13 Best Learning Management Systems (LMS) of 2022 Ranked

Updated Dec 2, 2022.

If you want to leverage your eLearning initiatives, you need the right learning management system (LMS). You can use the best learning management systems for corporate training and online education. Here are our best choices:

Learnworlds icon


All-in-one LMS for online trainers, enterprises, and educators. The system allows you to create, sell and market online courses.
TalentLMS icon


Easy-to-use LMS for corporate and enterprise businesses. Ideal for organizations to carry out training and integrate with other systems.
Docebo icon


Highly scalable LMS that allows creating, managing, and delivering content. It allows up to a thousand learners and is helpful for HR departments.
LearnDash icon


WordPress LMS plugin that allows businesses to publish courses online. Features an easy-to-navigate user interface for all users.
SkyPrep icon


Ideal for corporate training and onboarding workers into businesses. Allows businesses to customize their eLearning interface for easy use.

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With the online learning market growing in leaps and bounds, many educational institutes and businesses are now investing in the eLearning industry. With more people gaining knowledge through online media, it's not surprising that the best learning management systems are highly sought after.

Choosing the suitable LMS for your online courses' platform, HR department, freelancing endeavor, enterprise, and educational institution is essential. This guide covers the best learning management systems and other important information you need.

Best Learning Management Systems (LMS)

After much research, we have reviewed the best learning management systems. Here are our top choices:

  1. LearnWorlds
  2. TalentLMS
  3. Docebo
  4. LearnDash
  5. SkyPrep
  6. Absorb
  7. Blackboard
  8. Academy of Mine
  9. Moodle
  10. SAP Litmos LMS
  11. TalentCards
  12. LearnUpon LMS
  13. iSpring Learn

1. LearnWorlds

Best Overall

Editor's Take
9.7 out of 10
Overall LMS
$29 – $299 per month
Annual Discount:

We recommend LearnWorlds as our best learning management system (LMS). The LMS is an all-in-one online course platform with an intuitive course builder and exciting features. LearnWorlds features a site builder and community-building tool for easy use and convenience.

Try Learnworlds

LearnWorlds is at the top of our list as one of the best learning management systems. The LMS makes it easy for you to develop your own online academy and is ideal for companies that need employee onboarding, customer education, and partner training in a digital learning environment. 

The LMS is great for entrepreneurs, educators, professional trainers, and all types of businesses. LearnWorlds provides third-party marketing tools, a sales engine, and different analytics companies can leverage. LearnWorlds is one of the top LMS to choose from, from the course builder and digital downloads to extensive customization. 

Key Features 

  • Advanced Analytics: It's easy to analyze your data and better understand your audience with LearnWorlds. The learning management system is integrated with Google Analytics and Mixpanel while offering information for optimizing your sales funnel. 
  • Integrated Social Learning Tools: LearnWorlds has different social learning tools, so users don't have to download third-party software and plugins. There is a networking hub where students can build a profile and display their courses, achievements, and other activities.
  • Sales and Marketing Features: This robust LMS supports search engine optimization, making it easy for your online academy to reach the target audience. This feature is ideal for educational institutions. Other marketing features include sales promotion, subscription management, and coupon codes. 
  • Robust Control Center: Although the LearnWorlds interface has many features that might confuse you at first glance, the LMS offers critical functions that will help you. You can easily customize your academy with the School Wizard and other engaging LMS tools.


  • Highly easy to set up a school and create courses. 
  • Features an eCommerce option for businesses.
  • Includes tools for marketing, sales, and affiliate.
  • Comes with an integrated online community. 
  • Responsive 24/7 customer support with easy onboarding.
  • Landing pages and branding are highly customizable.


  • No pre-built sales funnel. 
  • The many features on the dashboard are confusing.


LearnWorlds offers four pricing plans and a 30-day free trial for its users. You can pay as low as $29 in the Starter plan, although paying annually means the fee becomes $24 monthly. The Starter plan offers unlimited paid courses. You can get more unlimited features and customization with higher plans. 

2. TalentLMS

Best Enterprise LMS

Editor's Take 
9.2 out of 10
Enterprise LMS
$0 – $729 per month
Annual Discount:
Reduced Price
Free Plan

I recommend the TalentLMS system for businesses who want to create online training programs in a few minutes. The best learning management system was designed for those without technical experience and had many enterprise-friendly features that companies will find helpful. TalentLMS works for organizations in all industries.

Try TalentLMS

Enterprise and corporate businesses that want to integrate one of the best learning management software will do great with the TalentLMS. The extended enterprise LMS is designed with corporate training features and even features custom pricing for businesses with over a thousand users.

The cloud-based LMS is award-winning software that can take care of email communications, e-commerce selling, web conferencing, reporting, and analytics. Since TalentLMS takes care of the technical aspects, teams can leverage the user-friendly interface to deliver training programs with value. 

Key Features 

  • Gamification: One of the highlights of TalentLMS is gamification, which is a perfect tool for improving user engagement. The tool will improve morale and enhance your employees' learning process. With TalentLMS, you can give employees points for activities and upgrading, badges, and rewards to encourage online learning.
  • User-Friendly Interface: TalentLMS features a user-friendly dashboard that is easy to navigate. The control panel offers easy access to all the essential tools and notifications to alert you of what is happening. Users can view a graphic overview of their system activity on the dashboard. 
  • Easy Management: Another thing about TalentLMS is that it makes it easy for businesses to manage and create online courses. There are four roles: super admin, admin, trainer, and learner. As the admin, you can set custom permissions, create user types and assign automated notifications. Spreadsheets can be imported.
  • Reporting Features: TalentLMS comes with integrated reports based on the user, branch, test, assignments, course, group, and surveys. You can customize your reports when using the paid plans. There are vital statistics on the subject areas for monitoring learners and infographics for easy use.


  • Comes with white-label options and extensive customization.
  • Easy management and reporting for enterprises.
  • Responsive, mobile-friendly design.
  • Easily integrated with communication and organization tools.
  • Supports blended learning and ILT.
  • Provides pre-made training materials at an extra price.


  • No 24/7 customer support. 
  • Limited features for user-to-user interaction.


TalentLMS - Build a smarter organization with the training platform designed to help great teams grow - pricing

TalentLMS features extensive pricing plans depending on your needs. There are Standard plans, which limit the number of users allowed, while the Active plans allow an unlimited number of users. There is monthly and yearly billing, with the latter being more affordable. If you purchase the TalentLibrary add-on, you will spend more. For small businesses, the free plan is an excellent place to start.

3. Docebo

Best for HR Systems 

Editor's Take 
8.7 out of 10
Best: for
HR Systems
Annual Discount:

I found that Docebo is the best training solution for the HR department of every organization, making employee training a piece of cake. The main reason Docebo is one of the top learning management systems on our list is its learner-centric design and AI algorithms for personalizing the learning experience. 

Try Docebo

Docebo is one of the best learning management systems, ideal for HR teams who want to set up in-house employee training. The cloud-based system is known for having an intuitive user interface and advanced feature set, including gamification and limitless reporting features. Docebo focuses on social networking and sales training features that HR teams can take advantage of.

Docebo has a full suite of learner-centric features for businesses in software, manufacturing, financial services, healthcare, business services, retail, hospitality, and telecommunications. As one of the best LMS platforms, Docebo has employee training and retention, customer training, and compliance training features. 

Key Features 

  • Convenient Administration Tools: Docebo makes it easy for HR teams to manage the online training process, as admins can easily limit learners' ability and give instructions. There are internal and external notifications that the admins can provide to learners. 
  • Attractive User Interface: Any HR team can get started with Docebo, as the user interface is attractive and easy to navigate. The admin can easily customize the landing page and widgets, allowing learners to enjoy a convenient learning environment.
  • Customizable Reporting: The top LMS software comes with specific reporting features. The reports can be filtered based on date, status update, course, and user completions. You can create custom reports and easily organize data in graphs and charts.
  • Social Sharing Features: Docebo features social learning features for enterprises. The features allow HR teams to upload their own learning material, organize it in playlists, and even share it on social media. They can record videos and manage video calls and webcam activity. 


  • Interactive social learning and gamification features.
  • Supports over 30 languages for global businesses.
  • Includes instructor-led training features.
  • Allows providing certificates and selling online courses.
  • Features third-party integrations with different applications.
  • The user interface is easy to navigate.


  • Has limited functionality on different features.
  • It is more suited for large businesses. 


Docebo Pricing

Docebo has no fixed pricing plans, but its enterprise pricing is flexible and scalable. To find out the pricing for your HR team, you will have to submit information on your business and talk to one of their consultants. 

4. LearnDash

Best for WordPress Sites

Editor's Take 
8.4 out of 10
for WordPress Sites
$159 – $329 annually
Annual Discount:

LearnDash is one of the most popular WordPress LMS plugins, making it to our list of the best learning management systems. The best learning management system is known for creating highly-customized online training initiatives with its drag-and-drop builder.

Try Learn Dash

LearnDash is a WordPress LMS plugin with deep functionality built for those who own WordPress websites. The LMS software can be used by enterprises, educational institutions, and small websites running on WordPress. LearnDash is a code-free solution for building online training programs in a drag-and-drop editor. 

The WordPress-based learning management system allows users to create courses and lessons, give assignments, quiz learners, and more. LearnDash comes with simple and advanced features like course prerequisites, content dripping, access fees, etc., although this confuses the interface. 

Key Features 

  • User-Friendly Drag-and-Drop Builder: After installing LearnDash in your WordPress, you can build your online academy with the course builder. The LMS plugin efficiently organizes your lessons, topics, and quizzes by dragging them around the screen. This feature speeds up the course-building process. 
  • Video Content Support: Another highlight of LearnDash is its video content support. As video courses are fundamental today, LearnDash has included features to add a video to lessons and provide video previews. You can add video tutorials to the course progression and automatically play videos as learners open a lesson.
  • Advanced Features: This top LMS plugin has flexible functions for customizing your online courses. For instance, you can set course prerequisites for your learners. There is the option to drip out course content for engaging students and controlling their access settings.
  • Versatile Quiz Builder: LearnDash has a quiz builder that makes it easy to organize quizzes for learners. The builder is designed with a drag-and-drop interface, and you can set up questions and answers without a separate interface. Organizing quizzes and using advanced features like timers and passing grades are convenient.


  • Deep functionality for complete control over course building.
  • Inbuilt video content support for an engaging learning program.
  • Drag-and-drop interface for easy use.
  • Easy to automate features with email triggers. 
  • Includes a third-party apps marketplace.
  • Engaging front-end learning experience.


  • Payment and membership options are limited.
  • You need third-party plugins for extensive functionality.


LearnDash Cloud - full site pricing

Get a full LMS website ready for just 14 USD per month for the first 3 months including a 15-day money-back guarantee.

5. SkyPrep

Best for Onboarding Workers 

Editor's Take 
8.1 out of 10
for Onboarding Workers
Annual Discount:

Organizations looking for a convenient learning management system for employee and partner training will do great with SkyPrep. The award-winning LMS is known for its exceptional customer service and easy use, which is why I included it on the list.

Try Skyprep

SkyPrep is a cloud-based LMS that allows you to manage and monitor training courses. The intuitive LMS solution will enable users to create an online learning program, especially for businesses working on employee training and onboarding. SkyPrep makes customer training and following compliance training requirements easier.

HR teams can quickly get started with SkyPrep, as you can create online learning programs and reports in a few clicks. The cloud-based LMS comes with game-based learning, making employee training more engaging. You can create unlimited training content for your business and benefit from real-time reporting. 

Key Features 

  • Simple Learning Paths: SkyPrep includes course-building tools that are easily accessible. You can create online training programs and upload training materials with a few clicks. When creating the training programs, you can import files from Google Drive, Box, DropBox, OneDrive, Instagram, Facebook, etc. 
  • Automation and Gamification: SkyPrep has automated emails and notifications informing learners when a course starts or results are out. The emails can be customized for admins, managers, and learners. The LMS software has game-based learning features in its engaging courses.
  • Includes Key Integrations: The LMS software connects with different cloud-based platforms for a better user experience. You can install functionalities that include sign-on systems, HR software, webinar, external calendars, payment platforms, ready-made training courses, etc. 
  • Customizable User Interface: SkyPrep has a clean user interface for administrators, managers, and content creator roles, making workplace training a breeze. Administrators have a complete overview and control over the different features, and you can customize your learner interface when you purchase the Premium tier.


  • Easy-to-use navigation and dashboard.
  • Includes strong integration features for better functionality.
  • Comes with advanced security tools.
  • Offers detailed reporting and analytics.
  • Compatible with Android and iOS devices for mobile learning. 
  • Convenient user management for admins.


  • More expensive pricing than other LMS solutions.
  • Limited search functions in its content library.


Skyprep pricing

SkyPrep comes with a 14-day free trial on all its plans. There are three plans, which include Lite, Professional, and Enterprise. But, the prices are not included and will be provided when you talk to one of their experts. Generally, the pricing plans are between $199 and $499 and can be used to onboard over a thousand users.

6. Absorb

Best for Scalability 

Absorb LMS - Learn Everywhere

Absorb is one of the top learning management software, ideal for those looking for scalability to enhance their learning program initiative. The LMS software is a flexible learning platform for admins and provides interesting features for learners. Absorb LMS is a learning hub with three categories: Create, Infuse and Engage. 

The LMS software has robust reporting tools, a convenient user interface, and course management features. Absorb offers LMS features for all types of businesses and can grow as your business grows. Absorb LMS is ideal for companies that are training managers and other employees or selling a training program.

Key Features 

  • Live Training: One of the highlights of Absorb LMS is the live training feature that allows you to schedule in-person and video conferencing classes. With a Zoom account, you can connect with learners and teach live. The LMS integrates with other video conferencing platforms like Microsoft Teams.
  • E-Commerce Features: With the LMS solution, you can create an online course academy and charge registration fees. Absorb LMS comes with an integrated shopping cart and enrollment keys. There is smart pricing on the software for different pricing to particular groups. 
  • Reports and Integrations: Absorb LMS allows you to create different standard reports and set rules and schedules on how they can be assigned and distributed. The reports can be downloaded into a spreadsheet. On Absorb LMS, users can leverage integrations like Zoom, Salesforce CRM, HR systems, content libraries, and talent management systems.


  • Supports e-commerce and business use.
  • Highly scalable functions. 
  • Easy to use and set up with customizable interfaces.
  • Complete user management for admins.
  • Quickly build learning programs by uploading course materials and learning objects.
  • Basic gamification for learners that achieve training success.


  • No customized reporting features.
  • Upcharges for better functions. 


Absorb LMS - Learn Everywhere - pricing

Absorb LMS does not have fixed pricing but is provided by quote. To determine your pricing, you will be asked to answer questions like the number of learners, the LMS's purpose, and your personal information. 

8. Blackboard

Best Academic LMS


Blackboard is one of the top learning management software that will fit perfectly in your educational institution. The LMS solution is ideal for educators, trainers, and instructional designers, making it suitable for anyone who needs academic LMS features.

The LMS software provides a customizable learning environment with different blended learning and social features that engage training. Blackboard is constantly being updated to provide even better LMS features, whether for an online academy or a higher education institution. 

Key Features 

  • Extensive Admin Controls: Blackboard allows its admins to manage learning programs, calendars, grades, institution pages, groups, messages, and tools. You can create various institutions and give them different branding. The solution allows you to assign primary and secondary roles to the users and customize experiences. 
  • Custom Branding: With Blackboard Learn, you can create a custom brand for your online academy. The learning platform allows you to upload images, assign colors, and even make the front-end interface for your users. 
  • Allows Collaborative Learning: One of the main features of Blackboard is Collaborate, its inbuilt video conferencing tool. Users have to buy this app separately, and it allows its users to meet, share files, and work on a virtual whiteboard. The LMS solution is compatible with different devices for mobile learning.


  • Integrates with video conferencing and social channel tools.
  • Includes a downloadable mobile app.
  • You can categorize users based on different metrics.
  • Create multiple institutions and assign them different brands.
  • Create and share portfolios for uniform presentation.
  • Comes with pre-built reports and advanced reporting features. 


  • Limited gamification features.
  • Does not have features to improve security.


Blackboard comes with customizable pricing and a 30-day free trial that offers you access to Blackboard Learn, Blackboard Collaborate, Blackboard Ally, and Blackboard SafeAssign. The pricing plans are customizable, and you can get a demo before paying for the plans.

8. Academy of Mine

Best for B2B Training 


Next on our list is Academy of Mine, one of the best learning management software for B2B training, professional development, and higher education. If your business is struggling with compliance and safety training, you can use the different B2B features on Academy of Mine to benefit your business and for training companies.

The all-in-one LMS software is designed for professional online training but is suitable for a novice audience. Academy of Mine comes with a drag-and-drop builder for those with little technical knowledge and a flexible website builder for designing an online training platform for B2-B businesses.

Key Features 

  • Student and Instructor Dashboard: Both learners and instructors have dashboards to tailor their learning experience on Academy of Mine. The LMS platform allows users to track their learner progress and optimize content. Academy of Mine has a virtual and live classes feature, and instructors can organize certification programs.
  • Marketing Tools: Academy of Mine comes with different marketing tools that make content marketing and SEO easy. This feature is better suited for online academies. The learning platform has tools for keyword research, Google Analytics, and email marketing.
  • Drip Features: Academy of Mine allows its admins to restrict its course content and unlock it later. This way, businesses can create courses to train employees, partners, or customers that qualify and restrict others from viewing them.


  • Code-free LMS with extensive personalization.
  • Automate user access and enrollment to save time.
  • Create an online shop with custom pages.
  • 24/7 customer support and onboarding.
  • Extensive security features with SSL encryption.
  • Includes marketing tools for online academies.


  • Limited reporting features.
  • Grading is not in a printable format.


Academy of Mine - pricing

Academy of Mine has three pricing plans and is a bit more expensive than other LMS solutions. That is probably because the cheapest plan, set at $500, allows up to 250 monthly active users. Large businesses with over a thousand users can choose the custom pricing plan and get opportunities to personalize their features. 

9. Moodle

Best for Freelancers 


Freelancers, HR professionals, and small businesses can go for Moodle, one of the best learning management software. Moodle is one of the cheapest, too, as the open-source platform is available for free. Users can purchase the paid plans if they need additional assistance. With its affordability and convenient features, freelancers and startups can leverage Moodle to provide professional training services.

Moodle is a cloud-based LMS that allows learners to access their learning programs on different devices. The solution supports collaborative learning among students and teachers and a strong customer support team that offers responsive support. If you don't mind taking care of administrative concerns, Moodle is the ideal free platform for any user.

Key Features 

  • Progress Tracking and Reporting: Moodle has features for progress tracking and reporting. The different features and plugins allow users to track learners' progress and use statistics to access user activity tables and graphs. Moodle allows for site-wide reports and many other reporting options. 
  • Easy to Organize Courses: The open-source LMS platform supports blended learning and online courses and provides an external tool for administrators to be resource compliant. There are features for conducting surveys, polls, discussion boards, and chats. 
  • Assign Roles and Groups: Moodle allows its administrators to choose and assign different roles, which include site administrator, manager, course creator, teacher, non-editing teacher, students, and guests. The LMS platform allows educators to divide their learners into different groups.


  • Multiple customization options.
  • Includes integrations and plugins for broader functionality.
  • Gives access to a community of developers for customer support. 
  • Features apps on iOS and Android for mobile learning.
  • Customizable data reporting feature.
  • Comes with a personalized dashboard with different roles.


  • Does not offer 24/7 or email support.
  • Includes limited gamification features. 


Moodle is an open-source platform, making it completely free to use. All the LMS features are free to download and use, and the software is updated regularly for easy use. You can download the different plugins for an extra price if you need extensive features. 

10. SAP Litmos LMS

Best for Large Organizations

SAP Litmos is another top learning management system with millions of LMS users. The reliable learning platform works with reputable companies like YouTube, Pepsico, and Mercedes. On SAP Litmos, you can provide an effective training program to your users in a large organization. Businesses can organize targeted learning and ensure compliance training with customized learning paths.

The LMS software is a user-friendly system that caters to enterprises and the corporate mid-market. SAP Litmos has a version with Salesforce and provides customer training and reliable service to its users without asking for a setup fee. 

Key Features 

  • Provide Instructor-Led Training: SAP Litmos training features allow its users to provide instructor-led training to its users. You can schedule classroom and virtual training with the ILT module. Users can provide feedback while the teachers provide training courses assessment and a complete view of learner progress.
  • Video Content and Assessments: As video training and content have become highly important in LMS solutions, SAP Litmos includes this as one of its features. Learners can record and upload video tutorials and give online product overviews and elevator pitches.
  • Customize Learning Paths: Users can customize their learning paths with SAP Litmos training. The LMS solution allows users to organize different learning programs in logical groups and create personalized learning paths for each learner. This feature makes learning highly engaging. 


  • Provides real-time notifications to teams and learners.
  • The solution automates time-consuming tasks like group enrollment.
  • Includes gamification features like awarding points and badges.
  • Monetize courses with the pre-packaged features.
  • Features a Shopify integration for setting up an online store.
  • Provides custom reports and sends them to your email.


  • There is no dedicated payment gateway connection.
  • Interface design is unappealing. 


SAP Litmos - pricing

SAP Litmos requires you to request a quote rather than include specific amounts in the pricing plans. There are three plans, one that is strictly LMS, Courses and the other one comes with LMS + Courses. Depending on what you need, you can request a quote.

11. TalentCards

Best with Mobile Application

Talent cards

Companies that need a mobile learning solution can go for TalentCards, a mobile-friendly learning management system. The LMS solution provides convenient and affordable training through a micro-learning approach. There are different short-term learning activities available for knowledge retention, like learning cards. TalentCards features micro-learning content for user engagement.

TalentCards comes with easy-to-understand resources for all users, making onboarding highly convenient. The powerful learning management system comes with game-based learning elements and fun ways to take examinations. Keep in mind that the parent company owns TalentLMS.

Key Features 

  • Micro-Assessments: TalentCards allows for micro-assessments, which are cards that include images, video, audio, and other short assessments. Learners can use these bite-sized learning tools to improve knowledge retention. After the assessment, learners get a score and rewards.
  • Mobile Learning Card Editor: The mobile learning platform is designed to be accessed on any smartphone or tablet. All the essential details are included in cards optimized for small screens. It's ideal for those who want to provide online learning.
  • Easily Train Newbies: TalentCards allows businesses to train their new employees. You can create self-paced online training solutions for employers to provide to their newbies, which they can access from anywhere. The feature reduces the training complexities and makes learning enjoyable.


  • Provides a fun and interactive learning experience. 
  • Ideal for new learners and newbie employees.
  • Includes API integrations.
  • Supports mobile learning through the iOS and Android apps.
  • Allows you to train different staff and groups at a time.


  • No e-commerce support.
  • Does not include ILT and grading options.


TalentCards - pricing

TalentCards comes with three pricing plans, the first being completely free. You can choose to be billed monthly or yearly to save 20%. The free plan allows up to five users and multiple types of content. Users get offline access, push notifications, and in-app branding. Larger businesses can use the Premium plan.

12. LearnUpon LMS

Best for Educational Institutions 


Schools and higher education institutions can use LearnUpon LMS for their top learning management software. It's a fantastic option for providing academic, corporate, partner, and customer training. The cloud-based learning management system makes it easy to set up your online class with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

LearnUpon LMS is known for having a user-friendly interface, but it offers multiple functionalities and multilingual support. Users can categorize their learners into different teams and create personalized learning paths. The corporate training system has different integrations and ILT features, including webinar tools. 

Key Features 

  • Carry Out Online Surveys: LearnUpon LMS allows its users to give out surveys to their learners. If you want feedback on your course, you can collect important information and use analytics to organize your findings into reports. With the findings, you can create personalized learning programs.
  • Automation in Exams: While grading your learners, you can automate their exam scoring on LearnUpon. The learning platform will automatically show them the score of online exams, as it features an auto-correct feature. 
  • Give Out Custom Certificates: Educators can give certificates after learners have completed their online learning programs. The certificates are automatically generated each time a course module is complete and will encourage learners to move on to the next course.


  • Includes fun gamification options to encourage learning.
  • Offers third-party integrations for expanded functionality.
  • Includes e-commerce features for businesses.
  • Supports multiple audiences in one system for a larger business.
  • Has features for blended learning like ILT.
  • Compatible with SCORM.


  • More expensive than most LMS solutions.
  • Does not offer HTML5. 


Learnupon pricing

From 50 to over 300 users, LearnUpon LMS comes with three plans to choose from. The plans include Essential, Premium, and Enterprise. Depending on your business size, you can choose the plan you need and schedule a live demo. All the prices are based on requests for a quote.

13. iSpring Learn

Best for all Business Verticals

All types of business verticals that need an LMS solution can go for iSpring Learn. The best part of the LMS software is that it can be integrated into the corporate training system of any other business. Since it has a wide range of pricing plans and add-on LMS tools, the organization can choose what fits its learning needs best.

iSpring Learn gives users full access to online learning and training materials on different devices and even allows offline learning. Administrators can track the learning progress, and users enjoy a clean user interface with well-organized features that don't appear overwhelming. Anyone can get started with the cloud-based learning management system by uploading their content and creating courses. 

Key Features 

  • Interactive Exercises: iSpring Learn administrators create intuitive content and include audio, video, and images in their courses. The corporate training solution enables users to add self-test questions after every article the learner reads and get feedback.
  • Easy Tracking and Notifications: Tracking your learners is much easier with iSpring Learn. The learning platform includes features for tracking how many people are reading courses and their learning progress. Educators get notifications whenever their learners submit an assignment.
  • Complete SCORM Support: iSpring Learn accurately registers and tracks SCORM 2004 and 1.2 learning content. The learning solution is compatible with AICC and xAPI/Tin Can API.


  • Provides unlimited storage and course template library.
  • Rich gamification features for better learning.
  • Includes real-time analytics and reports.
  • Allows for offline access and is compatible with devices for mobile learning.
  • Automated course management tool for convenience.
  • Integrated authoring tool for blended learning.


  • No multilingual support.
  • Limited e-commerce and branding features.


ISpring Learn - pricing

ISpring Learn offers highly affordable pricing plans for all its users. The cheapest plan costs $3.66 annually and allows for 100 users and 50 courses. You can get plans as high as 500 users or choose a custom plan for larger businesses. 

What is a Learning Management System?

Learning management systems (LMS) are software solutions that administer educational programs. The LMS emerged from eLearning and allows users to administer, document, track, report, and deliver training programs to others. 

When the LMS emerged in the 1900s, they were mainly used in higher education institutions. But now, the applications are suitable for online academies, content delivery, and corporate and extended enterprise training. Businesses use it for employee training and onboarding, and individual instructors can use it to provide their learning services to users.

An LMS can be cloud-based or premise-based and is used to deliver digital learning services. The functions of the learning management system will depend on where it is being used.

How Do Learning Management Systems Work? 

There are different learning management software, and they all work in various ways. But, the best LMS platforms follow similar functionality, although this depends on whether you are the course creator or the user.

Course creators can utilize LMS solutions to create their websites and upload different courses for their users. The best learning management solutions come with features for providing courses, grading learners, giving assessments, and downloading reports. They provide gamification features, which allow administrators to give badges, assign milestones, and reward certificates to their learners. 

As for users, learning management systems work similarly to online course websites. The user must create an account and go through the courses and articles provided.

Remember that learning management software is not always the same as online course platforms. If you want to use an LMS, you must first choose one from our complete review. It's essential to consider the different features, add-ons, pricing plans, and purpose of the LMS before choosing it.

Benefits of Using Learning Management Systems 

With 93% of organizations worldwide working towards using learning management systems (LMS), one can identify how important this is to businesses and educational institutions. This is because an LMS provides different benefits to its users. 

Benefits for Organizations

An LMS is a perfect way to provide employee onboarding, training, and retention if you're running a business. Some of its benefits include:

  • It saves time and allows learning at the user's pace.
  • An LMS is more cost-effective than traditional classroom learning.
  • It makes it easy for learners to organize their workload and remain productive at work.
  • It provides better engagement and retention, primarily through gamification.
  • It is flexible and consistent for all learners, regardless of location.
  • It is easier to track learning and receive reports with a top online training platform.
  • An LMS reduces employee turnover and increases productivity.

Benefits for Educational Settings

LMS solutions are ideal for use in educational institutions. Schools and online learning platforms can use the system to provide seamless learning and the following benefits:

  • An LMS makes the distribution of training materials more efficient.
  • Provides learning resources in different formats.
  • Allows parental access to the online learning platform.
  • Different types of assessment options are offered.
  • Easy to track student data and progress.
  • Has various types of communication options for easier use.

Which Learning Management System Should I Choose?

When choosing the right learning management system for your needs, it's essential to consider different factors like your business requirements, the size of your team, the expected size of the learners, and your budget. There are open-source options for smaller businesses and LMS vendors designed for large companies.

By choosing the best learning management system, businesses and educational institutions can enhance the user’s learning process. After much research, we compiled the best 13 options for learning, whether you're a small or large business, freelancer, and educational institution.

Here are our top 5 choices:

Best Overall LMS


All-in-one LMS for online trainers, enterprises, and educators. The system allows you to create, sell and market online courses.
Best Enterprise LMS


Easy-to-use LMS for corporate and enterprise businesses. Ideal for organizations to carry out training and integrate with other systems.
Best for HR Teams


Highly scalable LMS that allows creating, managing, and delivering content. It allows up to a thousand learners and is helpful for HR departments.
Best for WordPress Sites


WordPress LMS plugin that allows businesses to publish courses online. Features an easy-to-navigate user interface for all users.
Best for Onboarding Workers


Ideal for corporate training and onboarding workers into businesses. Allows businesses to customize their eLearning interface for easy use.

When selecting a learning management system, it's crucial to conduct the necessary research and choose the right choice. Here are some helpful resources:

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