helps you understand your audience better and analyze the performance of your webinars.
  • Great engagement tools: these tools enable your attendees to participate in your events by inviting them to the stage to speak their minds, launching a real-time chat, mentions, surveys and polls.
  • Custom CTAs: You can give your audience a nudge to take action in your webinar by launching CTAs that link them to your offer or your signup page during a live presentation.
  • Integration with most marketing tools: Demio easily integrates with most marketing and autoresponder tools, enabling you to tag, segment your audience based on their actions, and personalize their experience, thereby boosting your conversions.
  • Automated and On-demand webinars: Demio lets you create pre-recorded webinars and set them on autopilot, enabling you to run your webinars automatically without being available during the session.
  • Quality customer support: Demio offers customer support using a live chat, email and the knowledge base section around the clock.
  • Event room branding: Demio allows you to customize your webinar room to give it a unique touch of your business brand.

Demio Pricing

Demio pricing

Demio offers three pricing packages

  • Starter: costs $49 per month
  • Growth: costs $99–$369 per month
  • Premium: you need to contact them to get a custom price.

4. Zoho Meeting

Inexpensive Video Conferencing Software

Editor’s Take
8.2 out of 10
Best for:
small and growing businesses
$0 – $360 per month
Annual discount:
save 15%

Zoho Meeting is a decent video conferencing platform for essential screen sharing and web presentations. I love the tool because it gets the job done without costing you a leg, making it a perfect webinar software for small business. And if by chance, you are already using other Zoho products, Zoho Meeting perfectly fits into your budget.

Zoho Meeting is a webinar software that meets the needs of small businesses. They provide all the essential tools your business needs to host webinars without breaking the bank, making them the best option for small businesses to generate more leads via webinars.

What I love about Zoho is its simplicity. Individuals and small businesses can create, organize and host virtual events with ease. And your attendees do not need to install anything to join your webinars.

Key Features

  • Customizable email templates: Zoho Meeting has email templates that you can customize, saving you time creating new ones. You can quickly generate invitation emails, follow-ups, and registration confirmation emails.
  • Branding: Zoho Meeting lets you add your company logo on your registration forms and presentations, giving your webinars a touch of your brand.
  • Highly secure your sessions: the webinar software ensures all your online meetings are secured. They make sure that all the transmissions use the SSL/128-bit AES protocol to protect your attendee's data as well as yours.
  • Compatible with most browsers: Zoho Meeting supports most browsers, enabling your attendee to quickly join your online meetings regardless of the web browser they are using.
  • Detailed webinar analytics: you get insightful reports about your webinar performance. You'll be able to know where the majority of your webinars registration comes from, how your attendees reacted to your webinars, and the overall engagement stats during your webinars. The data will help you measure your webinar performance and ROI.
  • Webinar forms and registration page embedding: Zoho Meeting enables you to embed your webinar registration pages and forms on your website which allows your site visitor to register for your webinars.

Zoho Meeting Pricing

Zoho meeting pricing

Below is Zoho Meeting pricing.

  • Free: allows up to 2 meeting participants and 1o webinar attendees
  • Meeting: costs $3–$18 per month for 10 –250 attendees.
  • Webinar: costs $19–$360 per month for 25–3000 attendees

5. WebinarJam

Best for Marketers and Online Courses Creators

Editor’s Take
7.9 out of 10
Best for:
marketers and online course creators
$49– $499 per month
Annual Discount:
save 30%

WebinarJam best suits hosts who want their audience to take action on their webinar, such as clicking on an offer, downloading training materials, or buying a product online. Since the webinar hosting software helps boost engagement with your attendees and nudge them to take action, they're a perfect choice for marketers and online course creators. 

WebinarJam is a cloud-based webinar hosting platform and live-streaming software that you can use to connect or share your expertise online with your audience.

WebinarJam best suits online entrepreneurs using webinars to launch a product demo, host online coaching and consultation sessions. You can host a webinar with up to 5000 attendees and a maximum of 6 presenters at a go.

Key Features

  • A variety of webinar engagement tools: you can leverage the interaction with your audience through quizzes, surveys and polls which helps stick them in your webinars and gain some insights about them.
  • The panic button: saves you in case of a technical glitch, helps boot up a brand new webinar, and automatically moves all your presenters and attendees to the newly booted webinar in seconds.
  • Fully automated emails and SMS texts: WebinarJam provides SMS and email automation features. With this, you can create a series of automated emails and texts to your audience to invite them to join your upcoming webinar, follow up, or send a personalized message based on their interaction with your webinars.
  • Drawing board: Enhance your presentations and give them a personal touch with a drawing board which promotes better audience engagement in your webinars.
  • Files sharing: with WebinarJam, you can upload your handouts, cheat sheets, and templates directly from your computer and share them with your audience.
  • Automated Webinars: You can do your live presentations on autopilot by injecting your pre-recorded presentation into your webinar such that you will only come back to the room to finalize the session.
  • Integration with marketing automation tools: You can connect WebinarJam with the CRM and the marketing tools of your choice. You can segment your leads depending on their action before or after the webinar.
  • Set up private rooms: protect your private rooms with a password such that only a few attendees you have personally chosen will access the webinar.
  • Real-time analytics: collect your webinar data and measure the performance of your webinars based on traffic, engagement, and purchases.
  • Create active offers: entice your audience with clickable offers in your live presentations that appear on your attendees' screens.
  • Unlimited webinars: the webinar platform allows you to host limitless webinars in all their webinar packages.
  • Surveys and polls: you can create engaging webinars by launching polls and surveys in all your online presentations.
  • Easily customizable webinar landing pages: WebinarJam offers a collection of webinar registration page templates that you can customize to your liking.

WebinarJam Pricing

Webinarjam pricing

WebinarJam offers four significant plans billed according to the number of attendees, hosts, and other added resources.

  • Starter: costs $39 per month
  • Basic: costs $79 per month.
  • Professional: starts at $229 per month.
  • Enterprise: costs $379 per month.

6. WebinarNinja

Best Webinar Platform for Online Coaching

Webinarninja home

WebinarNinja is one of the webinar tools created to help you get the word out to your audience using webinars. Used by over 20000 businesses, including AppSumo, this software avails all the necessary resources that you can use to teach and connect with your audience online.

You can create recorded webinars and make them available to your audience even when you are unavailable to host live webinars. In addition, you can repurpose your previously live hosted webinar to your audience on autopilot, and the least you can do is sit back behind the screen and enjoy the show like your audience.

Key Features

  • Host a variety of webinars: WebinarNinja offers a platform to host various webinars types. You can host live, evergreen, hybrid, virtual conferences as well as launch a webinar series to make your audience always come back for more.
  • Automated in-built emails: with this, you can send notifications, follow-ups, reminders, and thank you emails to your audience automatically.
  • Brandable landing pages: WebinarNinja provides landing page templates that you can customize to match your business brand.
  • Host paid webinars: you can easily host paid webinars and integrate them with your favorite payment gateways, an ideal feature for experts offering paid online consultation services or selling online courses.
  • Share downloadables: you can give your attendees helpful handouts as part of the lesson.
  • In-depth analytics: while using WebinarNinja, you will gain insightful stats about the performance of your webinars. You can see who registered for your webinars, who attended, who clicked on your webinar ad, and track the overall attendees' behavior down in your conversion funnel.
  • Attractive offers: you can embed your sales offer in your presentations and boost sales for your business.
  • Webinar series: WebinarNinja allows you to create automated webinar sequences to connect all your content into one theme and share it with your audience on autopilot.

WebinarNinja Pricing

webinarninja pricing

Here are the WebinarNinja pricing packages.

  • Free: host up to 10 live attendees.
  • Pro: costs $99 – $299 per month.
  • Business: costs $199 – $399 per month.

WebinarNinja makes an excellent webinar software for businesses looking to start an online coaching program.

7. GoTo Webinar

Best For Huge Online Events

goto webinar home

GoTo Webinar is another web conferencing software on my ranking that offers a clean interface with all the bells and whistles for your web conferencing software.

The platform is ideal for individuals and enterprises who want to connect with new audiences, offer online training, and hold interviews with participants without getting involved physically.

They also offer a diverse engagement arsenal from polls, screen share options, surveys, and a drawing board, all to make your webinars lively.

Key Features

  • Hold massive online events: GoToWebinar lets you host a huge virtual event of 3000 – 100000 attendees.
  • An ideal training platform: the software offers a platform with essential tools to set up your online training program. You can attach your teaching materials as downloadables, integrate them with your payment gateway, and award your attendees a certificate once they've completed your training.
  • Automated emails: GoToWebinar handles your email invites, reminders, and follow-ups.
  • Branding: the webinar software allows you to customize your webinar registration forms, landing pages, and emails to add your company logo and use your brand colors.
  • High-quality recordings: the platform enables you to record HD video and high-quality audio despite having a slow internet connection.
  • Insightful analytics: the webinar software lets you know who's watching your webinars, how they interacted with your content, and the action that they took after. You can use the data to optimize your conversion funnel with this information.
  • Easy integration with other apps: GotoWebinar easily integrates with other marketing tools and apps such as Slack, Google calendar, and Microsoft Teams.
  • Accept payments: the webinar hosting tool allows you to host paid webinars. This way, you can integrate your payment gateway into your webinar registration pages. The feature is beneficial if you are especially offering paid online consultation services or selling online courses.

GoToWebinar Pricing

goto webinar pricing

GotoWebinar offers four packages;

  • Lite: costs $49 per month
  • Standard: costs $99 per month
  • Pro: costs $199 per month
  • Enterprise: costs $399 per month

8. LiveWebinar

Best for Live Video Streaming

livewebinar home

LiveWebinar is a cloud-based webinar tool that offers outstanding video conferencing, live stream, and social sharing capabilities. In addition, they have over 42 data centers to minimize any chance of downtime or slow performance of your webinars.

The webinar software is reputable for offering outstanding features that make hosting live webinars that are engaging an easy task. For example, their packages come with a virtual whiteboard where you can draw demonstrations in your document to explain your point to your audience.

Key Features

  • Live streaming to social: LiveWebinar lets you share your virtual meetings and webinars on social media platforms like Facebook Live, Youtube Live, Vimeo, and Periscope.
  • Record in HD: with this webinar software, you can record all your live sessions in HD. So forget about blurry video and distorted audio that arise from a poor internet connection.
  • Compatible with most devices: From a PC, Smart TVs to mobile devices, LiveWebinar supports them all. So no matter the gadget your audience uses to join the webinar, LiveWebinar has them covered.
  • Integration made simple: with LiveWebinar, you can easily segment your registrants by integrating the webinar platform with your favorite marketing automation tools.
  • Meeting interface template: LiveWebinar gives you more capabilities to hold online meetings like Google Hangouts but with more advanced customizations. Such as advanced recorder, screen sharing, or professional broadcasting tools.
  • A powerful live chat: the platform offers a compelling live chat feature to chat with your audience and give your consumers the information they need to make quick buying decisions. From the chat, you can share helpful files, moderate your chats and translate your chats to your language for better comprehension of your attendee's message.
  • Drag and Drop form builder: LiveWebinar has an easy-to-use form builder that you can use to create registration forms. The form easily integrates with your marketing automation tool and tracks all your registrations in one place.
  • Cloud storage solution: LiveWebinar offers cloud storage for your essential webinar files. Therefore you can rest assured that all your recordings are securely stored.
  • Interactive whiteboard: you can unleash your creativity in your presentations by drawing interactive diagrams and helping you cut across your point easily thereby improving audience engagement in your webinars.
  • Embed code: with this feature, you can embed your webinar on a website so that your website visitors can easily watch your webinars without needing to register for your webinars.
  • Breakout rooms: LiveWebinar is one of the few webinar software with breakout rooms addon. Using this feature you can group your participants into small sub-rooms for better webinar management.

LiveWebinar Pricing

Below is the live webinar pricing in each of their four packages.

  • Free: host only up to 5 attendees and 2 hours of recordings.
  • Pro: costs $17.99 per month for up to 100 attendees and 6 hours of recordings.
  • Business: $143 per month and host up to 500 attendees and 8 hours of recording.
  • Enterprise: contact them to get a quote and unlock more features tailored for your business.

LiveWebinar has a 14-day free trial that you can exploit before deciding to invest in their paid plan.

9. ClickMeeting

Best for Online Meetings

clickmeeting home

ClickMeeting is an online video conference meeting software with excellent webinar features for users looking to host webinars, product demos, and internal conference calls. The platform offers unlimited webinars and up to 8 cameras.

With ClickMeeting, you can launch a product demo and influence your attendees to take action after the presentation. If you are offering an online course, Clickmeeting is great online recording software for recording helpful tutorials for your students especially if you are selling online courses.

Key Features

  • Host a variety of webinars: while using Clickmeeting, you can hold various webinar types. For example, you can create on-demand, automated, paid, and live webinars.
  • Webinar software with breakout rooms: Clickmeeting enables you to partition your online events into smaller interactive webinar rooms. This feature allows you to assign your attendees to a particular breakout webinar room and manage all sessions in one place.
  • Screen sharing: using this feature, you can demonstrate your processes and share them with your audience, making your presentations interactive since you share what's on your screen.
  • An effective webinar cycle: Clickmeeting avails tools that you can use to automate your leads nurturing process to push your leads down in the conversion funnel using webinars.
  • Youtube auto-publish: you can automatically leverage your webinar content distribution by publishing your webinar recordings on your youtube channel.
  • Auto-stream to social: You can share your live events with people outside your room by streaming your webinars automatically on Facebook Live and Youtube Live.

ClickMeeting Pricing

clickmeeting pricing

ClickMeeting pricing packages are dependent on the number of attendees.

  • Live: $25 – $239 per month for 25 to 1000 attendees.
  • Automated: $40 – $279 per month for 25 to 1000 attendees.
  • Enterprise: contact them to get a quote from them.

ClickMeeting offers a 20% discount when choosing the annual billing period over the monthly billing period.

10. EasyWebinar

Best for Creating Evergreen Webinars

easywebinar home

EasyWebinar is a reliable webinar tool that you need to grow your business with evergreen webinars. With this software, you can create automated webinars and generate more sales for your business on autopilot.

You can record a webinar and set the time for the stream to go live, and make it available to your audience in their local time zone.

Key Features

  • Unmatched audio quality: Easy Webinar uses TrueVoice technology to help you create webinars with high-quality audio. The tool minimizes background noise and increases bandwidth streaming to produce no delay audio.
  • Easy live streaming to social: the webinar software makes live-streaming your webinars to your social media an easy task. Using their EasyCast feature, you can share your virtual events on Facebook and youtube live.
  • No latency streaming: I love this tool because it does not delay streaming. The platform provides high-speed transmissions such that when you ask your attendee a question, you almost get the answer immediately.
  • Screen sharing in HD: the tool makes your screen sharing pixel perfect. Your presentations are shared in high definition to give your audience the best experience.
  • Multiple presenters in a live webinar: with EasyWebinar, you can host up to 4 presenters in a live webinar and allow each of them to share their screen with your audience and use the camera and the microphone.
  • Attendee spotlighting: you can make your attendee a presenter and automatically allow them to use their camera and audio to make them begin to present immediately.
  • Solid security of your webinars: the webinar software platform makes sure that all your transmissions are highly secured using the DOLBY technology encryption protocols.
  • Superior analytics and reports: EasyWebinar allows you to track every move taken by your webinar attendee. You also get insights into the traffic source of your webinar registrations. With such reports, you get actionable information that you can use to improve your webinar performance.
  • Realtime offers: you can send offers to your attendees and boost your conversions.
  • Integration with the CRM of your choice: EasyWebinar integrates with most CRM and marketing automation software like Hubspot. With this, you can easily segment your audience based on their actions which will help you send them personalized offers.

EasyWebinar Pricing

easywebinar pricing

EasyWebinar offers a free trial in their tool. So if you want to learn how the tool works you can take advantage of their free trial period to test the platform.

From there, their pricing goes as follows.

  • Standard: $78 per month and includes up to 100 live attendees.
  • Pro: $129 per month and includes up to 500 attendees.
  • Enterprise: $499 per month and includes up to 2000 live attendees.

11. EverWebinar

Best for Interactive Automated Webinars

everwebinar home

EverWebinar helps you scale your business with automated webinars. The webinar software provider gives you access to all the tools you need to set your webinars on autopilot—all at an affordable price. In addition, their easy-to-use platform gives you more control while hosting automated webinars.

Key Features

  • Stream HD content: Everwebinar lets you stream quality video and audio across all devices. It does not matter if it is a PowerPoint presentation, a screen share, or a pre-recorded recording. The webinar platform enables you to do 30FPS quality video and audio.
  • Compatible with most browsers: EverWebinar is browser-based. Your attendees do not need to install an additional browser plugin to join your webinars. With just one click of a link, they can join your webinars using the browser of their choice.
  • Easy A/B testing of webinar landing pages: to boost your conversions through webinars, EverWebinar allows you to split test your landing pages and see which converts most. A/B testing lets you maximize your conversions by choosing a highly converting webinar landing page.
  • Highly responsive webinar landing page templates: with EverWebinar, you do not need to code hire a web designer to create webinar landing pages for you. Instead, they offer customizable templates that are lightweight and highly responsive across all devices.
  • Email and SMS automation: EverWebinar handles your pre-webinar and post-webinar reminders. While using this tool, you can schedule automated email and SMS reminders to tell your audience about your upcoming webinar. And once after your event, you can send them personalized messages based on how they interacted with your webinars and the action they took.
  • Free training: unlike most webinar software, when you purchase EverWebinar products, they offer training materials on making most of your webinars. If you want to incorporate webinars in your marketing strategy, they have resourceful materials to help you get started.
  • Attendee behavior replica: EverWebinar makes your automated webinars feel real like a live event to your audience by setting a predefined maximum attendance. The system progressively builds up as if attendees join the webinars and then levels down as the event goes on. This behavior makes the attendee feel like they are many in the event, even when alone.
  • Flexible scheduling system: Everwebinar lets you easily schedule your events on your calendar based on the best times of your attendees despite the difference in their time zones.
  • Real-time live chat stimulator: EverWebinar triggers an interaction down in the chat room by rolling in chats from other people from a previous event all during the webinar, making the attendee feel as if the webinar is live.
  • Clickable offers: EverWebinar lets you convert your attendees by displaying clickable offers in your events.

EverWebinar Pricing

everwebinar pricing

EverWebinar paid plans' pricing varies with the billing duration. For example, it will cost you $99 if you choose to pay for a single month, $42 per month if you choose an annual plan, and $34 per month if you choose the two–year contract.

12. BlueJeans

Best for Hosting Huge Video Conferences

Bluejeans - Premium Video Conferencing

BlueJeans is an excellent webinar tool that you can use to host huge virtual events and meetings. The webinar tool has a slew of exciting webinar features, such as customizable branding, no meeting duration limitations, and encrypted calls. The only downside of Bluejeans is that this platform misses essential collaborative features, such as file sharing.

Key Features

  • Real-time transcription: BlueJeans includes automated live captioning for all of your videos, so you don't have to transcribe them manually.
  • Live streaming to social: you can share your live events with your social media audiences on Facebook and Youtube.
  • Host unlimited recordings: BlueJeans allows hosting unlimited webinars. This means the webinar tool does not put a bar on the number of webinars you want to host.
  • High-level security: when it comes to protecting your company's data, this is something that Bluejeans does not take with a pinch of salt. They include a high-end security system to protect your company from malicious attacks.
  • Detailed webinars reports: Bluejeans tracks your attendee's behaviors during your online events and gives you in-depth insights about the performance of your webinars.
  • Host huge online events: Bluejeans is a web conferencing tool that allows you to host massive online events. With this tool, you can hold a virtual event of up to 150000 attendees and 150 presenters at a go.
  • Create engaging webinars: BlueJeans allows you to engage your webinar participants using Q&A sessions, chats, surveys and polls.
  • Custom landing pages, emails, and waiting room music: Bluejeans enables you to customize your webinar landing pages and emails to match your business goals and branding. You can also impress your audience by using your favorite song in the waiting room as they wait to join the webinar.

BlueJeans Pricing

bluejeans pricing

BlueJeans webinar's pricing starts at $50 – $69 per month for 100 – 500 attendees.

13. BigMarker

Best for Hosting Hybrid Webinars

bigmaker home

Unlike most standard webinar platforms, BigMarker is a flexible webinar tool from the bottom up. As a result, they offer a robust platform for creating and hosting live webinars, pre-recorded and hybrid webinars.

Key Features

  • Host multiple webinars types: BigMarker allows you to host absolutely any form of a webinar. You can host live webinars, on-demand, and automated webinars all in one platform.
  • Customizable webinar landing pages: BigMarker has a plethora of landing page template layouts that you can easily customize and begin collecting leads as soon as possible. With this, you can create a webinar landing page that best communicates the value of your webinars to your audience.
  • Automated email invites and reminders: BigMarker integrates with most autoresponders which automatically segment your audience and personalize their invites and reminders. Their flexible scheduling makes sure that your emails reach your audience at the right time, which will then boost your webinar attendance.
  • Easily accessible across all devices: whether your audience uses a Macbook, a smartphone, or a Windows PC, they can easily join your webinars without any problem.
  • Robust engagement tools: BigMarker has an incredible arsenal of webinar interaction tools. You can pre-configure polls, a video file, and handouts to launch them during the most appropriate time. As the webinar host, you can establish a real-time public chat, host a Q&A, and launch surveys and polls during the session.
  • Live streaming in HD: all your live webinars, recordings, and presentations are streamed in HD, giving your audience a better experience with your webinars.
  • CTA popups: as the webinar host, you can boost conversions of your webinars by launching offers that appear as full-screen or slide-out popups. They have the preview option that you can use to see how your offer appears to your audience before deciding to launch them.
  • Customizable webinar rooms: using this webinar feature you can change the appearance of your rooms to your liking. You can add your company’s logo and change your theme color to match your business’s branding.

BigMarker Pricing

bigmaker pricing

BigMarker offers four pricing packages:

  • Starter: billed at $129 per month.
  • Elite: costs $249 per month.
  • Premier: costs $599 per month.
  • White Label: you need to contact them to get a custom price.

14. Adobe Connect

Best for Hosting Virtual Classrooms

adobe connect home

Adobe Connect is a video conferencing software that concentrates on personalizing user engagement. As a result, a good chunk of its client base consists of instructors who conduct remote classes. Although it excels at delivering live lectures, it also provides webinars and collaborative events, which can be helpful for typical office use.

Adobe Connect Pricing

adobe connect pricing

Adobe Connect webinar packages start at €120/mo for 100 attendees and scale to €534.00/mo for 1000 attendees.

15. Livestream

Best for Live-Streaming

livestream home

Livestream is an excellent webinar platform where you can hold massive virtual meetings without worrying about the number of attendees.

The platform is mainly used by large corporations and educational organizations that have previously engaged and established relationships with their audience.

Key Features

  • HD live streaming: Livestream allows you to broadcast your events in HD, which offers your audience a great experience regardless of the devices they are using. In addition, once your event is complete, your recordings are automatically saved in up to 4K resolution.
  • Live streaming to social: you can broadcast your event on popular social networking sites like Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin, and Twitch to reach a larger audience.
  • Safeguard your private streaming: Livestream features a couple of ways to safeguard your private broadcasts. This involves password protection, embed permissions, and a single gateway with SSO for your employees in the company.
  • Enterprise-level Content Delivery Networks (CDN): Livestream has a CDN solution that enables you to stream your recordings to your viewers at a better content delivery speed and quality. Users are automatically directed to the nearest servers for a better quality of the videos.
  • Integration with top marketing software: Listream integrates with primary CRM tools like Hubspot and Marketo.

Livestream Pricing

livestream pricing

Vimeo Livestream offers three major plans;

  • Premium: costs $75 per month.
  • Enterprise: you need to reach out to their team and request a demo.

16. Zoom

#1 Platform for Holding Small Virtual Meetings for Free

zoom home

Zoom ranks as one of the few platforms that offer virtual meetings for free. If you hold just small webinars of under 40 minutes and with as few as 100 attendees, Zoom wouldn't fall too short in your options—making it among the best webinar software for small businesses.

Key Features

  • Customize your webinar room: Zoom lets you gain control of your webinars by leveraging virtual backgrounds and other studio features to make your presentations look appealing.
  • Live–stream to social: Zoom lets you live stream your virtual events on Facebook and Youtube live.
  • Easy customization: Zoom allows you to customize your landing page and email reminders to create a copy that targets your audience.
  • Webinar engagement tools: Zoom enables you to create an engaging webinar by triggering an interaction with your attendees using insession chats and polls.
  • Receive feedback: understand what your attendees think about your webinar by launching a post-webinar survey.
  • Easy CRM integration: you can integrate your webinars with the email marketing platform of your choice and automate your leads nurturing workflows.
  • Webinar analytics: Zoom enables you to track the performance of your webinars using Zoom's detailed analytics.
  • Easy Webinar Monetization: while using Zoom you can easily monetize your webinars by integrating them with your favorite payment methods. That way, your attendees will need to pay during the registration in order to join your webinars.

Zoom Pricing

zoom pricing

Zoom Webinar pricing is dependent on the number of attendees. However, the package costs $79 per month for 500 attendees and scales up to $6490 per month for 10000 attendees.

17. AnyMeeting

Best Video Conferencing Tool for Small Businesses

anymeeting home

AnyMeeting is an excellent webinar solution for both small and large businesses. The software has an easy-to-use interface, which makes recording or joining virtual conferences an easy task. You can also create interactive sessions using the screen-sharing feature to share your screen with your audience.

Key Features

  • Easy integrations: AnyMeeting integrates with workspace applications like Slack, Google Workspace (G-suite), and outlook.
  • Brand your meetings: add custom backgrounds and logos to your webinar presentations and landing pages.
  • Limitless storage: you'll enjoy unlimited recording storage and sharing capabilities.
  • Automated transcription: AnyMeeting allows you to easily transcribe recorded meetings into text and get the scripts immediately.
  • Create engaging webinars: AnyMeeting allows you to give your webinar participants remote access to your mouse and keyboard. You can also launch polls and surveys to engage with your audience.

AnyMeeting Pricing

anymeeting pricing

AnyMeeting pricing comes with four major plans.

  • Starter: free and includes four web participants.
  • Lite: $9.99 per month for 10 web participants.
  • Pro: $12.99 per month for 100 web participants.
  • Enterprise: $17.99 per month for 200 web participants.

18. Webex

Best for Cloud Calling

webex home

Webex is an excellent platform to connect with your audience. Owned by Cisco, this tool focuses on providing a seamless experience while hosting virtual meetings, cloud calling, and messaging.

Webex also allows you to leverage the power of branding. For example, you can create custom-made webinar registration page themes and add your business logo to your presentations.

Webex Pricing

webex pricing

To buy Webex, you need to reach their sales team to get custom pricing.

19. WebinarGeek

Webinar Software with the Simplest User Interface

webinargeek home

WebinarGeek is among the best webinar software tools that provide an easy-to-use interface for hosts and attendees. In addition, it's GDPR compliant, and you can live stream your events in HD format giving your audience a great experience watching and listening to quality presentations.

Key Features

  • Launch a variety of webinars: that is from Live, Automated, Hybrid, Paid, and On-demand webinars.
  • WebinarGeek is browser-based: which implies that your attendees do not need to download any plugin to join your webinars or virtual meetings.
  • Branding: use your logo to give your webinar pages and presentations a touch of your brand.
  • Create a webinar series: WebinarGeek allows you to host a webinar sequence and share more content with your audience that you couldn't share at once on a single webinar.
  • The time zone feature: WebinarGeek allows you to detect the right time for your audience to join your webinars thereby boosting your attendance.
  • In-depth data and statistics: get detailed insights about the performance of your webinars and how your audience interacts with your webinars.
  • Integration with autoresponders: you access various marketing automation tools where you can segment your audience based on triggers that you've set with your autoresponder.

WebinarGeek Pricing

webinargeek pricing

WebinarGeek pricing packages come in three plans.

  • Starter: $21 per month and includes up to 25 live viewers.
  • Premium: $55 – $224 per month, including 100-2000 live viewers.
  • Advanced: includes 500-4000 live viewers, but you’ll need to reach out to their team to get custom pricing.

20. Webinar.net

Best for Hybrid Events

webinarnet home

Webinar.net is a webinar software platform that businesses can use to connect with their audience without breaking their bank accounts. The webinar platform allows you to create a seamless experience for your participants by adding interactive questions, polls, and surveys into the presentation.

Using their white label solution means that you can brand every aspect of the event, from the registration pages to the live webinar interface.

Webinar.net Pricing

webinarnet pricing

Webinar.net does not include the pricing of their product. However, they do offer a free trial of their software, but you need to reach out to their sales team to be eligible.

21. DaCast

Best for Video Hosting and Live Streaming

dacast home

Dacast is a live-streaming and video hosting platform that you can use to grow your business and improve communication with your team.

Using Dacast's secure video hosting features, you can live stream an infinite number of videos on your website.

Their HTML5 video player works well with contemporary devices and browsers. Meaning there is no need for configuration whether your audience is using a smartphone or a smart TV to live stream.

If you are looking for live streaming software, Dacast is a great tool worth considering.

Dacast Pricing

dacast pricing

Dacast offers four pricing packages.

  • Starter: costs $39 per month
  • Event: costs $63 per month
  • Scale: costs $188 per month
  • Custom: you need to contact their sales team to get a quote

What is Webinar Software?

Before we dive into ‘what is webinar software’ you’ll need to understand ‘what is a webinar’. Simply put a webinar is a shortened word for ‘web-based seminars’. Which refers to an online presentation hosted to educate the targeted audience via the internet.

Now, webinar software is a platform that businesses or individuals use to conduct online seminars, events, meetings, or presentations across the web.

With webinar software, you can run on-demand training, make sales pitches, demonstrate products, and educate customers about your company's products or services.

Benefits of Using Webinars

Webinars have become a powerful way for online marketers to get their message out, generate leads and grow their business. Here're some of the benefits of incorporating webinars in your marketing strategy.

1. Webinars are Cost-Effective

When you consider all the other options available to the market to sell your products and services, webinars stand out as the most cost-effective.

Comparing webinars with other lead generation channels like PPC ads, SEO, and email marketing, webinars are way cheaper. It will cost you on average $150 – $300 a month to run webinars. That’s rock bottom. Not to forget that webinars also have a high conversion rate of 55%.

2. Webinars are Great at Lead Generation

Webinars are excellent tools for generating leads. They provide an opportunity for you to educate your prospects on the uses and benefits of your products or services. However, you don't host a live video of the webinar in session.

The webinar should be rich with resources that attendees can download at the end of the presentation, such as case studies, e-books, and white papers.

These materials will allow you to capture more information about prospects in exchange for a more in-depth look at your offering.

Alternatively, you can ask your attendees to fill out forms before downloading the resources. By this, you will capture even more information about their interests and needs so that you may efficiently tailor your future marketing efforts as well as follow-ups.

3. Webinars are Great at Converting Leads into Sales

You can use webinars to turn your audience into customers, or you can use them to build a community of like-minded people.

They're an extremely effective tool for generating leads and converting them into sales since they offer you a chance to interact with your audience in real-time, rather than passively waiting for their response in emails.

When you connect your webinar hosting tool with your CRM software, you can segment your audience based on their activities during a live webinar. That way you are able to create a more personalized email inviting them to a webinar that perfectly targets their pains. This aids in lead nurturing which helps push your leads down in your conversion funnel.

Additionally, during the webinar, you can ask relevant questions, get instant feedback from your audience, and know more about their fears.

4. Webinars Help You Build Your Brand as a Domain Expert

By hosting webinars, you establish yourself as an expert in your field. You gain credibility as someone who is knowledgeable about a topic.

If you own a small business you most probably know how challenging it is to grow a business brand. Hosting webinars helps you to raise awareness of the benefits of your products and services.

That is because you help your targeted audience know that you understand their pains. And if you are sending a pitch you help your clients familiarize themselves with what you do and how you can help them before they ever decide to buy your services.

When presenting webinars to your ideal buyer you get an opportunity to share your expertise in those areas, as well as an opportunity for attendees to ask questions about their own issues and get answers from experts in the field.

And for that case, webinars are a huge success! Not only can you nudge your attendees to take action, but most importantly, engaging webinars help position you as a domain expert in those areas.

5. Webinars are Great at Running Full-Scale Online Conferences

Running a full-scale conference with dozens of speakers, hundreds of volunteers, and thousands of attendees is a daunting task. This is due to the high cost involved in hosting such events which is why many organizations go for cheaper options like webinars.

For small businesses that don't have the resources to run an event like this, webinars provide them with a cheap yet viable alternative.

In addition to being more affordable, webinars are a great way to reach people worldwide. For example, if you'd rely on an in-person event, you'd only reach people from your area. While live-streaming platforms allow you to get more people than traditional events.

On the other hand, Webinars allow you to broadcast your message around the globe. So if you've got something interesting to share with others, webinars are a great way to do it.

Tips & Strategies For Getting The Most Out Of Webinar Platforms

Did you know that 67% of B2B buyers say they learn best when engaged in an interactive experience? Webinars are the perfect way to create these experiences.

With webinars, anyone can create a live learning experience that educates and grows their business. But not everyone is using webinars effectively to achieve these results.

Here's how to get the most from your webinar software.

1. Research Your Audience to Tailor Your Webinar

Before you even start crafting your webinar presentation, you must research your audience.

You need to know:

  • Who is your audience: in this case create a buyer's persona. Get to know their age, their demographics, and income level just to mention a few.
  • What content are they interested in: what’s their pain? Are they looking for a product demo or just educational content? With this in mind take your time to know the type of webinar content they want.
  • What is the best time they prefer to join webinars: the best webinar hosting time will help you maximize your webinar attendance. One study shows that webinars hosted on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday got high attendance.
webinar registrants vs attendees

Source: Goto.com

With this data in your hand, you’ll be able to create webinars that pretty much target your audience.

2. Focus on Delivering Value and Building Trust First

One of the keys to a successful webinar is providing value to participants. This often involves educating them on addressing their problems or needs more effectively.

It may include teaching them how to use specific online tools, teaching them about new research in your area of expertise, or simply sharing a relevant story.

One thumb rule is to provide at least 50% educational content in your webinar and limit sales pitches to less than 30%. If possible, offer a free giveaway or give some other sort of incentive that adds value for attendees even if they decide not to purchase your service or product.

3. Use Webinar Analytics To Optimize Business Results

Webinar analytics tell you how attendees found out about your webinar, their location, which content they like best, and even how much time they spent interacting with your webinar sessions.

With the ability to see and analyze data from every one of your audience's interactions, you can create a profile that includes the likes, dislikes, needs, wants, locations, and more to cater to your content specifically to webinar attendees. This leads to more engagement, which leads to more sales.

Here are just a few ways you can use webinar analytics to optimize your business results:

  • Target attendees based on geography to increase attendance at local events.
  • Use data to see which types of content your audience likes best and make sure you cover the topics in future webinars.
  • Use data to see which topics are most popular and create new content around them so that visitors will spend more time on your website.

This data will help you to increase your webinar attendance, generate interest in topics that are most popular for your audience and convert these visitors into paying customers.

4. Do Pre- and Post-Webinar Promotions at The Right Time

Once you start planning a webinar, you need to do everything to persuade people to attend it by outlining what they will get in return. You can do this either through online marketing or promos and offers.

When promoting your webinar, you want to ensure that it is not too early or too late. So let's take a closer look at pre and post-webinar promotions.

Pre-Webinar Promotions

You'll want to promote your webinar at least two weeks in advance. Promoting the webinar earlier may make people forget (even if they had signed up).

While promoting within a timeframe of one day, they won't have time to mark their calendars. So you've got to strike a balance between early enough and late enough.

Post-Webinar Promotions

Once the webinar is over, you'll want to follow up with your attendees and those who didn't.

Follow up with attendees by sending them a quick thank you note along with any resources or downloads they may have missed during the live event (if any).

Also, if you have an offer at the end of your webinar, make sure you remind them about it in your post-webinar email.

How to Choose The Best Webinar Software

It is no doubt that webinars have become essential tools for the success of any online marketing campaign.

Nearly every business owner is turning up to create webinars and for a good reason. Webinar marketing is a highly effective way to engage your audience, spread your message, and build a loyal following.

One of its most vital aspects is that it can be used on mobile devices like phones and tablets, opening up a whole new realm of potential prospects.

Additionally, it is an inexpensive yet effective marketing strategy to make your brand stand out in a crowded market. When hosting webinars, you don't just use any software you see in the market. To achieve your objectives, you need to be selective and keen enough when purchasing these premiums.

So how do you choose the right webinar software for your business? Read on to find out.

1. Overall ease of use

You can't have a successful webinar if you can't get it off the ground. As such, when choosing the right webinar software, go for something intuitive and easy to use.

The best webinar platforms should also offer plenty of resources—including tutorials and guides—to help users understand how it works. After all, there are many moving parts you need to consider when hosting an online event (e.g., scheduling, production setup, promotion).

2. Features that suit your needs

The best webinar software should serve your specific needs. That may include email marketing software integrations, customization options for branding, video recording and playback capabilities, Q&A and chat functions, polling during the webinar, and more.

Make a list of features that would help you achieve your objectives with a webinar whether it's lead generation or customer education — so that it becomes easy to compare vendors with each other.

3. Ability to scale

If you plan to host hundreds or thousands of people at a time, choose webinar software that can support many live attendees. If not, you could end up with an unresponsive platform or even disconnection of users on the event leading to inconveniences.

The best webinar software will allow you to grow as your business grows. Check if the tool integrates with your marketing automation tools.

Furthermore, find out how many attendees each vendor can comfortably support and what kind of infrastructure they use to sustain the system.

Ultimately, don't forget to ask about their network redundancy and backup plans if something goes wrong with their servers during your event.

4. Mobile compatibility

We all know how much people love their mobile devices. So why not make the webinar compatible with mobile phones, then?

Many people attend webinars while they're on the move, so having mobile compatibility will make it easier for people to register and attend your webinars.

If there's no mobile compatibility, expect fewer registrations and fewer attendees at your webinar events!

5. Pricing

Pricing is an essential factor when choosing the right webinar software for small businesses or large enterprises. The reason being pricing determines the features you get access to, the quality of customer support, and many other aspects tailored to meet your business goals.

The price you pay is determined by the number of hosts and participants in most webinar tools. For example, here’s the price webinar software comparison chart for top webinar tools based on 100 attendees.

webinar software price comparison chart

Some options allow different pricing structures depending on your needs. For example, you may start with a free plan which only allows 100 registrants and then move up to a paid program that offers unlimited registrants.

Ultimately, be sure to select a package that suits your marketing needs at a reasonable price.


Do webinars still work?

Do webinars still work, you may ask. Webinars have remained in the lead as among the best tools for lead generation. One study shows that 73% of B2B marketers and sales leaders say hosting webinars is the best way to generate high-quality leads.

This is because, unlike other types of marketing content, webinars allow you to connect with your audience at a personal level. 

In addition, with the changing trends in the consumer market, you'll discover new things about your audience. So jump on board with the recent trend of conducting webinars.

What equipment do I need for a webinar?

To make high-quality webinars, you need webinars equipment. You want to give your audience an experience with high-quality presentations and super explicit video content.

Here is the must-have equipment that you need to host a webinar.

A modern computer: basically, any modern computer can do the job, be it a MacBook Air Pro or Acer Swift 3. Provided they have major browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Safari installed.

High-speed internet: the clarity of audio and video quality during the webinar is significantly reliant on your internet connection speed. Ensure your internet speed is not less than 10 Mbps for a webinar, including video transmission.

A webinar software: it's a tool you'll use to host your webinars, live streams, or virtual meetings. I advise that you choose one that's easy to use, includes automated webinars features, and integrates well with your autoresponder.

A webcam: most laptops come with an inbuilt webcam. But their quality is not something to brag about. So do yourself a favor and get a webcam that will significantly improve the quality of your videos.

Quality audio equipment: find a quality microphone to produce crisp audio tracks. 

Lighting equipment: lighting gives your face that fancy glow and improves the quality of your videos. Well, I bet everyone wants to look prettier in front of the camera unless otherwise.

How do people make money with webinars?

Webinars are not just a lead generation tool but a platform that you can use to give your audience the last push to hit on that u0022buy nowu0022 button. But how do people or businesses make money online with webinars?

Here are the best methods to monetize your webinars.

Charge your attendees to join your webinars: consider webinars as a platform you offer online consultation. People will pay you to learn a specific skill from you.

Use webinars to promote your online courses: since webinars are interactive and very engaging, you can use them to boost signups for your online courses.

Hosting product demos: you can use webinars to demonstrate how your product can help your audience. It's easier for you to convince them to take action at the end once they see your live demonstration.

What is the best free webinar platform?

If your business is on a tight budget, you are probably looking for free webinar tools, and to be honest, there are plenty of them. However, for most people, the best free webinar software is Zoom. This platform enables you to host virtual meetings of up to 100 attendees. 

With Zoom, you access some excellent features such as screen sharing, CRM integration, and screen recording that you can leverage to grow your small business. 

Other free webinar tools that substitute Zoom are Google Meeting (where Google Hangouts formally offered this feature) and Microsoft Teams.

What is an evergreen webinar?

An evergreen webinar is recorded content that you can use again and again. The main difference between an evergreen webinar and a traditional one is that people can join your evergreen webinar at any time—they don't need to wait for a specific date and time like they would for a live event.

Having an evergreen webinar allows you to leverage the power of webinars even if you don't have time or money for regular live events. In addition, you don't have to worry about scheduling and going live every time hosting a webinar.

What is the best pre-recorded webinar software?

As an entrepreneur searching for webinar software, the ‘pre-recorded' is one of the key webinar features you want on your tool. The fact is you want to run your webinar on autopilot and scale your business.

And when it comes to choosing the best-pre-recorded software, I have no doubt recommending Demio. With Demio, you can use your winning webinar to move your leads down in the conversion funnel by creating an automated sales machine.

Other webinar tools that pretty much substitute Demio are EverWebinar, LiveStorm, and WebinarJam.

Webinar Software Comparison

So, there you have it. This post is certainly not the final word on the best webinar software reviews. But hopefully, the guide inspired you to think more deeply about your business's needs while choosing the right webinar software.

After analyzing the webinar hosting software mentioned above, we found some tools we couldn't take our eyes off. Here are my top picks for the best webinar software platform.

Best Overall


Riverside webinar software gives you more control of each participant's video and audio tracks. Get high-quality 4K video recordings and clear audio even on an unstable internet connection.
Platform for Marketing Teams


Livestorm provides a robust toolset that you need to create successful webinars for your business. From sending invitations segmenting your leads to generating sales through webinars.
Best for Marketers


Demio is a powerful webinar platform with robust marketing tools to get more conversions leveraging webinars in your marketing strategy. In addition, the platform is tailored to boost conversions by eliminating distractions.
Best for Small Businesses

Zoho Meeting

Zoho Meeting is an excellent webinar hosting platform for small businesses. They offer a blast of tools that every small business on a tight budget needs to host webinars.rn
Best Interactive Webinars


WebinarJam is a robust webinar hosting software with essential webinar tools you need to host highly engaging and converting webinars, hold virtual meetings, and record online courses. In addition, I love their simple user interface and integrations.rnrnOne of the best ways to generate leads online is through webinars. They are most effective at engaging your audience, creating a sense of value, and building trust with your customers. rn

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