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21 Best Webinar Software Platforms (Free Guide for 2022)

What is the best webinar software? Full list of webinar platforms to collect more leads, sell more online courses, consulting services, or digital software.

Best Webinar Software Platforms

Even though webinar software platforms have been available for quite a while now, the year 2020 seems to have emphasized their importance. It is almost impossible to be a marketer these days and not host a webinar. 

To host a webinar that would increase the chances of lead conversion, and customer interaction, you need a reliable webinar software platform for that.

The answer to what is the best webinar software platform out there is not a straightforward one. The logical choice might be to rate them based on their pricing options, but we all know the price that is paid for a software is not always indicative of its performance. 

As someone who has hosted a lot of webinars and even been featured on several webinars as an expert guest, I know how frustrating it can be to deal with poor audience engagement due to a bad webinar experience. 

To pick the best webinar software for your business, several factors need to be considered. This article simplifies the process of picking the right webinar software platform for your business. 

In this article, you would learn things like finding the best webinar hosting platforms for hosting live webinars, things to consider when choosing a webinar software for web conferencing and live-streaming

You will also learn the technique of choosing the best webinar platform for selling online courses, converting leads into sales, all about automated webinars and how to use them to your advantage

In the end, you will be well informed about some of the best webinar platforms available on the market, what makes them great, and the best use cases for each one of them. 

You will be able to recognize how a certain webinar software can help you with your business, class, or live meetings, and which ones suit your business perfectly.  

Read on to find out more… 

What is the Best Webinar Software? 

In the simplest term, a webinar software is a platform that makes it possible to conduct a web-based seminar. 

However, the best webinar software should allow for easy internal communication, customer interaction, marketing presentations, lead generation, and web-based training with the use of high-quality visual and audio presentation. 

The explanation above might seem like a lot. However, a webinar software that can perform all of these functions while hosting live webinars is the ultimate webinar platform for your business.

One major feature that most webinar platforms come with is the ability to record a live presentation for distribution later on. 

Advanced webinar software features include email campaigns, newsletters, live marketing and sales, and much more. In the end, the extra features that you might require from a webinar software would depend largely on the nature of your business, and available budget. 

There are several webinar software platforms out there offering a wide range of functionality, pricing, security, video, and audio quality. Picking the right one for your business can be frustrating and downright confusing, especially since it seems like they all do the same thing. 

webinar software comparison chart

Our top choices are WebinarJam, Demio, WebinarNinja, GoToWebinar, Livestorm, ClickMeeting, and EasyWebinar. Each of the Webinar software mentioned above has its own perks, but they all provide most of the functionalities needed by most businesses. 

With the help of this guide, you should be able to make an informed decision about what webinar hosting platform to choose for your business. You could even opt to choose more than one webinar hosting platform for your company. 

Listed and reviewed below are the best webinar software platforms for your business in 2020. 

21 Best Webinar Software Platforms in 2022 

  • WebinarJam: A webinar platform greatly enhanced for the purpose of sales and marketing. This is the webinar with the best marketing and sales features. 
  • Demio: Simple and well-designed interface with ease of use being a major appealing factor. This is marketed as a webinar platform for marketers. 
  • WebinarNinja: This webinar platform is heavily reliant on enhancing the user experience with modern and intuitive toolsets. 
  • Airmeet: This webinar software platform is great for hosting immersive virtual events and summits.
  • LiveWebinar: Great webinar software with extensive HD live streaming and session recording capabilities.
  • GoToWebinar: This webinar platform has one of the best streaming quality among the webinar software reviewed in this article. It is also one of the first webinar tools to implement live webinars. 
  • Livestorm: Livestorm webinar is a software that is known for its attractive and easy to use interface. This webinar software focuses on providing several options for hosting several types of webinars. The best feature of this platform is its customized interface that adapts to suit the different types of webinars that you might host on it. 
  • Clickmeeting: Clickmeeting is a powerful but simple webinar software that offers a simple user experience. This webinar software offers most of the functionalities expected in a webinar software, and the feature to help analyze almost everything. 
  • EasyWebinar: EasyWebinar combines the functionalities required for hosting live webinars and automated webinars. It is popular for offering automation features at a relatively lower price point than most platforms. 
  • EverWebinar: EverWebinar is known for its automation functions and scheduling functions. EverWebinar is also popularly used as a form of integration in the WebinarJam platform to make the already powerful platform more automated and dynamic. 
  • BigMarker: BigMarker is a platform that is designed to offer features that allow it to be used for everything webinar concerned and more. It offers solutions for live webinars, evergreen webinars (automated), live streams, and other variations of live events online. 
  • GetResponse: This platform was created to be a very powerful email marketing platform. However, it has decent webinar features that make it a functional webinar platform. 
  • Adobe Connect: Adobe Connect is a very flexible web conferencing platform that has features that allow it to be used for hosting live webinars. Adobe Connect provides tools for branding, customization, and analytics. 
  • WebinarsOnAir: WebinarsOnAir is a versatile webinar software that provides all of the features needed to host live webinars, automated webinars, and more. 
  • Google Hangouts: Google Hangouts is a powerful live conferencing software that allows webinars to be held to a group of up to 30 people. Google hangout is considered more as a conferencing software than a webinar software. 
  • Livestream: This is usually not regarded as a webinar software as it lacks many of the marketing and sales features found in most webinar software. This platform is focused mostly on providing a platform for broadcasting live streams at the highest video and audio quality possible. 
  • Zoom: Zoom is popular for being a platform for hosting online meetings, but that also has features that allow it to be used for webinars too. Zoom also has an ever-expanding set of tools that makes it more suitable for hosting webinars. 
  • AnyMeeting: AnyMeeting is a very powerful web conferencing and webinar hosting platform that offers lots of tools for customizing invitation, registration, and adding email reminders. 
  • WebEx: This platform combines a wide range of features that allow online meetings, training sessions, team collaborations, and more. Lacks majorly in marketing features. 
  • DaCast: is a streaming platform that is known for its unique pricing methods. You can either pay for a subscription or pay per event if you don’t host webinars frequently. 
  • Zoho Meetings: Zoho meeting is known for being a web conferencing software that offers features for online meetings and webinars. 

1. WebinarJam

Best Webinar Platform for Marketing and Sales Purposes 

Major Features: Powerful marketing features, Great for webinars of large audiences, intuitive email marketing tools, dynamic third-party integrations, options for customizing funnel pages. 

  • #1 Webinar Platform
  • Optimized for Selling to Your Audience
  • Up to 5,000 Webinar Attendees
Try Webinarjam

This is probably hands down one of the best marketing webinar software available on the market. This tool is designed with excellent interactive interface and add-on integration, engagement features for marketing, and sales-focused webinars

WebinarJam is a platform known for its myriad of customizable features that makes sales and marketing very flexible and dynamic.

It  can be configured for webinar scheduling, reminder email distribution, detailed timing, and further integrated with very powerful marketing tools for finely tuned webinar events

A major drawback for most users is that the wide range of options included in WebinarJam does not come in a user-friendly interface

The integration of EverWebinar allows WebinarJam to become capable of performing more sales and segmentation functions as a part of its enhanced feature set

WebinarJam - All Devices in HD Glory

The point is that WebinarJam is a very sophisticated marketing and sales tool that has video and audio presentations as necessary perks. 


The pricing system of WebinarJam comes in three levels, namely Basic, Professional, and Enterprise. The basic plan comes at $499 per year, Professional at $699 per year, and Enterprise at $999 per year

The basic plan allows up to 500 attendees and 2 presenters, which make it quite affordable, considering all the features it offers at that price. 

Note: To access many of the automation features of WebinarJam, you have to pay an extra $200 for EverWebinar software. EverWebinar uses the same interface as WebinarJam but offers extra options like scheduling, poll automation, and more. 

WebinarJam - Select Your Plan


  • Features very powerful tools for sales and marketing purposes
  • Has good replay and stream video quality 
  • Features email marketing for extended customer reach out
  • Very suitable for large audiences and multiple host webinars which is necessary for large company webinars
  • While the pricing system starts out at $499, the large audience capacity, email marketing, and several features that it comes with make it more of a bargain. 
  • The advanced private messaging system means that you can set up automatic emails, and email replies based on the response of your audience. 
  • It collects useful statistics for sales, attendance, and interaction and presents it in a very readable format.  


  • Slightly complicated user interface due to the wide range of options available.
  • Not suitable for small webinar events and meetings because the pricing makes it more suitable for webinars with at least 300 people in attendance. It also does not make sense to use the ton of marketing features included in the software for an audience of 100 people or less. 
  • Requires a third-party delivery service to prevent messages from going to spam 
  • Heavily market-based and might not be suitable for internal communication that doesn’t require marketing and sales functionalities. 

Who is WebinarJam for?

WebinarJam is the best tool for anyone interested in hosting marketing webinars with all the features necessary to increase conversion rates, and audience interactions. 

The marketing features built into webinarjam makes it the best webinar software for marketing and sales purposes. EverWebinar makes it a more powerful tool for automation and scheduling of emails, polls, and other marketing options. 


Usability: 3/5

Marketing Features: 5/5

Stream Quality: 4.5/5

Engagement Features: 3.5/5 

Overall Scores: 4.5/5 

Final Notes: If what you need is a webinar with a lot of features targeted towards marketing and sales, then WebinarJam is the way to go. There is no free trial period for EverWebinar.

2. Demio

Demio is a webinar platform that is marketer eccentric and focuses a lot of its features on marketing. 

Major Features: Simple interface, easy to use software, provides a call to action functions during live webinars, and analytic tools, automation builder.

The first thing that would be noticed about Demio is its very simple interface that makes it easy for even beginners to set up a webinar in no time. Regardless of the simple interface that it offers, Demio comes with a large array of automation tools that allow it to be used for tracking and follow-ups. 

Demio comes with automation tools that make it possible to schedule webinar recordings and send recordings to people that only joined after a timestamp. 

The automation functions of Demio make it easy to segment your audience and track their actions. While Demio features powerful automation features, it prides itself on being a very simple tool. 

Beginners will feel very comfortable using this webinar software. Also, professional marketers and sales teams would find it quite dynamic in its toolset. 

One major setback for Demio is that it comes at a very steep price for the set of functions that it offers to its users.



Demio pricing starts at $34 a month for a maximum of 50 attendees, then provides a medium plan of $69 a month for 150 attendees. The Business plan costs $163 per month for a maximum of 500 attendees. 

Demio - Plans


  • Simple and easy to use user interface that makes it very easy to set up a webinar even for beginners.
  • HD streaming quality that does not drop during live streams, meaning your audience never misses a moment of your show.
  • Features attention-grabbing call to actions, polls, and automated tracking systems during a webinar for increased ROI. 
  • The webinar automation builder that comes with Demio is well designed. 
  • Completely cloud-based system and therefore requires no installations by your audience. 
  • Supports all devices and browsers
  • Allows up to 15 presenters for one event, which gives you the flexibility of allowing experts to speak on their products individually. 
  • You can offer your users files to download during your webinar sessions.


  • Demio is a very expensive software, even though they have reduced their prices for each package recently. 
  • Lacks features to effectively manage comments and Questions, which makes it difficult to interact with many attendees. 
  • Demio doesn’t provide the option to increase your post-event conversion by creating your own post-event page. 
  • Doesn’t provide marketing and engagement features on the replay page. 

Who is Demio for?

Demio is for individuals and companies that need an easy to use webinar software that comes with powerful and essential automation tools but comes with a clean interface. This is not for enterprise companies that require all the bells and whistles that come with webinar platforms like WebinarJam.  


Usability: 4/5

Marketing Features: 4/5

Stream Quality: 4.5/5

Engagement Features: 3/5 

Overall Scores: 3/5

Final Notes: Demio relies greatly on simplicity while providing the user with powerful automation tools and insightful analytics. It is important to note that it is not the cheapest webinar software on the market. Get started with the 14 days free trial

3. WebinarNinja

Major Features: Intuitive, modern interface, easy to use software, Email Automations and drip campaigns, dynamic landing pages, integration with a wide range of other apps. 


WebinarNinja is a powerful webinar software that is praised greatly for its seamless integration with almost every other add-on or app needed to push its functionality limits to a new level. 

This webinar platform comes with a simple but yet modern user interface that is quite intuitive. The tools are so simple that a beginner can set up a new webinar in just one minute or a little above that time. 

Some of the major features that WebNInjar offers include instant screen sharing, email automation, and drip campaigns, analytics dashboard that allows you to export data, easy integration with over 1,000 apps, marketing features like timed offers, and more. 

WebinarNinja allows its users to create live webinars, Evergreen webinars, Hybrid (a combination of live and recorded videos), and series webinars. 

Note: WebinarNinja is a compelling solution for webinars not exceeding 100 attendees. 

WebinarNinja - Create New Webinar


WebinarNinja offers a 2-week trial period to test out all of its features, after which you can choose from any of its four plans. The pricing plans are Starter, Pro, Plus, and Power with the Starter plan starting at $39/month with a participant limit of 100.

WebinarNinja - Pricing


  • A simple and modern user interface that feels intuitive to use even for beginners
  • Webinars can be set up in very simple steps. 
  • Offers the ability to create hybrid webinars
  • Seamless integration with over a thousand apps
  • Customizable landing page


  • Streaming quality drops significantly when you host a webinar featuring an audience with over 500 members. 
  • Doesn’t implement polls and call to action features effectively

Who is WebinarNinja for?

WebinarNinja is excellent for marketers and business owners that are looking for a webinar platform with a simple to use interface with all the marketing bells and whistles that comes with more complicated platforms. 

WebNinja handles small crowds very efficiently, and while it has the option to handle unlimited audience numbers, it shines when used for a small crowd of 100 to 500.   


Usability: 4.5/5

Marketing Features: 2.5/5

Stream Quality: 2.0/5

Engagement Features: 2.5/5 

Overall Scores: 2.5/5

Final Notes:  The best aspect of WebinarNinja is the simplicity that comes with its interface, and the seamless integration that it has with other apps. You can try WebinarNinja 14 days free trial.

4. Airmeet

Airmeet is a platform designed to enable you to evoke interest, collaborate with, and educate your customers, which is perfect for university professors that teach a class to a wider audience or multi-track conference hosts looking to engage with sponsors.

Major Features: customer training and project assignment, raise hands feature and Q&As, the social lounge, Facebook Live, and YouTube streaming.

Airmeet - virtual summit software

Airmeet Business Event program will enable you to inspire, collaborate with, and inform your customers with its interactive webinar platform.

You can livestream your webinars on YouTube and Facebook and create a more engaging experience with built-in polls, Q&As, and pre-recorded videos.

You can create workshops to train your customers by educating them through the latest updates, giving the spotlight to the participants, and answering their questions live.

You can divide your customers into groups, offer them projects, and collaborate with them on the projects in the social lounge.

You can run multi-day, multi-track conferences and summits, as well as encourage event and networking area sponsors for the virtual event.

You get to review comprehensive virtual event performance by tracking registrations and post-event analytics.

Use speed networking to encourage conversations in the social lounge, establish a community, and increase conversion.

Attract exhibitors and sell engrossing booth space to your customers, partners, and sponsors.

Provide the booth owners with an option to provide informative company details in the header, like the key offerings, descriptions, explanatory video, graphic, and so on.

Attach insightful resources in download form for the booth visitors.

Initiate a face-to-face video meeting, demo, a walk through through the booth lounge, and evoke interest for the products and offerings from the visitors with virtual booth header CTAs.

Share booth visits, leads, and other analytics insights with the booth owners after the event.

Airmeet - Networking break is on


Airmeet offers a Free software package for events, meetups, and webinars, and the Standard package that starts at $99 per month, and it’s aimed at summits, conferences, and fairs.

The Free option is best suited for single-stage, multi-session events, meetups, and it allows up to 100 attendees and 1. organizer.

The Standard package is best suited for multi-stage, parallel session conferences with dedicated sponsorship opportunities and booths while providing event analytics, HD recording, transcription support, among advanced features

Airmeet - Pricing


  • Livestream your webinars on Facebook and YouTube
  • Train your customers and assign projects
  • Add informative booth owners’ company details in the header
  • Evoke interest in the product with the virtual booth header CTAs
  • Share booth visits, leads, and other analytics with the booth owners
  • Clarify queries with the Raise hands feature and Q&As
  • Polls, public chat, Q&As, and emojis for impactful webinars
  • Collaborate with your groups and prepare them for their Demo Day
  • Meet and mentor one-on-one or in groups through the social lounge
  • Collaborate with the cohorts with the “learning by doing” assignments and projects with the founders


  • At-times challenging video/audio connection conditions for the speaker/organizer
  • Timezone settings can be inaccurate

Who is Airmeet for?

Airmeet is tailored towards organizers looking to initiate inclusive interactions, to unburden the host of the sheer volume like university professors or influence sponsors through conference meetings.


Usability:  4.0/5

Marketing Features:  2.0/5

Stream Quality:  3.5/5

Engagement Features:  4.0/5

Overall Scores:  2.5/5

Final Notes: Airmeet is a well founded platform that creates sophisticated virtual classrooms and sponsors engagement for multi-track conference meetings.

5. LiveWebinar

LiveWebinar is a cloud-based webinar solution designed to assist users in organizing and managing interactive webinars, conference meetings, training sessions for small to large-sized businesses, through extensive HD live streaming, session recording, and screen sharing features.

Major Features: Full room custom branding with the dashboard template editor, Whiteboard module's drawing and grid tools, surveys, tests, and polls for campaign performance measurement, Advanced API integration, and HD recorder.

LiveWebinar - homepage

LiveWebinar allows you to send out invitations for presentations through a shareable link, assign different roles to different members, share information through the live chat.

You can utilize the screen sharing, live streaming, live session recording services for your small business or a large corporation.

You can share the live stream on YouTube, Facebook Vimeo, and Periscope to engage with a wider audience.

Audience engagement analysis will help you get insights beyond the number of attendees at your webinar.

You need participants, not just passive listeners.

The engagement analysis tool will deliver you detailed insights into which of your attendees is asking questions, answering polls and surveys, and downloading the assets that expand on your presentation.

The presenters can illustrate their ideas through vivid visual storytelling with a whiteboard.

You can record your webinars in HD audio and video.

LiveWebinar - HD Video and Audio

The presenter can publish the webinar publicly, or they can encrypt the session with a password.


The PRO plan is $11.99 per month, and it will give you 100 attendees, 6 hours of recording, a YouTube and Vimeo player, and more.

For $92.50 per month, the BUSINESS plan will magnify the volume of many PRO features and add Participant Tracking, Full HD Recordings, and Ads – banners to the mix.

LiveWebinar offers a FREE plan as well, with 5. attendees and 2 hours of recording at your disposal.

LiveWebinar - Pricing


  • HD cloud-based recordings
  • Participant tracking
  • Instant Meeting feature
  • Divide the meetings into smaller conversation with breakout rooms
  • Adjust the webinar interface appearance with the Brand tool
  • Video library to prepare presentation content
  • Patient and responsive support team


  • The UI is not very easy for new users
  • The software can take a lot of processing power
  • Sometimes the slides can't upload

Who is LiveWebinar for?

LiveWebinar will satisfy small and large businesses equally, thriving in sales & marketing, HR, customer support, IT, schools, healthcare, among many facilities.


Usability: 2.5/5

Marketing Features: 3.5/5

Stream Quality: 5.0/5

Engagement Features: 4.5/5

Overall Scores: 4/5

Final Notes: The unrivaled range of features, the customer support that's way beyond average, and with no need for additional software install like some other tools, LiveWebinar is a true all-around webinar software. Apply for their free program today.

6. GoToWebinar

GoToWebinar is a very powerful webinar tool for hosting live webinars with solid stream quality.  

Major Features: Very good streaming quality, high compatibility with several platforms and devices, and basic sales features. 


GoToWebinar is one of the oldest webinar platforms on the internet, and it was one of the first platforms to offer live webinar hosting capabilities. GoToWebinar is often used by large businesses because it is a very reliable webinar platform. 

Just like every other webinar platform out there, there are times when GoToWebinar does have technical issues. However, GoToWebinar works 99% of the time for 99% of the audience. It is this level of reliability that puts this webinar platform on this list. 

GoToWebinar is tailored for large enterprises as it can hold up to 3,000 participants. However, it comes at a steep price. 

GoToWebinar is not heavily loaded with marketing features like some of the other webinar platforms on this list. However, it offers features like lead management tools, email invitation, confirmation, and reminders, analytics tools, and reporting tools. 

GoToWebinar has a mobile app that can be used to perform management functions during webinar sessions. 

GoToWebinar - Reach more people faster


The plans that GoToWebinar offers include:

  • Lite: This plan offers basic webinar features for a maximum of 100 participants at $49/month.
  • Standard: This plan offers most of GoToWebinar’s features for a maximum of 250 participants at $99/month
  • Pro: This plan offers most of GoToWebinar’s features and more for a maximum of 500 participants at $199/month
  • Enterprise:  This plan offers all of GoToWebinar’s features for a maximum of 3,000 participants at $399/month
GoToWebinar - Pricing


  • Designed for corporate users 
  • Allows up to 3,000 users
  • Very solid video quality
  • Offers very reliable features and compatibility on any platform and device


  • It is a very expensive webinar platform
  • The interface is very professional looking and offers very little customization 
  • Basic look registration page with basic customization options
  • Not tailored towards marketing to the audience 

Who is GoToWebinar for?

GoToWebinar is a platform that is tailored towards very large corporations because of its very high video quality, reliability, and compatibility with almost every platform. 

If you are looking for a webinar platform to enhance your marketing capability, this is not the one.    


Usability: 3.0/5

Marketing Features: 1.0/5

Stream Quality: 4.5/5

Engagement Features: 2.0/5 

Overall Scores: 2.5/5

Final Notes:  GoToWebinar is a reliable platform with features tailored to big corporations and enterprises. Get started with a 7 days trial.

7. Livestorm

Livestorm is a powerful webinar platform that offers strong communication and seamless compatibility when hosting either live or on-demand webinars. 

Major Features: live and automated webinars, active sales and marketing tools, email marketing tools, customer engagement tools, and reliable stream quality.  


Livestorm is a solidly built webinar platform that offers various features to enhance product demos, customer engagement, and marketing strategies. The great thing about Livestorm is that it is browser-based. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about installing anything on your computer before using it. 

Livestorm comes with all of the features expected to be found in a webinar platform such as screen share and audience hosting. However, Livestorm also provides features for marketing automation, landing page customization, event management, live chat, polls, analytics, unlimited webinar recording storage, and more. Livestorm even allows its users to perform social media promotion of their events right from the platform. 

Livestorm’s interface was designed for simplicity and ease of use. The landing pages make use of very minimalistic designs and focus more on functionality. 

Livestorm - Product Demo


The plans that Livestorm offers include:

  • Webinar and meet basic: This is a free plan that allows up to 10 viewers and 20 minutes of webinar session. 
  • Meet premium 
  • Webinar premium 
  • Enterprise
Livestorm - Pricing


  • Very user-friendly and easily accessible since it runs from the browser
  • Interactive features are easy to find and use for both the attendee and host, making it easy to have interactions
  • Allows you to invite multiple moderators to help with chats and answering attendee questions
  • Provides a data dashboard which helps you easily understand the performance of your webinar
  • The company listens to its customers and improves its product based on customer feedback
  • It’s GDPR compliant making it ideal for those with privacy concerns
  • Integrates well with Slack making it easy to organize team meetings as well as Facebook and Google Ads for easy webinar promotion


  • It’s a little difficult to bring an attendee on stage to speak
  • Customer support isn’t as quickly available as with other providers
  • Customization and white labeling options are a bit limited
  • You can’t upload documents for attendees to download after the webinar
  • Doesn’t offer private chats

Who is Livestorm for?

This webinar software is particularly good for companies that need a lot of automation but want a simple user interface that is easy to use even for beginners. The Livestorm platform is not very suitable for companies that need a ton of customization or branding specifics.     


Usability: 3.0/5

Marketing Features: 2.0/5

Stream Quality: 3.5/5

Engagement Features: 3.0/5 

Overall Scores: 3.0/5

Final Notes: Livestorm relies heavily on simplicity and ease of use. The pricing system also makes it a good choice for beginners who have never used a webinar platform before. Get started with the free basic plan.

8. ClickMeeting

Major Features: Options for Chat and interactive webinar sessions, record live webinars for later download, options for poll and surveys for audience feedback, and a user-friendly interface.   


ClickMeeting is a webinar platform popular for its user-friendly interface that makes it easy for any user with no background in hosting webinars to use. 

It comes with several features that help you reach out to your customers during webinars sessions tailored for training, marketing, and product sales. ClickMeeting also offers a well-integrated automated webinar feature with the option for customized invites.

ClickMeeting designs custom plans and features for big enterprises like universities and large corporations.  

The dashboard for this platform is designed to be intuitive and very comprehensive in the way it presents information and offers functionality. 

ClickMeeting - Online business meetings & collaboration


ClickMeeting offers a free 30-days trial period, after which you can purchase a plan starting from $25/month. 

ClickMeeting - Pricing


  • A simple and intuitive user interface. 
  • The platform offers the option for custom plans that would suit the needs of large corporations or institutions.
  • Allows rebranding of the waiting room.
  • Provides different templates for different business types.  
  • Provides powerful tools for taking polls and surveys. 


  • There is no option to schedule recurring webinar sessions. 
  • Unstable streaming quality and connection.

Who is ClickMeeting for?

Great for startups, medium-sized companies, and enterprises too. Most of the tools are focused on taking data and providing useful analytics for future use. 


Usability: 4.5/5

Marketing Features: 3/5

Stream Quality: 2 /5

Engagement Features: 4/5 

Overall Scores: 3.0/5

Final Notes: ClickMeeting has many promises features that would suit companies that are new to using webinars. You should watch out for technical glitches, though. One of the features includes a 30 day trial. 

9. EasyWebinar

EasyWebinar is regarded as the most user-friendly software for business. EasyWebinar combines features that make it easy to host both live and automated webinars.  

Major Features: in-built analytics suite, allows integration with several other platforms, WordPress integration, mobile app, and robust chat features.


EasyWebinar is a platform built to accommodate the hosting of live and automated webinars with ease. EasyWebinar provides large webinar rooms and the option for extensive marketing features at an affordable rate. 

Although most platforms save features like automated webinars and marketing features for higher-priced plans, EasyWebinar provides these features at a favorable cost. 

While the user interface was designed to be simple, it is easy to see that it looks very outdated when compared to other webinar platforms. The outdated look of the user interface makes it difficult to navigate sometimes. 

Easywebinar - Live Webinar


The pricing starts at $78 for the standard plan, which allows up to 100 participants and goes all the way up to $499 for the enterprise plan. 

Easywebinar - Pricing


  • The features offered in the pro plan offers large webinar rooms and an extensive feature set that works for that price point. 
  • Include features that most platforms don’t offer at a similar price point. 
  • Provides the option for automated webinars with sales funnels and analytics. 
  • Comes with a mobile app. 


  • The plans offered by this platform are quite expensive when compared to other platforms with similar or even better features. 
  • The user interface looks outdated, which makes it harder to use sometimes. 
  • The marketing and engagement features are lacking in some areas. 

Who is EasyWebinar for?

This webinar platform should work for most companies, but it might not be suited for large corporations. Also, the user interface can make it harder to find some features.      


Usability: 2.0/5

Marketing Features: 2.5/5

Stream Quality: 3.0/5

Engagement Features: 2.5/5 

Overall Scores: 2.5/5

Final Notes: EasyWebinar is a better than average software that provides the option for both live and automated webinars with limited features for marketing and engagement. Try EasyWebinar for free. 

10. EverWebinar

EverWebinar is known for its very capable automation tools and its very seamless integration with the WebinarJam platform for enhanced automation. 

Major Features full automation features for WebinarJam, great marketing features, fully automated platform, one-click platform swap to WebinarJam, and convert old live events into automated webinars. 


EverWebinar is credited for being one of the most powerful automation tools in the world of webinars. It is a sister-tool to WebinarJam and is commonly used to automate live webinars recorded on WebinarJam. 

This webinar platform is a very powerful automation tool that is used to turn live webinars into automated webinars. It provides the looks and feel of a live webinar, and therefore has been known to engage audiences just as much as a live webinar would.

EverWebinar also provides a full suite of marketing tools, engagement tools, room count simulations, email reminders, real-time chat simulation, and call-to-action features. 

The platform is used by a lot of big firms in conjunction with WebinarJam to automate their webinars and take advantage of the marketing tools that it offers.  

Everwebinar - All Devices in HD Glory


EverWebinar is a premium tool; therefore, its pricing is quite high but totally worth it. The pricing starts from an installment plan for $199 (3 times a year), or you can pay $499 at once for a year.

Everwebinar - Pricing


  • Creates automated webinars which look and feel just like live webinars
  • You can easily add offers as well as clickable and customizable CTAs during the webinar to help you sell more
  • Allows you to A/B test landing pages to determine the right one to use for maximum registrations
  • The hybrid webinar enables you to respond to attendee questions while the recorded webinar is running
  • You can easily switch a WebinarJam webinar to EverWebinar using just one click
  • Comes with a control center where you can have someone helping you with the logistics of the webinar event


  • Can’t run live webinars since the platform focuses on creating evergreen webinars. For live webinars, you’ll need a WebinarJam subscription
  • Webinar reports need improvement to better communicate metrics like when attendees joined and how much they watched
  • Integrating with ActiveCampaign can be challenging
  • Simulating a live event to the point of simulating live chat interactions raises ethical questions

Who is EverWebinar for?

EverWebinar is suited for companies of any size that would like to take advantage of all the automation features that it has to offer. 


Usability: 4.0/5

Marketing Features: 5.0/5

Stream Quality: 4.5/5

Engagement Features: 4.5/5 

Overall Scores: 4.5/5

Final Notes: EverWebinar is a very powerful webinar-automation and marketing platform that provides an extensive set of tools to its users. There is no free trial period for EverWebinar.

11. BigMarker

BigMarker is a webinar platform that was designed to provide an option for any type of webinar that a user might need. BigMarker is a single solution for live webinars, webinar series, automated webinars, meetings, and live streams.  

Major Features: live webinar, webinar series, automated webinars, meetings, variations of live online programs and live streams


BigMarker is a webinar platform with a carefully designed user-interface that offers a full range of options for live webinars, automated webinars, webinar series, live streams, and more. 

It is a very powerful platform with highly customizable landing page templates, and loads of features for automation, engagement, and audience interaction. 

One of the best features of this platform is the timeline builder that provides the user with great visualization when creating automated webinars. 

However, the major disadvantage of BigMarker is in its presentation of pop-ups and other offers. The offers are presented in such a way that most members of the audience close them as soon as they pop up. 

Also, there is no one-click sign-up feature except the poorly implemented in-built emailing feature is used. 

BigMarker - Browser-based, no-download webinar software


BigMarker offers four pricing plans, namely Starter, Elite, Premier, and White Label. The Elite Plan is recommended for users that need to cater to a maximum of 500 participants. The Elite plan starts at $299/month. 

BigMarker - Pricing


  • BigMarker is an all-in-one solution.
  • Very good video and audio quality. 
  • Provides in-depth analytical tools.
  • Customizable landing pages.
  • Contact list management.
  • Customs URL.


  • This is a pricey platform to use.
  • The in-built emailing feature is poorly implemented. 
  • The pop-ups are presented in ways that prompt participants to click off.

Who is BigMarker for?

BigMarker is a webinar platform more suited for companies and enterprises that need an all in one solution for all of their webinar, meetings, and automated webinar needs. 


Usability: 3.0/5

Marketing Features: 2.0/5

Stream Quality: 3.5/5

Engagement Features: 3.0/5 

Overall Scores: 3.0/5

Final Notes: BigMarker is an expensive all-in-one webinar tool that is better suited to companies and corporations that need a webinar platform to use as an all-in-one tool. Start with a 7 days free trial.

12. GetResponse

GetResponse is a powerful marketing and webinar platform used by enterprises, companies, and startups for its marketing features.  

Major Features: Customizable URL, one-click webinar recording, one-click sharing options, analytics for conversion rates, and audience statistics documentation. 


GetResponse is majorly an email marketing platform that provides a wide range of powerful marketing tools and a complete webinar marketing platform. 

It allows the easy set up of webinar sessions in less than 4 minutes and provides its users with lots of automated marketing tools, landing pages, detailed reports, desktop sharing options, and more. 

The platform allows the user to schedule webinars and send reminders to the subscribers or share the session on most social media platforms. GetResponse also allows the user to collect emails with the use of the registration page. 

Some of the major marketing tools used by many users include autoresponders, automated email marketing, and customizable landing pages. 

Getresponse - features


GetResponse offers a free 30-days trial period. There are four plans that a user can choose from. However, the basic plan does not offer an option for hosting webinars. 

Therefore, to use the webinar feature, you need to choose at least the Plus plan, which starts at $49/month for up to 100 participants. The other plans include Professional ($99/month 300 people) and Max customized solutions. 

Getresponse - Pricing


  • Powerful marketing tools. 
  • Enhanced email marketing tools.
  • Allows YouTube integration for viewing videos. 
  • Provides detailed reports. 
  • Provides detailed documentation of webinar activities.
  • Allows blog to email functionality.  


  • The pricing system is complex and can get complicated really fast.
  • There is no phone support available with the customer care system. 
  • The free trial only allows you to send messages to only 1,000 of your subscribers.  

Who is GetResponse for?

GetResponse is an all in one marketing and webinar solution that suits the needs of all types of company as long as they can figure out the pricing system.      


Usability: 4.0/5

Marketing Features: 4.5/5

Stream Quality: 4.0/5

Engagement Features: 3.5/5 

Overall Scores: 4.0/5

Final Notes: GetResponse provides a complete suite of marketing tools for use with webinars and more. GetResponse is an all-in-one solution for marketing and it comes with a 30 days free trial on any plan.

13. Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is marketed as the best webinar tool for marketing organizations and agencies. 

Major Features: Video hosting, documents sharing, multiple templates for virtual environment customization, unique registration pages, robust analytics, and easy integration.  

Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is the platform created by Adobe to cater to companies and businesses that need a webinar platform that offers marketing capabilities. 

With Adobe Connect, you can easily create webinars, host videos, share documents, and host meetings that allow you to easily interact with customers and showcase your products and services. 

The Adobe Connect platform makes it easy for you to customize your hosting room with multiple templates available for virtual environments, and also optimize it depending on your requirements. 

With the use of Adobe Connect, marketing companies can easily showcase their products with the use of its analytics, interactive tools, and more. 

In the case of webinars, Adobe connect allows the audience to ask questions or connect with other members of the audience with the chatbox. 

Adobe Connect also offers the option to record webinars and send out the link later. This means even those that miss the live webinar can still watch it at their convenience. 

Adobe Connect - Webinars - Demos - Recordings


Regardless of the plan that you decide to pick, Adobe Connect is moderately priced. For 100 participants in a webinar, you pay $1350/year and $4,861/year for 500 participants. Any plan you choose will allow you to host unlimited events throughout the year. 

Adobe Connect - Pricing


  • Allows slide-sharing 
  • Allows webinar recording for sharing later
  • It integrates an external conference line in addition to VOIP
  • Possess seamless recording/playback


  • It is quite pricey for a webinar software 
  • There have been cases where people had compatibility issues with certain mobile devices. 
  • Chatlog is known to lose all formatting/spacing in email. 

Who is Adobe Connect for?

Adobe Connect is a great webinar software for companies that need visually-driven webinars/presentations. It is better for webinars with one speaker than those with multiple speakers. It is recommended for medium-sized and enterprise-sized companies.       


Usability: 3.5/5

Marketing Features: 3.0/5

Stream Quality: 4.0/5

Engagement Features: 2.5/5 

Overall Scores: 3.0/5

Final Notes: Adobe Connect is a great webinar software for webinars that are visually driven and has only one presenter. You can try Adobe Connect with the free trial 

14. WebinarsOnAir

WebinarsOnAir is usually described as a cheap webinar solution for those that cannot afford to pay hundreds of dollars on a webinar software.   

Major Features: it is an add-on to Google+ webinars, webinar page customizing, integrated payment option with a registration form, up to 10 presenters. 


WebinarsOnAir is a webinar solution that extends Google+ Hangouts features by allowing its users to hold pre-paid events. 

This platform enables payment options to be integrated directly with the registration form. The user interface that comes with WebinarsOnAir also makes it an excellent choice of webinar platform for anyone that has never hosted a webinar before. 

Two of the best features of this webinar platform is that it is cheap, and it also allows up to 10 presenters at once. To top it off, it also comes with tons of features required to host an excellent webinar. 

Some of the features include recurring webinar options, surveys, in-built polls, and Q and A options. This platform also allows up to 50,000 attendees. 

Since it is fully hosted in the cloud, it, therefore, offers very extensive scalability. There are also analytic tools that allow you to keep track of things like your audience count, conversion rate, and other details that might be useful to you. 

WebinarsOnAir - Features


WebinarsOnAir offers a 30-days free trial, and the basic plan starts at $19.97/month for a maximum of 25 participants. If you want a plan that allows you to host webinars with unlimited attendees, then you should opt for the $99/month plan.  

WebinarsOnAir - Pricing


  • It is a very affordable webinar option.
  • The user interface is very simple and intuitive.
  • Webinar page can be customized.
  • Events are automatically recorded and published on YouTube.


  • Can become inaccessible if there are changes in Google software since it relies on Google Hangouts 

Who is WebinarsOnAir for?

This webinar solution is suitable for freelancers, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and educational institutes.       


Usability: 4.0/5

Marketing Features: 1.0/5

Stream Quality: 3.5.0/5

Engagement Features: 2.0/5 

Overall Scores: 2.5/5

Final Notes: WebinarsOnAir is a cheap webinar solution that comes with many of the features required to host a decent webinar that is not heavily focused on marketing. Try WebinarsOnAir out with the free trial. 

15. Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is one of the few completely free online tools that allow you to host webinars and online conferences. It is a part of Google+, and it works well with YouTube.   

Major Features: record webinar session, allows up to 30 people in chat, several speakers at once. 

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is usually regarded by many as an online video conferencing platform rather than a webinar platform since it lacks a lot of automation and marketing features. 

It allows a webinar to be held among a small group of just 30 people, and it can be later broadcasted to a larger audience when the recorded webinar is automatically uploaded to YouTube after the webinar session is over. 

This platform is especially popular because it is completely free, and all you need to have to use it is a google account and a YouTube channel. This platform can cater to small and medium-sized businesses, but it is rarely used by large enterprises since it lacks automation and marketing tools. 

Google Hangouts allows several people to speak and share their screen during a webinar session, and it automatically records the session, which it uploads to YouTube when the session is done. 

Google Hangouts - Youtube


Google Hangouts is completely free.  

Google Hangouts - Pricing - free


  • Can host up to 30 participants in a webinar session. 
  • It is completely free. 
  • It integrates well with Google Chrome and YouTube.  
  • It is very easy to create a webinar.
  • It requires no additional software.


  • There are no marketing and automation features for sales funneling. 
  • Cannot host more than 30 participants in a live session.  
  • You need a Google account to be able to use this platform. 

Who is Google Hangouts for?

Google Hangouts is suitable for individuals, as well as small and medium-sized businesses that do not require marketing features for their webinar sessions.  


Usability: 3.0/5

Marketing Features: 0.0/5

Stream Quality: 3.5/5

Engagement Features: 1.0/5 

Overall Scores: 1.5/5

Final Notes: Google Hangouts is a good platform for small webinars that do not require more than an audience size of 30 participants. You can try it out for free now. 

16. LiveStream

LiveStream is a platform tailored specially for corporate clients, big businesses, and educational institutes. It is essentially a platform built towards catering for people or businesses that have already established a relationship with their audience.   

Major Features: unlimited audience capacity, incredible audio and video quality, Automatically recorded and stored events, can stream to Facebook Live and YouTube, per pay view options. 

Vimeo - Livestream

LiveStream is a webinar tool that is designed to cater to big businesses, large corporations and educational institutes. The tools are better suited to users that already have a relationship with their audience, not to those that are just trying to build one. 

This platform does not limit the number of people that can attend a webinar session, and it also offers unlimited storage to record and automatically store webinar sessions in the cloud. 

Some of LIveStream’s major features include limitless streaming analytics, live Q & A, polls, ability to stream to YouTube and Facebook live, audience chat, marketing tools, and more.

The platform also grants the user the ability to set the webinar event to private, and have access to dedicated phone support. 

Since this is catered towards large companies, there is an option to enable a pay-per-view option for your webinar event, and issue digital tickets. 

LiveStream’s event camera MEVO: This is a camera developed by LiveStream, and it is used to record live events hands-free. 

The camera is designed to follow the speaking head and can record from different angles, which, therefore, eliminates the need for an expensive videographer for large conferences. 

Vimeo - Livestream - Connect face-to-face without the jet lag


This platform offers a 30 day free trial, but its basic plan starts from $42/ month with unlimited participants. The plans are differentiated mostly by their functionality.

The premium plan starts at $199/month, and it comes with analytic tools and embedding options. The advanced plan is more suited to large enterprises as it offers advanced options like password protection, privacy controls and more. The advanced plan starts at $799. 

Vimeo - Livestream - Pricing


  • Allows unlimited attendees
  • Automatically records and stores webinars.
  • Unlimited storage space to store limited webinars on the cloud. 
  • Provides pay-per-view features for easy monetization of events. 
  • Allows direct embedding into the website of the user. 


  • Lack of engagement tools like polls and surveys. 
  • Not heavily driven towards in-webinar marketing.   

Who is LiveStream for?

LiveStream is a great webinar option for large enterprises or businesses with already established options that can make use of the pay-per-view option.    


Usability: 4.5/5

Marketing Features: 2.0/5

Stream Quality: 4.5/5

Engagement Features: 0/5 

Overall Scores: 3.0/5

Final Notes: LiveStream is a powerful webinar software that is built to cater to large companies and enterprises. Try LiveStream with the 30 days free trial. 

17. Zoom

Zoom is known for offering basic webinar features for free as long as your audience is less than 100 participants, and your webinar does not run for more than 40 minutes.   

Major Features:  HD audio and video, screen sharing, desktop, and app sharing options, cloud-based, cloud backup system for all meetings, integrated with Google calendar and Microsoft Outlook.


Zoom was initially built for large companies who are willing to pay top dollar for a video conferencing software. Therefore, it offers all of its basic webinar tools for free as long as the meeting is less than 40 minutes long, and hosts less than 100 participants. 

It does not possess powerful marketing tools as it is designed to be a web conferencing tool than a webinar tool. However, most of the features would work well for a webinar that is not focused on selling products or marketing.  

Some of the major features include screen sharing, screen annotations options while sharing a screen, private group chats, MP4 or M4A local recordings, ability to create recurring meetings with the same link, and more. 

Zoom has seen its recent upscale in use by educational institutions. However, small, medium-sized and large companies will find it useful too. If you opt for the paid version of Zoom, you will get access to features like admin controls, detailed webinar reports, cloud storage for the recordings, personal domains for events for easy access. 

Zoom - Testimonial


Zoom is free for personal meetings, not exceeding 100 participants and 40 minutes. The paid plan starts at $14.99/month for unlimited meeting durations for an audience of 100.  The enterprise plan starts at $19.99/month. 

Zoom - Pricing


  • Powerful marketing tools. 
  • Enhanced email marketing tools.
  • Allows YouTube integration for viewing videos. 
  • Provides detailed reports. 
  • Provides detailed documentation of webinar activities.
  • Allows blog to email functionality.  


  • The pricing system is complex and can get complicated really fast.
  • There is no phone support available with the customer care system. 
  • The free trial only allows you to send messages to only 1,000 of your subscribers.  

Who is Zoom for?

Zoom is largely tailored towards the needs of large enterprises, but it works pretty well for small businesses for web conferences, and even small group meetings.       


Usability: 3.5/5

Marketing Features: 0/5

Stream Quality: 4.0/5

Engagement Features: 2.5/5 

Overall Scores: 2.0/5

Final Notes: Zoom is an enterprise tailored web conferencing platform that offers its basic webinar features for free for audiences less than 100 for 40 minutes. Try Zoom now for free. 

18. AnyMeeting

AnyMeeting is a webinar software that caters well to small companies, startups, and educational institutes.   

Major Features: HD video broadcast, screen sharing, video sharing (MP4), in-built surveys, automatic webinar recording. 

Intermedia - AnyMeeting_

AnyMeeting is a webinar software that comes with tools that are perfectly suited for small organizations, startups, medium-sized businesses, and educational institutes. The user interface of AnyMeeting is very user-friendly and intuitive. 

AnyMeeting comes with features such as HD video broadcasting, screen sharing, MP4 sharing, in-built surveys, automatic events recording, and more. AnyMeeting also has in-built collaboration tools that make it easy to collaborate among users. 

Apart from the webinar hosting options that AnyMeeting offers, you also have access to web conferencing tools that gives you the ability to host collaborative sessions among your teammates. 

AnyMeeting offers a variety of pricing plans that allow you to host up to 1,000 participants. 

Intermedia - AnyMeeting - Webinar Solution


AnyMeeting’s basic plan starts at $48/month and can host up to 50 viewers. The webinar pro plan allows up to 200 viewers and starts at $128/month, and the Webinar enterprise can accommodate up to 1000 participants for a price of $298/month. 

Intermedia - AnyMeeting - Pricing


  • Allows up to 6 live speakers and 1,000 participants.
  • Allows real-time audience chat.
  • Provides built-in reporting and analytics. 


  • For many users, AnyMeeting is overpriced.
  • Its broadcast is not compatible with mobile devices.   

Who is AnyMeeting for?

AnyMeeting is well suited for small organizations, startups, and educational institutes.  


Usability: 4.0/5

Marketing Features: 4.5/5

Stream Quality: 4.0/5

Engagement Features: 3.5/5 

Overall Scores: 4.0/5

Final Notes: AnyMeeting is a webinar platform with a user-friendly interface that comes with automatic webinar recording and in-built survey features. Try AnyMeeting out now with their 30 days free trial. 

19. WebEx

WebEx is an enterprise webinar system built by Cisco for easy team collaborations. 

Major Features: Video meet, call, screen share, collaborate via video or voice call, multiple device support, cloud-based.  

Cisco - Webex

WebEx is a webinar platform developed by Cisco for enterprises to enable easy team collaboration and more. 

WebEx allows up to 40,000 attendees to attend a webinar which makes it a webinar platform more suited to incredibly large enterprises. 

It is a cloud-based platform that has built-in Q & A sessions, polls, surveys for audience engagement, incredible HD video and audio quality, and functional integration with marketing tools like salesforce

WebEx has a mobile app that makes it easy for teams to collaborate on the go. It also has the feature that allows a user to record a live webinar to make automated webinars. 

This platform is not regarded as a consumer webinar platform as most of its features are tailored towards large enterprises. The cloud-based nature also ensures incredible speed and reliable data security. 

Cisco - Webex - Hassle-free video conferencing that just works


Cisco - Webex - Pricing


  • Allows up to 40,000 participants
  • Allows screen sharing, live chat and other engagement functions. 
  • Very excellent tool for team collaboration 
  • Includes a mobile app
  • Incredible support for large accounts
  • Very incredible audio and video quality   


  • It is not suited for small businesses or corporations. 
  • Not very suited for webinars as it is better suited for team collaboration events.   

Who is WebEx for?

WebEx is better suited for large companies who need a dedicated tool for team collaboration.       


Usability: 4.0/5

Marketing Features: 0.0/5

Stream Quality: 5/5

Engagement Features: 4.0/5 

Overall Scores: 3.0/5

Final Notes: WebEx provides all the features required by a large company to host a webinar or a team collaboration exercise. There is no free trial period. 

20. DaCast

Major Features: offers different unique pricing options, allows streaming over social networks, geo-restrictions, watermarks on streams, allows the hosting of paid events, no viewer limits. 


DaCast is a webinar platform that is popular for its unique pricing methods, and the ease of use. You can easily set up a webinar or an online video conferencing environment in a few minutes. 

This platform offers live broadcasting features that allow the users to manage, monetize and analyze their online broadcast.  

It also offers 24/7 customer support, integrations of live video with APIs, video streaming over social networks, on-demand webinars, live webinar hosting, watermark on streams, and geo-restrictions

The unique approach to pricing allows users to pay on an event by event basis. This platform also offers the option to enable the user to pay for a prepaid bandwidth that may be used when the user needs during the following 12 months. 

Lastly, this platform also offers the usual subscription-based plans for users that host webinars regularly. 

dacast - Live Streaming & Video Hosting Platform


DaCast's pricing system is unique. The starter plan starts out at $19/month, which is billed annually for up to 300 viewers per hour. The enterprise plan goes all the way up to $289/month, billed annually for up to 15,000 viewers per hour. Then there is a custom plan that lets the user pick the features they like and for how long they would like to use it.  

dacast - Pricing


  • There is no limit to the number of participants
  • The platform can be embedded within websites. 
  • You can embed live video streams
  • Can be used for one-time webinars due to its dynamic pricing plan.


  • You will be charged $0.15 per GB if you go above the bandwidth amount you paid for or the stream will be cut off.

Who is DaCast for?

DaCast platform is well suited for startups and business owners who do not host webinars often.       


Usability: 3.0/5

Marketing Features: 1.0/5

Stream Quality: 3.0/5

Engagement Features: 2.0/5 

Overall Scores: 2.0/5

Final Notes: DaCast serves as a good webinar option for users who do not intend to host a lot of webinars often. Try DaCast now for free. 

21. Zoho Meeting

Zoho Meeting is a web conferencing platform that offers both video conferencing features and webinar features as well. Zoho Meeting is a platform dedicated to small and large businesses alike.   

Major Features: screen sharing, moderator controls, live chat, Q&A, polling, broadcast messages, online recording that can be downloaded or shared.  

Zoho Meeting

Zoho Meeting is a platform that offers most of the webinar tools that companies need in a clean and modern interface that makes it very easy to set up and use. 

It is a conferencing software that offers both video conferencing and webinar solutions to its users at a relatively cheap price. This platform is used by both small and large businesses as it has features that allow basic remote support, team collaboration, webinars, and more. 

This platform allows the users to run the software directly from the browser without the need for any download, and the attendees can also join with just a simple click. 

Some of the major features include screen sharing, moderator controls, live chat, Q & A, polling, broadcast messages, online recording that can be downloaded or shared, and embedded registration links in websites. 

Zoho Meeting - Example


Zoho Meeting is a relatively cheap one. Also, Zoho meeting offers a 14 days trial period for you to try out their features before opting to purchase a plan. Also, the free trial does not require a credit card

The free trial offers unlimited meetings for up to 2 participants and unlimited webinars with a maximum of 10 attendees. The features are also limited while on the free plan. 

The paid webinar plan starts at $15/month for 25 attendees which is billed annually. The largest plans cost $63/month, billed annually for a maximum of 250 attendees.

Zoho Meeting - Pricing


  • Can run directly from a browser
  • Good video conferencing features. 
  • Can record online webinars for sharing later via links to attendees or downloaded later. 
  • The registration form can be embedded on a website. 


  • The reporting system is not in-depth enough. 
  • Many of the features are simple and basic.   

Who is Zoho Meeting for?

Zoho Meeting is suitable for both small and large businesses that need a simple and easy to use.      


Usability: 4.0/5

Marketing Features: 2.0/5

Stream Quality: 3.0/5

Engagement Features: 3.0/5 

Overall Scores: 2.2/5

Final Notes: Zoho Meeting is a cheap and easy-to-use solution for video conferencing and webinars for small and large businesses. Try Zoho Meeting for free. 

What is Webinar Software?

To understand webinar software, you need to know what a webinar is. A webinar is short for web-based seminar. A webinar could be a form of presentation, lecture, workshop, seminar, or even sales pitch transmitted over the web. 

A webinar software is a platform that allows webinars to be hosted online and provides features and tools necessary for interaction with the audience. Modern webinar tools offer more than just audience interactions. 

Now, most webinar softwares allow marketing, automation, data collection, and many more features that make it more of a virtual marketing seminar. 

Livestorm - Better Webinar Software

The major difference between a webinar and video conferencing or meeting is that the data transmission in webinars is one way. Webinar software is designed in a way that provides the presenter with more ways to interact with the audience. 

Unlike meetings where anyone can speak at any time, audiences in webinars cannot become speakers. Special features in some webinar software may allow some members of the audience to be turned into presenters temporarily. 

There is usually a host who is joined by at least one presenter to speak about the topic of a webinar. Most webinars don’t last for more than an hour to allow for full engagement, and to keep it interesting. 

A Webinar software allows the host to share documents, provide links to products, sell products in real time, and get dynamic feedback from the audience. Most webinars are followed by Q&A sessions during which audiences can ask questions and get feedback from the presenter. 

Webinar software has become the tool that most companies, marketers, and business owners use for product demos, content strategy, hosting training sessions, and more marketing and sales-related broadcasts. 

Common features seen in a webinar software include:

  • Multiple presenters support feature
  • Video File Sharing
  • Dynamic action tracking to get a feel of the audience participation
  • Record a live presentation for later distribution to the audience
  • Calendar Scheduling
  • Automated Email marketing features for sales funneling
  • Screen share
  • Integration with powerful automation tools, business platforms, and Audio-Visual integrations.

Why Use Webinars? 

Most of the business world now prefer the remote way of doing things to physical presentations and seminars.

Even meetings now are held online, and tasks are managed with virtual team management software. It is no surprise that it didn’t take long before entire marketing campaigns became online events. 

Webinars are Cost-Effective

Webinars are a cost-effective method of reaching out to a wider audience and potential customers for a fraction of the price of traditional advertising methods. 

To hold a physical seminar, presentation, or product marketing campaign, you would need to secure a venue, hire attendants, and pay extra for printing physical flyers, perhaps. 

Webinars have become the all in one solution to reaching out to more customers, even in countries on other continents. With a webinar, you can easily perform market surveys, create email marketing campaigns, and try out different marketing methods without breaking the bank. 

Webinar significantly reduces the risk of your brand building affected by external factors. A webinar allows you to effectively build your brand and measure the effectiveness of your webinar sessions in real-time with no extra cost to you. 

Webinar statistics show that 61% of marketers use webinars as a content marketing strategy. 

B2B Content Marketing Tactic Usage

Webinars are Great at Lead Generation

Almost every business is lead driven, and webinars have proven to be a very effective way of generating more leads at a very little cost.

The good thing about using webinars to generate leads is that apart from generating multiple leads, the leads generated are likely quality leads. 

Hosting live or pre-recorded webinars is a very good way of attracting new customers. On top of that, webinars immediately provide you with a platform for you to easily show your potential customers what your business is all about. 

Webinars can be a very effective way of immediately converting first-time visitors into life-long paying customers. 

Webinar Registrant-to-Attendant Conversion Rate

Also, since every webinar requires some form of registration page through which the contacts of your attendees are collected. This immediately becomes another opportunity for you to market your business to attendees that were probably not convinced at the webinar. 

The automation features that come with most webinar software provide you with different ways to chase potential leads in a consistent manner. 

According to reports provided by ON24, 76% of respondents reported that they achieved more leads by running webinars, and 69% of those respondents were able to scale up their market with webinars. 

Webinars are Great at Converting Leads into Sales

Generating leads is the first step to scaling up your business; the next step is converting leads into actual sales. Webinars have proven to be quite effective at doing this too. 

In 2018, for instance, it was reported that the average registrant to attendance conversion rate was 55.9%. 

Furthermore, ON24 reported the following registrant to attendance conversion rates… 

  • Webinars relating to communications got conversion rates of 67%, 
  • Training webinars got about 44% conversion rate
  • Education-related webinars had a conversion rate of about 30% 
  • Marketing webinars had a conversion rate of about 39%

It is estimated that for a webinar attended by 100 people, with an attendance conversion rate between 35%-40% is considered as good. 

All of the statistics above show that webinar is more than just a tool to market your business; it is very effective at converting leads into sales. 

Webinars, therefore, offer a significantly higher return on investment for your business than physical events and conferences. It is easier to get more than you spent on multiple webinars with the number of leads generated and converted in one webinar session. 

Webinars Help You Build Your Personal Brand as Domain Expert

When you host webinars, you are immediately seen as an expert in your field. Therefore, a webinar is a very great way for you to show your audience that you have the expertise and lots of experience in your field (aka personal branding).

How Personal Branding Helps Sales & Marketing
The Importance of personal branding to marketing. Source ImageGroup

While it might be hard to show your audience in one webinar session that you are a seasoned expert in your field, hosting multiple webinars can be a way for you to take your audience on a journey from basic marketing schemes to advance business tactics. 

With webinars, you have the flexibility of easily expanding the amount of space you have for people to attend. 

Also, webinar makes it easy for you to showcase your skills to a diverse audience that would consist of professionals from various fields. This way, word of mouth is likely to work to your advantage when your attendees talk about how good you are. 

The fact that you can host a webinar to large audiences at no charge at all means that you have the opportunity to attract curious members. If people like what you talk about and how you talk about it, they are likely to come back for more because they trust that you are an expert. 

Webinars are Great at Running Full-Scale Online Conferences

Webinars allow you to organize a full-scale virtual conference for a fraction of what it would cost to host an in-person conference. Only conferences have revolutionized the way companies and businesses interact with their customers and potential leads. 

The best thing about virtual conferences is how highly engaging and interactive they can be. You can easily bring together experts from various parts of the world to speak at your webinar without needing to fly them over to your location. 

most webinars have less than 50 attendees

While data shows that fewer than 50 people attend most webinars, it is important to note that these people are likely to be those that are genuinely interested in your services or products.

Even if your business is used to hosting a physical conference as a way of engaging with your customers and seeing them in-person, webinar live sessions can be a great way to further engage with many of your customers that otherwise would never have made it to your physical conferences. 

A full-scale online conference gives you the opportunity to effectively attract new customers, build your brand by increasing awareness, and generating more revenue. 

Tips and Strategies for Getting the Most Out of Webinar Platforms

While webinars have the potential to exponentially increase the value of your business, increase leads and lead conversion rate, and improve customer interaction. 

It still takes careful planning, coordination, and execution to get the most out of any webinar platform that you choose to use. 

Below are some of the tips that would help you make the most use of any webinar platform.

Research Your Audience to Tailor Your Webinar

A webinar is all about the audience. Therefore, it makes sense that before you plan any webinar at all, you should take the time out to research your audience and find the best way to cater to their needs. 

You need to understand your audience, and here are a few ways to do that:

  • Who is your audience: You need to know what exactly your audiences are, you need to know the age range of people that you cater to, as well as other demographics such as income level, employment type, and anything else you can get your hands on. This part is all about knowing the demographics of your audience, and how you can attend to their needs.
top webinar industries
  • What are they interested in: This is a big one! There is no way you would present an engaging webinar if you have no idea what your audience is interested in. This way, you can tailor a specific product or service for your audience and be sure that it is what they want. You need to understand what they want to get out of the webinar, and the major result they expect at the end of the webinar.
  • How can you help your audience: The last part is figuring out how exactly you can help out your audience after knowing what they are interested in. This is the part where you carefully create product schemes, presentations, and statistics that would appeal to your audience based on their interests. 

After understanding your audience, the next thing is getting people to sign-up for your webinar. This part of the process is time-consuming but really worth it as it serves as the base for how successful your webinar will be. 

Make use of the contacts of the customers you already have, but also make use of social media platforms for marketing and promoting your webinar to potential attendees. 

It is also advisable to create short videos and infographics showing your potential audience how to register for the webinar, and how to access the webinar. 

Social media is the biggest free marketing strategy that you can take advantage of to increase the attendance rate. 

Focus on Delivering Value and Building Trust First

The reason why anyone attends a webinar at all is that they assume that you have something of value to offer them in terms of service, product, lecture, or anything that consists of value. You need to ensure that you deliver the best service that you can possibly provide. 

Relevant Content

Even if you are an expert in your field, and you know everything that could possibly be related to your field by heart, your audience will still feel like they got nothing of value from your webinar if the content you provide is irrelevant to them. 

Since you have taken the time out to understand your audience, you need to design and tailor your webinar in such a way that it will cater to the needs of your audience perfectly. 

It is a good idea to make use of statistics, metrics, short but informational videos, infographics, and more to engage your audience during your webinar. 

The idea is to make sure your audience leaves your webinar feeling like they have gained something of value, but still interested in coming back for more. 

Sophisticated Presentation

Making your presentation sophisticated means that you make use of every digital tool at your disposal to make your presentation more interesting to your audience. 

Make use of images that tell stories or give more information than a five-page journal would in a short time. 

Ensure that your audience is with you every step of the way by explaining every industry jargon to them beforehand. 

The idea here is to relate to your audience in a way that is universally simple yet very informative and engaging. Effective communication is key during your webinar sessions. 

GoToWebinar - Free Webinar PowerPoint Templates
Source: GoToMeeting 

Use Webinar Analytics to Optimize Business Results

A webinar is good for many things, but what makes webinars so interesting is the built-in analytics that comes with most webinar software. 

During in-person seminars and conferences, it can be hard to gauge the audience’s engagement level, interact with every single member of the audience and ensure that everyone in the audience can see the same information regardless of when they joined the seminar. 

Webinar makes all the above quite possible. Different webinar software such as WebinarJam and EverWebinar makes it possible to get statistics based on the response from your audience in real time. 

The analytics feature provided in real-time can help you tailor or re-evaluate your webinar strategy, decide on what you can improve on, what seems to be working, the things you can do better, and what parts need to be removed completely. 

Traffic Analytics for a webinar
Analytics showing the traffic tracking system WebinarJam. Source: WebinarJam

For most webinar software, these analytic tools come at no extra charge at all, and the ones that require extra cost to implement these features usually provide advanced features. 

Registrants & Attendees
A screenshot of the WebinarJam documentation system. Source: WebinarJam

Documentation and analysis

With the use of the analytic tools in most webinar software, you can easily document your entire process. This will also help streamline the process of organizing another webinar in the future. 

You can make use of a project management tool to assign jobs to several people on your team, and with the data from the analytics, it becomes easier to see what works.

If you switch webinar formats from time to time, make sure that you keep a separate record of each webinar session and compare them appropriately. This will further help you see better what works and what doesn’t. 

Do Pre- and Post-Webinar Promotions at the Right Time

In the end, a webinar, just like any other marketing software, is just a means to an end. The end is getting more leads, higher conversion rates, more interested customers, and a better understanding of your services by your audience. 

top marketing channels used to promote webinars

One very important aspect of optimizing your webinar is carrying out pre-webinar promotions and post-webinar productions at the right time. 

The mean webinar attendance on each day of the week

Statistics show that most of your audience would register and join your webinar on the day of the webinar. However, statistics also show that up to 25% of them will join about 15 days before the webinar is aired (BigMarker).

This means that the way you promote your webinar before the launch date plays a very important role in how well your audience will turn up. 

Your marketing and promotion strategies should be aggressive before the webinar is aired, and it should state exactly what your audience should expect to gain from your webinar. 

However, after the webinar is done, the way you promote the webinar after is even more important. Remember that by then, your audience now understands your services or product, and they are now leads. 

The lead conversion happens most of the time after the webinar has ended. This is why you need to make use of marketing tools like email marketing for pushing your leads down the sales funnel. 

Create follow-up emails, content, videos, and even webinars as post promotion to the initial webinar to keep your leads engaged and interested. 

How to Choose the Best Webinar Software for your Business? 

As a form of quick insight, here are some of the things to look out for in a webinar software:

  • Intuitive interface and design
  • Great video and audio quality
  • A wide range of powerful automation features for improved customer experience
  • Custom branding options for improved marketing experience
  • Customization of landing page during the registration process
  • Options for multiple presenters
  • Email marketing capabilities
  • Most browser-based webinar options are usually more secure than desktop-based ones
  • Great and fast customer support
  • Easy to install extensions
  • Limits to audience attendance and interactions

I know that the list above might seem like a lot, but for someone like me that has spent a lot of years using several webinar platforms, this list is probably not enough. 

However, the key to picking the right webinar software that works for your business is knowing how its functionalities would benefit you. 

While there are several options available on different webinar platforms these days, below are some of the most important functions to look out for:

  • Screen Sharing: Pick a webinar platform that provides you with the feature to share your screen with your audience at all times. 
  • Record Function: Most webinar software have a record function now, but it is implemented differently. Some allow you to record the whole webinar session and let you download it after. Some platforms like google hangouts provide the recorded webinar as a YouTube video. It is important to pick a webinar platform with a flexible record function. This would allow you to serve even the audience that could not attend the webinar session live. 
  • Live Chat: Live chat is very important for the interaction with your audience, as well as engaging with them. A live text chat allows the members of the audience to ask you questions, and call your attention when something is unclear. 
  • Analytics: Not every webinar software comes with a complete analytic tool, but platforms like WebinarJam, EverWebinar, and even Demio provide powerful analytics tools that can be used during live webinars. 
  • Marketing Features: For most people hosting a webinar, this is probably one of the most important functions of a webinar platform. WebinarJam offers the best marketing tools for webinars. A webinar platform with sophisticated marketing tools makes it easy for you to convert your sales into leads. 
  • Good and consistent video quality: Statistics show that most webinar audiences will click off of a live webinar session if the video quality is not clear or if it buffers a lot. 

How to Organize and Launch Your First Online Webinar Fast 

Here is a step by step instruction of how you can organize and launch your first online webinar. 

Step 1: Choose the Right Objective for Your Webinar

Hey, there can be no webinar without an objective for the webinar. Therefore, it makes sense that the first step to organizing your webinar is figuring out the reason why you are hosting a webinar in the first place. 

The objective of your webinar is the reason why your audience would attend your webinar, and it is the value that your webinar is supposed to offer. 

If you are struggling to identify the objectives of your webinar, you can solve this by thinking of what your audience is struggling with. 

Therefore, the objective of your webinar should be a way of solving a certain problem that your audience might have. 

Note: It would be harder for you to choose the right objective for your webinar if you don’t understand your audience in the first place. 

Example:  Generating new leads for your business, making 10,000 sales from this webinar, etc. 

In the example above, your objective would be to develop and teach your audience a comprehensive strategy of using webinars to increase your customer reach and perform effective sales funneling. While you generate new leads and make a certain number of sales

Step 2: Choose the Right Webinar Topic

I know you might be wondering why the objective of your webinar cannot directly translate into the topic of the webinar. 

While the objective of a webinar performs the function of clearly stating what it is you want to offer to your audience. The topic of your webinar performs a slightly different function. 

The topic of your webinar should pique the interest of your potential audience, as well as inform them of the benefits that the webinar might offer. 

It might be a bit tricky to find a specific area to focus on since you need to pick a title that will interest your target customer. Also, when you pick a topic, make sure you use all of the information received in the form of feedback from your customers as a roadmap to what you want to offer. 

There are several resources, such as Answer the Public and more available out there to help you brainstorm ideas. However, one free and easily accessible resource you can use to your advantage I google. 

With a simple google search of a word, phrase, or even an entire sentence, you get a list of frequently asked questions that you can use to your advantage. 

A simple google search is enough to give you a better insight into the questions that your audience might have, and how you can help them. 

Therefore, if your search was on the topic of “video editing,” for instance, Google brings up other suggestions that you can easily click on and go down the rabbit hole of finding the one that you think your audience would be very interested in. 

Google search results - video editing

From the result in the image above, a good topic would be “Picking the right tools for Video Editing as a Beginner and Editing Like a Pro.”

Step 3: Create an outline for Your webinar (To script or not to script)

The outline of your webinar is just as important as the topic of your webinar because it can influence a change of topic completely. An outline for your webinar must be created before you even begin promoting your webinar at all. 

What is the purpose of an outline?

Your outline should focus on providing your audience with the kind of content that will take them from point A to point B easily without confusing them. Some presenters make the mistake of cramming too much into their webinar that their audience ends up confused. 

The plan is to outline your webinar in such a way that you give a content of value in a way that is simple and relatable. The point of your webinar is to show that you have authority on the topic which you have chosen. 

You should try to give out some of your best stuff for free. I know that this might seem odd, especially if your plan is to make them sign up for paid content with your free webinar.

But the real game here is to make them realize that if your free stuff is this good, then the paid content must be way better. 

Result! In the end, your outline should lead to a particular result. Your outline should be structured in a way that, at the end of the entire webinar, your audience should feel like they have received something of value. 

CoSchedule - MVP Webinar Talking-Points Template
Sample of a webinar outline cheat sheet. Source: CoSchedule

Here are a few tips to consider when creating the structure or outline of your webinar:

  • Use the 80/20 rule: You should aim to provide content of value 80% of the time and do promotion for only 20% of the entire webinar runtime. 
  • Start with a welcome: Engage with your audience at the beginning of the webinar by asking for names and where they are from. The idea is to get them hyped for the webinar and, in a way, feel connected to you.
  • Introduce the webinar briefly: Let your audience know what the webinar is about and highlight whom it is designed for. This way, people that feel like the webinar might not be for them can find out early and perhaps, leave. This is good since it means those left will be those that need what you are giving. 
  • Value till the end: This is the cake right here. Promotion is just the cherry on the cake, the real reason anyone is there for your webinar is to receive something of value in the form of content/information. Give your audience a reason to stay till the end. 
  • A more detailed highlight: Give a more detailed outline of what your audience is to expect and tell them upfront that at the end of the whole seminar, they will get to work with you. This will go on to show them that you are transparent with your intentions and agenda. 
  • Introduce briefly and maybe tell a very short story: You want your audience to feel a connection to you on a personal level, but you don’t want to dwell. Introduce yourself as briefly as possible, and with a very short backstory, let them know why you are qualified to be a presenter at the seminar. 
  • Deliver as promised: This is the time to shine! Give your presentation your all. Make sure you deliver on everything that you promised your audience. Make sure you answer the what and the why questions of your webinar. The paid offering should be a route to showing them “the how”. 
  • Transition to your paid content pitch: After delivering on all that you promised your audience, the next step is to transition smoothly into telling them about your paid offerings. 
  • Testimonials: You can show two or three clients that have had the result that your current audience expects from you. This will serve as a proof of concept. 
  • Questions and Answer: Be ready to answer all the questions that the members of your audience might have. However, let the audience know respectfully that at this point, no one is obliged to stay. Anyone can leave whenever they want, as everyone’s time is important to them. 

Step 4: Decide on Length, Date, and Time

The short answer is “it depends,” however, your webinar should not exceed 1 hour 30 minutes (90 minutes). The average time for most webinars is 1 hour, as it gives you as the presenter enough time to cover all your bases, and it is short enough to not get boring to your audience. 

The least period you should host a webinar for is 30 minutes. While no rule says that your webinar cannot exceed 90 minutes of runtime, there should be a compelling reason for your audience to want to stay that long. 

most webinars are 30 to 90 minutes long

Also, people tend to watch live webinar sessions for longer than on-demand ones, as shown in the figure below. 

Average Minutes Viewed per Attendee

The general rule is to schedule your webinar for mid-week days (Wednesdays and Thursdays). Wednesdays and Thursdays, according to surveyed analysis, are the days when webinars received the most attendance. 

However, just like every rule in business and marketing, this rule can be broken if you have data to show or prove that your audience is engaged with your content on other days of the week more. 

Best days Webinar Attendance

When picking the best time for your webinar, you should consider picking a time that is accommodating to most time zones. A study found that 11 a.m. Pacific Standard Time is a good time to host webinars as it has the most webinar attendance. 

Best time for a webinar

Step 5: Create the Slides

Your slides are an important piece of your presentation because apart from your audio, that is the best way to show your audience what you are talking about. 

You should take the time out to carefully design your slides. You can either design your slides yourself if you have good control of a presentation software like PowerPoint, or you can outsource it to a good designer. 

The idea is that you usually would need more slides than you usually think you would. A common mistake is for people to create a few slides and spend a lot of time explaining each slide. This is not a physics lecture about space and time (well, except if this is actually the topic of your webinar). 

However, the idea is to have a lot of slides that will hold the attention of your audience while you spend very little time on each slide. Perhaps, a minute on each slide is a good rule to follow, and you can adjust accordingly. 

To save yourself sometime when creating your slides and still have stunning slides that work well for presentations, visit Upland software or Design Shack for slide templates.

Webinar presentation
Source: Business – Envato Tuts

Step 6: Set up Your Webinar Automation Funnel

Automated Webinars, also known as Evergreen webinars, are forms of webinars that are created beforehand to generate leads and customers daily. Evergreen webinars are used to create evergreen courses, marketing webinars, and running automated sales funnels. 

A sales funnel is a pathway that you lead your potential customer through, which will eventually lead them to buy. Automated webinars are very effective at leading customers down the sales funnel, while you do absolutely nothing. Of course, you would have done all the necessary work up front. 

How to set up a webinar with Everwebinar

  • Record your webinar: since this is a pre-recorded webinar, you would have to record your webinar beforehand. This is a good thing since you have all the time you need to properly edit and ensure that everything is just how you like it. You should also remember to record your screen with a screen recording software like Bandicam or Camtasia. Any screen recording software you choose would allow you to record your slides and whatever else you do on your screen. 

Note: it is recommended that you get a good microphone to ensure good audio output for your audience. Bad audio can push a lot of potential customers away. 

  • Set up your webinar in EverWebinar
    • Create your landing page with EverWebinar
    • Create a webinar thank you page for people to see after signing up 
    • Create a waiting room for people who join your webinar room before the webinar begins (you can add a countdown timer).
    • Program your webinar for automation by setting how many times you want your webinar to run in a day and for how long. 
    • Display your offer at the right time during the webinar. 
    • Integrate EverWebinar with your email service provider to allow you to tag people that registered, attended, and those who missed the webinar. This will enable you to send targeted emails to them. 
    • Send automated pre-webinar reminder emails. 
    • Use the analytics page to assess your webinar. 

Step 7: Market Your Webinar to Attract More Attendees

Getting everything ready for your webinar, there is one last step you need to take before people can sign up for it. You need to let people know about your webinar. 

There are several ways to promote your webinar; here are some of them:

  • Make use of an Exit-Intent Pop-up in your website
  • Create a teaser video for your webinar
  • Post your webinar to webinar listing sites
  • Add the webinar link to your Thank You pages
  • Add a Call-to-Action at the bottom of your blog articles
  • Promote the webinar on social media
  • Use paid ads
  • Make use of a social media influencer

Make sure that whatever method you use gets your webinar in the face of your potential audience, and is presented in a way that encourages them to sign up. 

Step 8: Host Your First Webinar (Then repeat the process)

Now that everything is in place, all you have to do now is wait to see how your registration goes, and go live on the chosen day for your webinar. Or for automated webinars, just use the analytics to check how well they are doing, and adjust them accordingly.

Remember that by hosting a webinar, you get to share your knowledge with potential lifelong customers. With so many underlying benefits like leads generation, customer engagement, greater customer reach and more, you should definitely host a webinar for your business.  

Here is a link to WebinarJam’s documentation page on hosting a webinar with their platform. 

Webinar Software FAQ

What equipment do I need for a webinar?

The equipment you need for your webinar depends largely on the type of webinar you are hosting and the size of your audience.

Generally, you would require a good Camera for recording yourself, a decent computer, a good microphone, a screen recording software, headphones (in some cases), and one or two lights for illumination.

How do people make money with webinars?

Usually, most people make money by offering a paid product or service at the end of the webinar.

The paid service or product is a follow up to what is talked about in the webinar and offers a way to make use of the knowledge gained during the webinar. This method relies on indirect marketing techniques.

Also, you can make money directly from a webinar by creating a paid webinar the people have to pay to watch. This is a form of direct sale where the product is the webinar itself.

Can I grow my email list with webinars?

Hosting webinars is a good way to grow your email list because it exposes you to people that otherwise would not have known about your products or services.

Also, since everyone that registers for your webinar would have to register with their email, your webinar landing page becomes a good way to collect emails.

A webinar software like WebinarJam provides very powerful tools for carrying out automated email marketing and also lets you send follow up emails to your customers based on their response, which is good for sales funneling.

What is the best-pre-recorded webinar software?

There are several webinar software out there that are considered as being excellent for creating pre-recorded webinars.

However, WebinarJam is regarded as the best webinar software by marketers and sales teams as it offers many features for automated marketing and sales funneling. 

WebinarJam integrated with EverWebinar provides some of the best automation features that would enable anyone to create evergreen webinars quite easily. WebinarJam is credited for being the best webinar software for anyone trying to sell a product or service with webinars. 

How do I get people to attend my webinar?

You can get people to know about your webinar by promoting your webinar on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Promoting your webinar to people on your email list by sending a clickable webinar invitation to them is an effective way to get more attendance numbers.

You can also promote your webinar in your next blog by talking about what your audience should expect from your webinar, and putting up a sign-up page in your blog.

Webinar Software Comparison 

We compared the webinar software mentioned above and evaluated their strengths and weaknesses based on price, ease of use, functionality, video quality, marketing features, automation capabilities, and enhanced ROI functionalities. 

The best webinar software based on pricing (500 attendees), functionality, and ease of use:

In the end, the best webinar platform for you is the one that delivers on the features that you need the most, and that works for your business and your audience.

Written by
Martin Luenendonk
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