16 Best Property Management Software of 2024

Updated Dec 5, 2022.
Best Property Management Software

Did you know that a property management software can completely change the way you manage your properties?

If you deploy one on your property, you might never have to visit it again for those minor repairs, lease processing and other time-consuming activities. Your property management software will automate all those processes for you and do even more.

A property management software can greatly simplify and streamline the complete property management process.

With just a few clicks you can bring your tenants, staff, vendors and all stakeholders on one platform. You can also easily communicate with your tenants and make sure you get paid on time each month. No more running behind tenants for rent that they owe you.

Confused about how one software can help you manage properties that you have in so many different states? Our guide will help you understand what these software are, what they are capable of and also equip you with a list of the sixteen best property management software in the market.

After you read our article, you will be able to confidently choose one that fits your needs and your budget. Are you ready? Let’s get started.

Best Property Management Software

1. Buildium

Best all-in-one property management software for improved efficiency.

Buildium is the Best all in one property management software for improved efficiency

Irrespective of the number of units you need to manage, Buildium is a one-stop solution for all your property management needs. Right from accounting, bookkeeping, vendor management, maintenance management, renter’s insurance, you can manage everything from one solution.

Buildium is a great property management software for residential properties, but managing commercial properties through Buildium may be difficult. Since it is a cloud-based solution, you can access it anywhere and it is also a very beginner-friendly tool.

To begin with, payments get simplified with Buildium. You can quickly process online payments, cash payments, pay vendors and even automate your recurring payments. Their bookkeeping feature is on point too and it is easy to keep track of all transactions.

You can create your customizable website, build your brand, receive applications online, run tenant screening, schedule visits or follow-ups with tenants, and manage all your tenant applications from one place.

Managing your properties also becomes convenient right from your mobile devices. You can access all the work orders and maintenance requests right from your mobile device, assign them to vendors, store important documents in the drive and much more.

Through Buildium, you can also secure yourself and your tenants using renter’s insurance. It even helps you with tax filing. Instead of using your personal numbers for communicating with tenants, Buildium simplifies the communication process for streamlined and trackable communication.

Getting started with Buildium is very easy. An onboarding team will be assigned to you to walk you through the process. Buildium is also known to have a responsive customer support team and very rare instances of the server being down.


Buildium Pricing Plan

Buildium offers three different plans depending on the stage of your portfolio. If you are just getting started and have just a few units, the Essential plan may be a good choice. For growing businesses, the Growth Plan is a better choice.

2. TurboTenant

Best free property management software for tenant screening.

TurboTenant is the Best free property management software for tenant screening

If you are looking for a completely free property management software, TurboTenant is a great choice. Not only is it 100% free but it is also a powerful tenant screening software that will help you thoroughly check the background of any desired tenant.

It gives you a complete report of their criminal history, credit report and past evictions if any through their partnership with TransUnion.

When you use TurboTenant, instead of posting your property on different listing portals, you just have to post your property on their website and you can then easily advertise on all the desired portals directly.

TurboTenant is the best landlord software that equips you with everything you need to become a carefree landlord. Once your tenant screening is complete, you can then use the platform for communicating with them.

Right from signing the lease agreement online, to accessing their maintenance requests, collecting rent online, getting important documents signed and storing them securely, there is a lot that TurboTenant helps landlords with.

You can also get your renter’s insurance through TurboTenant or help tenants purchase one online. Since it is cloud-based, you can manage your property remotely. It offers rent tracking, payment reminders, receipts of every payment made and payment history too.

There is also something known as Rent Estimate Report which you can use to check the rentals in your area to see where your property stands.


TurboTenant Pricing Plan

TurboTenant is completely free for landlords irrespective of the size of your property you want to manage. There is only one package that includes all the tools you need to screen and process applications, collect rent, advertising tools and rental management tools.

3. AppFolio Property Manager

Best intuitive and user-friendly property management software for managing 50+ units.

AppFolio Property Manager is the Best intuitive and user friendly property management software

If you are looking for a simplified property management software, AppFolio is the best choice. It is also a great choice if you are looking for something that you can use straight from your phone.

However, it may be a bit expensive software if you plan to use it to manage only a couple of properties. This property management software is ideal for property owners with several units of property.

Also, you can manage residential, community associations and commercial properties through AppFolio. Getting started with them is very easy.

While there is no free trial, you can schedule a demo video where the customer support team will explain everything about the software to you in detail.

When you post your property on AppFolio it automatically helps you post the listing on multiple rental listing sites and get in touch with tenants who show interest in your property. There are templates that you can use to create rental agreements and get them signed online.

You can accept payments from tenants online through Appfolio and also make payments to vendors. When your tenants need any repairs to be done, they can raise a request through Appfolio’s app. You can then access and process the request accordingly.

Tenants and landlords can both track the status of maintenance requests and work orders through the portal. Some other features that you get with Appfolio are reporting, vendor management, smart bill entries and others.

It also makes house inspections and utility management easy through their apps. Apart from the tenant side features, Appfolio also offers some staffing and training features like configurable workflows, performance insights, workflow reporting and others.


AppFolio Property Manager Pricing Plan

There are different plans for managing residential properties and commercial properties though the prices are not very different. However, there is a monthly fee that you will have to pay and for each plan, there is a set number of units that you must have.

For residential as well as commercial property managers, the Core plan is a good choice for small to medium-sized portfolios.

4. Innago

Best free rental property management software for mid-sized landlords.

Innago is the Best free rental property management software for mid sized landlords

For landlords looking for a free property management software, Innago is here to help you out. Though it is a free software, it does not skimp on features and has all the property management tools you would need to manage your properties.

Whichever type of properties you own, let it be commercial, residential or student housing, Innago can help you with all of them. Also, the size of the property does not matter but if you have small rental properties, it can be especially easy to manage with Innago.

To begin with, Innago can make rent collection very smooth. Tenants can pay online and they will receive alerts and payment reminders. It also has the option of signing up for recurring payments and offers simple, easy-to-read reports.

You can integrate with Quickbooks, generate invoices and keep track of your payments. It also lets you take the lease signing process online. You no longer have to be present in person for leases. Simply customize your leases and send them across to tenants for signing.

There is a tenant screening feature in partnership with TransUnion where you can get the credit history, criminal history and eviction history in one place. You can create your own custom application forms for interested tenants and embed them on your website.

Using the tenant portal, you can access maintenance requests through your mobile and get them resolved urgently. This portal also acts as a streamlined communication channel between landlords and tenants. All important documents can be accessed through the portal.


Innago offers its property management software completely free of cost. There are no set up costs, no monthly fees or contracts. You can get started with your property management software within a few minutes.

5. Propertyware

Best open source residential property management software.

Propertyware is the Best open source residential property management software

Propertyware is a residential property management software made for landlords who lease out single-family homes. Since it is an open-source platform, it is highly customizable and you can set it up according to your needs.

Using the tenant and owner’s portal, landlords can maintain transparency, set clear expectations and have a streamlined channel for communication. Propertyware equips landlords so that they can accept cash as well as online payments from tenants.

Owners, as well as tenants, can access these portals 24/7 and reach each other conveniently.

While managing property maintenance can be difficult, Propertyware offers an integrated solution where tenants can raise maintenance requests, landlords can manage work orders, manage multiple vendors and more.

Since tenant screening is important, Propertyware deploys next level AI technology for tenant screening where you can set customizable screening criteria. You can then generate reports to determine if you would like to rent out to a tenant or not.

One of the best features about Propertyware is that it has an integrated online leasing solution through which you can easily rent out your properties through your phone. Everything from applications, tenant screening, lease signing can be done from your phone.

Another good thing about Propertyware is that managing your finances with Propertyware will be very easy. You can use QuickBook integration, property or portfolio level budgets, property accounting and many more features.


Propertyware Pricing Plan

Propertyware’s pricing plans are quite straightforward and there are three plans that you can choose from.

If you have small rental properties, the Basic plan will be a good choice. But for medium to large properties, the Plus plan will be ideal and has almost all necessary features.

6. Condo Control

Best property management software for simplified communication.

Condo Control is the Best property management software for simplified communication

Condo Control is the perfect tool for landlords looking for a rental property management software that makes communication easy among tenants. There is one central platform through which all tenants can stay connected with their landlords.

Landlords can make announcements through the portal on bulletin boards, allow tenants to post ads, have common discussions, create an event calendar, host annual meetings online, and even send surveys to gauge tenant experience.

Since maintaining a property has lots of elements that have to be managed, Condo Control offers a comprehensive record-keeping feature that helps tenants easily get their Status certification.

Landlords can also easily showcase all the amenities that the building has to offer and allow online booking. There’s an asset management feature that can be used to track which asset belongs to a particular tenant.

With Condo Control, you can also ensure that your community is safe with up-to-date security logs. Depending on the rules you set, only authorized people will be allowed into the premises.

You also can control vehicle parking on your premises through the visitor parking feature that allows you to enforce parking policies online.

Some other useful features that you get are incident tracking, package tracking, security personnel tracking and valet parking.

Even though Condo Control is known for its communication features, it is a comprehensive tool with plenty of features. There are lots of integrations that you can choose from so that your property management software can be used for multiple functions.

Some of these integrations are QuickBooks, Constar, VMS, Stripe, Rotessa, Snail, Parcel Port and others.


Even though Condo Central offers custom quotes, there are two main plans that they offer, i.e. Core and Premium. If you are looking for a feature-rich plan, the Premium plan is ideal as the Core plan does not include features like asset management, security patrol and others.

7. SimplifyEm

Best residential property management software for small to midsize properties.

SimplifyEm is the Best residential property management software for small to midsize properties

A lot of property owners who have used SimplifyEm previously recommend using this residential property management software for its ease of use. Right from rental payments, tenant screening and property management, there are several useful tools to choose from.

To get started, unlike many other property management software, SimplifyEm helps landlords set up a website for their property. You’ll be charged a one-time fee for it and you can customize your website the way you want.

Once your website is set up, you can list your property on different listing sites like Trulia, Craigslist, Zillow and others. This can be done even if you do not have a property website.

As the name suggests, SimplifyEm actually simplifies a lot of tasks for landlords. Accepting payments online becomes very easy. You can invite tenants to the payments portal, add their account details and set up recurring payments. This way neither party needs to worry about the rent.

Since you would probably be looking for tenant screening, SimplifyEm’s tenant screening feature offers enhanced tenant screening features. You can generate detailed tenant reports in just a few minutes. There are additional charges applicable.

Some of the features that you get with every SimplifyEm plan are renter’s insurance, detailed reports, unlimited document storage, income and expense tracking, vendor management, and a few others.


SimplifyEm Pricing Plan

SimplifyEm offers several plans depending on the number of units you want to manage. If you have more than two thousand units then you can opt for the custom plan. While the P10-P30 plans may have limited features, you can get the other additional features at an extra cost.

You can choose the P10-P30 and then choose the specific features that you require.

8. MRI Software

Best flexible real estate management software with comprehensive tools.

MRI Software is the Best flexible real estate management software with comprehensive tools

Whether you are looking for a solution that helps you manage condos, multi-family properties, commercial properties, construction and development projects, retail facilities and others, MRI Software is a complete real estate solution.

There are two main solutions that they offer, i.e. MRI Living for managing residential properties and MRI Work for managing commercial properties and workplaces. Depending on what you choose, there will be a wide range of features that you will get.

It is an integrated system that provides a portal for landlords and tenants, accounting software, property accounting, lease abstraction, facilities management and many more features.

Instead of helping you just manage your property and tenants, MRI Software helps you even before your tenants start staying with you. They help you list your properties on different portals, attract leads, personalize communication, convert leads and more.

Using MRI Software, you can offer different payment options to your tenants like cash, online and check payments. The property accounting features collect all financial data in one place and help you automate payments, manage assets, keep track of expenses and more.

If you have residential properties, right from signing lease agreements, tenant screening, maintenance management and asset management, you can manage everything from the tip of your fingers.

For commercial properties, managing entire portfolios becomes easy where you can streamline operations and manage portfolio performance.

With MRI Software, you will also get a comprehensive set of reporting and analytics features that will help you get data-driven insights about your properties. Using this information, you will be able to identify trends and make strategic decisions about your properties.


MRI Software offers custom pricing only. So for their pricing information, you will have to fill up a form on their page and you can also request a demo through the same form.

9. PropertyVista

Best all-in-one residential property management software.

PropertyVista is the Best all in one residential property management software

PropertyVista is a resident centric property management system that helps create a smooth functioning relationship between tenants and owners. Right from tenant portals, marketing tools, maintenance management, leasing applications and others, it takes care of everything.

Let’s talk about the tenant portal and streamlined communication. Landlords can use the tenant portal for direct communication with the tenants. They can post announcements for everyone to view.

If you want to send a message to only a few tenants, there’s even an option for that. For quicker and effective communication, there are templates that you can use. Using PropertyVista, you can also ensure that all maintenance requests submitted by tenants are addressed promptly.

There’s an inspector app that lets you track repairs through the phone. You and your tenants can upload pictures to the app and you can keep them updated throughout the process. Generating work orders also becomes really quick and easy.

With PropertyVista, managing lease options also gets streamlined. You can promote your vacancies, attract high-quality tenants, screen tenants through smart technology and even help you manage evictions.

They also have accounting software that makes property accounting hassle-free. You can accept payments online, keep track of all payments, forecast expenses and more.


PropertyVista Pricing Plan

There are three plans at PropertyVista that landlords can choose from. While the Essential Plan has all the important features, if you want features like accounting management, maintenance and work orders, the premium plan may be better.

Property owners with large needs can choose the Enterprise plan which is a custom plan.

10. ResMan

Best comprehensive property management software for large property portfolios.

ResMan is the Best comprehensive property management software for large property portfolios

ResMan is a property management software that has been created by property managers. So you can expect that it addresses some of the genuine concerns and hurdles that real property managers have. However, it is a solution loaded with useful features.

The platform takes a digital-first approach and allows landlords to create unique experiences for their visitors. You can offer them a user-friendly website, online rent payment options and others like direct communication with the property managers.

You can market your property using ResMan and can attract the right kind of tenant through tenant screening. There is also a complete accounting feature that you can use to set up recurring payments, tracks receivables, get insights on assets and keep track of your expenses.

There is a property budgeting software that will also help you prepare project budgets, track progress and forecast future expenses and revenue. You get audit-ready reports with ResMan.

Since the project managers who created ResMan probably knew how difficult property maintenance is, they included features that would give tenants and landlords a real-time view of maintenance and repair statuses.

Through this feature, you can keep a tab on the status of every repair requested and it also helps you charge the cost of repairs to the corresponding tenant accounts wherever applicable to streamline the whole process.


If you look for ResMan’s pricing information on their web page, you may not find any information as they offer custom quotes only. You will have to request a demo and the customer support team will guide you to a plan that will best address your requirements.

11. TenantCloud

Best comprehensive landlord software for tenant management.

TenantCloud is the Best comprehensive landlord software for tenant management

TenantCloud is a good property management software for landlords as well as property managers. It is a comprehensive software with all the necessary tools needed for rental property management.

To begin with, TenantCloud will help you create a customized listing website for your property where you can upload information about all the vacancies on your property. It will then help you capture leads and allow interested tenants to fill out applications.

You can even post the vacancies on multiple listing websites with just one click. Once you have tenants interested to rent out your property, you can run a thorough background check and select a good tenant. It lets you choose the kind of report you want to generate.

To make it further smoother for landlords or property managers like you, TenantCloud even has a feature that lets tenants sign leases online. There are several templates that the landlord can use to create the leases. Lease renewal can also be done online.

Once your tenants move in and they start requesting repairs and maintenance, you can use TenantCloud to find service professionals, compare quotes with available options, get work started and check progress.

TenantCloud is a good choice if you are planning on leasing to groups. There are several features for groups where you can allow group members to split the rent, offers credits and discounts, increase or decrease rent and more.

Some other features that you get is a team management feature which is useful if you manage your property in teams, a portal for tenant and landlord communication, online payment options, recurring payments and more.


TenantCloud Pricing Plan

There are four plans that you can choose from and it includes a free plan with basic features if you have a smaller property. For small to mid-sized properties, the Growth plan is ideal as it includes all the free features, property management and tenant management features.

If you would like to manage large properties beyond the scope of the three primary plans, there is also a custom pricing plan.

12. DoorLoop

Best customizable rental property software for busy landlords.

DoorLoop is the Best customizable rental property software for busy landlords

DoorLoop is a great choice for landlords who own several properties and are looking for a solution that helps them manage their properties centrally. The portfolios can be a combination of commercial or residential properties and community associations or student housing.

To begin with, you can create a branded website easily and list all your properties and vacancies on the site. Then comes the step of listing your properties on multiple listing websites. DoorLoop then helps you with signing leases and tenant screening.

You can then set up online payment options for your tenants and also set up recurring payments. While there will be a portal for owners where you can store financial information, documents and other documents, there is also a tenant portal.

Using this portal, tenants and landlords or property managers can directly communicate with each other. When tenants raise maintenance requests, you can assign the work orders to your staff and track whether they are completed through your phone.

The best part about DoorLoop is its open API that lets users connect the property management tool with any tool that they desire. They also offer some of the most common integrations like Zapier, QuickBooks, Mailchimp, Insightly and others.

Some other features that you get with DoorLoop are renter’s insurance, automatic late fees, bill tracking, bank integration, custom reports, accounting, vendor management, property lister and others.


DoorLoop Pricing Plan

There are three plans that doorloop offers. While the starter plan is the least expensive, it is quite limited and does not include important property management features.

The Pro plan is the best choice for any landlord or property manager who wants all the important features but is not too keen on integrations and API access.

13. Hemlane

Best real estate property management software for landlords who own less than 100 units.

Hemlane is the Best real estate property management software for landlords who own less than 100 units

Hemlane is a great multi family residential property management software that has a lot of useful features. It can help you with applicant tracking, rental agreements, tenant screening, lease management, maintenance management and more.

As the first step, Hemlane will help you create a professional listing website and then help you most on multiple websites with just one click. It will tell you about upcoming vacancies so that you can start preparing for new tenants.

Unlike other software where you have to perform a lot of tasks manually, Hemlane takes care of everything for you. It lets you process lease agreements online, approves lease applications, tracks leads, and does the pre-screening of tenants too.

You can even authorize agents to help you find tenants for your property. In case you want to get a comprehensive tenant screening done, Hemlane checks the eviction database, criminal history, credit history and provides detailed reports.

You also get upcoming vacancy alerts and complete document storage on the cloud. Since you will have to process rent every month, Hemlane will help you set up recurring payments, offer online payment options, charge late fees and get custom reports.


Hemlane Pricing Plan

While there are three plans that you can choose from, the basic plan may be too basic and have limited features. For most property owners, the Essential plan is ideal as it has most of the features and does not cost a lot.

14. Yardi Breeze

Best simple property management software for different types of properties.

Yardi Breeze is the Best simple property management software for different types of properties

Most property management software specializes in residential property management. For those looking for a property management software that helps them manage self-storage, communities, manufactured housing and associations, Yardi Breeze is the choice.

Whichever kind of property you want to manage, Yardi Breeze has a separate software for the same. These software help with rent collection, accounting, maintenance, compliance, and others.

Yardi Breeze allows you to manage all your properties from any device. It even lets you collect rent online, set up recurring payments, check unauthorized rent increases, charge late fees automatically, and more.

If you are looking for a residential property management software, Yardi Breeze helps owners right from the listing stage till the time a tenant vacates your property. You can list your property on different listing sites, get leases signed online and more.

For those who have difficulty managing finances, Yardi Breeze’s accounting features like budget tracking, managing payables and receivables, generating financial statements, job costing tracking, expense management make the job easy.

When your tenants raise maintenance requests, you can easily assign work, track the progress, track maintenance history for any unit, charge tenants automatically and more.


Yardi Breeze Pricing Plan

Depending on the type of property you want to manage, there are different plans for each. If your are looking for a residential property management solution, the Breeze Premier plan is a good choice.

15. Pendo

Best online rental property management software for managing multiple properties.

Pendo is the Best online rental property management software for managing multiple properties

If you are looking for an all-in-one property management software that can help you manage multiple properties centrally, Pendo is a good choice that does most of the everyday tasks that landlords need to do on a regular basis.

Right from helping you with finding tenants till the time they vacate, Pendo helps landlords throughout the process. You can create custom application forms and ask questions that matter the most to you.

They have integrated with Certn and Equifax to provide detailed tenant screening and offer custom tenant screening reports. While onboarding new tenants you can even process the lease agreements online.

Instead of having to visit your property for collecting rent, using Pendo you can set up online payments and set up recurring payments too. With PendoPay you will be able to get direct bank transfers done.

When your tenants vacate your property, Pendo’s inspection features let you click pictures of the house, upload pictures and keep them for future records. You can even store all your important documents within the platform and live without any stress.


Pendo Pricing Plan

Whether you have just one unit or over two hundred, Pendo offers pricing plans that suit each requirement. Depending on the size of your property, you can choose a plan and even get a 30-day free trial.

16. RealPage

Best easy-to-use and affordable property management software.

RealPage is the Best easy to use and affordable property management software

If you are looking for a property management software that automates most of your property management functions, RealPage is the best choice. In fact, it is an end-to-end property operation suite that deploys AI technology.

With its comprehensive accounting features, real estate owners can manage their property finances completely. Right from budgeting, spend management, corporate accounting and reporting, you will get help with all of them.

It also helps you go paperless and stores all your documents in their cloud while also making sure that your documents are secure. The platform is highly customizable and you can tweak the features, reminders and functions to fit your needs.

The software is very easy to use and there is a very comprehensive dashboard that shows you a wide variety of information like the new lease rents, revenue, revenue trends, vacancies, financial summary and more.

If you would like to generate any reports, RealPage also makes it very easy to generate custom reports for the metrics that matter the most to you.

They have a streamlined maintenance management system through which you can manage repair requests and maintenance on the go.

They even have several processes in place to make sure that you abide by the compliances and also ensure that you have low-risk tenants occupying your property.


RealPage Pricing Plan

How to Choose the Best Property Management Software?

Now that you know there are so many good property management software available for landlords and property managers, it is important to choose one that best fits your needs. There are several factors that you must consider before making the final choice.

1. Property marketing

The first feature that you should look for in a property management software is whether it will help you fill up the vacancies in your property. The best real estate management software lets you create professional, branded websites where you can upload your vacancies.

Then there is something known as property syndication where with just one click you will be able to publish your vacancies on multiple listing sites. This makes your job very easy and reduces manual work.

2. Streamlined application process

Some of the best rental property management software will also help you with the application process. They will let you ask the questions that matter most to you and also capture all leads that show interest in your property to increase the conversion rate.

The best solutions even let you process lease agreements online so you can control the entire leasing process online without visiting your property for every small reason.

3. Tenant screening

As property managers or owners, you know that most of the major losses are incurred due to bad tenants. The best rental property management software will always help you screen your tenants. They either do it on their own or tie-up with third parties like TransUnion.

You should be able to run background checks, check the credit history and criminal history of all your tenants and generate reports quickly and easily.

4. Maintenance management

One of the major problems that landlords face while managing their properties is the upkeep of their property and managing all maintenance requests from tenants. Choose a property management software that simplifies the entire process.

The best property management solution will let you manage your maintenance requests from the convenience of your mobile phone. You can track all requests, assign them to your staff or vendors, keep track of progress and keep your tenants updated.

You will also be able to click and upload pictures to the portal and allow tenants to do the same. Some software like Pendo even let you click pictures of the property when your tenants vacate the premises and store them for future reference.

5. Property accounting

Another very important feature to look for in a good property management software is property accounting features and bank integrations. You should be able to offer online payment options to your tenants.

The best solution will let you set up recurring payments like Yardi Breeze, Hemlane and DoorLoop. They will also let you automatically charge late fees when tenants fail to pay on time.

Some of the best software tie-up with accounting software that helps with spend management, bookkeeping and others.

6. Integrations

The best property management software will let you do much more than just manage properties. Some may even be open source or have open API access so that you can use the software just the way you want.

An example of a good open-source property management software is Propertyware.

7. Streamline communication

Often, one of the problems that tenants and landlords face is that they do not have a streamlined channel of communicating with each other. It leads to a lot of miscommunication, lost messages and problems.

While choosing a software for property management, make sure that the one you choose offers a tenant portal where landlords and tenants can communicate with each other. Landlords can also store important documents and make announcements through this portal.


What is property management software?

Property management software is an integrated solution that helps property managers and landlords manage their residential as well as commercial properties. Most of these modern-day solutions are cloud-based so you can manage your properties from anywhere. 

Using this software, you can find tenants to fill up the vacancies in your properties, conduct tenant screening, manage your property finances online, process lease agreements through the software, and more.

Why should I use property management software?

Managing a rental property can be a very difficult job and involves a lot of details that have to be taken care of. You need to manage your tenants, make sure they pay on time, process their maintenance requests, keep track of your assets, and so much more.

Using property management software makes the entire process of managing properties very easy and managing rental properties can become a piece of cake. You can do everything online, remotely using just your phone. 

Whether you have one property or multiple, good property management software will let you manage all of them centrally without leaving the software. It will help you with accounting, administrative work, property inspections, communication and more.

How much does property management software cost?

The cost of most property management software varies depending on the number of units that you have to manage. They can cost you anywhere between $1 and $2000. 

Some of them may even offer a free plan if you have less than ten units or just one unit that you want to manage. TenantCloud is one such platform that offers a free plan. There are also completely free landlord software like Innago and TurboTenant.

What is the best landlord software?

The best landlord software is Buildium because it is an all-in-one property management software. Right from accepting online payments, processing applications online, to getting renter’s insurance and offering streamline communication, it has everything.

Moreover, it is also completely cloud-based so it also offers the freedom of location.

What is the best commercial real estate management software?

AppFolio Property Manager is the best commercial real estate management software and you can even manage residential properties using the software. There are dedicated feature sets and pricing plans for commercial properties as well as residential properties.

Which Property Management Software Do I Choose?

Now that you know all the available options and how one chooses a good property management software, you are ready to make a purchase and change the way you currently manage your properties.

If you are looking for free property management software, there is Innago and TurboTenant. For small properties, TenantCloud offers a free plan.

Landlords looking for all-in-one solutions that are rich with features there’s Buildium, MRI Software and ResMan. If you want easy-to-use, simple property management software, there’s RealPage and Yardi Breeze.

Before you make your final choice, compare your needs to the available features to make sure that the software you choose solves your purpose. Also, make sure that you read some customer reviews and find out more about their customer support.

You are now ready to begin shopping for the best rental property management software for managing all your properties.

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