23 Best Money Making Apps For Fast Cash in 2024 (Ranked)

Updated Dec 5, 2022.
Best Money Making Apps For Fast Cash (Ranked)

You probably know you can earn online using money making apps, but here are three things you may not know yet:

  • The money you earn from money apps can be in many formats including cash rewards, cashback, travel miles, or gift cards, where each app has its rewards program.
  • There are over 60 money earning apps, but fewer money-making apps that actually work and offer fast cash.
  • Each of the real money making apps operates differently: some are side hustle apps like DoorDash and TaskRabbit, others offer passive income like M1 Finance, while others primarily offer cash back and rewards like Earny and Ibotta.

Want to learn more? Great!

Follow us into the discussion as we review the 23 best money-making apps for 2022.

Best Money Making Apps in 2023

1. Swagbucks

Best For Coupons, Cash Back, and Gift Cards

Swagbucks is the Best For Coupons, Cash Back, and Gift Cards

Swagbucks is one of the best apps for making money fast as it rewards you for doing just about anything; from taking surveys at an average of $0.89 per hour, to watching entertaining videos, playing games, searching the web, and shopping online.

To earn from Swagbucks, you download the app and sign up, which entitles you to a $10 sign-up bonus. After which, you get to discover their three main ways to earn:

  • Earning cash back and money from coupon codes when you shop online
  • Answering surveys
  • Discovering deals and offers from their trusted partners like RevU, AdGate Media, OfferToro, among others.

As you earn, you accumulate points: SB, which you shall redeem later as cash sent to your PayPal account or gift cards. While the app can’t and shouldn't replace your full-time hustle, the app is free, legit, and a quick way to add cash to your wallet.

2. Survey Junkie

Best for Taking Surveys and Sharing Behaviors

Survey Junkie is the Best for Taking Surveys and Sharing Behaviors

Do you want to get paid for your opinion? Survey Junkie is a real influencer money-making app that allows you to convert your time and opinions into money. The app lets you work with tons of brands answering surveys on their products and services, helping them improve themselves.

As you sign up for the app, the first prompt will be to complete your profile information. This is essential as what you input will help the app filter surveys you're more likely to participate in, rather than leaving you with the hard task of scrolling through multiple surveys displayed on the dashboard. As you take the surveys, you accumulate points that vary from survey to survey.

Once you reach 500 points = $5 you're allowed to redeem these points for an e-gift card or a PayPal cashout as that’s the minimum threshold. Luckily, Survey Junkie has one of the highest paying rates of $1.57 per hour as compared to other survey-taking apps.

3. DoorDash

Best for Food Delivery and Takeout Jobs

DoorDash is the Best for Food Delivery and Takeout Jobs

If you're looking for something more active to do than scrolling your smartphone, then this food delivery and takeout app may be just the thing you need. DoorDash, which is available in over 4,000 cities in the U.S., Canada, and Australia allows you to sign up as drivers (dashers) and earn while working on your own time.

First things first, you must have the requirements:

  • 18 years and above
  • A valid driver's license
  • A car, scooter, or bicycle (mode of transportation)
  • SSN (Social Security Number) for U.S. residents
  • Consent to a background check

After that, you can sign up from their app or website by applying, choosing your driver orientation, and finishing the sign-up requirements.

The best thing about being a dasher is that the app guarantees flexibility with the hours you work. Furthermore, even though the app drivers earn an average of $15.56 per hour, the dashers can earn more from special promotions and challenges, peak pay rates, and tips which they retain 100%.

4. M1 Finance

An Automated Investment Platform Best for Investing and Building Wealth

M1 Finance is an Automated Investment Platform Best for Investing and Building Wealth

M1 Finance is known for financial portfolio management, automatic investing, and loan acquisition. Working as a broker/ Robo advisor, the app offers basic intelligent and intuitive features that will aid you to manage your accounts either individual, joint, trust, or custodial accounts. The investment plus banking platform primarily offers four services, two of which help build your portfolio value.

  • Invest – M1 offers tools that allow you as the self-directed investor an investment strategy to build wealth through customization, fractional shares, and automation.
  • Borrow – you get to borrow money at the lowest rates of 2-3% and use your margin to access a line of credit worth up to 35% of your portfolio’s value.
  • Spend: Checking
  • Spend: Credit

Additionally, for only $125 a year, you can access M1 Plus with exclusive features like smart transfers, 1% cash back on your debit card purchases, and reimbursed withdrawal and international fees saving you extra bucks.

5. Acorns

Best Fintech App to Invest Your Spare Change and Earn Rewards

Acorns is the Best Fintech App to Invest Spare Change and Earn Rewards

Whether you're looking to save money, save for retirement, build your portfolio, or add onto your children's custodial accounts, with only one dollar a month, you can invest in acorns through Exchanged Traded Funds (EFT) or asset classes. If you're looking for something more rewarding, acorns also allow you to earn more money through shopping.

The app works with numerous brands and partners such as Walmart, Nike, old navy, Groupon, kohl’s, Macy's, and more to offer you bonuses when you invest with them. What's more, you can also receive a bonus through Acorns Earn when you find a job because as you earn, you get to save and invest more. Lastly, you can also earn by inviting friends to acorns; simply invite a friend and encourage them to invest with acorns, and you get $5.

Depending on the partner you choose to shop with, you'll receive your bonus investment after every 60 to 120 days or after one billing period.

6. Capital One Shopping (Formerly Wikibuy)

Free Shopping Aid for Discount Codes, Coupons, and Rewards

Capital One Shopping is a Free Shopping Aid for Discount Codes, Coupons, and Rewards

As of October 2020, wikibuy was officially renamed Capital One shopping; an app/ free website extension that allows you to save while shopping online using coupon codes and cashback functionalities. The app allows you to gain shopping credit from any of the listed brands or partnered stores and restaurants, after which you can redeem the credits for gift cards to local shops such as Lowes, Walmart, and Nordstrom rack.

Capital One shopping is one of the real money making apps that effortlessly allows you to save money tremendously while shopping online and all you have to do is download the app and enjoy better prices, redeemable coupons and discount codes, and rewards. Moreover, as you shop from the app, you also gain credits on purchases which you can later redeem for gift cards to top retailers like Walmart and eBay.

7. Airbnb

Best for Hosting Your Home and Online Experiences

Airbnb is the Best for Hosting Your Home and Online Experiences

Think about that empty spare room in your house, extra guest suite, or the detached servant quarter you're not using…what if there's a way to earn passively from that space, would you go for it?

Airbnb is a hosting platform available across the globe that allows you to rent out your space at no specified amount. The app allows you to set your rental rates and decide how you'll get paid. The best thing about this app is autonomy in that you decide your nightly rates which you can further modify depending on the time, season, location, and market needs. What's more, you can increase your earnings by providing additional services like laundry, house cleaning, or cooking.

Once you land a guest, you agree on the terms of stay and get paid once the guests' check-in; Airbnb will release your payout after 24 hours. As for their payout methods, you can receive your payment through multiple ways such as bank deposit, PayPal, wire transfer, reloadable prepaid cards, Western Union among others.

8. Fiverr

Free Online Marketplace for Freelancers to Sell Their Skills

Fiverr is a Free Online Marketplace for Freelancers to Sell Their Skills

Fiverr is the leading online marketplace for freelancers where you can sell your skills for monetary compensation. The platform allows freelancers to offer multiple services like graphic design, website services, writing and translation, virtual assistance, accounting, business administration, among others.

To start selling on Fiverr, you need to first sign up to be a registered user. After that, you set up your profile, explaining who you are and what services you plan to offer. Next, you have to create a gig that showcases the services you offer and how much you're charging per gig.

Fiverr also allows autonomy in pricing in that you can choose to charge buyers on the platform using structured packages detailing the content of the service or on-time purchase offers for the work. Much like other side hustle apps, you get paid for work done, and the payments are released to your account as per your choice of payment method and its schedule.

9. Turo

Best Car Rental Service App for Individuals and Car Renters

Turo is the Best Car Rental Service App for Individuals and Car Renters

The car-sharing industry is estimated to exceed $4.8 billion as more and more people embrace the idea of car sharing. Turo is at the forefront of this move as it provides a centralized marketplace for individuals and car renters to share cars across the US.

Renting your car with Turo is an excellent investment and a smart way to earn passive income. The peer-to-peer community sees over 350,000 cars listed on the app, all of which can earn a fairly good amount of extra income. On average, listing your car on the app allows you as the host to earn approximately $545 a month; however, some other factors come into play, such as the type of car and how many times the car is rented out.

The greatest feature with Turo is the carculator that allows you to estimate how much you're likely to earn via the app through estimated day rate prices.

If you're looking to join in, the process is straightforward; you download the app and create a free account, which you shall use to list your vehicle. After that, you'll need to add in a profile, describe the car, and add appealing photos of the car. Now, wait for someone to request a booking. Note that as you create the account, your car must comply with the car requirements like, before you sign up, the car should have no more than 130,000 miles.

10. Rover

Earn Money as a Pet Sitters or Dog Walkers

Rover is a tech app that Earn Money as a Pet Sitters or Dog Walkers

Founded in 2011 in Seattle, Rover is a tech app that connects pet sitters with pet owners. It's the best app for making money while you enjoy the company of lovely pets like cats, dogs, among other home pets. The app is available across 14,000 visits with access to over 200,000 sitters.

Rover offers a myriad of services to its qualified pet sitters, such as:

  • Pet sitting
  • Doggy dog care
  • Dog walking
  • Dog Boarding
  • House sitting
  • Drop-in visits

To join, download the app, create an account, and fill out your profile. You'll have to be approved by passing a background check and offering references who can vouch for you.

Rover allows you to set your rates, but the app will collect a service fee of 20% or 25% for RoverGO. Upon completion of a task, you can redeem your pay for free via PayPal or pay $2 to receive the payment as a check in the mail.

11. Robinhood

Simplest Commission-Free Trading Platform for Investors

Robinhood is a Simplest Commission Free Trading Platform for Investors

Robinhood is an investment app like no other; great for beginner investors thanks to its simplicity, commission-free feature, and beginner-friendly starting prices. Robinhood boasts a user base of over 13 million people, with its greatest selling point being no charges on stocks, options, and cryptocurrency trading.

But that's not all!

Robinhood is one of the many legit apps for making money, as you get to invest with as little as you have; no minimum investment. In addition to investing options, Robinhood allows you to earn money using two prominent methods: dividends and asset appreciation.

12. MyPoints

Best for Easy Rewards from Online Shopping

MyPoints is the Best for Easy Rewards from Online Shopping

MyPoints is very similar to Swagbucks: same parent company and same business model. However, MyPoints offers better rewards like airline miles.

The app allows you to earn points for doing multiple activities like taking surveys, watching online videos, shopping, playing games, referring a friend, participating in local deals, and reading promotional emails. Each of these activities has its points capacity, such as 400 points for surveys or 500 points for watching videos.

Once you've accumulated enough points, seeing as 700 points = $5, you can redeem them for rewards which MyPoints was sure to offer versatile redemption options. You can redeem the points for real money sent to your PayPal or Visa prepaid account, airline miles with the united mileage, or gift cards to stores like Target or Walmart.

13. Earny

Subscription Shopping App with 20% Cash Back and Easy Refunds

Earny is a Subscription Shopping App with 20% Cash Back and Easy Refunds

Earny is awfully close in business to Capital One shopping, as they both offer cash back on shopping. However, with Earny, it's a paid app, you gain a guaranteed 20% cash back from online shopping, and you can also claim refunds in case prices drop after you've made a purchase.

Earny offers you an app or a browser extension for Chrome. With the app, you download it and sign up with your email address at $19.99 a year. Your email address is vital as that's how the company communicates with you and also how it finds refunds for you. The app works with over 5,000 brands, all of which offer 90 days of price protection on purchased goods. However, note that the price protection doesn't cover perishables like groceries and flowers.

14. Gigwalk

Best for Retail Brand Audits and Feedback on Products

Gigwalk is the Best for Retail Brand Audits and Feedback on Products

Gigwalk is among the best free money apps that pay you to do brand work. Brands are constantly looking for ways to improve their products, whether it's product display, marketing, or any other form of feedback. To do that, they use apps like Gigwalk to create small tasks for people to do their groundwork so that they can better understand how their product appears to the consumer.

To get started, you'll have to download the app and sign up. Once registered, you'll officially be a gigwalker who can perform gigs for brands such as taking pictures of products displayed at a retail store, price comparison, availability audits, checking conditions of the products, among other brand needs.

With Gigwalk, you can choose as many or as few gigs as you'd like. Moreover, you can choose gigs available in other locations besides your hometown. As for the monetary compensation, you're looking at $3 up to $100 or more, payable 14 days after the gig through PayPal.

15. Worthy Bonds

Best Peer To Peer Lending with 5% Fixed ROI

Worthy Bonds is the Best Peer To Peer Lending with 5% Fixed ROI

Worthy Bonds ranks high in investment platforms for three things: weekly interest payments, zero fees, and investment open to all. Worthy Bonds is a niche investment platform that offers one lucrative investment opportunity: a 36-month coupon bond sold in $10 increments. Meaning, for just $10, you can invest in the company bonds for a decent return on investment.

The app allows you to earn interest on your investment, specifically, a 5% fixed interest payable every week. What's more, as you invest more/ reinvest with a new $10 bond, your interest will then be subject to compounding.

Another way you can earn with Worthy Bonds is through successful referrals. For every referral, the referrer and referred both receive one bond with a face value of $10. If you hold the bond to maturity, the total referral value will be $10 plus 36 months’ interest at a 5% annualized rate, which is higher than the interest from CD.

16. Dosh

Best for Cash Back on Shipping, Travel, and Dining Expenses

Dosh is the Best for Cash Back on Shipping, Travel, and Dining Expenses

Dosh is a smartphone app that rewards you with cash back every time you purchase a product from any of their 15,000 partner retailers and restaurants using your linked card.

When you sign up for the app, you must link your credit card which you use for online shopping or other online purchases such as payment for travel or dining expenses. As you continuously use the card, you will accumulate points in your dosh wallet.

What's great about linking your card is that you won't have to scan or track your receipts nor regulate your spending as the cashback process is automatic. Dosh will get you an automatic cashback on your spending from participating outlets. On average, you can earn up to 10% cash back at partner restaurants and retailers, and up to a whopping 40% cashback on hotel stays. When you reach a threshold of $25 you can cash out via PayPal or direct deposit to the bank.

17. Neighbor

Best for Renting Out Storage Space

Neighbor is the Best for Renting Out Storage Space

The Neighbor popularly known as the Airbnb of storage is an easy way to earn by renting out unused storage space to your locals. By unused storage space, I mean your attic, the basement, a nearby shed, or closet; any place you can use to store people's belongings in or around your home.

Neighbor works just like Airbnb where it will connect you to people looking for cheaper or more accessible storage solutions at a price you'll set. You'll invest some time, probably more, to ensure the storage space is secure and safe from thieves or damage, but the app primarily does the heavy lifting of connecting you to renters.

Neighbor pays a monthly rental payment to the host, this comes after a client has made reservations and paid for the space. If the client remains in storage, the payment will be renewed every month. The total monthly payment is sent to your bank account which you'll link upon signing up, note that Neighbor charges a 4.9% processing fee and 30 cents for every reservation.

18. StepBet

Free Fitness App That Pays You to Lead an Active and Healthy Lifestyle

StepBet is a Free Fitness App That Pays You to Lead an Active and Healthy Lifestyle 

Over the years, there's been a rise in fitness apps all with their unique selling point. StepBet has a unique way to motivate fitness by paying you to start and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

StepBet, available on Apple Store and Google Play Store, pays users for multiple fitness achievements such as attaining your daily step goals or hitting your dream weight. StepBet offers step challenges and mini-games where users get to participate in the activities for a chance to win money.

To earn from the app you have to sign up and sync the app to an electronic pedometer like the Apple Watch, a Fitbit, or your phone’s pedometer such as Samsung health available in Samsung phones. After the link, the app will set a step goal based on your history. Alternatively, you can set the goals yourself and the timeline to achieve the goal. After that, you make a bet on it so that when you achieve the goal you earn cash.

If you choose to join a mini-game, you'll have to place a bet of between $10 to $100 against a pool of other participants. The game will run for an average of 6 weeks after which if you achieve the goal you earn, if you don't, you lose your money.

19. TaskRabbit

Task-Based Service Best for Handy Work

TaskRabbit is the Task Based Service Best for Handy Work

I'm calling on to the plumbers, movers, carpenters, pet sitters, messengers, and cleaners; this is the best app to make money. TaskRabbit, as the name suggests, is an app that allows you to undertake small handy jobs for hourly pay.

The service-based app operates in over 50 cities in the USA and is also available in other countries like Portugal, Italy, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, and Spain. The taskers are paid for multiple handy-type tasks billed hourly minus the service charge where each task has its average rate depending on the type of task and location.

Registration is straightforward as long as you meet the requirements:

  • Be age 18 and above
  • Have a valid checking account
  • Have a smartphone
  • Have a credit card
  • Pass ID checks and a background check

If you have these requirements, you can register on the app, fill in your profile, upload your photo, set up the payment method, set your rates, and pay the $25 registration fee. After that, you'll be an independent tasker where you set your time availability and rates. When you successfully finish a task you simply submit an invoice and get paid via the app.

20. Ibotta

Best Cashback App for Everyday Online Shopping

Ibotta is the Best Cashback App for Everyday Online Shopping

I've mentioned a couple of cashback apps above where you shop online and get a cashback. Ibotta works around the same business model, but their app has more to offer. Ibotta as a more popular money-making app gets you cash back from additional brands such as drugstore chains, Walgreens, CVS, high-end grocery stores like Whole Foods, and warehouse clubs.

To earn with Ibotta, you download the app, sign up to get a $10 bonus, and shop for more rewards. Using your receipt, you take the photo and add it to your account where you get a special rebate. Another way to earn from the app is through their affiliate program where you earn $5 by inviting friends to the app.

21. Honeygain

Crowdsourcing App Best for Sharing Data

Honeygain is a Crowdsourcing App Best for Sharing Data

Do you have an unlimited data plan on your phone that you rarely get to use? Honeygain could use your help.

Honeygain is a free app for desktop and mobile devices that lets you share a portion of your internet bandwidth with a crowdsourced web intelligence network that helps companies gather publicly available web data. With the prospect of earning $19 or more a month, the app’s dashboard will monitor how much data they receive from you and how much you've earned.

Note that the $19 is only standard and you could earn more depending on factors like internet speed and location. From their calculator, you can get up to $50 per month running seven devices to reach 15 GB of sharing and allowing for content delivery 24 hours per day with a rate of $1 per 10 GB.

To get paid, you must reach the threshold of $20 after which you can request a payout to PayPal through Honeygain’s partner, Tipalti which you shall receive after two or three business days. Note that Tipalti will charge you a fee of $1 when you cash out, plus 2% of the total up to $21.

22. Mistplay

Best for Earning Rewards by Playing Games

Mistplay is the Best for Earning Rewards by Playing Games

The gaming industry is over saturating the mobile industry as they look for more and more creative ways to keep people stuck to their smartphones. Unfortunately, this means that there are games that lack visibility and awareness.

Here's where you come in.

Mistplay is an app that offers you a pool of games you can play and earn. As game developers pay Mistplay to display and popularize their games you get a slice of that cake too and get paid to play and indulge in these games while also offering feedback on the quality of the game or gaming experience.

The more you play the games, the more you collect points that you can redeem for a variety of rewards such as gift cards to Nintendo, Xbox, and GameStop. Within Mistplay, the minimum threshold is $5 = 1500 points.

23. HealthyWage

A Free App that Pays You to Lose Weight

HealthyWage is a Free App that Pays You to Lose Weight

Imagine losing weight and earning $10,000 while at it… seems impossible, then again not. HealthyWage is one of those apps where you can make money without even trying to. The app offers you a fun way to earn money online while staying on track with your weight loss journey.

Similar to StepBet, HealthyWage lets you join in weight loss challenges where you stand to win an upward of up to $10,000 which is the maximum payout per challenge. To join in, you can register on the app, calculate the estimated prize using the HealthyWage calculator, set your weight loss goal and timeline, and make a bet.

To verify your result, you have to verify your starting weight and the weight loss. Note that your minimum weight loss goal has to be at least 10% of your body weight. When you win the challenge, you'll earn HW points; one point = one dollar, which you can request a payout through PayPal or pay an extra $7 for a check. Alternatively, you can use the points to participate in other challenges.

Use These Apps to Make Money Fast!

As you have read above, you can make extra income from just about anything. From side hustle apps like DoorDash, Fiverr, or Rover to passive income money earning apps like M1 Finance, Acorns, Robinhood, Airbnb, and Neighbor. If you're a tasker then apps like Gigwalk and TaskRabbit will work for you and let's not forget the cash back apps like Swagbucks, MyPoints, Ibotta, Dosh, and Earny.

Make use of your extra time, spare storage space, vacant room in your home, or idle car to earn you extra money. Start today by downloading your favorite app from Google Play Store or the Apple Store.

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