26 Best Business Management Software of 2024 (Free & Paid)

Updated Jul 14, 2023.

Business management tools are cutting-edge solutions for companies that want to improve and automate their business processes. I’ve created a detailed and comprehensive review of the 26 best business management software (both free and paid) and the top 5 recommended tools.

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Get an easy-to-use business management software with flexible workflows that can automate any business process.
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Go for a powerful business management tool with a robust freemium plan and stunning collaboration features.
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Use flexible and collaborative software for overseeing and managing remote operations and employees.
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Get an intuitive software designed for managing sales and CRM-related processes with ease.
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Key features facilitate time management, CRM, and real-time collaboration with employees and clients.

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Business management software is supposed to make your work more efficient and faster. Instead, companies that choose solutions that don’t match their needs and resources find them time-draining and problematic.

Conducting the proper research and finding the right business management software for your business is quite rewarding. You’re more likely to have an intuitive and end-to-end tool to manage all your core business processes on one platform.

In this article, I’ve reviewed the 26 best business management software, highlighting their functionalities and user-friendliness so that you can easily choose the best fit for your business.

What Is The Best Business Management Software?

These are my top picks for the best business management software in 2023:

1. Monday.com

Intuitive Business Management Software With Vast And Flexible Workflows

Editor’s Take
9.4 out of 10
Best For
A Powerful. Easy-to-use Solution
$0 – $20 per month
Annual Discount
Save 18%

Monday’s interface is easy enough for amateurs and beginners to get the hang of the software quickly. The simplicity takes nothing away from the app’s features, as it provides robust workflow templates for managing and automating many business processes. 

Whether you choose from over 200 prebuilt workflow templates or create one yourself, Monday.com has customizable workflows for practically any business process.

Its visually exciting and easy-to-use interface means neither you nor your employees have to be experts to get the best out of the platform. Despite its simplicity, Monday.com is also robust enough for enterprises.

Best Features

Flexible No-code Automations

Apart from several prebuilt automations or fully automated workflows, you can automate unique actions or workflows with custom, no-code automations.

Rich Data Visualization

There are several views to choose from for viewing, managing, and interacting with every detail or aspect of a project or task. These include Kanban boards, timeline, calendar, workload, and table views.

Robust Project and Task Visualizations

With the intuitive interface, projects and tasks can be easily broken down into hierarchies, assigned, and tracked.

Workload Management

With a workload view, you can balance employee workload and assign the right individuals to the right tasks. Document management capabilities let you use, share, search for, and organize important documents.

Robust Integrations

Monday.com streamlines your work with over 40 integrations, letting you view and use all the data you need from one place.

New users can check out Monday.com’s key features with a 14-day free trial.

2. ClickUp

Flexible Business Management Tool With Great Freemium Plan

Editor’s Take
9.1 out of 10
Best For
Robust Free Plan
$0 – $29
Annual Discount
Save 45%

ClickUp is one of the most robust business management tools, but its free plan stands out. You wouldn’t find many tools that will offer free unlimited task management plus free time management and communication tools. 

With a Free Forever plan that provides time and task management tools plus collaborative features, ClickUp is a great free tool to start with if you don’t have the budget for robust business management software.

As a premium solution, ClickUp is a very flexible business management system with many robust features for managing and facilitating a business. It does require a bit of a learning curve since it’s a complex tool.

Best Features

Flexible Work Management

You can choose from over 15 views to track and manage everything from multiple projects to subtasks and checklists. A big picture view creates a general hierarchy for you to manage and interact with every process across your entire business.

Robust No-code Customization

You can choose from different functionalities to add to and customize your workflow as you choose, no-code style. These include time management, dependencies, sprints, team chat rooms, and emails.

Custom Automations

There are over 100 automation templates to choose from, and you can also set custom automations. ClickUp automates actions within integrated external apps for a more streamlined workflow.

Prebuilt Templates

Users can apply workflow templates for different use cases such as agile management, CRM, employee onboarding, and even cleaning services.

Dashboard KPI Tracking

You can easily view progress and performance reports with dashboard views. You can add widgets to the dashboards to customize the type of data you want to see.

Vast Integrations and Custom API

With over 1000 integrations and the ability to build custom integrations with a public API, you can use ClickUp as an all-inclusive tool to streamline unique processes.

You can get started with ClickUp’s free forever plan and scale as your business needs.

3. Wrike

Flexible Work Management Solution For Remote Work And Collaboration

Editor’s Take
8.7 out of 10
Best For
Remote teams
$0 – $24.80 per month
Annual Discount
Not available.

Wrike doesn’t deviate too much from the critical business and project management functionalities, but it’s flexible and ideal for remote teams. The software may not be a true end-to-end business management solution, but it’s loaded with flexible integrations, so you can still use it to centralize your business operations.

While Wrike provides multiple prebuilt workflow templates for managing different processes, it’s also very customizable.

The solution is perfect for companies with a remote culture with rich views and key features that provide complete transparency plus automated approval processes.

Best Features

Robust Visibility

There are real-time progress and performance reports plus a time-tracking feature. With project portfolio management, you can visualize every aspect of a project, from planning to execution. Dashboards can be shared with collaborators and customized to track unique data.

Team Collaboration and Management

Managers can create custom request forms to handle all business-related requests from employees. You can also use the forms to auto-assign tasks to relevant departments. There are workload reports for workload visibility.

Automated Workflows and Tasks

Wrike lets you automate different processes in a workflow, including tasks, approvals, and notifications.

Rich Task and Project Management

With Kanban boards and Gantt charts, tasks and projects can be visualized, managed, and constantly updated in real-time.

Robust Integrations and API

While there are several integrations for major functionalities like CRM, communication, security, and file storage, Wrike also has an open API for connecting unique applications.

You can get Wrike for free and buy a premium plan later.

4. Pipedrive

User-friendly Business CRM Tool

Editor’s Take
8.4 out of 10
Best For
CRM and sales
$15 – $119 per month
Annual Discount
Save 17%

Pipedrive doesn’t offer too much as a complete business management system, but it’s all you’ll ever need if your focus is on customer relationship management and sales. The interface is user-friendly and insightful, and everyone from the newest employee to the CSO shouldn’t have a problem getting on board.

Pipedrive is one of the top business software solutions for automating and streamlining CRM and sales management. The app is a gem for salespeople because it merges loads of convenient CRM features and integrations with a user-friendly interface.

Best Features

Drag-and-drop Sales Pipeline

Pipedrive provides a visually intuitive and customizable drag-and-drop interface for users to create, customize, and view every aspect of a sales cycle.

Workflow Automation

By setting triggers for preferred actions, you can automate just about any step in the sales process.

Customizable Analytics

Users can add custom fields to a central analytics dashboard to visualize and track specific data and KPIs plus real-time metrics. You can share reports outside of Pipedrive.

Email Marketing

Expect email marketing features like mass emailing, email KPIs, and email templates.

Integrations and Open API

Pipedrive connects with popular business suite apps like Google and Microsoft and popular platforms for project management, email, inbound marketing, social media management, and financial management. The API is publicly accessible for building custom integrations.

5. Teamwork

End-to-end Business Management App With Client Billing And CRM Features

Editor’s Take
8.1 out of 10
Best For
Working with clients
$0 – $18 per month
Annual Discount

Teamwork is the closest thing to affordable end-to-end small business management software. Complete with CRM and a helpdesk, it’s also one of the best tools for working with and billing clients.

Aside from project and task visualizations, Teamwork provides all the tools needed to manage every crucial process, including customer relationship management, time-tracking, workload management, and a help desk.

Several comprehensive features facilitate working with clients and employees.

Best Features

Project and Task Visualizations

With Gantt charts, calendars, project portfolio, and Kanban board views, plus the ability to create task hierarchies, and milestones, Teamwork can be used as a project management software.

Robust Collaboration Capacity

Apart from letting you add unlimited clients on the platform, Teamwork also helps you track hours worked and create invoices to bill clients accordingly. Chats, notebooks, file sharing, and time-tracking for employees are available for working with and managing teams.


You can automate workflows by creating custom automations based on triggers and conditions.

Custom Dashboard Reporting

There are customizable dashboards for viewing essential metrics.

Robust Native Integrations

Teamwork provides native integrations for CRM, help desk, and chat. Popular integrations are also available for software development, marketing automation, accounting, and document management.

Try one of Teamwork’s premium software solutions on a 30-day free trial or go for the freemium software.

6. Smartsheet

Work Management Solution With Spreadsheet Interface

Smartsheet - Welcome to modern work management

Smartsheet is essentially a work management software that’s equipped for enterprises. The app is designed with a no-code, Excel-like interface, making it an excellent option for companies accustomed to working with spreadsheets.

Best Features

Powerful No-code Automations

Equipped with business intelligence features, Smartsheet lets you automate everything from approvals and requests to adding leads in a CRM. You can also configure new automations for unique processes using no-code functionality.

Robust Customization Features

Users can build and add new applications and fields with no code to suit their unique processes. These new modules can be customized to suit each team member's role. An added perk is the branding feature, which lets you customize the platform’s interface to reflect your company’s visual identity.

Project and Task Visualizations

Using the card, grid, calendar views, and Gantt charts, you can visualize, schedule, and assign tasks in a hierarchy.

Global Admin Control

As an enterprise solution, Smartsheet provides the flexibility to centrally manage and control multiple users and groups and see who’s working on what and when.

Visual Reporting

Smartsheet provides analytics and data on an intuitive interface, with filters to choose the specific type of data you want to see. You can export reports in PDF, Excel, and Google Sheets formats.

You can use Smartsheet free for 30 days before buying a premium plan.

7. Paymo

Business Management Platform For Managing Projects And Billing Clients

Paymo - Work better, together

Paymo provides key features for managing complex projects, ensuring collaboration between team members, and billing clients.

Best Features

Task Management

You can break down complex processes and projects into tasks and organize these tasks through priorities, dependencies, milestones, Kanban boards, and the calendar.

Time Management

Time management is a robust feature on Paymo as the tool not only logs time but can automatically track activities on your computer. All calculated time can be organized and reported in timesheets.


With Paymo, you can issue invoices to clients, calculate fee estimates based on time spent and tasks done, and receive payments directly from clients through payment app integrations.

Collaborative Features

There’s an activity stream that displays recent user activities. Employees can discuss through comment sections and automate notifications.

Robust Reporting

You can track hours logged and time spent per activity and create live reports that stay updated with the latest information. Workload and user views provide data on employees’ work calendars and performances.

Paymo has free software for small teams and a 15-day free trial for premium features.

8. Zoho One

End-to-end Business Operations Software With Custom App Builder

Zoho One - Go from Apps to Operating System

Zoho One is a unified business management suite for businesses. The platform is equipped with tools for every process from customer relationship management and marketing automation to project management and accounting.

Users can also build custom applications to suit their unique processes using Zoho’s no-code tools.

Best Features

Application Builder

Users can build custom applications for different processes using customizable interfaces and low-script coding. You can also build widgets to add more functionality to your applications and workflows.

No-code Integrations

While there are multiple native Zoho integrations such as CRM, finance, and support, the app also provides a drag-and-drop interface for creating custom integrations. More complex integrations can be built using webhooks.

Superb Visual Reporting

Over 500 prebuilt dashboard templates can be customized to visualize specific data and analytics for specific processes.

Global Search

Being such a vast business management platform, Zoho makes it easy to fish out data with a search button.

Zoho One allows a 30-day free trial.

9. nTask

Project Management And Team Collaboration Software With Freemium Plan

nTask - Deliver Projects 3x Faster With nTask

As a project management software, nTask is equipped with basic project and task visualizations and collaborative features.

There’s a free forever plan that provides convenient features like unlimited task management as well as issue tracking and time tracking.

Best Features

Project and Task Visualizations

With visualizations like Gantt charts, calendars, and Kanban boards, as well as task hierarchies, budget tracking, and milestones, users can organize and schedule unlimited projects and tasks.

Collaboration Software

You can set billable hours, track team activity with timesheets, schedule team meetings, and communicate with discussion notes.

Issue Tracking

nTask’s platform can be used to track bugs and resolve issues. You can add a priority level to every issue, organize issues with color tags and categories, and fish out specific issues with filters and a search button.

Get nTask for free or go for a 14-day free trial for premium software solutions.

10. ProofHub

Simple Project and Resource Management Software With Robust Communication Tools

ProofHub - The one place for all your projects and team collaboration

While ProofHub provides custom workflows and workload management, it’s also ideal for teams that emphasize communication.

Best Features

Flexible Task Visualizations

The workflows can be customized with an intuitive interface, and tasks can be sorted and managed with Kanban boards.

Collaborative Features

Users can tag teammates with mentions, proofread designs and documents, discuss in chat rooms, share files, and make announcements.

Workload Management

There are workload reports to keep track of team workload and view performance metrics of team members.

ProofHub has a 14-day free trial.

11. Scoro

All-in-one Business Management System With CRM And Bookkeeping

Scoro - End-to-End Work Management Software

Equipped with a time management solution and sales and CRM tools, Scoro also combines project management features with bookkeeping features to provide a complete business management software.

Best Features

Workflow Automation

You can automate several project and task processes and apply preset workflow templates.

Time Management

Time spent on tasks can be monitored via timesheet reports and a time tracker. Billable hours can be tracked and used for invoices to bill clients.


Scoro can be used for expense management and budget and revenue tracking.

CRM Solution

The software provides every detail you might need for managing a customer, including their details, related projects, sales cycle status, and communication history.

Scoro offers a 14-day free trial.

12. Clarizen

Company Management Software For Enterprises And Agile Businesses

Clarizen - Connect and Engage Your Workforce Across the Enterprise

Clarizen provides unlimited project and portfolio management, bookkeeping, custom automations, and vast integrations, making the platform ideal for growing businesses and enterprises.

Best Features

Custom Automated Workflows

The user interface is quite flexible and can be used to create or tweak unique workflows, while you can also configure unique automations.

ich Collaboration

Users can start discussion threads and mention members. You can also share links, files, and emails and work with other users to prove deliverables.

Workload Visibility

There are workload reports, plus users can track time and view timesheets.

Robust Integrations and API

Apart from integrating with platforms like Salesforce, Jira, Excel, and Microsoft Teams, Clarizen’s API is open for building new integrations.

Clarizen has no visible pricing model, but you can request a free trial.

13. Oracle Netsuite

Enterprise Management Software With Omnichannel Services And Bookkeeping

Oracle Netsuite - Discover the power of the suite

Oracle Netsuite is one of the top business management software for enterprise resource planning.

Expect everything from HR automations, supply chain management, and omnichannel software solutions to accounting software and CRM features.

Best Features

Powerful High-end Automations

Oracle Netsuite automates significant business functions such as budget and revenue tracking, billing, time tracking, and workload management.

Omnichannel Services

Apart from a robust CRM for lead nurturing and customers’ lifecycles, the business management platform provides centralized inventory and order management and personalized eCommerce site experiences for your audience.

Robust Analytics

There are analytics dashboards and customizable reports for tracking KPIs, including accounting and operations data.

HR Management

You can manage employee payroll and perform or delegate HR tasks like giving promotions and performance reviews.

No pricing plans but you get a free 30-day trial.

14. Odoo

All-in-one Business Management Tool For Every Business Solution

Odoo - Amazing employees deserve amazing software

Odoo is one of the top business management software that genuinely encompasses solutions for every process a company might need.

Some of its robust tools include a CRM, website builder, HR manager, and bookkeeping solution.

Best Features

Complete Business Process Management

Odoo provides multiple applications for managing every conceivable process. These include marketing automation, inventory management, website and eCommerce builder, project management, time management, and VoIP and customer support software.

Robust Integrations

Odoo has multiple plugins and integrations for several functionalities such as marketing, document management, website building, and omnichannel.

Full-on Customization

You can build custom apps, configure new automations, and customize report dashboards and task management views with drag-and-drop functionality.

Odoo allows a 15-day free trial.

15. FreshBooks

Business Management Software For Accounting

FreshBooks - Accounting Software Built for Business Owners and Accountants

Freshbooks is primarily meant for managing accounting operations as it’s a dedicated bookkeeping tool.

The app can accept payments, make budget proposals and estimates, and streamline financial management.

Best Features

Complete Accounting Software

FreshBooks lets you track and manage everything from your balance sheet and accounts payable to the cost of goods sold. You also get automated bank reconciliations, expense tracking, and mileage tracking for business trips

Time Tracking

Whether for employees or clients, you can track time, generate timesheets, and track billable hours.

Client Management

Apart from generating invoices and billing clients, FreshBooks also lets you generate client reports, share files with clients, make proposals, comment on shared deliverables, and apply discounts and refunds for clients.

Robust Reporting

There are dashboards for generating reports for every financial data. Calculations are automated, and you just have to fill in the data.

Freshbooks offers a free trial and a substantial yearly discount.

16. Chanty

Free Collaboration And Business Management Software For Small Businesses

Chanty - Get more work done, together

Although it’s more of a team communication software for teams and small business owners, Chanty also provides task visualizations and integrations for business management.

A freemium plan provides task management tools and robust communication features.

Best Features

Task Visualizations

You can create and customize task workflows with Kanban board views and calendars.

Communication Features

Users can utilize private and team chat rooms, make voice calls, send voice messages, and share files and snippets of code. There are also video and conference calls, but these features are only available on the premium plan, which is cheap at $3 per user per month.


Chanty has readily available integrations with apps like Zapier, Giphy, and Dropbox. You can also connect with Trello, Mailchimp, Github, and Stripe.

Get Chanty for free or book a demo for a premium solution.

17. Bitrix24

Free Business Management Software With CRM And Website Builder

Bitrix24 - Your ultimate workspace

As a true end-to-end business management tool, Bitrix24 is packed with CRM, HR, customer support, task visualizations, team communication software, and payment integrations.

As a freemium software, it allows unlimited users and supports customer relationship management, project management, and website building.

Best Features

All-in-one Solution

The website builder provides free website templates and analytics integrations. The CRM solution lets you manage client and customer lifecycle and accept online payments with integrations. The HR tool manages employee directories and tracks time.

Project Management

You can manage tasks and projects with Gantt charts and Kanban boards.

Workflow Automations

You can automate several tasks and sales processes depending on the workflow.

Collaboration Tools

Users can send direct messages and make video calls, schedule online meetings, share documents, and rally departments or workgroups. There’s a social media-type feed that highlights recent activities and accomplishments.

Use Bitrix24’s free software or get a 20% discount on annual subscriptions.

18. Slack

Small Business Management Software For Collaboration

Slack - Great teamwork starts with a digital HQ

Slack is one of the most popular team collaboration platforms for agile teams and small and medium enterprises.

As a stand-alone software, it boasts numerous communication tools, automations, and robust security and privacy protection. Slack can also be employed as an enterprise solution as a flexible platform with robust integrations.

Best Features

Robust Communication

Apart from creating spaces for discussions about projects or topics, you can create spaces and workflows to connect with other companies that use Slack. Video and voice calls, file sharing, direct messages, and search functionality are available collaborative tools.

Workflow Automations

While workflow templates exist for several use cases and integrations, you can also apply automations for several processes like status updates, sharing information, and even moderating keywords.

Vast Integrations And Open API

Slack integrates with over 2000 tools and has an open API for building custom apps and integrations.

You can get Slack for free and pay for premium features later.

19. HoneyBook

All-in-one Small Business Management Software For Client Management

HoneyBook - Everything you need to get business done

While HoneyBook provides project tracking features, it’s one of the best platforms for managing and billing clients.

Best Features

Complete Client Management

With contract templates, inbuilt payment functionality, and all the tools needed for creating invoices and top-notch proposals, HoneyBook can be utilized as a central location for working with clients.


Custom automations can be created based on clients’ actions, schedules, and specific triggers.

Document Management

The platform can be used to store and share important files and documents.

There’s a 7-day free trial for new users.

20. Intercom

Business Communications Platform With CRM And Help Desk

Intercom - Build customers for life, with the Engagement OS

Intercom is one of the top messenger tools for businesses. Equipped with live chat and customer management functionalities, it’s a comprehensive solution for engaging with customers, clients, and employees.

Best Features

Robust CRM and Help Desk

A visual campaign builder provides drag-and-drop functionality to build customer journeys from start to finish quickly. You can set up chatbots to automatically answer or collect customer issues and prioritize them.

Workflow Automations

Workflows can be created to automate processes such as assigning tasks to the appropriate departments or team members.

Team Inbox

One of Intercom’s key features is a highly convenient inbox that allows team members to discuss and prioritize issues and share updates.

Lead Nurturing

As part of the CRM functionalities, you can create email and multi-channel campaigns, implement push notifications and optimize campaigns with A/B testing and personalization tools. Integrations with marketing automation, analytics, and CRM software are available.

Intercom’s prices are custom-quoted, but you can get a demo from sales.

21. Dropbox

Business Workspace For File Management

Dropbox - Join over 700 million registered users who trust Dropbox

Dropbox is essentially a file sharing and file management software, but it also provides multiple integrations for streamlining workflows and collaborating with teams and clients.

Best Features

File Management

Depending on your paid plan, you can get unlimited storage space, with the lowest plan allowing two terabytes of storage. File organization can be automated. Users can backup files, restore deleted files, apply password protection and implement strict admin controls.

File Sharing and Collaboration

Dropbox allows sharing of files of up to 100 gigabytes. Users can make file requests, comment in files, and search for files through text keywords.

Vast Integrations

With access to over 300,000 apps, including popular communication and business software, Dropbox can be used to streamline multiple processes.

Dropbox only offers a 30-day free trial for select premium plans.

22. HubSpot

Free Business Management Software For CRM And Marketing

HubSpot - Powerful, not overpowering

As an end-to-end marketing solution, HubSpot is one of the best options for managing processes related to marketing, sales and social media management.

A freemium plan provides free CRM, marketing, and help desk features.

Best Features

Free CRM and Marketing

While the premium plans have much more functionalities, you can use essential lead generation and nurturing features like email marketing and tracking, contact management, landing pages, and marketing analytics for free. However, these services come with HubSpot branding.

Robust Automations

You can apply prebuilt or custom automations to automate workflows for sales pipelines, marketing campaigns, team collaborations, and customer service.

Help Desk

The freemium helpdesk tool gives access to ticket creation, emails, and chatbots. Users can find more features like a customer base or multiple ticket pipelines in premium plans.

Depending on your requirements, you can either use Hubspot for free or pay for robust premium solutions.

23. Nintex Promapp

Enterprise Management Software For Process Mapping And Workflow Automation

Nintex Promapp - The road to automation starts here

Nintex Promapp is an excellent tool for large businesses that need to streamline and automate complex operations.

Best Features

ntuitive Workflow Management

Using simple drag-and-drop and no-code functionality, you can easily map out complex processes from start to finish on a visual interface. There are workflow templates to choose from for different types of processes.

Workflow Automation

Workflows can be designed to streamline several manual tasks with the help of business intelligence features. Repetitive tasks can be automated with drag-and-drop functionality.

Dashboard Analytics

Users can access analytics dashboards that provide workflow performance and progress data.

You can try Nintex Promapp free for 30 days.

24. TeamGantt

Company Management Software With Free Gantt Chart Creator

TeamGantt - Get a top-rated gantt chart for free, forever

TeamGantt has an online Gantt chart maker that can be used for free.

However, companies that need more robust features for project management have to pay for premium functionalities.

Best Features

Drag-and-Drop Gantt Chart Creator

TeamGantt’s drag-and-drop editor is accessible online and can be used with simple drag-and-drop functionality. There is also a calendar and list view and a portfolio view to track all your projects on one screen.

Workload Management

The app provides workload visibility and management for better utilization of resources.

Collaboration Tools

Team members can share documents and discuss issues and updates with comments.

Get TeamGantt free or pay for more robust features.

25. Jira

Free Small Business Management Software For Product Development

Jira - Move fast, stay aligned, and build better - together

Jira is one of the most popular tools used by software companies and startups to manage their product development processes.

There’s a robust freemium plan that’s great for small business owners and startups, thanks to basic agile project management functionalities like scrum boards, agile workflows, and roadmaps.

Best Features

Rich Visibility

Jira provides flexible visualizations with scrum boards and Kanban boards. There are dashboards for rich analytics and visual roadmaps that can be used to view every aspect of a product’s development lifecycle.

Automated Workflows

Workflows can be customized and streamlined with powerful automations through drag-and-drop functionality. There are workflow templates and integrations for configuring unique automations.

Vast Integrations

Users can integrate with over 3000 applications designed for every aspect of the product development process.

Jira offers a freemium plan and a 7-day free trial for premium features.

26. Favro

Business Management Software For SaaS And Game Companies

Favro - The #1 collaborative planning app for fast-growing SaaS and live games companies

Favro is designed for SaaS teams and game companies that need business software to collaborate and manage their processes and tasks.

Best Features

Flexible Project And Task Visualizations

With sheet, board, timeline, and list views, users can manage business projects using drag-and-drop functionality. You can build visual roadmaps and visualize and manage backlogs and sprints for software development.


Manual actions such as assigning tasks, sending notifications, and changing task statuses can be automated by setting conditions and triggers.

Collaboration Tools

Apart from letting teams collaborate and design projects on dynamic documents, Favro also facilitates collaboration between separate departments and companies.

Integrations and Open API

While there are integrations with software development tools like Github, Jira, and Gitlab, Favro also provides an open API for building custom integrations.

Business Software Features You Need to Look Out For

While business management software may vary in functionality, there are key features every company needs for streamlining critical operations.

These are the key features you need to look out for to ensure you’re getting a top business management platform.

1. Intuitive Task And Project Management

Successful projects are the bedrock of any business that intends to scale, so you need your business manager software to provide the functionalities of task and project management software.

Gantt charts and timelines are essential for planning, visualizing, and staying up-to-date with projects. Kanban boards and task lists are necessary for creating task hierarchies and managing tasks at the most minor components.

With task visualizations and project roadmaps, you’ll be saved from the hassle of installing and utilising dedicated task management tools for automating and streamlining the day-to-day aspects of your operations.

It’s not enough to be able to manage projects and tasks; the interface should be clutter-free and user-friendly. This way, it’s more easily adopted across the company and makes streamlining operations faster and easier.

2. Collaboration Tools

Business management software will be used across departments and within teams for managing processes, so these platforms should function as team collaboration software that enables multiple users to communicate and share ideas, reports, files, and updates.

Some tools will be limited to organizational and cross-departmental collaboration, while others will let companies work with clients and external partners on the same platform.

3. Time Tracking

Time management is a critical component of successful business management. You can’t manage operations and resources efficiently without the functionalities of time tracking software.

An inbuilt time tracker tracks the time employees spend on business tasks or activities. It can also be used to log billable hours and ensure accurate payroll management.

Some business software will enable you to track hours worked for clients and reflect this in invoices.

4. Resource Management

A resource management software provides workload visibility and tools to properly manage your inventory, capital, resources, and staff workload.

With proper end-to-end business software, this is a functionality you wouldn’t have to look for in other tools.

5. CRM And Sales Management

Customer relationships and sales are an integral part of any business, so the ability to manage these operations is an essential feature for any business owner.

While some platforms will provide integrations with CRM software, the best business management tools will have inbuilt CRM capabilities for keeping track of and engaging leads, customers, and clients.

6. Robust Data Security

Using business manager software involves transmitting and managing loads of sensitive data, including that of your clients, so your preferred business tool should provide data and privacy protection measures.

As a business owner, you should be able to maintain strict control over access and usage of the platform with admin controls, multi-layered encryption, and access restriction.

7. File Management

File storing and sharing capabilities are needed so you can access files as quickly as possible and share them when necessary.

Some business management software don’t provide robust file storing capabilities and usually need to be integrated with file management software.

Business Management Software FAQ

What is business management software?

A business management software is a platform that provides tools for managing, streamlining, and automating business processes.

The term has been applied to different types of digital management solutions, but in general, true business management software should be an end-to-end solution that can be used to manage most, if not all, aspects of company operations.

What kind of software do businesses use for their business processes?

Companies need different functionalities for managing different business operations. 
Sometimes they might find all these key features in a complete suite like business management software or enterprise planning software.

Usually, businesses have to implement different types of business software for managing their different business processes. These include:

– CRM software
Accounting software
– Project Management Software
Payroll software
– Marketing software
Website builders
– Payment software
– Communication software
Database software
– Resource Management Software
– Business Invoicing Programs

What are the benefits of using business management software?

The benefits of using business management software include:

Improved Visibility and Transparency: Typically, business management software provides users with detailed and real-time visibility into the performance and progress of processes and staff activity. With the 360 degrees and hierarchy views provided by a powerful business management solution, you’ll be able to manage operations in a more streamlined manner.

Automations: Automations are crucial to streamlining processes and making them faster and easier. Apart from pre-built automations, business manager software also provide integrations and custom automations to facilitate complex and unique processes.

Increased Flexibility: Most business process management software have mobile functionality and time management features essential for managing remote activity. Such key features make these platforms beneficial for a flexible and remote workplace.

Centralized Access: An end-to-end business process management software with all the essential tools is a gem for organizations as they can save money and avoid having to implement other software or diversify their processes.

How much does good business management software cost?

Prices can range from $30 per month to $1000 monthly, usually depending on the features you require and the number of users you onboard.

Business management solutions with great features like ClickUp cost as low as $9 monthly per user, while a tool like Odoo costs up to $300 monthly per user for enterprise-grade applications.

How do I choose the right business management software?

These are the steps you need to take to choose the right business management software for your business:

– Identify the problem(s) in your existing process.
– Involve your team and key players in the planning.
– Describe your current workflow and style.
– Consider your infrastructure, budget, resources, and workspace culture.
– Draw up a list of solutions to your existing problems.
– Research for business management software that provides your needed solutions and key features for improving your workflow.
– Check that the tools match your preferred budget.
– Be partial to scalable software that your available resources can handle.

What is the best business management software?

There’s no one-size-fits-all tool as not all organizations have the same budget or need the same set of features. However, there are business management solutions that are most ideal for different business sizes and specific use cases:

ClickUp is the best small business management software for companies that need a cheap complete suite thanks to its robust freemium plan plus vast features and integrations.

Oracle Netsuite is one of the best all-in-one workspaces for enterprise resource planning and supply chain management.

Teamwork is one of the most affordable options for a true end-to-end business management tool as it’s equipped with CRM, project management software, help desk, and workload management functionalities.

What are the best free business management software solutions?

With ClickUp, you get a freemium plan that provides unlimited task management features plus time tracking and sprint management, making it one of the best free business management software.

Wrike is another great option for free business management software with task lists, real-time reports, and external collaboration.

Bitrix24 is generous as a free end-to-end business management software solution. Its freemium plan allows unlimited users and provides CRM, project management, website building, and help desk features.

Which Business Management Tools Should I Try?

For a more in-depth comparison of the top business management software, you can check my review on ClickUp vs Monday.

Best Overall


Get an easy-to-use business management software with flexible workflows that can automate any business process.
Best Free Solution


Go for a powerful business management tool with a robust freemium plan.
Best Remote-Friendly Platform


Use flexible and collaborative software for overseeing and managing remote operations and employees
Best For Sales And CRM


Get an intuitive software designed for managing sales and CRM-related processes.
Best End-to-end Tool


Choose a robust business management software with key features facilitating time management, CRM, and real-time collaboration with employees and clients.

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