How to Sell on Etsy: 7 Steps to Open Your Etsy Shop

Updated Dec 6, 2022.
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Do you love creating art by yourself? Do you make jewelry and later give them out to people? Or perhaps, you love collecting vintage, and you have collected so much more than your closet can contain.

What if I told you that there are customers – a lot of them actually- looking to purchase those items on Etsy.

With over 46 million Etsy users actively making purchases on the platform, Etsy offers you two amazing realities. Your customers can see your crafts and make purchases from the comfort of their homes, and you can sell your crafts from the comfort of your home. How pleasing is that!

However, despite the glaring benefits of selling on Etsy, anyone can easily turn down the opportunity.

The process involved in setting up your Etsy shop, the rules you must abide by, getting buyers to see your items and patronize you all seem like a lot of work.

But we have got you covered. We have all the answers here.

In this article, we'll explain how much it will cost you to sell on Etsy, how to become an Etsy seller, best performing products on Etsy, and FAQs about selling on Etsy.

We'll also give you some advanced tips that can help you become a successful Etsy seller and earn the best seller badge on Etsy.

So, let’s get right into it.

What is Etsy?

Etsy is a creative online marketplace that offers you the opportunity to make money off handmade crafts or vintage items lying around your house.

It was founded by entrepreneur Rob Kalin and his partners Chris Maguire and Haim Schoppik in 2005 with their headquarters in Brooklyn, New York.

Etsy has gone through a massive evolution, transitioning from a private business to a publicly-operated behemoth. Their growth has also been remarkable.

In late 2009, Etsy had started making profits, and by 2012, they had more than 10 million members with about 800,000 active shops.

Number of active Etsy sellers

In 2015, when Etsy launched their website and sold its first product, a Flamingo print zip pouch worth $8, they reported 1 million U.S dollars in gross annual sales.

However, on April 16, 2015, Etsy came with a big bang when they made their debut public offering, raising about $267 million in funding and has since made over $2 billion in gross annual sales.

Etsy Annual Gross Merchandise-Sales

Etsy is not your regular shopping platform. Unlike other eCommerce platforms that allow you to build your own online store, Etsy will only let you list your products on their platform.

They pride themselves in their unique management mode, where they act as the intermediary between the buyer interested in obtaining your product and you who has listed the product.

In addition to their numerous achievements and popular website, Etsy also hosts craft classes called Etsy Labs that provide members with equipment and donated materials to create items, learn and teach each other different craft techniques.

They also host educational crafting events opened to the arts communities in Brooklyn and in Berlin, Germany.

With their numerous trends (be it meme T-shirts, back-to-school or facemask merch) and endless opportunities for Etsy sellers to customize products that follow these trends, Etsy has created massive leverage for sellers and would-be entrepreneurs to turn their crafts into cash.

How Much Does it Cost to Sell on Etsy?

By now, you are probably thinking of how to start selling on Etsy. Of course! Those beautiful items you own won't sell themselves.

But before you start selling, you must know how much it will cost you to sell on Etsy so that you don't end up wasting your money unnecessarily.

Here’s a detailed list of your cost as an Etsy seller.

cost as an Etsy seller

1. Listing Fees

Creating a shop on Etsy is free.

However, to sell any item on Etsy, you must list the item in the shop and it comes with a fee. For each listing posted on Etsy, you will pay a standard fee of $0.20 USD.

Each listing will last for four months or until the item is sold.

If the item listed has not been sold after four months, the listing will expire. You can then choose to renew the listing for the same cost of $0.20 USD or not.

Etsy also provides a private listing option for interested sellers and charges the $0.20 USD listing fee only when any private listing is sold.

A listing can contain more than one item. Imagine you made charm bracelets in different colors and you choose to sell them on Etsy.

All you would need to do is create one listing and advertise all the charm bracelets' varieties under that listing. Your buyers will then make their choice from that listing.

You can also decide to auto-renew your listing or renew it manually.

So, say its 50 charm bracelets of different colors you made. Once you have created the listing, you will have to pay a total of $10 for that listing at $0.20 each.

Deciding which method to select for your listing renewal should also be considered.

While auto-renewal sounds easier and less stressful, manual renewal allows you to connect with your business.

It also helps you assess your business records and even reconsider if that particular listing should be renewed.

A solid choice for Etsy beginners.

But that’s not all you should know about listing fees.

One thing you must understand is that a listing is different from an item and your renewal fee depends on the number of items in your listing.

Still using our example of charm bracelets.

Imagine you have listed the 50 charm bracelets in the shop, and someone purchases one.

Even though the four-month validity has not elapsed, you must pay another $0.20 to list the 49 charm bracelets left in the shop again.

However, Etsy can allow you to add more charm bracelets to the listing or edit the listing at no extra cost.

If the buyer purchases five items instead, you will receive an additional charge of $0.80 at $0.20 per each listing.

After this, you will have to renew the listing at $0.20 and be allowed to edit at no extra cost.

But, if it was just one item you listed, say an old painting, and it was bought, you can either decide to list it again in the shop at $0.20, if you have a similar painting or not.

2. Transaction Fees

Once you have successfully sold your listed item, Etsy charges you a 5% transaction fee on the total sale price, including the shipping cost.

The shipping cost is usually covered by the buyer, whose location will determine the cost value.

However, you may want to do a lot of research to determine the exact cost of shipping the item to the buyer to avoid losing.

What about shipping transaction fees?

Yes, Etsy has shipping transaction fees, and they are available for Etsy sellers who accept payments through Etsy's payment platforms.

You can purchase shipping labels directly from Etsy or from other shipping companies via your Etsy shop. These shipping companies include USPS for US sellers, Canada Post for Canadian sellers, Royal Mail for Uk sellers, Australia Post for Australian sellers, FedEx, and others.

The cost of the shipping label purchased will vary based on the carrier and other factors like insurance and tracking.

3. Payment Processing Fees

Only eligible shops can use the Etsy payment platform to process payment.

Etsy charges a payment processing fee for any transaction made via Etsy payment platform.

The payment processing fee is usually based on item cost, deliveries, and taxes and varies according to your bank location.

You can look at the Direct checkout terms of use for the payment processing fees relevant to your location.

Etsy sellers can use a range of payment options to accept funds from their customers such as Credit/debit cards, Apple pay, Google pay, Etsy gift cards and credits, etc.

Etsy sellers can also use Paypal as their mode of payment but not as a standalone payment method. On the 15th of May, 2019, Etsy made this announcement and implemented the change in every Etsy's seller account.

Therefore, all eligible Etsy sellers, including sellers in the US who choose Paypal as their mode of payment must use Etsy payments with integrated Paypal. This means that any sales made through Paypal will be processed through Etsy payments.

4. Advertising Fees

You can opt for paid advertising opportunities to increase the visibility of your shop.

Although the fees vary, the minimum is $1 daily, and it is based on a pay per click model.

What you will need to do is to set up a budget for your ads. This way, Etsy will not charge you more than what you have budgeted.

Etsy also purchases offsite advertising from a network of participating partners such as Google, Bing, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram for interested sellers.

When a buyer clicks on your listing advertised by these offsite partners, and orders from your shop within 30 days of the click, you will be charged a 15% advertising fee on those orders.

Only eligible sellers will be charged a 12% advertising fee.

5. Pattern Fees

Having a personalized website enhances your visibility on the Etsy platform. If you want to have your own personalized website, Etsy offers a free 30-day trial period to create one.

After the 30-day trial period, you will be charged a monthly subscription fee of $15 if you still wish to keep using your personalized website.

Try Etsy Pattern free for 30 days.
Source: Etsy

For Etsy sellers located in the US, you will have sales tax added to your monthly subscription fee.

If you decide to use any of Etsy partnered networks to purchase a domain name instead, you will be charged a fee to register the domain name and any other services you purchase from the network.

6. Subscription Fees

Choose your own path to success with Etsy
Source: Etsy

There are two subscription options available for any Etsy seller. They include:

Standard Plan: This is the first plan that Etsy offered before the plus plan was created.

Just as the name implies, the standard plan gives you access to sell on the Etsy platform free of charge.

It contains all the basic features that you would need to grow and manage your business.

These basic features include:

  • Access to list goods on Etsy
  • Buy and print discounted postage
  • Market your goods with sales and coupons

Plus Plan: Available at a monthly charge of $10, the plus plan contains all the standard plan's features and some additional features that can help you easily express your brand extensively.

These additional features include:

  • $5 in Etsy advertising fees monthly
  • Free store domains
  • 15 listing credits monthly (almost $3 in listing fees)
  • Discount on custom packaging and promos
  • Custom web address discount

7. Currency Conversion Fees

Etsy’s default currency is the U.S. Dollar. This is because about 62% of all Etsy sellers are based in the United States.

Distribution of international Etsy sellers

However, you can change your settings to accept payments in your local currency.

Etsy will charge you for the cost of converting to your local currency before they make any payment to your bank account.

Etsy will automatically deduct all your fees from the payment account linked to your Etsy shop.

If there is no sufficient fund in the payment account, Etsy will give a 15-day grace period, after which they will take up other actions to collect the funds.

As you have seen, understanding what selling on Etsy will cost is vital because it will help you decide the right move to make to prevent losing money.

If you are confused, Etsy provides the opportunity for you to join a community of other Etsy sellers and even connect with sellers interested in the same niche as you. There you can share your concerns, worries and ideas with like-minded people.

You will have to sign in with your Etsy shop to join the community.

Wondering how to sign in?

All you need to know is in the next section. So, keep reading!

How to Sell on Etsy?

Just like we earlier said, Etsy is a great resource for anyone looking to get their products online.

But how do you get your products on Etsy?

As an Etsy seller, this is your starting to selling on Etsy checklist. Before you start selling on Etsy, you must have checked all these steps below.

It's a very easy and detailed step so let go of whatever fear you may have.

All done? Now, let's go through these seven steps to help you sell on Etsy

1. Register Your Account with Etsy

The first thing you should do is to register your account. That's the first step to having any access at all to the platform.

Here's how easy you can get it done.

  • Visit the Etsy website and click on the Sign in option. You will find the Sign in option at the top of the site.
Etsy shop sign in
  • In the page that pops up, click on Register and input your email address, name and password. Make sure that the email address you choose is a functional one.
Register at Etsy
  • Choose a name that's easy to remember and compose a very strong password. This name is not your brand name yet, but you can decide to use your brand name at this stage too. However, keep in mind that your username cannot be changed later.
Create your Etsy account
  • Once you have successfully signed in, Etsy will send you a confirmation email within a few minutes. You will have to check your email inbox and complete whatever instructions they give you there. Check your spam mail folder if you have not received an email after an hour. Can you now see why you need a functional email address?
Confirm your Etsy shop account
  • After completing the instructions in your email, go back to the Etsy website and sign in. After a successful sign in, you will be taken to a page where you can continue the remaining process.

2. Create Your Shop

Now that you have an account with Etsy, you can create your shop. Creating a shop on Etsy is free.

To create a shop

  • Click on your profile at the top of the page.
  • In the dropdown menu, click on Sell on Etsy.
sell on etsy
  • You will be required to fill in your preferences like country, currency, and language.
Set Up Your Etsy Shop
  • Etsy will also ask you to select a brand name as you go on. We have explained all you need to know about choosing a brand name in the next step, so don't stress it just yet. Since you can still change your shop name later, you may fill in any name for now.

3. Develop Your Brand

Branding on Etsy is very important because it makes you stand out among your competitors, and there are sure a lot of them on Etsy.

Just like in the previous step, when creating your account, Etsy will require you to enter your shop name.

Do you have a name for your shop yet?

It's okay if you don't. Let's help you develop a brand name here.

Here's what you need and don't need.

  • You need a unique brand name. Your name should not be generic. One easy hack here is to go on and search for other businesses that sell the same products as you. Go through their names and see how you can create something unique.
  • You need a name that reflects your brand. If you don't know what personal branding entails, we have compiled a comprehensive guide to put you through.
  • You don't need very long or technical names. When choosing a name, choose one that's very easy to remember and synonymous with the products you intend selling on Etsy. Ideally, your business name should be between four and twenty characters with no spaces or special characters.
  • You need to use capitalization sparingly in your name. For example, “BraceletsByMartin” is better understood than “braceletsbymartin” or “BRACELETSBYMARTIN.”
Set Up Your Etsy Shop Name

Did you come up with the right shop name yet? Kudos to you!

More on Branding

It is important to know that branding does not only involve your business name.

You will also consider your shop logo and your shop cover photo.

Don't just select a random logo off the internet. Your logo should reflect the kind of business you run.

You should also keep in mind that Etsy provides a square-shaped space for logos. So, ensure you create logos that will fit well into the square space.

Your Shop Cover Photo

The top of your Etsy shop is where your cover photo goes.

Etsy provides two different size dimensions for your cover photo. You can either choose a small banner cover photo (760px X 100px) or a larger cover photo (3360px X 840px).

We recommend using the larger cover photo option because it will always appear bold and visible when viewed on both a computer and on a mobile device while the small banner option appears bold and visible only on a mobile device.

Your cover photo is like the painting of a house. It makes your shop more attractive and builds your customer's trust in you. Ensure that it's well-designed and looks professional.

Developing a brand name, choosing the right logo and cover photo shows that you are credible and trustworthy, signs that Etsy buyers (well, any buyer at all) look out for before making a purchase.

No-one invests their time in those processes without being serious about their business, and that's the impression you give your customers when you can perfectly develop your brand.

You can check out the picture below of Etsy seller, WorkshopByAndrew. See how he properly capitalized his name and how his brand name tells off his type of business. Also, see how he used a wooden theme to create his cover photo and logo to relate with his brand name while also revealing his services.

workshopbyandrew etsy shop example

That's a great choice at branding and you can do the same too.

One Last Word on Branding

Developing your brand name on Etsy and getting the right aesthetics for your brand is vital.

But that's not all.

The connection your customers feels with your business is also an important aspect of branding.

Little things such as including a thank you note in their order package, including a free gift, or giving coupon codes can help improve your relationship with your customers.

You also need to stick to your decisions. Imagine your customers who have been used to a particular payment option available on your Etsy shop seeing a different payment option every time they visit your shop.

How confusing will that be?

It may even discourage them from patronizing you again.

Whatever your decisions are about your business, you should keep to them.

It is not likely that the same strategies you took when starting your Etsy shop will be the same you will continue with. However, consider changing them less often to prevent confusing your customers.

4. Begin Listing Your Products

What your customers can see in your Etsy shop all depends on your listing.

stock your shop on Etsy

So, you must create a compelling listing that will attract them.

Let's look at how you can create a compelling listing?

Describe Your Listing and Product Exhaustively.

Describing your listing and your product is like putting a name to a face. Your buyers need something to identify your listing and your product as.

Taylor Combs, writer and editor for Etsy's Seller Handbook, advised that you should think like a shopper when describing your listing and use words and phrases that buyers might use when searching for an item.

Describing your listing and product can also appeal to your buyers to make a purchase, even when they were not thinking about it.

Take a look at these descriptions below

Description 1: Silk Apron

Description 2: 100% Silk Apron with Hand-Embroidered Silver Border

Which one appeals to you more? Right, the second description.

Listing descriptions are referred to as titles and are usually shorter than product descriptions.

When describing your listing, use clear, simple, and descriptive terms. Keep it short

When describing your product, you should let the buyer know about all the product's amazing features and how it benefits them. Don't leave any stone unturned.

Use Keywords

Customers looking to shop on Etsy will type in keywords that match their needs. That is also what you should be doing as a seller, using keywords that are relevant to your product.

Etsy will provide ‘tags' for you when listing your product. Ensure that you use all the 13 tags provided with keywords that are relevant to your product.

Add Lots of Photos

Describing your product in your Etsy shop is not enough. You should give your buyers a pictorial idea of what your product looks like.

That will help them know what they should be expecting when they finally get the product.

Adding photos also increases trust. This way, the customer is assured that you have a charm bracelet or silk apron, as you claimed.

pillow cover Etsy product images

Etsy advises its sellers to upload a minimum of five photos taken from different angles. But don't limit yourself to only five photos.

You should also be creative about your photo style. Use photos with high quality and a decent background.

Set up Your Price

Evaluate all the costs involved in producing your products, such as the cost of materials used, transportation, and your time value.

Then use those figures to set up your price.

Don't worry if you haven't gotten a hang around this. You will know more about creating the perfect pricing strategy as you keep on reading.

Set Your Shipping Fee

You shouldn't wait until your first sale before you figure out how to fulfill your orders.

Luckily, Etsy provides postage labels and shipment tracking for a more easy and affordable order fulfillment process. They also provide tools that can help you calculate the postage.

You can also opt for other shipping companies. Whatever you do, ensure you are consistent with it.

Once you have figured out your shipping processes, you can then include your shipping fee, country of origin, size, weight, and processing time to your listing.

Preview Your Listing

After you have created your Etsy listing, preview the listing.

Confirm if you are satisfied with the listing, or you need to make more changes.

You can also ask for a second opinion from a family member or a friend.

Once you are satisfied with your listing, click Finish, and you are done creating your Etsy listing.

5. Set Your Payment Information

Etsy offers numerous payment options, but the widely used ones are Paypal and Etsy Payments.

However, since Etsy has stopped offering Paypal as a standalone payment option, all eligible Etsy sellers who choose Paypal as their mode of payment will have their Paypal sales processed through Etsy payments.

Etsy will also require a credit card for authorization and identification purposes. They will request for your card information from where they can charge you for all your selling fees. Ensure that you provide the correct information.

6. Optimize Your Etsy Shop

Your Etsy shop is not only about your products. It's also about you and what you have to offer.

Here's how you can optimize your Etsy shop.

Set up Your Personal Profile

You will need to write a short bio about yourself and upload your photo to enhance your credibility as an Etsy seller.

Ensure you write your Etsy bio perfectly. Describe your hobbies, inspiration and passions. Ensure that they relate to what your shop stands for.

Check out this profile of Etsy seller, SayItWithPillows and see how she highlighted her core values.

Say It With Pillows on Etsy

Also, when uploading the photo, avoid using unnecessary filters or taking selfies. Also, ensure that your photo's background is nice and decent.

Set up Your Shop Bio

Etsy gives its sellers 5,000 characters to describe what their shop is about and what their values are.

That is the time for your customers to know the story behind your shop. Express your passion for what you do and include the values your business brings to people.

You can also add videos and photos of the process involved in creating the products, photos of your workstation, etc. to build more connections with your customers.

People will value your shop when they can feel a connection with you. Focus on building that connection.

Remember to use clear and simple terms. Don't overstate what you are not.

Etsy’s seller shop bio

Check out this Etsy’s seller shop bio and see how they emphasized on their values of their business.

Add Your Shop Policies

Every question your customer may have about your product will appear here, in the shop policies section.

You should be as detailed as possible when answering their frequently asked questions.

Now is also a good time to explain your return policies, shipping timelines, and any other question a customer may when making a purchase.

7. Build a Presence Outside of Etsy

Registering your account and creating your Etsy shop does not equate to instant sales and loads of orders.

We have developed some advanced tips to help you become a successful Etsy seller, which is the next thing you will be reading, however, you must take some more steps outside Etsy's walls to grow your business.

Ask for Reviews

Etsy customer reviews

An excellent Etsy tip for beginners is to ask for reviews from family and friends.

Talk to your family and friends to purchase from you and give an honest review of your services. Reflect on their reviews and make changes where necessary.

Social Media

You should also consider sharing your business on social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest are places where almost all your potential buyers visit regularly.

One great advantage of social media is that you can post about your business and advertise your Etsy shop there for free.

Your customers can share reviews about your products and tag you to it. You can also share reviews about your Etsy shop services on your social media page.

Social media is also a good medium to keep your customers updated about your business, such as arrivals of new products, change in price, size, or material of your product, etc.

Social media also brings your customers and potential customers closer to you. You get to engage with them, comment on their post, and even appreciate them on your social media page.

Etsy makes all these easier and achievable with their social media tool. Take advantage of this tool.

Build a Web Presence

Thinking of growing your eCommerce business? You should also think long term.

Etsy is an excellent platform for selling your crafts and understanding your target audience, but you can find buyers outside Etsy too.

Don't worry. You are not leaving Etsy totally.

In expanding your eCommerce business, domain names are essential because you are running an online business.

A domain name is your website address. Anyone can use it to find your business. For example, our domain name is

Every Etsy seller has a domain name. However, Etsy doesn't give you a custom domain name. Instead, what you get is something like this:

That's a good domain name if you are still a newbie.

However, if you are looking to expand your business, you should build your domain name to promote your brand and not Etsy's.

There are ways you can achieve this.

Use Pattern by Etsy

Etsy has a service, “Pattern by Etsy,” which they launched on April 5, 2016, for sellers interested in having a standalone website for their Etsy store.

Pattern by Etsy
Source: Etsy

They charge $15 monthly for this service and you can access this service on the Etsy website.

Etsy doesn't have any control over the website you build with pattern, but you can use some of its tools available that can help you control your website's growth.

Integrate your Etsy Shop

Integrating your Etsy Shop with other eCommerce platforms is also a reasonable consideration when building a presence outside of Etsy.

It provides you the opportunity to reach a new audience and make the most out of the platform.

Numerous eCommerce platforms are available; however, Shopify is a top choice.

Shopify is the best option for any small business looking to become established in the eCommerce market.

Unlike Etsy, which provides a domain name linked to their marketplace, Shopify allows you to use a unique domain name.

Once you have built your eCommerce store with your domain name, you will have a wide range of options to grow your store like listing your product, updating your price and inventory automatically, and managing your Etsy order and shipment from Shopify.

An important tip here for Etsy beginners; don't start linking your Etsy store just yet.

You need to get a grip on Etsy first. As sales increase, you can then begin creating your online store on Shopify.

Advanced Tips for Selling on Etsy

If you have followed our seven steps guide on how to sell on Etsy, then your Etsy shop should be up and running by now.

But just like there are tips for cutting onions to prevent you from crying, some suggestions are available that will help you sell more successfully on Etsy. Aha! and get a bestseller badge too.

You know, Etsy is not just a start-up or a shopping platform looking to make sales. It is the fifth- most visited marketplace in the US. It has a generally positive reputation, and the site's traffic is immense.

leading online marketplaces in the united states
Source: Statista

Amidst all this traffic, it could be frustrating when your products don't get patronized?

Learning How to sell on Etsy successfully is more of a skill than an art. Luckily for you, skills can be learnt and improved on.

So, let's look at some advanced tips to improve your selling skills and help you grab that bestseller badge on Etsy.

1. Hire a Professional Photographer for Higher Conversion

Do you know that 21.8% of the world's population makes their final purchase online, which represents 1.66 billion people?

That's undoubtedly a lot of buyers.

However, convincing this massive amount of buyers to enter their credit card info and make a purchase takes a lot of effort.

But that's not even all.

As the number of people interested in online purchase increases, the more online businesses spring up daily, implying that the competition is stiff.

Hence, it doesn't matter the industry you are in. From handmade wooden products or home decors to wedding party supplies, and so on, you need to separate yourself from the crowd and find creative ways to do so.

Of all the several strategies to implement, you should also consider none-drive sales and increased conversions like product photography.

use product photography in your Etsy shop

In other words, product photography is one of the essential factors that lead to online sales, and it's also regarded as an eCommerce best practice for an Etsy seller.

You can take photos of your Etsy's shop products on your own, but hiring a professional photographer helps you sell on Etsy successfully.

A professional photographer employs some of the best practices of product photography: Lights considerations, camera type, choice of background, and composition to help you achieve higher conversions.

Let's see five more reasons why hiring a professional photographer would lead to higher conversion.

A Professional Photographer Draws Your Customers Attention

It's impossible to take your prospective consumers to a campground to show them how nice and convenient your packing kit is because Etsy is an online marketplace.

However, you can relay the message of quality and convenience through your high-quality photos.

It makes sense to plant the seed that your product is of immense benefit to your customers. Essentially, this gesture alone can be expressed by photos of worth and quality.

captivating product photo

A perfectly edited, relaxed, and captivating product photo grabs the attention of your customer within nanoseconds. As a result, the chances of getting higher conversions and sales spikes up.

A Professional Photographer Promotes Brand Reputation

Hiring a professional photographer for your Etsy shop is not only one of the critical Etsy tips for beginners but also a long term solution that positions your shop as a recognized market leader.

Consistently putting up your branded quality product images positions your brand as one that is valued, professional, quality, diverse, and innovative.

It also helps your customers believe that your brand cares for their choices, and your brand can cater to them all.

Your Brand's Mission and Objectives Are Communicated

No doubt, images speak louder than words!

This fact still holds when it comes to brands that believe in fewer words and more work.

Your prospective customers might spend little time going through product descriptions and all the short texts you have on your product page.

However, having the right product image showcasing all the relevant information can satisfy their curiosity about your product and your Etsy shop without needing to read your descriptions.

Customers' Expectations are Set Right

Around 22% of products sold online are returned because customers complain that what they received was entirely different from the image they saw online.

That result just emphasizes how easier it is to get people to make purchases offline than doing the same online.

A good professional image

A good professional image displays your product as they are so that as your customers purchase them from your Etsy shop, they can have a mental idea of the product that will be delivered to them.

Competition is Kept Away

However unique you feel your products are, there are countless similar products with similar features across the web.

Nevertheless, the only thing that would set you apart from your competitors would be product images.

By using high-quality product photos, you show that your products are more attuned to detail, a feature that can set you apart from your competitors.

2. Organize Your shop for Better Findability

Have you ever visited a store to purchase an item and not find it?

Sometimes, even after circling the store twice or even thrice, you may still not find the item.

There are two decisions you can make at that point. You can either choose to leave the store or ask an attendant for help.

If the latter were your option, then the store would have made a sale.

When comparing this scenario to the online environment, it's much more different because customers arrive at your online store using their mobile device or desktop. If the item they seek isn't available, they will immediately leave your Etsy shop because there are many other options available.

At this point, you may have not only lost a potential customer to your competitors, but you've also lost the opportunity for repeat business.

The success of your Etsy shop largely depends on how fast your customers can find what they need in the shop.

Mistakes you can likely make

As a business owner, you feel obligated to manage your Etsy shop navigational elements because you know the products and details so well.

You might even say that you are symbolic of the end consumer, or maybe even better because you produce and use the products sold in your Etsy shop.

However, you can't live in the assumption that what makes sense to you will make sense to your customers.

Here's what you can do?

Adopt User-centered Research

There is an unconscious preconception that occurs when you have some knowledge of a specific site.

In this case, as the owner of the Etsy shop, you're used to the way it works, you already know how to search for your products, and you can navigate your way around the shop more quickly.

But you shouldn't be thinking about yourself alone. You should also think about making your Etsy shop easy for your customers to operate.

Hence, you need a different perspective.

Adopt the user-centered research, which is the method of hiring external users, representing your target audience, to be part of your Etsy's shop assessment process.

This way, you are getting other opinions from people that are interested in products like yours.

Adopt Taxonomy Research Strategies

Taxonomy simply means identification.

Before your customers can purchase your product in your Etsy shop, they have to identify your products first.

Here are some steps to help you determine your Etsy's shop taxonomy

The first step in determining your Etsy's shop taxonomy is to conduct a content audit/content inventory.

When conducting a content audit, you are manually cataloging the contents of your Etsy shop. This way, you can get an overall idea of every item in your shop.

It also provides useful input from a human perspective, especially in recognizing obsolete, outdated, irrelevant, or unnecessary products and information. This method is best for beginners on Etsy.

On the other hand, a content inventory is an automatic compilation of your Etsy shop, including analytics data, to display conversion rates.

You can conduct content inventory when your store is vast, and you have probably been selling on Etsy for a long while. That's because content inventory is very resourceful and can provide an efficient way of seeing your visitor's activities and overall trends.

The last step in determining your Etsy's shop taxonomy is tree testing.

Tree testing is simply a technique in which primary and secondary groups are organized within a tree, and respondents are asked where to locate specific products.

Both of these approaches will enable you to understand the standards your customers have for your Etsy store.

Keep in mind that these practices should be carried out at the early phase of your business and before any development commencement to prevent work overload that can distract you from building the perfect strategy.

You can use any of these research strategies for your Etsy shop, but they could prove to be a practical taxonomy classification toolkit when used together.

3. Use Etsy SEO to Drive Free Customer Acquisition

As of 2018, there were already over 30 million active buyers on Etsy.

Etsy Active Buyers
Source: Expandedramblings

That's a clear indication that consumers are increasingly shopping on the site, and more buyers indicate that you have more chances to make a lot of sales in your Etsy shop.

However, for you to make a lot of sales, you have to be visible enough for customers to find you, and this is where Etsy SEO kicks in.

SEO is a quick and easy way to get your products in front of your target audience and grow your Etsy shop traffic.

To use Etsy SEO to drive free customer acquisition, here are some best practices to employ.

Find the Best Keywords for Etsy

The building blocks of your Etsy SEO strategy are keywords, and it's considered one of the main Etsy tips for beginners.

One of the first things Etsy does when processing a buyer's search query is to browse through its inventory of listings and locate the one that is best suited for the buyer's search term.

Here's how you can figure out the ideal keywords for your Etsy listings:

The Key Components of Your Listing Should be Optimized

Now that you know what keywords to use, it's time to incorporate them into your listing.

Etsy analyzes these listing components below to determine if they are aligned with the buyer's search query.

Home deposit chart instant download

Go through each of the components and ensure you fix the right keywords relevant to your business.

  • Listing title
  • Etsy tags
  • Attributes
  • Categories

Spice Up the Content of Your Listing

Having a listing that matches a buyer's search query is a strong indication for success.

However, you must keep in mind that it's not the only factor for a high Etsy SEO ranking.

Although a keyword-optimized listing is a good practice, having strong visuals and useful information on your listing is crucial.

Those are the things that lead to conversions and, eventually, sales.

Etsy's algorithm is also a huge factor in your Etsy's listing conversion rate because it decides your listing position in the search results page.

The more people click a particular listing and purchase the item, the higher the quality score. That, in turn, will boost your Etsy SEO rankings.

Here are some best practices to spice up content on your listing;

  • Use high – quality images
  • Use clear, concise, and informative product descriptions
  • Encourage reviews from your customers

Ensure to Maintain Your Customer and Market Experience Score High

Etsy's search algorithm factors in consumer and business experience ratings in rankings.

That’s a parameter that gives Etsy an indication of how happy customers are about your store.


Here are some of the factors that could influence your score:

  • Your About page
  • Product reviews
  • Your Etsy shop policies
  • Intellectual property and infringement
  • Buyer disputes and cases

Offer Shipping Prices that are Competitive

Etsy understands that sellers with a relatively low shipping fee are more likely to close a sale than sellers with a high shipping fee.

Hence, Etsy favors stores with low shipping fee when it comes to page rankings.

However, there's a bit of a twist here.

If you don't have a wide profit margin, then lowering your shipping cost may not be achievable, well, except you employ some of the strategies below:

  • Incorporate shipping costs into product pricing
  • Offer free shipping

4. Perform Keyword Research to Spot Profitable Product Ideas

Every form of activity on Etsy must involve a search query.

That also involves coming up with the best-suited phrase representing the problem you're trying to solve or the question you want to answer.

Imagine yourself in the position of a potential customer who's about to enter a search for handmade bracelets.

What keywords would you enter in the search box?

Do you now see why keywords are important?

Several online store entrepreneurs often create a conversion in their customers' minds when what they should be focusing on is the conversion that is already present.

Now stepping in to help these customers get to their destination, which is your Esty shop and perform whatever action they want is what keyword research does.

how to perform keyword research to spot profitable product ideas

Here's how to perform keyword research to spot profitable product ideas;

Find Out What Keywords Your Customers are Making Use of

You must have heard the age-old business advice, ‘Put yourself in the shoes of your customers.'

That's excellent advice. But how do you go about achieving this?

Typically, you may imagine what your prospective customers would want from your Etsy shop and then develop possible runoff – events keywords they might use.

However, that isn't a very effective way of ‘putting yourself in the shoes of your customers’, because all it can offer you are half – baked assumptions.

One of the most effective strategies is by joining active social media groups within your niche market. This simple method alone can help you gather relevant primary data about your target audience.

Employ the Etsy-Autocomplete Feature

The Etsy– Autocomplete feature is probably one of the most underrated tools for performing keyword research for your product ideas.

Here, the logic is to use more specific terms when you type into the Etsy search bar and Etsy will suggest some more ideas for you.

So, for example, you can type the word Bracelets into your Etsy search bar and Etsy will bring out other suggestive words that multiple users have searched for. This formula helps a lot in finding profitable product ideas.

Etsy search bar and auto suggestions

Another option is to use Google-related searches for more keyword ideas. You can always find Google-related searches at the bottom of the search page.

Amazon Product listings for Purchase–Ready Keywords

Amazon is among the biggest eCommerce platforms with 2.3 million active sellers in over 15 countries and over 900,000 new sellers joining them each year.

So, getting a couple of benefits off this platform is an excellent choice at researching keywords for your business.

Number of active Amazon marketplace sellers in 2019, by country
Source: Statista

Amazon's product listing is a haven for getting buyer – intent keywords.

Here are a few ways to perform this kind of research on the platform.

You can check out some product function keywords, product type keywords on the left sidebar, product category keyword (topics) on the left sidebar, and finally, check out customer reviews of bestsellers products.

Using the Ahrefs Tool, Spy on Keywords From Other eCommerce Stores

The Ahrefs tool is an invaluable asset because of its massive adrenal of backlinks data.

However, Ahrefs offers so much more insight than links. You can use it to also brainstorm on profitable product ideas.

To use Ahrefs for keyword research.

Ahrefs SEO Tools
  • Click on the start a 7-day trial for $7 and complete your payment.
Click on the start a 7-day trial for $7 and complete your payment
  • Enter the e-commerce store into the keyword explorer tool.
  • Click on the keywords tab and locate tons of keyword ideas relevant to your product.
  • Subsequently, you will pay $99/month or $179/month depending on the plan you choose once the 7-day trial expires.

Avoid Keyword Stuffing

Yes, using keywords will help your customers locate your Etsy shop. But what you shouldn’t do is to stuff your listing title and product description with keywords.

Keyword stuffing means using as many keywords as possible in your titles or product description just like this example below

Newyork Charm Bracelets, Blue Charm Bracelets, Newyork Handmade Blue Charm Bracelets, Hand accessory.

That’s too many keywords!

Recently, Etsy is working on improving their inhouse algorithm to skip listing titles and product descriptions that are stuffed with keywords.

So, instead of using so many keywords to describe your products, use two or three keywords strategically and focus on making them understandable.

Spy on a Website's On-page Keywords

This strategy is a sneaky shortcut. It provides you the opportunity to evaluate your Etsy’s shop strategy by checking your competitor’s shop and comparing their keywords placements with yours.

Here’s how to achieve that

  • Go over to your competitor's Etsy’s shop address..
  • If you are using the chrome browser, hold CTRL + F (for windows users) or COMMAND+ F (for Mac users) on your computer keyboard.
  • Type the keyword into the box that pops up on your computer screen.
Etsy on-page keywords
  • You'll find the keywords highlighted on the page and the number of keywords in the box.
  • You can't achieve this strategy using a mobile device. Best to use a computer.

5. Optimize And Test Your Pricing Strategy

As you think of selling on Etsy or maybe you are already an Etsy seller, these questions below may have crossed your minds at some point.

Are my products too expensive, or are they too cheap? Am I going to make a profit if I sell at this amount?

Don't worry. These questions have answers.

No matter how great your product is, it doesn't automatically guarantee sales. Great sales are a product of quality products and customer attention.

One way to get your customer's attention is to tag your products with enticing prices, which aims to offer your customers so much for a less amount.

These three easy methods can help you achieve this: Cost dependent method, Customer dependent method, and Competition dependent method. You can use them as individual methods, or you can use them together.

These methods use several factors, such as prevailing customers' needs, improved production methods, less expensive production materials, new market factors, etc. to help you fix your product prices.

Whatever method you choose, the price should cover material and labor costs, with your profits still in view. That's because your business isn't a charity organization, I believe!

I have explained the methods in detail to help you build up the right pricing strategy for your Etsy shop.

Let's look at some of them.

The Cost Dependent Method

To estimate how much your Etsy product will cost, you will need first to calculate your product's base cost.

That can be gotten from the overall cost of running your Etsy shop, such as advertising cost, materials cost, transportation cost, Etsy selling fees, etc.

When you have calculated the base cost for the product, your preferred shop profit level should be added to the cost of the particular product to ascertain the price of your product.

If you make errors during your calculation, you will either make losses or tag your products with exorbitantly dismissing prices.

To ensure that this doesn't happen, including cash and non-cash expenses in your production cost.

You have affix monetary value to management input, equipment use, and depreciation on buildings and machinery.

Etsy seller handbook suggests an easy to use formula for this purpose

Expenses + Profit + Labor + Materials = Wholesale * 2 = Retail

This method , although very easy to use, has some downsides.

The method doesn't give room for the effect of consumer demand on pricing.

That's quite important because if consumers notice that a product you sell is in short supply in the general market, they may not bother paying more than the usual price.

The method also doesn't give room for price changes due to competition, which is also a valuable factor to consider.

For instance, Imagine you are the only Etsy seller that sells charm bracelets on the Etsy platform.

Since there are no competitors around, you would want to enjoy the monopoly while it lasts by upping your asking price a little since consumers don't have any other option.

That's not a bad idea. However, this method of pricing leaves this critical factor behind.

Competition-Dependent Pricing

This approach is sort of niche dependent.

Taking a cue from how other sellers of your product are running their trade, you will have a glimpse of fixing your price.

Knowing what your competitors do would require you to go into some research. Market research tools can help you gain in-depth insight about what the big guns in your niche do for the money.

If you can convince customers that your product is better than others in the market and that they'll gain more than they pay for, they won't mind paying for your product even at a high price.

A foreknowledge of how many your competitors are, their pricing policies, the quality of their products, and how difficult it is for newcomers to break into the market should equip you enough about your competition.

Competition-dependent pricing is best if you sell standard products on Etsy.

If your products are unique, decide to specialize in your products distinctly.

To ensure that your product penetrates the market, entice your customers away from your competitors using attractive prices.

While this approach has its merits, it also comes with challenges.

You may never consider your production cost, too much time may be invested in studying competitors, and your competitors can also mimic your prices.

Customer-Dependent Pricing

One question on the mind of every Etsy seller who wants to fix their product prices is, “what price do my customers consider expensive?”

The purchase reaction of customers to your product most likely depends on the price of the product.

An insight into how customers think about the price of products and how they will respond if prices change will come in handy.

As an entrepreneur looking for answers on how to sell on Etsy successfully, you need extra knowledge of your potential customer's thought pattern.

You need to know:

  • If your customers feel that they're getting enough value for the price they're paying
  • If they care more about your brand's integrity than the price
  • How much are potential customers willing to pay for your product.

You also need to choose between bargain-oriented customers and prestige-minded ones.

Bargain-oriented customers will shop your products if your prices are meager, but this same move may discourage a prestige-minded customer who may feel that the prices are low because of low quality and would just move on to the next shop.

Many buyers on Etsy are aware that handcraft products are not cheap, so they would not fancy the bargain-mindset.

You could also employ promotional pricing strategies. Once a while, lower your prices to lure customers into your shop. You could use holiday sales, bonanzas, buy-one-get-one-free offers, etc. You can never miss bargain buyers this way.

This method, however, may take your focus off competitors and production costs.

The best way to plan your Etsy pricing strategy is to consider the effect of all three methods and select a price.

6. Manage and Set Up an Etsy Ad Campaign

One good thing about selling on Etsy is that the platform provides you leverage to use its ad tool.

It is as simple as fixing your budget and selecting listings you want to advertise, and Etsy would take it on from there.

To set up your Etsy Ad campaign, please follow these steps.

  • Enter the Etsy website and click on Shop Manager
  • Select the Marketing option and then enter Advertising
  • Fix your budget to the highest cost you are willing to incur for advertising your products each day. Although Etsy fixes the budget to $1.00 per day, you can adjust the budget at any time.
  • After setting your preferred ad budget, click on the Start Advertising icon.

When you use Esty ads for your adverts, your listings will appear throughout Etsy Market pages, Etsy app and website, Etsy category pages, and Etsy search.

When you engage in Etsy ad campaigns, every current listing will be advertised by default. You can always set your Etsy ad to promote the listing of your choice.

To promote your listing, follow these steps.

  • Click on the Etsy Ads icon and select Manage advertise listings.
  • You can add or remove items you want to withdraw from the checklist. The options are available at the upper part of the page.
  • When you are done, select Update.

You can always adjust this list whenever you want. Just ensure that it's in line with Etsy's Advertising & Marketing Policy.

You can also adjust your adverts' daily budget, which is the maximum amount of money you'll spend per day. This ad budget only covers adverts on Etsy.

To change it simply;

  • Click on the Etsy Ads icon and select Manage your budget.
  • Enter your preferred daily budget.
  • When you are satisfied, click on Update.

If you wish to view how much you've been spending on ads, you can find that in the Budget spent on the Ad page.

Your expenditure on advertisement is added daily to your Payment account to monitor your accumulated expenses.

Ad charges can be viewed through these steps I’ve outlined below:

  • Click on Shop Manager on Etsy website and then click on Finances.
  • Enter the Payment account. You can then access your recent expenditure through Recent activities.
  • Perhaps you want to analyze older ad charges. You can go through them in the Monthly statement.

7. Automate Getting Tons of Positive Buyer Reviews

Every Etsy seller appreciates positive reviews, not just for the great emotion it gives but also for how it improves their Etsy shop's reputation.

Automate Getting Tons of Positive Buyer Reviews

As good as this is, getting customers to leave a review after purchasing your product seems to be the second hardest thing after getting a snail to crawl faster.

Still, you shouldn’t panic. Those who are getting positive reviews are getting it, and you could be one too.

I have discovered these surefire ways to get positive reviews trooping in their numbers. I'll explain them to you.

Relate With Your Customers as Though They are Your First and Only Customer

Aside from the automatic appreciation message your email sends when you receive an order, personally send a message in a conversational tone, showing how you appreciate the customer's support.

That leaves an impression in their mind to leave a positive review after delivery.

Treat Each Purchase With Integrity

Your product description and photos shouldn't raise excessively high taste in your customers' minds only to be disappointed after delivery.

Own Up to Your Mistakes

Even if the fault isn't yours, arguing with a customer shouldn't be your resort.

Trying to resolve faults may take a lot from you, but the gains of keeping a customer for the long term is worth it.

Add Creativity to Your Sales

Be exceptional about your services by seeking and researching better ways to do what you do.

Ask for Reviews

Don’t be shy to ask your customers for reviews.

Etsy sends product review emails to buyers who have completed a purchase on your products.

So, in addition to your thank you note or freebies, encourage them to respond to the email and leave a review for you.

Ensure After-sales Communication

After-sales communication will create a sense of the relationship between you and your buyers who may not mind leaving a positive response in the review box.

What Do You Do When You Get a Bad Review?

A bad review is every Etsy seller's nightmare, but they are almost inevitable.

According to Etsy’s terms of use, if a review violates their policies, you can report it and it will be removed.

However, if the review is bad but does not violate Etsy’s rules, it won’t be removed.

Here’s what you can do in that situation:

  • Examine the situation. Is the customer making a legit complain or not?
  • Open the lines of communication between you both. Write to them to inquire the cause of the problem. Apologize first for the inconvenience and then let them know that you are interested in fixing the problem.
  • Be honest, calm, and rational and do try to resolve the problem.

8. Analyze Sales And Marketing Data

Almost everyone who starts a business wants to see it grow. Little wonder why 82% of Etsy sellers aspire to increase their sales in future.

Self-identification and motivation of Etsy sellers as of 2019
Source: Statista

To help you understand how well your Etsy sales are going or how much improvement your sales approach needs, Etsy has provided some tools on their platform that are very handy in analyzing sales and marketing data.

Let's see how these tools can assist your sales analysis.


Visits show how well your ads, social media adverts, or Etsy SEO are faring in bringing customers to your Etsy shop.

It also compares various time frames to help you analyze what season does well for your business.


Orders show the number of your products that are sold.

It is the metric that helps you determine the range of demand for your product. It can also be compared from year to year.

Conversion Rate

Conversion rate refers to the number of leads that led to sales.

That simply means the number of people who saw your product and purchased it. Conversion rate is achieved by dividing the number of visits by the number of orders.


Revenue shows how much you earn by your sales.

You should keep in mind that fewer sales don't always mean low revenue. If you sold your products at a higher price, even though you had few sales, you could still get a higher revenue than others with more sales.

Etsy search helps you determine if people are searching for your products or not.

Since many buyers use Etsy search, how you trend shows you how buyers demand for your product.

Direct and Other Traffic

Direct and other traffic shows how many people accessed your listing through your personal marketing strategies aside from social media. Let's say through email list ads or from your linked blog.

Social Media

The exciting thing about the social media tool is that it doesn't just show you how many people visited your Etsy shop through social media, but also, the social media handle and platform they came in through.

It also uses dropdown to show if you're making progress or not.

How Shoppers Found You

How shoppers found you help you compare how much customers Etsy brought to you and how much you brought to your Etsy shop through your efforts.

Best Performing Product Ideas and Product Categories on Etsy

Etsy is a successful online marketplace with millions of active sellers on the website.

So, it's normal to be confused about choosing the best products category on Etsy but we have got you covered here. Be sure to include this in your starting on selling on Etsy checklist.

Most popular categories among handmade Etsy sellers worldwide as of June 2020, by share of sellers
Source: Statista

There are a lot of options to choose from when thinking about the products to sell on Etsy but first, let's look at the types of products allowed on the Etsy platform and the rules that guide them.

Handmade products: Etsy prides itself on creating a marketplace for handmade goods.

You can sell handmade items such as home décor, furniture, jewelry, leather goods, clothing, wedding accessories, and similar items on Etsy. Anything that speaks creativity and innovation is welcomed on Etsy.

Handmade products
Source: Etsy

You should also note that handmade items don’t necessarily mean products made solely by your hands. You can have elements in the crafts that are not handmade and also have others manufacture your items.

Vintage items: You can sell manufactured items on Etsy if they are vintage.

According to Etsy, a vintage good can be almost any item, such as an old painting, clothing, or computer games. However, the item must be 20 years old or more when you decide to list it on Etsy.

etsy vintage
Source: Etsy

Supplies for crafts: If you have the supplies and tools that creators need for their crafts or anyone needs for a party, you can sell them on Etsy.

etsy craft supplies
Source: Etsy

Etsy will not allow you to sell already manufactured items but can allow you to sell the supplies that a creator would need in producing their craft.

Before choosing your preferred product category, let's look at some important things that you should keep in mind.

When selecting the products to sell in your Etsy shop, keep them all in the same niche.

Selecting a niche to sell on Etsy shows that you are an expert in that specialty. You become every customer's first choice.

For instance, You shouldn't be listing charm bracelets in your shop and also listing home decors. That will confuse your customers and set you as indecisive and unserious, both qualities not good for business.

Depending on the product category you choose, limit the products to one or two related product ideas.

So, if you choose to sell under the jewelry category, you shouldn't sell all kinds of jewelry. You may choose to sell rings, earrings, necklaces or necklaces, and lockets.

Choose products that you can produce quickly.

Always remember that it may take you time to create your product. If you have 50 orders for a product, you don't want to keep your customers waiting for an unreasonable period. If you do so, you may lose them to your competitors.

You may also want to consider how much time you are looking to invest in Etsy. You shouldn't select a product that will demand so much of your time when you don't have the liberty to give it.

Answer these questions before determining what product idea and category is for you.

  • Is Etsy a part-time job or a full-time job?
  • Do I have family commitments?
  • How accessible are the product materials?

Choose products that you love.

If you decide to sell any products on Etsy, ensure that you can create them well. Even if it's a vintage item, ensure that they are in good shape and condition.

Also, make sure that you love whatever niche you choose. The love you have for creating your products will help lift your doubts and uncertainty in times when sales are really slow.

That's also one of the Etsy tips for beginners.

Sales may be very slow initially, sometimes you may not sell any item for up to two months.

However, what will keep you going is your love for creating the products you sell in your Etsy shop.

Be unique.

When you choose a niche to focus on, try, and make it your own by providing something else no one is offering, or maybe very few people are offering.

Doing what everyone does can only give you very limited success, not big ones that stay around for a long time.

Now, to the part, you have been waiting for.

Let's look at the best performing product ideas and product categories on Etsy


Jewelry is among the fastest-selling items on Etsy because truly, almost everyone wants to own a piece of jewelry. No wonder many of the top sellers on Etsy are jewelry stores.

The reason why jewelry is fast-selling is because of its small size and ease of shipping.

Jewelry sold on Etsy are mostly customized, and they give that authentic minimalistic vibe that makes anybody want to join the trend and get a piece for themselves.

Jewelry products
Source: GLNDxLayeredAndLong

Best product ideas in this category include handmade or custom-made earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, etc.

Craft Supplies

Just as you love creating items by yourself, a lot of other people love doing the same and would come on Etsy to look for supplies for their crafts

This category is the easiest and seemingly one of the most populated categories on Etsy because you don't have to be particularly skilled or creative.

Craft Supplies
Source: yummytreasures

If you decide to sell in this category, you can choose to sell items such as supplies for beads and jewelry, charms, knitting, card making, etc..

Stickers and Planners

Stickers and Planners are selling quickly on Etsy.

One of the reasons is because planners make it easy for anyone to plan out their activities, and stickers look so cute to use.

Also, Etsy’s second annual seller report recorded that about 86% of Etsy shoppers are female. Who loves to plan out a day better than a female?

Etsy's Sellers Gender Data

So, if they can see a planner that is not only helping them schedule their activities easily but is also handy and looks very enticing, there won't be any reason not to purchase it.

You can check out this Etsy seller, Plannerkate1, who has made over a million sales on Etsy from selling stickers and planners.

stickers and planners


With the most buyers on Etsy being females, there is no surprise why this category is among the best on Etsy.

A mini purse to go with an outfit, a bright scarf to turn up a dull mood, any female will not pass on this opportunity, and they are searching on Etsy, even now, looking for the next accessory to buy.

Source: ThinkPinkBows

Headbands and bows for babies and recently face masks seem to be selling well in this category with other items like purses and scarves. Items in this category are relatively easy to make and don't require so much creativity.

Crochet and Knitted Products

If you love knitting or crocheting, then you should consider this category.

It’s also an interesting category because it gives room for uniqueness.

Crochet and Knitted Products
Source: CogansCreations

You can decide to start creating something different, which may have never been sold on Etsy before.

Just make your research to ensure that the audience is available.

The best product ideas in this category are clothing items and beddings.

Digital Prints

If you have graphic designing skills, you may find this niche very interesting.

Sellers whose products fall under this category sell their designs without worrying about shipping or going out of stock.

This category is also a very good choice for sellers who live outside Etsy's top-selling countries.

Distribution of international Etsy sellers as of June 2020, by country
Source: Statista

Check out this Etsy seller, Prettygrafikdesigns, who has made over 400,000 sales by selling graphic design items.

Theme Based Products

Did you watch the series game of thrones? What about Star wars?

Well, even though you didn't, thousands of people watched it, and they are right there on Etsy looking for items related to their favorite show.

You can use this opportunity and create these themes on different products such as mugs, cutlery sets, pens, cards, backpacks, etc.

Theme based products on Etsy
Source: modgear

Don't limit yourself. You can even go for recent happenings and trending gist, and create products based on them. Just ensure that whatever you are creating has an audience to receive it.

Home and Living

With the type of market Etsy operates, it's no surprise that the home and living category is one of it's best product categories. House renovation or remodeling is never complete without going on Etsy.

home and living products
Source: PCBHome

Best selling ideas range from wall decorations, wallpapers, candles and candle holders, beddings, handmade decorative pillows, etc.

Personalized Items

personalized items
Source: PrettyPersonalizedUK

Custom made personal items are selling so well on Etsy because they are considered the perfect gift item, and they are always in trend.

Custom made personal items
Source: IconicPassion

There are many product ideas to personalize, such as mugs, wine glasses, pens, books, etc.


Etsy gives room for different types of clothing to be sold on the platform. These clothing items are usually custom made by the sellers.

Clothing and fashion
Source: peridotcloth

Best selling ideas here include typographic clothing items for children, trendy shorts for men, hobos, swimwear, t-shirts, etc.

Vintage Items

Vintage items are not only a bestselling category but also a high-profit category.

Customers who purchase vintage items are usually passionate about owning vintage and can buy it at any cost.

vintage items
Source: ChaseVintage

You can sell anything ranging from old coins, jeans, old cameras, cutlery and kitchen utensils from far back, etc. just make sure that they are 20 years old or more than.

What product category interests you more? Don’t worry if you haven’t found one yet. Discover your passion and then find a suitable niche for your Etsy shop.

Choosing to sell the best performing products on Etsy doesn't mean you will have lots of sales. You will have to put effort into your business and follow the steps I've explained in the previous sections.

Sell on Etsy Shop FAQ

What do I Need to Know Before Opening an Etsy Shop?

Opening an Etsy shop is free for anyone who wishes to sell.

However, before you start selling on Etsy, you have to decide what you want to sell.

Etsy allows its sellers to sell handmade items made by them, vintage items not less than 20 years old, and craft supplies.

Once you have opened your shop, Etsy requires you to pay some necessary selling fees before selling on the platform.

You also need to know the rules that guide Etsy. A customer's complaint can freeze your payment account. An accusation of copyright violation can shut down your Etsy shop entirely.

You can read Etsy's house rules to know more about the do’s and don'ts of the platform.

Is It Worth Opening an Etsy Shop?

Etsy is an excellent choice for creatives looking to showcase their crafts because of the massive audience available on the platform and the niche that the Etsy platform controls.

As an Etsy seller, your customers are like minded people looking for custom-made, unique crafts to shop while also aiming to build a connection with you, an easy way to run a small business that makes a lot of profit.

Etsy also looks out for its sellers. So, even after opening your Etsy shop, there are numerous groups and communities of Etsy sellers that you can join who are always available to share ideas, learn new crafts, and help you when you need it.

What Sells Well on Etsy?

Etsy only allows creatives to sell their crafts on Etsy.

Handmade items, accessories, crafts supplies, clothing, jewelry, wedding supplies, home décor, vintage items are all products that sell well on Etsy.

However, having these products doesn't automatically translate to sales. The efforts you put into establishing your shop and your products also determine how well you will sell on Etsy.

How Much Money Can You Make on Etsy?

Making money on Etsy is very achievable. Some people make a steady income, up to $100 per month selling on Etsy part time, while some others have turned to selling on Etsy as their full time job.

However, as a newbie, don't hurry to make money on Etsy just yet.

Fulfill all Etsy's requirements, determine the best product to sell on Etsy, ensure your shop is optimized, and then you can make as much money as you would like.

How Do Etsy Sellers Get Paid?

Etsy offers secure payment methods for its customers and allows them to accept payments from various options such as Credit/Debit cards, Paypal, Apple pay, Google pay, etc.

Whenever customers use any of these methods to pay for a purchase, Etsy automatically deposits the money into your designated bank account in your country's currency.

You should also know that it is better to have a business account than a personal account, because, with a business account, you don't have as many transactional limits as you do in a personal account.

Who Pays For Shipping on Etsy?

Overall, shipping on Etsy is usually covered by the buyer.
The total product and shipping costs are usually made known to the buyer before fulfilling the payment. 

Etsy sellers, however, are responsible for shipping their sold products to the buyers and will have to determine the best shipping prices for their products and also pay some tax.

Even in some cases where the Etsy seller decides to cover the shipping fees by providing free shipping on the purchase of their products to attract customers, they will have built the fee into the product's price. 

How Long Does It Take to Get Paid on Etsy?

One of your main goals is to get paid as an Etsy seller, and Etsy is fully aware of that.

If you are a newbie selling on Etsy, it will take three days for your sales payment to be available for deposit into your account.

However, as you make more sales, the time frame for payments to be transferred to your account changes to a day.

Once Etsy has transferred the money to your account, it will take 1-5 working days for the money to reflect in your account.

Keep in mind that you can only deposit a minimum amount daily, but there's no limit for weekly and monthly deposits.

Ready to Earn Money with Your Own Etsy Shop?

Whatever your options are, whether as a full-time or part-time crafter, the unique niche that Etsy occupies makes it your number one option for starting your business.

It’s a great platform to build networks, test the waters, try out different products, learn to interact with customers, and join a community of makers all over the world.

Deciding to sell on Etsy is a perfect idea but taking action is the path that will lead you to a successful business.

Many successful sellers on Etsy started small like you, but they grew with time. All you need to do now is to let go of the fear of making mistakes and put into practice all the steps you have learnt here and start earning money.

Here’s a recap on how to sell successfully on Etsy

  • Register your account with Etsy.
  • Create your shop.
  • Develop your brand including your brand name, shop logo and shop cover photo.
  • Create a compelling listing for your Etsy shop.
  • Set your payment information.
  • Optimize your Etsy shop.
  • Build a presence outside of Etsy including integrating your Etsy shop with Shopify.

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