19 Best Inventory Management Software in 2024

Updated Aug 5, 2023.

With a convenient online platform, you can track what’s in stock and build a successful business. To help you out, here are our top choices for inventory management software.

Acumatica icon


Full-service inventory management solution. It makes collaboration and data storage easier.
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Oracle NetSuite

Scalable software that focuses on easy use and organization. It features extensive ERP and inventory tools.
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A very flexible and easy-to-use software. It can scale to hundreds of users and features a wide range of reports.
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QuickBooks Commerce

This makes assembly, inventory, and tracking sales super easy. The software simplifies financial management and accounting.
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Offers a free plan for Shopify users. It features loads of integrations for seamless management.

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A critical component of a business is its inventory, but it’s usually challenging to keep track of what comes in and goes out. This is why you need the best inventory management software.

An inventory management tool allows for smooth transactions, easy tracking, resource planning, and other essential functions every company needs. The needs of every business are different, so you should pick the software that works best for you.

We have scoured a complete list of the best 19 inventory management software while comparing their cost and features.

What is the Best Inventory Management Software?

1. Acumatica

Best Overall Inventory Management Software

Editor’s Take
9.1 out of 10
Best for
Overall Inventory Management Software
Tailored Based On Your Usage
Annual Discount

It’s no surprise that Acumatica is at the top of our list, as this inventory management software focuses on centralizing the information in your organization. The scalable solution comes with ERP tools and is ideal for different businesses and industries.

Acumatica is our list's best inventory management software, serving as a universal platform with collaboration tools and feature-rich service. This tool is suitable for small to medium-sized businesses and advertises itself in industries for manufacturing, service, construction, distribution, retail, and commerce.

The Acumatica software has received high praise and awards from CRN, Gartner, Red Herring, and the Software and Information Industry Association.

Key Features

  • Inventory and Warehouse Management: Acumatica features extensive inventory and warehouse management tools. You get a distribution management product suite to track inventories in locations. The warehouse management system gives a bird’s eye view of warehouses and the flow of goods. There is an order management tool that centralizes all sales activities.
  • CRM Tools: Besides managing your inventory and goods, Acumatica has a built-in customer relationship management functionality. The software has a centralized system with all records on customers, making them easily accessible. With the dashboard, you have a detailed view of customer information. There are different reports for giving feedback on customer data.
  • Business Analysis Tools and Reports: Analyzing business data and reporting to stakeholders like clients and the higher-ups is easy with Acumatica. The software allows you to collect information from different sources and organize them in reports.
  • Project Accounting: With Acumatica, you can access project accounting features, including inventory tracking project costs, budget reporting, managing project quotes, flexible billing, controlling change orders, and company-specific financial periods.


Acumatica - pricing

Acumatica does not have a fixed payment plan like other well-known software. Instead of a one-size-fits-all structure, it allows you to customize your plan by submitting your business needs and other information. After you submit the form with your email, you wait for a response. You don’t pay for user seats but functionality alone.

2. Oracle NetSuite

Best for Enterprise Resource Planning

Editor’s Take
8.8 out of 10
Best for
Enterprise Resource Planning
Tailored for Each Business
Annual Discount

If you need a new inventory management software focused on enterprise resource planning, we recommend Oracle NetSuite. This is a solid platform for the cloud and is highly scalable to meet extensive needs. The software comes with diverse versions, even for nonprofits and other specific business types.

Oracle NetSuite is well-known for having a wide range of services based on the needed solution, business type, and industry. The NetSuite ERP is for those that need an all-in-one inventory management solution based on the cloud.

The second-best inventory management system offers features for managing inventory, accounting, supply chain, order processing, and warehouse operations. With the software, you get better visibility into all data on inventory.

Key Features

  • Automated Inventory Management: Oracle NetSuite allows you to automate inventory management, thus reducing inventory management costs and meeting your customers' needs. The tools allow you to track inventory in various locations, assess replenishment, calculate reorder points and keep your stock safe.
  • Easy to Manage Global Businesses: NetSuite is a solid inventory management system for global businesses, chain stores, or any establishment with many branches. The software features real-time financial visibility and consolidation, different currencies, and resources like taxation and reporting rules for different geographies.
  • Tools for Accounting and Financial Management: NetSuite goes the extra mile in its software by providing tools for financial management. The tool has a real-time view of your company’s financial performance and a platform to streamline the general ledger, tax management, AR, and AP. With this tool, you get a full view of cash flow in and out.
  • Demand-Based Replenishment: Netsuite provides a demand-based replenishment tool, which automatically alerts you when you need to add more goods to the inventory. This is decided based on historical sales data, the number of inventory days of supply, and the average lead time. Thus, you always know when to replenish the inventory.


Oracle NetSuite - Inventory Management - Pricing

To know the price of the inventory management software provided by NetSuite, you need to contact the company directly. There is an annual license fee and a one-time implementation fee for the first setup. Since it’s highly scalable, you can add users and features as your business grows, but you’ll have to pay as you do so.

3. Syspro

Best for Retail and Reporting

Editor’s Take
8.4 out of 10
Best for
Retail and Reporting
Quotes Differ Based on Company
Annual Discount

Another strong competitor in inventory management software is Syspro, and we recommend it for small, mid-size, and large companies. The inventory tool comes with a wide range of reports for your different needs, and you can increase the number of users in your software as your business grows.

Syspro is a leading inventory management software specifically designed for businesses in manufacturing, distribution, production, and especially retail. With these tools, users can enjoy financial, warehouse, and inventory management features and can be used in businesses with different branches.

The software has won multiple awards and received recognition from TEC, Nucleus Research, and others.

Key Features

  • High-End Inventory Management: At first glance, anyone would be intimidated by the inventory management module included in its ERP system without additional pricing issues. The inventory management system is easy to customize, with various costing methods, canned reports, and tools for forecasting, demand planning, and analysis. Also, you can use this tool to handle multiple warehouses, even if they use different costing methods and tools.
  • Financial Accounting Module: This good inventory management system has powerful financial tools. You will see highly capable financial modules, including general lager, purchase orders, sales, inventory and accounts payable, and others. The account structures are highly flexible for customization and come with different reports for communicating with stakeholders.
  • Seamless Mobile App: You can keep track of your inventory while you’re on the go with Syspro. All your inventory is easily accessible from mobile apps on Android and iOS devices. The apps are easy to install and navigate, with many features. Although, you might need the desktop version for all the services.
  • Capacity Planning: Syspro makes it easy to create plans based on your business, with constraints like inventory, machines, and personnel to deliver products to your customers with no challenges. The software helps to maximize uptime as you accurately plan and schedule your products.


Syspro - pricing - request a demo

After contacting the customer service on Syspro, it was revealed that the quotes vary based on your needs. You can get a quote by contacting the service, although you can expect to pay a monthly fee. The solution is cost-effective.

4. QuickBooks Commerce

Best for Medium-Sized Business

Editor’s Take
7.9 out of 10
Best for
Medium-Sized Businesses
$25 – $100
Annual Discount

We highly recommend QuickBooks Commerce for a medium-sized business that needs to track sales and inventory swiftly. On it, you get the necessary tools for managing inventory, orders, and pricing. With this software, you get web-based and on-premises options.

QuickBooks Commerce is a well-known software that will help you save time and money on inventory management. The flexible solution is fully integrated with the QuickBooks accounting tool, so you don’t only offer inventory tracking but accounting.

Commerce is a great way to simplify accounting and financial management. Remember that it’s not scalable past 30 users and isn’t great for businesses with multiple branches.

Key Features

  • Advanced Inventory Functions: The highlight of QuickBooks Commerce is its impressive inventory features. With the features, you have a complete view of your inventory and can even track inventory levels in real-time. The software has order management features and accounting functions like tracking invoices, expenses, bills, taxes, and managing sales.
  • Pricing and Reporting Tools: Companies can utilize advanced pricing and reporting tools. The price management module is highly flexible, allowing you to customize, control and automate pricing. With the software, you have all the essential reports for communicating with others.
  • Field Service Management: Another top feature from QuickBooks Commerce is this one, which allows you to get live updates directly from the field. You can integrate the software with other e-commerce platforms, ensuring that your data and orders are constantly updated.
  • Optimize Your Operation from One Platform: QuickBooks Commerce allows for inventory tracking, managing orders, and enhancing fulfillment processes on multiple sales channels from a centralized platform. On-demand, you can receive complete insights into the inventory data, and it solves the problem of manual data entry.


QuickBooks Commerce - A complete business solution - pricing

QuickBooks Commerce offers highly affordable plans for those who use their other services and new customers. New customers pay half price for the first three months, but existing customers have a smaller discount. If you’re a new customer, you pay more than those already using QuickBooks. Keep in mind that QuickBooks Commerce must be paired with the original version.

5. Orderhive

Best for Shopify Businesses

Editor’s Take
7.7 out of 10
Best for
Shopify Businesses
$49.99 – $299.99
Annual Discount
Free Trial

If you’re looking for a great partner in managing your inventory, Orderhive is a fantastic choice. This is an all-in-one inventory software with many integrations and advanced features, but you don’t have to break the bank to use the services. And Shopify users get to use Orderhive for free.

Orderhive is an advanced inventory management software that meets the needs of diverse industries and businesses. There are hundreds of integrations, feature-rich plans, and stock-keeping units, making it a great tool.

You can operate Orderhive on any browser, but it’s recommended to use Firefox or Chrome.

Key Features

  • Kanban Approach: Orderhive comes with a Kanban approach for replenishing and reordering stock, making it easy for you to organize the goods in your company. The software supports the first-in, first-out method.
  • Automated Features: There are over ten tools for e-commerce automation available at Orderhive. The software automates your purchase orders, allows you to add, update or delete products in bulk, and link or unlink products with different names. There are different reporting templates for the cost of goods sold on the software.
  • Hundreds of Integrations: Orderhive features hundreds of integrations with popular and rare apps. These popular apps include Etsy, Quickbooks, FedEx, Amazon, and WooCommerce. Orderhive integrates with tools for storefronts, accounting, marketplace, shipping, CRM, and more.
  • Quick Reports and Analytics: This inventory software reduces inventory risks by analyzing your goods. It gives you reports on which products are performing and those that are not, making it easier to decide based on data. The tool will lessen the chance of making errors with the inventory.


Orderhive pricing

Orderhive provides four pricing plans going from $95 to $500, and for the Enterprise plan, you have to request a quote. It features a free plan for Shopify businesses for basic orders, inventory management, and shipping. You can only do so with the Enterprise plan if you want unlimited users.

6. SAP Business One

Best for Customization

SAP Business One - Discover a single, affordable solution for managing your entire company

Another of the best inventory management tools is SAP Business One, a flexible and feature-rich platform. The software is designed as an old-school ERP platform, but the highlight is that users can widely customize it.

Despite its traditional implementation, it is widely used globally and is known for having a cutting-edge database.

Key Features

  • Reliable Inventory Management: SAP Business One is super good at managing production and warehouse entities, especially when it comes to sales organizations. The inventory system is well-suited for small and medium businesses, with a wide range of analysis and predictive capabilities. The tool features four costing methods for costing your inventory, although all features are inventory-based.
  • CRM Functions: This inventory management software has an impressive customer relationship management tool. The CRM functions are labeled Sales Opportunities and allow you to manage your customer information. Companies can utilize the feature to maintain service contracts, create service calls, and manage campaigns.
  • Benefits Administration Module: A unique feature of SAP Business One is the Benefits Administration Module, which you can customize. This feature is a subcomponent of the HR module and integrated with the payroll module. It automates workflows and comes with different tools for building detailed reports to make work easier.
  • Sales and Customer Management: SAP Business One makes it easy for you to oversee the whole customer lifecycle and sales process efficiently. The impressive tool includes checking initial contact, final sales, after-sales, and customer support functions.


SAP Business One - Discover a single, affordable solution for managing your entire company - pricing

SAP Business One has no fixed pricing solution, but you can request a quote. Rest assured that it is an affordable solution that will help manage your company. If you’re unsure how it works, the software allows you to request a demo, giving you a complete learning experience.

7. Zoho Inventory

Best Easy to Use Standalone System

Zoho Inventory management software for growing businesses

Zoho Inventory is the right choice if you’re interested in affordable and easy-to-use inventory management software options. The software is well integrated with the entire Zoho software portfolio, and as a standalone tool, you won’t need any other software.

Keep in mind that the design makes integrating with other software tools difficult. But, it supports a wide range of inventory and sales tools across multiple warehouses.

Key Features

  • Impressive Inventory Tools: Zoho Inventory does not only keep track of your items but provides extensive costing methods. The primary method it uses is FIFO or First In First Out, but you can select other types of costing methods depending on your needs. The software allows you to maintain different warehouses simultaneously, and you can even transfer inventory between warehouses or ships from more than one. It supports drop shipments and different currencies.
  • Easy to Navigate: When it comes to easy use and convenience, Zoho Inventory is a top choice. The inventory management process provides easy access to the whole system from the dashboard. This feature arranges all the subtasks on the dashboard and places key performance indicators at the bottom of your software. When you scroll down, you get further details on all inventory items.
  • Reliable Reporting Options: Reporting is easy with Zoho Inventory. The Reports label has a wide range of report templates for inventory, sales, purchases, and activities. You can check the different reports available before choosing one. There is a report generator, although you have to pay extra.
  • Tracking and Management: Zoho Inventory provides end-to-end tracking for every item in the inventory, with their serial number and batch tracking. These features keep you in the loop about when your goods will expire and when they are sold. Zoho Inventory allows you to manage online and offline orders through their efficient system. You can create back orders, purchase orders and drop shipments in one place.


Zoho Inventory management software for growing businesses - pricing

You can use Zoho Inventory for free, limiting you to one warehouse, two users, 50 orders, shipping labels, and after-ship tracking per month. But, the paid options are between $59 and $239. You get a discount when you pay annually, and the highest plan allows for 15 users and warehouses.

8. ChannelAdvisor

Best for Digital Marketing

ChannelAdvisor - The complete multichannel commerce solution for brands and retailers

Aside from inventory management, ChannelAdvisor is an excellent platform for posting product information to present to customers. As one of the best inventory management systems, it works great as a digital marketing assistant.

This is an excellent platform for those who want to combine inventory with digital marketing. Suitable for your e-commerce needs, the software allows you to streamline sales across over a hundred platforms.

Key Features

  • Sync with Multiple Channels: You can connect ChannelAdvisor with other platforms like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, and others. The software functions as a digital marketing tool and allow you to distribute your content and products on different platforms.
  • Digital Marketing Support: With this inventory software, you get different digital marketing tools, which allows you to promote business sales on multiple channels, leading to high profits. The software supports paid search marketing, thus improving the conversion rate.
  • Business Insights: ChannelAdvisor will assess your business and create in-depth analytical reports. This makes it easier to track your inventory and get insights into your business.
  • Strategies for Brands and Retailers: This software has different strategies depending on running a retail business or a brand. Both strategies are focused on marketing to customers, selling products to them, and meeting their expectations, but they are designed differently based on the business type.


ChannelAdvisor - The complete multichannel commerce solution for brands and retailers - Pricing - request a demo

In terms of pricing, ChannelAdvisor provides customized plans for all businesses. They have separate plans for brands and retailers, so you can check which one works best for you. But, the prices are on the higher side, with a minimum fee of $1500 monthly and a percentage of revenue.

9. Katana

Best for Small Manufacturers and Business Owners

Katana - Everything you need to keep manufacturing

Unlike other best inventory software in this guide, Katana has tools that specifically focus on small to medium manufacturers and business owners. There are tools for scheduling production and planning on this platform to help increase work efficiency.

One can easily see all their business data in one place with Katana, including warehouse and sales status and low stock alerts.

Key Features

  • Full Control Over Inventory: The inventory control software is provided in real-time, so you’re constantly updated with what is in stock. Multiple features show what’s in and out of stock and come with management efforts for productivity. You can always be on top of your customer’s needs.
  • Tools for Manufacturing Industry: Katana stands out with its features that will serve businesses in manufacturing. The inventory software comes with an automated book engine, raw material tracking, priority-based production planning, and is a centralized hub for all business-related data.
  • Order Management: Katana has an order management function like other inventory software. This feature allows you to manage the order cycle for the whole sales process. You can monitor the order throughout the transit until it's delivered.
  • Track Floor Level Operations: Another impressive feature that Katana has is the ability to optimize floor-level operations. This gives you complete access to your restaurant's production tasks and ingredient lists. You can easily track the time spent on jobs, measure real vs. actual materials, and create or remove ship floor operations.


Katana - Everything you need to keep manufacturing - pricing

Katana offers a 14-day free trial, and the paid plans are calculated per month. You can get the annual plan if you want a discount. But, the pricing plan is on the high side, going from $99 to $999 depending on the plan. The Enterprise plan comes with custom pricing.

10. Upserve

Best for Restaurant Management

Upserve - has everything you need to grow your restaurant

Although Upserve is mainly a point-of-sale system, it has impressive capabilities for inventory control, making it one of the best inventory management systems on our list. Upserve is specifically designed for restaurants and helps you keep track of inventories, reporting, employee training, and even reputation management.

The software is all-in-one for running a restaurant.

Key Features

  • Increase Sales: Besides meeting customers' needs with inventory management, Upserve allows you to increase sales through cross-selling and upselling. You can create personalized offers and send them to your customers in real-time, which will come in handy for a restaurant.
  • Manage Multiple Locations: With a single account, you can manage and monitor the sales and inventories in different locations. The inventory management tool simplifies the inventory operations with its easy-to-navigate system, thereby boosting productivity.
  • Impressive Features for Restaurants: Upserve provides attractive guest profiles that allow you to give customers special treatment. In addition to the real-time customer profiles, there are custom POS workflows, payment processing, and reporting tools that make running a business easier.
  • Employee Management: Upserve makes managing your employees and your inventory easy. It comes with a logbook that allows staff and management to communicate directly through their POS. The software makes employee training and onboarding easy, especially since it’s effortless.


Upserve - has everything you need to grow your restaurant - pricing

Upserve comes with three pricing plans, Core, Pro, and Pro Plus. You can pay either $59, $199, or $359, although keep in mind that there are different prices for the POS system. Users pay a fee per terminal, and the fee reduces with the expensive plans.

11. Fishbowl Inventory

Best for Warehouse Inventory Management

Fishbowl - The #1 Manufacturing and Warehouse Inventory Management Software

Next on our list of the best inventory management software is Fishbowl Inventory. The software has a great warehouse management system and is excellent for tracking dropshipping and barcodes.

Besides being an inventory tracking software, the tool has some top account systems integrated with Quickbooks and FIFO tools. Fishbowl Inventory is great for manufacturing, distribution, service, and selling industries and helps streamline operations easily.

Key Features

  • Asset and Dropshipping Tracking: If you keep goods in stock, you can use the asset tracking features on Fishbowl Inventory to monitor all the assets in your inventory. There are tools for businesses that don’t keep their goods in stock, known as dropshipping. The asset management tools are extensive, intuitive, and easy to use.
  • Inventory Management Across Locations: If you have multiple business or warehouse locations, Fishbowl Inventory has different tools for inventory tracking, all of them without opening separate accounts. The inventory management processes are easy to use. With the custom reports, you can keep other stakeholders in the loop.
  • Service and Vendor Management: To increase your profit, this inventory software helps store information and manage vendors and services. You can save time through product automation and streamline all business operations like shipping and distribution.
  • Bird’s Eye View on Inventory: You get instant financial insight when using Brightpearl, as it integrates the accounting tools with your inventory. This gives you a central hub, making it easy to gain real-time insights into your sales performance, costs, and profitability.


Fishbowl - The #1 Manufacturing and Warehouse Inventory Management Software - pricing

Fishbowl Inventory does not price per user like most inventory management tools but is based on the user licenses and support plan. It starts at $4,395 and gives the buyer permanent ownership of the software. You can renew the software and receive updates.

12. Brightpearl

Best for Large Businesses

Brightpearl - Free your business to grow fearlessly

If you’re a large business, especially one on an enterprise level with sales over about $1 million, you’ll do great with Brightpearl. This feature-rich inventory management platform makes itself a full-service tool for running a business and focusing on meeting your customer’s needs.

There are different features for operation automation, business insights, and scalability as a retail operating system.

Key Features

  • Automation Engine: Brightpearl is highly automated, including its inventory management tools. The inventory management tool automatically updates inventory on multiple sales channels and other time-consuming workflows. You can automate inventory allocation, accounting, order fulfillment, and shipping. When you integrate the inventory with the account, you get a complete insight into sales performance on multiple sales channels.
  • Real-Time Forecasting and Reporting: The software has an integrated demand planner that ensures you don’t have excess or insufficient inventory. There are also tools for demand forecasting and recommend replenishment of inventory based on data and the KPIs you focus on. Brightpearl analyses your products, so you see the popular and less famous ones at a glance.
  • Easy Scalability: As your business grows, you can customize Brightpearl to meet your needs. The platform has different plug-and-play integrations and deep APIs, giving more than a one-size-fits-all strategy.
  • Warehouse Management Tools: Brightpearl offers easy warehouse management for retail and wholesale merchants. On the platform, some features support a barcode scanner that makes it easier to automate the flow of products from and to your inventory. The warehouse tools are combined with the automation engine, and it enables partial counts per zone to keep your inventory up to date.


Brightpearl - Free your business to grow fearlessly - pricing

Pricing at Brightpearl is only available on demand. There is no fixed plan per user, but they assess your business needs before providing a price. Luckily, the software comes with a demo, so users can test it before asking for the price.

13. Unleashed Inventory

Best for Mobile Use

Unleashed Inventory - The next evolution of inventory management

We recommend Unleashed Inventory to anyone who wants one of the best inventory management solutions. Unleashed Inventory comes with a fully-equipped mobile app which makes it great for sales teams or workers that are always on the move.

The inventory management processes include advanced warehouse management tools and even functions for B2B e-commerce businesses. You can execute a top-notch inventory management strategy with the platform.

Key Features

  • Impressive Mobile App: With the Unleashed Inventory mobile app, users get access to their inventory while on the go and can make sales based on what’s available. The sales app comes with a decent customer relationship management system and is available for offline use.
  • Real-Time Inventory Control: Unleashed Inventory allows you to manage inventory in real-time and make reports based on this. Businesses get an accurate report and make better decisions with complete control over their stock visibility.
  • Integration with Many Platforms: Since it’s a cloud-based platform, Unleashed Inventory comes with top-notch applications that you might need to run your business. Amazon, Xero, Salesforce, Shopify, StockTrim, Prospect, and others.
  • B2B Ecommerce Features: You can streamline the sales on your B2B e-commerce store with the dedicated online ordering platform at Unleashed Inventory. This feature allows you to automate your selling process, and since it’s streamlined, you can complete sales orders efficiently. The software contributes to your customer experiences.


Unleashed Inventory - The next evolution of inventory management - pricing_

Unleashed Inventory’s pricing is higher, making it better for medium-sized to large businesses. The pricing goes from $279 to $869, with the highest number of users allowed being 20 users. There is a free trial, and the plans are billed annually.

14. nChannel

Best for Chain Stores and Multiple Locations

nchannel - Connect Your Retail Systems

Businesses with different branches or those who dropship will do well with nChannel, one of our list's top inventory management systems. The cloud-based solution instantly updates inventory and integrates sales with the fulfillment process.

While inventory management is an important part, you also get customer experience and supply chain management and can integrate this with all your retail platforms.

Key Features

  • Multichannel Support: For one, nChannel allows you to list more than one channel, allowing it to support chain stores and businesses with multiple locations. You can list the same products in the different sales channels to increase your business sales.
  • Dropship Management: The inventory software supports dropshipping management for businesses that don’t keep inventory. Businesses don’t have to worry about losing financial control with complete control over their inventory.
  • Product Information and Order Management: nChannel manages data about products and keeps them in a separate category for easy access. With order management services, you can manage catalogs and product data.
  • Integrated with Multiple Apps: nChannel is integrated with different apps for customer experience, real-time inventory management, order management, and more. These include Shopify, Shopify Plus, Lightspeed, BigCommerce, Microsoft Dynamics ERP, Netsuite, and Magento. Integrate these with the inventory for easy use.


nchannel - Connect Your Retail Systems - pricing

With nChannel, there is no fixed payment plan for businesses to opt into. Instead, you need to give them information on your business, and they will provide a quote based on your needs. They provide monthly subscriptions, and you can look out for additional services costs.

15. Ordoro

Best for Ecommerce Businesses

Ordoro - Streamline Your Fulfillment

Ordoro is an impressive inventory management program especially ideal for e-commerce and small businesses. With this tool, multichannel selling becomes easy, dropshipping is more straightforward, and users can create master products within the inventory system.

The software has some unique features like barcode scanning and batch-print shipping labels.

Key Features

  • Reliable Inventory Management Tool: With Ordoro, more than one user and businesses with more than one location can rely on a single tool. The different features allow ecommerce platforms to keep track of inventory in different locations and provide alerts whenever there is low stock in the warehouse. The software has insights that help in avoiding overstocking.
  • Special Features for Dropshipping: Ordoro provides a unique feature for dropshipping like custom API integrations and automates sending dropship requests to vendors. The software works as a great assistant if you run an ecommerce business with the dropshipping method.
  • Order Tracking and Management: This inventory software comes with tools for tracking the location details of products and incoming orders and syncs all the updates to your inventory. As orders go out, your inventory is updated.
  • Built-In Kitting Engine: Ordoro has an integrated engine that allows users to bundle different products from their inventory as a single unit for sale. While you get multiple products out of the inventory at once, the software will immediately monitor and adjust the product quantities. The kitting engine is spread across different warehouses.


Ordoro - Streamline Your Fulfillment - pricing

Ordoro provides a free trial on all plans, and there is a free plan that is limited to one user and one ship-from-location. But, you don’t get inventory management until you pay for the Pro plan, which is $499 per month. The pricing plans are between $59 and $99, and there is a demo option if you want to try the service first.

16. Dear Systems

Best for Automating Workflow

Dear - Everything to Operate your Business in One System

Dear Systems is another popular inventory management software widely used among e-commerce businesses and startups. Dear Systems is ideal for other industries and is an excellent tool if you want to automate time-consuming functions and stop manual data entry.

Besides automating the whole online ordering process, users get automated alerts and inventory forecasting for accurate costs based on supplier history. Some of the features available are a bit advanced but can be quickly learned after a while.

Key Features

  • Automation and Analysis: Dear Systems helps automatically track warehouse productivity and automates the process of picking, packing, and shipping management. Users will receive automatic alerts whenever there is low stock, keeping the team up to date. The software provides a quick analysis of your inventory and is always accurate with queries related to stock.
  • In-depth Reports: With this software, businesses can keep track of their investments in particular tools. You can request in-depth reports on products, especially those that sold out quickly or expired while in inventory.
  • Shipment Tracking: Aside from managing the order automatically, businesses can use Dear Systems always to check the shipment's progress until the customer gets it. Companies can assess their delivery times and make plans to do better.
  • Integration with POS Systems: Dear Systems allows you to seamlessly synchronize physical sales with inventory as you make the sales. It fully integrates with POS systems, so any transaction you make will reflect in the inventory, and at the same time, the needed accounting documents are generated automatically.


Dear - Everything to Operate your Business in One System - pricing

Dear Systems offers plans based on your industry, manufacturing or retailing, and a standard plan for general use. The annual plan provides one month free, and you can customize your plan if you don’t find one that works for you. All plans support multi-channel orders and inventory management, so it’s easier to take care of that.

17. Cin7

Best Customized Software

CIN7 - Inventory and order management software tailored to how you sell

Sellers and retailers that need the best inventory management solutions customized to meet their specific needs will enjoy using Cin7. As long as you know what you want, the software provides excellent inventory and order management.

Cin7 is an end-to-end solution that is especially great for online retail companies and e-commerce businesses. Plus, you can enjoy great control over your inventory and simplified management.

Key Features

  • Full-Service Inventory Management: Cin7 has an impressive inventory management system that supports inventory tracking, accounting, and reporting. The software allows you to track barcode, batch, serial, FIFO, incoming stock, finished goods, and more. Cost accounting is possible and easy on the dashboard, and users can view live insights and an extensive library of customizable reports.
  • Control Over the Sale Process: This inventory management tool gives businesses complete control over their sales, as you can connect the inventory, order, shipping, and accounting process. Different payment gateways for customers are supported with the available features, and you have excellent visibility into your processes. The inventory management processes that you usually do manually are entirely automated.
  • Centralized System: As an end-to-end software, Cin7 connects all the parts of a business to one place. With the automated procedures, businesses can increase sales and provide all the departments like a warehouse, marketing, and finance with all the needed tools to make sales and reduce errors.
  • Marketing Tools Available: Marketing is possible and easy with Cin7. The software allows you to send newsletters and direct messages through the store to customers. Since it integrates with social media, you can promote new goods and discounts as you get them. Plus, the catalog system is well-designed to attract customers.


CIN7 - Inventory and order management software tailored to how you sell - pricing

The pricing plans available at Cin7 are based on your business size, and you don’t have to pay per user. The plans go from $299 to $999 per month, and the enterprise plan, which is for the largest businesses, comes with a customized price. It’s best to analyze the plans before selecting one for your company.

18. Sortly

Best for Collaboration

Sortly - Simple inventory management software

If you’re working with a team, it’s best to use Sortly for your inventory management needs. The software provides complete end-to-end inventory management and is well-known for its compatibility with mobile devices, which allow users to check inventory while on the go.

With the software, you can connect QR labels or barcodes, get reminders, scan items in and out, generate custom reports, and even connect it to a handheld scanner.

Key Features

  • Topnotch Inventory Management: You can easily manage inventory using Sortly for your business. The software allows you to set up alerts to keep track of inventory levels and other dates. Since the app is downloadable on your phone, you can manage inventory on iOS and Android devices while on the go.
  • Manage User Permissions: Sortly makes collaboration very easy, regardless of how large your team is. The inventory manager can grant access to different users and manage their permission levels. They can track the different users and their activities with the inventory. In other words, track what has been changed and who changed it.
  • Easily Create and Share Reports: This software allows you to easily create custom CSV and PDF reports and share them with other customers. There are report templates that help you save time.
  • Supports Barcodes and QR Labels: Sortly allows you to connect barcodes or QR labels, helping you to reduce manual errors. You can link the QR labels or barcodes to other items, and the software has settings for creating your custom barcodes or QR labels. The company uses off-the-shelf self-adhesive labels that you can automatically connect to items.


Sortly - Simple inventory management software - pricing

Sortly comes with an amazing 50% discount when you pay yearly and a 14-day free trial on all its paid plans. There is a free plan for individuals and new businesses. The paid plans are between Advanced and Enterprise, ranging from $49 to $199. In the Enterprise plan, you get a custom price plan.

19. Veeqo

Best for Fast-Growing Brands

Veego - Inventory and fulfilment tools for ecommerce sellers

Veeqo is the best inventory management program for growing brands that need help with inventory, shipping, and orders. If your business is experiencing growing pains and you’re having trouble keeping track of inventory, Veeqo is the ideal choice.

You can integrate the software with 16 sales channels, manage multiple warehouses and track orders.

Key Features

  • Multi-Location Management: For one, Veeqo allows businesses to track their inventory in multiple locations. With no additional charges, you can manage the services of large businesses and chain stores. There are features for order management, keeping track of what comes in and out of your inventory.
  • Stock Notifications: It’s easy to stay on top of your inventory with Veeqo, as users can receive fast notifications. You get instant notifications whenever your inventory stock is going low and other information. The software allows you to customize your notifications.
  • Product Comparison: A page on Veeqo allows you to review all your products at first glance. The page compares all your products, improving business management and making it easier to learn about your products.
  • Accounting Integration: Accounting is essential to inventory management, and Veeqo knows this as it integrates the platform with solid accounting software. Users get access to different tools like eBay, Shopify, Amazon, and the like.


Veego - Inventory and fulfilment tools for ecommerce sellers - pricing

Veeqo has a 14-day free trial, and the plans depend on how many orders you process per month. In the first 12 month you save 50% on monthly payments. The pricing plans go from $5 to $22.50 per month with 50 orders included, and you can support up to 10,000 orders or more.


What are the best ways to keep track of inventory?

The best way to keep track of inventory is with inventory management software. When you choose the best inventory management software, it’s easier to order, store, use and sell items in your company’s inventory. Many software tools include additional features like managing raw materials, warehouses, accounting, reporting, and more.

How can inventory management software help my business?

An inventory management tool provides different benefits to your business, especially since it’s an organized and systematic platform that makes this part of your business easier. These include:

– Easy to process and manage your inventory.
– Improved productivity.
– Gain business insights and enhance profitability.
– Reduces the number of deadstock and aged inventory you end up with.
– Automate your manual inventory tasks to lessen your load.
– Reduce the chance of stock-outs.
– It makes expense tracking easier.
– Reduce errors from manual inputs.

What is inventory management software?

An inventory management software is a tool that will automate every aspect of inventory and warehouse management. The tool manages to reorder, track inventory, and update accounting data automatically.

Since they are essential to a business’s daily operations, choosing a reliable, effective, and feature-rich solution is advisable.

How much do inventory management systems cost?

On average, inventory management software costs approximately $100 per month. How much you spend on the software depends significantly on the type you choose and the provided features. Before choosing a management tool, check the pricing and ensure it reaches your business needs.

What is the best inventory management software for eCommerce?

The best inventory management software for an e-commerce business is Ordoro. A good tool will simplify multichannel sales and support dropshipping for online businesses that don’t keep physical stock in the inventory. The software supports barcode scanning and QR codes.

What is the best inventory management software for retail businesses?

The best inventory management software for businesses is Syspro, as it supports financial, inventory, and warehouse management. Companies can use it in retails with different branches, especially chain stores and global businesses.

What is the best free inventory management software?

According to our research, the best inventory management software is Acumatica. This fast-growing cloud ERP company provides top-notch management for your inventory. It comes with CRM, warehouse, project accounting, and more tools. The software comes with features for reporting and analytics.

Is Excel good for managing my inventory?

Excel is suitable for handling essential inventory management for small businesses, but it doesn’t work well as software designed specifically for this function. If you want a full-serve inventory management tool, it’s best to purchase a good one.

Choosing the Right Inventory Management Software

Inventory management involves a lot of complexity, primarily since it’s closely related to your accounting software. Because of this, it’s essential to choose the best inventory management software that specifically meets your needs.

You don’t need any technical know-how with good inventory management software, and you can quickly bring other team members or employees to the table. Sometimes, you might need a full-service business management software that provides the needed services.

This guide looked at some of the best inventory management software in 2022. There are many tools for this purpose, but we reviewed them thoroughly to simplify things. Here are our top inventory management tools:

Best Overall


Offers a full-service inventory management solution for businesses. It makes collaboration and data storage easier.
Best for ERP

Oracle NetSuite

Scalable software that focuses on easy use and organization. It features extensive ERP and inventory tools.
Best for Retail and Reporting


A very flexible and easy-to-use software for all users. It can scale to hundreds of users and features a wide range of reports.
Best for Medium-Sized Businesses

QuickBooks Commerce

This makes assembly, inventory, and tracking sales super easy. The software simplifies financial management and accounting.

Best for Shopify Businesses

Offers a free plan for Shopify users. It features loads of integrations for seamless management.

If you need further resources to guide your decision, you can check out our reviews of other inventory management tools and comparisons:

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